What To Do With The Homeless?


A LOT of people

Scene Title What To Do With The Homeless?
Synopsis Assassination attempts! Killing! Bloodthirsty scions! All here.

When we last left our intrepid heroes, they were doing some spy work on the recently leveled up Atlantean royal society. Melanope is walking along side Carel, one of the royal guard through the streets of the new Amnis District (which is part of Mahattan) dressed in her finest regalia. The people gather andgive their good praise at the recognizable duo, but she simply waves them off dismissively. They cow to her wishes as she wear three items: The Ring, The Scepter and the Tiara of Atlantis.

"Mmm, you know what is a shame, Carel? Remember my sister Caelis? Too bad she isn't alive to see all this. If she hadn't insisted on becoming friends with that…" and she scrunches up her nose a bit, trying to find the right word. "That annoyanace, then we wouldn't of had to kill her. She didn't even put up that much of a fight." she pffts, letting out a soft chuckle of amusement. "Too bad, I am not a fan of fratricide, good thing you were more than enough for the task."

Dee has been following, watching and listening carefully. There's been a call with Vette, and texts to others. She's let Vette, Rufus and Jacob know about the overheard plan to kill off the homeless. Sitting back and collecting information's important, but once they start slaughtering innocent masses…

"You condemn her for keeping a pet when you do the same yourself?" Carel asks as the two stroll along, "And if you really wish to see her again then practice your Necromancy there. You can have her lurching about at your heels and dress her up in pretty ways, or would that offend your sensibilities as well?"

While Jacob departed the scene a while ago, leaving the happy couple to traipse through town unchallenged, he has been keeping abreast of their doings as best his crew could manage, with one of their number mixed in with the masses supplying him with updates. The guard, such as it is, has changed twice already, but now it's the boss who relieves his latest underling, winding through the crowd to tap the nondescript fellow in bulky winter gear on the shoulder, motioning toward an alley. With the stakes about to be raised to a degree that offends his sensibilities, he's decided to cut his previous errand short and rejoin Dee at her surveillance. He's in the crowd along the streetside, talking into a bluetooth on his ear. "I'm back," he says simply, before disconnecting the call. He looks about, not so much to try and spot anyone but to make himself obvious to his fellow spies.

"Yes, but she was so delightfully pathetic. She was such a mess when Runolfr Thorson rebuffed her advances." Melanope says with a hearty laugh clearly amused. "Oh she cried so much when she tried to seduce him in his quarters and he simply told her to go away. And it was before we came back from the defeat of Avernus, remember?" she says sighing as she shakes herhead and grins in an almost predatory manner.

"She fell for some idiot son of Apollo afterwards. It's a shame he didn't kill her when he had the chance. At least it gave us the chance to. Traitorous wench." she says with clear distaste before she stops and peers at Carel. "She chose weak pets. We both know that Gene is by no means weak." she says, tapping her temples before starting to walk once more.

He's gone for a few weeks, and he comes home /just/ in time to this mess. He knew it would be bad. He hasn't forgotten his Father's warnings, but somehow… He's not sure this was quite part of the warning. Rufus Scrivner walks briskly through the streets with a cell phone up to his ear, pale eyes warily flickering here and there. He's trying to give Dee a ring as well.

"Do not assume that you being impressed with him means that any of the rest of us are" Carel says dismissively to Melanope, "He is a worthless fool that you have already wasted too much time on. Even if you turn out to right, that only means he'll turn on you and kill you one day. Perhaps you'll even have it coming for such foolishness, sucking upon the stinger of a scoripon."
Vette walks with him; she'd kept trying to call him and then waited for him, then joined him when he was ready. She trots to keep up with him, still rather overwhelmed by all the changes, trying to process them even as she moves.

Dee continues to follow along. Her sharp eyes do spot Jacob there, though she would be hard to spot. She does this for a living, after all. Her phone vibrates, and she speaks quietly when she answers. "About time. Don't you love the new decor?" Caller ID is a wonderful thing.

"Don't you dare imply I'm the one who betrayed us." Melanope whispers with a hiss. "We both know I was loyal to Atlantis until the very end." she says firmly and resolutely. "You are just jealous I am not suckling on your stinger." she quips, brushing back some of her hair to the side as they meet in front of a Starbucks. Yes even New Atlantis has these.

"Where is Tychon? I sent a messenger to tell him to meet us here. I want one of those frappucinos." she says with a pout.

There's no amusement, though there's just a touch of something gentling in Rufus' face to hear Dee's voice. "I've missed you too, Miss Floros," he says rather gravely. "Both Vette and I are back, and we're down here on the street. What's the situation? I'm not seeing much of anything from my position." He glances over his shoulder at Vette briefly, then outwards to take note of who's on the street.

"Feels like I should be wearing a toga or something," Jacob mutters, mostly to himself. Thusfar the soap opera dialogue of the self-appointed new sheriffs in town is not endearing him much to their way of thinking. As enlightening as it is to sit back and watch, his patience is quickly exhausted and despite his better judgment telling him to hang back on the sidelines, he nudges his way out into the open, into the path of the Atlanteans. There's nothing overtly threatening in his posture, and he takes his hands from his pockets briefly to show them empty before sinking them back in. He doesn't approach, but he does stand in the way, looking to the pair with a slightly sour expression. He raises his chin in a wordless salute, and waits.

Dee replies into the phone "A couple of the Atlanteans are on their way to slaughter homeless. I wanted to just watch until we're all in a position to take them out, but this forces our hand. We do have a guy in the crowd, but that's just one guy. Melenope looks to be the one calling the shots here, by the way."

Dee sighs then, as Jacob gets in their way. "Obviously, not a subtle guy, though."

Vette is just sort of listening close to Rufus' ear and murmurs, "I don't like these poeple already. Oh wait. I already didn't like these people." She touches the gun at her side to make sure it's still there. She stays close to him, letting him decide what moves they're going to make.

Carel looks sidelong over at Melanope and he finally says, "Of course you were not the one who betrayed us. I doubt your taste in men, but you have never given me cause to doubt your loyalty." Chuckling he adds, "And as for the jealousy, perhaps a little, but were it burning brilliantly you know I'd kill your pet to clear the way. I've never been shy about seizing what I want, regardless of the obstacles." Eyes glance towards Jacob as the feollow moves into their path.

Messengers are hard-pressed to rouse Tychon from his eternal slumber—or, well, his eternal… laboratory usage? It's not as dramatic as 'slumber,' but just as long, so the comparison remains.

And so does The Gauntlet they have to run through to get there. You'd be amazed at how many people shoot the food. Fortunately, it's nonlethal; after all, if you shoot the messenger, all you get is less mail, and it's hard to find messengers who know parkour and can actually traverse his ridiculous obstacle course.

Someone apparently did make it, though. Tychon is waltzing right down the street towards the Starbucks and his fellows. He looks like your average guy-on-the-street, which shouldn't really surprise anybody, since he is not a fan of the pomp and ceremony that a few of his incidental relatives enjoy. He hums along with some song or another playing on earbuds stuck in his ears, and doesn't bother to hurry himself up. Melanope will just have to wait.

Atlanteans are always melodramatic. Besides, the sooper seekrit history of Atlantis is slowly being revealed which is alwaysa good thing!

As Tychon is not there yet, Melanope is about to say something else before she raises her brows and peers towards the newcomeras well. He doesn't seem familiar to her as she rolls her eyes and gives him a dismissive wave. "Leave us. I am in no mood to sign autographs or take pictures today."

