War Boons

This Purview covers all ideologically inspired battles from the smallest house-to-house raids to the most impressive land, sea and air campaigns to the largest cosmic clash between God and Titan. The ideology in question must be religious, political, geographical or cosmic for the conflict to qualify.

Associated With: Ares, Athena, The Dagda, Erzulie, Freya, Freyr, Guan Yu, Hachiman, Huang Di, Huitzilopochtli, Lugh, The Morrigan, Nezha, Njord, Nuada, Odin, Ogma, Ogoun, Set, Sun Wukong, Tezcatlipoca, Ty

1 Blessing of Bravery
2 Battle Cry
3 Warrior Ideal
4 Battle Map
4 Fury of War
4 Ríastrad
5 Morale Failure
5 Mortal Stroke
6 Army of One
7 Colossus Armor
7 Siege Juggernaut
8 Blessing of Ammunition
9 Follower Army
10 Surreal Draft
11 Avatar of War (The General)

Blessing of Bravery

Dice Pool: Charisma + Command
Cost: None
Intoning a benediction over a person or group prepared to engage in battle, the Scion bolsters their courage and determination. Every character on the Scion’s side of the conflict who hears the benediction gains a point of Willpower as well as two temporary bonus dots of Valor that last until the battle ends. The Scion may amplify his voice electronically, but he must be present at the battle and give the blessing live.

Battle Cry

Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend
During a battle, be it a pitched field engagement or an alley fight between a Band of Scions and a gang of frost giants, the Scion can loose a horrible battle cry that unnerves his foes. Every fighter on the Scion’s enemies’ side who hears the unearthly shriek loses one die from all attack rolls for a number of attacks equal to the Scion’s Legend rating.

The Scion may use electronic equipment to amplify this battle cry so every enemy present can hear it, but he must be present on the battlefield himself for it to work. He can let out this battle cry only once per combat scene, and it doesn’t affect enemies whose Legend rating is higher than his.

Warrior Ideal

Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion adopts some idealized warrior aspect, from howling berserker to unquestioning enlisted man to fearless officer to pitiless samurai. This attitude unnerves and intimidates any opponent who faces him in combat, inflicting a penalty equal to the Scion’s Legend on any attack roll the opponent makes. This penalty applies to any character with a lesser or equal Legend rating who attempts to attack the Scion. This idealized aspect lasts for a number of consecutive actions during the battle equal to the successes the Scion’s player rolled to activate it, and he can invoke it only once during any given battle.

Battle Map

Dice Pool: Perception + Survival
Cost: 1 Legend
This Boon creates for the Scion a virtual, three-dimensional contour map of a battlefield, complete with terrain features and troop movements. This map can take up an area no larger than four square yards, and it can show only an area that the Scion has scouted personally or has had scouted within 24 hours.

The map shows an overhead view of the area with a resolution equal to the Scion’s own visual acuity. It symbolically indicates the Scion’s troops and equipment, the enemy’s troops and equipment, and any uninvolved civilians (based on the Scion’s own distinction) in different colors. As those forces move through the area the map represents, the symbols move accordingly. The projection lasts for one scene.

Fury of War

Dice Pool: Stamina + Fortitude
Cost: 3 Legend + 1 Willpower
The Scion can summon up a bloodlust and battle rage within her to shame the legendary berserkers. Her hair becomes wilder, her eyes blaze, she laughs and screams as she rips her foes limb from limb. She thinks of little else but battle and victory.

The Scion spends two miscellaneous actions (Speed 5, DV -1) and the requisite Legend and Willpower to whip herself into a frenzy. Her player then rolls (Stamina + Fortitude). For each success on the roll, the player receives one bonus die she can add to any attack rolls, damage rolls or tests to intimidate for the rest of the combat. These bonus dice can be used as needed in any combination, but they don’t refresh. Once the player spends a bonus die, it’s gone and cannot be reused.

The enraged Scion can distinguish friend from foe and does not attack allies, but the Boon does suffer two drawbacks. The Scion cannot use any Knacks or take any actions that require calm, negotiation or a friendly demeanor. She is simply too furious and her countenance too terrifying even to attempt such actions. The Scion’s player must spend the entire pool of bonus dice on violent actions before the character can calm down. If all the Scion’s foes have fallen and bonus dice remain, she must spend them on some violent action. This action need not be an attack against allies or innocents, but must be obvious and aggressive. For example, she could put her head through a nearby wall, cleave a parked car in two or uproot a tree.


