Welcoming The New Gods - Maia


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Scene Title Welcoming the New Gods - Maia
Synopsis A not so warm welcome for the new Amatsukami of Nature. Inari apparently owns FOX, Raiden and Ame no Uzume! And Susano-o is the new emperor of Takamagahara!

Maia and Haldor had their tearful and joyous reunion in the heart of darkness. They found themselves a nice quiet spot, got some canoodling done, and are now back on their way to Sojobo's monastary. With Black Frost in her arms, Maia gives the little kami a fond squeeze for saving her future hubby's life. She's riding on a bigger battlepuppy Drake as they see the monastary in sight.

"There! There should be a shrine here that leads to Takamagahara. I remember mother mentioning something about it a while ago, and since that's probably how she goes back and forth, we might be able to use it too. And maybe Sojobo can shed some light on what's happened to us?" she offers.
Logfile from Myplace 2.

Haldor is actually skating along through the air beside Drake at this point in the flight. Epic battle with his arch-nemesis or not, Haldor and Drake have certain traditions that the Viking will not abide by forgetting. Like a foot race in the sky toward Sojobo's monastary.

"I'm pretty sure we're probably gods now, love. Or, at least, really freaking strong demigods. Scion or not, we're putting off a whole lot of power."

Leave it to the guy with Rarefied Electromagnetic Perception to notice all of the power put off by gods on this plane. Haldor skates along through the sky still, enjoying the wind in his face and hair almost as much as the sight and sound of a living Maia riding his dog. Talk about the little pleasures in life.

It also helps that Drake is radiating a bit more power now too. He's a demi-pup! The changes in Japan just didn't affect the people, but anything associated with it, and the shiba inu is most definitely associated with it!

still, they land in the monastary, and the first thing Maia does is land and peer around looking for the elderly wizzened Yoda-Tengu. She takes a deep breath and hrmms and purses her lips, having mulled over his earlier statement while they were flying through the air.

"If we were gods wouldn't fate be crashing down on us and wouldn't we be shaped by what's in the manga?" she asks curiously. "That's what the mortals think of when they think of us afterall." she says. But it also helps that they both unconsciously avatared to where fate doesn't fuck them over.

Haldor skids across the ground and looks about for Sojobo. There… Doesn't seem to be anyone here. Color the Viking confused. Perhaps they got here before Sojobo and Tatsu did? In spite of seemingly everybody having Instant Transmission earlier?

"I… Have no idea. You're the one that knows all this mystical, magical mumbo-jumbo. I'm just the guy that beats stuff into the ground. I'm just saying, we are definitely outputting a lot more power than normal."

"That is odd.." she says, hrmming for a few moments as she looks for the arch to Takamagahara. There's a shrine underneath a rather large banzai tree in themiddle of the courtyard. It's a red torii, one of the gates to enter the spirit worlds, and a bit of fresh water running by a small aqueduct. She takes the water into her mouth and spits it out, doing the usual Shinto cleansing ritual before she places her hand over the torii.

It responds to her new ichor and opens up a path to the palace. "Well, hopefully, he won't mind us using this.." and she lets Haldor go through first before she follows in. Off to Takamagahara they go!

Haldor likewise executes the very swift, very easy cleansing ritual while Maia is opening the path. The Viking turns and takes a short leap through the portal, Black Frost under one arm and Drake under the other.

Viking Armorlines: The Only Way For Divine Pets to Travel The Overworld.

Vroom. It is to the Palace they go. The last time they were here they arrived by a different portal, and to somewhere far more distant, but today they are just outside the palace itself. The people. The things. There are a /lot/ of people and things roaming around, vastly more than last time, vastly more than they have ever seen here. Samurai in armor, well dressed suited men, a truly distressing number of catgirls. Music plays, food can be smelled cooking, the atmosphere is celebratory. What did Maia and Haldor just wander into?

Wah. Nekomata! Catgirls! It's Hikaru's wet dream, but Maia refrains from saying that outloud. She just looks around and reaches out for Haldor's now ginormous hand as she lets her fingers entwine with his, should he take her hand. She takes a deep breath and hrmms for a few moments looking for some familiar faces amongst the crowd.

"I didn't think there was a festival for quite some time."

Haldor entwines his fingers with Maia's as his icy blue eyes survey the scenery. This is definitely not what Haldor was expecting at all, not only in terms of location, but in terms of people. Subtly as he can, the Viking slips on his sunglasses once more and gently tugs Maia closer.

Silent for the moment, Haldor just sort of draws Maia along with him. He keeps his attention going at full parallelocity, doing his best to process every bit of stimuli that his divine perception can, well, divine. For the moment, Haldor is in full observation mode.

"Maybe we should find somewhere to get some… More fitting local garb? So we don't stick out quite so much?"

Maia's comment is overhead and a girl from the crowd shouts out, "The war is over! Of course it's a festival! And a coronation!" And so it seems it may be, in the distance the the palace can be seen looking especially well guarded today. It's changed, while the last time they were here everything look scruffy and worn and the palace was left in ruins now it has been rebuilt but it is no longer a palace of the Sun. The gate is now intricately carved cresting waves, a lightning bolt symbol is seen on more than one bit of attire. A group of longed earned bunny spirits wander past, do they stand out? Haldor sure does, he's one of the few none Japanese sorts in the gathered partying throng.

"Oh gods.."

There's a look of sheer horror on her features as she looks towards Haldor and scrunches up her nose. She chews on her bottom lip and decides to keep mumabout knowing about where her mother is. Instead, she speaks into his mind.

