Welcoming The New Gods - Haldor


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Scene Title Welcoming the New Gods - Haldor
Synopsis Of the three new gods, Haldor receives the warmest welcome! They learn more about what happened from… Odin! also, divine storytime…


Welcome back to The World, young gods… And divinely endowed critters.

Haldor lets out a long sigh as he finds himself in Sojobo's monastary once more. The Viking reaches out to wrap an arm around Maia's shoulders, pulling her close and warm. Lightly he plants a kiss on her cheek as he lets his senses expand outward to take in his surroundings.

"I'm sorry we didn't get you the answers or the homecoming you were looking for, Maia."

"I'm just worried about you now, love. If what Ame no Uzume said is correct, I don't know how your family will treat you either.."

Still, she accepts the kiss happily and sighs softly asshe nestles in close and warm for a few moments. Still, the monastary is empty, and there's noone around. Sojobo and the others are still probably partying.

"So off to Asgard. Through the Black Forest again? Or do you know of another route?" she asks curiously.

"We could try using that blot altar. It ought to open a portal to somewhere in the Aesir Overworld."

Haldor rubs the back of his head with his other hand as he strolls along with Maia wrapped up in one arm. Drake and Black Frost are probably curled up and impossibly balanced upon the Viking's shoulders or romping around at the couple's feet or something. A vaguely thoughtful expression crosses Haldor's face as he muses, shifting his rubbing hand from the back of his head to his chin.

"You know. We could try by the Metropolitan Library. Freyr popped a portal to Surtsey from there. Might be some power to the place?"

"Whichever is closer, hun. You know more about your family than I do. I'm just hoping we can get some answers from your dad."

Maia smiles brightly as the two arecurled up on Haldor's shoulders, sleeping. The festival tuckered them out and they'll want to sleep untilit's time to go. Besides, Drake did fly the entire way from New York to Japan in a few hours afterall. Demipup is tired.

"Well both of them are back in New York. Think it'd be safe to hop a plane back home? Drake's one pooped pup and I'd rather not try to fly the whole way without, y'know, something to eat and maybe some music."

The Viking offers a playfully plaintive smile, he's probably joking… But hey, wouldn't a plane ride be nice? Okay, so you've got green skin and a rose crown. Haldor may either be oblivious to this fact now or he may be expecting make-up can do something for this problem.

"I don't think Japan Air will take me on their flight unless I'm telling them I'm in cosplay.."

And then it hits her. She can totally do that. There's a hearty laugh as her clothes shift into that of a Japanese school girl's, though she still remains green skined and with a crown of rose petals on her head. She chuckles and twirls around before she leans against Haldor.

"There should be food here, then we'll booka flight backto New York. Unless, you want to go through Yggdrasil? Then we can just go to Germany and the Black Forest." she offers cheerily.

"I guess we could take a shortcut through Vanaheim. Less time in the air, more time in the game," mumbles Haldor. He may be a bit too busy oogling Maia in her school girl outfit. There may also be a tiny William Shatner in the back of his head yelling at him. Silencing The Shat is a difficult process, particularly when there are green skinned women about.

And off they go! They eat, drink and be merry. There's still a lot of catching up for the couple and so for hours, they 'catch up' with each other in the empty monastary. After a bit of rest, it's off to Japan Air and then woosh, they end up in Germany and the Black Forest.

Thank goodness for epic socials. They're what keeps most people at bay from asking ridiculous questions. Thus far, she's explained that she's in the Avatar Sequel, where people are green instead of blue; she's cosplaying a nymph for an anime convention in Germany; and she just had a terrible accident at an ink factory. All these explanations and more are accepted, though Haldor's gigantism is something that catches the weary mortals' eyes. There's lots of explanation for those as well, as he just ate eggs a lot since he was a Rocky fan; crazy genetics; and you don't wanna know.

Now, Black Frost hee-hoos around the forest as they peer about. There's a series of happy barkbarkyelpbarks from Drake who is trying to initiate a game of chase as they wander into the Black Forest. Maia seems to be at home, but then again, she's surrounded by trees and decides to forgo any clothings and wanders the forest naked, as should a new goddess of nature.

"Mmmm, I never realized this place was so beautiful."

Haldor isn't… Super-gigantic at the moment. That's a feat best left to Form of the Giant, which seems to have worn off of its own accord by now. Instead he's merely abnormally tall at around 6'6" tall by now - partially awakened giant blood seems to have added a few inches to his already imposing stature - and having even more trouble getting around than he used to. People just don't design stuff for people over 6' tall.


For not the first time, Haldor lets his gaze sweep around the forest. It certainly has an air of natural majesty and power that Haldor can respect, but it is kind of overgrown. Overgrown forest isn't exactly Haldor's description of beautiful, as compared to a naked Maia romping through the woodland. Haldor smirks broadly and shrugs a little bit at Maia, shoving his hands into the pockets of his hoodie as he strolls along.

"Not nearly as beautiful as you, Maia."

"Mmm, you are such a sweetheart. I don't know what I did to deserve someone like you.."

Maia replies happily as she wraps her arms around his shoulders and steals a quick kiss on the lips. She looks around once more, enamored by the woodsy nature of the place. It suits her now that she's more attuned to fertility, health and plants itself as she lets him go and brushes her fingertips against the ages old bark of one of the oak trees in the forest. It's mighty and majestic and if Haldor looks around, he might even notice a few other nymphs looking their way.

