Welcoming The New Gods - Jason



Scene Title Welcoming the New Gods - Jason
Synopsis Jason becomes Avram, doesn't have quite the welcome he was expecting in Olympus and consults the avatars of Terra for advice.

So Jason arrived in the realms of Puros, or the false Puros. Something like that. True to what he told 'The Way' his first action upon arrival is to find one of the lakes dotting the grasslands and to slip out of his clothing to get the muck and the stench of the swamplands of Crom Cruach off of him. It's not an easy task! Most of his clothing was eaten to shreds by the low PH present, and even the nemean leather has seen better days. That leather has been through a lot. Still he scrubs and scraps and does his best to get himself presentable.

The cooling waters of the lake soothed his scratches, his wound, his mind, body and soul. It felt right being there, and for a bit, it almost made him feel like never wanting to leave. Still, Jason was lucky in that he hadn't encountered the giant whose hand he had rudely sliced off in the realm. At least not yet.

Surrounding him are various nemean creatures, lounging about. They're hugenormous of course, and they take a drink at the lake, paying not much attention towards Jason the entire time, even as the goo and the grosness of Crom Cruach washes off his body. What he notices is that all the goo and grossness disappear almost immediately as he makes contact with the water, and even his clothes are restored to what they once were. He's all shiny and pure now, so he's definitely presentable. Dashing even.

Well. Even the realm of a false Puros does a pretty good job at purifying. Excellent. Jason gets dressed once again and groomed in the reflection of the water, smoothing his hair back and looking himself over. Jason is lucky indeed. He might get all bloodied up once more. Still that is for another time, Jason looks around for the highest point in his view and goes there, seeking to get some higher elevation to better survey the land in which he has found himself. The Scion of Aphrodite might simply leap of course, but he is not a gummy bear, and a single bobbing speck on the horizon might draw entirely too much attention. Along the way he pulls out his GPS and taps at keys, ordering it to do a far more thorough census of the local portals than he normally would. If this place is to be New Tartarus Jason will need to know how many ways in and out there are to determine how tactically secure it can be, plus, you know, he'll actually want to go home at some point and he can't do that without a door.

The Way still watches as suddenly, the woman in white appears once more. He is invoking her power with the use of the GPS afterall and she simply peers over his shoulder, letting out a soft and amused chuckle under her breath. "You wish to find a way home, do you not?" she asks curiously.

"You were watching" Jason says turning to look over his shoulder at her, giving a chuckle of his own, "I do hope you liked what you saw. And not just the way home, I told you my plans for this place in the future. It's a poor prison that has a thousand doors to the outside. Not, I suspect, that this one does. I don't think I would have even found the way here without your assistance." Turning not to face her fully, looking dashing no less, he asks, "Do you know the way to my home?"

"That lake leads to that which you call the Drowned Road, though it is Pontus now." There's a frown at that on the features of the Way as she sighs and runs her fingers through her hair and takes a deep breath while stretching her arms into the air. "This place is one long forgotten and thus it's once myriad doors are closed, destroyed or simply lost forever. That is the closest one to you now, and if you wish to get to Olympus, I can easily take you there." she says with a bright smile.

Jason watches her breath in and stretch because he really is all male, no matter how divine his ichor at the moment. Still! Focus! Business! Tearing his eyes away and clearing his throat he says, "That is good news, of a sort. I would like to get to Olympus but before we do.. might I ask you two questions? Does this land have a name besides that of the home of the false Puros? And if I go now, will I be able to find my way back here later?"

An impish smile curls onto her lips before she lets out an amused chuckle. The godling doesn't know what he can do now it seems and so she takes a deep breath. "Your blood is connected to Olympus. Simply imagine a doorway and one will appear. You no longer need my help, child of Aphrodite. This realm has been rediscovered by you. It's coordinates are forever locked in that little device of yours, and you can open a door way here."

Jason quirks his brow at her and answers, "I fear you may overestimate my abilities, fellow traveler, but I shall take it as a compliment. I will of course also try for who knows what rules hold true in this strange place." He turns his attention towards the stretch of land ahead of him, focusing his attention upon Olympus and his foreheard scrunching a tad as he wills a doorway to appear. Think. Think Think. Thinking is sometimes hard for Jason, if recent events have shown anything it has shown that.