«My uncle's the emperor now. We should find Himiko and mother.»

There's a soft sigh as she nods, smiling cheerily as she runs her fingers through her hair while she takes a deep breath and looks around. "I think we need to find my uncle. Or should I say the new emperor of Takamagahara?" she says smiling cheerily, though fromthe way she spoke in Haldor's mind, he'd know she's not happy about it.

Haldor raises his eyebrows at the girl's response to Maia. The Viking casts his gaze toward the newly repaired palace and its lightning bolt and cresting wave engraved symbology. Absently he strokes his chin and bobs his head, looking to Maia at her out loud suggestion.

"I think so too. Seems like a good guy, with the lightning bolts and all," remarks Haldor. A little lightning flashes over the hand not holding Maia's hand for an instant before dissipating. Haldor definitely doesn't want combat mecha and power armor guards raining down on him. Odds are good that he's already being suspiciously eyeballed by Odin know what for being a gaijin in Takamagahara.

Young Japanese girls love bad boys. All Gaijin are bad boys. Plus, you know, the popular rumor of them being giants in all ways next to Japanese men. More than one drunken young thing who has partied too much has already tried to snog Haldor, more are likely to keep going. It is just that big a party and they are just drunk. Still thus far they seem to be avoiding any official attention, the mecha and the guards are cordoned around the palace but all the dignitaries must have already arrived leaving it just the big party outside. Maia would know where her mothers cottage was, some miles distant, but would she be there hiding from these crowds or somewhere close where she could keep an eye on the comings and goings? And what of HImiko?

Maia eyes each of the young Japanese girls who try to snog her man. There is a terrible game face on her features as they try to do, so she expects them to run away before they even get close. And considering Haldor is actually a giant in many ways doesn't help though.

"Let's head inside. They should still recognize my status as a demigoddess of Amaterasu." she says firmly and resolutely before she looks for the torii to enter the palace itself, doing the purification ritual once again before heading inside the imperial palace. Maybe Amaterasu and Himiko are both there. Perhaps they've been found?

Young women wander off terrified before they can get close to Haldor! A few have the competent seasoned look of Demigods but they are just no match for her new Legend. Maia does not actually get to the palace before seemingly out of nowhere a golden arrow comes to plunge itself quivering in the ground at her feet. Himiko? It is certainly Himiko's favored choice of weapon, and one way to get their attention. Haldor with his super uber senses can no doubt tell the arrow was fired from a hill about two miles distant. Someone has aim. Lots of aim.

Mmm… Snogging by drunken female Japanese strangers.

No, wait. That's not Haldor's thought pattern. Haldor's thought pattern is more along the lines of 'Oh god, why are these drunk pseudo-furries attacking me with their mouths?' or along similar lines. The Viking uses his divine agility to great effect dodging the ones that don't see Maia's Game Face while he moves through the crowd with her. It's actually easier for him to bob and weave through the crowd than it might be for Maia, what with his Spatial Attunement and expanded sensorium keeping him one step ahead of abnormal surprises - like a golden arrow whistling out of the skies from two miles away.

Haldor stoops to rip the arrow out of the ground and slip it up a sleeve before he twists Maia about as though dancing with her. The Viking promptly starts dancing Maia through the crowd. Dancing, after all, is a whole lot like fighting. If you do it right - or wrong - and you're a Perfect Partner. Of course, Haldor is presuming that Maia will want to investigate the arrow rather than the palace, which is rather presumptuous of him, isn't it?

IT's a good thing Maia's telepathy only is one way. If it wasn't, there'd be an angry green foot at his crotch. She knows he could take it afterall.

Still, Maia watches her future hubby duck and weave the various fan girls with a bit of an impish chuckle. It is amusing watching him try to avoid the more gifted snoggers in the group before she lets out a meep as she walks through the torii.

Golden arrows. It could be her sister, but it's definitely a message. She gives Haldor a worried look and purses her lips. Her brain is working to try to triangulate the exact origin of the arrow. If people on CSI can do it in one episode, she should be able to figure it out much much quicker.

«Someone doesn't want us to go inside. Come on, let's go that way..» and she motions with her lips in the direction of where the arrow came from. Still, Haldor is dancing with her now. She enjoys it and just gives in. Hopefully he'll dance in that direction as well.

Dance dance dance. The pair eventually comes to the outskirts of the crowd, then moves beyond it. The hill the shot came from is scrubby and finally there comes from beyond a rock the lithe and toned woman in golden armor with a powerful bow strung across her back. Himiko recognizable from Maia's last visit there. She's not looking pleasant, if anything the look she gives Maia is one of absolute /loathing/ even while she says, "Mother said to keep an eye out for you, she said you were not to go near the Palace. You are wanted for conspiring with Mikaboshi in the attack on the palace months ago, and more recently for the attack upon all Japan. Step within those walls and your uncle will seal his coronation with your heads."

"… Attack upon all Japan?"

Haldor looks confused. The Viking looks at Himiko and then at Maia with a mixture of confusion and concern and perhaps even a touch of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot that just won't quit. For several long moments, Haldor remains very quiet while regarding Maia. Slowly though his attention shifts back toward Himiko and he arches a red eyebrow.

Before Haldor can speak again though, Drake jumps out from behind Haldor and barkyelps at Himiko. Black Frost follows in hot pursuit, offering a surprisingly neutral 'hee-hoo' as the two little rascals romp about in a circle around the Amatsukami in golden armor. Haldor just facepalms. What else can you do when such a thing happens?


