Werewolves, Midgets, and Maulings, OH MY!


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Scene Title Werewolves, Midgets, and Maulings, OH MY!
Synopsis What starts out as a pleasant, non-threatening gathering ends up with… well, werewolves, midgets, and maulings.

Lower Manhattan - New York City

Home to Wall Street and the Financial District, the southern end of Manhattan is one of the centers of financial and business power in New York City. The site of the original settlement, the center of civil power is only a short distance away, as here was where the city's first capitol was, in Federal Hall. Banks, trading companies and other financial institutions make their home here, giving the area a drive and purpoe - to make money. The twin towers of the World Trade Center soar above the skyline, marking the area and providing something of a beacon. The area keeps on growing, with Battery Park City being built on the Hudson River, North of Battery Park - this area is home to the World Financial center, a 21st-century arcology designed to rival the venerable Rockefeller Center. Larger, newer buildings are constantly added, commonly held as architectural masterpieces.

Alice can be found just pulling up outside of a museum on her motorcycle. Her kontos has once again been retrieved, and her helmet is removed. She gets off of her bike and puts the helmet down on the seat, glancing up at the museum with a long sigh. It's not really a 'aww crap, here we go again' sigh, it's more of a 'god I love museums!' sigh. The summer sun is finally more forgiving, though Alice seems to be retaining an awesome sunburn on her pasty, pasty skin.

Danny is lounging just outside the museum, reading a pamphlet with some amusement. He looks up as he hears the motorcycle come to a stop and smiles as he spots Alice. "Hey," he says, offering a wave.

Leandra, on the other hand, emerges from said museum, tapping at a blackberry rather fitfully as she does so, before quirking her head a little and coming to a stop as she emerges into the sun to see Alice and Danny.

Alice looks more than surprised to see Danny and Leandra outside the museum. Then she just looks like she might have a slight breakdown. "Oh man, if more of us show up, we're going to find more dead girls," she mumbles mostly to herself. She grins however at the two, nodding to them. "Auntie, nice to see you again. Danny. What happened after I wandered off last night?" She asks, furrowing her brows with a bit of concern.

"Not much," Danny replies with a shrug. "The rest of them stood around talking for a while before we all split. Nothing terribly exciting after that one fellow left with the poor dead girl."

"Hey Niece." Answers Leandra to that with a grin, then she pulls a face as she tucks the blackberry back into a jacket pocket. "Random dead girls are unlikely, though if our luck fails to hold and random nasty things attack they may get bystanders. It happens fairly often it seems."

"Yeah, a bit too often for my liking," Alice says with a slight grin, covering her mouth briefly. "I wish that mom would have told me back then when the visits started that there were going to be cat men trying to rip open holes in my friends' chests…" Did Alice just refer to Leonard as a friend? The sudden realization makes her blush a bit, but that quickly wears off. "You guys let Marius take Caelis?" Alice asks Danny.

"He seemed to know her," Danny says. "And I didn't really want to interrupt his grief by chasing him down and taking her away from him."

"I know where he lives if you want to track him down." Comments Leandra to that. "Though he is far from my favourite person to speak to, I would rather avoid it if possible."

Alice waits for the inevitable necrophilia joke. When it's not made, she lifts her brows in surprise, but doesn't make it herself. "Hard telling what he did with the body then. Considering she's supposedly an Atlantean who is thousands of years old, I very seriously doubt that she had any real form of identification. That could make getting her a proper funeral very tricky."

Danny shrugs. "Getting rid of a body isn't that difficult if you know what you are doing. Fire usually works fine if you get it hot enough. If not, she's just another Jane Doe for the county to deal with. In this city, they get dozens of them."

"He can fly anyway, that makes dropping bodies out to sea or something a lot easier." Notes Leandra with a shrug of her own. "She is an Atlantian though, I was there when she turned up on the bank of the river in a 'stasis pod' thing."

A fire engine rolls lazily down the streets, no sirens blazing on the big red truck this time around. It's got a load of four people in it, a majority of them men with a single female. They aren't wearing full turnouts as the wheels pull up to the side of a walk and park it outside of the museum. The four men and woman spill out, most of them plucking up clipboards and pens. One even pulls out a large binder sort of object before they talk amongst themselves. The woman nods, throwing up a peace sigh before all of the three men depart into the museum, leaving Asterisk to fend for herself in her heavy pants and black tee. Eyes watch the area, smiling to those who pass with a wave of her hand. She looks as if not very amused, however, kicking at the floor every so often with a boot.

Alice seems to consider this for a long moment, sighing softly. "I guess you're right. I mean, dropping her into the ocean would be easy enough. Hardly seems right though, but I guess in this sort of situation, it wouldn't be a stupid move." Alice peers over towards Asterisk, before looking to Leandra. "Ah, there's one of those new girls from last night. She's not the spooky one I was telling you about though." Alice seems to be a little troubled at the mention of 'spooky gal', though that's quickly alleviated as she motions Asterisk over.

Danny covers a smile at Alice's slight discomfort and turns to watch the new arrivals. He raises his eyebrows. "Is there a fire that I don't know about?"

"I noticed the lack of silly clothing or scythes." Confirms Leandra to Alice there. "And burial at sea is pretty standard I would have thought? Depends on a lot though." She raises a hand in a vague kind of wave to Asterix at least assuming she heads over.
Faizura has arrived.

At the catching sight of someone waving her over, Asterisk leans away from the BRT and makes her way toward the others gathered. Her head nods once to Alice, as if saying hello, before her lips move as well. "Hi. And, no. No fire. Just an inspection, really." At the speak of dead women who were not present, she rolls her shoulders and tucks her hands into the pockets of the turnout pants.

An inspection. Riiiiiight. This makes Alice a little more weary. "I just thought you were showing up for an elaborate strip-o-gram," she tries to joke. She finally just quiets down and looks at Leandra and Danny. Surely /they/ have something witty to say!

Danny grins. "Inspections are good. It's be a terrible tragedy if some prankster tried to set the T-Rex bones on fire." He shakes his head. "Everyone knows you go for the Civil War artifacts first. Those uniforms are flammable. Not, er, that I'd know. Just a supposition."