Dice Pool: None
Cost: 3 Legend + 1 Willpower + cost of other Boons and Knacks
The warp-spasm of Irish legend, the Scion with this Boon can channel a potent war-power, breathing in the very fury and twisting unpredictability of battle itself. When this Boon is activated, the body of the hero or God twists and warps, taking on a truly incomprehensible freakishness. Every nerve quivers with barely-contained violence, and the Scion’s body temperature multiplies impossibly.

The precise changes that overtake the one seized by the ríastrad vary from individual to individual. The legendary Cúchulainn literally twisted about in his skin, the bones of the front of his body jutting out from the back of his skin while one eye sank into its socket. His hair stood on end, creating red spikes topped with small sparks of flame that could set dry grass alight, and his jaws clenched so that it seemed like he might shatter his teeth with the strength of it.

Regardless of the cosmetic effects — which are always hideous and monstrous to behold — the ríastrad has the following mechanical effects:

  • For each dot in Legend, the Scion chooses one other Boon or Knack that activates when the ríastrad begins. These powers must be paid for when this Boon is used — they simply all activate at the same time. Once this roster of powers is purchased, it cannot be changed, as this is a manifestation of the Scion’s divine rage and expresses itself differently for each Scion. As the Scion gains additional Legend, he may add additional Boons or Knacks to his ríastrad, which grows in accordance with his divine nature (at a rate of one Boon or Knack per dot of Legend gained).
  • Any beauty-based Epic Appearance immediately drops to 0 and he loses the use of all associated Knacks for the duration of the warpspasm. The Scion gains +1 dot of hideousness-based Epic Appearance, as well as the Dreadful Mein Knack.
  • Any mortal within sight of the Scion is filled with terrible fear, inflicting a penalty equal to his Expression Virtue to all rolls made while remaining in the same battle as the Scion. Mortals who have not been trained for violent situations will flee the scene immediately, and those who have been trained for such situations must each spend a point of Willpower to remain in the area. A successful (Charisma + Command) roll by a leader or figure of authority at a difficulty equal to the Scion’s (Legend + Epic Appearance) will prevent such a rout as well.
  • The Scion gains three additional dots of Courage and is considered to be under the effects of the Berserker Fury Virtue Extremity. The Scion’s Intellect Virtue also drops to 0, for he is nearly-mindless with rage and cannot heed the value of learning and wisdom.
  • The Scion’s DV decreases by 1 per dot in Courage (including the bonus from above).
  • The Scion gains a number of successes equal to his (Legend + Expression) to any and all damage rolls made by Brawl, Melee and Thrown attacks, for his strikes are honed to a terrible, gory precision artful in their execution.
  • The Scion gains a bonus to his bashing and lethal soaks equal to his (Legend + Piety Virtue), for the faith of the Scion is returned manifold in defense of the hero of the Gods.
  • The warp-spasm does not end when the Scion is out of enemies: all creatures are imperiled in the face of his divine rage, which lasts until the end of the scene or until he is coaxed out of it by his friends or his primal urges. Those attempting to lure him out of his rage — whether drawing on friendship or trying to tempt him with beautiful women or a wonderful meal — must make a (Charisma Persuasion) roll, accumulating a number of successes in an extended roll equal to the Scion’s (Legend + Courage) x5.

The person attempting this action gains a number of bonus dice equal to the Intellect Virtue of the Scion in the warp-spasm (disregarding the penalty to that Virtue that the ríastrad inflicts, of course). For the duration of this attempt, however, that character is the warp-spasming Scion’s primary target of aggression. Stunt dice should be awarded appropriately, such as the legendary feat of Cúchulainn’s allies, who lured him on with beautiful women into water in hopes of literally cooling him down.

Like other transformation based Boons, this charm can be purchased a second time for an entirely different Ríastrad combo set and form.

Morale Failure

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend per 5 troops
The Scion can shake an enemy’s leadership and seed an outbreak of cowardice among the men. When he makes himself visible to an opposing force’s leader, his player rolls (Manipulation + Presence) against the enemy leader’s player’s roll of (Willpower + Integrity + Legend).

If the Scion’s player wins, he may spend one Legend point per every five of the enemy’s troops he wishes to affect. Troops affected thus through their leader will not, under any circumstances, attack any force led by the Scion who used this Boon. This reluctance lasts for one week per dot of Legend the Scion has.

