Watching Ellis Island


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Scene Title Watching Ellis Island
Synopsis After a rough encounter with the paranormal on Ellis Island, Vette and Scrivner are keeping a vigil and encounter yet another Scion.

Ellis Island

For half a century the poor and huddled masses - refugees from other lands - stopped here, before entering America. The old wooden building that served as the final gate to the American Dream no longer stands. In its place is a small, simple white building. It looks too new to be on the grounds of history. The lawn surrounding the Ellis Island Museum is well kept with small patches of daisies and dandelions whitening the dark green. The museum contains photographs, paintings and artifacts from the early 1900s. For a few moments you can watch the faces of dreamers, hopeful immigrants coming to a new land of hope, full of promise. Inside, for a few moments, you can feel the beginnings of a new century, and a new America poised on the dawn of recovery.

It's a warm and balmy evening in New York. After a quiet fracas earlier, he's back. He's changed his bloodied clothing, of course, but he's standing against his usual tree just outside of that building which only Scions can see. Rufus Scrivner has just dropped off Marius at the hospital and fed a big, whopping lie to the staff. He's split from Vette for awhile, but only briefly. He expects he'll see her again soon. Right now? He's just standing, leaning against his tree, and he's /watching./

After coming to New York, Ash had pretty much no idea of what to do. His mother left him with no information whatsoever and with no job, a limited amount of cash and no connections, he decided to look for what could be interesting. There were quite some places in New York that could be considered legendary and Ash knew that Ellis Island would be one of those places. Many people come here to track their family back to europe. Or just to have a history lesson. But Ash didn't care that much for any of that. He knew that his people were originally from this side of the world and that at least one half of his ancestry didn't cross the great pond to come to america. He joined a small group of tourists just to learn that none off the blabbering of the guide was interesting. With a big sigh, signalizing boredom, he managed to slip away and left by one of the back doors, where he sees a decently dressed man standing by a tree.

It's not unusual for people to glance at Rufus Scrivner and then move on. The man shifts his weight and refolds his arms across his chest, taking note of the way the tourists just walk right on by or /through/ this building that extends over the pavement. It looks whole and solid to anyone who can actually see it, but the mortals don't notice at all, and they walk through it to come out on the other side as if nothing at all had just happened. With Scrivner's attention on that little phenomenon, he's not paying too much attention yet to Ash.

Ash says, " With Rufus' attention on the building, Ash can't help but notice other tourists passing right /through/ the whole thing. "…most…fascinating…" he mumbles to himself and starts getting closer to the building. It is just before the walls that he stops and extends his hands. His hands run over the stones of this other building no other seem to be able to conceive. A tiny smile on his lips tells, that he doesn't regret coming to Ellis Island. "A rather interesting experience, I might say…" he tells himself calmly. It is only when he notices the other tourists strange looks, that he backs down. If they can't see it, it must look strange standing in the middle of nothing and doing some strange kind of mime-play."

Oh, but someone else notices and for different reasons. Rufus' pale eyes flicker to Ash, watching him with a keener interest as he touches the walls. To a Scion, they will feel as solid and as real as anything else to be found on the island. He straightens and then walks a few paces from the tree, approaching slowly. "I say," he calls out. "You can /see/ the building?"

Ash says, " His attention shifts from the building aside to Rufus without changing any of his facial expressions. "Indeed I do. And it seems like I'm not the only one." answeres Ash as he pushes his glasses upwards - more out of a habit than because he really needs it. Without any hesitation, Ash starts look at Rufus and studies his appearance. "Forgive my manners but…who might you be ?" he asks."

After a moment of hesitation, Rufus extends his right hand for a shake. "Rufus Scrivner," he says, deciding to just go ahead and introduce himself. "And you are?" He glances briefly away from the other man to study the building.

Unsure what to do, Ash stares at Rufus' Hand for a second, but answeres his invitation with a hand shake. He puts a bit pressure on the shake, but obviously can't /win/ against Rufus. "Ash Burrows. New in Town…" he answeres.

Vette has connected.

There's not much of a competition here. Rufus' grip is firm but not at all painful, and his smile is utterly polite. "Well, Mr. Burrows, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Both he and Ash are standing just off to one side of the Building of Doom. After releasing Ash's hand, he tucks both into the pockets of his trousers. He hesitates for a moment, then he says, "Mr. Burrows, there really is no delicate way to say this that I can think of. There is a very important reason why you are able to see this building, and that is because you are not mortal. I'm sure you're already aware of it. So I'll warn you… Don't go inside, not alone. You might come upon something inside of there that will try to rip off your head."