Leandra quirks her head a little as she studies Alice for a moment, grinning just slightly. "I am constantly amazed at your ability to turn conversations dirty then get all embarassed by it, I mean really." Then she looks to Asterix. "Anyway, hi, I am Leandra, and apparently I am Alice's aunt. Yes, I am younger than her."

Asterisk first responds to Alice. "Strip-o-Gram indeed. They've probably just started dancing in the exibition hall just now." A small bobbing of her head is given before back to Danny. "I'll have to keep your knowledge on flamability in mind!" she mentions before a hand raises to wave once again to Leandra. "Hello, again. I'm Asterisk. Make up a nickname as you please. I'm no one's aunt, however."

"Around these parts? You may never know who the Hell you're related to." Alice says with a slight grin. She turns to Leandra with a bit of a half-frown. "I regret to say that I think Marius is our cousin or something, by the way. Let's just hope that he's not a necrophiliac." She sniffs the air for a moment, putting her hands into her pockets and rocking back on her heels. "Danny, your knowledge of flammables…" For a moment she acts like she might ask if he wants to run some tactics drills with molotov cocktails, but she refrains.

Can you hear the organs? As it is, several ravens go flappy by. The rumbling gloom passes before Faizura. Today, she walks with a parasol in her usual black dress. Strangely, she has a new … black sun hat. How many of those does she HAVE exactly? She's a Voltaire song personified, the bite of black humor. Either way, she walks along the path. *tp tp tp* Her steps are light and prim. She pauses noticing the gathering. A headtilt. "You know, I think I saw a porno like this once."

"Hey, Wednesday. Pugsley called, said Fester blew up another wing of the house so they moved your stuff to Pubert's room," Danny says, waving to the goth girl. "Whatever that means."

"Marius is indeed my cousin, first cousin even I think." Leandra pulls a face for a second as she answers in agreement with Alice, then she looks to Faizura and studies her briefly if intently. "Ahh, so you have not come to reclaim your stolen hat then?" A nod to Alice there.

Asterisk raises her arms to hold behind her head, hips thrusting forward just once, maybe twice. And right after she lowers them into a relaxed position once again least some civilian see such a dirty act from a firefighter outside the truck. Dirty! "The party is only getting started. Lets make our own porno."

Danny blinks and laughs. "That didn't work out too well for Zach and Mindy, you know."

A soft laugh. The parasol tilts back a little. "I see," She seems amused. Faizura's purple eyes turn towards Alice and Leandra. She nods, "I have many of them." Creepy. Then a blink as Asterisk thrusts her hips. Oh my. This provokes a lifted eyebrow from Faizura, "Must be a very good day."

Alice merely /STARES/ at Asterisk, eyes wide. Her mouth falls open, and she doesn't cover it for once. Eventually, she gets hold of herself, blushing profusely. "So, ah, anyways… yeah, I have your sun hat…" Alice says to Faizura, reaching up to rub the back of her neck in embarrassment. "Sorry for taking off with it. Alright, not really. Do you want it back?"

Leandra raises one eyebrow as she watches Asterisk's display, rolling her weight slightly on the balls of her feet before she chuckles and shakes her head. "I think I will pass on that offer." Then to Alice and Faizura. "I am going to be honest, you look like you need a sun hat, or at least a higher factor blocker."

Asterisk's shoulders roll just slightly. "What can I say," she starts before eyes fly upward. Seems one of the other firefighers was walking out of the museum. "Get your skinny ass over here. Got a crawl space you need to check out," The man called to her, prompting the woman to release a very discontent sigh. To those she was standing with, a hand raises and touches to her temple. "My civil duty apparently calls," she mentions while mock-saluting. "I'm sure I'll run into everyone again soon if you're not out here when I return."

Danny offers a wave to the departing Asterisk. "Have fun," he says before turning to the other women. "So, how's everyone doing today?"

"Everything is great," Alice mumbles mostly to herself, waving at Asterisk as she wanders away. She clears her throat a little bit, looking unsure of how to recover from that particular incident… Finally, she blushes somewhat at Leandra's comments, sunburnt cheeks only turning redder. "Hey, I can't help it. My real, actual mom is Irish… as though you couldn't tell by looking at me."

"Farewell," Faizura calls. A pause. She furrows her brows, "Do they always treat her that way?" She seems a bit perturbed by the skinny ass comment. "How uncouth," She straightens her dress. A headshake at Alice. "No, it's fine. I have another one," She points to the one on her head. A few blinks at Leandra. "I -" Hmm. She just peers. As if Faizura's purple eyes weren't a big enough hint at a possible genetic oddity. "Am … simply pale?"

"I was referring to Alice and her fetching sunburn, you have a parasol." Points out Leandra to Faizura, though she is grinning slightly. "I am lucky there and just do not burn." To Danny. "Well enough, I keep running into Alice but that could be worse."

"Much worse," Danny agrees, smiling. "It's better than crucified women and titanspawn, at the least."

Alice chuckles quietly. "That's actually what I was juat about to say," she asides to Danny, reaching up and stretching her arms. She yawns quietly before looking to the others. "Well, this isn't interesting. Another first, perhaps. No one is dead and nothing is trying to rip our spleens out. It's.. pleasant."

Peer. "She should have at least a hat," Faizura states simply. She stays quite contentedly under her parasol. "Hm." She looks around. "Do people try to remove your spleens often?" Her eyebrows lift. "Most foes I encounter aren't quite that sophisticated." She is perturbed by this.

"I rather doubt she meant literally, most Titanspawn seem happy with ripping and slicing in general I agree." Leandra eyes Faizura there. "I am fairly sure nobody has ever tried to remove my spleen in particular but they have certainly tried to chop randomly at me with an axe for example."

Danny grins. "I had one titanspawn try to remove my appendix. I know because he told me so. I didn't have the heart to tell the poor thing that I didn't really need it."

Alice shudders briefly at all the talk of ripping, tearing, and other general unpleasantness. "Aye, most Titanspawn do in fact enjoy causing mayhem in general. At least carrying around the kontos constantly is keeping me in shape." She asides to Leandra, whilst nodding towards Faizura. "That's the girl with the hairpin scythe. It's /so cool/."

Another faint laugh. "Oh, I see," Comes her response. "I'm -" Faizura ponders this, rubbing her chin. A shrug. "Interesting. Then at least I won't be bored. I'll have to tell my sister." Smile. There's TWO of them. Let this chilling news sink in. Thankfully, Faizura doesn't hear Alice or there would be blushing.