Maia looks sheepish. She had the sword with her slung over her back. Fortunately, no one noticed a ridiculously powerful relic in it's sheath, but that could be because Maia was saying her eyes up up here. She wrinkles her nose and takes a deep breath before she presents the sword in front of her sister.

"I forgot what grandmother said about keeping the sword safe. Aya and.. well, it was my idea. Attack the mysterious fan boi who was planning on killing Aten and Mikaboshi and I may have said to use the full brunt of our powers on the sword to neutralize him."

She bows her head down in shame as she whispers softly. "Gomanasai, Himiko-sama." There's genuine remorse. "The roses that this one woman gave me, they spoke to me and said I could heal Japan once more and the sword. I did that!"

"Did she not tell you?" Himiko asks of Haldor, her face twisting into a look of contempt as her cold cold eyes return to Maia, "You are the reason for this coronation today. The war continued still when that blast came, when all of us lost a part of ourselves. It was determined such a thing could never have happened were we not already fractured, were we not already splintered. They ruled that mother was gone too long and they could no longer wait, a ruler must exist, a single source of strength. Oh you healed Japan once more, all of our rifts, our fractures, our splinters are gone now under the absolute rule of Susano-o."

"… You do realize we've both been a little busy, right?"

Haldor can't quite decide whether to be defensive or aggressive with Himiko as she turns cold rage on Maia. A frown crosses Haldor's face as he folds his arms across his chest, watching Himiko for several long moments while he decides how to approach dealing with the increasingly hostile goddess.

"Look. Could we at least get the Hel out of sight? Two miles or not, we're out in the open and I'd rather not have fucking Voltron or Gigantor or shit. What's it's name? The Japanese Gundam from G-Gundam. Domon Kashuu pilots it… Ah, you don't know or care what I'm talking about. Short form is I don't want giant fucking robots raining down on us while you bitch at Maia and Maia tries to figure out how to make nice with you."

"I kinda died. And then experienced our past lives as Runolfr and Amaya in Atlantis. And then remembered and relived the destruction of Atlantis. You were there.." she says accusaingly. "And then I died in reverse and you know the rest about the sword."

See, Maia was busy, but she nods in utter agreement as she takes a deep breath for a few moments. "There are shadows for you to hide and the foliage I can hide in, but I would feel a /LOT/ better if you and mother would chew me out in a place of sanctuary rather than out in the open. Also, Haldor's been telling us we've both been radiating a lot more power. What has happened to us? How have we changed. even grandmother said something about it and she said people would not be happy to see me. Are you and mother on that list?"

"I do not trust you anywhere near mother" Himiko says to Maia, "That I save you at all is due to her wishes but I will not have her close to you. You have been.. touched.. changed.. altered." Another unhappy look, "I have served our mother for generations seeking to join at her side in divinity, but you could not do the same. You elected some easier road, some more corrupt path, selling yourself to a higher power to achieve the quick and easy road to Godhood." Himiko backs up and away, "You are right to fear the guardians, but I will go with you nowhere. Neither of you is to be trusted anymore, neither of you is welcome here."

"… Easier road? I fought a fucking god of illusions and the moon in Hundun and, I think, I also fought off Hundun's attempts to rip me apart at the most fundamental possible of levels."

Haldor looks at Himiko like some kind of crazy sauce just spilled out of her mouth. Realistically, crazy sauce probably just did spill out of her mouth because, let's face it, tanking Kamui /AND/ Hundun to a flawless standstill as a demigod is just so absolutely improbable as to be a myth unto itself. The Viking frowns at Himiko for many long moments, arms folded across his chest as he considers her response.

"I don't remember selling myself to anybody, do you, Maia?"

"I put my life on the line to save mother. I fought people who stole mother's powers. I do not think it is up to you to trust me near her. It is up to mother herself."

Maia is getting feistier as she is most definitely annoyed by the accusation. "I /died/, Himiko. You haven't. I have done more for mother's ideals and suffered more than you possibly could have. I did not sell myself to anything, and neither did Haldor. Now if you're telling us we have had our ichor transformed to where what last remnant of humanity is gone, then something else did it to us. Fate perhaps. We passed the tests of the Dark Hour and all I know is that gave us the power to break fate. That test was not easy either." she says, most definitely annoyed as she puts the sword of Amatsukami doom back over her shoulder.

"We're not wanted here, Haldor. Let's go. Perhaps your family is more understanding of what we've gone through."

Himiko barks a pained laugh, "Do not think your deeds impressive little man. You are like a young boy bringing home his first rabbit from the hunt convinced it is a boar. And you, Maia, are nothing but a contemptible and bratty child that should have been slapped more growing up. You know nothing of service, nothing of duty, you are unworthy of that power flowing in your veins. At such time as you do something worthy of respect, then perhaps you will be worthy of meeting mother again. Until then. Go. Go and seek others to coddle you."

Himiko struck a nerve in Haldor. It's visible in the way that Haldor blanches under her rebuke and the way his body visibly twitches. Except that Himiko may not have intended to hit this particular nerve when she said what she said. The Viking's face twists toward Game Face but never quite gets there as he finds himself rather spontaneously growing.