But still, something inside him tingles. Towards the darker end of the forest is the way to Vanaheim, as the Black Forest itself is starting to creep into that realm as well. And as such, there's even an old wizzened woman perhaps just about a kilometer or so in front of them. She seems oddly familiar too. They did only meet one old woman in the Dark Forest in Vanaheim afterall.

"What you did to deserve me?"

The very statement seems foreign to Haldor as he peers at Maia. He squeezes her fondly in his arms for a few minutes, kissing her lightly back before releasing her to her explorations of the forest. All the while, the Viking's attention shifts between his senses and particularly focuses upon this strange new tingle deep within him. It is a strange feeling, a new feeling, and one that he can't quite qualify as anything he's really felt before.

"I think the better question is what I did to deserve you. You're beautiful, brilliant, and by far too good for me."

Every so often, the Viking casts a glance directly toward the nymphs to verify that they're not setting up an ambush or something. When Haldor doesn't feel quite so paranoid, he starts shifting the small party in the direction of that woman. She is a curiosity, out of place, in this place and Haldor isn't quite sure that she is Elli once more. After all, there's something vaguely different about her.


A soft and impish giggle escapes from her lips as she stretches her arms into the air. Do the nymphs nearby recognize one of their own or are they just peering towards Haldor due to all his hunkyness. Who knows really?

But still, it looks like Elli, and suddenly she disappears as she takes a step back into the darkness. Is that the way to get to Vanaheim? Without Jason, the psychopomp, it's a bit more difficult now to get to Overworlds, isn't it?

"I really don't see how me being silly and weird has anything to do with me deserving a beauty and a brain such as you."

Haldor frowns slightly as Elli disappears into the shadows. That is concerning yet also vaguely comforting. At least now he has somewhere he can lead the crew - such as they are. Onward Haldor leads the team toward Vanaheim or, at least, what he thinks is the entrance to Vanaheim. Psychopomps are very, very useful for travelling purposes, yes.

And Maia follows along. She is Sif to Haldor's Thor afterall. She idly runs her fingers through her midnight black hair as she enters the dark realm with a bit of a shudder. Even now, she still has a fear of the dark? She lets her fingers entwine with his own as she gives his hand a bit of a strong squeeze as they soon find themselves in the Dark Forest once more.

"What was it that she said before? Trust your instincts and don't try to find your way. Or something like that. Just going in, we should feel like we're going to Asgard and maybe we'll make it?" she offers with her brows raised as she still can't see Haldor. No night eyes for her.

"Something to that effect," replies Haldor.

The Viking continues to lead the way with his wonderful Night Eyes. Night Eyes were clearly a great investment for Haldor, he uses it like every other day lately. After a bit of wandering, Haldor stoops to scoop up Drake and Black Frost once more. Drake and Black Frost were likely in danger of wandering off and getting lost <The Sandlot> FOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRR-EV-URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR </The Sandlot> in the Dark Forest.

"I really can't wait to get to Asgard. With everything that's been going on, I could use a flagon of mead… As horrifically stereotypical as that may sound."

And eventually, after a hour or two of wandering, they reach Asgard. The once great wall that was bordered by the towering mountains of Scandanavia is… no more. There's supposed to be a wall here that would put the Great Wall of China to shame! But considering the fires that are around, it's not difficult to guess what happened. Jason did seduce Sinmore into attacking Asgard afterall, and so she did. What of her fate? What of the fate of the other giants and the defenders of the realm?

There's someone who can possibly answer that question. Wearing a Viking Helmet, a lone god stands weary as he brings forth several dvergar and alfar to start fixing the great wall of the fortress that is Asgard. He stands by the Rainbow Bridge which has tattered a bit from the fights for the past several months before he notices the new comers.

"HALT! Announce thyselves!" he says with a booming voice. There could only be one god who would be guarding bi-frost, and he doesn't seem to be friendly nor does he recognize the two new godlings.

Heimdall sniffs at the air, his eyes widen as he looks towards Haldor. "Why would the Titans send a pair against my might! I will crush you, child of Ymir!"

There is a brief ripple in the nearby air, a quiet sort of whoomph as pressures equalize. Jason is suddenly there, stepping out from the approximate area where Asgard should be and pausing to take a look around. He brings some light with him, a tiny flickering ball of flame hovering above one shoulder to give the area some dim illumination, just enough for him to really peer around.

Haldor steps out of the Dark Forest to gawk at the damage Sinmore has wrought, just in time for Jason to arrive. The Viking looks over his shoulder at Jason and is about to say something when Heimdall speaks up, sniffs at them, and then threatens them. With a long suffering sigh, Haldor hangs his head.

"First of all, I'm a son of Thor. Second of all, why is everyone saying that I am touched by Ymir all of a sudden? Third and most important of all, /WHAT/. /THE/. /HEL/. /HAPPENED/?"

The Viking drops back, shrugging Drake and Black Frost into his hands for a moment before passing them off to Maia. Haldor draws his drumsticks, but doesn't yet shift them into any sort of weapon. Instead he stands his ground, watching Heimdall and his minions with wary eyes. Given the situation, wouldn't you?

