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Scene Title Vorpal Bunnies - Uno
Synopsis Ixion's up to his mad schemes

Central Park Zoo

There's something about feeling one's in the middle of the wild - that makes the zoo so enticing. The exotic plants, the animals - the piped in sounds of nature on hidden speakers the.. smell of fried dough? The press of school children on field trips? Really, the only thing that makes the place less like the city it hides in the middle of - is the presence of yellow cabs.

Still! It doesn't keep people from having a grand old time. This of course, includes Andre. The metal guitarist in black seems to.. have a bit of change of wardrobe it seems. Yes, he still wears that black trench coat, yes, that guitar is still on his shoulder, but.. instead of his bleach etched t-shirt? He wears a bright green one, with the zoo logo on it. On his head? Is a neon blue baseball cap, obviously bought from one of the various tourist kiosks. And in one hand? Is a large bag of cotton candy, which he snacks on, as he makes his way through the crowd.

Horrible junk food is perfect for enjoying a day watching animals that might normally snack on a person. Rain is here, likely seeing if they have one of those houses where butterflies land on you. Oooo. Maybe some jackals or something - she avoids any little school children, so no one gets lost or seperated. She herself has some dippin' dots, little ice cream things. She has to soak it all in, stopping by the souvenier hut. Yup, Rain gets herself a little keychain and some tiny widgets. Cute. But as she wanders off, she spots Andre. "Oh! Hi!" Wait. Was that right? Flail. Rain just stares, like a deer in headlights.

It actually takes Andre a moment to process Rain - over Zoo over stimulation and all - but after a moment? Andre offers a wide, chechire smile. "Well hey there Chere. How you been?" The man waves - before holding out the bag of multi-colored cotton candy. "Want some? It's good stuff! Not like they do it down in tha Big Easy, but close enough! Fancy runnin' into you on mah vacation day though!" Andre continues. "You out to have a good time while things are quiet too?"

Rain manages a wave after a moment. "I'm well, how are you?" A pause. "Umm. Sure! I had the ice cream… I guess you could take a bite," But only one spoon! Does he want or mind Rain germs? She will carefully break off a tiny puff. "I know, I had a day off while they train a new cook," She explains and nods. "I did. I like the parts where I can sit and watch the animals." She doesn't seem to realize her dork level. Oh well.

And yet, something about said dork level, or maybe just Andre's general good nature? Make's the man's smile brighter. "Tha' don't look like no ice cream I've ever seen before." The Cajun notes. "Is it like that.. Astronaut Ice Cream?" Andre wonders, his head tilting a touch. "Me? I like the places where you can have them tamed animals land on you, and pet'em and stuff. Only thing we got where I grew up, was scaly, an' normally lived in tha swamp. Nothin' you wanna pet unless you got tha will to loose somethin important!" The man chuckles.

Rain is standing beside Andre, dippin' dots ice cream in hand, a bag of tourist kitsch over her arm and she seems to be talking to him happily. It's another day in the zoo, with the animals, school children and tourists doing what they will. Cheesy little exhibits and plaques detail the animals. She nods, "Kind of! It's neat." Well, germs shouldn't really hurt a Scion anyway. She doesn't rescind the offer. "I was looking for one of those kind of things, like the butterfly house where they land on you," Hey! They both like that sort of thing. A pause. "Sounds - dangerous?" Rain is clearly a city slicker, unsure of the idea of living with gators anywhere.

And there's another person enjoying the Zoo's many sights, and he seems to have a tourist lean to him. He's constantly looking around, carrying a point-and-shoot digital camera and taking the occasional picture. Some gazelles over here, the monkey cage…though Scott passes /right/ by the Crocodile habitat without giving it a second look, even as a shudders makes his shoulders twitch. For now, he's heading to one of those 'animal feed' vending machines.

The spoon for the dipping dots extended? Andre can't refuse! Epic immune systems et all. "They got somethin' like that here?" He questions, between working the flash frozen dots around in his mouth, squinting as he waits for the inevitable brain freeze. "Ah heard they got some places, where birds land on you an' what not. How they get them kind of animals to not.. fly away?" Again, comes that cheshire smile. "How bout' we both go feed some of them animals together chere? What'chou think? Ah've spent so long.. takin' care o' business with you folks, but Ah ain't no time to actually get tah know anyone!"

Right. "I was hoping so, birds might be neat too…" She watches Andre and his reaction to the ice cream. She tries not to give a sympathetic wince. Brain freeze! "I think it's because they are raised around or by people. Pidgeons are used to people, so they don't mind," Rain points out. While pigeons might be considered rats with wings… Well, the point stands. She nods. "That sounds fun. I'd be glad to. And ah … that's true, isn't it?" She finally considers. She looks thoughtful. He has a point. "Do you know where that stuff is?"

