The Best Hotdog and Meeting of Scions


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Scene Title Hotdogs, Dancers and Coney Island
Synopsis Glory heads to Coney Island for a hotdog and runs into Marius, followed by Kaylee and Vette. The later make a date for dinner and speaking of Dancing.

Coney Island

It's Coney island, and its loud and riotous, Marius Forest, local TV weather man is out scouting locations for some warm fuzzy shoots for a promo later in the month, he has an ice cream cone in his hand and is looking around like a kid in a candy store.

When ones comes to New York, /the/ place they have to visit is Coney Island. Now, is it for the rides? No, for the Ice cream? No, atleast not this time. No it's for the Nathan's Hotdog! And this was where Glory was up to a few moments ago. Now she has her two dogs, soda and many napkins and has settled down on a small bench, that just happens to be in the path of the wondering Marius. Grey eyes flicker around the crowd before the woman turns back to her hotdog, and starts to fix one up just like she likes it!

Marius smiles as he catches the eye of a pretty girl…well a little more then pretty she kinda sticks out in the crowd. He eyes narrow for a moment but the smile never leaves.

The woman is clearly used to attention, by the sheer look of her, she was beautiful before anything happened and now, well yes she stands out in a crowd even while she's trying not to. No use in spending time trying to hide, atleast for the moment, because Glory is enjoying her hotdog, really she is. She has gotten it just perfect when something or someone catches her attention and with a bite taken she turns and glances around the crowd, ignoring those who have to be moved along by this or that person and coming to land on the man with the smile. Marius is given a curious look, her eyes flickering up and down his form before she dips her chin at him. She'd probably be smiling but she turns another bite of her food and turns her face to the side, so she's not like eating right at someone.

It's coney Island, in full blast and chaos, the lights the rides the music, Miss Glory sticks out a little like a sore thumb as she sits on a park bench eating a pair of hot dogs, Marius Forest, local tv personality is nursing an ice cream cone, and standing not to far from her, he smiles as she meets his eyes, nodding, and then when she turns away shrugs a little, his eyes scanning the area, to see if there is anything else of note in the area.

Well seeing as the woman didn't turn away, but simply turned her head so she wasn't munching a mouth full of dog right in the face of someone staring at her, it's not as bad as it might seen. Because as the woman has finished that bite, she settles the dog down and wipes at her fingers before her eyes cut back to the man.. who has no turned away, well, the woman simply smiles, a flicker of a grin touching her lips before she has well takes a moment to look over the park, clearly her attention was on the food and not the place or people just yet.

Kaylee decided, after her earlier spat with Wesley, and a grueling violin lesson, that a trip to Coney Island would be just the thing. So she's walking along eating an ice cream cone. She double takes at Marius, since he seems very familiar to her.

Marius doesn't catch sight of kaylee, since she is just a stranger in the crowd, though as a tv personality he is pretty obvious, he takes another bite of his own ice cream, and wanders toward Glory, whistling a little to himself, "Afternoon" He says when he comes close enough to be heard over the crowd.

Greyish blue eyes flicker back towards Marius as he comes over to the bench, here Glory is sitting with a half eaten hotdog, a full hotdog and a soda, though those are settles on the seat next to her. The woman does stand out abit in the crowd, causing more than a little stir by this or that person stopping a moment but with the crowd, life goes on. As for Marius, Glory gives him another half smile and she dips her chin gently, "A good afternoon to you as well.." She says it softly and her voice? Well there is an accent there, a soft mix of European and Greek. "You seem to be enjoying that.." she nods towards his ice cream and the smile he had on his face. Of course even as she talks to him, she notices anyone else coming near, and flickers a curious glance to anyone who might catch her eye.

Today a small dance company is performing on a live stage out at Coney Island, and Dancer #5 in the third row is a redhead. This seems to be some sort of wild tribal dance with beating drums and whirling firesticks. Flowing reds and yellows and oranges make up the costumes; billowing pants and flowing tops. The red head has her hair up in a bun as she shuffles, leaps, whirls, and twists to the fast paced music. Just another part of the entertainment.

Marius nods and smiles, "Yes I am it's quite good." His eyes slide over to the stage, "That's odd…." He hmmms softly, before returning his attention to Glory.