Jason strolls up behind the two others, looking over the damage with his ever so perceptive gaze before he turns his eyes on the long godling player defender. "And here I thought Olympus looked like it was having a tough time after a recent assault. You've had some difficult times here. Avram of the Dodekatheon, here looking for lost companions who I appear to have been found even if one is rather more green than I remember. I for one mean you and your lands no harm."

The drumsticks. He remembers who crafted those. Heimdall blinks blankly for a few moments. "This is some trickery. An illusion. Sure, you possess the countenance of Haldor Thorson and even his relics, but there is no illusion my sight cannot pierce! YOu have the stench of Ymir just as she bears the stench of Terra!" he bellows, raising his own weapon high in the air before he starts charging towards the pair.

Drake barkbarkyelpbarks as he's handed off to Maia. He wriggles and squirms out of her grasp before he stands in front of Haldor. He's angrilybarking, trying to be as intimidatingashe can be even when in cute adorablz puppy form. He's wagging his tail his hair raised, ready to pounce the god as he approaches. Drake is ballsy!

"Hee-hoo.." Black Frost whines as he just buries his face in Maia's bosom before he peers up towards Avram/Jason. That's his daddy! The kami recognizes him and jumps out of Maia's arms towards Jason, intending to glomp him good. "HEE! HOO!" he says excitedly.

Yes, Maia is still naked and she lets out a meep, not wanting toget intoa fight with yet another god. Still, Heimdall blinks as he realizes there is no illusion.

"The rumors are true then? Have you been touched by Ymir? Is he not dead? And you, you gave yourself for Yggdrasil. But you're alive.. I…" and he scratches the back of his head. "I'm so confused."

"Good to see you Ja- … Avarm? Good to see you, Avram."

Haldor is notably not looking at Jason when he says this and his expression is mildly confused by the change in name. The Viking keeps his eyes locked on Heimdall, icy blue eyes narrowing slightly as The One True Watcher at The Gate nears with whatever weapon he might bear ready. It is, all things considered, probably not the best day to go booting Heimdall in the daddy bags before running into Asgard.

A long sigh escapes Haldor as Heimdall finally comes to a halt. The Viking eases back up to a casual position and shoves his drumsticks into his pockets. For a few moments, Haldor just tries to repurpose his brain for actual conversation and not killin's. He shrugs at Heimdall's reaction and folds his arms across his chest.

"You and me both. I saw her die… And I thought Ymir was dead as well, but considering you and Ame no Uzume are saying I reek of elder Jotun, I'm going to guess death is as impermanent for him as it was for Kamui, Maia, and the Atlanteans."

Abruptly Haldor pauses. He unfurls his arms from across his chest and offers a hand to Heimdall in greeting, one of those trademark Thor smiles spreading over his face.

"It is good to see you, Heimdall… Sir. Perhaps you can enlighten us as to what may have happened to us. You are greatly reknown for your intelligence, your wisdom, and your ability to counsel. I would, humbly, ask your aid."

Jason draws up to a halt as well, letting the vikings converse amongst themselves while he studies some of the changes to Maia. "Touched by Terra they are saying? You do have something of the look of the nymphs about you, a strange and dramatic change." He endures Black Frost glomping. Ack. Excited weird scary jester!

"I had to mix my blood with that of Gaia's before I could be a proper sacrifice to heal Yggdrasil."

Maia explains to Jason before she looks at herself and suddenly realizes she's just in her birthday suit. That'ssoon remedied as a pair of rather skin tight boots, and a tight bodice forms over her. Being touched by a Titan Avatar of Fertility makes one wear a bit skimpier outfits, as her outfit is skimpy if anything else. She takes a deep breath and nods.

Heimdall continues to scratch his head. He just stares at the three for a few moments. The gods talk, so he knows a bit about their backstories. "You three have achieved apotheosis without the help of your parents. This is disconcerting, to say the least.."

And it's then that two ravens fly over bifrost before they end up perching on Heimdall's shoulders peering and cawing at the gathered godlings.

"The AllFather requests their presence." Hugin says.

"He wishes to meet them now that they have been touched…by something older than the gods themselves.." Munnin replies, which causes a bit of alarm from Heimdall.

"I suppose I can help you over bi-frost then." and with that, he offers them a golden chariot so that they can travel towards the Well of Urd. That's near the hall of Odin afterall. "Bi-frost is not safe to cross right now.." he explains.

Of course Bi-Frost isn't safe to travel right now. The freaking rainbow is all messed up, no doubt thanks to Jason's gigantic seductee. Haldor tilts his head at the golden chariot, crouching to pick up the still barking and posturing chibi-Drake. When he stands up, Haldor moves toward the chariot and sets Drake down upon it before turning to help Maia up onto the conveyance.

"Thank you for your assistance, Heimdall. It is appreciated."

Jason's seductive prowess does environmental damage, it's true. He moves over to take a place upon the chariot as the others are no doubt going about as well. "Indeed. I had not expected to find things so damaged here, war has come to everywhere it seems." More quietly he says to the others, "So you both as well? I'd heard rumors, but thought I would have a look around for myself to see if I could find you. It was easier than I expected, the first stripper I asked knew exactly where you were to be found."

Maia gladly accepts Haldor's hand, letting her fingers entwine with his own as she motions for Black Frost to hop back into her arms. At least she's wearing clothes now and motions for Jason to join them as well. Once everyone is on the chariot, the two ravens start to fly across the slightly dinged and broken bi-frost towards Asgard.