A doorway appears! Gasp! Jason leans in to press a kiss to the lips of the woman in white, presuming she does not dissolve him of course, "Thank you for all your help" he offers. Then. Through the doorway! Woosh. Off to Olympus he goes. Hopefully.

Olympus is still reeling from it's fight. There's a group of Scions and their parents alike who are in the court yard of the palace of Zeus discussing a few things. One of the first to notice the arrival of Jason is Joshua, still in his meek demigod form (comparatively speaking), his muscles flexing as he wears an immaculately white classical Greek toga. He stares and raises his brows and lets out a soft chuckle under his breath.

"It seems he has returned with his tail between his legs!" he boasts to the others.

The Sibyl, one of those who remains looks towards Jason. Her gaze pierces the very core of his being as she whispers something inaudible, at least to those present. Jason can hear her though. "You have been touched by something primordial."

Jason saunters through the doorway, a droll look given to Joshua as he advances towards the collection of Gods and Scions in the court yard. He looks immaculate, given the touch of pure waters, and in addition to that his body does have a whole new sort of vitality it does not before. The charismatic aura that surrounds him is incredibly reminiscent of his mother, but were her eyes ever so sharp and aware or her movements to fluid as he steps forward before coming to a halt, "Ah Joshua, is this where you have been hiding away after the battle. Afraid that you might have to do something to get that pretty toga dirty?" Barbs thrown that way he instead turns his gaze towards Sybil and he lowers his head politely to her, "As always you see much, after severing the hand that attacked Olympus I went in quest for it's home. It was a difficult journey, to find that place long lost, involving a touch of the primordial indeed. But now I return, the Grasslands of Purity have been rediscovered and it is there that New Tartarus shall be built!"

There's a sudden gasp from Hera as she looks towards Jason. She also heard what her daughter said and she looks towards Joshua. "You won't be able to defeat him. Not now. He has…" and she pauses, trying to find the right word. "Changed." Her eyes stare at Jason for a few moments, pursing her lips as she idly runs her fingers through her hair as she summons her husband.

Zeus comes sauntering down from the palace, in a similar robe to that of Joshua before he blinks and just stares at Jason for a few moments. "What sort of magic is this?!?!?" he says, his voice booming. He does not seem too pleased as he too looks towards Jason.

"As if he were able to defeat me before" Jason asides to Hera, still not quite catching on to just what has her so very excited. Grumble grumble. Family always make everything so hard. Then there is Zeus coming down from the steps and noting the similar robes he asides to Joshua, "Father and Son day at work?" But! Enough being snarky. Really. He is not the God of Snark, if Rupert is still alive that is his job. To Zeus he states, "You seem unhappy to see me, and yet I return in triumph. A home for New Tartarus has been found, it's a bright day when too many days of late have been dreary."

"Yes, and I would be if it wasn't for the fact that something changed you on your journey. Did you steal power from some sort of divinity like your sister? Sibyl has revealed to us that you have conspired a bit with Amnis of the Atlanteans." Zeus says matter of factly, and almost accusingly. He seems angry, but his temper is soon brought down by that of his wife.

"No, the stink of the Atlantean ritual to steal power is not on him as it was his sister. Jason, do you not even realize that you are no longer…" and she pauses for a few moments, blinking as she looks towards Zeus, looking a bit worried. "How can he not realize what he has become?" she questions before looking back towards the new godling. "Do you know what you are now? Only gods of Olympus can open a doorway here."

"Another offered to open a doorway here for me, though in the end she decided I could do so myself.." Jason says turning to peer curiously at Hera, "A woman, young and dressed in white. She was obviously quite powerful, given the places she traveled and the information at her disposal although I had never met her before." Moving closer to Hera, he knows where his quasi friends are, he answers, "But no, I have siphoned no divinities for power. Drained no energy from others with the knowledge she imparted to me, although I do hope that the results of that "conspiring"" he pauses for a moment, that word laced with a bit of bile, "will be able to correct the wrongs done that no others seem willing to put right and to restore the powers to those gods whom have had theirs stolen. Do you claim then that I am now a God of Olympus? I assure you I would find this feet surprising, my mother and me do not remain on speaking terms and I do not even know her current whereabouts."