Murder is in Haldor's eyes under his shades as he rapidly expands in size from somewhere between 6'3" and 6'6" to nearly 10' tall. The Viking leers down at Himiko as his hands clench into tremendous fists and veins pop out in stark relief against the otherwise smooth skin barely containing his rapidly increasing muscle mass. Haldor rumbles ominously at her, his transformation rapidly nearing completion as his clothing actually strains to contain his tremendous bulk.

"I am sick and fucking /TIRED/ of people calling me a little kid. Do I look like a fucking little kid? Were there a bunch of closet pedos back there reveling Susano-O's soon-to-be coronation? Is there some god damned reason that a fucking demigod fighting a god and a Titan to a standstill on their own fucking turf is unimpressive?"

For several moments, potentially minutes if Himiko isn't already on edge enough to cut Haldor short by choosing one of the other major dramatic options available to her at the moment, Haldor just stands there a hulking brute of an Aesir giant studying the golden armored woman. He flexes his hands into fists regularly while he glares at her, icy blue eyes all but palpably radiating cold.

"You know what? Fuck you, Himiko, I'm done trying to be civil with you. I'm sick of you being a cold, heartless, and utterly useless bitch to me and Maia, I'm sick of you cocking a shitty 'tude for reasons I cannot even begin to understand, and, most of all, I am sick of you thinking you are the end all, be all of "The Shit" among the Amatsukami because you have been the dutiful gopher daughter to your mother.

"You want to know why she hasn't given you a fucking seat at the adult's table yet? It's because you haven't given her a fucking reason to give you one. I haven't heard of you stepping up to any challenges, I haven't heard of you doing any great and mighty deeds to earn her respect. You've just been playing her god damned fucking dour ass secretary with a curling iron stuck up your butt and you're too fucking obsessed with the rules and being prim and proper to pull it out even though it fucking hurts.

"Drake, we're out of here. Be a good boy and give Mommy a lift to the Gate."

Face meet palm. Say hello. Now run into each other as hard as you can. That's exactly what happens at the whole exchange. Sure, there goes her window of opportunity to try to make it up to her older sister, but she's got to defend her man afterall.

"Haldor, calm down, love. We don't need more attention than we already have." she says, trying to soothe the wounded pride of the new As' of Battle before she looks towards her much older sister. Really, it's her ridiculously older sister.

"Tell mother I wish her well, please. I will continue to protect the sword of Japan with my dying breath. But you have made it clear that we do not belong here and so we shall leave before any more hostilities break out. You do not know what we have been through, just like we do not know what you have been through. But unlike you, until recently you have had both of our respect due to your years of valuable experience and what I thought would be wisdom. Jealousy and pettyness at achieving apotheosis before what was perhaps my time will do us no good. I expect you'll feel the same about Aya. I'm pretty sure she's going to become as powerful as I as well for we are the opposite sides of the same coin."

With that said, there's a low ninety degree bow. It's a perfect bow really, one that she holds before she eases on up towards Himiko before looking towards Drake.

"Let's go boy. Come on, Black Frost." she says before wooshing back towards the torii. Unless Himiko gets all pissy and tries to kill them or something. That would suck.

Himiko has to tilt her head back to look up at Haldor as he all Haldors out but on her expression is not a trace of fear. Features cool and confident and she doesn't bat an eye. This is a woman that had stood down a great deal in her time on her own adventures and she is not going to be awed unless absolutely necessary. Maia's bow is returned, and Himiko really does have her own right by this time, "Were your sense of entitlement not so great, I would have had nothing to deflate. Do not make the mistake of thinking that because you have accomplished much, others have not accomplished far more and been passed by. They have. You gained whatever you have by some foreign influence, ask yourself why? Ask yourself what price you will pay for it." She allows them to depart. She does not try to kill them dead.

Haldor narrows his eyes at Himiko for a few moments, snorting in mild disdain for her response. The Viking twists and skates off after Maia. Naturally her suggested questions prey upon his brain on the way there, but he mostly worries about why the Hel he can almost double his height and more than double his muscle mass in seconds. A feat like that is not something one typically expects to be able to do, even if they are a god of the Aesir.

Being a Scion never stops being complicated, does it?

It's always complicated. That'spart of the whole fateful aura thing.

For the ride back, Maia is quiet, mulling the whole experience over once more. She hrmms and looks towards the Viking with raised brows. "Did we do the right thing back there?" she muses under her breath before she heads back towards the torii in which they got through.

She squints for a few moments. "Oh crap, that's Raiden. Maybe he isn't going to see us.." she squeaks. Himiko, she knows they can kinda handle. Raiden, that's another deal all together.

Raiden makes for a rather scary looking figure, really, his skin is read and his features rather demonic. He looks to be having a blast, the girls are too drunk to care (if they usually did) and unlike Haldor he is snog snog snog snogging away. He does in fact move in to snog Maia! Swooping in on her with his far greater epic Dexterity and almost pressing his lips to her, the scent of Sake everywhere before he pulls back with his eyes wide to give an uproarious laugh, "Thish ish great! He hash no ideah you'reh here doesh heh? Gonna kill him?"

"Who's Rai-"

There is a Raiden trying to snog Haldor's fiancee. For a good forty seconds, Haldor just stands there in a mixture of shock and awe. Really there is no good response to seeing a demon trying to kiss your plant-mutated fiancee after you've Hulked out on your fiancee's superbitchy, super old older sister. Maybe a few hundred years from now, Haldor would feel like this is not just utterly bizarre. Not today though.

"… Man. No wonder you wore the coolie in Mortal Kombat."

"Are you talking about Uncle Susano-o?"