Leandra grins to Danny. "An anatomy challenged Titanspawn then? Better than the alternative I suppose." Then a small nod to Alice, though she fails to be similarly enthused. "I have a relic rifle.. But I leave it in my car to avoid being arrested."

Danny taps his walking cane and smiles conspiratorially. "Weapons are indeed cool. I'm made something of a study of them. The first time my father visited me, he gave me my spear and that pretty much made up for not being there when I was younger."

There's a pause as everyone gets ready to compare weapons. Everyone here has /seen/ the kontos, and it's none too impressive. Everyone but Fai. She decides not to whip it out, instead standing back in order to listen to the conversation. Finally she ho-hums, "The next time I see mom, I'm gonna have to ask her to change my spear into something nifty and retractable. I should get her to make it look like a telescope. Then I can shake it out. And maybe put someone's liver out."

It's good cause to feel left out. Poor kontos-less Faizura. "It's useful, I don't have to worry about laws," the woman admits. She peers over. "Mom was very wise to let me hide it. I can't be seen toting around a scythe unless I took up a job as a farmer or landscaper." A wry grin from the woman. "Still." A shrug. She peers at Leandra now. Hmmmm. "Hm. We've met. Yes?"

"My mother adopted me, and showed up when I had a broken leg and was about to be chopped up with a machete.. So I am grateful indeed even without the gifts she gave me." Leandra pulls a face there, then shakes her head slightly to Faizura. "I do not believe so?"

Danny falls silent for a moment as the ladies talk amongst themselves.

"I don't know why she would have given me something so impractical to carry around," Alice merely says, before dropping the subject. A gift is a gift, after all; and when it's a gift from a god, you can't really say 'eff you' to it. She takes in a deep breath and watches the conversation that now rests upon Leandra and Faizura.

"I am Faizura, it is a pleasure to meet you," The woman smiles politely beneath her sun hat. "And that is an interesting story," Her purple eyes are fixed on Leandra for a moment. "I suppose she may be teaching you to cope with a handicap or not to rely on a tool overmuch," Shrug. Faizura drops the subject too. "I was considering going to see the places around here. But I'm not sure where the good tea is."

"A pleasure to meet you then Faizura, my name is Leandra." Answers Leandra to Faizura with a polite nod, then. "Well you ride a motorcycle, I suppose it packs quite a punch if you go jousting giant monsters?" That addressed from Leandra to Alice, followed by a shrug. "I could not really reccommend a good place to tea though. I prefer coffee."

Alice grins briefly at Leandra. "Yeah, I suppose so. I hadn't actually /thought/ of doing that, but it could work, in theory." She furrows her brow at Faizura, shrugging her shoulders a little bit. "I'm in agreeance there. I don't often do the tea thing, but I'm sure that there are some posh tea houses uptown."

A curtsey. "Hm. I just like tea, I'm odd I suppose," Faizura muses lightly. A shrug at that. "Jousting would be interesting to watch," She admits. "I've only ever heard of it being done," Faizura comments. "It might be something to keep in mind if you can get to a car," She points out. "I will have to find them sometime then. What do you normally do here?"

Leandra chuckles and shakes her head slightly now. "I imagine jousting on motorcyles without armour would be more.. Messy, than interesting. Not that I have ever tried it or even really want to." Then she hmms. "Define here?"

Alice blinks at Faizura. Was that a curtsey just now? She shouldn't be surprised, but she is. At least a little. "Well, 'here' is a pretty broad spectrum. I was just coming to check on the museum when you all rolled up on me," she says with a slight grin. She takes Leandra's words into consideration, nodding very briefly.

It was. Faizura hms. "That is quite true," She agrees. "And this city," She explains after a moment. She tilts her sun hat back a little. "I probably shouldn't stay and yammer at you too long, so I appreciate our conversation." A shrug and a smile. She seems to be warming up to people in her ooky spooky way.

"I kind of live here, without being burdened by a job." Answers Leandra with a small shrug. "But only since recently, more specifically? I was leaving before running into the unexpected crowd so I should probably carry on my way soon."

"I'm going to scope the area out…" Alice says, trying to sound all awesome and things. She's probably actually just going to inside and look at things though.

"I see," Faizura responds. "I won't hold you back then. Farewell. Be safe," She smiles and gives a fingertip wave. A peer at Alice. "You're odd." But she seems happy about this oddness, her voice strangely warm at that. She waves to Alice too and wanders off.

Danny stays quiet as everyone starts leaving, returning to idly perusing his pamphlet.

Alice decidedly did not go into the museum. Her cell phone started ringing, and she's still on it when she notices that Danny is still here. "Uh huh. I'll call you back!" She says as she clicks the phone shut, putting it in the pocket of her shorts. "How's your trip coming along?" Alice asks, with the best of intentions.

Danny looks up and smiles as he notices Alice is still there. "Oh, pretty good. Still just getting a feel for the city."

"It can be hard, but I think you're adjusting just fine, all things considered," Alice says with a bit of a grin, covering her mouth with her hand in a trademark way. She nods a little bit, glancing around. "Well, feel free to ask me for help. I'm not a tour guide or anything, but I make the rounds." Alice and Danny stand outside a large museum, Alice's bike parked nearby. Everyone else has departed for the time being, and the crowds on the streets are dying down a bit.

"Will do," Danny promises. "It hasn't been too bad thus far. I keep to the major landmarks, and the cabbies always know where they are."

Alice laughs quietly, nodding. "Major landmarks are a safe bet. You're probably not going to get shanked or mugged there. Not that you'd have much to worry about in that situation. Just for clarification, you were kind of like, flying last night, right?"

It takes a long, long time. But along the horizon, comes the bobbing shadow of a black parasol. The birds fly away as she approaches. Small children scamper off and shadows just seem longer as she walks along. Perhaps they sense the soul of the IRS worker. Either way, Faizura seems to be making her way back along the sidewalks, a few bags across one arm.

Danny chuckles. "I was mugged the other day, in fact. Or rather, they attempted to mug me. I hung them from a street lamp because I've wanted to do that ever since reading my first Spiderman comic." He winks. "And yes, I can fly."