"You are a god of Olympus. The ties of fate have made it so. Your ichor is all that remains, no trace of your original humanity. You /are/ a god now, Jason and you must have an appropriate name as thus." Hera says. A wry and predatory grin curls onto her lips, as it seems she won the bed as she just looks towards Zeus first. "We both knew you were never planning on raising him to godhood, but it seems someone else did instead. A woman in white you say?"

"The Way.." mutters Sibyl softly under her breath.

"Weren't you?" Jason says in response to Hera's words towards Zeus and there is a dangerous reverberation within those two words, a subtle threat that suggests they are well noted and will not soon be forgotten. Turning his gaze towards Hera he inquires, "And if what you say is true it would appear circumstances have.. changed. So what would you suggest Grandmother?" A shift of his eyes down to where Sibyl stands, "Or you, who sees far more than the others? If you can see the name of she to whom I spoke, can you see the name of who I shall become?"

"That I cannot see. It is up to you to decide, not any who will raise you. Something else changed you, something that we have no idea of what did it." she says, most definitely annoyed that there's something raising new Olympian gods as she runs her fingers through her hair. "You are not the first. It seems that the fiery redheaded daughter of Ares was raised up as well, but by what, we also do not know. This is an inauspicious omen." Hera says in rather somber tones.

Jason gives Zeus a good hard look, eyes trying to burn into the far more powerful god with their intensity, "A lesson for Olympus perhaps, to raise it's worthy children to the places they deserve or something else will." A quirk of his lips in a frown, "Still. Dark news. If she is still intent on razing to Olympus to the ground she will be more capable than ever of doing so. You have heard word of her? Do you know where she is to be found? She is my next step. She has her source of boxes of Pandora, and if New Tartarus is going to succeed at all we will need them. As for names.. Avram. I am Avram, the fiery heart of passion and the questers road."

"Then, Avram, father of many.." how appropriate that he be changed to such. "Find her. If you are going to get on my husband's good side, then find her and bring her back. It will be a difficult task ahead of you, but that is what I have decided if you are truly going to find your place amongst Olympus." she says firmly and resolutely. So she has decided, so it shall be done!

Avram straightens up looking the very hint of growing fury for a moment. Perhaps he has learned something by watching HALDOOM happen in the past. Still, something rather more refined is ultimately his style. Violence is to be done in cold blood at a distance, and violent words are not to be done close range before the gathered of Olympus. Lowering his head to Hera he says, "Find her I shall, although I fear with Xanatos whispering poisoned words in his ear every moment I am away I will be a long time from finding his good side. If you do not know her location I will ask her father, during the great battle I saw how much he cared for her and I doubt he leaves her unwatched. I'll continue to use what were my mother's quarters while here in Olympus." With that he slips past them, heading into the Palace proper in search of Ares.

"Xanatos would be wary of speaking ill of a god of Olympus, even if you gained your power through a different means." Hera replies in cool, clean and crisp tones as she gives the now humbled demigod a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath. She very much likes this less annoying, more sheepish Joshua Xanatos. It's like she just castrated her husband without having to do anything. Hera is pleased.

"But you may claim your mother's realm should you be able to truly wrestle control from her. The realm considers you a young godling now, and her realm may ot be as kind to you as it was in the past. You were a child of Aphrodite and the realm recognized that and was thus hospitable. Be careful for she may have booby trapped her realm from being claimed by another god. But if you wish, you may carve someof the unshaped aspects of Olympus. It is reserved for new gods such as yourself, afterall."

Avram frowns a touch and he says to Hera, "A tempting offer, and one I may take you up on. If my mothers realm will truly act as differently as you say however, it sounds like something I must do at least in part. For all the surface beauty my mother held hidden depths, as her actions have made quite clear. Her home has no doubt guarded many of her secrets, especially from her children, while it may be more dangerous now there are also opportunities to be found and I shall be exploring them." He leans in to give the grandmotherly Hera a hug and whispers quietly in her ear, "Thank you for defusing that situation. I am not sure how it might have gone were you not here."

