When Elephants Attack?


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Scene Title When Elephant's … Attack?
Synopsis Bad things happen in Central Park, and Jason makes an elephant use a special attack.

Central Park

The famed Central Park, an area that at times, has come to be known as the oasis of NYC. One of the great pleasures New Yorkers and tourists enjoy is getting away from it all inside Central Park. Stretching 51 blocks between 59th and 110th streets, this 843 acre, green rectangle has served its city well since 1859. From famous statues to castles, there is so much to see within this pastoral landmark. One of the more famous stops is The Dairy, built in 1870 as a milk bar, it now serves as the main Visitor Center. There is also the posh Tavern on the Green restaurant nearby. On the more romantic side of the park, Hansom Cabs can be found lined up across from the Plaza Hotel at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue, offering a romantic journey through the park. To the north lies a large, fenced-in body of water. with walking and jogging trails offered along the perimeter path.

Leandra is currently jogging, wearing a white t-shirt and navy tracksuit pants along with lightweight denim jacket and trainers, earphones disappearing into a pocket as she glides along a path with an unhurried disconcerting speed. <re>

Jason happens to be moving along that same path himself, although he is seemingly simply walking and not making the job of things that Leander his. A leisurely sort of pace suited to the enjoyment of the scenery. A pleasant day spent ambling.

Shopping! Rain is passing along, a few things in hand. She's wandering happily, in her usual clothes. She is mostly meandering along water edges, although her path nears Jason and Leandra's. She's not flailing at the moment. Rain even hums and sings a little.

Rupert also happens to be in the park, relaxing and smoking a cigarette as he watches the joggers and dog-walkers.

Leandra slows a little as she spots Jason heading in the opposite direction, then picks one earbud out to hang down her neck as she comes to a stop as she quirks her head a little. "Hmm, am I going to start randomly running into you as often as I do Rain then?" Rain is spotted, she blinks then smirks. "Maybe not."

Jason gives a good natured chuckle and he tilts his head to Leandra, "I would not mind if it were so. If one is going to have chance encounters they should be pleasant ones." He turns his eyes to track hers spotting Rain as well and lips quirking a touch he says, "She really does seem to find herself everywhere, always at the center of any gathering or any bit of trouble. Her life must be quite the exciting one."

Nope, not really. She's a chef! An aspiring iron one but! The woman lives in a world of veggies, meats and customers clamoring for the proper dish. Even with her knack for spotting trouble. Hum hum hum. And heeeey, people. Rain stops and peers at the two, waving. She's not in hearing range just yet but she's cautiously meandering over. "Allo!"

Rupert eyes the converging group idly, trying to place the vaguely familiar faces.

Leandra rests a hand on her hip as she looks over, then returns the wave before she shrugs to Jason. "Perhaps, she seems cheerful enough whenever I see her anyway." Then once Rain closes a grin. "Hey."

Jason returns that wave as well, making a motioning over gesture since Rain does in fact seem headed in their direction at any rate. "Good that she's accepted her fate then. Not all could handle that much adventure." Then as Rain does draw closer he calls out, "We were just saying how we both seem to always be bumping into you. Scavenging the park for ingredients?"

Rain does seem to have accepted her fate, much like the pigeon that keeps pressing the shock lever. She just keeps coming back. Either way, a smile. "Hello, how are you?" And then a ponder. "Yeah, I do don't I?" She has to consider that, furrowing her eyebrows. "No, not really. Pigeon on a stick doesn't really sell this season," She's joking there. "I was going home from shopping."

"Feeling better, and glad to know that when I eat at an expensive place I am not being fed stuff scavenged from the park." Leandra eyes Jason a moment there before shaking her head a little, then hmms. "So I was running." She inclines her head to Rain. "You were shopping." To Jason. "Dare I ask what you were doing?"

While the group is talking amongs themselves, it gradually becomes apparent that the ground is shaking a bit, and some of the trees in the park are swaying dangerously.

"You never know" Jason points out to Leandra, "When a place claims fresh picked ingredients in the city I always have to wonder just exactly where they freshly picked them. Still, I share your happiness in knowing that at least in this case it is not so. And.. I was walking. Enjoying the air and the green. I'm really not used to the city yet, felt I needed something of a respite from it. The park is not exactly a walk in the wilderness but at least it is something besides concrete and glass." Peering down at the ground he inquires, "Well. While I am always up for having the earth move and my world shake, I don't mean it quite so literally."

"That's good to hear," Rain grins a little. She seems amused. Then laughs softly, "Sometimes there are window gardens I suspect," She points out. She looks around. "Ummm… Not me… I stopped walking." She is taking a bit of a joke at her own expense, but there's concern written across her face. "I don't think there was supposed to be construction either," She admits.

