Water Boons

Water is arguably the single most important and versatile substance in the World. Only a rare few Gods claim dominion over this Purview, and they keep its secrets from all but their most trusted Scions.

Associated With: Agwe, Brigid, Danu, Dian Cécht, Manannán mac Lir, Njord, Nüwa, Poseidon, Quetzalcoátl, Sobek, Susano-o

1 Water Breathing
1 Potability
2 Water Control
3 Changing States
4 Create Water
5 Dessicate
5 Drown
6 Water Mastery
7 Water Vortex
8 Purify Water
9 Liquid Form
10 Tsunami
11 Avatar of Water (The Flood)

Water Breathing

Dice Pool: None
Cost: None
The Scion need never fear drowning, and she is no longer affected by extremes of water temperature. She can breathe water as easily as air, and she is neither scalded by boiling water nor subject to debilitating frostbite from ice. Having boiling water poured on one’s flesh still hurts, mind you, and being bound in ice or cast adrift in frigid water can still numb and paralyze a Scion. Neither of those extremes can cause the Scion actual physical damage, though.

When the Scion moves from air to water or vice versa, she must spend one action Inactive in order to purge one substance from her lungs and breathe in the other. She can forestall this necessity via the normal rules for holding her breath. If the Scion is breathing water, any toxins in that water affect her just as breathing in airborne toxins would on land.


Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
For Scions who lack the means to use Purify Water, the Potability Boon is a simple substitute. Potability allows the Scion to touch one source of water no larger than a bathtub and cause any liquid in it to become safe to drink. While various contaminants may remain, including living beings, the water will not be poisonous or disease-laden. It might be brown, it might have algae floating on top, and it might taste like dirt mixed with baking soda, but it’ll quench thirst and function for irrigation, if necessary.

The Potability Boon does not guarantee that water will remain in a pure state. If used on a body of water too large to cleanse, the Boon simply fails. It doesn’t allow the Scion to purify water in several steps, unless the Scion chooses to physically remove some of the water into a container and then make it drinkable. Water rendered potable can readily mix with other substances.

Water Control

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Craft
Cost: 1 Legend
For a number of actions equal to the successes on the activation roll, the Scion can exert limited physical control of any water that is touching her. She can remotely manipulate a hand-held object she can see in the water with her full dice pool, although she can take no other physical actions at the same time. She can stiffen the water beneath her feet in order to walk on its surface. She can even have the water push her along from all sides, allowing her to take a full Move action while swimming, rather than half. Alternatively, moving through the water thus could increase her Dodge DV by an amount equal to her Legend as long as she does nothing but dodge incoming attacks.

The Boon also allows such random tricks as having the Scion instantly dry off by flinging all water off her body or creating a water bridge so an aquatic creature can swim from one container to another.

This Boon works only on liquid water, and a Scion can affect five cubic yards of water at a time per dot of Legend he has. (If she’s walking on water, she can affect one 30’ x 15’ rectangle on the surface per dot of Legend she has. The affected area supports only her and anything she can carry unaided.) Her command is not such, however, that she can use water to restrain or inflict direct physical damage against an opponent with a liquid shape of her creation.

Changing States

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Craft
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
Defying the laws of thermodynamics, the Scion can instantly change the state of a body of water just by touching it. With this Boon, she can take liquid water, steam, ice or fog and change any one into any of the other three. The amount of water she can affect is the same as per Water Control, and the water remains in its new state for a number of actions equal to the successes rolled to activate the Boon. Water under this effect is also subject to the Scion’s Water Control as long as the Scion maintains contact with some portion of it.

The Scion can now inflict damage against a single opponent with blasts of steam or with ice projectiles, using her regular traits. (The damage for a steam blast is always lethal environmental damage [Damage: 2L/action, Trauma: 3], but damage can be bashing or lethal for an ice projectile.) The character may also create a club, axe, knife or sword out of ice and use it as a normal weapon of that type. Water in an altered state doesn’t melt, freeze, boil or condense as it normally would in its current environment for the duration of the effect. As altered steam, it maintains a constant temperature of 220 degrees; as altered liquid water or altered fog, it stays at 70 degrees; as altered ice, it stays at 14 degrees. (That’s all Fahrenheit, by the way.) When the effect ends, the water instantly resumes its original state and temperature.

Create Water

Dice Pool: Stamina + Craft
Cost: 2 Legend per quantity
The Scion extends her hands and water pours forth from her open palms. For every two Legend points spent, she can create a quantity of gallons equal to the successes on the activation roll. This water can be either salt or fresh water, though one activation roll can create only one or the other. The water comes from the Scion’s hands at room temperature, about as fast as it comes out of a normal faucet on full blast—at a rate of roughly two gallons per minute.


Dice Pool: Strength + Medicine
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
When she touches an opponent’s bare skin, the Scion can suck the water right out of that opponent’s body. This attack inflicts an amount of lethal damage equal to successes on the activation roll, minus the opponent’s lethal soak.


Dice Pool: Dexterity + Science
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
With a soft caress, the Scion causes the target’s lungs to start filling with fluid. Over the course of several ticks, the target drowns on this viscous internal flood until it either fights off the demigod’s power or collapses in a heap.

The Scion must touch a creature’s bare skin to start the drowning process (which could be part of an unarmed strike). Every three ticks thereafter, the subject suffers one level of bashing damage unless its player bests the Scion’s activation roll with a (Stamina + Fortitude + Legend) roll. This power concludes once the target beats the Scion’s activation roll or dies. For ease of reference, you may wish to place a special token or slip of paper on your battlewheel, if you use one, so that you can update it every third tick.

This Boon has no effect on creatures that don’t have lungs, that breathe water naturally or that don’t have to breathe. Scions with the Water Breathing (Water •) Boon must still spend one miscellaneous action to shift their breathing to water, unless they were already submerged.