"Mmmn," is Rufus' quiet grunt of agreement for Vette, accompanied by another sidelong glance at the redhead. He turns a corner as he walks, and after a look around, he scowls. "Where is he, Floros?" New York's still a huuuuge city. He's got sharp eyes, but it's still like walking through a labyrinth down here. "Vette and I are on our way. Worse comes to worst, we'll…. hopefully not get ourselves slaughtered as we try to get your man out of there and stop these … things."

Dee replies to Rufus "He's the idiot who's blocking their way. Name's Jacob. He's got balls. I'll give him that. And maybe he has a talent that makes bold work for him. I guess we'll see."

Jacob expects he's in good company, wondering what the hell he thinks he's doing. Unfortunately, having already committed to this course he really only sees one way to go about it. "Oh, I'm not a fan," he says, shaking his head gently as he ambles toward rather than away from the pair. He's not trying to encroach on their space, but having forced them to acknowledge him first he has satisfied his ego enough to move closer, so as to converse normally.

"No offense, of couse. Just…I have a question. Well," he bobs his head and rolls his eyes for emphasis, "several, actually, but primarily…." He raises a finger, twirling it in a circle over his head to indicate…well, everything. "Why?" He's going to pretend he hasn't been eavesdropping, and trust that Dee is listening and that her people are en route. "At what point did this-" he points to the nearest gaudy new statue "-seem like an improvement? Kudos on the mass conversion at least. Every major religion I can think of would pay huge for the secret recipe of that kool aid." Out in the open and trying to shoot the breeze with demigods, Jacob is attempting to take refuge in audacity in lieu of more tangible protection.

Carel turns his attention to the statue, narrowing his eyes at it and he addresses Jacob in the tones one reserves for a madman. "Do either of us look like sculptors to you? I assure you that we are not. If you have a complaint about the cities decor I am certain there is some.. functionary.. out there somewhere simply waiting for you to pester them."

A hearty laugh escapes from her lips as she runs her fingers through her hair shaking her head just a bit as she looks towards the man. "You assume we made the changes and you noticed them" Melanope says in clear and crisp tones while she lets out a high pitched giggle of amusement at the whole thing. "Then you are one of us, and I am very flattered." she purrs softly, grinning as she flashes her most charming smile at the man.

She slowly starts to circle him like a bird of prey as she raises her brows. "Tell me, what is your name." It doesn't sound like a request. Oh look, she's found something to amuse herself with until Tychon arrives.

And from a distance from the group of Atlanteans and suicidally brave young Hero, Rufus comes to a halt. "I think I've just spotted them. One young man who looks like… Is that Jacob Chen? I remember him. Bloody Hell. The young beauty pageant queen with the tiara must be the one you mentioned calling the shots. Melanope?" He glances up and around, now searching for Dee, as he slowly reaches up to loosen the casing that holds his sword and scabbard. Just in case things turn /really/ bad.

Dee says into the phone to Rufus "Hm. Looks like they aren't so much responsible as taking advantage of the change. They've got to know more about what caused that change, though. There was a guy down on Wall Street tossing off a prophecy right before it happened." Then, "Oh, you know him? Seems more or less reasonable."
Vette peers and then settles back down next to him, holding on to her gun—even though that gun is nearly never the opening gambit. The band's all back together again, it seems, and it may be time to make some beautiful music together. Or something like that.

Carel simply folds his arms over his chest as it seems that Melanope has found a new toy with which to amuse herself, gaze looking up and down the street while a foot taps. Where is that mad scientist anyways?

"I'm gonna cleave to as much diplomacy as my present mood allows," Jacob chuckles, giving his glasses an unneeded nudge upon the bridge of his nose, "and not tell you what I think you look like. But you have answered my question, so thank you for that." He inclines his head in a slight bow, reasoning that, well, he's likely to offend someone's sensibilities before this is over and might as well hedge his bets with a bit of self-effacement. He offers Carel a tight, strained smile before turning his attention to Melanope. His smile looks almost saccharine, enlivened well beyond genuine sentiment. "So you didn't have a say in this either? That's refreshing." In spite of himself he finds it difficult to dislike her up close. He shores up his resolve with all the dead baby jokes he can think of. "…you can't unload a truckload of bowling balls with a pitchfork," he mutters between clenched teeth before answering the Atlantean. While she orbits him, he stands in place, keeping his gaze forward so it only meets hers as she completes a rotation. "Jacob," he answers simply. This lot hasn't seemed big on last names. "And yours?"

Tychon takes his sweet damn time getting there. He rounds a corner here and there until he's within sight of the place, and then slows down, frowning a little. He pulls the earbuds off and idly wraps them up, pocketing the headphones. He can see Melanope and Carel over there, being bugged by /someone/, and… he thinks he recognizes a couple more people here and there. This doesn't look good.

Tychon suddenly wishes he'd brought his robots.

Yes, plural.

Melanope was prepared for this situation. It's a good thing he's so amicable as she just flashes yet another smile as she looks himstraight into the eyes. "Mmm, Jacob. I think I do fancy you." she says with a cheery smile, her gaze locked on his own as her mind already starts to break and rewrite his. She's a bitch like that, the Atlantean Helena inaway to where she lets out a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath.

"As such, you accept that all this is your reality. New Atlantis has always existed, darling. And you're a member of my royal guard. Such an honor for a nonAtlantean to hold, you are very special indeed, to protect me and my unborn." she whispers softly, placing a soft kiss on his lips to seal the deal.

And she waits before looking over towards Carel. "Carel, you were speaking with our newest member of the royal guard, remember? I believe he has duties to attend to." she says with a cheery smile once her manipulations over his mind is complete.

"There have been some reports of vandalism to the cities statues" Carel informs Jacob, being all business. "This may be indicative of some greater resentment on behalf of some which will spill over. There could indeed be threats present. Investigate the matter and report back to the guard post at the palace when you are done for further assignments."

Jacob takes a step back, the clouds across his mind too thick for him to know he's received a kiss from a Scion of surpassing beauty. Clarity comes upon him with a quick fit of blinking and he looks puzzled as he removes the glasses he's only ever worn for appearances' sake before now. "Why was I wearing these?" he murmurs, looking puzzled. He pockets them quickly -that habit remains- and comes to attention, a thing he's never done in his life. Carel's order is not immediately followed. Rather, he consultes Melanope, waiting for /her/ to tell him what to do. She's made him a mook, but he's her mook.

Dee sighs. "Well. So much for him. Looks like he's been mindfucked and will be batting for the visitors, instead. So. I don't think we're enough to stop them from killing a bunch of people…"

"Floros, why is…" Rufus starts to ask, falling very quiet when he hears the lady's report through the phone. "Bloody Hell." He draws in a deep breath, a flood of adrenaline rushing through his veins, and for a moment he stands in contemplation. He could give up and just turn away, lurk in the shadows to observe and fight another day. Or he could be /completely/ insane and rush in. "Miss Floros," he quietly says. "I'm going in. We are not going to abandon him."

The man snaps his phone closed and passes it off to Vette, nudging her with it so she'll actually notice he's passing it off to her. "Darling," he says lightly, "Mr. Chen has been mentally altered and needs assistance. Stay sharp."

"Fun!" Vette says. "I was just about to suggest that we dump the Greek way for the Aesir way this time around. Charge in and damn the consequences." She tucks the phone away, draws her gun, and prepares for battle.

