Who Ya Gonna Call At Webster Hall


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Scene Title Who Ya Gonna Call at Webster Hall?
Synopsis Another Scion is targetted by the Titanspawn: Haldor.

Webster Hall, one of the nicer clubs in New York City. Considering she has her connections, Maia was able to get in with ease. She's dressed casually tonight in a pair of snug fitting jeans and a black t-shirt with a yellow smiley face on it. Considering the other Scions werent too keen on her plan of shacking up together in one place with all the attacks that's been going on, she's headed out on her own. Something drew her here this evening. The Loom of Fate tends to move Scions together, and who knows..maybe there's one here. Or two? Or her luck, three evil ones who want to sacrifice her to the Titans.

The thought sends a shudder down her spine, but she relaxes anyway. As she makes her entrance, all eyes are drawn to her. She's beautiful and she knows it. Her mother is a goddess of the sun and beauty afterall, so some things are genetic. However, it's when most stare she flushes, her cheeks do at least and she immediately beelines to somewhere darker, over by the bar…

Somewhere 'darker' is just Haldor Englund's cup of tea. Especially when he's stuck in a pit of pop music such as Webster Hall. Sure, it has its nights… But tonight is closer to pop or hip-hop than Haldor's truly comfortable with; he is, after all, one of those damned quasi-nihilistic Viking black metal punks.

Haldor's head shifts in the direction of the arriving Scion, more following the motion of the crowd than of his own volition. One eyebrow arches as he feels the tug of both curiosity and "curiosity" twinge through the back of his brain. The 'Viking' nods in Maia's direction as she arrives, though he remains off to the side, lurking like a good bouncer should.

"A Diet Coke please.." she asks the bouncer, hopping up on the barstool while crossing her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable. She looks around, hoping to catch a quick glance of anyone familiar, but alas, there's no one she knows here. She wrinkles her nose and continues people watching for a bit, while waiting for her drink.

And soon it arrives. She turns back and grabs her coke, while giving a hefty tip before returning to people watching. Are there bad guys around? Who knows? Her gaze moves throughout the room, and in the end, she catches Haldor in the corner of her eyes and smiles brightly. He's cute afterall.

Haldor watches Maia for several moments, just starting to look away as she smiles at him. He returns the bright smile with a cheerful smile of his own and a nod of his head. Promptly Haldor directs his gaze elsewhere in the club. Faintly his lips can be seen moving, though Maia might not be able to make out what he's saying to himself.

"Can't be flirting with the bubblegum girls, man. You're workin' tonight."

The Viking rubs the back of his neck with one hand, rune-engraved bracer briefly, if clearly, visible to Maia as a result. Most normal people don't wear runic, medieval armor. On the other hand, he's got that whole metal bad boy thing going on - he's just not the definition of normal.

She's not a bubblegum girl! She's a Shrine Maiden! Exorcist! Onmyoudo! Lots of things, but bubblegum girl she is not. Maia hrmms for a few moments, catching the bright smile, though there's another bit of interest. The rune-engraved bracer to be exact. She hops off the barstool and heads on over towards him, her hips sashaying from side to side as she walks. She just walks in that way that gets people to look at her, but then again, it comes with being the child of a goddess.

"Hey!" she chirps brightly, still peering towards the bracer. "Where'd you get that from?" she asks curiously, rather direct in fact. "Oh, and sorry, I forgot my manners..I'm Maia..I was looking around and all, and then you know.." and her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red. Mmm. Cute boys. Always get the best of her.

Bubblegum girls always say that they aren't bubblegum girls, especially where a guy of interest with an entirely opposite view point is involved.

Haldor may have been watching Maia approach out of the corner of his eye, ears picking up on the rhythmic sound of her feet against the club floor. If he was, he doesn't let on to it. He jerks his head around to fix his piercing blue gaze on her as if with surprise when she chirps at him.

With one red eyebrow arched, Haldor replies as casually as possible.