Flail ack! Ewww. It's a good thing that she actually wasn't kissed or she might have to slap a member of the court. Maia blinks as she looks at Raiden for a few moments before she looks backtowards her fiance' with an impish giggle at the Mortal Kombat reference. He isn't wearing a coolie afterall, but he's all akuma-looking.

"No. I wasn't planning on it. I don't think mother would be too pleased about that."

He's not a very good member of the court. Not REALLY. Raiden continues to look drunkenly around, a snap of his fingers and he looks drunker, another snap drunker yet, a third snap and he must finally get it right as lightning crackles and buzzes around him for a moment, electricity crackling off and through his form and suddenly he is looking a lot more alert if no less lecherous. "Never try to guess what your mother is planning girl, you'll always be three steps behind and a couple to the side." Freshly sober he snags a bottle from a passing stranger who is too smart to object and he takes a deep swig, "You sure got them buzzing though girl. Great fun. Couple of them think you sold out to Mikaboshi, couple more think you stole that trick of the Atlanteans and drained your mom, and the rest just don't know what happened." A devilish grin (literally) at Haldor and he says, "They let me keep the hat! I still got it back in my room, I'd show you but then they'd try to suck me into another of those banquets and I'd have to start knocking down tables until they sent me away again."

Yay! Lightning! Haldor likes lightning, especially when it's conjured by a professional - like Raiden. Actually, Haldor probably likes Raiden's lightning display best because, well, he's fricking Raiden. The Viking smirks slightly at the response offered by the strikingly demonic Amatsukami and nods, shrugging a little bit.

"Banquets do have a way of getting too high and mighty for their own good, don't they?"

"Especially when it comes to Amatsukami banquets, though I don't know what it might be like now that Uncle Susano-o is in charge around here."

Maia takes a deep breath, her brows furrowed as she lets out an exasperated flail of her arms about at the mention of her rise to goddesshood. Is that even a word? Oh well, no matter. She scrunches her nose and smiles warmly as she bows towards Raiden for he has yet to crispify them.

"Well, I can tell you it was no Atlantean ritual. Preethi, daughter of Agni drained mother's powers. And I did not sell out to Mikaboshi even though I did save him from that nerdlet. The Titans need to be bound, not destroyed and the Sword of Jaan would've demolished both Aten and Mikaboshi.." she says, reaching back towards the sword slung over her shoulder. "But there was a flower lady to gave me two roses, one white and one black. After the accident with our arrows striking the sword, the roses spoke and gave me the options whether to heal the sword and thus Japan or to destroy it. Obviously I did not destroy it." she says with a soft sigh, looking around once more. "So who else here is like Himiko and Susano-o and would be out for our heads? I'd like to know what allies we still have in Takamagahara please."

Raiden slips between Maia and Haldor to wrap his hands arms around each of them, a bit difficult in Haldor's currently hulked out state, "Fuckers. You thought he'd have been different right? After your mother? All that ranting and railing. Moment he gets put on the throne it's the samn stuff all over again." His arms squeeze the pair and he swivels his head to Maia, "Listen kid. Don't need to tell me. I believe you. And a flower lady huh, two roses? That kind of power kid, not that many out there are pulling down that kind of juice you know? Friends locally? You don't have many.. Hachiman has had a kind word or two to say but push comes to shove he's going to support the order that is? The few of us rebels that are around, we like you just fine. Izanagi has a big hate on for breaking the cycle of fate he's stuck in. Tsuki-Yomi hates the big guy here, if you ditched him he might hear you out but we both know that is not going to happen, am I right? Nah kid, you want friends at this point you're going to need to find the Kunitsukami."

Haldor really wishes he had had a chance to figure out what he was doing with HULK GROW powers or whatever the Hel is going on with him now. The Viking makes a vague gesture at Raiden's commentary, but nods a bit at the mention of Tsuki-Yomi. In spite of all of his charisma, people don't seem to like him much. Maybe it's the hair… Or maybe it's that Haldor spends so damn much time with the Amatsukami. Could be the problem right there.

"Thank you for the sage advice."

At least they're hidden by Raiden's massive bulk. Her eyes widen as she facepalms and wrinkles her nose. It seems the cycle hasn't really been broken here in Takamagahara as she nods and purses her lips once more. She takes a deep breath, not surprised about Izanagi, considering she was brought back to life.

"I'm not going to Uncle Tsuki-yomi. Considering Kamui and Haldor's past, it wouldn't be wise." she says matter of factly as she nods and bows her head once more.

"I think we'd be okay with Inari and Sarukhito. And I've always wanted to meet Ame no Uzume. How do we find them?" she asks curiously.

"Good luck with Inari" Raiden says with a dark look, "People have been killing the kids there left and right trying to draw the old fox out and no one has managed it yet, gone to ground and planning something big everyone figures but nobody knows quite what or where. Ame no Uzume I think I kissed awhile back, I was kind of drunk to remember kid. She won't be in there stuffing it up with the fancy kinds but in a wild party like the one out here she's got to be wandering the crowds somewhere. Look for the naked people and she's probably been somewhere nearby setting an example?" Changing gears he says, "So.. you guys have a couch right? Think I'm gonna go crash at your pad a few days. Everything around here is going to be all stuffy and boring for months yet. You keep the fridge well stocked?" Look Haldorwards, "What am I talking about, just look at this guy here! Yeah. You got food. It'll work out great."

"… Uh. Usually. Though you kinda have to sort past all of the, err, baby food to get to the real food."

