When Good Bunnies Go Bad


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Scene Title When Good Bunnies Go Bad
Synopsis Vorpal bunnies attack New York. It's like some gruesome scene out of Monty Python. Dee was the Storyteller for this RP.

The Birdcage Brownstone - New York City

The door from the alley opens into a small room or short hallway in this brownstone. At the far end is an antiquated lift that looks like a birdcage, complete with manual levers for operation. Dispite its age, the mechanism appears to be well cared for.

At the bottom, the lift opens into some sort of antechamber from one corner of the room. Before the open cage door is a plain, unornamented wall of what appears to be granite with a thick wooden door set inside it. Engraved above the door archway is "Special Immigration Office: East"

Access is only granted with the proper key. Once opened, the granite door swings inward as a computerized neutral voice intones, "Provisional Access Granted. Containment and Research are currently under lock down. Efforts to penetrate secure doors will be discouraged." Through the doorway, there's a large console in the middle of the chamber with a three dimensional display of the New York City atop it. The holographic display is a fairly complete representation of New York City and it's environs. Mostly there is a very simplistic representation of structures, although the map does have a few colored markers. Numbers and figures at times scroll past, apparently having meaning to someone. Computer workstations hug the walls, along with filing cabinets and desks. Several cots and assorted supplies are pushed into out of the way corners as well, with the idea of long stays. The room is some sort of think-tank, apparently. The only other unlocked door leads to a small kitchen and dining area, which are well-stocked.

As she so often is, Dee is at the computers working away at… whatever she's doing. She's actually started to generate reports for the Band, on the rift activity registered by the sensors. On the whole, it isn't very exciting. On the other hand, it's really good to know when something might suddenly show up and start making a mess of things and people.

Not that the computer doesn't also let them know aurally when something's happening. It's one of those beeps that causes her to look up from one of the many other things she's been doing, and check out the sensor that's complaining. "Huh." she says aloud, "This might actually need our attention."

Day in and day out, Rufus Scrivner is working. Settled in at one of the desks, reading reports of a different nature and filling out paperwork on a laptop, the man looks up from where he'd been about to reach for his tea cup. He scoots back and stands up, tugging down his waistcoat before stepping across the room to swoop in for a look. Bending over Dee, one hand beside her on the desk, he scowls as he takes a look at the screen for himself. "What is this?"

Vette comes down, rubbing her eyes. The final exams have started and she's kind of flying through them. "Hi guys," she says gently. "I'll make tea." She heads into the kitchen to do just that, letting her ponytail down. In jeans and a pink NYU sweatshirt, nobody would be able to pick her out in a crowd.

"This?" Dee replies to Rufus with a smile that says she's about to be a smartass. "This is a computer console. This," she says then, indicating a light and a screen under it, "means that the rift opened and something's actually come out of it." The pushes a few buttons to try to access a satellite and get some sort of picture from the site.

He sighs down at her, though by now, Rufus is getting fairly used to Dee's smart assery. He glances over his shoulder for Vette, arching an eyebrow. Usually he makes the tea, but he won't complain if she takes it over for once. "Brilliant," he drily mutters, his tone suggesting this is anything but. "All right. I'm sure I can find where this is. We should get out there and take a look around at what's just happened."

And in Vette comes with the tea. "Here you go!" And then she blinks. "Wait, we're going somewhere?" Always the alert one, right. "Where are we going?" She glances at Dee's readings, looking a little bit baffled by them. Dee does her magic with the hub computer!

Dee nods to Rufus, then smiles towards Vette. "Rift activity worth a looksee, I'm afraid." she says to the other woman. "I'm afraid we'll have to put it in travel mugs. Thanks, though." She gets up, and says to Rufus "Alright. Get us a location, and we're off."

After consulting a map, Rufus takes a quick sip of his tea. "Thank you, my dear," he hastily murmurs. "It looks as if it's on Fifth Avenue, near to the British consulate. I know where that is exactly." He looks up at Dee, then at Vette. "We'll move more quickly if we travel by foot and by air. Traffic at this time of night is bloody awful."