Asgard is a huge metropolis. It's a bit of an anachronism though with large stone buildings, akin to that of medieval times. They can see the Well of Urd as the chariot starts up. And there's a rather large stone building with a silver roof that gleams in the light of the golden sun. There was no witty banter from Hugin or Munin this time, as they're acting like proper heralds as they swoop inside the great hall of the All-Father, Valaskajalf.

The doors are large and mposing, and as they land, Maia looks tentatively towards Haldor and then Jason. "Uh..you two go first?"

"Nuh-uh. You're not getting off so easy," replies Haldor.

"That's what she said!" remarks Haldor's inner William Shatner. Fortunately you all can't hear Haldor's inner William Shatner.

The Viking steps off of the golden chariot and tugs Maia along with him. Only when she has disembarked does the Viking look toward Valaskajalf, eyes widening as he realizes just where he is standing… And, more importantly, who he's about to speak with. Yeah, Haldor may have just checked out.

Jason hangs just a little back to allow Haldor to guide the way through those doors, it is his Overworld after all. Still he is prepared to go through just a moment later and looking over he says, "You're looking all impressed? Your first time here? I hope your family gives you a warmer welcome than mine did to me, they were less than pleased given recent events." That earns a little grimace.

"Yeah. I've… I've been to a few places around here, but this is freaking Valaskajalf around The Well of Urd. You just don't…"

Haldor looks tongue-tied, moreso than usual at any rate, as he looks plaintively at Jason. After a few more seconds of staring and gawking, perhaps even burning the moment into his long term memory, the Viking takes a step forward. By slow measure, Haldor builds up some speed and finally opens the doors ahead of the others with a faint grunt of effort. No doubt such is just a formality, Haldor is just so retardedly strong that no doors should ever give him trouble in opening.

"You summoned us, All-Father?"

"Or my family to mine." Maia chimes in as she scrunches up her nose and peers towards Jason. "My uncles want me dead." she explains before she reaches out to take Haldor's hand if he lets her. She's here for moral support afterall, but damn, the Great Hall of Odin is indeed great. It's hugenormous, the size of a rather big mansion on Earth, and it's all for the All Father. You get nice perks when you're the head of a powerful pantheon afterall.

And so, she's tugged along as the great oaken oors open slowly. Immediately in front of them is a marble floor, coolon Maia's feet as she isn't wearing shoes when she goes in. It's disrespectful to wear shoes in the house of an Amatsukami so maybe similar customs are used for the Aesir? at the sight of Odin though, she suddenly feels so.. small. So… insignificant.

Within its walls stands a granite throne, carved all over with gripping beasts and adorned with runes that read “From Here All Becomes Clear.” Hlidskjalf is Odin’s prized possession—second only to Gungnir, his great spear which is proudly standing next to the throne. And there's the big kahuna himself. Odin sits there lounging, his legs spread open to get a tad bit more comfortable as he leans on the side arm of the throne. There's the black eye patch, and he's in his casual attire, a simple grey tunic and leather pants that stick to his form. He doesn't look pleased to see the three young godlings, but he doesn't look angry either. It's as if his gaze is piercing their very souls before he suddenly sits up.

At his side stands a rather beautiful, if not MILFY redhead. She's dressed in a simple gown befitting her status as the queen of the Aesir. And of course, there's a hunky hunkalicious younger man standing on the opposite side of Odin. His cheery smile and his sun shiny disposition should give a clue as to who he is and his faint resemblance to Preston helps as well. They all are quiet as Odin decides to speak.

"That I did." he says, still staring at the three. "Congratulations on your apotheoses." he says with a bow of his head. "While you three reached the pinnacle of what it means to be a demigod, you are now the bottom rung of godhood." his voice gruff. "You have achieved much, but do not let the hubris from your impressive accomplishments cloud your minds. We gods, your parents, uncles and cousins have been around much longer, have accomplished much more and are more powerful. Never forget that." he says firmly and resolutely.

Maia just lets out a meep and she bows as her clothes have changed into that of a rather formalkimono. It's made of the softest silk and green with a forest like design on it as she bows low in front of the assembled gods. Now is the time to act as an ambassador of her people.

Odin speaks up once more. "So, first things first, I am to understand that you have propsoed to the daughter of Amaterasu, Haldor Thorson."

Jason stands looking just a bit out of place, he's not marrying any Aesir and the member of the Dodekatheon is certainly not one himself! Eyes pass the time by scanning those assembled to watch this little meeting and doing a bit of flirting with the eyes with attractive women. He even indulges in a touch of this with the MILFY readhead, but rather less than the others given the incredible Jason crushing potential of her husband. "Thank you" Jason says briefly in response to the congratulations before going quiet to let the couple do their couple thang.

At the praise for reaching apotheosis, Haldor offers a formal bow that is much more European than Japanese. He straightens up and folds his arms behind his back once Maia releases his hand to do her formal kimono covered super kaotao. The Viking stands his ground, one red eyebrow arching at Odin's speech on power.

"You are to understand such, All-Father," replies Haldor. He visibly twitches at the use of a surname, left hand clenching into a terrible fist for a few seconds before he regains his composure. It is probably a good thing that he has his hands behind his back.