Vette had been inside of the building rooting through bodies for clues. She did not find anything. She walks through the building through the proper door and not through the wall, and goes to resume her post at the tree—walking, as is typical /right past/ Ash and Scrivner without noticing them. Good thing she's not walking fast?

With the manner of someone who's getting used to doing this, Rufus snaps out his hand to catch Vette by the upper arm and pull her back around to face him. Not so fast. "I suppose you might take it as a confession, yes," he says with a faintly wry smirk. "What brings you to New York, Mr. Burrows? Just passing through on a holiday or do you reside here now?"

His eyes jump back to Rufus and then to Vette. "An acquaintance of yours, I presume ?" he asks. "But I'm not actually here for holidays. I'm from Los Angeles and lets just say there were some …minor difficulties. I cleared some of them but it didn't unmade my new found state. Not that I wanted that, anyway. My parent gave me the advice to spend some time in New York. -One helluva town - she said…"

It takes Vette a moment to focus in on Rufus. "Oh! Nothing's come through Ru. Unless you did." You would be Ash. "Did you come on the boat? I'd really like to speak to someone who did. You'd no doubt have some very valuable insights if you did." She peers.

"Indeed, Mr. Burrows," Rufus calmly says. He tugs the lady a little closer and offers her his elbow to hold instead, and when he turns his eyes back to Ash. "This is Miss Vette Adams. Miss Adams, this is Ash Burrows. He's just come from Los Angeles." He adds, just a touch flatly, but with some amusement. "And not from an alternative dimension. What is it you do for a living, if you don't mind my asking?"

Ash was about to answer Mr. Adams just before Rufus did so. "Well…I'm a psychiatrist. At least I was in L.A. It might take some time to finde a fitting job here in New York. Even though some people seem pretty messed up." He smiles a bit. "In the end they might start seeing some nonexistent buildings, wouldn't you both agree ?" he asks with a slight smirk.

"Oh. Well you can probably make a fortune seeing other Scions," she points out. "Because normal shrinks aren't going to know what to do when some Scion starts talking about his PTSD with the disappearing reappearing buildings." Vette slips her arms through Rufus'.

Rufus cannot help but quietly chuckle. "Miss Adams has a point. You could find a great deal to do here. Imagine, a late night call from a distressed Scion complaining that he has just had to endure battling against a miniature Cthulhu monster from the realms beyond the stars." Then his smile fades, and he glances briefly up into the sky.

Ash smiles a bit. But it just doesn't seem right. His smiles always seem to be fake. "Would you trust someone with your potential to care for your mental health ? I'm not sure if I would. But I'm indeed ready for anything New York has to offer. After all I'm a very curious little boy…" His words mix up with his facial expression as they both seem a bit twisted. "But it seems like New York has quite a great population of Scions. I never met anyone back in L.A. and yet it seems as if you are …accustomed to it." he notices. His voices is constantly calm and stops on several occasions. As if he likes to announce the climax of his sentence.

Something about this guy is setting off Vette's alarm bells. She sort of half steps back, a little behind Rufus. "Um. Yes. Well." That is her whole contribution to the conversation. But her arm tightens juuuust a bit on Rufus' too. She glances at her S.O. and bites her lip faintly.

It's that twisted quality that suddenly puts Rufus on his guard. His eyes flicker back down to Ash's face, and he studies the other man steadily. "You meet all kinds in New York," he says simply. "Of course we're not alone. I know quite a lot of people, and of them all, I would say I am the least of anyone's worries. Most of them are far stronger than I am. So who knows? They might be able to take on a Cthulhu beast and not break a sweat, but it was just a suggestion."

Ash puts his finger und his chin and nods, as if he didn't noticed the reactions. "Very well, but it seems that fate just always throws in a problem fitting to our power. The question is - are we witty enough to solve that problem, or are we the ones, getting solved ?" Ash's expression returns to normal as he looks down a bit. "I'd do good in finding myself proper company, I suppose. As walking around alone might gets your head ripped off…" he repeats Rufus.