"Let's go!" Vette says, heading up the stairs. She understands that Dee has identified something Bad. And she's ready to get going to take care of something Bad! Vette's actually usually ready to tackle the world if she's got her band beside her, and today is no different. Well. Not the whole world. She still doesn't /really/ want to tangle with Louie.

"It really is awful this time of year. Which is not a good thing if something came out that might rampage." Dee agrees. "I know how to get there fastest." she adds then after the barest moment of thought. Hermes, right. Good with directions.

Stepping back and away, Scrivner sweeps up his black trenchcoat and his heavy sword, strapping the latter across his chest. He exhales a breath, smiles grimly, then he says, "All right then. You lead, we'll follow. Vette, my dear?" He holds out his hand to the lady, offering to carry her as he usually does.

Vette takes Scrivner's Rufus' hand so that he can carry her. She's always game for Air Rufus. "Thank you, Rufus," she says. She wraps her arms around his neck so that it will be a lot easier for her man to scoop her up and take her through the air. Sometimes she wishes she could fly on her own, but flying with Rufus is like first class.

Dee nods once to Rufus, then after making sure she's geared up with her throwing knives heads for the door and out. She won't take off until the other two are right behind her, of course. And then, as she said, it's the straightest path to the trouble.

Sweeping her up into his arms, Rufus briefly kisses the lady's cheek and then follows after Dee. He's close behind her, right at her heels, whether they're on the ground or up in the air.

Vette kisses him back, but just as briefly—they've got work to be about, after all. Whenever they take to the air she keeps her eyes peeled for signs of the trouble (for all the good that's going to do, knowing her).

Dee is mostly in the air. It really is the best way to deal with traffic, and time might be a factor, depending on what came through. It's only a few minutes later then, that they're coming up on the site of the brief rupture. Sure enough, it's a mess. Cars askew… people screaming and running… fires broken out for no apparent reason… And then there's the trouble being caused on top of the usual. It's more… bunnies! Can't it ever be normal titanspawn trouble?

Flying close to Dee, Rufus peers down at the ground below. "Is that… Is that a rabbit I see? Bloody Hell, is that more than one of them? What the Hell is going on down there?" He sinks down to a nearby rooftop with Vette, then hops lightly down to alight upon the ground nearby.

"It looks like rabbits," Vette observes. Captain Obvious, to the rescue! "Maybe we should have brought a really, really big box of /carrots/." When they're on the ground she slides out of Rufus' arms, frowning faintly as she does so.

Dee just stares downwards, at the bunnies, then shakes her head. "Those things are SO wrong…" she says to the others, following to the rooftop. "You two haven't fought these things yet? They're awful. Apparently you can make useful stuff from the pelts, though." And already, the trio can see that these aren't normal rabbits. A few pedestrians have already made that mistake, and actually been torn apart by the adorable, fuzzy things while others scream and run. It's like a Monty Python scene down there.

"They're… What the Hell." At last Rufus sets the lady down on her own feet, and he reaches up to ease his sword out of the case across his back. "Well, let's put an end to this …. mess, shall we?" And he goes striding forward.

Kneeling on the side of the street, Vette pulls out her weapon. She's going to go ahead and aim the thing at a little bunny heador /big/ bunny head, as the case seems to beand try to blow the thing's eye. She remembers the toughness of the hides of some of these animals. Slowly, she tracks the thing with her gun.

Dee notes "Don't assume they'll be easy. At all. To quote Holy Grail, 'So, brave knights, if you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth." Despite that it's said as a joke, the sentiment seems to be a sincere one. And, they are significantly larger than any normal rabbit. "I'll try to hold their attention and get some people out of there." And not get eaten, but that doesn't really need to be said. She takes off towards the center of the trouble, Untouchable Opponent coming on as she looks for anyone trapped in a corner or in their cars. because one of the bunnies actually seems to be trying to gnaw into one.