"Then there is much to celebrate. I think you understand the both of you have been trying to get married for at least one millenia now. It seems the cycle of fate surrounding the twoof you has broken, and that is what I wanted to speak with you about. Jason.. Avram, whatever you call yourself now, you too have the strands of fate that would have determined your end cut. I am intrigued by this, as you know, we Aesir are doomed to die at Ragnarok, and I would like that strand of fate broken."

Odin does care for his people, and will do anything to save the Aesir from utter and completely doom afterall. "The last time we saw each other, you were regaling us with your stories. Please, I would like you to regale us present with what has happened since you left Asgard. And that goes for you three."

And coming in is Sif and Thor. He's still hero level, but it doesn't make him any less impressive. He stands and just peers towards the three godlings now. There will be storytelling time! Yay!

"I'm sure Baldur has regaled you of my visit to Jotunheim, All-Father. Shall I skip ahead of that?"

Haldor may be trying to buy himself time to figure out what the Hel he has actually done since his last visit to Asgard. The Viking glances at the others, then back toward Odin just as Thor and Sif enter. Oh good, even more of an audience.

"Avram means the father of many in the words of my family" Jason explains in response to Odin's words, running his eyes over the crowd as he prepares to tell his own part of the tale of what has happened. Skills as an actor come out as his motions gain and voice gain a dramatic intensity and the sheer power of his bountiful epic charisma mark his words, "My companions each have their own tales to tell, the last time I visited this land we were soon after on our way to Tamagahara, a land torn by civil war and strife. There we found a palace of flames, a garden of living fire where the trees burned endlessly and the walls were eternally consumed. A little bit of the realm of fire transposed far from home with a fiery princess to impose her maddened reign over all it represented. Scouting it for my companions I would find myself captured and when I next awoke I was within the realm of Terra, a land of mighty vistas and mightier beasts ruled by powerful avatars."

Jason pauses here to catch his breath and he wryly says, "Jord is related to some here, her appetites and stamina of no surprise. I must admire the strength that flows in her blood for I found myself growing stronger and tougher simply in the effort to keep up with her pace! It was she who would inform me that my relics were at the four elemental poles of that realm and so I set off on foot to find them, almost at once being set upon by a mighty griffon who leapt out of the bushes the moment I seemed distracted and tried to consume me whole but springing upon his back with my coat between his beak I would ride the beast. There, in that land far from home Boeingrockyginsugooglemaps would in time become my most stalwart companion. The pole of fire I took by guile, masquerading as a servant of Gaia and walking naked across volcano magma to claim that which was mine before the eyes of those who guarded it. At the pole of water I would aid a goddess in hearing once more the prayers of her people that had been lost to her. Earth, deep underground, I fought off an invasion by an avatar of Crom Cruach. At the pole of air I fended off an invasion of my own people, a strong man desperately seeking the approval of his father led to a vicious sneak attack that had it succeeded would have brought Gaia's full vengeance to fall upon the Dodekatheon. I defeated him by luring him into losing his temper and charging at me with a tempest of wind around him, explosive barrels lifted in the air prepared to crush me beneath forever! Instead I ignited them, a massive explosion nearly flinging us both from the ship on which we fought and crashing that craft into Mount Orthys. I allowed him to repair the ship, and depart the realm but took from him the Golden Fleece which he aspired to but was unworthy of. My powers returned to me I would leave that place and soon return to Olympus as well."

Jason shakes his head and says, "The sight I would see when I once more scaled those peaks was astounding. Your people are well used to combat at your gates, it is not so for Olympus where our position atop the moutain stops most assaults long before they reach us but upon my arrival I found the sky filled with birds the size of small hills. The bodies of many Scions torn assaunder by razor feathers and sharp talons. The assault was led by a daughter of Ares, redheaded and glorious in battle. Her father, not wishing to fight his daughter did not join the fray and without his guidance it seemed Olympus itself might fall. She called upon the power of Nyx and a mighty portal opened in the air, a hand many times larger than even those of the Gigantes reaching through seeming it might crush the palace of Zeus at that instant! I leaped atop it, a long journey along it's wrist at last leading me through the portal where I beheld a land of massive beasts far larger than even the Nemeans, a verdant place beautiful yet strange. To counter the power of Nyx I threw the Golden Fleece into the portal and flung myself through, invoking all the powers of the sun that it contained. In a brilliant flash of light that blinded all who saw it the portal snapped shut like a blade falling upon the wrist and that hand was severed! Drawing upon great powers Zeus and Apollo combined would destroy the severed limb before the palace could be crushed beneath it."

Jason draws in another breath to begin again, "But I had seen it! Ever since the escape from Tartarus those of the Dodekatheon have sought a New Tartarus, a place our foes might be contained once more and the land of the giant was just such a place! My quest for ancient knowledge of it's location would draw me under the ocean to the Palace of Agwe, a remnant of the Atlantean civilization secreted and hoarded away. There I would deal with Mama Wata in the guise of a Loa, dealing for the information she had hoarded, information which would lead me back to an old enemy. Crom Cruach. I snuck into the swamplands of corruption, beset by giant crabs I would turn them into an inferno of burning gasses. Caked with filth, stench heavy in my lungs I found myself finally at the Pit of the Mukade, the great worm and it's massive children. Convincing her a threat came for her children she curled about them to defend them and I dove into a portal of black."