"Oooo-kay Mr. Creepy," Vette says at last. "I hope you're not giving any thought to 'solving us', because like seriously, you're so not giving a friendly impression now, mmmkay?" She smiles almost apologetically as she says it. "Like. You're totally giving off that Johnny Depp in the movie about the murderous Barber mood here and I know I'm getting just a tiiiiny bit on edge. Call me crazy. But it's kinda been a night."

"If by solving a problem you mean utterly destroying it and sending it back to the abyss," Rufus muses, "I would say that depends upon whose side you're on. I'm of the personal belief that Ju—" And then Vette starts speaking, and he leaves his jaw hanging for a moment as he blinks. Closing his mouth, he clears his throat, and he murmurs, "Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street."

Something that could be considered a suprised expression suddenly shows on Ashs face. But after Mr. Adams finishd her speech, he almost bursts out into laughing but catches himself, by putting his hand to his mouth. "I'm sorry Miss Adams, Mr. Scrivner. I'm not well versed with…movies. I have no intentions of 'solving' fellow Scions. I won't consider any of you my enemy as long as you're on the gods side. You may have a false impression on me. I'm very pious on that part, you know ?"

"Oh I'm sorry, I apologize," Vette says, the tough New Yorker melting away under the nicer person within. She colors. "It's been a night, I'm really sorry I misjudged you." It never seems to occur to her the guy could still be lying, but hey.

It /has/ occurred to Rufus, so there's little that changes upon his face as he watches Ash with faintly narrowed eyes. "She /has/ had a dreadful night. I can vouch for it," he says. "I can assure you we are indeed on the side of the gods, and we've no intention of harming anyone if they give us no cause for it. If you're looking for somewhere to go to meet interesting people, you might try the Java House down in Soho."

"Never Mind. You wouldn't be the first ones to call me a CLB. My mom just gave me some of her more…interesting traits, I'd say." says Ash with a surprisingly calm voice. Even though he just laughed and even now shows a friendly smile, it still seems strange. "Java House you say ? I'm sure to keep that in mind." He looks at the strange building again. "I don't think we will engage in combat against each other, if what you said is true. More so. I'd be happy to help you out once in a while. Thats what my divine job is, anyway, right ?"

"I don't think anyone's in a position to turn down help," Vette says, quite cautiously because she can tell that Rufus is still feeling a bit high strung, all and all. But she leaves it at that, pushing a long, blood stained hunk of hair back behind her ear. It's hard to see the blood in the red hair.

He has to think on that one while, watching the other man with the barest of smiles tugging at his lips. "No, we're not in any position to say no," Rufus finally says in agreement with the lady. "So if Miss Adams or I are in need, then I'll be sure to get in touch with you. What's the best way to do that? Cell phone, I would assume?"

"I truly dislike these little things, but one would be stupid to waste its power. So yeah. Cell phone is fine with me. " He puts his hand into his pocket and pulls out two small white cards. "Thats my card. The address is not valid anymore, and my phone numbers gone, too, but I'll just write the new one on the back, if you don't mind. " He gets a pen out of his pocket and needs to get his cell phone as well. "Aw…I can't remember this stupid number." After a while he's done and gives each one a card. "Here." he says and hands out the plain white card without any pretty symbols on it. Just plain black letters on white ground.

Vette takes the card and looks at the number, then takes out her prepaid phone and programs it carefully in. No sense in not collecting phone numbers when she has the phone numbers to collect! "Thank you."

"Indeed. Thank you," Rufus states. He takes the card and reads it, then slips it away into the back pocket of his trousers. He then reaches into the pocket of his suit jacket, pulling out a slim white card of his own, which he hands over. "My own card," he says. "You can reach me at any of the numbers listed on it." And the numbers are for his cell phone and a law firm, with whom he is associated.

A lawyer ? Interesting. I think I might be able to learn a thing or two from you. As an upstarting divine being, one could certainly use more than one job. I was always pretty interested in Law. But it is my blood that kept me studying psychology" he says with a faint smile. "I think we might be able to understand each other better than I have thought."

"If you would like to submit your CV, I'll certainly review it with my partners," Rufus says. "Though if you've not passed the Bar, we may not have much of a position open for you. I'm not very much of a teacher either. My firm specialises in criminal law, and we're associated with the British consulate. For the most part, our clients consist of British nationals who've run afoul of trouble while here in America. If this is something that would interest you, then by all means, we may speak further on the matter."