Once everything has happily resolved with the potential double agent, Melanope gives Carel a look. She knows it was insubordination as she touchs his arm and nods. "Oh look, Tychon is here now. We can discuss what we want to discuss. Let's go in, it's my treat." she cheerfully offers to her fellow Atlanteans and new royal guard. With that, she waits for someone to open the door for her, cause she's crazy likethat.

Dee sighs. "Wow. Must be a full moon, or something." she remarks. "Okay. I'm here as backup." She does have a mean throwing arm, after all. Then the connection is gone and she shakes her head a bit. "This should suck." She digs out her fancy throwing knives, since it's going to get ugly, and finds herself a better place from which to strike.

Tychon is not super-perceptive, and thus, has no idea that Melanope is causing some kind of mind-screwing over yonder. He just knows that, one, he would have built cooler statuary, and two, he would have picked a better place to meet for something to eat or drink. He keeps on walking, greeting his fellows with an upward jerk of the head and going for the door.

Which he holds open, because he knows Melanope won't actually do it herself, and because he's old-fashioned like that anyway. It's a habit that she does not hesitate to exploit.

Carel returns Tychon's upward jerk of the head with a nod of his own, arm twitching at his side in the desire to break bones of insubordinate underlings. "Yes. Let us proceed. Tychon, I see you made it after all."

For some reason, Jacob looks over his shoulder as if searching for someone despite whatever brainlock Melanope may have put him under. It costs him the chance to hold the door open for his lady, so he averts his gaze as he follows her in. She hasn't dismissed him yet, and so he stays close by, looking vigilant but a little restless, two things it is not his habit to ever appear to be under normal circumstances.
Expecting there'll be more than a little resistance to being swept off, Rufus lifts his right hand to close his fingers around the hilt of his sword, still tucked in its sheath across his back. "Yes, precisely that," he says with some grim amusement as he goes charging forward at a brisk stride. He's struggling to come up with a plan a /bit/ more elegant than go in, make a loud mess, then get out but… Well, they're rather short on time. "Jacob Chen!" he suddenly bellows. Then he darts forward into a run, gritting his teeth as he prepares to make like a linebacker and shouldercheck Jacob away from that door.

There's a gasp from those coming from Starbucks at the sudden rushing of a man with a sword towards a member of the royal guard. Or at least the man who thinks he's a member of the royal guard. Several mortals pull in the rather pregnant Atlantean ushering anyone else to come inside. "We must call the police!" one of them says. Tick tock, tick tock. The po po is coming.

The dangerous one is clearly the pregnant bitch. She's the one that did the mindfucking, and Dee won't risk her being able to do more of that. Therefore, she hurls the knife that way. It's a shame to do that to a pregnant woman, but this pregnant woman was about to slaughter people. She'll make an exception. Hopefully she can be hit before she's tucked away in the Starbucks. Meanwhile, hello Untouchable Opponent, because she's squishy.

Melanope was getting dragged into the Starbucks when the attack occured. Still, she sees the knife and is struck in the back of her shoulder. There's a loud cry as she winces as she's pulled in. She's groaning a little as the knifeisstillstuckin her back, the people inside panic.

"ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT!" one of them cries out as she only now starts putting on her body armor, as she reaches out to pull the knife out with a schlurp while her body starts to be covered in a crystalline coating, clear and transparent much like quartz or diamond. The people are starting to get angry as she's brought inside and protected by the crowd, taking her out of combat, but still a viable target.

Skidding to a halt just outside of the door as chaos erupts all around him, Rufus turns and spins on the ball of his foot. His original idea to shouldercheck the man didn't connect, but he's hardly going to give up at this point. Aware of people all around him, aware that the police will soon be coming, Scrivner acts as fast as he can. Ichor wells up in his blood and seeps through his skin, giving his body and his clothing a coating that shines like pewter, and he draws his weapon at last, but he's not using it. Not yet, anyway, and certainly not against Jacob. Rather, that lucky man is suddenly going to find himself facing a spinning Englishman, who lashes out with an elbow to the solar plexus, aiming to knock him back down the street and further away from the Atlanteans.

But apparently, Scrivner had a moment of not paying attention to where he was going. So single-minded in his attack was he that he failed to notice Vette not paying attention, which… results in his elbow smacking /her/ in the face on the upswing. Down she goes, the poor lady. Rufus is left blinking for a split second, jaw dropping. He is going to have to get a big bouquet of flowers for /that/ one, oh crap.

The incredulous look Jacob gives the advancing Aesir holds an undisguised recognition and alarm. Whatever happened to his brain, it didn't make him forget familiar faces. He stares disbelievingly, shaking his head as he steps to one side as Scrivner tries to body-check him. He already looks a bit frantic, but when he sees the bronzen glint of the knife streaking past him to strike Melanope his features hold outright panic. "Princess!" he exclaims in horror, urging her ahead, into the shelter of the store as an ornate, mazelike golden filigree chases its way across his skin. He sounds and looks more like himself when he demands of Rufus, "Are you fucking mental?" in a low hiss, shaking his head subtly. He casts about for the assassin, drawing a pistol from his coat and-well, waving it around like he's looking for something to shoot at and fraught with indecision. Neither a vigilant guardsman nor the calm, collected marksman he's shown himself to be prior to now.

Carel is quickly looking as defensive as others as things turn violent, his body quickly being coated in a shell of green scintillating color with the appearance of Emeralds. His hand quickly traces in the air before him, green lines in it's wake in the image of such strange form of ancient bird and the Atlantean scions motions begin to take on aspects of that beast. Sharp and savage, quicker than they were. For the moment though he is not springing to attack anyone, simply calling towards Jacob "Keep her safe!"

Tychon has decided that the sudden intervention of someone who is pretty sure is a crazy person is a bad thing to be near.

So he books it.

The guy charges the counter in the Starbucks, putting a hand down and easily vaulting over it and swinging down behind it and out of sight while the carnage starts. He fumbles with his bag and opens the flap, pulling out a handle with a rubber grip attached to some kind of remote. It looks like it might go to a remote control car.

Tychon flicks the switch into the 'ON' position, and presses the 'CALL' button.

Six times.

What? It can't hurt.

There's only one reason that Dee attacked - Rufus and Vette were right there rushing in. That, and she wasn't going to get a better shot once Melanope was inside the pretentious cafe. Inconvenient then, when Rufus manages to knock out his own girlfriend. Dee just sighs and shakes her head as she hauls off with another knife. This one will have to be sent at Carel, the other obvious baddy. Jacob's just dumb and confused, after all. Unfortunately, it's too late to back out of this now.

Meanwhile, inside, Melanope starts to head towards the back counter, hiding alongside Tychon. She blinks for a few moments as she peers down at the remote. Her brows furrow as she mutters softly, "What are you doing?"

The crowd is still around her and now him inside Starbucks. They are governmental dignitaries. Perhaps these mortals will win a medal or something.

Jacob doesn't seem to be trying very hard to find the assassin. He's waving his gun around, just convincingly enough to maintain appearances amidst the confusion while he covers the door with his golden-armored self. He keeps cutting glances toward Scrivner, grinding his teeth and darting his eyes away as if he's trying to get a message across-not very expertly. It would help if he could settle on precisely what it is he wants to say.

Oh, bloody Hell. This is a comedy of errors. If his family ever catches wind of this, he'll be a freaking laughingstock for knocking out his /own woman./ Rufus whirls on Jacob and snarls at him, his mood gone black and cranky. "You are coming with me, Mr. Chen. For a /chat./" And darting forward, he snatches at the man's hand to twist his arm around, then just slide his arm around his waist to hoist him up. Gathering power and calling on the winds, he starts to rise from the ground. "Hey!" he yells, looking around. "Get Red!" Please, Dee?