Well, it's hard to miss a dancing performance going on, and as the show starts back up Glory peeks in that direction, a curious turn of her head as one braid falls with a heavy thump, that is of course lost in the sounds around the park. But never to be a shy one, the woman gives Marius a curious look, "What is odd? The performance seems to hold a few good dancers.." Speaking as if she might have a clue on the issue.

Dancer #5otherwise known as Vette, is now executing a rather complicated series of moves with Dancer #3 and Dancer #8 while the other dancers all move to an outer ring, clapping along as if egging them on. Vette has a look of total focus on her facenothing else might as well exist for her. She's the only dancer wearing jewelry, but the chain disappears down her costume shirt.

Marius says, "It's odd because I think I know here." He points out 5, "Met her last week in a coffee shop." He grins, "Didn't expect to see her here is all. They are good." He sits down next to Glory without asking or being invited, making sure NOT to sit on her food."

Well as long as the food is safe, Glory doesn't seem upset about the other side of the bench being used by Marius. Because at his words, she makes that little ah sound and then nods her head once showing her understanding of his words. "Well, just because one goes to coffee, doesn't mean one can not dance. I mean, I do both, plus have hotdogs.." There is a teasing note to her low voice, and as she turns her attention back to Marius her eyes shimmer abit with her amusement, "But yes they are, and let's see if I might guess the one you know? There is one that stands out with abit of skill, that is who drew your attention?" She wonders as she motions with her fingers toward Dancer #5 formerly known as Vette.

The dance comes to an end with the three dancers striking individual, unique poses. Vette is balanced on the ball of one foot with the other stretched out, long and lean, behind her. Her belly and back are erect as she looks up towards the sky, her arms outstretched as if holding the very world in them. There's not a bit of wobble as she holds the pose, her hair falling out of it's bun and tumbling down in a messy array as if she'd planned it. In point of fact she didn't—bobby pins are scattering across the stage.

Marius smiles and rises, clapping for the performance, he answers Glory with a nod, "That would be her, yes" He chuckles softly, "I am not sure how you keep a figure like that while eating hot dogs, me I have to run 3 miles a day to keep that stuff from going straight to my hips." He punctuates that by taking the last bite of his ice cream cone, finishing it off.

"A girl has to eat what a girls likes to eat.. Atleast that is how I was taught. And who says I don't have to be extremely active to do that? But? It's worth it, I cam all the way out here, just for these hotdogs, you can't get them everywhere.." Glory says in answer to Marius, but then does as he did and clasps for the performance, even if she doesn't get up, there is no telling what might happen to her food if that was the case. A hand reaches down for the half finished dog and she takes another bite of it as she watches Vette, or watches Marius watch Vette, it's hard to tell which.

Vette steps off the stage and pats her face with a towel she picks up, even as the rest of the dancers step off as well. She hardly even seems winded, really, though the other dancers mostly do. The performance appears to be over as bows are being taken.
Marius waves to Vette as she steps down, then turns to Glory, "Oh I am not saying you shouldn't eat what you want, and your right the Coney Island Chilli Cheese dog is what made this place famous." He grins, and offers a hand, "Marius by the way."

Glory has just finished the last of the dog, and wipes her fingers off carefully before she takes Marius's hand, the shake lingers because she makes sure everything is out of her mouth before she speaks, offering. "A pleasure to meet you Marius, I'm Glory.." This is said with a beautiful smile, a little flicker of a grin and then she's turning to see if Vette caught Marius's wave. "Do you think you can introduce me Marius? I do enjoy a good dancer.."

Vette didn't, but that's okay, she's known for being oblivious. She apparently does not believe she can eat whatever she wants, because she produces a bag with a bottled water and a granola bar in it and that is going to be her lunch today. Good news? She's walking this way even if she did completely miss Marius' wave.

Marius nods, "I might be able to do that" He waves again, and if he doesn't get her attention he actually goes to full blown air traffic controller wave if he has to, since he knows how bad Vette can be.

There is a soft chuckle as she watches Marius and then her attention turns towards Vette, as the other woman comes closer, she is given a curious look and than a softly accented, "You dance very well.." If nothing else, that might catch Vette's attention, of course a Marius doing the wave might as well.