However, Scott isn't too lucky with his excursion this time. He puts the quarters in dutifully, but the feed gets caught in some mechanism inside the vending machine, and nothing comes out of the receiving tray. Poke. Scott turns the coin-return crank, and nothing comes out. He looks to either side, and not behind him, before giving the machine a good smack on the side with an open palm. Which, of course, hurts his palm, but doesn't dislodge the food.

The petting area of the zoo is a fun place to relax. There's lots of cute animals ranging from llamas to sheep to chickens and all other sorts of cute cuddly creatures. However, a tall handsome man dressed in all black steps out of the rabbit cages with a bit of mischief in his eyes. He lets out a wry grin before he starts to walk off, stepping by the trio on his way out.

"Excuse me.."

Andre pulls a wrinkled map out of his jacket pocket - before actually turning his head a little. "Oh! It's right over there, Chere." The man points, with his map holding hand. "Feed machines right there. Ah guessin' that's where we'll find the pettables." He notes, stuffing the map back in his pocket - before closing the bag of cotton candy, stuffing it into one of his other pockets, as he makes his way in line behind Scott. "Ah'll get the feed, Mah treat!" And then? As the figure passes, Andre can't help but track him out of the corner of his eye. One of those 'danger sense' moments perhaps? He's getting good at hose.

Rain peers over, nodding and letting Andre point the way then. "Alright," She smiles up at him. "Ah- er, thank you!" She's not sure how quite to react to that, but she is grateful. She just kind of beams at him and follows him to wait in line. "Which ones should we see first?" But then the tall man passes by and she blinks a few times. Hmm… Hm. She just furrows her eyebrows and looks back to Andre and Scott.
Backing away from the machine and turning around, Scott is brought up short by the passage of a tall man in black clothes passes right by him. "Sorry," he mumbles as the man goes right past him. Still, he doesn't walk any further, but his eyes trace the path of the man he almost bumped into as the latter walks away. "Huh." He lifts his shoulders and turns away. "Machine's jammed," he says to the pair who are close by. "Buyer Beware and all that."

"~Tiiiime is on my side..~"

The man in black croons softly under his breath as he seems in quite the chipper mood. He laughs a little as he passes by the trio and looks back towards them, winking towards Rain as he gives her an appreciative glance. "I'd get out of here while you can.." he says quite cryptically as he continues to walk away..

"Probably.. the goats? Goats'll eat anything, no?" The Cajun says kind of.. absent mindedly, as he returns that furrowed brow to Rain. A mutual understanding? Scott notes the machine's Jammed, and Andre nods. "Thanks for tha' warnin'." Though he doesn't quite smile. Just sort of.. one of those half effort expressions. And then? The figure turns and speaks once more. "Ah think our fun just got cut a little short, chere." The man notes, grow furrowed as he looks at Rain. "Where he come out from?"

Hm. "That's disappointing," She replies to Scott with a little frown. Rain blinks as she's winked at and freezes. Maybe he's like a manatee and won't see her if she doesn't move. She seems surprised by his compliment, "Um. Thanks…" She manages quietly, blinking a few times. "Chickens are cool too," Rain adds quietly. She frowns though, at the realization. "I think the rabbits or the llamas," She considers. Which - was it? She can't quite put a finger on it. "I think."

"Hey, if it's the one thing that goes wrong here for me, I'm cool," Scott says, however, he doesn't mean to linger overlong. He hefts his backpack, giving the two others a respectful nod, and starts to walk away.

And the man continues to wander off until he's gone from sight. Still, everything seems quite normal.

To Rain? Andre nods, before almost turning on his heels, to head for the rabbits first. Then he'll check the lamas. though, before he enters the 'petables' barn? He stops, and takes the soft case off of his guitar, and balancing it on his shoulder, and just behind his back by the strap. "Don' speak too soon.." He mumbles, at Scotts words "So much for mah' vacation, no?" Those words are offered towards Rain, with an impish grin.. before Andre turns his neon hat backwards, and enters the barn-like building.

Or was it the chickens? Rain likes chickens, although she's torn between their cuteness and their tastiness. Nature is cruel that way. She looks to Scott, and gives him a little wave. "That's probably about right," As pesimistic as it might sound to a normal person… She follows Andre along, and having to smile at his grin. "Yeah, and so much for a day off…" Sigh. She follows Andre, patting her pants pocket, to make sure her pen is there.