Fortunately for Hikaru, Drake and Black Frost have inexplicably disappeared since the last time he was in the apartment. This may, or may not, be a good thing. At the very least, it reduces the chances of being snowball'd or play bitten by a significant margin. Presently they are Takamagahara with a nearly 10' tall Haldor, a flower-looking Maia, and - of all gods - Raiden.

"There's lots of babies. The five we kind of took at mother's behest. Was one of them yours?"

Hey, it's a good question ot ask Raiden. There's a Raitaro afterall who is all electrical zappy and whatnot back there. Maia idlyruns her fingers through her hair as she takes a deepbreath before letting out a huff and a puff, though no house is blown down.

"I'll find Ame no Uzume. If mother is hiding, she might give me tips on how I can find her again. Without having to go through another bitchy sister." If it wasn't Aya, now it's Himiko. She hates her family.

"Maybe!" Raiden exclaims looking rather astonished at the concept, "I lose babies all the time. You know how it is, little drink and a couple of girls and they go wandering off. But that's ok, if they are big and tough they come wandering back with some booze and chicks of their own." Clasing Haldor's shoulder he says, "And uh. That is tough man. But you don't worry. I'll just make my own shelf in the fridge, all good stuff, that way you won't have to worry about inconveniencing me any? And right! I'll just leave you guys to it then, if you see her wolf whistle for me would you?"

Yes. That's clearly what Haldor meant to imply by explaining The Fridge Situation to Raiden - make your own shelf of good stuff so you aren't inconvenienced. Haldor smiles cheerily to Raiden and nods, bowing politely to him. A moment later he claps Raiden on the shoulder in a more Aesir sort of way, just to make sure he has all of his politeness bases covered with the somewhat unpredictable Amatsukami.

"I'll do my best."

Furtively, Haldor glances around for a few moments and then leans in toward Raiden. Quietly he whispers, "Though Maia still hasn't blocked the porn channels on our TV. So if you wanted to go claim the couch now… I wouldn't blame you."

Haldor: As of Battle, Prince of Pr0n.

Fortunately, Maia does not have telescopic senses nor is she that perceptive. It's one of her weaknesses really. She misses obvious things all the time. She scrunches her nose and peers towards her beau before she takes his hand, letting her fingers entwine with his own.

"Let's try to find the Kunitsukami. If Ame no Uzume is drunk and tries to kiss you too, I will slap her. I am a daughter of Amaterasu, whether she likes it or not." she says matter of factly, still grumpy that slutty Japanese girls were trying to kiss her man. That was not fun, and so off she goes to try to find members of the Kunitsukami.

Raiden is all for the companionable slapping on the back, Haldor gets another as electricity arcs and sparks between the two men. "Hey that's great! Great! I'll get right down there. And uh.. if you come home and my hat is on the door just give me a few minutes before coming inside, ok man? Great! See you later, don't die." And with that the strangely demonic God is off. Off to do things on Maia's and Haldor's couch they would probably rather not think about.

Returning to the main body of the celebration things are as raucous and as loud as they were before, it's a coronation and if people aren't happy they are sure drinking awfully hard so that they can pretend they are. Men try to twirl Maia around, girls try to kiss Haldor, alcochol splashes all about. And.. hey! It's one half naked drunk chick dancing on a barrel, and over there is another keeling off a cart, they must be getting close.

It's a long ass flight back to their apartment. Haldor is hoping that Raiden will be out of steam on that front by the time they get there. At least, one would hope that is his diabolical plan in sending Raiden off to their apartment rather a lot faster than may have been the demonic Amatsukami's initial plan.

Haldor follows Maia along dutifully, bobbing and weaving through the crowd to dodge drunken women trying to snog him. Drunkenly. It is very hard for a member of the Aesir to be wandering amongst so much liquor and not partake, but Haldor restrains himself as he helps to hunt for the Kunitsukami - particularly Ame no Uzume.

"Why do they keep on trying to make out with you?"

Maia is grumpy. She doesn't like sharing her man. It's just unnatural. She grumbles and resists the urge to smack these women across, but atleast she gets them to stumble as roots fromvarious trees just suddenly lift up to trip the women before moving backinto the earth. Being a nature goddess rocks in that regards. She continuesand finds a gathered group of people doing strip poker.

"I bet she's there. She likes taking off her clothes. So cover your eyes!" she tells Haldor.

There are indeed people playing strip poker, several men and women around a table in a tent with the scent of alcohol drifting around them. Drift drift. One especially attractive woman who simply radiates a sort of comfort and earthy at ease looks up at Haldor and gives a wolf whistle, motioning them over, "That's ok. The big boy can play too." She claps her hands, "Kaji, clear out and take the rest with you and close the flap behind ya."

"Why do I have to cover my eyes?"

Haldor is confused by this proclamation made to him and it shows. The Viking's attention however is quickly grabbed by a woman wolf whistling at him. One eyebrow arches and the hulking Asgardian twists toward the tent, peering into it and the apparently lead poker player.

"I assume she's who we're looking for?"

"Ame no Uzume? Aren't you married to Sarukhito, King of the Kunitsukami?"

That's Maia, her brows raised as she looks towards the possible goddess for a few moments as she raises her brows, stepping in line along with Haldor as she flashes an oh so charming smile.

"Would you mind if I join as well? I mean if my husband can play, shouldn't I be able to as well?" Oh dear, she just called Haldor the H-word!