Words pause here so that Jason can focus his eyes upon Odin, "You speak of that which touched me and I tell you that it was then that something did. I found myself adrift in endless darkness. Endless shadow. There was no ground underfoot, no air to breath, I was lost in the nothing between worlds with no light and no substance to guide my steps and it was there I met.. her. The eternal traveller, the guide, the way. Unfurling a ribbon from her hair she let it unfurl into the darkness and I could follow it to my destination. The Grasslands of Purity. New Tartarus. I returned to Olympus in triumph, a newly risen God who no longer even knew what he was. There word of my companions being similarly impacted reached me, and so I am here now in your hall. Their tales I shall be hearing for the first time.

There's a murmur between the various gathered gods. Baldur seems intrigued at the part of the golden fleece. Frigg ooohs at the bits with Jord and looks towards Thor. It seems that's all he heard as he seethes a little when he finds out that the new godling slept with his mother. Does that mean he gets more siblings? Who knows?

Sif tries to comfort her husband, but soon another young woman peeks out from behind her mother. She's quite buxom and blonde, and a young godling herself. She gasps as she practically woons as Jason tells his tale, only to be caught by her half-brothers, Magni and Modi.

Eventually coming to, Thrud points to Jason. "Him.He will be my worthy mate!" she proclaims out loud before she letsout a meep and covers her lips, her cheeks flushed a bright tinge of red.

Odin and Baldur laugh heartily at that proclamation and the All Father nods and bows his head towards Jason-cum-Avram.

"Very eloquently spoken. You certainly have accomplished much in a few months time. I can see why you were visited by The Way. You were searching for a New Tartarus, and because of your efforts, we have a new place to bind the Titans." he says with a sage nod before turning his attention to Haldor.

"Yes, Baldur has regaled me of the trials of Utgard Loki. But I do not think your betrothed is even aware of them, so if you can start there for the benefit of your siblings, your father and your uncles and aunts, I would much appreciate it."

And in the meantime, Maia is speaking with Magni and Modi asking for some ink and some paper. They go and get some at her best. awww, such sweethearts.

Haldor tilts his head to watch Jason as the Dodekathean spins his tale of epic combat, epic sex, epic fire, and uncomfortably familiar epic void. The Viking shifts his icy blue gaze from Avram to Odin, restraining the urge to talk back. Instead, Haldor gathers up his tremendous mundane charisma and as yet untapped Epic Charisma for its fullest effect and summons to mind his memories.

"After entertaining many of my fellow Aesir in Valhalla, I journeyed on to the Utgard with Baldur and Tyr, riding upon my father's chariot. Though it was a fierce battle the entire way, I managed to reign in Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr enough to complete the journey to the castle of Utgard-Loki. Once there we enjoyed his hospitality and I was entreated to engage in three challenges as he had challenged my father before me.

"My first challenge was to out-throw the least of his Jotun. To throw we had but a wagon and I but my hands. At second glance though, I found my wagon was actually a mountain firmly and deeply rooted in the frozen aerth of the Utgard. Emboldened by the deceit, I turned my Viking Fist," Haldor hefts his left arm out from behind his back, lightning snapping and crackling across his clenched fist in demonstration, "Upon the ground itself and detached the mountain from the ground, catching it and hurling it beyond the distant mark of their Jotun champion, crushing his wagon beneath it as well."

By slow measure, Haldor starts to ramp up his presence. It's a strange thing to watch for Maia and Avram to be sure as Haldor starts to pace, last licks of lightning snapping off of his body as he quiets the VIKING FIST for now to instead focus upon weaving his tale.

"From that challenge, Utgard Loki sent me deep into the caverns beneath the crater I sank into the aerth. Within he bid me retrieve the most valuable of treasures there - no mean feat considering the choices laid before me. Rescue the screaming girl from the aptrganger or retrieve a god's ransom in gold and precious gems? To me, the answer seemed obvious - rescue the damsel in distress and give my stout dvergar spirit companion, Johanssen, the chance to take revenge upon an aptrganger for his former master. It took but a single blow from our combined fury, exploding in a frigid spray of glop.

"And when we emerged from the caverns, we were the victor once more, but Utgard Loki is neither a fool nor without a sense of humor. My final task was to cook a feast fit for the gods from Nemean beasts and a thorough supply of food. Though my ability to cook is oft called into question, with Tyr and Baldur's expert assistance, I once more triumphed over Utgard Loki's own devilish tricks. I even understand that Fjalar BBQ is quite the tasty treat."

Haldor sighs quietly as he completes the beginning of his tale, a bank of fog rolling from his nostrils as he turns to the next tale in his line-up. Terra.

"Maia and I then travelled to Terra, by way of an ancient shortcut in the Philippines. There we aided a deceased local goddess to rest and quieted the many eruptions of the volcano to which she and her tormentor were tied. Into Terra we went, boldly venturing far and wide in search of our lost companion," Haldor turns and claps Avram on the shoulder in demonstration, "That we might return to fighting back the Corrupted and their Titan masters. Along the way we discovered young Black Frost, Maia's newest child substitute, before we ventured into the skies around Mount Orthys, home of Gaia, the Gigantes, and nesting grounds of the griffons. By guile and sheer luck, we managed to evade certain death at the talons of the griffons, using a similar ruse to evade the Gigantes and other residents of Mount Orthys until we arrived at the front doors to Gaia's palace.