"I can eat just about anything, so it is not really a concern, but still, one likes to know what one is eating." Leandra then frowns as the ground rocks, narrowing her eyes before she brings back one hand to the small of her back and fastens it on the grip of her pistol under her jacket. Rather dryly. "Does anyone want to bet me a hundred dollars we are not about to get attacked by something horrible?"

Jason glances sidelong to Leandra and he inquires, "You must be joking. Rain is here. Of course we are about to get attacked by something horrible. It's one of those immutable universal constants." Looking to Rain he inquires, "Right?"

As if in answer to Jason's flippant query, a huge shape can be seen stampeding through the park. As it clears the trees, it is revealed as HUGE elephant, twice the normal size. It stops and glares at the gathered Scions, trumpeting a war cry into the air.

Rupert throws down his cigarette and whistles. Pulling out a pair of claws, he slides them onto his hands as he glances at the others. "Good going, mate."

Rain just looks defeated, "Whaat? Oh no, maybe I should stay home more." She frowns and rubs the back of her head. Although, she does pick her pen off from behind her ear and sighs. "I guess it is," She admits. "At least, at this point I'm wondering if it's true." She looks to Rupert - hey! She knows that guy. Rain looks over towards what clears the trees. Then a horrified expression. "And I've got peanuts!"

"Well it could be a transcendantly beautiful and terrible- Ahh. No. Okay I am going to go and fetch my rifle." Leandra looks over toward Rupert and flashes him a grin, then she whirls and launches herself off with the kind of acceleration normally reserved for things powered by rockets, turf left in a torn path behind her as she beelines for her car.

Jason turns about to make some further flippant comment to a Leandera that suddenly isn't there. At Rain's mention of having peanuts however he takes a sidestep away from her even while tossing out, "Perhaps then you would like to make some sort of peace offering on our behalf Rain?" Even so of course he is reaching for his pistol.

Flail! Rain just stares at the elephant than eye Jason as he steps away from her. "Oh, /thanks/," She mutters. "Fine, I'll offer it peanuts but move away." She shooes him off, while taking a step away herself to toss the elephant some peanuts. Leandra's comment gets a blink.

The huge beast roars again, then begins a slow, steady trot towards the Scions, picking up speed as it goes.

A large eagle-sized bird, with two heads, flaps out of a tree and flies toward Rupert. He flashes a grin at the other Scions, and then leaps onto the back of the bird, which should in no way bear his weight. Perfectly balanced, he shouts at the others as he gains altitude, "This is gonna be a tough one! Bring your A-game!"

Leandra skids to a halt alongside her range rover, sprayed gravel doing the already somewhat battered paintwork no good before she slams open the back and grabs for her almost certainly illegally carried rifle, weapon in hand she slings a bandolier belt of shiny brass over her shoulder as she whirls back to face the park and.. Giant bird? Ahh, it has Rupert on the back, she nestles the stock of her rifle into her shoulder as she lines up on the gargantuan elephant with a grin of anticipation.

Rupert grins to himself as his two-headed eagle flies over the giant elephant. He adjusts his sunglasses, and steps casually off the bird, dropping onto the elephant's back. Despite the fact that the massive creature is charging full-tilt, he keeps perfect balance as he kneels and punches downward, pushing all his effort into jabbing the claws through the beast's thick hide.

Poor Rain. All she can do is … "No peanuts for you! BAD ELEPHANT! BAD!" She shakes her pen at the elephant. With a *fwip* and a twirl, it becomes a knife. She does however, reach for the peanuts just in case. Peanuts and knife in hand, Rain grunts. She sprints at full speed, then leaps into the air, bounding off a small plant taking a swing at the elephant's leg as she goes by. It would make Naruto fans proud, but she really begins to ponder the wisdom of her actions as she hurtles through the air.

Jason finishes pulling his pistol from inside his jacket even while he engages in his typical behavior when something big and horrific shows up, which is diving behind the nearest piece of cover. Not that the park bench he finds really seems all that.. impressive.. next to the giant elephant. Gun is elevated towards the elephant and with a look of focus he pulls the trigger, the usual sound of the pistol is somehow more sensual than usual. A purr of explosive gunpowder as the barrel for a moment sports a rainbow shimmer of a muzzle flash.

The charging elephant pauses as it is hit by the effect from Jason's gun. It shudders in its tracks, and promptly splurts.

Poor goo-covered Rain. Gross.

The elephant grumbles and attempts to gore the girl with one of its man-sized tusks, but is obviously distracted and misses by a wild mark.