And there's a sudden scream as they head into the petting zoo. The head of a young woman in her early twenties lands out of the air and right in front of Scott as he starts walking off. There's a few snarling..mutated bunny rabbits over her body, eating and tearing away at the flesh. People start to scream and panic running away…

Still…Scott's gears are turning inside his head. It's the song that catches him, and it just rings oddly in his ears. His senses aren't finely-tuned like Haldor's, but there's still that sense of foreboding. He looks around for a moment, and gets ready to start to follow Rain and Andre into the petting zoo…when he hears the scream. He starts running forward, putting a hand in his shirt pocket, and he sees what's before him.

"Holy hand grenade, Batman," he whispers, and pulls out a gold-rimmed monocle over his right eye.

"Oh Damn! Tha' just ain't right!" Andre grunts, with a shake of his head. "An' I thought the gators where dangerous!" The man whistles - before he breaks into a slight jog. He lets the shoulder strap for his guitar fall off of his shoulder, and raises his 'axe' above his head, wielding it as if he might be gearing to hit a soft ball. Of course.. his target IS soft, and IS roughly oval shaped? He'll try to knock one of those flesh eating bunnies 'out of the park'.

"I hope they aren't white bunnies, I hear they have a mean streak a mile wi— Oh -" Rain looks ill, seeing the head go by. Remember what the doorman said. Feed your head. It's all quite surreal, really. Rain slips her pen from her pocket. With *fwip*, and a neat flick of her hand, the pen is twirled and *poof* a knife! "That's just /wrong/," She mumbles. Well, at least she has some experience serving rabbit. Twirling the knife, she stops to give herself a better grip and stab a bunny, which is much like stabbing a bitch but more okay with children because no one's losing their shirts or bras and curse words are bad.

"No no no no," Scott says as Andre speaks up. "The gators was last night. Crocodile, technically. Sobek child. Corrupted. It wasn't pretty." He steps forward, reaching for something else inside the ever-present backpack. He…well, there's those times one has to trust. "Can you draw them off the woman?" He gulps, pulling on his own ichor to try and speed himself up, just in case the bunnies are hungry for Thothian, tonight.

And there's Rain hacking and slashing at one of the bunnies, blood spilling out. At least that leaves..three bunnies left, and they growl a little, peering towards the closest targets..and those would be regular mortals…they move quickly, these fast and insane little critters drawn to targets WITHOUT any divine ichor..

And there goes three more humans, their heads ripped off with swift bites as they try to run away…

Andre's a bit thrown off, as he misses the first bunny - so soft and fluffy, and deceptively fast. Scott speaks up, and Andre smirks. "You got it." It's amazing what kind of information one can process as 'normal', after a time in New York. Names will have to be exchanged later. And even in that brief pause? The bunnies fly off after more victims, turning them into headless founts of blood in a heart beat. "They' goin' /too/ far." The Cajun notes, as he readies his stance again. "C'mon Father, I need your strength.." The man mutters, before he begins to charge gain. This time? He wields his axe low, the ichor in his blood surging - bringing sparks spraying from the end of his axe, as he charges towards another rabbit, and swings for all he's worth!

Andre swings so hard, that he actually generates a breeze with the effort - causing papers to swirl, clothes to flutter - and a certain vorpal bunny to explode. It almost like slow motion.. The way the Cajun's axe meets the bunnies furred form, the way it contorts at that initial contact - the way it explodes, as it's 'poped' corpse coes hurling into the distance..

The chain from his monocle swings as Scott gets his hand out of his backpack at the sudden lepine attack. "Crap, no time," he says. He looks around; a branch, a discarded fence post, /anything./ But to what do Scott's wandering eyes do appear, but a flat-headed shovel, with nary a bloodsmear. Scott's already moving, picking up the shovel and swinging it in an overhead chop against the nearest bunny.

"Haaaaaaaaa!" Scott doesn't look like much of a combatant. Or even one prone to lifting weights that aren't seven hundred or above pages. However, he lucks out as he brings the shovel down, flat-end first, on the bunny. Said warped herbivore-ish monster explodes in a circle of red-and-white gore, which splatters his legs and arms. "Wow," he says. "Elmer was right."

As there's only one bunny left it starts to spring off killing yet another human as it devours his flesh quite soundly after cutting off the human's head with it's ear. It starts omnomnoming on the flesh and blood as yet another head rolls. These bunnies are vicious, but at least there's only one left.

The bunny that was smooshed by Scott opens up, and there's something wriggling amongst the flesh of the rabbit which soon fades to something normal again. It's an insect like creature that flails in the rabbit's organs and antennae have grown to the point of going to the rabbit's brain…

Unaware of such things like brain poking insects? Andre's sole intent is on that last bunny - as it goes after, and decapitates yet another person. With the momentum from his last swing, the Cajun swings his guitar AROUND his body to build momentum, to compensate for what was transferred to the corpse he sent flying. The mortal killing has to /stop/.