"I'm interested in all kinds of things. And criminal law is by far one of the most interesting things indeed. I might help you as a profiler. Psychology is a science that has more than a little to do with analyzing criminals. I could do a thing or two. If not talk to your clients and get them to tell me what they might percieve as…unimportant. I'm willing to learn more as well. And all I need is a book, and some time." he says. It seems he is indeed pretty interested in that offer.

"A paralegal?" Rufus murmurs, contemplating the man before him. He thinks it over for a few minutes, then he nods his head. "I cannot promise anything, you understand, save that I will discuss it with my partners. We will definitely want to review your CV so we can see exactly what education you've had and where you would best fit into the firm, if at all. If /our/ firm cannot take you, if we have no openings and no way to squeeze you in, I can certainly recommend to you a few other firms where you might find more success."

Vette doesn't volunteer what she does for a living, but she listens to all of this in silence, keeping a weather eye on the mysterious building. Her brow is rather furrowed at what she's hearing but she doesn't share what she is thinking.

Vette doesn't volunteer what she does for a living, but she listens to all of this in silence, keeping a weather eye on the mysterious building. Her brow is rather furrowed at what she's hearing but she doesn't share what she is thinking.

He smiles. "But no matter what happens - I'm still grateful for your assistance. I will contact you within a few days for the CV. It indeed seems like fate we met here on Ellis Island. I never hoped to meet such interesting people in such a short time. " he says while putting away Rufus' card.

"If you'd rather, you may email the CV to the address on the card or send in a fax to the number," Rufus says, smiling faintly in answer. He's put as much contact information for his business as was possible to fit on the card. "Likewise, Mr. Burrows. It's been… interesting. If it's not too forward a question, I've been very keen to know… who is your… ah… /special/ parent?"

At that question Vette looks curiously back at Mr. Burrows, not really contributing to the conversation so much as tuning back into it.

The question didn't came too suddenly in Ash's opinion. He wasn't to experienced in talking to other scions but he did notice that he was the only one making strange comments about his blood and all. Always looking around, so nobody could accidently overhear them, he smiled. "It may do not look like it. But I do have native american blood in my veins. My mother is none other than the goddess of filth. Tlazolteotl." he says not without rising his chest a little bit.

"I've… never heard of her," Rufus says, frowning a bit, looking more puzzled than scornful. But he tilts his head to study Ash a bit more closely, looking him up and down, before he manages a tight smile. "Well. New York is full of… all sorts. I claim Tyr as my father, the Norse God of justice and war."

"Hephaestus," Vette says quietly, looking like she's trying to parse why on earth anyone would need a Goddess of filth. But it seems rude to ask such a question. "the Grecian inventor God of ingenuity and the forge."

At that moment, Rufus' phone rings. He turns away, murmuring, "Excuse me," while he answers.

Ash smiles a bit. "Tyr ? I'd rather guessed a god of a more resolved pantheon. But it fits a lawyer nicely, I suppose." He doesn't seem to upset about them not knowing his mother. But that would change soon enough, as he plans to bring glory back the often called mother of the gods. He also takes notice of Vette's father and nods quietly. "Far more known than the aztec gods, I guess. " he said. But not more powerful, he thought in addition.

"That just means our schools have a cultural bias towards Greek and Norse mythology," Vette says with a shrug. God, her curiosity is /killing/ her. "Why did she choose to be the Goddess of Filth?" She's pretty certain that's a polite way to ask this question.

Ash is surprised but amused in the same way. "Why does one choose to be human ? That question is quite as good, I believe. I don't think you actually choose to be the goddess of filth. But you just know it, when the time comes. And yet - my mother is not just the goddess of filth. She is also the goddess of love, the earth, the moon and a goddess of punishment and forgiveness. She …" he stops for a second - asking himself if it would be good to continue….but does it nontheless "…is a goddess that inspires and forgives carnal acts. She is the one that forgives adultery but only once in a lifetime. You see…there are many other ways to see her. Not just the goddess of filth." he smiles faintly. And…wait…was that…a /real/ smile just now ?

"I'd call her a Goddess of human experience then," Vette muses. "Filth is a negative word to put on it. Though I suppose if that's the word that's always been there it's proper, but it's truethat's an awful lot more than the image I had. Which was…kind of trash. And slime. Punishment and forgivenessmaking mistakes and learning from them." She nods sagely, her curiosity satisfied and the vague sense of horror she'd felt abated with the shared knowledge. The real smile, faint though it may be, takes some of the weight off her shoulders. "It makes sense now that you were drawn into psychology then."