Leonard is slowly getting better. The man has decided to escape from his recovery once again, taking to the busy streets, flowing and shuffling along with the crowds that buzz across sidewalks and crosswalks. He's got a briefcase today, the thing dangling limply at his side. He seems to be searching for something at the moment, making occasional pause to peer at a corner or alcove of particular interest.

Alice grins at Danny, raising a brow. "That's… interesting." As he winks at her, her face turns even more red. She clears her throat and sees Faizura and Leonard approaching from different directions, waving at the both of them. "Hello!" She cries out, waving them over. Perhaps not wise in case any Titanspawn are near by.

More birds fly off. A dog howls then whines and runs off. Caaaaaaw caaaaaaw off in the distance. Faizura lifts her eyebrows at that. Hmph. She rolls her shoulders. Alice spotted. Target acquired. Dark purple eyes lock onto her and the woman picks up her pace, tipping a little faster as she strides along. She hasn't noticed Leonard yet. She stops a little ways from Alice. "You. Have no umbrella." At this, a rather charming sapphire colored parasol is offered to her. This is stated simply as a fact. "You're going to fry."

Danny peers at Faizura, amused. "You're an odd person, you know. It's interesting."

Leonard catches the signal that Alice gives, eyes slowly rising from his latest inspection. He's drawn over eventually, going against wavy currents of people, toward the familiar woman and the other that moves to join her. Faizura elicts slight pause on the part of the magician, but it doesn't stop his eventual arrival. "You needed me?"

There's a moment where Alice grins between Leonard and Faizura, looking utterly puzzled as a sapphire blue parasol is produced. She hesitantly reaches out to take the umbrella from Sailor Loligoth, putting it over her head. "Thank… you…" She says, narrowing her eyes a bit. Well, hey, it /is/ a pretty umbrella. She holds over she and Danny's heads, sighing as she feels the cool relief from insta-shade! "Hi Leonard. You missed a helluva of thing last night after you hobbled away."

A shrug. "Thank you. I think," Danny gets a cool glance and a lifted eyebrow. Leonard gets a nod, although he too is eyed with some suspicion. Hmmmm. Faizura bobs her head once the parasol is accepted. There you go! Not so much sunburn. She seems pleased for now. And there's no skulls or dead things patterned on it. Surprising. The magician gets another glance before her gaze returns back to Alice. "I only hope that man is rational enough to honor my request and preserve those runes."

"He didn't seem terribly rational," Danny offers. "But that might have just been the heat of the moment."

"Tell me about what happened." Leonard's words aren't surprised at mention of trouble, though none of them probably are. He just offers slight smile in reply, genial inclination of his head first toward Alice, then Faizura, and lastly the man that stands beside the two. "It's an inevitable problem. Was it anything interesting?"

Alice shakes her head briefly. "I don't know about that, Faizura. He's… uh.. well, who /knows/ what he did with the body," Alice remarks quietly. She looks to Leonard, frowning a little bit. "We saw a dead girl appear on a welcome banner. 'Traitor' was carved into her flesh several times in different languages."

A deep sigh. "He seemed like a … decent fellow," There's a hint of contempt in her voice, but it's hard telling between that and her usual distant disdain for the world as a whole, "But I think his heart went to his head. That or her ample breasts, I don't know," Faizura states flatly. "She speaks truth. He has her body, there were many other runes as well I believe. I told him to at least get images of the runes for study, so that perhaps a scholar may find some use of them and help deal with whomever is crucifying people. Completely uncalled for," A dismissive handwave. "Somehow, I don't know if my advice sunk in."

Danny falls silent, not having much to contribute to the current topic.

"I don't think that rationality is one of Marius's strong points, by any means," Alice says as she crosses her arms across her chest, ignoring the comment about ample breasts. "He may be the son of Apollo, but he certainly didn't inherit any brilliant intelligence. However, perhaps he did heed your advice. One could only hope, I'd love to study the runes for myself."

"Oh." Leonard's first reply is just a faint murmur, time taken to roll information over in his head. When it all tumbles into a proper shape he nods again, questioning, "So he has that, now? Hopefully he doesn't ruin them." The death seems just a passing notice, ignored for the most part. "Was that all?"

"That's a pity," Is Faizura's only comment. She's rather cold and rational about it all. "I suppose the world needs that sort at times, if only - well, hope is infinitely cruel too…" She's debating this. There's a twitch. Is that a look of sympathy or contempt? "Hm." A soft grunt. She doesn't know. It's as if the softer, squishier side of life sometimes evades her understanding, dismissed with a handwave. "I hope so too, as I said. It would be tragic. I will simply have to ask him when I see him."

Alice raises a brow at Faizura, but doesn't really question the other woman's mannerisms. She nods her head a little bit, looking to Leonard. "Guess so. Everyone seems to be in one piece today, and I don't guess anything attacked them. Though I will say, it's awfully unsettling to be engaged in polite conversation and suddenly, BAM! Dead gal hanging from welcome signs."

"That's how it is." Leonard's lips twist into a humored, lopsided sort of smile. "One day I woke up and found my house was covered in snakes. I tried to call the fire department, but none of them seemed enthusiastic to help when they found out how many I had." It's probably a joke. "I'm sorry she died." Small pause, "I believe I know who killed her, though. I'll see them about it."

"Oh, do you now?" Alice asks Leonard, looking quite interested. "Well, Mr. Mystery, I'd love to hear that one. There's talk that this woman, this Caelis, was an Atlantean and that you all had instructions to end her life." Alice merely shakes her head a little bit. "I never received those instructions, but my mother doesn't exactly ever give me orders to kill anything. I'm not her warrior. The only person who seems too torn up about her death is Marius."

"Perhaps he was falling in love," Faizura offers simply. Her weirdness just keeps coming. "I'm sorry she died, it did not seem to be her time. I didn't get that feeling anyway," She comments quietly. She giggles a bit at the snake comment. "Considering the traitor comment, it may have been whatever group she belonged to or angered," She points out. Her parasol is shifted a little to keep her shaded. "To be fair, the pantheons DID wipe out Atlantis as far as anyone knows? I've no idea." Shrug.