Rupert runs up the beast's back and perches on its flailing head, once again trying to slam his claws through the thick hide. As he draws them back out, he notices blood. Success! The elephant does not seem particularly harmed, though.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGH!" Rain wails after she's hit. She moves away. Jason gets a murderous glare. Her left eye twitches. Another wail and she turns her flailing into a quick slash, then running for it. "I hate yooooooooou," Did she just burst into tears? She did. Poor Rain. She's gritting her teeth and going all The Shining on the thing's leg before turning to sprint away. Her knuckles are white from gripping the knife and tears stream down her cheeks. After she's satisfied with a swing, she pushes off with a foot to lunge away.

Still balanced on the elephant's wildly swinging head, Ripper laughs. "Tough bastard, aren't you?" As the elephant raises its trunk to sweep him off its head, he backflips over it and lands in a handstand. Due to his claws, it's an oddly lethal handstand. He pauses in that position for a moment, then rolls out of it. Another scored hit, but the nemean beast is still chugging, not even slowed down.

Jason makes an expression of distaste and he calls out towards Rain, "Sorry!" But then Leandra is shouting in his direction and he says, "I'm going for it's left. On three then." He uses the back of the park bench to help steady his aim, drawing a beat quickly on that target while counting down and upon the count of three he pulls the trigger. No rainbows this time around, the gun is firing a bullet on this occasion towards that hopefully vulnerable area of the large beast.

After wiping the worst of it off, poor Rain just sort of eyes Jason warily. She seems to accept his apology. Men! SHe shakes and then looks to a tree. Dropping any peanuts she was carrying, she scrambles up the tiny aesthetic plant and as the tree bends, she is helped a little in leaping towards the elephant's back. *Sproing!* Or *whip!* depending on the noises trees make. Shakeashakea might be more apt. Either way, the cook half-jumps, half-launches herself up at the elephant's back. If she makes it, she'll use her momentum to stab at the thing's back/spine.

Leandra is aware of what is going on, but shuts it out, her breath held, concentrating to steady her heartbeat as she relaxes until she feels the rifle as an extension of her body. One, two, three, then at the same moment as Jason she smoothly tugs the trigger and her rifle bellows out before spitting the empty cartridge as she rises with a reflexive work of the bolt, starting now toward the elephant at a measured lope as she keeps the muzzle aimed at the beast.

The elephant bellows in pain as both eyes disappear in puffs of red mist. It swings its head, and blood gushes from the gaping empty sockets. Moments later, the huge beast collapses to the ground, moaning horribly as it continues to bleed out gallons of sticky, red fluid.

Rupert casually rides the beast to the ground, then walks over the moaning, prone creature and hops to the ground. "Nice," he says to the sharpshooters. "About time you joined the party." He glances at Rain and smirks. "Well, the other bit was funny, too."

Rain clings, less casually, for dear life as the elephant goes down. A soft sigh at that. Rain just hangs her head. And here she was about to ask him for his autograph! "Yeah…" She sounds a bit glum. Eventually, she slips down too. "Everyone's alright?"
Jason gets out from behind the park bench, moving over towards the elephant and looking not exactly happy with it's bellowing. "I'd say we should put it out of it's misery but I don't think there is much more we can do for it but letting it bleed out. Tough hide. Tough skull. And it took a little while but the shots were true." Back towards Leandra and he says, "Nice shot. And I'm fine, it didn't come anywhere near the rest of us." Pause and a wince at the unfortunate choice of words.

Leandra grins as the creature falls, relishing it and slowing a little before she to removes a cartridge from her bandolier and *snicks* it into the breech of her rifle. Then she continues forward. "Later than I might like yes. I think we can put it out of its misery though." She gives Rain a brief and rather appalled look, then raises her rifle as she moves to get a shot into the nearest ruined socket. BOOM! Leandra seems to be making a habbit of executing downed Titanspawn.

The elephant shudders again, then sinks into still silence.

"Right, well," Rupert says, wiping his claws on the elephant's hide and returning them to his pocket. "Wonder where the bloody hell all these nemeans are coming from."

Rain just eyes Jason, "What did I ever do to you?" She seems sad and annoyed all at once. And there's a faint hint of a joke. She seems really, really unhappy for the moment. "I don't know. I wonder if the same person who made the crazy rabbits did this," She considers, wiping herself off as back as she can.

"I really did not anticipate you.. being in the way" Jason says to Rain, "It seemed a good way to distract him. And he did miss you with this tusks?" Right. Clearing his throat he says, "A good question, one that warrants further investigation. For now though more scavenger happy concerns. I want to get a good piece of this things hide and a tissue sample for a friend to research."