"Well…she still is the goddess of filth. To be exact…I was shot. I was dying on a pile of trash when she surfaced out of that pile and rescued me. In times long ago filth and trash were - so to say - reconnected with the earth. Thats why she is also connected to filth. But since there are seldom gods or goddesses of filth, people remember her for that. And its not just the trash you throw away…she minds human trash as well" he slightly tips his finger on his head. "People with thoughts so filthy and unspeakable…she takes care of them…" he said kind of…happy.

"Takes care of them—how?" Vette asks, confusion stealing over her face. After all that talk about solving scions she looks wary and a bit nervous as well. For all that the blood of Gods runs through Vette's veins she is still new to this whole thing, and half the time she thinks like a young New Yorker woman.

Ash smiles again in a sinister way. "I doubt you want to know that…" he says and looks at Vette with his piercing grey-green colored eyes. And just to put weight into his words, he pushes his glasses back up.

Vette's eyes narrow very faintly. She thinks about that for a moment. And then she says, "So she kills them then. And you follow in her footsteps." When the information is not present she's forced to make up her own, and her tone is rather flat. She neither takes a step back nor one forward, but she meets his piercing eyes. Hers are not piercing. Hers are almost turbulent depths of green—sharp with focus that's shut out everything but this enigma that is Ash, weighing, assessing, and measuring. The amount of compassion that naturally rests inside of her eyes gives a good clue as to what, precisely, the unit of measure is.

"You say that in a pretty disappointed way" he says, stopping to smile. "Do not understand me wrong." He makes sure again, that no one is listening. "I won't go around, killing everyone that gets under my knife. It is just that …I saw people getting away with murder. Adultery is normal and I'd say that at least 50 of every marriage in New York has seen adultery - uncovered or not. And thats a pretty positive guess. The human law is blind. And those laws who aren't blind are stupid enough to let wild beasts run free while they rape women or children. Their kind of punishment is nothing but a laughingstock. Humanism is getting in the way of justice. That is what I believe…

Vette's mouth twists and she crosses her arms. "Making ourselves into judge, jury, and executioner over people with fewer advantages than we have is not the way, Mr. Burrows," she says, disapproval dripping from her tone. "While I certainly have no love for rapists or worse, /I/ believe that if we have been given the gift to touch and manage, someday, parts of the /very cosmos/ then we could go far by inspiring humanity and showing them a better way. By helping them to become more than they are today, just as they are more than they were yesterday. By continuing to plunge them in blood we teach them blood is the answer. By teaching that power gives us the right to do whatever we damn well please, we teach them that their own power gives them the same rights. That answer /perpetuates/ the very cycle you /claim/ you wish to end." She blinks a few times, finding a sort of truth and power and conviction that she's never even heard in her own words before, but the frown stays on her face even as a sense of purpose settles into her being, far beyond what she can do to serve her Band or what she can do to be more heroic.

"But aren't we gods just because we judges to humankind ? It was the gods that gave morals to humanity. But when they left people became worse. Entangling themselves within their own webs of laws - countering each other. In the current world a man with money and greed is worth more than a man with honor and principles. It just does not fit. I'm planning on teaching them the difference between law and justice…" he says.

"Teach them whatever you like, but do it without killing," Vette says, frowning at him. "People don't learn anything /dead/." She narrows her eyes. "I hope I won't hear about you preying on citizens in this city, Mr. Burrows." She leaves what she'd intend to do about that unsaid, but it's clear that she won't leave it unanswered. "Keep your hunting to the titanspawn and those who consort with them."

"It is pretty funny,you know ?" he says. "It is the dodekatheon that is full of greed and revenge. Its nice that you have your principles. I respect that very much. And I hope you can bring your pantheon some of the higher morals needed." he says with a honest ring to his voice." I do not act because of revenge. But because justice is necessary. It is better to kill someone with so much sins sooner than later. The more sins he is able to accumulate - the more pain he will have in the afterlife. It is not like I plan to kill someone for minor offenses. They need to be punished. But not with death. It is hard to explain. But…in aztec law. Adultery results in one of two ways. Once per life - you can confess to my mother for committing adultery. Any more than that and you're dead. Thats pretty harsh. But it kept people together. Times change and I think most of the laws from then are not useful for todays community. But they should be harsher then they are now. " he describes calmly.