"I don't know about what happened to Atlantis. I'd like to, someday." Leonard's gaze angles toward Alice, "Yes, well, I wasn't told to kill her," Emphasis on 'told', "But it seemed to be the word around town. If she was killed by her old friends, though, I think I've found them." Lips quirk, the man making almost humored expression. "I might even need help, if you want to volunteer."

Alice, Leonard, Fairuza and Danny stand near the museum, huddled in an intimate group, obviously engaged in what appears to be at least semi-riveting conversation. Alice ponders this, glancing to Leonard briefly. "Sure, I'll volunteer. You sure you're up for something particularly life endangering after Mr. Bigglesworth nearly tore your still-beating heart out of your chest?" She asks, with some genuine concern before flashing a brief smile at Faizura. "Falling in love with an Atlantean. Just saying it makes it sounded doomed."

Danny looks up from the Game Boy he'd somehow acquired and was playing. "Tragic love is a staple of mythology," he offers. "Rarely does an affair end well."

"They'll probably d-" Faizura is trying to maintain some demeanor of cheeriness and shrugs, "They were probably doomed yes," Then a pause. A laugh. "The farm story was just that." Faizura just shakes her head. "I suppose he is an optomist, but it is still vaguely foolish. Did he think he could stop those who were sent on missions?" An eyebrow lifts. "Hmph. Oh well, I'm sure he's charming in his own right. Maybe." A chin tap. "Either way…"

A small sleek silver jag, rolls down the streets of New York. The young man driving the car, pulls into a turn around of a nearby conglomerate building and steps out as a valet takes his keys and shakes the young man's hand. Stretching a bit and looking a little hesitant at the fact he is handing his graduation present over to an unknown employee of the company, he stifles a yawn and looks up at the sky. Jet lag is hell and there is no sky in a big city…just buildings. He sighs a bit and looks about.

At Danny's comment, Alice looks rather sullen. She even steps away from him a few paces, putting away her sapphire parasol now that the sun is setting in the sky. She lets out a soft sigh, nodding to Faizura's words. "Charming in his own right… that may be. But I digress."

"I'll be fine. I survived, didn't I?" There's almost an edge of offense to Leonard's reply, the man in black stretching hand up to straighten the bowl-shaped hat on head. "That was bad luck on my part. Usually I'd be able to avoid something like that." His face smooths with a second of effort, easy smile returning once again. "Besides, two things. The first, I'm the one running the show. Second, I'll stand behind someone."

Cue the organs. A few ravens craw and run off. A dog has gone into hiding and one can almost swear the plants have withered around Faizura. If it were an anime, the sky over her would be black and someone might go running by. She keeps her black parasol up and is dressed neatly in gothic lolita style, lace, ribbons and all. Yet she seems utterly calm and cool. She's … warming up to people to a degree. The parasol is folded up in turn after awhile. "Wise." Is her only response. But the car gets her attention. She lifts an eyebrow.

Danny quirks an eyebrow as Alice deliberately steps away from him. He sniffs himself, then shrugs as this fails to produce any heinous odors.

"Yeah, you survived, Mister Mystery. Conveniently enough this time. 'Scuse me if I don't like to see, uh, people I like getting hurt," Alice admits sheepishly. She looks to Danny and smiles, stepping back towards him a little bit. She reaches up to scratch the tip of her nose with a finger, letting out a soft sigh. "Alright, Mister Mystery, if you're running the show, the next time I get into a bind and you're around, it's /all/ on you, bub."

"…" Faizura looks up. "It's dinnertime. I should head home," She states simply. With a wave, the woman smiles to the others and starts off. She moves pretty fast, given the garb she wears. "Be safe."

"I'll do my best." Leonard makes a pointed little bow toward Alice with his assurance, swiveling to make farewell at Faizura after. "I'll see you around, eventually." Back to the others afterward. "If it makes you uncomfortable, I'll try to avoid it in the future. I'm not a big advocate of feeling pain either, to tell you the truth."

Alice nods to Faizura a little bit. "Goodbye, Fai," she murmurs before laughing at Leonard's comment. "Yeah, that would be preferable in the future. I'd hate to have to actually use my powers," Alice says with a wink. She looks towards Danny briefly before sticking her hands in her pockets. She, Leonard, and Danny stand near the entrance of a museum, huddled together in a group. It seems that Faizura is just now departing.

"Hate to use them?" Danny queries Alice. "I actually enjoy using mine. It's a rush."

It's a slow cruise. It wouldn't be distinguishable from any other vehicle on the road except for the fact it's a limousine converted hearse. The black limo-hearse rounds the corner slowly, the windows tinted as dark as the deepest black of night. It pulls over to the side of the road and parks. It runs silent as death itself and gives off the vibe of being 'spooky'. The front door opens and a man steps out. He is dressed in a very sharp suit with a drivers cap that he places on his head. He stands a good seven feet tall and has pallid skin. He doesn't look all the healthy. One might instantly get the impression that he is a knock off of Lurch.
He walks down the length of hearse and opens the rear door. A man in a full bdsm mask crawls out of the limo and onto the street, literally crawls. He has a silver spiked collar on and a silver chain leads back into the limo. His mistress' hand is seen first. Blood red, literally deep crimson nails, accent a soft ivory hued hand. It's finally manicured and the color seems to be larger than life. The woman that proceeds to step from the limo is very… Unique in appearance. She wears a skin tight black leather corset, thigh high stiletto boots with silver toned buckles running from the top to the bottom. She has a mid-drift coat with tails that is made of a bright purple velvet looking material. Her lips are painted in the same crimson as her nails. To top it off, she has a tall top hat that has a single red rose on the left side. She tugs tightly on the leash causing the man on the end to physically jerk back a couple of feet. "Down boy…" She says with a soft exotic and hard-to-place accent. "Well, if this is where I have to be.." She snaps her fingers as a group of midgets tumble out of the limo. One might think they were Jawa, from their brown rough material robes, but the fact they have full faced black masks on says they may be something more.
"Get the luggage you idiots.." She says with a tone of dismissal that would remind one of how someone speaks to property. She tugs the leash and starts to walk across the street. The seven foot tall man falls into step behind her, holding up an umbrella. The man on the leash is crawling across the pavement. "Really.. You could have done better, Manson.." She berates, the man behind her however nods, "I'm sorry madame. You may punish me later if you like." His speech is slow, deep and has a resonance that sounds vaguely again.. Like Lurch.