Rabbits. It just had to be vorpal rabbits. Being very well-acquainted with Monty Python himself, Rufus knows exactly what Dee's talking about. "Right," he quotes. "One rabbit stew, coming up." One can just see him pulling down his helmet's visor and striding into battle to be slaughtered, can't one? The ichor in his blood wells up, thick and hot and shining like pewter, to give his skin a metallic coating. Then he sweeps around his sword blade, and he rushes in for the attack. Coming up hard and fast upon a bunny, he charges in, then draws back his arm to viciously /stab/ at the creature.

As Sir Lancelot charges into the fray, Dee is looking for the best place to start. The bunny gnawing into the car isn't making fast progress, so instead, she swoops over to someone who's kind of been treed on a mailbox. Unfortunately, one of the legs has already been gnawed through. Hanging in the air overhead, Dee offers a hand downwards to the poor mortal. Who isn't sure whether he's more afraid of the bunny, or the flying woman. She calls to him, "Your odds are better with me."

A clear shot. Vette squeezes the trigger, letting the bullet fly at the eyes of the Nemean bunny. If only her aim pays offif only the bunny doesn't move

The best target for Vette is the bunny trying to take down the mailbox. His eyes are the most easily visible, and are doing the least moving. The shot's a decent one, and the bunny does blink, but unfortunately it is not deterred from its efforts to get to the tasty morsel perched on top of it. Said tasty morsel is trying to decide between the lady and the ti- er, bunny, and opts for the lady. So much for said tasty morsel, except that bunnies leap! It does so when it sees its dinner trying to get away, and its teeth close on the man's shoe. On the plus side, this might make it a little easier to hit next time.

Meanwhile, Rufus chose the bunny chewing on a leg. That leg is, however, still attached to a businesswoman, who seems to still be alive. So far. Fortunately, the shot is enough to get the attention of the thing, if not quite enough to do some real damage. The leg is released and the shrieking woman tries to crawl away from it, as the vicious bunny turns towards the man with the sword.

Backing off a few steps, Rufus smiles grimly up at the bunny. "You will be absolutely delicious braised in a rich wine sauce," he informs the overgrown lagomorph, ever so calmly. Then he darts forward, leaping nimbly up into the air and coming down with a hard, deep thrust of his sword, aiming to drive the blade into the creature's neck or wherever he can strike along the spine. One hand snaps up, reaching for a big ear to hold onto. Ride 'em, Cowboy!

It's even easier to hit the big bunny because it's also leaping at him, beady-eyed, and teeth and claws bared. Sadly, for the bunny, this kind of leaps it into Rufus' blade. Sadly for Rufus, it doesn't stop the thing. It does slow it down, though. That's something, right?

The bunny chawing at the car is making a disturbing amount of progress. It might actually get enough of a hole soon, to get at the chewy center sof this particular hard candy coating. Said chewy centers are scream their rear ends off. There are three of them - A mother and two children. How's that for motivation?

Dee hauls up the guy she's rescued from the mailbox. Where she drops him isn't as much of a consideration, so long as it's 'not in range of a bunny. This lands him on a second floor landing, where there's really only enough room for him to sit there. "I'll be back for you!" she calls as she has to force him to let go of her. He's a floor up, after all. This isn't thrilling the man. She's off then, to try to help the businesswoman who is bleeding from her mangled leg and trying to drag herself away.

And finally, it's the little bunny that can't. He seems to be late in finding his dinner, and has now started to chase a pack of commuters down the street. It nips at their heels as it plays cat and mouse with them. There's a lot of screaming from that end, too.

This gun isn't going to work. Vette puts her hand on the concrete. The bunny who is trying to chew on a mother and two children is who she targets as she whispers her thoughts and desires to the very earth, letting it liquify and race, envisioning a spike, a thick, sharp spike that will impale that bunny and leave those poor mortals safe and sound.