"Hey. What? This," Haldor taps his left forearm to indicate the bracer, "Came from my uncle. Why?" For a few moments, Haldor pauses, expecting Maia to continue with her explanation. With no further explanation forthcoming, he shrugs a moment. "I'm Haldor. Can I help you with somethin' Maia?"

she is not a bubblegum girl. At least not in front of guys with the opposite view. She's is cool and sexy. That's it, sexy.

She chews on her bottom lip for a few moments and nods. "You dont see many marks of the Aesir nowadays.." she says softly under her breath. Waittaminute, how did she know that? SHe wrinkles her nose and cants her head to the side, trying to remember her occult teaching as a Shrine Maiden. "Don't remember what rune that is, but still.."

And she quickly looks up towards him once more. "But still, it's neat!" she chirps, smiling once more before extending her hand out towards him. "Pleasure to meet you, Haldor."

Haldor twitches slightly, body language momentarily taking on a more defensive posture before he tries to relax back. Apparently mentioning the Aesir is a good way to rile him up. Good job.

"It's, uh, it's not so much a mark of the Aesir as a mark of the old Norse. Vikings 'n' all that shit, y'know?"

Yeah. That's a great cover story. One doesn't even need super-powers to see right through that one. It's true, of course, but delivered with all of the confidence and timing of a liar.

For just a moment, Haldor hesitates before pointedly reaching out with his right hand to take the proffered hand. Haldor has a very firm handshake, especially considering his apparent build. All of this still hasn't diminished his cheerful, if subdued smile.

"Nice to meet you too, Maia."

"Ahhh..I see.." she says with a soft chuckle under her breath, wrinkling her nose for a few moments as she nods with clear disbelief, but she wont push it. For now, she'll just have to watch him, cause then surely, that means he's on the list, and perhaps that's why she was drawn here tonight.

At the offered hand, she beams brightly and gives a firm shake. Nothing too strong, considering her build, but it wasnt a weak shake either. "So, you're a bouncer?" she asks occasionally looking towards the crowd every now and then. Did she see something in the corner of her eye. Nah, couldnt be, and soon she looks back towards the cute older bouncer. And she facepalms, yes, she's not good with the opposite sex.

"Yeah. I'm kind of a freelance bouncer. I fill in at whatever clubs need help on a given night… Helps pay the bills, y'know? I'd rather be on stage with a band, but it's frickin' hard to find a Viking metal band in this city… Least one that can get gigs."

Haldor doesn't seem to have noticed anything out of the ordinary in the rest of the club. Then again, it's hard to notice anything when you're face to face with a super-powered babe like Maia. He smiles again, tilting his head to one side.

"Somethin' wrong?"

"Oh..no, I just thought I saw something.." Maia says softly as she looks up towards him once more, beaming the entire time. She purses her lips for a few moments and nods. "I know the lead singer of Kali's Kiss!" Rupert, The Ripper, Patel is one of the more infamous Death Metal Band Leads in quite some time. And this girl knows him? See, told you she wasnt bubblegum.

"If you want, I could always try to setup an audition for you.." she offers.

Haldor starts to say something, gaze shifting out toward the main club floor. Haldor is, however, forced into a train wreck of a statement as Maia asserts that she knows Rupert Patel. The Viking's head literally snaps, at a very nearly unhealthy angle and velocity, to meet her gaze once more.

"… Are you shitting me? Even assuming you're serious, why? We've barely met," rumbles Haldor. He looks very confused, if not vaguely suspicious.

"Why would I be shitting you? He's famous as fuck. You think I'm just going to toss a name like that out?" Maia says, her nose wrinkling a bit with distaste before she shrugs her shoulders. "Besides, it just feels like fa…"

And as she's about to finish ehr sentence, there's a high pitched scream on the dance floor. The crowd scatters, and there's a tall Haitian man staring down the pair. He's muttering something in a mixture of French and another language, energies starting to crackle around him.