An opposing Scion can use Blessing of Bravery (War •) to cancel this effect, but only if he has more dots of Legend and gets more successes on the activation roll. A Scion can use Morale Failure to override an extant Blessing of Bravery effect (regardless of relative Legend ratings) if his player’s activation roll gets more successes than the lower-rated Boon’s roll did.

Mortal Stroke

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower per weapon
The Scion touches one or several weapons and invokes the power of her Legend to grant them supernatural killing power. For each point of Legend and Willpower spent, the Scion’s player can choose to affect one weapon. Each weapon blessed with Mortal Stroke inflicts aggravated damage on its next attack.

Mortal Stroke can enchant missile weapons such as guns or spears, but not individual ammunition — that is, a quiver of javelins could each be individually enchanted (since each one is thrown separately and without the aid of another device), but a gun or atlatl enchanted this way would grant the bonus only to the first shot that it makes. A missed attack does not use up a Mortal Stroke; the weapon retains the power until it either scores a hit or the scene ends.

Army of One

Dice Pool: Stamina + Command
Cost: 2 Legend per duplicate
The Scion can multiply himself into a tightly coordinated unit of duplicate versions of himself. He gets one duplicate per two Legend points he spends, up to a maximum number of duplicates equal to his Legend rating. Each duplicate is the Scion himself, with all the same Attributes, Abilities and Epic Attributes.

The Scion can use no Boons or Knacks while he’s divided thus, but any extant effects for Boons or Knacks he used before then remain active for each duplicate. Also, he has only one Legend pool to share among the duplicates. Followers and Creature Birthrights do not multiply among the duplicates, but each duplicate has the character’s relics. Yet at the end of the effect, only one Scion and one complete set of relics remains.

For the most part, each duplicate the Scion controls must perform roughly the same action—all of them acting based on the Scion’s player’s Join Battle roll. They arrange themselves minimally so as not to get in each other’s way, such as encircling an opponent in order to attack simultaneously, but they must either perform the same action, using the same dice pool, as their counterparts or take cover, performing no action. (They can perform the same action against different targets, though.)

The Scion can make one group of duplicates perform a different action from what the rest are doing. He must split his action as per a standard multiple action, though, with the concomitant dice pool penalties. When the duplicates are performing the same action in combat against the same target, they are automatically assumed to be performing a coordinated assault.

The effect lasts for one scene. At the end of that scene, the Scion (also, the player) decides which of the surviving duplicates is the original. The rest dissolve into nothingness, along with any blood they spilled or relics they dropped.

Colossus Armor

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower + 10 Legend
The Scion leaps into the air as liquid bands of brass and steel materialize in the air around him. These bands enwrap the Scion’s body and take the shape of a 15-foot-tall warrior of a classical culture associated with the Scion’s divine parent—an enormous metal samurai, for instance. This giant warrior is unarmed by default, but the Scion can equip it with an appropriately sized version of some melee weapon in the character’s possession for another two points of Legend. (The choice doesn’t change the damage he can inflict, but it allows him to use Melee instead of Brawl in combat.)

While he’s wearing the Colossus Armor, the Scion adds 15 dots to his Strength before taking his Epic Strength into account. The armor also has an all-purpose soak of 20 and a Hardness of 10. If damage inflicted by enemies’ attacks surmounts that Hardness and soak, whatever’s left over is then compared to the character’s soak (and any independent Hardness rating he might have). The colossus moves with the character’s own Dexterity and Abilities, but it weighs 1,000 pounds. Its attacks can inflict either bashing or lethal damage as the character wishes.

The character can wear his Colossus Armor for one scene, after which its metal body evaporates, lowering the character to the ground once again.

Siege Juggernaut

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 10 Legend
Overcoming enemy defenses means inflicting damage that can penetrate their walls, fortresses and terrain. For a demigod, the usual way to do so is to blast right through them, a power epitomized by this Boon. When a demigod invokes the Siege Juggernaut Boon, she becomes capable of using her normal weapons (or even unarmed attacks) as artillery. To the onlooker, no change is visible until the Scion lashes out. When she strikes, though, her weapon becomes suffused with a massive aura of divine energy and appears as a giant, illuminated version of the usual strike. This tremendous blast of power can smash down walls, rend the landscape and sweep away fortifications with ease.

While under the effects of Siege Juggernaut, the demigod’s attacks can lash out to a distance of five feet per dot of Legend. When the Scion strikes against an object such as a barricade or tank, her scything energy aura inflicts +10 dice of damage and halves the Hardness of the object. Against creatures or people, the massive attacks grant a +5 bonus to the damage inflicted and automatically cause knockback.

