Zuraida Jyotika
Portrayed By: Aiswarya Rai
Status: Alive
Age: 25
Calling: Veterinarian
Pantheon: Deva
Divine Parent: Lakshmi
Significant Other(s): N/a

Description & Personality

Zuraida is the pinnacle of human feminine beauty and perfection - a sublime woman that stands no more than about 5'7" with a perfectly balanced hourglass figure. She is young - perhaps in her mid twenties if one had to hazard a guess, with no wrinkles or freckles to betray a definite age. She carries herself with quiet confidence and grace with an air of pleasant warmth and friendliness that is usually not a trait of one of her beauty. She is quiet, but not withdrawn, outgoing and kind.
Her smooth skin is olive in nature and creamy, soft to the touch and bearing no visible scars or other imperfections though she is known to wear extensively detailed organic henna designs upon her hands and feet. Her large expressive eyes are typically green or azure, though seem to change with the mood and ambient light around her, betraying every hint of emotion one can find within. These eyes in turn are framed by long dramatic eyelashes and dark, well manicured and shaped eyebrows. Her soft full dewy lips pale pink and naturally seductive and pouty to spite the omnipresent smile that lurks at their corners. Zuraida's hair is a rich chestnut brown and usually kept loose in tousled waves that hang straight down to her hips, but when she's at work, this is pulled back into a neat ponytail.
Her attire paints her as the sophisticated and educated type, never terribly sloppy or ill groomed even when she is relaxing she favours skinny jeans, stiletto heels, and kurti tunics under her lab coat at work and simple t-shirts or blouses when at home. Of course, she is also never far from her every day adornments: a beautiful opal bindi set between her eyes upon her forehead, a white gold and sapphire ring, and a pendant that sits just above her heart. Rarely, if ever, can she be found without these things.


Plot Hooks

Animal Hospital
Located in the heart of Kingdbridge in the Bronx, this Hospital is open 24/7 and if you're lucky the on call Doctor is Dr. Jyotika. If not there, she is also under contract from the Bronx Zoo to look after their animals. Of course, you might have already heard of her as on her first day on the job in March, 2011, she accidentally let a baby cobra escape - something she still hasn't lived down yet.

Yoga & MA Classes
After work she can either be found at the Yoga/MA Studio a few blocks from her house or on her buildings rooftops, enjoying the sight of the city at her feet.

Dance Class
An avid lover of all dance, especially ballet, she can sometimes be found practising or rehearsing casually with the Cedar River Dance Academy.

Deep within the snowy foothills of the Himalayas upon the edge of India and Tibet, a beautiful woman with blue eyes and bare feet made her way up the plain stone steps of the very plain, poor temple etched into the side of a very holy mountain. Every monk knew her by face, by aura, and by reputation and they were waiting. For the moon had prophesied a blessing to be cast upon this place. Before her they spilled milk and honey, and dusted the path with palm branches, til she reached the altar and pulled from her robes, wrapped in the skin of a snow leopard - a small child. A little girl. The mortal fruit of Vishnu and Lakshmi. She was beautiful, with pale skin, and strange mismatched eyes - one of her father's deep emerald green and one of her mother's deep azure blue.
Her mother whispered her name into the monk's ear before leaving - leaving her only a name and the skin as her legacy.
She grew up venerated and apart from the rest of the village and even the temple. She was, after all a Goddess Incarnate. Though allowed to do little for herself, she wished and pined for something more. Someone to talk to, to befriend - and she found this in the multitude of animals the temple was home to. Cows, goats, mice, rats, monkeys even the occasional yak or dog - they all found comfort and peace in her presence.
When she was naught but ten, this peace was shattered as the temple caved in, due to a landslide and killed everyone within save for her and the temple bodhisattva, Ramya. Ramya decided, at that point - it was time to move on and find a new home for the child. After all, this rare goddess in this modern world needed a modern education. Together, they decided to say that she was Ramya's daughter - making her Zuraida Jyotika - when she enrolled into school. Of course she was severely behind by the British standards set forth upon Indian schools but she soon caught up. In fact, to some she was considered gifted.
Years passed, and she found her calling - to the aid of animals. She was sixteen when she decided she would be a veterinarian.
She rushed herself through school, and took on as much school work as she could, absorbing languages and knowledge as much as she could.
By the age of eighteen, she was enrolling into a University and taking an internship as a Vet's Assistant to help pay for the bills. It was during this year, on a very cold winter's night - she suspects the very day of her birth - a woman whose feet caused flowers to spring forth from the ground visited her as she was working alone at the clinic. Lakshmi knew she had to be a fair judge of her daughter's character and so told her with a voice as smooth and heavy as honey: "You may ask me only one question."
And up until that point, she had been completely content with her life, with her path. She had no idea why she was created or what purpose she served but - that didn't concern her. She wanted to better walk the path she was given and fulfil the role she had been created for - so instead of asking about the mysteries of the Universe, she asked, "Where am I most needed?"
Without a word - as she was a surprisingly quiet goddess, she touched the tip of her nose and pointed to the map upon her wall - New York. Then, Lakshmi took the bindi from her forehead and placed it upon Zuraida's. Then, the ring from her finger - and placed it upon Zuraida's. Then, the necklace worn around her neck, and placed it upon Zuraida. Without another word, the goddess left.
Since then, her path has flown like water through the pebbles of college. She now has her own practice in New York and attends to the Zoo's animals whenever they have an emergency. Most recently, however - a pair of mated Snow Leopards recently gave birth to a litter of cubs. The runt, who refused to suckle required urgent and round the clock care latched onto Zuraida and they have been inseperable every since.

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