The bunny that had been hanging off the man's shoe was given the shoe. Thank goodness for loafers. Slipped right off, and down the bunny went. Fortunately (for it), it has very little trouble landing well. Looking around for an easier meal, it joins the one chasing down the small herd of commuters, waiting for the weakest to fall behind.

Holy freaking /crap./ Rufus yanks back his sword and spins it around, pushed back through the air by the momentum and force of the rabbit. But the blade is there to parry away the strikes from teeth and claw, and swinging around while in the air, the Englishman hisses out a sharp breath in annoyance. "Of all the damned things I wanted to do tonight, slaughtering a psychotic rabbit is not one of them!" He draws back his arm and /stabs/ again.

Mmmm… Mmm! Skewered bunny! Break out the saute pan and wine!

Fortunately, that means that the gnawed woman has little more to fear. Unless one of the others realizes there's an easy meal waiting there. If they can get past Rufus. Dee, however, has hurried over to try to lift the woman into the air. With the traffic a mess, she'll have to bring poor thing to the ambulance that can't get any closer yet.

There's still that bunny trying to get into the car. It doesn't get hurt by Vette's efforts, but does get pushed out of the way by the spike of earth that drives up towards it from the ground though, so the hole it had made is not partly blocked. It'll have to keep at it, to get to the screamy things inside. Or, it could go after Vette. Mmmmm… Vette. It hops straight for her.

Meanwhile, the bunny that's been chasing the herd has finally caught the slowest. If it weren't so serious and obviously painful to the man caught, it might be really funny to see him shaking his ass to get the bunny dislodged from where it's sunk its teeth in.

Seeing this thing running straight towards her, Vette thinks of one thing to do. Raise a hard stone wall so the thing can /ram/ into it, since its running so fast. "Cool it, Bugs," she says in annoyance. Maybe it will dash its fool brains out, hide or no hide.

Well, the bunny didn't actually bash its brains out, but it didn't stop in time, either. It ran right into the solid wall that Vette raises, stunning itself for a moment. Doesn't look hurt, so much as terribly, terribly surprised.

Tybalt has arrived.

Trusting that Vette can take care of herself for the time being, Rufus whirls around to look for his next lagomorphic target. Humans in distress are his first concern… well, Vette is his first concern, but the mortals are a very, very close second. "You!" Scrivner bellows, charging up on that rabbit that's taking a bite out of that hapless man's arse. What the Hell is up with that anyway? He soars up and through the air, his bloodied blade lifted above his head. Swooping in an arc, he rises, then falls, aiming to stab down into the spine of the rabbit and either kill it or paralyse it.

The scene is Fifth Avenue, nearby the British Consulate. Fitting, since it looks like Monty Python, gone amok. There's been screaming, blood and violence, and that's just the normal rush hour. There's also been huge bunnies gnawing at people, mailboxes and cars. One now lies dead by Rufus' hand (or sword), and one just bashed its head into a rock wall that Vette brought up between herself and it. The others are after a small herd of commuters, one having just caught the ass-end (literally) of a man in a business suit, and the other still chasing. Dee, at the moment, it giving a mangled woman to the EMTs a short distance away, because they couldn't get any closer due to traffic.

Not only does Rufus' sword go right into the bouncing bunny (mostly bouncing because the man its attached to looks like he's having an epileptic fit trying to shake the thing off), but it goes right through the thing and actually pins the carcass into the sidewalk. Might be a bit of a pain pulling his blade out when he's in a rush, but the rabbit is certainly not going anywhere.