"Fuck..stay back!" she says, stepping in front of him. Yes, the petite Japanese girl is stepping in front of the bulky, muscular redhead. "Mother, hear my plea, help me strike down this foe.." she mutters softly under her breath as she pulls out three sheets of paper from her pockets that soon become razor sharp. "Reveal to me that which cannot be seen.." she finisheds and soon her eyes widen. "Fuck.."

Haldor quirks his brow at Maia for two reasons. First, she's kind of right and he's been kind of a douche… But, and this is much more important, he can faintly make out something flowing off-beat under the current of the music. At first, Haldor isn't quite sure what it is, but then the crowds scream and part.

"Stay back? Wha- Hey. What the hell is going on?"

Well, okay. Maybe he actually said 'What the Hel is going on?', but we're talking about semantics that only a Viking would care about. Right now, Haldor is much more concerned with what the hell this guy out on the floor is doing… And, to a slightly less serious extent, what Maia is doing. Gotta admit though, he is damned curious what ties the two of them (Frenchie and Maia) to one another.

Maia looks back with fear clear in her eyes. "Run." she says firmly and resolutely as she looks towards the bokor in the end. Soon, people just start to part, being thrown to the side and the walls. It's utter and complete chaos. Of course to Haldor, he isnt seeing what's causing the mess, but to one sensitive to the spirits, it seems that the bokor has a crew of ghosts with him causing major damage.

"I'll tell you later, just run.." cries out before starting to move swiftly towards the bokor. She brings two pieces of paper to her palms and throws them at the air before they strike into something, flaring brightly before dissolving. as she continues to run, something stops her and sends her flying into the wall just past Haldor and behind the bar. "Fuck..me.." she grumbles as she coughs a bit, definitely winded from the attack.

"Run? Why in the hell would I run from this joker?"

Haldor definitely said 'hell' that time. The Viking reaches into the pockets of his oversized hoody as he watches Maia spring into action. When she crashes into the wall behind the bar, Haldor winces empathetically but keeps his gaze fixed on the bokor. He moves, almost casually, toward Frenchie with his hands still in the pockets of his hoody.

"So I'm going to guess that you're trying to be One Bad Mutha on my watch? Yeah. That's a no-no. You wanna rumble with me, you rumble with me on my time, not on the club's dime. You wanna rumble with the chick? Tch. Yeah right."

Haldor's right hand emerges from his pocket, dropping toward his side for a moment as he adjusts his grip on the wooden drumstick clutched in it. A moment later, he slashes upward with terrifying speed, a bigass Viking longsword gripped in place of the drumstick.

And Maia starts peering out from the back of the bar. She grumbles a little, watching Haldor move towards the bokor. Her eyes widen at the transformation. So he already knew what he was. That would explain the bracer then. She continues to groan just a bit as she's still got the wind knocked out from her before throwing the razor sharp pieces of paper to the left and right of the bouncer.

They strike true, stopping the ghosts in their tracks once more as the paper just floats next to him before dissolving.

The bokor continues working his mojo, grinning wryly the entire time. "I was told to eliminate you before you became a threat. I did not anticipate the girl being here.." he mumbles under his breath before dark inky blackness starts to swirl around his fingers, grinning towards Haldor the entire time, flashing a bit of a predatory grin towards him.

"You know, you're the third guy that's said that to me… Well, not the part about the girl. That's a new one."

Haldor has that look about him. A person in his element, whether he likes being in his element or not, and given his heritage that look might be a touch unnerving. His left hand comes free of his hoody as well, brandishing another drumstick. The Viking moves closer again, dual-wielding medium swords in place of his drumsticks (or that long sword).

"But, see, the thing is that I like not being eliminated. So… Yeah."