"We were ushered in and announced before her court, asked of our purpose in the Titanrealm, and we beheld her primal, primordial beauty. We pled our case and were rewarded with a vial of her ichor to use to heal Yggdrasil. Of course, no good deed comes from Titans or their Avatars without strings attached. Within a year, Maia and I must do battle with Surtr. Within a year, we must bind Surtr and his Muspelheim forces that they can never threaten to destroy the natural world."

For a moment, Haldor pauses and lets his gaze track across the assembled gods and goddesses. For just a moment, Haldor lets that string sink into their heads. And then Haldor starts again, his voice gaining power and strength.

"It will be a glorious battle and it will be a battle that I would be happy to fight. Muspelheim and Surtr have long been enemies of Asgard, indeed Surtr himself is tied to our destruction that you so want to prevent, All Father. With our prize, our companion, and such a tremendous, yet glorious task, we were whisked from the land of Terra and back to Midgard where we briefly recouped and began our own journies. While Avram went afar to find New Tartarus, Maia and I made our preparations for the sacrifice necessary to heal Yggdrasil.

"She beat me to Yggdrasil's roots. She gave her life, her ichor, and her soul to heal The World Tree. In my grief I challenged Kamui, my mortal foe and an Avatar of both Death and Chaos, to battle for his crimes against Existence and for putting into motion the events that lead to Maia's death. He retreated to Hundun and I gave chase, finding the Titan itself trying to sunder me from existence while I floated in a Void of infinite chaos.

"And yet Hundun could not break me. Hundun could not sunder my binds to Fate. Hundun could not overcome my fury, my grief, and my abiding hunger for resolution. Through my very force of will I bent the very realm to my heel and once more tried to fight Kamui. Once more he eluded me, luring me ever deeper into the realm until Hundun dropped me into a colliseum. As we attempted to join battle, the world went sideways and we were no longer in the depths of Hundun. Rather we were at the last days of Atlantis and I was Runolfr Thorson and he Abe no Seimei. We did glorious battle for the hand of Amaya, daughter of Amaterasu, and I came out the victor in spite of his tricks and traps.

"Time lost all meaning for several moments thereafter until I found myself being given directions to destroy Atlantis itself. And we aided in the destruction of Atlantis, if only slightly, but could not stop one of their chosen from altering the binds of Fate amongst ourselves and the gods of Atlantis. This, I believe, is how they have come to be a threat once more. The Corrupted have somehow reawakened Atlantis through their ties to our ichor, to our Legend. And then as death came for me, I snapped back to Hundun and did battle with Kamui. I could not hit him and he could not hurt me, though he was rapidly crippling me. Preventing me from moving… I would have weathered his every assault though, I would have stood fast just for the chance to kill him, but Black Frost arrived.

"With the little one wrapped about my leg, new power entered my body and I overcame Kamui's ability to cripple me. Fate is fickle though and would not let me kill him and he fled before my new power, only to leave another of Hundun's enforcers to attack. A portal opened and through I fled in hopes of finding Kamui again, but instead found myself once more upon Midgard. Reunited with my resurrected love. We journeyed to Japan and then Takamagahara where we found ourselves to be outcasts and outlaws before we journeyed here in hopes of finding out more about our situation than that we had been touched and elevated by Something Else."

More murmuring can be heard from the gods as the two other Thorsons return with a large bottle of black ink. No one knows what's it's for, but of course, they all quiet down as they start listening to Haldor's tale this time.

At the mention of the VIKING FIST, Maia beams brightly. That's her man afterall. She lets out an amuse chuckle as she watches him gesticulate and pantomime the action once more as she hrmms and purses her lips. She nods in agrement atthe quip about the nemena chicken as she lets out another sot chuckle under her breath as she listens in before Haldor eventually finishes and it's her turn. Odin peers curiously as he looks towards the young Thorson, nodding in agreement.

"Yes, I see now. But let me hear the last tale before I tell you what happened.." before he looks towards Maia expectantly.

For a while, she's quiet. She wants to faint. She really does. ALl the eyes are on her, and she's got to make a good impression. She retrieves the bottle of ink from the brothers Magni and Modi and soon she sets it down in front of a large projection screen sized rollof paper they have brought for her as well. There's a soft flicker of her wrist as soon, the black ink starts to move up and float out of the bottle before splashing onto the scree. It's dark as the dripping ink starts to form Preethi's Palace of Fire and Light with even special effects of fire being drawn by the ink.

"My tale begins in Takamagahara, where we were searching for my mother. After finding my home in ruins, we were directed by a retinue of Hachiman's guards to the east of the realm where Preethi's palace of fire and light stood." Yes, she's skipping run in with Mikaboshi. She doesn't want them to know that bit.

The ink drips and starts showing an animated sequence of the large snake, the guardian giants of light, then eventually the various Scotts. "We had faced her guardians who were very fierce. Baldur, your son Preston was with us, and he fought very bravelyand we were eventually able to defeat her henchmen, but not without some losses. We were too late to save my mother, and ran into her and she asked that we save my younger sister from the hold of the palace where my uncle Susano-o resided."