Carel clearly wants something to punch. Clearly. Something throwing knives. Something throwing knives which is too damned well hidden. Letting out a growl deep in his throat he must instead turn his spleen on Scrivner and he spins around as the man snatches at Jacob. His hand comes up but it is not a punch he throws, know, rather there is a pulsating distortion around the man. A chaotic maddened tickling of the air, of the mind, gathering up like a storm for a moment before being released towards Scrivner in an effort to blast the mans thoughts into total chaotic disorder.

The best part about being mentally compromised is that it takes one's mind completely off the worries that one is making a total fubar of things one is ostensibly rather good at. Jacob, for example, is not an easy man to just tackle, nor is he the sort to refrain from pulling a trigger if it seems to need doing. Right now he's waffling like a mundane, easy prey for Scrivner's tackle and unresisting as he's hauled over the Aesir's shoulder.

"Calling reinforcements," Tychon replies, glancing at a little time display. It's counting down seconds by this point, and he is quite happy to hide until it hits zero.

It's like the '24' timer. Beep, boop. Beep, boop.

Dee was very happy in her nice hiding spot. It's the best place for someone like her. Of course, then Rufus needs her to grab Vette. Great. She might be harder to hit than many, but out in the open is not her friend just now. On the other hand, there's no way she's leaving her Bandmate there. So, she needs a distraction. They're looking for whomever threw the knives, she's sure, so she throws a rock at a fire escape somewhere she isn't. Maybe they'll focus there long enough, while she swoops down to rescue Red and get the flock out of there. It's the only bet she's got, anyway. Yikes, and away!

Laden down with a Jake on his shoulder, the blonde Aesir whirls around in midair to watch the streak that is Dee get his girlfriend up and out of here. He exhales a breath of relief before he takes off into the skies after her, climbing up higher and higher as fast as he can book it. He'll be back for more mayhem and do-gooding - or some flailing attempts at do-gooding - but for now, he's intent on getting Vette and Jacob out of here and somewhere secure.

Tychon watches the timer count down, glancing up and then back down at it. It's seconds, but it feels like hours. Days. Even if there doesn't seem to be something out there to come after him, how can he be sure? What is 'safe' these days, when people can walk through walls or tear a roof off the house over your head?

That's what this is all about, after all: safety. Tychon is tired of being the guy that people want to do terrible things, or that people want to hunt down, or… well, that whole general spectrum of 'awful.'

Which is why there is a brass spider the size of a truck falling from the sky and going right at Scrivner, it's wickedly-spiked legs lashing out as it plummets towards the pavement far below.

Tychon had a free afternoon, one day, and watched some movies. That was the natural end result.

For a nerd with super powers, anyway.

Dee does shout as loudly as she can manage, as she flies her fastest past the mess and then into the sky "Your princess is about to kill the homeless! Watch her! Don't let her kill the homeless!" It might do nothing, but if it by some slim chance causes just a few mortals to pay a little more attention and make that slaughter more inconvenient than it's worth, she'll be very happy.

At first, when the skies to a trifle dark, Scrivner thinks that a cloud must be passing over the sun. The hairs stand up on the back of his shiny-pewter neck. He glances up. It is not a cloud. It is, somehow, an impossibly large, metallic, spiderbot being dropped on his head. Some small part of him just boggles at the impossibility of this. It's like witnessing something spat out of an Improbability Drive.

Instinct alone saves him from getting slammed back down with his burden. Snarling wordlessly, he whirls and spins in midair, sweeping off to one side, but even though he's quick, it's quicker. He /just/ manages to get Jacob out of the way when a leg snaps out and bangs across his shoulder with enough force that it could throw him through a wall. He's momentarily thrown offcourse, gasping and looking back down at it, wide-eyed. Correcting his course, he shoots back upwards, boggling over that. A glance gets thrown back over his shoulder, though. Oh, to go back and stab at it a few times, but… Jacob's wellbeing must be seen to.

With the arrival of the spiderbot, the police and the mortals in the royal guard show up. There's been an assassination attempt, soall the local news channels comes and arrives as well. Frantic witnesses start to describe what happened, talking about terrorists attacking government officials. New Atlantis will be on lockdown tonight. Curfew in effect for all its citizens.

For his part, Jacob is somewhat helpless and not just because he's dangling over Scrivner's shoulder. It would have been a mercy if Melanope's mind-screw had completely overwritten who he is and all he knows, because reconciling what was and what now is has done him neatly in. The resultant mess is crippling to sift through, to such a degree that it's all he can do to thumb the safety on his gun and keep hold of it as he's whisked through the air. "My butt is cold," he mumbles in a daze, until a near miss with the spider bot jars him back to reality enough to realize his kidnapper/rescuer has more pressing concerns. "Never mind," he murmurs contritely a moment later.

Right this second, there's a lot of chaos. Down below, not far from a Starbucks, there's this /huge/ spiderbot stomping around that fell from the freaking sky. Police are all over the place. The media's crawling too, and reports of an assassination attempt on the Atlantean royals are flying everywhere. It's just a complete mess.

Meanwhile, up in the air, Rufus Scrivner and Dee Floros are flying away as fast as Scionly possible, carrying their burdens. Vette Adams lies limp and unconscious in Dee's arms. Jacob Chen has been thrown over Scrivner's shoulder, conscious but dazed and rather out of it. Knowing that it's probably not safe to go back to his own apartment, and definitely not trusting Jacob enough right now to go down into their secret hidey hole, Scrivner instead finds a quiet, dark alley in which to land and set down his burden. Just a moment or two is what they need to regroup, come up with /some/ sort of plan, then enact it.

Leonard and Asterisk are out for a stroll. The magician happens to be passing by, speaking quietly with the woman by his side, avoiding attention for the most part. He carries with him a briefcase, thin leather object that swings to and fro with his steps, his face set into a jagged frown. People in the sky and in alleyways provide enough distraction to investigate, the man slinking slowly to join the rest of the Scions huddled around.
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The Aesir's burden is more than happy to put his own two feet on the ground, and the first thing Jacob does is put his gun away. The second thing he does is stretch a kink out of his back and grimace miserably. He sighs through his teeth and takes a few steps back, shaking his head. "That wasn't wise," he says, more inclined to belabor the obvious without his usual sarcasm with his mind a shambles. "They saw your faces. I…I can't quite sort out the specifics, but I don't think you attacking me was part of the plan. And attacking the princess—I would never agree to something like that." He grimaces again, massaging his brow. "I think. We've lost a lot of time. I can figure this out later. What am I supposed to tell her when I go back?"

Dee lands gracefully, and offers Vette to her boyfriend. "If you're really nice to me, I'll tell her something hit her on the back of her head." She might be joking. Her attention turns to Jacob, then. "That you are terribly, terribly confused. Which, I'm guessing, is true. She didn't waste any time texting people about what was going on, of course. Those whose number she knows. Fortunately, Dee does not need her hands to use her phone. She just does it wirelessly, to alert folks that the 'princess' is going to kill a bunch of innocent people tonight unless stopped.

Asterisk continues to wander alongside of Leonard, lips moving slowly as she speaks a few words back to him here and there. Soft words, however, not meant to carry any further. Her hands tuck into the pockets of her fireman's coat, unmoving as she simply lets them rest inside. There are no designations on the coat, it's collar upturned slightly against her cheeks.

