What Kills Worms?


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Scene Title What Kills Worms?
Synopsis A quartet of Scions are attacked by a lindworm!

Frankie's Bar

A night out at the bar is interrupted by a giant creepy crawly!

Frankie's is an old fashioned bar, owned and operated by a half Italian man by the same name. The chairs and tables are wooden, as are the bar and the stools next to it. They have a fairly decent selection of beers, both on tap and in bottles, and a decent selection of spirits and wines. They also have a respectable food menu. Frankie himself is working on the bar, Aerosmith is playing quietly in the background, and it's a fairly quiet evening.

Dhatri is sat at a table capable of seating four, drinking lager out of a half full pint glass. On a plate in front of him is what appears to be a chilli con carne with nachos and rice; aparently only just started. He is dressed as he usually is, and appears to be in a reasonably good mood.

Enjoying the quiet autumn evening and the cooler weather which it brings, Mariana is dressed in a Fendi fur trimmed double breasted black jacket with the and a pair of matching black form fitting slacks. She is walking arm-in-arm with one of her friends or associates, a man who is attired just as impeccably as he date. As they make their way through the bar, the young heiress' dark eyes notice Dhatri seated alone at one of the tables, but rather than approach immediately, she follows her companion towards a quiet seat not too far off and settles down once her chair is pulled out for her. All the while, when drinks are being ordered, she keeps watch over the familiar face from her distance.

Stepping from out of the cool evening air, Lin shivers as he adjusts to the differing temperatures. He blows out a breath and walks up to the bar, gesturing to the bartender for a beer. He takes up a seat at the counter before looking around.

Dhatri's eyebrow raises as he sees Mariana walk in. "Please mother, a little good luck wouldn't go amiss right now," he prays quietly, hoping that no fights break out. He takes another drink of his lager and eats a little more of his chilli. He's sat fairly close to the bar, so he gives Lin a nod of greeting when the Detective walks in.

Mariana continues to chat and laugh quietly with her expensively dressed friend just as the man's cell phone goes off. It's strange not to hear the haunting tune of Mariana's phone whenever one is ringing in the area. If anything is heard coming from their section of the bar, it's the doctor's voice murmuring hastily, "Can't it wait? How badly? Alright, I'm coming in right now." And to that, he quickly rises and offers an apology to his date, "Mari… there's an emergency at the hospital and I'm expected to be there. I'll try to get it cleared up soon but don't wait up for me, alright. I'll make up for it later. Dinner and a show?" Being unable to wait, he then hurries off to the bar to pay for the drinks which he had ordered. Mariana doesn't look /overly/ upset even if a touch of disappointment may be seen on her features. At least the drinks are free! Taking up her glass of wine, she then gathers her thins and starts over to Dhatri's table, not having seen Lin yet. "Is this seat taken?" She expects a certain answer and this is easily seen on the smile formed upon her lips.

Lin nods his head to Dhatri, remembering him from the park. He smirks to himself as he takes a drink of his beer. "City of the Gods," He mumbles to himself. He turns back as he hears Mariana with her date and chuckles, shaking his head. "Poor guy."

Tybalt walks in about the same time as the exiting man. He even holds the door for him, since he seems in a rush. Tybalt is dressed down. Too windy for his typical cowboy hat, he's dressed warmly. His long ruddy blonde hair in bad need of a cut. It has grown wild, near savage. He keeps it bound with a black headband/earmuff thing as. He wears a simply Texas A&M Hooded Sweatshirt a pair of jeans and of course his shitkickin' boots. He finds his way in, waves to Frankie whom he knows, and who knows him, and sits down to a flurry of stares and looks. It's hard to be pretty some days.

"Not yet; by all means take a seat," Dhatri invites the young heiress before taking a sip of his pint. His table is fairly close to the bar, which is where Lin is stood, and he is partway into eating a plate of chilli, rice and nachos. He dips a nacho into his cilli and rice and munches on said nacho.

"Definitely fine dining." Mariana makes a quick comment about the nachos and chili, before taking up a seat across from Dhatri and giving the rest of the ar a look over. This is when she notices Lin and the… Cowboy that now enters. "Things seem to be quiet in the city now." Is said almost ominously, followed by, "A little too quiet." Without taking another sip of her wine, she sets her glass down before her, "I don't suppose you have encountered anything odd since the school?"