"I don't believe that just because my father thinks and acts one way that I have to as well," Vette says with a shrug. "Nor his wife nor his cousins. I'm my own person. He contributed genetics, he contributed power, but that doesn't make me him. I respect him very much and hope to get to know him more someday, but that doesn't mean I'm going to act like someone I'm not. In any event as best as I can tell we're not bound to any pantheon at all. Some of the children of the Gods and Goddesses have gone forth to form their own. I imagine that's how new pantheons get formed in the first place. But I think I can understand a bit why the pantheons bicker."

He smirks slightly. "I would like to say its refreshing talking to you. And I feel that way, but of course that is a lie. I never talked to anyone of our kind before you two. My pantheon is a strange one. For outsiders even a brutal one. But my mother is the first to really care for me. She rescued me from death and doesn't even wants me to repay it with more than my loyalty. And yet I can still think my own thoughts and care for my own beliefs. And my beliefs are the ones I told you. I won't go roaming around the city, killing people. Its not my style. But if I get my hands on some uncaught murders or rapists…no one in this country will despise me for a little…justice"

"I can understand where you're coming from," Vette says uneasily, "But the system is in place because it's possible to make mistakes. You could make a mistake and hurt someone who didn't do it. People have gone to jail and been /proven/ innocent later. Where's the justice in that?"

All this while, Rufus Scrivner has been talking on the phone, paying only half a mind to the conversation between the lady and the other gentleman. Some of what they've said has brought an arching of his eyebrow, but he hasn't seen fit to interrupt. Finally, though, he says his good byes and closes up his phone with a snap, scowling off into the distance. "Nngh," he grunts. Then he turns back to the conversation, and quietly, he states, "If the law is inadequate, the answer is not vigilantism but a reformation of the law. As it is, American law /is/ harsh and brutal. The death penalty is still alive and well in many of the states."

"And thats where we - the children of the gods - come into play. Because we can't make such simple mistakes as to judge an innocent human. Our powers are beyond those mistakes. We can make just decisions. I'm all in for giving people a second chance. But mass murderer for example, have thrown away their second chance by the time they killed their second victim. Many people say - men shouldn't play god by killing people through death penalty. Thats true. They should let the gods judge them. But no one calls out for the gods anymore. "

"We're not Gods yet," Vette says sharply. "And even when we are considering the Gods themselves, as you so succintly pointed out, act like mere humans half the time, with all their violence and…petty jealousies and…foolishness…we /still/ do not have the moral platform to end lives indiscriminately."

Rufus glances at the lady, watching her steadily, and he rests a hand on her shoulder before squeezing firmly. "They will," he says, after a moment. "Eventually they will come to see the gods are real and do exist. And perhaps then we'll be able to walk more openly than we do. But until then… Well." He shrugs. "We work within the system we have created, seeking to better it even as we use it."

"Up till now - I would not come to think of killing somebody because of some unjust reason as revenge or even because of a whim. And as long as our system is able to punish people as they deserve it…I don't care. But I will /not/ let a criminal run free because of some stupid bureaucracy mistake…" says Ash calmly. Its not as if he is angry or so. He rather is enjoying the conversation.

Vette looks back at Rufus as he squeezes her shoulder. She thins her lips and says, "Very well then. Answer me this. Why does death equate Justice? Why would Justice not be better served by helping the wayward soul understand exactly what pain he caused and repent for it? There are ways to inflict pain constructively if it must be inflicted."

Rufus folds his arms across his chest and eases back a step from Vette, watching her steadily. Then he glances at Ash. Then back. "I've a question myself, since you've been discussing this with Miss Adams. If a criminal /was/ found not guilty and released because the evidence was circumstantial, even though you know for certain he is guilty of the crime of which he was accused, what /would/ you do?"

"Oh…do not fear this, Ms. Adams and Mr. Scrivner I can answer both of your questions in one strike. I'm a psychiatrist. I absolutely plan on doing what Ms.Adams was saying. They must know what they have done. And they must repent for it. Understand that their punishment is just. And if possible - they will give themselves over to the police…begging for punishment. " For a single moment Rufus and Vette may be able to see a strange movement under the clothes of Ash. "

Vette, mercifully, misses the movement under his clothes. "Oh. Well as long as you're not…stabbing people and stuff." She puts her hands back into her pockets, vaguely embarrassed.