"No, it wasn't wise," Scrivner wryly and quietly states in agreement. "But it was inevitable, and there's nothing to be done for it now. I'm not one to battle from the shadows anyway." He straightens out his coat and brushes off his sleeves, then he looks up and around when Dee offers him Vette. He takes her immediately, cradling her body in his arms. The worry's clear on his face when he looks down at her, but seeing that she's breathing and her colour seems all right, he lets her wake in her own time. "I don't think that you /should/ go back, Jacob Chen," he says, looking back up at the man. "I don't know very much about what is going on, but I'm hardly going to send you back with your memories altered and your brain running at half capacity. No, you /need/ to sort yourself out and stay with us until we figure out what has happened and how we can handle it. Do you remember who we are?" No sooner does he get the question out than he catches sight of movement at the mouth of the alley, and he turns his head to look at Leonard and Asterisk, blinking.

Leonard's head dips at the alleyway, making motion toward Asterisk, slinking along inside afterward. "Why hello." He offers a drab smile for those Scions all clustered inside, a short nod again as he moves to settle next to the group. "Apparently something happened." It's an understatement, but he seems to decide it'll do the job. "Everything alight?" The briefcase is set down, planted to the ground as the man tucks hands inside his pockets.

Jacob frowns, reaching up out of habit to nudge spectacles he's presently not wearing into place upon his nose. He gives his finger an odd, pugnacious look as if demanding to know what that's all about, and then clears his throat as he pockets his hands and looks to Scrivner and Dee. "I don't know what happened, but I know that I'm going against my oaths to help you because what they want to do is wrong. The princess is safer with me here than if I stay by her side and pretend not to know what's going on..although…" he smirks bitterly, "I'm not having to pretend so much now. Something happened. Everything made sense until about an hour ago. You can count on me, but…I…know I wouldn't have agreed to anything that put Melanope or her baby in danger." He doesn't sound as convinced as he's trying to about that. "I know my duty." The declaration sounds a bit weak, as clearly he does not know much of anything right now. He turns to look toward the new arrivals, stiffening a bit and consulting Scrivner and Dee with a wary glance.

Dee is mostly watching Jacob, though she looks towards the approaching Leonard and Asterix and gives them a nod of greeting. She shakes her head, then says "There's a reason everything suddenly stopped making sense, Jacob. There are abilities that let someone change a person's mind. One of those was used on you. The city was changed around us. The mortals all changed to accept it, but we didn't. you didn't, until she used her powers on you. Melanope, I mean. I realize that's hard to believe right now." She pauses, then a thought occurs to her. "The gem. Jacob, we were in the Wall Street area when the changes started. Remember the prophecy? Remember the boy and the girl? They gave us gifts."

Asterisk follows after Leonard, eyes peering around to those who are gathered in the small space. She doesn't speak at first, but rather simply waves her hand back and fourth slightly. And instead of anything else, she simply decides to settle and listen to what is being said, hands still tucked into her pockets.
You paged Jacob with 'That's in direct opposition to thinking all this isnatural.Youremember theprophecy,the boy and girl, but not the changes happening.'

"Holy crap, no I don't want to go on that ride again," Vette mumbles, opening her eyes. "That duck was brutal." She apparently is having a fine dream about ducks and amusement faire rides after her little mishap.

When Miss Floros gives the pair a nod of greeting, Rufus' shoulders relax. Dee seems to know /everyone/ here, and it's damned useful sometimes. He offers his own nod of greeting, and quietly, he answers, "No, there's been… a rather unfortunate ruckus." Then he falls quiet again, and he turns to look at Dee with a tilt of his head before he's looking quickly at Vette. Turning briefly from the group, he walks a few paces away to murmur, "Vette, are you all right?"

"So does anyone have an idea of what to do about this? I was taking a look around. I don't want this to go the same way it did last time." Leonard tilts, angles to balance a shoulder upon the wall. Eyes flick back toward Asterisk, the man's lips pressing into a thin line of concentration. Then a hand lifts, taking the hat from his head, leaning to plunk it on hers. No comment, just back to the conversation after.

Suddenly, there's a bright flash of red and blue light. The po-po is coming. It seems that ever sincethe assassination attempt, the curfew is being enforced as there's a voice booming over a bullhorn. "Citizens of New Atlantis. There is a mandatory curfew in effect in one hour. Anyone caught outside of their homes by then will be arrested…"

Prompted by Dee's reminded, Jacob reaches into an inside pocket in his coat and produces the aforementioned gem, eyeing it speculatively as it glitters in the dim light. "Right. The guy who walked into traffic over near the fountain of Amnis. The Redrum kids and—Oh, that's not good…" He pockets the bauble for now with a frustrated grimace. "I've been compromised, so they're not going to take my word for anything. We need to get inside, fast." For just a moment he thought he might assure the police that all was well, flaunting his position as one of Melanope's guards. His memory would likely get jogged by a generous hail of bullets, had he stayed that course.

"Me? I'm fine," Vette murmurs. She blinks around, trying to get a sense of what the heck is going on. Curfew? Police—Jacob seems to be okay. No longer mind controlled, that's good. She doesn't try to add anything to the conversation until she's got a better sense of things.
Dee says to Leonard "I have no idea. Apparently, it's not Melanope and her folk behind the change. They're just taking advantage of it. I don't know how to break this spell. Or whatever it is." She nods to Jacob then, saying "You've definitely been compromised. We'll do what we can, to fix you." She looks towards the mouth of the alley, then says "We do need to be somewhere else."

Asterisk turns her head slightly, brows furrowing at the flash of lights. She watches the car slip by, the lists seeming to hold a slight interest to her. Her eyes look back, then, head nodding in agreement with Dee. "It would be best to get out of the open if prying eyes are going to be about." She shifts a moment, hand rising to rub at the back of her neck.

"I'm so sorry," Rufus murmurs, as he finally settles Vette down on her feet. "I'll make it up to you somehow, I promise." He pats her shoulder, warily watching to make sure she's steady, before he slides his arm around her waist and turns back to the main group. "We do need to get out of here," he says in agreement, catching the tail end of Dee's words and hearing the police announcement blaring. "I'd offer my apartment, but my face has been seen. It's not the safest place anymore."

"So we're looking for her, then." Leonard's head arcs up at the flash of color, lips tugging into a dim frown. "Alright, then. If we need to figure it out, we should go elsewhere. I'd like to know how they did this, I'm betting it has something to do with the tower." A pause, the man adding, "There's the theatre, if you need a place."

"Right," Jacob declares, blowing out a sigh, "Well then…" He half-turns, looking up and down the alley, and proceeds to walk further into the darkness toward a door. When it resists his attempts to open it he gives the thing an impatient rattle and then leans over it, pausing to motion for the others to follow. "Dunno what this place is, but it's close and it's dark, so I'm guessing nobody will be there." He hasn't quite got it opened. It's cold and dark and his brain is a shambles right now.

Dee hmms. She watches Jacob, then follows him. "Come on, all. Any port in a storm. Let a professional handle that." she says as she pulls out a set of very professional-looking lockpicks. Ehem. Daughter of Hermes. No time, flat. The door is open. It's impressive, really. It's her thing, after all.

Asterisk takes one look back at the opening of the alley, focusing for a moment before turning to look back toward where Dee had just forced her way gently into a locked door. The woman herself doesn't look very settled, keeping quiet beneath her large jacket.

"Coming." Leonard follows, allows Asterisk to pass through first. His eyes cast a quick glance back down the alleyway, lips pressing into another thoughful line. "Does anyone know where we can find the people who did this?" Just an idle question as he goes.