"Doesn't stop me from looking Hon" Ame no Uzume says while making a gesture to the table, "Doesn't stop me from doing more either, we all need kids right? Don't swim elsewhere in the God pool though, just causes hurt feelings if your man can't kill the men you've been sleeping around with if he gets riled up enough." Cars are dealt, "Join in. Join in. Surprised to see you two at this party, what brought you by?"

The Viking ambles in easily enough, ducking very, very low to avoid snagging his skull or his spikey hair on the tent. He settles onto a chair and picks up his cards as they're dealt, his gaze shifting between Maia and Ame no Uzume. Naturally Haldor's concerned Maia's going to start a fight.

"Raiden suggested you might be sympathetic to our plight… Though she's been absolutely dying to meet you since your name came up in conversation."

"I wouldn't sleep with your husband, so please do me the honor of not sleeping with mine."

That's the most polite way she can tell Uzume "back off bitch". She is her mother's daughter afterall. If Amaterasu can eloquently write "Fuck off Jade Emperor", Maia can do this. She gives her most charming smile as she sits down betwen the Viking and the slut goddess as she looks around and nods.

"We are here to perhaps learn what happened to us. My sister, Himiko said we were tainted perhaps by something. And rumors have spread that I either drained my mother's powers myself through the Atlantean magicks or sold myself to Mikaboshi. Neither of which is true. If you have any insight on what may have happened to us, it would be much appreciated."

Ame no Uzume raises up a hand, "No fishing in those waters, you've got nothing to worry about sugar. You're so uptight! Guess it's not all that surprising though given your mama." The mention of being tainted by something causes his earthy eyes to look over towards Maia and she offers, "Tent flaps closed hon. Know it kind of defeats the purpose of the game but take off your clothes. Peel away the layers I can usually see what lays beneath. Might be I can give you a few answers about who or what might have touched you. Your man can do the same if he wants, but I don't want to cause any kind of fighting between you two."

Haldor leans back upon his chair, no doubt to a creaking protest of the seat, and folds his arms across his chest. The Viking shrugs a little bit and smiles, "I'll wait for now, thanks. Maybe you can get all the information you need out of her. If you can't, then I guess I'll have to lose the shirts."

Diplomatic way of putting it, especially for Haldor.

One of the spiffy things that came about from being raised up to a goddess was her clothings. There was no longer any need to take themoff or put them on as they just change form or disappear at her whim. Maia is unabashed about her nudity and her clothing disappears. She's still human, or well rather goddess, for the most part, though her features have taken a more naturey tone.

It's like she's become a nymph, a green curvy nymph with her still midnight black hair. Too bad she doesn't know how to change into her old form, though she seems to be getting used to this one.

"A flower lady gave me two roses. The two roses spoke to me before I felt the surge of power." Maybe that will help, who knows?

Ame no Uzume watches the vanishing of clothing like a hawk, and not in a lesbian rawr kind of way either! Rising from her seat she moves to circle around where Maia sits, piercing eyes as invasive as a medical probe in some ways and she finally says, "The Savior. You've been touched by The Savior hon. Those old stuffy sorts in the palace, they don't even want to admit that sort of thing exists, they don't believe in anything more powerful than themselves for all they sometimes call upon that power. Me though.. I go places they'd never dream.. and I know that touch upon you."

"Huh. That's a neat ability," remarks Haldor in the most absent-minded way possible. He peers over at naked Maia for a few moments before looking to Ame no Uzume as the elder goddess makes her diagnosis. One red eyebrow quirks at the diagnosis and Haldor tilts his head slightly to regard Ame no Uzume carefully for a few moments.

"The Savior? No offense or nothing, but Maia doesn't look or sound much like a Born Again Christian. You sure?"

Oh if only Haldor had a brain. Surely he would be a terrifying force.

"I'm Shinto.. It'd be inappropriate for anything else."

Maia says matter of factly, also confused by the bit as she scrunches up her nose and looks towards Ame no Uzume. With her uber brainpower, she doesn't even know the legends about the various avatars, and so the first things that pops up about the Savior is not some esoteric force, but a different concept all together.

"I got roses, not a crown of thorns."

"You're used to the Titans, pure elemental forces that shape the earth" Ame no Uzume says as her faces scrunches all up before she looks over to Haldor. Is he still wearing clothes? Damn! " They're not all that is out there though. They're not all that's around, we just don't see the others all that much. You girl.. I'm guessing you had something to save? Something to put right? That's the sort of thing the Savior does, that is the sort of thing that draws it's attention."

Haldor squints at Ame no Uzume and listens thoughtfully as she tries to explain. Considering her explanation and the evidence in her favor, Haldor is willing to bite. Quietly he makes a few gestures to Maia, starting to peel off his silksteel hoodie first. This leaves the Viking with a faded and slightly torn No Fear t-shirt underneath. Not naked yet, but he's getting on the way to being half-naked out of a mixture of curiosity and confusion. With any luck, Maia will agree to letting him go that far in the interests of learning more.

"So… The Savior is some kind of quasi-Titanic force?"

"You mentioned something about it being a power the gods draw upon? What did you mean by that?"

That intrigues Maia for a few moments before she takes a deep breath and nods. Her cheeks become rosy (no pun intended) as she seems a bit embarassed before she points towards the sword still slung over her shoulder.