For a moment Vette stares at Marius like he's a very strange animal. Maybe he's auditioning? Then she turns her attention to the beautiful woman with him and smiles. "Thank you," she says. She glances back at Marius and back at Glory. Then back at Marius. Finally she says, "I don't think that's going to increase your ratings either, Marius." See, the other day? When she rambled on about costumes? Yeah. She wasn't actually trying to lie to cover. Her mind actually went to some fun filledp lace where she really thought Marius was talking about dressing up as Superman on the air.

Kaylee watched the performance with great amusement, and applauds loudly when it is done. She bites her lip thoughtfully, and then walks over to approach Vette as well. "Excuse me. Um. You dance wonderfully. I was just wondering if you'd ever performed at one of the local RenFaires? You look familiar."

Marius grins softly, and sits back down, "My new friend here wanted to meet you." He then smiles when Kaylee walks up, nodding to her. "It seems you are very popular today Vette.

Glory settles back as Kaylee steps over as well, Vette is given another smile and then at Marius's words, another soft chuckle happens, "I wanted to be introduced Marius, but met works as well.." Those grey eyes turn back to Vette but her introduction waits for a time, as Kaylee is the one speaking. And this means that Kaylee is given a curious look as well before Glory saves her hotdog, just incase anyone else needs to sit down, no use in getting hotdog everywhere.

Vette starts for a moment, then blushes, and coughs, clearly not used to all of this attention. "No," she tells Kaylee with a smile. "I umit sounds fun though! I hadn't thought of that as an opportunity." She holds out her right hand to Glory and says, "I'm Vette. Adams. Vette Adams." She gives a warm smile as she slowly starts to recover, even as she awkwardly balances yogurt and water in her left hand. "Popularyes." she says to Marius.

Kaylee tilts her head. "You're a vetrenarian? That's a wonderful career. How do you manage to find time to dance, too?"

Marius offers to take Vette's water and food, to give her more of a chance to relax and set down, "Meet..introduce…it's all the same right?" He looks at Vette, "I didn't know you were a Doctor, Doctor Adams this is Glory by the way, she has a thing for dancers."

There is a moment where Glory blinks and she glances towards Kaylee, the woman gets another curious look as if she's trying to figure something out. But that only lasts a moment before she takes Vette's hand and shakes it gently, "Ah, a pleasure Vette, I'm Glory Tamis, or Morning Glory, and yes please don't laugh.." This is says with that hint of amusement as she glances to the other woman, only to give Marius the same curious look over the whole Doctor thing, clearly Glory looks as if she's missed something. "I'm a dancer, so I guess that could mean I have a thing for them yes, I simply wanted to meet someone else who seemed to have a talent for it.." This still to Vette.

Vette stares blankly for a second, then smiles. "I'm…my name. Is Yvette. I just go by Vette because I don't like the Y." Turning towards Glory, Vette says, "You're a dancer too? That's wonderful, what style?" She literally lights right up when she meets someone else who shares her passion for dance.

Kaylee doesn't laugh at Glory's full name, but she was raised around hippie types. "That's a beautiful name," she says, instead. Then she blinks. "Oh! Yvette. I'm sorry. Vette it is, then. I'm Kaylee."
Marius settles back on to the bench and listens, acting as a cup holder for Vette he lets them talk some.

Ah that would explain the odd looks that Glory was giving Kaylee and Marius, not being American or not raised there atleast, makes the hearing of names abit different. Or so the little bob of the woman's head and expression of understanding could explain. As for Vette's question, Glory simply chuckles as she makes room for both woman on the bench, sliding over till people can get comfortable. "Mmm, all types really. I do abit of performance art, using dance as the base medium. Though I'll admit, the more primal and the this modern seems to work best in the performances.." Then it's Kaylee's turn to get Glory's attention and she offers the other woman her hand as well, "Thank you Kaylee, my father said it's what my Mother would have wanted, he still wrinkles his nose sometimes though, I believe he thought I would change it the older I've become.." She shares that with another soft chuckle. "But please both of you join us? I was just having the treat that brought me all the way out here. One can't visit New York without having a Nathan's Dog.." There is then a pause and a brighten of her features. "Oh, could I offer you all one? It's much more enjoyable when one shares.."