"Cutting this thing's hide without using the tusks is going to be a problem, and I doubt we have long enough to screw around there before we have to start dodging the police, much as I am loath to leave those sitting here. Cut something from an eye socket maybe?" Leandra pulls a sour expression now, then slings her rifle over her shoulder before looking to Rain. "Do you want a lift so that you can get.. cleaned up?"

"You can say that, but until you've been bukakke'd by an elephant…" Muttermutter. She just sighs. "Next time just um, be more thoughtful I guess. You could've yelled, I mean, I'm grateful you tried to help and all, I suppose I'm just sad I'm covered in this stuff," She just shrugs. "Speaking of, I wonder if that hide would make good armor?" She ponders. She holds up her knife, "I can give you a little bit maybe. And um, sure… Or we could try getting the tusks out. I don't know." Rain is loathe to not give her enemy some revenge in the afterlife. He'd make a great *something*.

"We're in Central Park" Jason counters to Leandra, "Even if anyone heard our shots they'll not have pinpointed them easily. We've more time than we would if we were in the city proper. If you want to buy us some time run to the other side of the park and snap off a few there? You can move when you want to." Looking back to Rain and her convenient knife he says to her, "Probably works better than mine. Could you please? And.. you are. I'll get you a new outfit. Two new outfits."

Leandra points to the giant dead elephant, then gestures her hand to the overlooking skyscrapers, peers at Jason. "You realize this place does have its own police force even? I would be suprised if we have minutes. I mean we could stick around and explain we are children of the gods, we just shot a giant demonic elephant and we are busy scavenging its corpse. If you want."

Rupert rolls his eyes and snorts. "What the bloody fuck is up with all the new kids on the block trying to hide this bloody shit from the normals? News flash, princess, we're not the fuckin' MIB. And if the police come, I'll tell 'em what they need to know. We kicked ass and saved the day."

Rain just shrugs and sets to her task quickly, getting a couple of samples. If she has time, she will likely help work on the tusks and hides. "Sure, thank you. But you don't have to really," She just remarks quietly. She is focusing on her task, getting done as quickly as possible.

Leandra frowns there, then nods slightly. "Okay… After you made sure we got rid of that goat man thing before I figured you were not such a fan." Then she shrugs and moves over to Rain before tugging a sheath knife off of her bandolier belt. "Do you want a hand with that? I do not know if this thing will even work, but I'd be lieing if I claimed I had not cut the tusk out of the elephant before."

"I will, of course" Jason says to Rain, "And if you need help here do let me know. Although with the one knife, and your experience I think you're best suited for this sort of thing." He hangs back watching the cook go all scalping and he looks over at Rupert, "Excellent. Hopefully not necessary but if it is it's good to know we have someone that can talk us out of things. Besides, you're the Ripper, not like they are going to argue."

Rupert smirks and adjusts his sunglasses. "Exactly."

A pause. "By the way, did you want - a tusk? Or something?" Rain looks to Rupert as she works. Her hands are skilled, steady and experienced with a knife. She seems abashed at her rudeness, not thinking of him sooner.

"Yeah," Rupert replies. "That'd be a good trophy. Thanks."

Leandra has her knife away now, pulling a face as she uses the tip of the other tusk to slice through the thing's hide, though she seems to know what she is doing there as she skins it of the more supple and useable skin. She is also completely coated in blood from doing this, rifle and ammunition belt set to one side within reach. "Dammit, I really am going to be living up to sterotypes if I end up running around wearing magical leather."

"You really going to object to wearing the skin of your prey? Feeling it so close to you, it's power and it's history caressing you?" Jason inquires of Leandra with a quirked brow. "It's nothing to be ashamed of I would think." He simply paces, lacking the skill and expertise of the others at cutting up the corpse.

Someone should put Rain in a plastic bag and carry her home or something. Either way, once she gets the second tusk loose, she offers it over to Rupert. "You should probably clean it too, I don't have a hose here…" Obviously. "But thank you for your help, all of you guys." Yes, even Jason. After a moment, she offers the samples to Jason too. "I think we're almost done." She sets back to helping Leandra, preferring her knife to a tusk.

That might be awkward initially given the knife would have no impact on the hide - but it would be very useful for cutting away said hide from the flesh beneath. With Rain's Help Leandra peels back a huge roll of skin, seperating with a sticky tearing. She chuckles to Jason. "I was being less than entirely serious. Anyway, where do you want your share?"
"Just.. hand it over" Jason says with a grimace, "I'll have to carry it to my car. Goat men corpses. Bloody hides. I am so not getting my deposit back on the damned thing without a lot of fast talking."

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