Marius is out late dealing with research and generally looks like he hasn't been sleeping well, He is a little frazzeled looking as he makes his way down the street, not his normal pressed self.

It's hard to not notice a thing like that rolling down the street, and Leonard does about halfway through opening mouth to respond to Alice. His head tilts slowly, craning in owlish motion toward the new sight along the sidwalk. Mouth closes a second too late, working back and forth before he makes mention of, "Those are what we call rich people back home." Pale eyes peek back toward his two companions, questioning, "What do you think of that?"

It's like injecting middle class America into a surrealist foreign film. Rain has the misfortune (or fortune!) of wandering down the street with something freshly cooked in hand as she meanders along towards some destination. She seems to be drawing near Alice and the others and now … the mysterious show. This causes her to double take, jerking her head a couple of times. She somehow manages not to snap her neck (Although, Turkeys manage it too, so one cannot attribute too much intelligence to the woman just yet). Leonard is spotted too, but … wow. The spectacle slows Rain's walk.

"To be honest, what I think of that can be summed up in 'holy shit'." Alice remarks with a wry half-grin. She shakes her head as she watches the limo roll up, letting out a soft sigh. "I don't recognize her. Is she a porn star or what?" Because clearly only porn stars would wear corsets, you know. Alice looks thoroughly apprehensive at the arrival of Rich Corset Girl… but even moreso at the fact that she has a gimp of all things. "Well, Danny… I mean. My powers aren't as cool as flying or anything. But they serve their purposes," she manages to say quietly.

Danny smiles at Alice then turns to eye the spectacle. "Odd," is his laconic comment.

Oh if it were only luggage that comes from the hearse-limo it would be fine. The several midgets open the back of the hearse and hard shelled luggage is tugged out and then comes…. It's seven feet long, deep mahogany in hue and has what looks like silver bars running down the length… Yeah you guessed it.. It's a casket. There is a loud thud from the casket hitting the ground. The woman stops mid traffic and bears perfectly white teeth, with slightly pointed canines, "CAREFUL YOU IDIOTS!" She screams at them, it's quite a sight and sound. Her anger is almost palatable in the air. "YOU WILL WAKE HIM UP!" She says in a harsh tone. She kicks the man on the leash and he flies a few feet into the air and down the street. The chain let go just in perfect timing. She walks over and grabs a "jawa" by the head and slings him/her/it back behind her and it hits a mailbox with enough force to dent. "Stupid fuckers.." She grabs the casket with a single hand and lifts it back into the limo. "SO fucking help me.. If you wake him up I will eat your brains for breakfast.." Oddly enough, the Jawa all suddenly cower as if this is something they've experienced as truth. "MANSON!" She yells, "Fetch that fucking fido." The man nods and walks toward the leashed man as she turns to look at the man and then spins around on heel. Her eyes glance at the gathered group as she seems to stare at them in that 'nifty-slow-motion' sort of way. There is a smile… That knowing smile of creepy-woman-hunting her prey…

"Maybe she took a wrong turn." Leonard gives this theory with half-glance toward those other two near him. Mostly, he's watching the woman and her pets. Rain is noticed too, flagged with one finger before the magician makes visible wince at the treatment that tiny man receives. "Definitely a wrong turn," He decides, eyes lofting to meet the woman in the distance. "I wonder what she's about."

One cannot repeat What. The. Christ. Enough to satisfy Rain's assessment of the situation. Her eyebrows lift … furrow … ponderponder. Her jaw just drops as she sneaks over towards Leonard. She seems sympathetic to the tiny chap who gets slung and the guy getting kicked - owch. Harsh. She just frowns. It pains Rain, who is normally a fairly gentle critter by nature. The smile unnerves Rain though. If she had big fluffy Anubis ears yet, they would droop.

Marius, in his daze, does not actually notice the situation as anything out of the ordinary at first, I mean this is New York, and he has other things on his mind, what does he care about some freaks making a scene.

There's a definitive shocked silence from Alice as Rich Corset Girl berates the wee man. She blinks at the casket being lifted into the limo, then there's a sense of dread as the woman turns to stare at the group. "Um. Hi." She says quietly before glancing to Leonard. "Mister Mystery, I think we're about to be in a situation that's going to need your distinctive brand of leadership," she says.

Danny frowns as he watches, and he quietly and efficiently screws the silver horse-head handle off his walking cane, revealing a spear blade that he carefully conceals behind his hand, still holding the cane as normal. "We may have to intervene," he tells the others.

"Bring it to me…" She says as she walks over to Manson and takes the leash. A small girl steps out of the limo. She is dressed like a baby doll, moreover, exactly like a babydoll complete with a plastic face mask. She carries with her a walking cane that has what looks like a diamond on the handle end. The woman grabs it from the smaller girl and then hisses at her. "Get out of my sight, slut." She slaps the girl across the side of the head with her cane. She walks over to the midget near the mailbox and jabs the crystal end into the chest of the jawa and there is a subtle black-ish flash of light as the jawa coughs suddenly and then silence and no-motion. "Get rid of this pathetic trash.." Manson walks over and grabs the midget and touches the center of the mask and it cracks. He takes a glance around as he shakes out the brown robe and then folds it up. "Fucking useless things… They break so easily." She glances back. "Bring him to my apartment.. And if he is awake.." The jawas don't say a word, rather they just nod to her.

Her eyes lift up and she looks at Danny, directly, and shakes her head; it's the subtle warning a bully might emit to the weaker.. Her eyes glance slowly to the limo. Two men come out of the limo holding more bags. The men are well built and wearing collars as well. She turns to look at Danny and smiles. "Take a picture.. Or come up stairs. I assure you, it's to die for.." She breaks off into a Cruella Deville worthy laugh.. Fido sits at her feet as she looks back to Manson, stopping her laughter. "I think I'm going to like New York… Remind me to thank the worthless bastard.." She turns to blow a kiss at Danny.. "See you later handsome… I promise.." She tugs on the man's leash as she finishes her journey to the stoop of the building. "Hurry up worthless things.." She says standing there. One might notice, however, one of those spiked heels is firmly planted on "fido's" hand.. The man seems to be utterly oblivious or well trained..