Screaming? Giant Animals running amock in the city? Well if there was ever a need for a masked crime fighter to show up, this would be one of those moments. The crowd sort of pauses in screaming to watch the entrance of the Alley Cat. The motorcycle he rides roars up and over a stopped bus, landing on the ground with a screech as the entire bike pivots and slides to a stop on both wheels. Meanwhile the masked figure atop it only stands up once it has come to a complete stop. "Rufus." He offers upon seeing his cousin. With that he picks a leg up and swings it over the back of the hog. He holds up the gauntlet that runs the length of his right arm and he raises it up, the claws glistening lightly in what light there might be. He mutters soft to himself, 'Spirit of the 9 lives, be with me." That said, he sucks in a deep breath and readies to enter the fray.

With the woman taken care of, or at least in the hands of professionals, Dee zooms back to the fray on her Talaria, passing over the the clogs of traffic. Her hand reaches for a throwing knife meanwhile, and she takes a moment to ready a shot at the bunny by Vette. It's the relatively still one, after all.

And speaking of that bunny, it actually shakes its little bunny head a little, to try to clear the daze it just gave itself running full-tilt into a rock wall. Then, it'll try to leap said wall at the dinner waiting beyond it. The delay will give Vette a chance to do something about the incoming fluffy ball of teeth and claws.

Vette stares down at the stunned bunny and then she narrows her eyes. She attempts to liquify the earth beneath it. To sink the rabbit under the surface and simply bury it under the smooth pavement of the street, letting it fill its little lagomorph orifices with liquid earth and then hardening it again. If /that/ doesn't kill it she doesn't know what will.

First things first. Help clear away possible casualties. Quickly, leaping from place to place and picking up those that are injured or being pursued, the masked crime fighter starts evacuating people to rooftops out of reach of the terrible bunny plagues.

There was one more bunny chasing after the pack of mortals, but when Rufus skewers its fellow bunny it turns and leaps for the sone of Tyr. This might be inconvenient, if Rufus can't get his blade free before it reaches him. It clearly means to do him no good, you see. In fact, judging by its angry little bunny face, it wants to do him great harm. Bunnies don't usually leap so far, unless they're attacking Arthur's Knights. Rufus, however, has already painted himself as Lancelot in this little scene, so he's out of luck. It leaps, looking terrifying. In its cute little bunny way.

Meanwhile Vetter has gotten the drop on her bunny - in a literal way. The ground gives way beneath it, and the rabbit is sucked downwards. It isn't fast enough to consume the whole thing, but it's certainly keeping the rabbit in place as it tries desperately to get free. It actually looks kind of real bunnyish and frightened and sad as it does so. Poor little misunderstood bunny.

Fortunately for Tybalt, many of the injuries were caused by the panicked trampling of their fellow mortals. What a swell species, sometimes. There is that pack of people that were being chased, of course. It would bo good to get them out of the way in case they start being chased once again.

The /thunk/ of his blade sinking into rabbit is actually rather satisfying. Rufus snarls as he pushes in deep, watching the blood stain fur and pavement. He starts to pull his sword free, knowing another of the little buggers is coming for him, and he manages to get it partially free before he whips around the blade with the other rabbit carcass still impaled on the blade. "Son of a /bitch,/" he snarls. He's aware of Tybalt's arrival, but there's not much he can do to say hi right this second. He's busy hunting wabbits. As the rabbit charges, he comes forward to meet it, taking a single step forward and lunging.

That rabbit already skewered on Rufus' blade does slow him down a little. It's just not good for aerodynamics and slightly throws off the weight of the blade. Not to mention that swinging it sends bunny blood everywhere. It leaps at him, and he lunges at it. There's a glancing hit on the bunny, the sword beating it just for range, and its own attack is send off to one side. It's not particularly damaged, but Rufus does give it a nice slice.

Dee finally takes her shot, winging the cool harpy talon knife at the bunny trying to escape the quicksand. That poor little scared bunny who's just trying to save itself an awful death. Heartless bitch.

What a throw! What technique! What style! What flair! Dee sends that knife right at the struggling bunny. It's a beautiful throw, and there's no doubt that it will hit. And it does hit. It hits exactly where Dee was aiming, and it bounces right off the bunny's thick hide. Dammit. That bunny, by the way, is making some actual progress pulling itself out. But while it's doing that, it's way open to anything else being done. It is still sunk into the ground some though, even if it hasn't yet been submerged.