"Did what?" Jacob asks. "Last time I saw the princess she was in Starbucks, if you're talking about the planned massacre tonight. I don't know where she'd be now. I mean, I can /find/ her…" He's never been keen on explaining just how, but the slight sniff he follows that up with, nodding once in confirmation, suggests something.

Dee replies "This is not how the city is supposed to be, Jacob. It's been altered." She nods then, saying "If you can find her, good. Hopefully before she and her friend slaughter innocents." Meanwhile, she checks their new location.

Asterisk's brow furrows as if she doesn't udnerstand all of the conversation at hand. But she remains quiet and listens, almost as if she is merely being the body guard sort.
Stepping into the building with the others, keeping close to his girlfriend's side, Scrivner has a look around as well, wary and watchful. "Dee…. Miss Floros," he quietly murmurs, stepping up behind her. "Do you have any idea /when/ Princess is going to attack? We may not have very much time to regroup and chat here."

"Give me a few minutes." Leonard draws backward, the man moving to settle once the group is safe. His hands reach to settle at his waist, head tips back. Mouth parts, several slow breaths coming afterward.

When Leonard regains focus the man lets out one short grunt, fingers tugging glasses from his eyes, rubbing at them in irritation. "Well," Once he's ready he steps forward, chiming, "I have bad news. If we're going to fix this we'll have to be killing whoever started it. Which seems to be the Atlanteans. So we find them."

"No!" Jacob shouts, heedless of the fact that they're trying to hide. "No, that's not acceptable. That's not…" He quiets down, grinding his teeth and shaking his head. "Maybe the others, but not her. I wouldn't…" Sadly, it looks like he's no closer to getting his head straightened out. He has the gem in his hand though, considering it as he looks across the room to Dee. "Fuck it, let's get where we're going and blow up that bridge when we get to it." He reasons that the magic marble is meant to be tossed back during a moment of crisis, and this is shaping up to be one quick, fast, and in a hurry. "Lead on," he motions to Leonard. "Or follow me. Whatever." Unless someone presents a convincing argument to do otherwise, he's gearing up to follow his nose.

Dee says to Rufus "I have no idea. Soon, I'm guessing. And since there's a curfew, there won't be anyone to see it happen." She ohs, then says "And for those of you curious, I'll recite the prophecy." Nice thing about having a perfect memory. She says "The Flame of the Heavens has awakened. Beauty will conspire with him and will empower the Flame-haired Fiery Hunter. The Moon will wear the Tiara of Dreams and Illusions. The Trickster works with the Fangs of Devastation and the Interpreter of Condolences will arise. Woe be to the Dodekatheon, the Aesir and the Amatsukami. The bell rings and the twilight of the gods is at hand. Woe be to the New City. The great serpent will awaken from the depths. What was lost is now found and will displace all that we know. Those that were bound are free again. The end is nigh."

"Why can't prophecies ever be nice things?" Vette grumbles unhappily. "Why can't we ever get prophecies like—the Scions did everything right. And then the world is saved. Woe to the bad guys, because their asses are due for a kicking."

Asterisk looks over toward Leonard, her brow furrowing slightly as he obtains answers to his unspoken questions. One of her hands rises up from it's pocket, fingers tapping up against her lips so that her teeth might bite against a nail. To the prophecy Dee recites she offeres but a tiny scoff. "How interesting.." The firewoman turns enough to glance at Vette, seeming to find amusement in her words.
Eugh. Hearing that prophecy gets a cold ball of acid churning in Scrivner's stomach, and as Vette makes her little quip, he briefly reaches out to touch her arm. The man swallows, then he inclines his head. "Thank you, Miss Floros." He glances aside at Leonard for a moment, saying, "Miss Floros believes that they are not responsible, precisely. At least, several of the ones we saw today. Not that I am trying to advocate a great deal of mercy for these people. It may simply be we have more to do than mindlessly slaughter the Atlanteans in order to solve this dilemma." Then he looks from one face to the other, and he rubs his hands slowly together. "We should get moving," he finally decides. "We should get ourselves into place to stop the massacre."

"No mention of the Pesedjet. I'll be fine." Leonard seems content enough with that, one jagged smile flashing toward the gathered before he tips backward again. "Well, first we find who runs this. I suggest we ask someone in authority. Why don't we go ask the police where to find them?" It's a cheery suggestion, if not immediately sensable. "Unless there's a palace to storm. I don't have my holocaust cloak, unfortunately." A pause, the man glancing at Scrivner. "Well let's start killing them and take it from there."

Jacob starts toward the door, opening it a crack and peeking outside impatiently. When Rufus chimes in with the reasonable argument that the cause of whatever 'happening' may have occurred (since as far as he's concerned right now this has always been New Atlantis) may well have nothing to do with the Atlanteans themselves. "Thank you," he enthuses wearily. "But they're still going to kill innocent people unless we stop them. Let's go. We can't do anything from here." With that, he steps outside, braving the curfew once he's certain there are no police cars in the immediate vicinity. "Of course we could've avoided all this…" He's grumbling about the 'assassination attempt' under his breath when the sad truth is that if he hadn't decided to try his hand at diplomacy this would all be going much more smoothly. Alas.

There's a chill wind as when they start to leave the alleyway a sudden growth of solid oak starts to grow to block the path. The oak grows incredibly quickly, ridiculously quick actually as there's a voice from behind the gathered group. It's a young Japanese woman, recognizable to some of the gathered group as Maia. There's a high pitched chuckle that escapes from her lips as she places a palm on one of the brick walls, leaning against it.

"So bloodthirsty." she says with clear and crisp tones before she lets out a cluck of her tongue, shaking her head with a bit of a tsk. "Naughty, naughty, naughty children deserve to be punished. Killing this and killing that. I was going to let your trespasses on my daughter and my unborn grandchild pass, but it seems you are insistent on murdering them, the first true Atlantean born in millenia. I will not allow that at all. No, not at all."

Vette stares at the woman. "Oh yeah," she says dryly. "Because. They did so well the first time. And they're busy doing such a great job the second time around. You're right. We ought to throw them a party. Maybe this time they'll blow up the world instead of just sinking the whole island. Woo to the hoo."

Asterisk's eyes narrow toward Leonard's mention of his well-being, an elbow snaking out to nudge him. "Some of us are only so lucky, huh?" she murmurs with a roll of her eyes, still bitting at her nail. She doesn't look as if she's nervious though.. Maybe just a bad habit. "So we're going to have to go start sneaking around?" Her eyes look to Jacob, with the answer he'd already given quite satisfying her. But it's what she sees next that doesn't look so good. Her hands dip quickly downward, one of them hooking onto something underneath her fireman's jacket while her other pushes into her pocket.

Stepping out, Rufus whirls around in startlement at the sudden appearance of an /oak tree/ sprouting up from the ground, much too close for comfort. Quickly, he backs off several steps, his hand snatching at Vette's arm to tug her firmly back and behind him. He opens his mouth, because that woman reminds him so dreadfully of Maia, but… something tells him that is not Maia. Unless she's been possessed. Unnnnnlikely. "Vette," he mutters through gritted teeth. "Please stop firing bullets at the nuclear weapon." Then he holds out his arm to keep her from going forward, still pushing her further back. He draws a breath, then he calls, "I don't know who you are, but we have no intention of killing your unborn grandchild. Quite frankly, we have no interest in murdering anyone, but word has come to us that the Atlanteans are going to be /murdering/ innocent mortals. We cannot allow that, and we will do what we must to stop it and to stop what has been done to New York City."