"Yes, I noticed." Leonard flashes a jagged smile toward Alice, fleeting gesture before he takes smooth step forward. He stride is easy, one arm flicked behind toward companions as he makes approach, heading straight for the woman and all of her baggage. Fingers sweep upward to pinch at the rim of his hat, the thing swept down and away in a grandiose gesture of greeting. "Hello." Just that, loud and simple greeting.

Rain is just kind of staring, looking horrified at the abject cruelty. Mmmph. Her fingers curl. There's obviously a good deal of restraint on the child of Anubis' part. Especially the little girl! Poor girl! Flail! Well, fortunately, Rain isn't flailing literally. She just watches in horror and follows after Leonard a little ways, obviously concerned for her bandmate. And he's still injured! A slight wave as others say hi.

OH HELL NO! Judging from the expression on Alice's face, it looks like there's about to be a Jerry Springer situation right here, right now. Alice's almighty and horrifying rage has been summoned — but it happens so rarely that she has no idea what to do. She starts to ready the kontos, dragging it out of the gym bag and holding it in both hands, peering out from behind the head of it dangerously. And when Rich Corset Girl tacks on all of that to Danny? Alice's gets a severe case of the Crazy Eyes (TM).

Marius has stopped to notice, with the whole Jawa soul sucking bit, he spots Rain and Alice on their approach and frowns, his other business, while important can wait, he doesn't approach the limo though, instead moving into a flanking possition.

Danny merely tightens his grip on his spear/cane and maintains a steely-eyed gaze on the spectacle, looking for any reason to jump in and start laying down a righteous smackdown.

Crimson lips curl into a slight frown.. The woman looks over her shoulder at Manson, "What is this little boy doing, Manson?" She says as if completely disregarding Leonard. Her eyes glance over Leonard for a moment and are drawn to Alice as she reaches her hand down and unfastens the leash from the man's collar and then snaps the collar on the man's neck. It falls to the ground and she looks at Danny and then at Alice. "Sick em, Fido…" She hops up onto the stoop's edge and then crosses her legs and lights a cigarette.
The man turns to look toward the group and then there is a soul wrenching howl, it's guttural as the man's form rends itself. Bones rip through skin as skin grows hair, face masks rip to reveal mauls. Only one word can come to mind… Werewolf… The woman looks over at Manson and sighs, "Make sure to get a replacement.. I don't know if he's strong enough yet.." The bloody wolf-man stands there on all fours. He's more lupine than human at this point.. His teeth dripping drool.
"Get them fido.. Mommy will even let you eat them if you're a good widdle puppy.." She says between exhales of her cigarette. "Oh isn't he cute.." She looks at the girl. "Bring the camera! I want pictures for my scrap book!" The girl's face obscured looks toward the wolf-man and then runs to the limo quickly…

On the outdoor section of a very exclusive Martini Bar, Tybalt makes his way outside to find a table and set down his drink before sliding comfortably and loosely into a steel chair. He shifts it so that he can see the street and watch the traffic, but for the most part, his attention is on the pack of smokes he is attempting to find in his jacket. He grumbles a little bit and stands up, patting himself down for a second or two before locating them in his back pocket. Pulling out the crumpled back he finds one that has survived and pops it between his lips and then starts the process over in search of a lighter, before remembering they no longer allow lighters on planes. "Damnit…" He offers in soft complaint. However two woman at the same time each extend their hands to him and flick a light into existence via their own lighters. He looks between the two and offers a thankful smile before leaning over to accept one, to which the other makes daggers at.

There's a habitual and necessary jerk backwards when Leonard becomes something else. It's a quick flinch of body, a step made in return, "What-" A second later, "You don't have any sense, do you?" Hat is planted back upon his head, thumb flicking a quick line across dark glasses when his hand descends. Fingers jab toward the woman afterward, pull back, hiss made of, "You."

Ah! Leonard! Flail! Now it's seriously flail time! Rain looks worried and moves over towards her partner. "What a disgrace to -" Rain cuts herself off. Jackals and Wolves have a lot in common after all! While collars might mean loyalty, that is just wrong! She sets her hand on Leonard's shoulder if he doesn't move away. "This sadist is no good," She is encouraging him to move back if she can. The magician might figure out she's blessing his jacket however.

"What a bitch," Alice says under her breath as she puts her kontos into a defensive position. She glances to Danny briefly, then to the others. "And here I was starting to think that things were getting a bit dull around her," Alice remarks with a slightly maniacal grin. Alice hasn't yet noticed the entity that is Tybalt, and there's an intense look in her eyes. The usually calm woman is obviously driven to the edge. It's unclear what about though; Rich Corset Girl's treatment of her 'pets', her comments to Danny, or a combination. There's a good chance it's the latter.

Marius looks like he is in no mood to play today, lets just say it has been a bad week, he slides his hand behind his back and draws a old fashioned six shooter from his waist band, leveling it on the Man-Wolf, he clears his throat, "You don't want to frak with me tonight…."

Danny smiles as the werewolf makes an appearance. He shifts his spear in his grip, no longer concerned about maintaing the walking cane disguise. "I can get him from here," he offers. Danny holds his spear up and pulls back his arm, but pauses before throwing the deadly weapon. He takes a brief moment to get a good bead on the werewolf, then finally grunts and brings his arm quickly up and releases the spear in a perfect overhead throw.

Once Rain seems satisfied that Leonard's jacket will help protect his vital bits (She's not going to bless his pants.), she reaches behind her ear for her pen. It twirls briefly and with a *fwip*, it becomes a knife with a dark handle - hieroglyphs carved into it. She mutters an Egyptian word, holding the knife up. She decides to meet the wolf head on. "You are disgrace to your cousins," She eyes the werewolf. Rain lunges, looking remarkably predatory and snarly. She's going for the kill now. Her slender form is a blur as she darts in for a stab! New York style.

The spear sinks into the wolf-man's shoulder and lets out a howl as it vanishes and returns to the owner's hand. The wolf, aka Puppy, growls and reaches up with his maul and snaps at Rain's knife wielding arm. The bite latches onto Rain's arm and rips back leaving a rather not-so-nice bite slash mark. The blood drips down his fangs as he turns his head away for a moment and snaps back to look at Rain… He growls… His tail wagging in excitement…

The woman in the background snaps a picture with her digital camera. "GOOD BOY!" She calls and pats Manson's chest as she cheers on her puppy. "You are such a good widdle puppy! Bite em up!" Another flash goes off for her picture taking. "My scrap book is going to rock!"