Vette smiles and sits down. "Thanks Glory! None for me thoughI've got a good healthy lunch. She holds up her lighter fare and grins. "I'm actually a vegetarianbut don't worry, I'm not the rabid kind. I just feel healthier and better inside when I eat that way." She's a health nut. "Kaylee, it's nice to meet you; what can you tell me about some of these Ren Faires?

Kaylee smiles. "Oh, the RenFaires, or Renaissance Faires, are just recreations of fairs during the Renaissance period in England. They aren't very accurate at all historically, but they are a lot of fun. There are jugglers and puppets and dancers and musicians and actors and jousters, and people dressed up in period costume."

Marius 's pager goes off and he frowns taking a look at it, he shakes his head, "Unfortunately Nature calls, I am afraid I have to get back to work. It was very nice meeting you all." He smiles and rises, dusting off his trousers some. "Some other time maybe?"

"Well, I will do well not to hold that against you then Vette.." Glory says with abit of a chuckle, and really isn't even wrinkling her nose, with her form, it's clear she must eat healthy most of the time. As the girls talk about the RenFaire, those grey eyes move to Marius and she dips her chin again. "It was a pleasure Marius, do be careful.." She has no clue what he does and simply gives him a funny look over the Nature call part. Back to the conversion at hand. "The Faires are normally much fun, I heard there is a large one here in New York each season?" Asked to Kaylee it seems as she waits to see if the other woman takes up the offer of food, even adding, "Unless your a vegetarian too of course?"

Nature calls. Ooookay Marius. Vette's lips twitch as she waves. In the fashion of the Spaniard from the Princess Bride, she murmurs, "I do not thin' that means what he thin' that means." Then she returns her attention to the other two women.
Kaylee peers at Marius. "You work in a bathroom?" Then she looks back to Glory. "Oh yes there is! I'm biased towards the faires in California, but the New York one is very good. Oh, I'd love to join you. I'm not vegitarian. But I'm not sure that there is any meat in a hot dog."

Glory can't help a chuckle that sounds more like a giggle before she shakes her head a little, her eyes watch Marius leave and then she turns back to the pair of woman, "Well Kaylee while I might normally agree with you, these are all natural and all beef, so it's a another dog in and of itself.." She nudges over the other dog she had sitting there before turning back to Vette, "So how long have you been dancing? And Kaylee how long have you being during the faires?" Ah, there they can both answer questions and she can eat and sip her soda, content not to be centerstage right this moment.

"About 8 years," Vette replies contentedly. "You?" she spoons up a bit of yogurt and granola and pops it into her mouth, content to listen to Kaylee and Gloria both too. Though she does answer Kaylee with, "No, he's a weatherman. I'm pretty sure he was trying to make a pun that just sort of…didn't get there."

Kaylee blinks and blinks. "Oh! That's where I've seen him before! My boss sometimes has the television on in the flower shop. I'm not much of a watcher, myself, I don't even have one in my dorm room." A pause. "Oh, I've been attending faires pretty much since I was 12. My uncle Mongo is a performer for them in California."

Glory seems the type to give more details than really asked for, which people will learn soon enough. "Mmm, I've been dancing or performing since I was about three, my step mother was a dancer, and she decided if she was going to have a little girl, than she might as well learn how to dance. So, truthfully I've had the best instructors that money can buy, but if you really want to know the truth? It was the dancing with people who have it as part of their life that really taught me. Like the flower dancers in Greece? Or the bull dancers in Crete, Or.. well if you really want something Primal you should train with the fire dances of lower Peru.." This is said with a little flush before she is taking a bit of her hotdog, "Though really I don't dance as much as I might like, mostly I travel now of days.." As for Kaylee, she's given a little bob of a nod, "That's cool, I dated a guy once who made swords at RenFaires, so I do a full summer of following them around.."

"Fire dancing—now I'd like to learn that, and flower dancing too," Vette muses. "Do you still practice enough to teach these things, Glory?" She flashes a self-conscious grin. "And here I've never left New York. You two seem like you've been all over!"

"All over? Just California and here. I was raised there, and I'm here for school," explains Kaylee. "I'm majoring in Botany."