"You would have been smited by a power with millenia more experience than you. You may be more powerful than Xanatos now, but never ever think you are near on the levelthat Zeus or I are." Hera says with a slight hiss to serve as a warning as she gives him a hug as she whispers back. "I like you kid, so don't push it." she says with a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath before letting go of the hug.

Avram tightens up in the hug a bit at Hera's words and hiss, tense muscles making that hug a bit more awkward and uncomfortable than it must be. "Mhmm" he allows and makes an effort once more to be diplomatic, "Before recently I have had little to do with Olympus, so embroiled was I in the affairs on Earth and then later journeying across the other Overworlds with my companions. My mother might have served as some introduction but we all that she cannot do that. I'm not used to having so large a family, it's going to take some getting used to." Then hug broken off he is moves past the crowd and into the palace proper.

Terra. While Jason stopped by Ares long enough to find out where his daughter is, instead of rushing at once to confront her he instead teleports himself to Terra, and from there in a fiery column of flame to Mount Orthys where she so often dwells in the hut he spent so much time there. "Gaia" he calls out to the surrounding air, "My apologies for coming by unannounced but.. there have been some rather large developments. I would have words with you if you have time." He cuts a dashing figure in his new godded out guise, moving to the edge for a moment to look out over the mountain ranges of the primordial earth realm.

"As a champion of Terra, you are quite welcome here." Gaia replies as she was lounging about in her palace on a bed of roses. She was dressed in a rather sheer nightgown of Grecian design as she raises her hand up towards him, as if expecting him to help her get up. "What is it that you need? Have your friends saved Yggdrasil yet?" she asks curiously.

Jason does in fact move towards the bed and offer a hand to help her rise, "First, Crom Cruach is readying another invasion at the Pole of Earth. I traveled through the portal there and saw the Pit of the Mukade, she is pregnant with a large clutch of eggs. If you are not aware you should be for that invasion will require defenders to ward it off. Secondly, I have become a God without the aid of Olympus, touched by something while on the way to the Grasslands of Purity. I hoped you might be able to offer insights."

He does radiate power. Even she can sense the change as she blinks for a few moments and just stares towards Jason for a few moments. At the news, two more women appear. One a statuesque blonde, and the other an eternally pregnant Japanese woman. The three avatars he has made in contact with now stare at him with their combined power. It's a terrifying thing really as if he's being dissected just by their stares.

"Tropos." replies Gaia.

"Houkou" replies Kamimusuhi.

And of course that leaves Jord nodding in agreement with her 'sisters' on some level as she lets out a soft and amused chuckle under her breath. "You were raised by something that gave birth to the Titans themselves. You are a very intriguing man, Jason or is it Avram now? Which do you prefer?"

"Avram" He responds to Jord's question as he looks over at the three arrivals, rather visibly shaken by the force of those combined stares for all that he tries to hide it. "Jason Xanthis was born in Florida, and he finally died somewhere on the way to the Grasslands. I'm Avram now." He turns to better regard the gathered others and he says, "So what force was this? What power birthed the Titans? What gave rise to the power you represent.. and why would it have touched me so. Olympus was shocked, surprised, I think had Hera not been present Zeus might have smitted me on principle."

"You said you were searching for something. Tropos. Houkou. The Way. She helps lost travelers find it. You probably asked her for it. Admitted to her that you were lost. Admitted to her that you were looking for a way to get to your destination. The Grass lands ofPurity? That's something I haven't heard of in quite sometime."

Gaia lets out a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath as she speaks. She is the dominant avatar afterall, and her 'sisters' defer to said authority as they soon lounge about like uber sexy sex kittens on the pool of rose petals.

"The gods in their hubris forgot whose power they draw upon at occasions. We were born from these beings. They are on par with Fate itself, Avram. I suppose the fact that you were searching and you have the power to break fate from being in the Dark Hour has changed you. You are a new force.A wild card. And the gods of Olympus do not like wild cards. Ask Herakles. It took him millenia to becomea god. You have achieved it in years."

"There was a woman in white" Avram says finding his own place to lounge with optimal viewing angle for various uber sexy sex kittens, he does know what he likes and he's surrounded by it. "The home of Puros.. or at least a false Puros. One of his avatars attacked Olympus along with my Grandfather's army, I severed it's hand and closed the portal through which it was coming. You remember things the gods have chosen to forget. Can you tell me anything about Puros? About Oceanus? The later has been freed, as you may be aware."