Water Mastery

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Craft
Cost: 5 Legend
Similar to Water Control (Water 2), the Scion can mentally manipulate liquid water however she desires. Her command of it is now such, however, that she can exert her full Strength and even Epic Strength through the water on some object, just as if she were affecting that object with her physical body. She can also stiffen water’s surface such that not only she, but other people who fit onto the affected area can all walk on it. Finally, she can manipulate more of it than she could with Water Control—up to 10 cubic yards of water (roughly 2,000 gallons) per dot of Legend she has.

Water Vortex

Dice Pool: Wits + Control
Cost: 4 Legend per dot of Epic Strength (max ••••)
This Boon works just as Tornado Tamer (Sky 7) does, with a few key exceptions. First, the vortex must be generated from a sufficient quantity of liquid water. Second, the spinning funnel can be either a standing waterspout or a sunken whirlpool—and it can change at the Scion’s discretion. Either type of funnel can move freely in or on open water. A waterspout can leap out of the water and move around on land like an air-born tornado, but only for a number of actions equal to the Scion’s Legend. If it’s not back over water in that time, it unravels, throwing water in every direction as the effect comes to an end.

Purify Water

Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine
Cost: 1 Willpower + 5 Legend
By touching a source of water, a God can purge it of every impurity that isn’t a water molecule. The only material that is not purged is the salt in seawater, if the God chooses to selectively ignore it. Otherwise, anything polluting the water—from simple dirt to poison to an oil slick riding on the surface—disappears, leaving pure water behind.

The God can purify up to 100 cubic yards of water per dot of Legend she has, multiplied by the successes on the activation roll. The purified volume remains in place, regardless of whatever pollutants might swirl around it or currents might move through it, for a number of days equal to successes on the activation roll.

Liquid Form

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower + 5 Legend
With a thought, a character can transform his body into pure, clear water. The water can take any shape, from that of its current container—with a volume equal to that of the character’s natural form—to a humanoid form that resembles the character. In a larger volume of water, the character can move at twice his normal speeds. On land, the God can move at his normal speeds. He can walk on water’s surface or plunge into it. He can manipulate objects in this form just as well as if he were in his normal form. If he has Water Control (Water 2)—at least—and Create Water (Water 4), he can make for himself any type of melee weapon he can imagine out of pure water, which works just as well as a normal version.

In either shape, the God enjoys the benefits of Water Breathing (Water 1), even if he doesn’t have that Boon. He is undetectable to mundane means when submerged in a larger body of water, and he adds a number of successes equal to his Legend to any (Dexterity + Stealth) roll his player makes for him to hide from someone with supernatural perceptive capabilities. He is not subject to any other character’s Water Boons unless that character’s Legend is higher.

In either form, the character is impervious to lethal damage, with some exceptions. If the lethal damage comes from electricity, it affects him normally. If the damage comes from extreme heat (such as a napalm bomb or a projectile made from light or fire, which comes from a God with equal or greater Legend), he adds an amount equal to his Legend to his lethal soak. Regardless of the source, he takes only half damage after soak from bashing damage. Aggravated damage still affects him normally. If the character needs to heal damage while using this Boon, he need only immerse himself in water that is not under someone else’s supernatural control and spend Legend points to absorb the water into his damaged mass—even if he doesn’t have any healing Knacks. Healing bashing damage costs 1 Legend, healing lethal costs 3 Legend, and healing aggravated damage costs 5 Legend.

Finally, a character in this form can drown a less powerful character whom he has in a clinch. He need only hold the character within his watery body until the victim stops struggling. Victims who have the Water Breathing Boon themselves find that Boon unhelpful unless their Legend is equal to or greater than that of the character using this Boon. Alternatively, if an air-breathing creature is submerged within the God’s liquid body, the God can allow that creature to breathe within him as if the creature had Water Breathing. A God can remain in his liquid form for one scene.


Dice Pool: Dexterity + Craft
Cost: 15 Legend, 5 Legend per dot of Epic Strength (max ••••• •••••)
Similar to Water Control (Water 2) and Water Mastery (Water 6), the Scion can mentally manipulate liquid water however he desires. His mastery of it is nigh total now, as he need only be able to see it to make it move as he desires. What’s more, if he sacrifices a Willpower dot when he forces the water into a shape of his liking, he can make the water stay in that shape—defying gravity and natural evaporation—indefinitely. (Only Gods with equal or greater Legend can alter the water’s shape with their own Water Boons.)

Also, not only can the God exert his full Strength and Epic Strength through the entire volume of the water he’s manipulating, he can increase that strength dramatically. For every five extra points of Legend he spends to activate this effect, he can add one dot to his Epic Strength (even if he doesn’t have any dots to start with) for purposes of exerting Strength through the manipulated water. He can raise his Epic Strength to no more than 10, and that number is not restricted (in this case) by how many dots of actual Strength he has.

Finally, the God can manipulate more of it than he could with either other Water Boon. He can mentally control up to 1,000 cubic yards of water per dot of Legend he has. With 11 Legend, for instance, he could raise up a wave 20 feet high, almost a yard thick and a mile long and exert up to Epic Strength 10 through that whole length (if he can afford the Legend cost).

Avatar of Water (The Flood)

Cost: 1 Willpower + 30 Legend
For one scene, the character becomes The Flood—primordial avatar of Water. The Flood is vast, shapeless and unimaginably strong in stillness. In its deepest heart, The Flood can drown mortals by the thousands and crush even fellow Gods. The Flood can wear away stone and smother fire. It can freeze a Titan in its grip, scald a Titan’s flesh from its bones or even drown a Titan from the inside—if the Titan doesn’t swallow The Flood first.

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