As Alice watches Scrappy Doo bite a chunk of Rain's arm out, she frowns deeply. Frowning isn't really the word for it. It's more of a hardset grimace now. She runs toward the werewolf with extreme determination and swings the kontos in his general direction. Clearly, Alice wasn't kidding around the last time she mentioned needing practice.

Marius 's arm is sheathed in light as a solar disc appears around it like a grat shield, the other hand, wielding the gun levels on the dog he waits only a heart beat, not really taking aim, more shooting from the hip, and fires on the creature, spinning bolts of light leap from the muzzle toward the Werewolf, "GET OFF HER!"

Leonard's gaze toward the woman that watches is a hateful thing, one that would produce daggers if only he'd learned the trick. There's Rain to worry about though, the man snapping backward like a rubber band when he catches the ugly scene out of the corner of an eye. Arm rises, palm raising toward the creature that's assaulted his bandmate. "Don't move!" The words are bellowed at the monster, torn from his throat with a pitch more suited toward stage than street.

Rain does indeed, have a flavor. And it's apparently quite tasty. She yelps herself. "My cousins are JERKS!" She yells and hunkers down to regain her composure. It's obviously a self-depreciating joke, but she's assuming a fighting stance now as - Captain America and Leonard and Freud Girl(TM) now with MORE Spear Action help save the day! Still, for the most part her action is subtle. She bends and moves just so more than before.

The wolf starts to leap at Rain to rip her throat out until he hears the order. A growl is given as he eyes Leo, however, he seems quite fearful to move. The woman yawns. "Ok this is over.." She says tapping Manson's chest as she slips off the stoop and heads into the building the Jawas bring the casket in behind her and the door clicks shut. All is left outside is the one frozen puppy…

Alice glances to Rain's arm with a great deal of worry. She furrows her brow before she charges at Teen Wolf, bringing her spear down into his groin. Or at least attempting. As Spooky McBitchypants heads into the building, Alice narrows her eyes. She doesn't say anything though she's really trying to actively take her anger out on that poor, freezed doggy.

Marius tries a second attempt to shoot the creature, firing off more bolts of brillant sunlight and the now frozen form, he just holds down the trigger, the bullets coming one after another as he approaches it,his body begins to glow and hi face is filled with loss, and anger.
Long distance to Rain: Alice has the Hero.pdf.

Marius' rather brilliant assault upon the puppy goes off rather legendary. The lycan is struck, pierced, jabbed, gun-raped and any other term that convey the level of jail house lust induced pain the wolf suddenly suffered. The beast howls out loudly and rages up to strike at Rain only to fall short and onto the ground. The beast's form reverts to that of a young man, early twenties. The man is naked and looks like he's seen better days, thanks to a certain godling. There is a tattoo on his left shoulder blade. It has a rather familiar look to any of the Aesir.

Danny leaps up into the air and hovers there, standing on nothing. His attention remains fixed on the werewolf. He cocks his arm back for another throw, and his spear rematerializes in his hand. He pauses long enough to get a good bead on the slavering beast, more careful this time to strike precisely.

Marius's attack, however, renders the point moot and Danny is left aiming at the corpse of a young man. "Oh. Well then."

It stings and it burns! There's something definitely off. Rain's eyes are watering. She seems grateful enough, but whatever it is has her distracted and she's holding her arm. "T-thanks," She manages after a moment. "It just kind of burns for some reason," She frowns and shakes her head. "But I guess I shouldn't complain…" She's been saved! Rain straightens and smiles. Oof. The burning doesn't fade at all. That's odd. And annoying. "I don't think I like her."

"Huh." Alice merely says as she crouches down beside the young man, letting her kontos drop to the ground for the moment. She rolls the young man over, looking over his body for any other hints to who he might be, until she notes the tattoo on his shoulder blade. "Odd. Any of you happen to know what this tattoo means? It looks vaguely familiar, but I just can't place it."

When the animal falls Leonard's hand curves downward, settles to his side as he makes quick jaunt toward Rain. He skips over the corpse that's now settled on the ground, questioning, "Are you alright?" The answer is obvious, but he asks anyway. The mentioned mark just gets sidelong glance, then back toward his bandmate again.

"Loki," Danny says, eyeing the tattoo from the sky with telescopic vision. "We got any Aesir around?"

"No, Thor!" Alice says assertively, staring at the symbol. Or is it Loki? Alice starts to shifty eye a bit as she further studies the symbol, before she starts giggling sheepishly, her already sunburnt face turning a deeper shade of red.

Marius sheathes his gun, and banishes the shield, walking over to Rain he checks on her, "You ok….That werewolf got a good piece of you."

Rain looks a little feral. Well, that's what happens when people are in pain. It's not life threatening that anyone can see. She's just not in a happy state. She nods at Leonard. "Yeah. Thank you," She smiles weakly. "And it seems he did. Maybe I'm tasty," She comments wryly. "You don't seem too well though," She comments quietly. The debate over the symbol makes her blink.

"It's your turn to go to the hospital." Leonard reaches to touch at an uninjured shoulder of Rain's, eyes flicking back toward the place the woman vanished off to before. "I don't know what she was about, but we can find out." And then, belatedly, "It's Loki, yes. I don't know what else it means, if it means anything."

Damn! Alice is wrong. This does not happen /so/ very often to her. She picks up the kontos and shoves it into her gym bag, turning her nose up in the air. "I… I knew it was Loki's symbol. I was just testing the rest of you," she says before she glances over to Rain with a bit of concern. "Are you alright…?" She asks, perhaps a bit belatedly.

Wince. Rain shakes her head. "Ah! It's ok, really. It just burns… a bit …" She smiles. "Isn't this what happens in the stories? I just am glad I'm not going all rawr," She laughs softly. She is polite about it all at least. "I don't want to be a bother anyway, it was my own stupidity." She notes. "I - Loki?" Hmmm.

Marius nods seeing Rain is taken care of, he heads toward home, frowning to himself and running a hand through his hair, he is back to his distracted mode.

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