"Yes, well, it tastes good and that's what really matters. Other than warnings and prophecies, I've not tun into much," Dhatri replies with a shrug. "Things seem to be pretty quiet on the whole angels attacking schoolkids front too. Yourself?"

The Cowboy as it were, could hear a zit pop in London from where he is at the moment, so given the hot word that drifts across the bar from Dhatri's mouth, Tybalt takes his now full guiness and starts across the way towards Dhatri and the others, noting Lin and only grins a little bit before nodding to the others. "Howdy." he offers in his distant sort of way.

Lin looks up from his beer, looking towards the door as it opens. He smirks slightly and dips his head to the man. "Hey there." He greets. "Pull up a seat." He offers before turning his head slightly back to the crowd for a moment.

"Good evening," Dhatri greets Tybalt. "And how fairs the prince of cats? Not run into anyone named Romeo I hope?" he asks drily, wearing a good natured smile, before taking a sip of his beer. His pint glass is about a quarter full now.

Mariana shakes her head slowly, "No, fortunately, I suppose. Well, except, I was wondering if you heard of an attack on involving… turtle-like beings called Kappa?" She keeps her tone quiet when she speaks and simply sips at her wine once she is done. However, as Dhatri speaks out to an unfamiliar face, she half-turns to regard Tybalt with her attention and offers the man a polite nod in greeting. "Prince of cats?" She echoes in question.

Tybalt eyes Dhatri for a long moment as if contemplating something. It's the cold sort of amused stare that a lion might give a gazel or a bear might give a salmon. He only smiles and the look vanished in an instant. "Unfortuantely no." He offers a simple nod as if that would answer Mariana's question. "This is the creature that was run out of Mexico for screwing with a Mexican Goddesses' turf?" He asks of her before looking over to Lin to offer him a long glance that seems to go on for a few moments un-ashamed or unflinching.

Lin turns more in his seat so he can take in the conversation better. He scrunches up his face before looking around as they talk. "Uh…I thought they were called Ninja Turtles." He laughs weakly. He pauses before chuckling. "Well, he might have got into worse trouble if he screwed the Goddess instead?" He jokes before looking back at Tybalt curiously.

"I heard they'd been kicked out of their usual home, but that's about it," Dhatri answers Mariana. "I hadn't heard about any attacks. Prince of cats; it's a Romeo and Juliet reference I'd imagine, since his name is Tybalt.

Tybalt waves a hand a little bit and offers. "My mother is Freyja, and I have an affinity for the feline, so it sticks….But given my name, I assume it's fate's sense of humor or irony, or whatever you wish to call it." He offers quietly as he narrows his eyes for a moment and looks over his shoulder at nothing in particular.

Mariana blinks at Tybalt's words and looks him over more carefully now that she knows that he is 'one of them'. Though the mention of the Mexican goddess has her flatly stating, "That's what I want to find out. A friend of mine brought me a corpse of a Kappa." She doesn't say why! "And then mentioned the name of an Aztec goddess to me. So I want to know what happened exactly and what part did this goddess play in anything." Lifting the rim of her glass to her lips, she adds in, "Also, if any of you are are or know someone who may be familiar with the Kappa, I have a few inquiries regarding its corpse." Her eyes do flicker over at Lin's joke and while she doesn't laugh, she has this uncanny, almost eerie smile on her lips just as she takes a sip of wine. To Tybalt, she then offers once the glass is lowered, "I'm Mariana de la Vega, by the way."

Lin listens to them talking, lifting his own glass to drink when he stops. He pauses before looking around. "Anybody hear that?" He asks curiously. He listens again before sliding away from his seat for the window.

"Hear what?" Dhatri asks Lin with a shrug, eating a wee bit more of his food. "Yes, fate does seem to have quite a sense of humour. I'm afraid I don't know anyone familiar with Kappa; at least I don't think so."

Tybalt gives a nod of his head to Mariana. "Nice to meet you." he offer, even though he isn't even looking at her. He narrows his eyes a little bit more and hisses softly. "If you have god blood in you, we need to get away from people." he states plainly. "Lin is right, something is coming." he states as he starts towards the exit in a hurry, downing his drink as he goes.