"This sword has been sealed for centuries by Ashiya Doman and Abe no Seimei. Aya and I were part of a prophecy that brought it back and it was stolen. When we tried to take it back, we used our fullpowers against it, and Japan, the gods, it's people, it's very essence was broken. The two roses spoke, the white, the Savior, spoke how if I chose it allwould be saved. The black rose spoke that if I destroyed it, the people would have nothing to fear. What was the black rose if the white was the Savior?"

"What is the opposite of salvation?" Ame no Uzume says while letting her eyes play over Haldor, giving him the same careful regard she gave Maia. Like with Maia the gaze is not especially lust filled, "For some reason it's all tied up with it's opposite, suffering and it's easing all in one packing. The scourge.. some call it. Dangerous thing to touch. Dangerous thing to even know." Returning to her seat she plops down, "And you big fella, last time I felt anything like you've got lingering around you it was from visiting places special to Ymir. Kind of surprising since he's supposed to be dead but there you go."

At Maia's nod of assent, the Viking peels off his t-shirt as well. No doubt Ame no Uzume gets quite the eyeful with Haldor being even more super-muscley than usual thanks to Form of the Giant and his inability to figure out how to turn it off at the moment. Mark his words, Scions need user manuals. Friendly ones.

Haldor arches an eyebrow at Ame no Uzume's response after she finishes ogle-scanning him for supernatural power. The Viking folds his arms across his bare chest again and leans back heavily upon his chair as he fixes his icy blue eyes on both her and Maia at the same time through some impossible act of Epic Perception.

"Makes some sense. Certainly explains how Black Frost got into Hundun then."

"Hoo.." Black Frost wriggles and hides under Maia's chair. He doesn't want to get stared at. Even if he was touched by The Cold. Drake curls up next to him, feeling sympathetic for his friend now.

"He what?!?" Maia is shocked at this news and looks down at the little 'uns and chuckles softly under her breath. "It seems you have more secrets than even we know. Interesting." she says smiling cheerily before she pouts and hrmms for a few moments as she takes a deep breath and looks towards Haldor.

"Wasn't he the Titan of Frost, the one that caused the Ice Age?"

"Lots of surprises out there. Lots of things to see. More than most of your parents will ever tell you." Ame no Uzume says settling back once more and fiddling with her own clothing sadly. Everyone is getting to strip down but her! "I don't have a lot more to tell you though, trading in secrets has never been my think. I'm just a girl that likes to get naked and have a good time. It's Inari you're going to want to have a long sit down with and that is one tough fox to find unless you know how to think. You're going to want to pay a visit to Century City when you've got the time."

"Century City?"

Haldor glances from the stripping Ame no Uzume to Maia, his eyes remain upon his fiancee now because there is an increasingly naked and strange woman in the tent with whom he would very much like his fiancee not to fight. The Viking looks puzzled by Century City, perhaps because it sounds like something out of a comic book.

"Yeah. I think Ymir was implicated in the Ice Age. He was definitely like the original power of Frost, probably a Titan or Titan avatar… On the other hand, seems like a lot of people get reported dead when they ain't. Surtr. Kamui. You."

Maia blushes bashfully and kicks Haldor underneath the table lightly. "I died and died in reverse. They cancel each other out." she says matter of factly as she lets out a derisive harumph before smiling brightly towards him. She reaches over to let her fingers entwine with his own while giving a soft squeeze before looking towards Uzume to make sure her fiance isn't being oogled at.

"But Century City it is then. Just have no idea where that is."

"California" Ame no Uzume answers, "Great place for the sun, they never mind if you show a lot of skin. You'll love it. The big fellow is a bit less out of place there too. Inari is hard to miss, got a whole network named after. Trust a trickster to hide in plain sight where nobody is ever going to find them." Rising she says, "But you've got the answers I have, and I'm just about out of clothes to take off so that means we've chatted long enough. Find the fox. Find some answers."

Haldor stares at Maia intently, even though he really wants to stare at Ame no Uzume intently at the moment. Did she just give a clue that he understands? The Viking squints as he peers at Maia's side-boob with the force of a hundred billion observers.

"Sounds like a plan to me."

"FOX. Who knew Inari was a Republican?"

Maia lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she nods and grins wryly. She looks towards Haldor and eases on up, her clothes appearing over her body once more before she offers a low and perfectly ninety degree angle bow towards Ame no Uzume, holding it for a few seconds. When she stands tall once more she smiles brightly.

"Thank you for all your help. And please tell your husband hi for me." With that said, she looks towards Haldor. "Should we head to Asgard before going to Century City?"

Haldor stands as well, pulling on his t-shirt and then his hoodie over it with a few quick motions. The Viking lets out a sigh and shrugs when his head finally pops out of the neck hole of his hoodie. For a few moments he doesn't answer, instead rooting around inside of his hoodie. Eventually he pulls out his sunglasses and puts them back on again.

"I guess we should head to Asgard, yeah. May as well see what the damage is there too. Thank you very much for your assistance, Ame no Uzume, we appreciate it."

Ame no Uzume is sadly putting her clothes back on, "You're quite welcome! You two feel free to find me and visit anytime!" She really is kind of friendly, despite her slutty first impression. Then she is out the tent and off to enjoy the party.

"Let's check on your dad and step-mom."

Maia says matter of factly as she smiles cheerily, her spirits lifted by what happened. At least they found a few allies in Takamagahara. But it's time to go to Asgard from here. Hopefully Haldor will know the way since it's his Overworld and all, but they head to the torii to make it back to Sojobo's mansion. Woosh! Off with Drake and Black Frost too!

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