Though not as *ahem* glorious as his last, Andre's 'axe' comes down on the white ball of fluff readily. And, again, there's another spray of blood and innards. "Not even bunnies are safe in this town!" He yells, tone disgusted, as he wipes away bunny spatter from his face with the back of a hand. "There anymore?" The Cajun questions, offering a quick look around - his stance low, ready.

"The hell?" Scott notices the small wriggling thing inside the small pile of bunnyguts, and instead of swinging again, the young student reverses the shovel head, in an attempt to dig and lift what's left to keep the worm-thing isolated and not digging back into the earth. "There was…an insect like thing attached to the rabbit's brain. Like, a parasite…" He looks up. "Tall guy, dark clothes, singing Time is on my Side, warned us to get away? Even money says…" He looks to where the man was. "Crap."

The little parasite wriggles having centered itself in the rabbit's liver..or is it the stomach? It's hard to tell considering the rabbit was squishy pretty good. Still, it wriggles a bit, it's antennae continuing to stimulate the brain, having the leg still attached twitch justa bit…

"Parasite? You think tha' guy stuck'em in their ears? Saw someone do tha' in a horror movie one time. Body snatchers or somethin'." Andre swings his bloody guitar over his shoulder, like the proverbial axe it is. "Don' be leanin' over tha' thing with your mouth open or nothin'. You don' want no body snatcher flyin' down your throat, or in your ear or somethin'!"

"Definitely," Scott replies, keeping a death grip on the shovel handle. "Should we kill it? Or…if you could hold the shovel, I might be able to find out where tall dark and non-PETA-friendly went off to." It's just them, though the bodies ate starting to smell. "Scott. Thoth's kid. One of.:"

The parasite continues to wriggle, and thus the bunny's leg continues to twitch. Ewww.

"Andre, son of Baron Samedi." The Cajun smiles. "Couple of us in town." Though, as Scott mentions taking the shovel? The smile falls into a worried frown. "Ah suppose Ah could.." He mumbles, and heads in the other man's direction. "That t'ing sure is ugly lookin'." He tries to manage taking over the shovel, so the squirmy bit doesn't get away. "Whachu think we should do with it?"

"Oh, I think I've met your sister," Scott replies with a quirked, nervous grin. "Friend of a friend of hers. In the band, actually." He has a small jar and tweezers in his backpack, which he uses to retrieve the creature." He stares at the closed lid. "Uh…" Beat. "Good question. I'm not a biologist, but…" He places the jar on the ground, and just peers at it through his monocle. Up close, the gold wirework of the monocle frame is in the shape of a curved ibis head. "Let's see…"

"Ah spose' you could call me an independent." Andre replies, falling silent as he watches Scott seal away the creature. As the other man begins to inspect the jar? Andre sort of.. squats, to get a better look himself. Of course, his is more the look of fascination, and less 'thoughtful' as it where. "Though, probably a good thing Ah am. Seems Ah've been helpin' everyone else out." Andre continues thoughtfully.

The creature itself is a biomechanoid thing of sorts. It's definitely far advanced than any regular science has come thus far, and has an effective legend of three, at least from the way it acts. The antennae are actually wires connectnig the parasite's brain to the rabbits..this much is known..

"And I'm glad you and your friend were here," Scott replies. "Seriously. A lot more, and probably myself, would be dead if it weren't for you. You pack a mean axe, there." He sounds pleased, at least. "And any Scion on the right side around here could use any and all help, trust me. We're all on the same side, as it were." He turns the monocle a little to the left, examining the area…

Slowly, Andre turns his neon colored 'zoo' theme hat around the right way once more, as he stands, looking around, as Scott does. "Hey, Ah'm here for the party. S'how dad got me to come out this far from the Big Easy." He grins, the expression almost sheepish. Though, as Scott continues to look, Andre - in perhaps a bit of short attention span, brow furrows. "You lookin' for more?"

The threads of fate…are connected. It's hard to determine what the creature is tied to other than Scott and Andre, but there is a rather powerful threat leading out of the zoo. Perhaps it's the man who was humming before..it has to be that guy..

Removing the monocle, since it's a focus, Scott stands up from his crouch. He peers in one direction, and points. "He went that way," he says. "Though if it's just the two of us…" He rubs his chin. "I can keep the spell going if I don't overexert myself, for at least a couple more days. I can see the Thread attached from this little bugger to the man in black. But I think I want reinforcements."

XP Awarded.

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