Mariana nods her head slowly, though not looking at all disappointed at what Dhatri says, "I may try doing further research. There's probably texts written about the creatures…" Her words come out cautiously as her gaze lifts to view the direction which Lin is looking towards, even if she doesn't hear a thing. Tybalt's confirmation of the danger that lurks, makes her own eyes narrow sharply as she peers off into the distance. Rather than finishing the glass of wine, she leaves it behind as she rises to stand.

Lin looks back towards Dhatri as he asks. "It sounded like a, I don't know, rumble? We don't get earthquakes around here…well that big, so what is it?" He says outloud. He looks to Tybalt as he heads out and moves to follow.

Dhatri frowns and finishes off his pint in one long swallow. His food is all but finished now anyway, so after saying, "Well, I suppose some measure of warning is better luck than last time," in a fairly dry tone, he picks up the gym bag that was lying by his feet and heads for the exit with Tybalt and Lin.

"Digging." He offers as he opens the door and crosses towards a motorcycle sitting near by, which he stands next to starting to pull off his hoodie. He opens a small compartment in the motorcycle and pulls out a rather large sword which he attaches to his back and a rather ornate black leather coat with silver feathers lining the inside. "It's coming pretty fast…so I suggest everyone get ready." he offers as he starts walking towards the rather empty street. He narrows his eyes again and looks over to Lin for confirmation of something.

Mariana just watches when this large sword is removed from the compartment of a motorcycle with some curiosity, but not enough to ask questions. Her own hand reaches for her purse where she draws out an obsidian dagger. Dark eyes scan the area as every muscle in her frame tenses in anticipation. "I'm hoping that this one is a bleeder." She casually speaks out, though mostly to herself.

Lin steps out onto the sidewalk as Tybalt heads across to the bike. He chuckles at the sword. "I need one of those or a really big gun." He comments outloud. He pauses, falling quiet. He shifts his head as if to listen before looking back over to Tybalt. "It's from below…and it moves when you do."

Dhatri opens his gym bag and pulls out a sheathed scimitar. He quickly stretches his shoulders and neck, and keeps an eye out for whatever is coming. "You and me both," he says drily to Mariana. He then chuckles to Lin. "I'd settle for my spear. Unfortunately it's a little too large to be carrying it around with me…"

The ground begins to shake a little and Tybalt holds out his sword, to the others narrowing his eyes. "Here it comes…be ready." With that, the ground under Tybalt cracks and spits open, chruning in on itself as a whirlpool of carnage about the size of a small bus suddenly appears under him and he jumps high, landing atop the roof of a rather old looking building that reads 'out of business' from a sign hanging in a window. The Whirlpool is a horrid noise, and sounds more like a blender meeting with gozilla. A moment later, the whirlpool raises and a giant ringed white-grey tubular form rises from the ground and turns to 'look' (which is hard to do considering the lack of eyes) at the group. It only has one feature on it's face….or rather the end that isn't in the ground…a giant mouth of razor sharp teeth, ringed in layers that go as far down as the light does, and each as long as a man's arm. The Lindworm has arrived.

Dhatri moves quickly, jumping up and over the creature's head, for lack of a better word, and landing nimbly on the other side of it. He turns rapidly, slashing at the worm's neck. At least, that of it's body that's above the ground.

Lin looks on in surprise as the worm explodes out of the ground. He digs into his jacket, pulling out his gun. "What kills warms…salt kills…snails…" He mumbles to himself. He aims his gun at the worm and open fires.

The duke of cats, or prince, depending on who you are when you are talking about him stands atop the building and watches the group act. Lin's firearm and Dhatri's sword are of little use to the creature who while the size of a 4 story building at the moment manages to weave it's way out of the attacks with astounding accuracy. Tybalt puts up a hand. "Try again….I'll hold it's attention." With that, Tybalt looks down for a long moment and he runs a hand through his hair to clear it from his face before he raises his face to look at the creature….and what a face it is. His eyes are almost a feline yellow, his gaze haunting….primal…something about it makes things want to keep staring. And while the lindworm hasn't eyes…the sensation is there and it goes very still. Simply standing and staring at Tybalt. "NOW!" He says in an almost roar as he holds his hands out to signal the offensive.

Dhatri pays attention, and as soon as Tybalt signals the attack, he slices once more. His movement is a diagonal cut from right to left along with a step back, leaving Dhatri in a low stance; his sword ready to thrust directly forward.