"Well. As long as it's nothing…." Rufus says, before he suddenly goes very quiet. He blinks a few times, and he says, "Mr. Burrows, is that a ferret in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

"Like I said. I do not plan to become a mass murderer myself. I delight in the sight of criminals giving themselves in. But this won't work everytime." But suddenly Rufus asks him a strange question and Ash looks down at his clothes. "Oh…I almost forgot him. Hes with me for the last 6 months…so I don't notice him anymore, if he moves under my clothes." Ash pulls up his arm and just a second later, two small eyes and the snout of a rat stick its face out of his Jacket…not a pet rat….a sewer rat… "May I introduce you to Mr. Gray ? Dorian Gray"

"As in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?" Vette asks, though she steps back and wrinkles her nose. Sewer rat? That's ewwie. Yes it is. Blechhh. But she's happy enough to be off the subject of murder and mayhem.

"Oscar Wilde, Miss Adams," Rufus says. He glances over at the young lady, looking vaguely amused. The man doesn't offer a hand to shake or anything of the like. He keeps his arms folded over his chest, calmly studying it, before he inclines his head. "An interesting choice of name."

"Like I said. I'm not the type for movies. So its possible that they are the same. But I chose the name from the novel of Oscar Wilde indeed. He isn't strong. He isn't even very intelligent. But his presence comforts me somehow. So I just have him stick around with me." After a second or two, the rat buries itself inside the clothings of Ash again and stays put for the time being. "I'm sure everyone of you got some…presents from your parents. Dorian was present when my mother rescued me. So she linked his fate with mine and he won't leave me since then."

Vette just stares for a long moment, and then she just starts fiddling with one of her puzzle boxes, as if the act of solving these weird rubix cubes can help focus her mind in the presence of a…giant God rat. "Kind of her," she says, in a slightly choked voice.

Rufus glances over at the young lady again, and he smiles a little at her, a hint of fondness to be found there. "You're not afraid, are you, Miss Adams? It's much smaller than you are. You've faced worse things." But he's struggling not to smirk as he discreetly offers her his elbow, nudging it up against her arm.

Ash smiles a bit. Its like with men - fighting other men with strange fiercness …but a spider makes them little kittens out of them. "Don't worry…Dorian will be residing inside my Jacket for the time being. I shall refrain from having him outside when you're present, milady" he says without the slightest bit of sarcasm.

"I'm not afraid," Vette says, slipping her arm calmly through Rufus'. "I just think it's gross. I hope you don't take offense, but…ugh." She wrinkles her nose and shudders. Eugh. Eugh. Eugh!!

"Dorian is actually pretty clean. Since hes out of the sewers and washed himself without getting dirty in a second again, his fur is shining nicely." He can understand her aversion against rats. But Ash likes them. Or at least - he likes Dorian. "Its safe to say, that he doesn't have any illnesses, since I sleep with him in the same bed and I'm fine" he says, not without a small amount of mischieviousness in his voice.

Rufus pats the lady's arm with his free hand, now letting that smirk creep across his face. "He's a fine rat, I'm sure. A credit to your mother's power," is all he has to say about it personally.

Vette justsmiles. That's all she's got to say about that at this point. After all, Rufus is patting her arm and smirking and being socially acceptableshe should probably take the same tactic. Right? Right!

Ash laughes a bit again. "I've found myself quite some interesting people. I could have crashed into anyone but it seems like I had luck be meeting you two. I hope you won't think badly of me, because of what I said. I just think I need to join my group again, or the guide will break into panic, if I'm missing. >Do not leave the group< and such…as because of that - I shall take my leave." Ash bows a little before looking at them, as if asking for their approval

Rufus steps back from the man and inclines his head. "Oh, certainly, Mr. Burrows. I'll be looking forward to receiving your CV. Enjoy your tour of Ellis Island." He doesn't look at all offended, and he lifts a hand to briefly wave.

After Ash left the two to rejoin his group his face transformed back into the icy demeanor he had, when Rufus first came to talk to him. The rat just looks out of his collar but vanishes a second later. That is the last thing Rufus and Vette could see before he is out of sight.

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