"Curfew's in effect," Jacob replies to Asterisk. "Just don't let anyone see you. Take rooftops or something." He pauses as a giant friggin' oak tree spontaneously bursts from the ground. This gives him a moment's pause, just long enough for him to decide to turn around.

For his part, Jacob keeps walking. As the path he was taking appears to be blocked, he turns to walk toward Amnis, whom he recognizes but perversely does not seem to feel any particular reverence for. He's very clear on whose mook he's been brainwashed to be, and the family resemblance just isn't strong enough to work on him. He's not completely rude about it though.

"I do /not/ have time for this," he announces impatiently, stalking toward the goddess. As he draws nearer he inclines his head-it seems the most polite thing to do-and says, "Excuse me, please, I have to help the princess." He's kind of hung up on that at the moment. He'll happily (well, not so much) walk around her if she lets him, letting his sniffer guide him. /He/ isn't in trouble for trying to kill anyone, and he knows at least two people can fly. The problem has pretty much solved itself in his mind.

"Well, we didn't have to go far, did we?" Leonard pauses when he steps outside of their little room, his fingers reaching to his briefcase. It's opening, nudged apart to fetch something inside of it. "I recall talking to you before," He mentions to the goddess, "And it wasn't terrible productive. I believe I'll just go ahead and do what I was planning last time, I hope you'll forgive me for not indulging."

Amnis lets out a hearty laugh once more as she snaps her fingers and three figures in hooded cloaks appear. She then looks towards Jacob and points a finger, shaking it to and fro for a few moments. "I will let you go. I will even take you there if you want, but I still think you there if you ask nicely. I want to see how our children fair against the Scions of the other pantheons. It's been so long." she says matter of factly.

It's then that the three hooded figures put their hands together and mutter something softly.

"Fatum abalienato"

Something strange will happen then, for a brief flash, something feels different. Six of the seven scions are unlucky. The threads of fate that tie the bonds of scions and scion suddenly twist. What was once in one body is now in another.

Dee frowns when they are interrupted on their way to go their good deed. She watches the goddess, her arms crossed. She nods to Rufus' reply. "They're going to go murder a lot of people. We have to stop that. If you want to do the right thing, stop your daughter." she weighs in with. Then the world changes perspective though, and she's literally walking in someone else's shoes. That takes a moment of trying to get he… his balance.

Vette puts her hands over her-his-flat and manly chest and feels. "Um." She claps her hands over her mouth and realizes that she's now behind herself. She stares back at her own body and then down at his body that she's riding—this could get confusing quickly. "Oh bloody hell."

Having been nearby, Lin looks around as he uses his badge to get around the curfew. He is suppose to be out looking for trouble after all! He has has his senses tuned to Dee, tracking her. He is walking to the door to where they are hiding out when he suddenly finds him standing in front of the Maia look like. He blinks before looking around. "I remember you. We talked and didn't fight. It was a good thing." He stops as he notices his voice is wrong. "Uh…"

Asterisk's hand raises up, the black glove on her hand raising, the metallic edges on the back glinting softly in the light. Her other arm doesn't move, though, eyes taking a moment to look around. She steps back with one leg, glancing at each and every person with a risen brow. "Um.." Just an unintelligent little comment, trying to gain grip at what just happened.

What's most jarring for Jacob is finding himself a ways away from where he was standing just a moment before. Then he sees himself, still standing next to Amnis, and lets out a weary groan. "Oh, fuck me…" he laments, only to fall silent and pat his current body down in alarm and disgust. By this point he's hit his conceptual wall and can no longer be bothered with things like confusion or alarm. "Hey," he calls to Jacob-body. "If my phone rings, don't answer it. Cool?" Apparently the princess is on her own for a bit, since Mommy Dearest is fucking with the plebians. "If this is your idea of clever, it's no wonder your fucking continent sank."

One moment he is standing there, jaw set in defiance, eyes burning cold with determination mingled with a good deal of worry. The next second? He blinks, and then he's standing behind himself, feeling …. rather small in comparison. Small and curvier. Puzzlement comes over Vetner's face, and she looks around in utter bafflement. "What the bloody Hell?" Bloody Hell! His voice! It's hers. Then he looks down at himself, and… and…. he has breasts. He pokes a jubbly experimentally. Poke. Poke poke. "This is an …." Roughly, Vetner steps forward to seize the sword that he keeps sheathed across his own back. He draws the weapon free, then nearly fumbles it, because holy crap, that feels a lot heavier than expected.

"It's very clever, darling. I hope you gain new insight by seeing things from a different perspective." Amnis replies with a waggle of her brows before she snaps her fingers. Suddenly they all disappear and end up in front of a warehouse on the south side street port. What the fuck is going on?

Dee is not moving comfortably. Her center of gravity is all off. Seeing herself standing there isn't helping her equilibrium either. She looks down to see that she's apparently Leonard, and frowns deeply. And then they're transported and she's trying to work out how to move. This body isn't nearly as flexible as her own. She looks at her body then, and asks "Mystery?" Important to know who is actually whom.

Leonard draws! Which looks fairly awkward, considering in his other body his hand was around a weapon, and in this one it is not. So he draws the air, and making to throw it at the false Maia. "What." A pause, one glance down. Back to himself, now Jacob. "That's mine. Don't ruin that." By the time he can actually find where Jacob packs his weapon it's too late to empty a clip into the goddess. "Damn it!" To Dee: "That's me." He doesn't sound happy about it.

Asterisk lowers her arm from whatever was on her back, the gauntlet still sitting upon her left arm. The gloveless hand moves up to press her glasses along the bridge of her nose, making sure they were in their proper place. "What's happened?" she questions, looking around to the rest of those around her.

Gods help him, this is not as fun as one might think. If he had all night to figure out how to move, how to even /walk/ like a woman, that'd be one thing. Right now? Scrivette staggers around with a sword that is much too heavy in hand, and he … she? presses it back towards Vette-in-him. "Here," she roughly says, looking around uneasily. "I can barely carry that thing. You'll have to hold it. Where are we?" Quickly, she pats herself down, looking for a more suitable weapon.

"In the waistband on the lefthand side," Vettner replies quietly. "The gun's there." She takes the sword back and holds it for a moment, studying it. She adjusts her grip a bit, glad she took those lessons with him so she's not in danger of slicing off her own foot. "Primarily," she tells him, "I try to stay out of the way of anything big, shoot from a distance, and trap them in Earth."

Dee says quickly to Leonard "I don't fight, unless it's with things I can throw. Remember to cause my body to become harder to hit. That'll help, at least. Don't lose my lockpicks or I'll kill you, and you can fly with the shoes. Your senses will be very sharp. Get used to that as quickly as possible."

Once Jacob discovers that Lin's body has a gun, he feels infinitely more relaxed. As to the other doohickeys on his current body, he opts to leave well enough alone. He'll stick to what he knows. "I think she made good on her word," he says, noting the warehouse. "She said she'd take us to where we want to go." Well, where /he/ wants to go, anyway. "So once we figure out how to walk in each others' skins we'd better hurry." He looks to his body, jerking its current occupant's chin upward. "Hey. You good to go? It's not like either of us-" he glances toward the male-female pairs and smirks "-has any surprises under the hood." He takes a moment to appraise their situation, listening for any sounds more unusual than their own befuddlement and sampling the air with a nose that seems to work just as well as his own. Another point in his book for Lin.
Lin looks around as he hears the shout and the confusion. He quickly feelings around upon the person who he nows resides in. He sees if there is the familiar weight of a shoulder holster or regular holster. Any weapon. He finds the gun and draws it quickly before they are moved again in a flash.