There's a mixture of disgust and fascination on Mariana's features when the worm finally shows itself. The razor sharp teeth certainly intrigues her and for this fact alone, it takes a while to launch her own attack on the creature. Not having the acrobatic, Superman-leaping capabilities that some people in the party may have, she relies on her own dexterity and grace as she dodges rubble and… the long wriggling body of the giant worm. While Dhatri is at the neck, she attempts to slash somewhere near the wormy's midsection with her outstretched blade. "I have to wonder if I'm going to be disappointed." She starts out with a murmur, "That this… thing will merely be made out of worm guts." Yes, she is out for blood here!

Lin stands there, holding his sidearm in both hands. He looks up at the giant beast before looking at the others. He watches as Tybalt uses his abilities, holding it before looking to the others. He is not strong, so he grants them his power so they can be strong. He puts away the weapon, bringing his hands together to focus. He closes his eyes and finds the chi, the energy that flows through all. He opens his eyes and moves to Tybalt first, his hands upon his shoulders as his grants more power to his chi.

Tybalt is up high, so it's hard to reach him, however once reaches and he is suffused with chi, there is a sudden rush that comes over his features. His eyes become more primal, his hair seems to flow in the wind a bit more. His grin becomes more feline and his breathing more like a purr. It's strange really. None the less, the Lindworm shifts a moment and lifts a tail as if to erase Ty from the face of the planet but a moment later he goes simply still yet again…..

Dhatri steps forward, thrusting his curved blade at the the stationary creature, moving the blade down as well as back when he pulls the blade out so as to widen the wound.

Mariana keeps herself within close proximity of the worm as she's facing it off in close dagger combat. So when she senses the shift as it lifts the tail end of its body up, she tries to force the sharp end of her dagger once more into the thing's hide — this time, holding her relic within both hands, she raises it above her head in a wide arc before bringing it down harshly against the worm's side. Just the sight of what she perceives as blood pouring out from the wound which Dhatri inflicted upon it is, at least, enough to delight. "I want to see more of the same." She speaks in a soft whisper as she offers up a prayer.

The lindworm feels itself being hurt….it feels it with every fiber of it's being. However it simply cannot look away. However that doesn't mean that it can't attack. It keeps it's gaze blindly staring at Tybalt who continues to stare at it. Meanwhile the thing, swishes it's lower ends, flipping cars and whacking a path at all three heros on the ground….

Lin feels the ground leap up under him as the worm's tail lashes out, smashing it and sending the concrete and cement into the air along with everything else that was on the street, including them. He looks around and finds a nearby street sign that had been torn loose from the ground. The yellow pedestrian sigh makes a large makeshift axe as he joins in to slash at the worm.

Mariana is actually struck by the massive body of the worm when it goes wild and thrashes about the area causing damage and carnage everywhere. She keeps close, however, taking cover behind a tipped over car nearby, where she regains her bearings and studies the creature's movements Only once the tail slams down again does she gracefully and steadily position herself atop the remains of the car to jump and bring her dagger down and onto the wriggling lindworm body.

Tybalt may not look like he is doing much, hell. It looks like perhaps he is just standing and staring at the creature, but it is doing something. His leonine appearance seems to echo scores of importance in the Lindworms' mind at least as it stands there watching as the beautiful creature ontop of the building stands still as a statue as the wind whips around him, causing the folds of his jacket and hair to whip around.

Dhatri ducks back in a movement almost reminiscent of the Matrix to avoid a large piece of rock, when a smaller one bounces off of his forehead. He then leans forward, slashing once more at the Lindworm.

The worm, shudders as suddenly it's insides start to pour out of the numerous wounds at the bottom and the street suddenly starts to fill with the sticky black ooze that is the blood of the lindworm. The creature falls hard shaking the ground and busting the windows out of nearby buildings…even Frankie's. Tybalt relaxes and the leonine persona seems to deminish and returns to just regularl ol' good looking. Suddenly however there is a shriek from somewhere in the muck as a figure rises out of the blood and points a finger at Tybalt. "Next time, Child of Vanir. I will have you…..I will….." And then it is gone. Blood, guts, and a quickly decomposing body of a giant worm.

Tybalt quickly jumps down and starts carving off the skin of the worm in a manner than belies his grace….it's more savage and feverish.

Dhatri flicks his sword sharply to shake off a large portion of the black blood coating it. He then heads back to his gym bag, pulls out a towel and wipes off the remainder. "This'll be fun to explain to the dry cleaners," he says drily as he shealths the blade and puts both it and the towel back into the bag.