Haldor starts hacking and slashing, moving with alarming speed and grace for someone of his size. God bless them… Err… God blessed powers? The Viking is intent now, trying to bring down the bokor who, apparently, wants to do both him and his new friend harm.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Yeah, Haldor's fast. Much faster than the Bokor. And he hits multiple times, though the skin of the Bokor continues to become cut and bleed, his ichor spreads and soon covers his entire body, giving him an almost metallic sheen. A soft chuckle escapes from his lips, though the last three slashes send him scrambling away from the angry Viking bouncer.

By this time, the club has all but been emptied with the exception of the god touched trio. Maia hops out from behind the bar and tosses a few more razor sharp piece of paper towards the bokor. "Look, jerkwad. I'm tired of you and the others going after people like us. We never did anything to you and I'm sure he doesnt want to get kissed by some slut ho who will then implant the dark essence of a titanspawn inside him to feed Terra for your sacrifice. I've had it up to here and I've dispersed all your ghostly spirits. So I think the cute bouncer over there is going to kick your ass.."

"You speak too much.." the bokor says softly, looking quite tired. "It seems this new one was underestimated. They will not be happy.." and with that he simply disappears.

While Maia is yelling at the Bokor, incomprehensibly from Haldor's point of view at that, Haldor is busy bringing his drumsticks (yes they're back) together into the grip of both hands at once. He swings his suddenly formed steel bat a few times, testing the weight and balance. It shifts automagically into an enormous war hammer after a moment.

"As Jackie Chan's grandfather would say, 'Ooooone more thing!'"

The Viking swings his war hammer at the metal ichor encased Bokor, attempting to knock his block off. All things considered, this might be difficult to accomplish. Apparently the Bokor can teleport.

There are other powers even stronger than the children of the gods. That much is apparent. The winded and bruised and battered young woman looks towards him, letting out a soft sigh with an impish chuckle under her breath.

"Jackie Chan Adventures Reference. You totally get bonus points.." she says with a bright smile before she looks him over, clear concern in her features. "Are you all right?" her fingers brushing over his chest and arms to inspect him for any bruises. Or perhaps she just wants to touch the hunky Aesir.

Swing and a whiff. Haldor whirls around from the strength of his intended blow, spinning his drumsticks in his fingers while his gaze flickers about the empty club floor in wait for the next strike. Nothing comes, save Maia feeling him up on the upper body.

For the moment, the Viking relaxes. His drumsticks go back into his pockets and he arches his eyebrows at Maia. The tall man takes a small step back, letting out a heavy breath as he takes stock of his person.

"I, uh… I think so. Little winded, but I mean I just tried to hack some asshole with freaky shadow powers and metal goo for blood to death… Anything else isn't anything to worry about, whether I'm mortal or not. It'll heal quickly enough."

Haldor looks around the club for a few moments more. He sighs and shakes his head, pointing dead center of Maia's face with the index finger of his left hand. The tall man squints at her, fixing his eyes on hers.

"You're going to have to tell me what the Frigg is going on, because I take after my pop a little too much for my own good. Too much action, too little thinking. Right now, I think it's time we get outta Dodge."

He definitely does take after the Aesir. With all the references, Maia nods, letting out a soft sigh of relief as she wrinkles her nose and motions outside. "I have my car a few blocks from here..we should get out before the cops come. Or worse, before people stop rationalizing what just happened.." she says as she takes his hand, letting her fingers entwine with his own before she starts rushing out the door.

As she looks back towards him, urges him to head out with her. Emergency Exit, not the front exit of course.

"So who is your father? And I guess we havent had more formal introductions, so here we go. I'm Tsuchimikado Maia, daughter of Amaterasu-omikami, she that illuminates the heavens. What we saw back there..well I'm guessing it was either a hella powerful Titanspawn or a hella powerful bokor. Either way, they're both bad news. He filled the room with spirits..you couldnt see them, but I could..cept some were too fast.." she explains, hoping that'll do for now until they're at her car.

"Haldor Englund, son of Thor, grandson of Odin and Freya. Now, uh, isn't Zeus a dude?"