Long lashes cover Glory's eyes as she watches Vette after her question and then she nods slowly, "I might can, but it would not be anything near learning from the real professionals. I mix alot of what I've learned into something new, so it kinda means the pureness is lost. I use fabrics, fans, ropes, weapons now in my performances, when I get to do them.." She says with a half grin but then nods her head again, "But yes, if you want to learn something, I think that could be fun. I think I'll be staying in the city for awhile.." At Kaylee's words the attention turns to her again and she grins, "Well, that's more than just New York, but Botany, really? I've never been much for the sciences but I do love flowers and plants.." Well, she's wearing a braclet shaped like flowers, so that might give that joy away as well.

"I didn't know people still did Botany," Vette says, blinking. "That's very interesting! And I think that would be fun, Glory, maybe we can exchange phone numbers and set something up for the future?" She smiles warmly tosses her yogurt cup into the nearby trash can. Then she takes a swig of water.

Kaylee nods cheerfully. "I love plants. They are such diverse and beautiful living things." And then she looks at her watch. "Oh, I must be going. It was nice to meet you both, Glory and Vette." And she wanders off.

Glory watches as Kaylee leaves quickly and can't help a little grin. Then the half hotdog is settled on Glory's lap, the silver foil keeping it from her lap, as she reaches into a backpocket and pulls out a small golden case. It's one of those small cardcases and has an etched scene of a flowered meadow, the flowers all have a small red gem in their center that catches the light to sparkle gently as it's opened. Glory pulls out a card, and a small pin and writes on the back of it. "That I can do, I'm putting my personal cell on the back Vette, while a message will get to me if you use any of the numbers or addresses on the front, this is one I try to answer.." That being said, she offers the card over to the other woman and then grins. "You've gotten me excited on seeing what you can do.." She admits.

Vette blushes and grins almost sheepishly. She then takes out a small red cell phone so she can program the card in, and says, "I don't have paper, if you've got your cell on you right now I can just buzz it and you can save the number?" Score one for um…being prepared? The phone was buried in her work bag.

The small case is slide back into her pocket and from the same pocket comes out a very thin cell phone, while Glory doesn't seem to shout wealth, the things she own does. The phone is wiggled at Vette and she winks, "Go for it, I'm so use to having to leave cards when I want to talk to someone over an item, it's hard to get out of that mindset. But, buzz away!" Now that the pair are alone on the bench though, the hotdog and soda is once more moved to the side, and Glory relaxes once more.

Vette punches in the number and saves it, then rings Glory's phone. "So how long have you been in New York? I've met a couple new comers around here lately it seems." She only lets the phone ring once before she claps her own phone shut. NOTHING Vette has screams wealth. Her bag is battered and greyish, the tennis shoes she proceeds to pull out of them are the same. The clothes stuffed inside have "Salvation Harm Me" written all over them, and even the Cell Phone is one of those Cricket No Credit Check No Contract phones.

Ringing phone, caught, a few things typed, like oh a name and such, and then it's closed and placed back into that pocket before Glory relaxes again and only watches the area a small abit, as if she can't just /relax/ totally but tries. "Mmm, about 3hours or so now. This is normally my first stop if I come to New York without anything really planned. I hate to admit it, but I've been known to show up places simply because I was craving a food.." Oh yes Glory flushes over that comment.

"I think you can afford it," Vette says with a laugh, looking at Glory. Gorgeous enough to turn heads all over this park, she can eat anything she wants to! Vette kind of looks ready to spring up at a moment's notice herself, but she's just not good enough at watching her surroundings to achieve the sort of watchfulness Glory is pulling off.

"Yes well, life isn't all about money and yes I know how.. painful that is to hear from someone with cash, so I'll try not to say it to much.." Glory offers with a grin as she half closes her eyes and then stretches, this after having finished the last of her meal. "Maybe you will come over for lunch or supper soon? Or we can go out as well, I hate eating alone and not really looking forward to calling one of my contacts just not to sit alone at a restaurant. We can speak over the dances then?"

"I meant your figure!" Vette laughs. "I meant that you didn't have to watch your weight. But I'll be happy to join you for a meal. Just—not tonight. I have a hot date. Pretty soon I'm going to have to leave and either find something to wear or go beg my friend Simone for something nice."

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