As the group finally arrives in front of the warehouse, they can hear a disembodied voice in the air.. it's a singsong voice, but it's chilling…

"~The worst disease in the world. The cure will not be found. The cause and the cure is living every single one of us. The worst disease in the world is hate and the cure for hate is love… oh love…~"

Odd that. Really weird really. Still the doors to the warehouse are transparent. Care can be seen at the side of the young Princess, her stomach showing signs of her pregnancy. She's already six months in aterall as she waddles. There are at least thirty people inside dressed in rags as she's speaking, but when you're outside, you can't really hear her at all. It's kind of hard. There's only one way in too. Through that door. Unless there's one in the back, but if they look there's guards posted there. Mean looking ones too.

Asterisk looks around to gather where she now is, listening and trying to find where the singing voice is coming from. Eyes lower, attempting to figure out where to go to. "Should we move?" she questions, taking a slow step forward. It's not a question she's asking directly to anyone, but more trying to convince herself.
Vette nods his head. "Let's get this done," she says. "We're not going to save them standing here. Really, if we can take out the guards we can probably scatter the homeless people without having to take out the pregnant lady." She's a little uneasy with taking out the pregnant lady in all actuality. She is, after all, a pregnant lady.

Scrivette pats herself down again and pulls a gun free, holding it and turning it in her hand to study it. It's better than nothing, and holding it down at his/her side, the shemale nods briskly. Hearing that singing, Scriv turns her head to peer into the distance, and quietly, she says, "Vette, listen. Remember what I've rambled about when it comes to flying. Let the winds do the work. Remember to call the ichor in your blood to protect you, and let instinct guide you when you parry with the sword. Gods help us." It feels odd not just walking forward to charge into the fray. Scrivette's jaw tightens unpleasantly as she forces herself to stay behind her physical body with Vette inside.

Lin looks to Asterisk and Vette before looking back to the Mean guards. "Maybe a distraction? Lure the guards off while the others get the homeless out?" He offers up the idea. He double checks Jacob's gun.

" "I think so. Something should be done." Leonard pauses, glancing down at himself again, pursing lips. "Something about that." Leo slinks backward, head dipping toward Lin. "That might work. At least keep people busy, to make sure nothing happens."

"I'll handle the princess," Lin's body declares, courtesy of the poor neatly washed and pressed mind of Jacob presently residing in it. He's been settling in to the new skin, all the while wondering who to pray to that it's not permanent. He looks over to Jacob-body and instructs the occupant to "Armor me up, would you? I promise not to dent you too bad. I think we should let the new folks handle the guards." With that, he starts to walk toward the door, keen on making a beeline for Her Pregness. This body's got some serious leg muscles and he's got the vague workings of a plan to use them. He gestures sharply to Leonard's body and Asterisk, motioning toward the guards. "Go handle that, would you? Thanks."

With the door opening, Melanope blinks a little not expecting Lin at all. Still he's a detective of the police, that much she knows. "Detective Kun, have you heard anything of the terrorists?" she asks curiously. The homeless in the area look up towards him as well, so perhaps it's a good thing that Jacob is in Lin's body.

Asterisk slowly reaches backward again, this time pulling out an axe out of it's leather sleeve from behind her back. She holds the blunt end outward, ready to strike without cutting if needed. "What kind of distraction do we need."

Vette thinks this through for a moment and says, "Well. Off the top of my head, I'd say…" she glances up and down the street. "Do you think setting off a whole bunch of car alarms would work?" Still in possession of her own /brains/, Vette's reasonably sure she can rig up the radio attachment on her iPod to do something like that. The iPod's in the pants of the woman behind her, with the radio attachment, but—radio frequencies often play merry hell with car alarms.

Lin frowns slightly as he watches himself run for the warehouse. "Uh…aren't we suppose to be going in there to stop that?" He mumbles to himself before looking to the group. He nods to Vette. "It is worth a start. If we cause enough of a noise, they will eventually come out to look."

Given that he-she has no idea how to really use this body in which he's found himself, Scrivette does not object to the thought of being told to make a distraction. "I could … well, I might …. I have nothing," she-he just admits. "I can go run around screaming like an insane fool and fire off this pistol a few times."

Lin's body pulls up short as Jacob starts to feel, ironically, more like himself than he has in hours. He vents a frustrated sigh and tilts his head toward Asterisk. "Make something up. Kill them, perform a striptease, I don't know. Don't you watch television?" He shakes his head and grunts, pulling to a sudden stop inside the building when Melanope addresses his body-he forgot that bit-.

"What the fuck?" he muses softly. "I'm a cop? That's weird." He clears his throat and feels around for a badge to flash because, well, when is he ever going to get the chance again?

"Everything's under control. The perpetrator has been given a stern talking-to and…I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you all to disperse. This…ah…gathering is um…a violation of…" He runs out of steam and clears his throat. He beckons Melanope to him, and starts to walk toward her. "Princess? A word?"

It would seem that Jacob/Lin is the distraction. He's in there, stopping that, or at least momentarily stalling the proceedings.

"There are no violations here." Why is this mere peon telling her what to do? She is annoyed that anyone would dare tell her something is wrong. "A stern talking to? There was an attempt at my life and the next crown prince or princess." Melanope says with an angry screech. She shakes her head and points towards the door.

"If you cannot do your job properly, I will have my mother's advocates do it." she says firmly and resolutely as she says several things in Atlantean. Surely only Carel would understand her andsoon the mean guards from outside come intothe room. Their more human form disappears and the same figures in black shadows cloaks that they saw earlier appears next to theprincess and the head of the royal guard.

Asterisk confirms. "That sounds like a good idea," her lips murmur toward Vette's answer. She doesn't comment on Jacob's answer, though, attempting not to give into his words. Rather, she moves along with him to play for the team. Afterall, it wouldn't be off for a firefighter to be tagging along with a cop; even one who really isn't. The axe is still held in one hand while her eyes look toward what has begun. "That was a brilliant one," she murmurs in the softest of tones.

Vette nods her head. "I think we're going to have to fight the scary guard things in any case," she says. "But perhaps we can take advantage of the confusion. Rufus, I need my Ipod and the scanner please, and the Swiss Army Knife that's in my pocket. This won't take but a quick rig up."

Lin nods to Asterisk…or who ever she is now. He looks to Vette and walks over to join her/him/whoever. He not only helps with the noise, but the cars provide cover.
Quickly digging about in the pockets, turning them out and ready to dump everything on the ground, Scrivette hands over the Ipod, scanner and Swiss army knife as requested. There's a touch of worry in his-her eyes, and quickly looking over the shoulder, he says, "Do hurry."

"One of your guards warned me there might be trouble," Jacob-in-Lin explains, pointing to his own body just outside, before it walks away with the others. "I think it's in your best interest, for safety's sake, to vacate the premises. We'll…ah…" His supply of bluster is suddenly exhausted by the appearance of the Advocates. "Did anyone else know they could do that?" he asks no one in particular, looking bleakly around the room. "Really, I only have your safety in mind here," he says pleadingly and sincerely.

Wee-ooh wee-ooh! The various cars in the seaport start letting out that annoying high pitched sound. It causes Melanope's eyes to widen asshe places her hand over her preggo belly. "Thank you detective. I will not doubt you next time, but do capture the terrorists for the sake of New Atlantis." she says matter of factly.

The two Advocates step and wrap their cloaks around the two Atlantean Scions and woosh, they both disappear from the warehouse to parts unknown.

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