Boy needs a Pantheon lesson. Apparently he knows his Aesir, but not a whole lot else… Least of all, apparently, the Japanese pantheon. Haldor follows along quite easily, Maia may get the distinct impression that he is not entirely trying to keep up with her.

"Bokor? Man. This shit's going to require a whole lot of studying, isn't it?" Haldor sighs faintly as he continues charging along behind/beside Maia. "Titanspawn, at least, I recognize. I have no idea what they want, except that it's dicked off pop 'n' Uncle Baldur. Oh and that they like trying to kill me."

"Zeus is male yes, but I havent met any of his scions. I have met a Scion of Ares though. He helped me out when I was in trouble.." she explains, letting out a soft chuckle under her breath. The Shinto pantheon isnt exactly well known worldwide except for anime geeks and their hentai perv counterparts. She sighs softly as she continues walking outside sighing the entire time.

"And the Titanspawn..well what they want, that should be obvious. All of us dead. But I had a feeling someone might need help at Webster Hall that night, though I think..you really didnt need my help. You kinda kicked that guy's ass quite easily.." she admits ruefully, her cheeks flushed from embarsasment at her own inadequacies.

"But I do know that they have other scions working for them. I know of at least three. Already ran into them twice..that guy. I have no idea if he was one of us or not, but either way..he was hella powerful.." she continues as she starts shuffling through her purse for her keys.

"That seems like kind of a short-sighted goal. Just wanting us all dead."

Haldor shifts uncomfortably next to Maia, waiting for her to open the car. Every so often he glances around the streets, possibly afraid of another attack… Or perhaps wanting another attack to finish venting. Whatever the reason, Haldor seems on edge.

"And to think, I used to just want to be in a band and rock out."

"I just wanted to be a concert violinist, it's still possible. We just happen to have…unusual extracurriculars.." Maia replies with a soft chuckle under her breath as she unlocks the doors and heads towards the driver's side of her shiny Jetta. Mmmm. German engineering.

She settles in a bit, waiting for Haldor to do the same thing. "And I dont think it's a short sighted goal. It's a means to weaken our parents..they have major beef against them.."

Haldor slides into the seat beside Maia. Although it's kind of a tight fit, he seems to prefer 'tight fit' over 'taking time to adjust the seat'. Considering the situation, wouldn't you?

"Yeah. I'm not exactly the school type, Maia. I graduated high school four years ago and haven't been back since. Can we haul ass out of here now? I'd like to avoid the cops if we can… Or Frenchy's friends, if they decide to show up."

"You got it, handsome.." she says, starting up her car as she starts to drive off, sighing the entire time as she looks out and around. Lucky seems to be on their side as all she's hitting is green lights. "I asked the lights around here to be green if they saw my car..I'm glad they remember.." Maia beams brightly, letting out an impish giggle as she drives off into the night.

"And are you okay? You seem..tense. I thought a son of Thor would ya know..be all rawr..I fought..now I'm horny..blah blah.."

"I'm fine. That wasn't really much of a fight. The guy ran off before anything really got going - not that I could have done much beyond hack, slash, and bash. Still kinda on edge and kinda trying to absorb the fact that I'm not supposed to be a one man army with a pair of drumsticks and a forearm guard."

Haldor shrugs a little bit at Maia. He smiles as cheerily as he can, though it remains subdued. Idly he drums his index fingers against the dashboard, glancing out the window every so often.

"'sides, I'm kind of a prisoner to your car at the moment."

"You're not a prisoner.."

Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red from embarassment as she looks towards the road once more before idly running her fingers through her hair. She takes a deep breath, "I can take you home if you like, though I dont think it's safe. I have a place on the upper east side. I have extra rooms too..mom said it'd come in handy.." she admits ruefully.

"Can't hurt to spend the night at your place."

Haldor leans back on the seat, continuing to drum his fingers against the dashboard. For the most part he seems to be playing the drum rhythm to a song, it's familiar, but difficult to place. Might be odd to ask right now though.

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