This Boon’s effects last for a single scene.

Blessing of Ammunition

Dice Pool: None
Cost: (1 Willpower + 5 Legend) or 1 Willpower dot
With a touch, a God grants a weapon unlimited ammunition. If the weapon holds its ammunition internally (like any pistol, rifle, blowgun or cannon), the God need only touch the weapon. If the weapon holds its ammunition externally (as bows, slings, atlatls and classical siege weaponry does), the God must touch a container that is already full of the proper type of ammunition then touch the weapon with which that ammunition is to be used.

External ammunition from an endless container can only be used with the weapon to which it has been dedicated. Doing otherwise will cause a misfire with every shot. Also, for this Boon’s purposes, weapons such as torpedoes, ICBMs, grenades, Sidewinder missiles and the like are considered to be weapons unto themselves, not ammunition.

If the player spends one Willpower point and five Legend points when he activates this Boon, the weapon he blesses enjoys its benefits for a single battle only. If the God sacrifices a permanent Willpower dot instead, the effect lasts as long as the weapon does. While the effect lasts, the weapon will never jam or misfire. Even botches on (Dexterity + Marksmanship) rolls won’t cause such mishaps.

Follower Army

Dice Pool: Charisma + Command
Cost: 10 Legend
For a limited time, the God dramatically increases the number of followers he has (via the Birthright of the same name) on the battlefield. The God must first have his loyal followers present, then his player must spend 10 Legend and succeed on a (Charisma + Command) roll with a difficulty equal to the number of dots of Followers those assembled represent. (Round up to the nearest dot if the character has lost some followers through attrition over the years.) When the player has done both, the total number of the God’s followers increases (i.e., “is multiplied”) by a factor equal to his Legend. This increase in ranks lasts for one scene, and the God can successfully use the power only once per scene.

While they last, these followers can fight as a single unit with the God in the lead or just as the God directs. The God can also divide them up as captains of a much larger force, relying on their perfect coordination to better organize and coordinate the army. At the end of the battle or scene, extra followers salute one last time and disappear, leaving only the maximum number the God is supposed to have based on the number of dots in the Birthright he has.

Surreal Draft

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Command
Cost: 15 Legend
If a God finds his forces wearing thin in a war, he can conscript new soldiers from his surroundings—even from nature itself. The God’s player simply spends 15 Legend and rolls (Manipulation + Command) when the God is in the presence of some substance, item or phenomenon governed by a Purview other than War that is associated with him. If the Animal Purview is associated with the God, any animals present slowly transform into anthropomorphic soldiers on the spot. (For this Boon’s purposes, it doesn’t matter what kind of animal is used.) If Fire is associated with the God, soldiers might rise from the ashes of burned fortifications.

If Sky is associated with the God, the God might snatch a handful of stars and cast them on the ground to rise as new soldiers. Some Purviews might not lend themselves as easily to quick ideas on where to get the raw materials whence new soldiers derive (Guardian and Psychopomp spring to mind), but if a player can come up with a creative rationale, his Storyteller should allow his explanation. (Torn-up pieces of a map might work for Psychopomp, for example. The helmets of the dead might work for Guardian.)

Regardless, this Boon allows for the creation of a number of soldiers equal to the God’s Legend multiplied by the number of successes the player achieved on the roll. The soldiers last for a single battle and have the traits of a seasoned cop or grunt soldier. They wear the equivalent of riot gear (+5L/8B, -2 mobility penalty) and are armed as the War God sees fit. They follow the God’s orders on the battlefield or those of his followers (those granted by the Birthright). They are capable of human reasoning—and are subject to various morale-bolstering or -eroding supernatural powers—but they have no personalities or motivations other than to win the war for their God. At the end of the scene or battle, they become once more what they used to be.

Avatar of War (The General)

Cost: 1 Willpower + 30 Legend
For one scene, the character becomes The General—the avatar of War. The abundantly armed and armored General is surrounded at all times by an army that follows every order without fear or hesitation and in perfect, professional order. The General can hack down extras by the score and defeat heroes of lesser rank with little trouble. The General can also call out an opposing army’s leader for a duel of honor as both armies watch in awe. Even if The General is not strong enough to win that duel, the enemy’s leader invariably leaves the fight with a grievous wound that shakes his army’s confidence in its superiority. Even the Titans must stand and face The General when The General calls, for to refuse a duel is to concede defeat and submit to imprisonment once more.

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