Lin sighs with relief as the worm tumbles to the ground in death. He looks around and gives everyone a thumbs up before looking to the sign post. "I am going to keep you. Maybe I can have it fashioned into something." He shrugs with a grin before looking to Tybalt. "Uh…what are you doing?"

Mariana breathes in deeply, the obsidian blade still held within both hands as she watches the worm in struggle and writhe in the throws of death before all is still. The blood spilt upon the streets holds her attention, even after Tybalt leaps down to join them and start work on the corpse of the giant creepy crawly. Slowly, she steps forward, all the while whispering prayers upon the wind. Carefully, she crouches down as she is wearing an outfit that cost at least a couple of thousand dollars, so she doesn't plan on getting blood on it! Even if there is a fixable tear here and there. In ceremonious fashion, she glides the flat side of her blade across the blood, then turns it over to coat the other side. This entire process takes several minutes, but once she's done, she rises and merely watches Tybalt continue to work, "So this thing was after you, then? Who was that?" She's not talking about the worm!

Prince of cats? Perhaps…Prince of Alleycats? More likely. The young man uses his sword to cut a chunk of meat off the critter, then skin it like a pro, getting a good amount of black ichor all over him as he goes about working. He then moves over to a trashcan to find a few bottles. He then cuts the skin into strips and starts to stuff it into the bottles before he takes them over to a near by hose-hookup and fills them, putting his thumb in each and shaking it up. "Making a trophy…I read that Loki would drink this stuff to make him more attuned to the world of natural medicines…" He holds one out for whoever wants to take one. Given Mariana's questions he simply shrugs a little bit. "Couldn't say. The hag from the prophecy most likely. Here." he hands her a bottle then moves around her to hand out the others.

Lin looks back and forth between the Worm and Tybalt. "So, I take this is from your parents….realm?" He looks as the bottle is offer. He shrugs before stepping forward. "Thanks." He looks at the "weapon sign" and the bottle. "I guess I get two trophies tonight." He tries to joke.

"Might come in useful then; I'm studying medicine already, but if I need that little bit extra knowledge on the fly who am I to turn it down?" Dhatri says with a shrug, picking up one of the bottles. "I don't know about you people, but I really need another drink. Pity Frankie's is probably going to be closed until they can repair the windows…"

Out comes Mariana's cell phone and she moves around the great worm to snap pictures of it's skinned body and terribly deadly maw. She seems to have her own trophy as well. The young artist tries to get every angle of this gruesome scene, before the phone is slipped back into her purse. When the bottle is handed to her, her gaze lifts to view Tybalt then lowers to study the dark fluid once more. "Thanks." This gesture of gifting what some might consider grotesque or just gross things, actually brings a genuine smile to her lips. "I'll definitely be able to work with this." The hand holding the bottle now gestures to the dead worm. "I'm an artist. I see the beauty in things like this."

Tybalt gives a nod. "How nice." is all he can muster to say to Mariana, as he puts his bottle away and then picks his bike up off the street, putting the sword and jacket back into it. "I need a drink as well, but I'm not going anywhere until I shower." He notes to the general public before he throws a leg over his bike and starts it up. "It was nice meeting you all." He tucks his hand into a pocket and fishes out a small trio of cards. "If you need me."

Lin tucks the bottle into a jacket pocket, letting Dhatri have his extra bottle. He looks over to Mariana as she snaps the picture. "Are you going to turn it into a painting?" He asks her curiously. He looks over to Tybalt before looking at himself. "Yeah, a shower would be good." He looks back to the bar. "You think he will allows to come back in?" He asks with a chuckle.

Dhatri takes one of the cards. "Thank you; I'll be sure to call you if I need you. Nice seeing you again," he says. "And you know what, I think I could do with a shower too. Thank the gods I've got some feni in my cupboard at home…"

"A painting, a sculpture." Mariana says in a thoughtful tone to Lin, "Or both. You should watch me at work one day. It's a very long process." Carefully, she stores her two bottles into her very fashionable purse, next to where her sheathed and bloody dagger is now stored. Looking at the closed bar front, she notes, "They'd better let us back in. I mean, we could have stayed put and not come out all this way, after all." Taking a quick glance at the business card, she stores this as well, but into her jacket pocket.

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