And the scene switches once more, the ink making an image of the Imperial Palace itself. "We went in, and in the palace, we were forced to take five children from the royal nursery when an attack of Mikaboshi started ruining the palace." There's a soft sigh as the scene plays out with shadowy tentacles being drawn emerging from the palace, flailing as the ink moves due to Maia's divine will.

"Haldor has explained part of our joint journey. We met Gaia and I knew it would be my place to let Yggdrasil be grown again. My own connection to plants and the health of others compelled me to doit, and so I died." Sadness. "I found myself in Yomi, the underworld of the Amatsukami and fell asleep in the slums of an ancient Edo era shrine. That is then where I awoke as a previous life, Fujiwara no Amaya and watched Runolfr win my head in marriage." Look, there's even a portrait of the pair. "It was from there that we saw the end of Atlantis. And as the island was destroyed, I was back in Yomi once more, where I immediately sought my grandmother, Izanami."

There's a deep breath as the drawing suddenly changes showing Maia and Aya shooting arrows of pure light towards a rather large figure. "She gave me a mission. Break and change my sister's fate. If I did that, she would let me live on. And so I died in reverse, rescued my sister from the hands of a manipulative demigod and we broke this sword."

She presents the katana that is unsheathed. It's simple, but it radiates power. Even the gods can see that the katana is dangerous to them. "With the sword mangled from my sister and I's destructive powers, I almost destroyed everything connected to the Amatsukami, the Kunitsukami and Japan itself. Two roses that I had received while saving my sister then spoke. One offered me a chance to save all that I knew. The other offered a chance to destroy the sword once and for all. I saved the sword and have eternally been bound to protect it." she says before putting it away. "And that is what brings me to the present. I am now a pariah in Takamagahara. My uncle wishes for my death, and my older sister does not let me see my mother for what I have done. She does not trust Haldor or I, and I doubt she would trust Avram either. All I know is that I have been touched by something known as The Savior and that brings me here."

Maia takes a deep breath and bows low once more as the ink slowly floats back into the bottle.

There's murmuring once more as Sif and Frigg know of the Savior, having nchanneled it's powers in the past. They hrmm and look at each other for a few moments, while the other gods and goddesses continue to whisper amongst themselves, conspiratorially.

The All-Father himself remains passive. He mulls everything over and nods. "It is something that I did not think would happen, but you three have been awakened by primalforces that even come before the existence of the Titans." he declares firmly and resolutely. "The stink of Ymir is on you, it is the same stink that goes on all the frost giants and the dvergar themselves, but back millenia ago, Ymir was created by an even greater being. Uller channels this power often, and you do as well, Haldor Thorson. You have been touched by…The Cold." The other assembled gods gasp. They don't even know what this Savior and Cold is. Only Frigg remains as passive as she motions for the others to leave.

Jason looks a trifle alarmed as exceedingly a well muscled member of the Aesier audience states her intent to marry him. A smile is flashed her way as a matter of politeness but then he is turning to listen to his own companions tales. Then yay! Frigg is motioning for the scary matrimonial minded chick to leave and this can only be good for Jason's survival chances. "We've all been through a lot" Jason says with a grunt to his companions, " And yet the world seems to be getting no more peaceful. Think we'll get a chance to catch our breath?"

One of Haldor's eyebrows quirk at Odin's dramatic reveal. He frowns very slightly at Odin before looking toward Jason, his frown turns to a smirk and he shakes his head. "Doubt it. We never seem to get a chance to catch our breaths." The Viking turns back to Odin as he wraps an arm across Maia's shoulders, watching the All Father in thoughtful silence.

"Maia, I would like to speak to you in private." Frigg says matter of factly as she starts to head away from the group. She motions towards Sif as well, motioning for her to join her as well.

Maia seems shocked, and she looks towards Haldor fora bit of reassurance. She nods and bows as she bows towards the gathered group of gods as she's lead out of the great hall towards the grove of Vangol, the hall of the goddesses where no man may enter.

Odin doesn't seem too surprised that Maia was asked to join the other goddesses, but his attention now focuses on the two young godlings left. That leaves Thor, Magni, Modi and Baldur left with them. He hrmms for a few moments and strokes his thick busy beard as he eyes the pair. "You will have your respite. Rest here for we share our hospitality to the both of you. You have helped us in the past and it is our turn to help you by offering you mead, food and a place to rest. Your stories I will mull over. There is still much I would like to know, so I will request another audience with you each by yourselves. But for now, there are preparations in the Great Hall for a feast. Consider it an engagement present to you and Maia." he says with a warm smile.

There's applause as Thor, Magni, and Modi head over towards the duo shaking hands and beaming brightly. "So, another brother that has become a god. Interesting!"

"Even the respite of a night will be a welcome one" Jason says to Odin with a polite nod of his head, "I thank you for your hospitality, and soon enough I'll be thanking you for a great deal of mead and food as well. I can't remember the last time I was able to sit down for a proper meal and a good drink." Formalities seeming done it is exactly the later that Jason goes after, seeking out some good solid Asgardian brew and getting a little rest.

Haldor offers Maia a very reassuring, ridiculously charismatic smile. The Viking then looks back to Odin, arching an eyebrow again before he turns to his father and half-brothers. No doubt there is a great deal of man-slapping and conmanulations.

"I thank you for your hospitality, All Father."

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