"We felt Mami Wata's anguish." replies Kamimusuhi as she speaks up this time. Of the three avatars, she is the one who has spies all over with her little kami. She sighs softly and runs her fingers over the metals as roses bushes start to grow from her restlessness. "Puros is a force even we do not understand fully. The Atlanteans called upon him to end all. Whispered stories say he is linked to what youcall the Dark Hour, and that he is the father of the three children inside."

Wait? Three children? Jason's only met two, right? Who is the third?

"The return of the Atlanteans has changed and twisted the strands of fate. Surely again, this is Puros doing for he and Fate have always had a problem with each other." Jord continues, giving some insight into it as well.

"I will save her" Avram assures them, moving to settle upon one corner of the bed to take his ease while he speaks. "Though I am not certain it is the right thing to do, I gave her my word. Oceanus will be found. Oceanus will be bound. And.. three children. I have been there more than once, always there are two children, a little girl and a little boy. What third child do you speak of for I have never seen this other. And if the Dark Hour is a place of Puros, is this why I am now able to defeat the strands of fate? Have I not only drawn new strength from this traveler, but also some from Puros as well?"

"No. Puros does not give out his power. But as you know we have our fatebound roles. By testing yourself, truly knowing yourself, allows you to make your own destiny. Free yourself from fate's expectations." Kamimusuhi answers that question. She's the smart nerdy one. Stupid White WOlf and their Asian stereotypes. "And yes, there are three children. If you have seen two, then I imagine the third is still sleeping. They are probably looking for their champions for what will come…"

Jord and Gaia look towards Kamimusuhi as if she has revealed toomuch, but they sigh and just lay there looking quite sexy.

Jason is looking terribly turned on. This is probably because there are several Avatars laying around looking quite sexy. He forces himself to get back up off the bed in a hurry to pace around. No! Quests to go one! No time to sleep with several women with epic stamina! "I am rebuilding Tartarus" he says instead, "And the agreement with Zeus is that if I can do so the children of Terra will be.. accepted.. as part of it's guard. Fate will be broken, and the mistakes of the past will not be made again. I have no desire to overthrow and imprison my parents, but neither do I think the future lies upon the top of Mount Olympus. I would like your consent to reclaim a part of the ruined overworld around Mouth Orthys. Olympus has.. other surprising children. I go to meet one soon, also raised to divinity without the touch of the Olympian Gods. Together, upon Orthys, we might build something new."

"You mean there are others who have been raised other than yourself?"

That's Gaia and soon the three are speaking amongst themselves once more. She hrmms and mulls over the question as she nods. "You have my permission, but the fact that these beings are awake is disconcerting. Very much so."

"So said Hera" Jason says to the others, "I have yet to meet with her myself. She holds a great hatred for the formality of Olympus, for the stagnation that she sees it sinking in. That is one of the reasons I wished to visit you before speaking with her, if I can offer her the opportunity to be the part of something truly new it may sway her where threats or diplomacy would normally fail. Thank you for giving your consent, and it is any surprise these beings awaken again? Atlantis rises, slowly, the Titanomachy is resumed. It seems a time for many ancient things to quest towards the light once more. If you have nothing further, I should be on my way. Thank you for your answers. I may return soon to see if the threat from Crom Cruach continues, I would not wish to see harm to come to the Earth spirits that live at that pole."

"I suppose given the context one could have caused the other, but we do not know which one came first. Still, it's a moot point. Both are awake and active and both are…well, it is merely disconcerting to know they are active. These are forces whose minds are beyond even our own, Jason. Be careful, you may find yourself as some pawn in a cosmic game of chess." Gaia says softly before bowing herhead."And thankyou foryour information on Crom Cruach. The bastard never gives up.:"

"Jason was a pawn his entire life, from the moment he was born fate had him ensnared and however much he tried to fight it he always seemed to wind up doing it's bidding." Avram says as he swivels in place towards the doorway, "Avram is at least a knight upon the board. Under his own power and able to move about unexpectedly and to places unexpected, charging headlong into surprising territories. Thank you, Gaia." A step forward and he is flicking from view. The Knight indeed, traveling about the board in some surprising directions.

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