Vette just smiles at her bunny. "Oh yeah. I wanted your bones," she observes. And since he's still struggling, she puts her gun right against his eyes. Or tries to. "Burying you would be a terrible waste. Besides. I wish to study the Nemean form in the name of science. You'll be my new dissection friend." With this statement, Miss Mad Scientist pulls the trigger again.

Tybalt is busy scooping up people two at a time and leaping to the roof tops of smaller buildings before jumping back down to pick up others. He tries to put all the injured ones in one place so that he can take care of them once the threat is neutralized. As he does his people saving, he keeps an eye on the scene to make sure that Vette, Dee and Rufus do not need his assistance. For the most part he is happy to play support.

Little Bunny Foo Foo is not happy with Rufus. It turns when it hits the ground, and immediately leaps again at the man with the carcass-laden sword. Its sharp, pointy teeth strain to sink themselves into the hero. Mmm… hero…

Vette does hit the bunny. She hits it really well. It's not really a hard shot for her, with the thing too busy trying to drag itself out of the quicksand. It slams back when the bullet hits, losing all footing it had gained in its efforts to get free, and is sucked right down into the ground.

Little Bunny Foo Foo is going to get a real bop on the head. Rufus whirls around on the balls of his feet and stands his ground as the rabbit comes after him, and whipping about his blade, he parries away the attack by smooshing the carcass of its friend up against its little body and knocking it away. Curious. He's never actually beaten a monster to death with the body of its own friend. It's something that strikes the Englishman as one of those things he's going to want to drown the memory of with a lot of alcohol later. Sneering, he bares his teeth and darts forward, intent on skewering yet another rabbit.

A hit, a very palpable hit. After beating the little monster back with its own kin, Rufus skewers it too, most ably. However, as the perhaps heart-wrenching squeal attests before it goes unconscious, it's not quite dead yet. Just pinned against the other rabbit like some awful, surreal shish-kebab. Ew.

Dee did let off some expletives when her knife bounced right off the hide of the one bunny. They were quite imaginative, really. But then Rufus collects another rabit onto his blade and she just sort of stares in morbid fascination.

Resting the tip of his sword on the ground, Rufus lifts a foot and pushes the bunnies off of his blade with the heel of his shoe. "Bloody Hell," he growls. That's when he looks up and over at the women, then around at the Alley Cat. "Is everyone all right?" he calls out.

"I sunk itOh I'm fine, Rufus. I just need to knowoh good. Two good specimens. I can surely make a needle out of the bones of one of them." Vette beams as if he'd brought her a bouquet of fine flowers and totally did it just for her. "Thank you, darling."

Dee settles herself to the ground near the others, then goes to find her errant knife. "I'm alright. I wasn't really in the line of fire, though." There's a wave towards Tybalt then, now that she's not distracted by evil bunnies.

Tybalt looks down from his position with a number of the wounded. He then settles down to start in on a little treatment. As he works, he holds up his clawed gauntlet to wounds, and some of them start to stitch themselves back together. He simply lifts his other hand in greeting, but keeps focused on healing the wounded.

He'll take the other gent's signal to mean he's okay. Rufus looks up at the man for awhile, nodding to him, before he turns his eyes back to the ladies and smiles wryly. "Good good. We… should get out of here while we still can without attracting too much …. without attracting more attention than we already have."

Vette gathers up her dead bunnies, just as pleased as punch. "I can use some of this bunny fur to make the armor really pretty," she announces. And then she blinks. "Goodness. A few mortals got hurt." Captain Obviousette catches up with the rest of us again!

Dee smirks slightly. "I think we already got the attention. But, yes. We should make ourselves scarse before someone in a uniform wants a statement or something." With that, she puts away her knife and lifts off the ground again.

Dee was the Storyteller for this scene.

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