Vorpal Bunnies Dos


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Scene Title Vorpal Bunnies - Dos
Synopsis it's a family reunion of sorts…with killer rabbits

Central Park Zoo

Considering Haldor was the one who planned the first date, it's up to Maia to plan the second. at least in her mind, it's her turn to plan the second. There's a soft and impish chuckle escaping from her lips as her fingers entwine with his own. And today, she's brought them to the zoo. Why the zoo? Well there's new exhibits and Zoo-ey goodness is fun. Of course she's completely oblivious to the death vorpal bunnies from Ixion's machinations as she hasnt been told about them yet, but it seemed like a good place to go.

"They still have the red panda exhibit..and I hear they caught an anaconda.." she says with a bright and cheery smile.

Haldor, being Scion of Thor, knows nothing of any 'Ixion' or 'death vorpal bunnies'. Well, okay, he's seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, so he knows something of death vorpal bunnies, but that's not the point. The Viking is utterly oblivious to all but the zoo and the lovely young(er) woman at his side.

"I saw a clip on the internet of a red panda somewhere in southeast Asia walking on two legs and collecting money from passersby. I think it was at a kid's birthday party or something."

Yeah. Okay. So Haldor doesn't have a whole lot of intellectual stuff to talk about at a zoo. That's okay. That's alright. Haldor can just bullshit until something he does know about comes up; like critiquing the seals or porpoises playing horns. Central Park has those, right? Faintly the Viking frowns as he tries to remember if there are any seals or porpoises in the Central Park zoo, much less whether or not they can play horns.

"Ahhh, youtube..it has everything."

There's an impish giggle that escapes from her lips as she reaches out and lets her fingers entwine with his own, squeezing his hand just a bit. She rests her head on his shoulder, enjoying the jealous and angry stares from other women passing by, particularly lonely housewives who look towards Haldor longingly.

"Mmm, it seems you're a Desperate Housewife magnet.." she stage whispers, grinning wryly as they eventually reach the red panda. It's sleeping, like most animal in the zoo do, but it's just so cute. She beams brightly and pulls out her camera taking a picture of it.

"I dunno why. Never used to be," remarks Haldor.

The Viking gently disentangles his hand from Maia's so he can wrap his arm around the small of her back. He watches the red panda curiously, eyebrows quirked a little bit at the small, sleeping mammal.

"Somehow I expected it to be sleeping in a stranger position. Almost looks like a weirdly shaped dog."

"Well, you're hot, you're sexy, and you're taken."

Maia emphasizes the last part as more women pass by, letting out a soft chuckle of amusement at their reactions as she wraps her arm around his torso, snuggling close. She cants her head as she takes a few more pictures of the panda before raising her brows towards him.

"You know, I'm going to nhave my mom for some sort of enchanted panda..yes..that is what I will do.." she says firmly and resolutely.

Haldor snerks softly at Maia's reply, kissing her on the cheek. The Viking sighs quietly and shakes his head a little bit, nestled comfortably against Maia as he peers at the red panda.

"Because we don't have enough shenanigans to deal with having awakened the ancient, diminuitive and destructively devious dvergar spirit of somebody's shield in the apartment?"

"Maybe the panda can threaten to eat him?

Her brows furrow as she lets out a hearty laugh, wrinkling her nose as she nestles close and hops up to place a soft kiss on his scruffy cheeks. She starts heading towards the regular pandas now, for well, they are just as cute as red pandas if not cuter, and Maia has a softspot for cute things.

"Sooooo, you still havent told me about your family..and I'm talking about your mortal parent..not your dad.."

It doesn't hurt that Maia is also a Japanese schoolgirl, who are reknown for their adoration of pandas… And creepy, poorly drawn felines… And tentacles.

Haldor is tugged along, laughing a little bit. No doubt he's laughing at the mental image of a red panda trying to eat a dvergar spirit. The Viking blinks once or twice at the nagging, snapping out of his amusing reverie.

"What's to tell? My mom had a one nighter with the God of Thunder after a hair-metal concert in the 80's. She got really into Norse mythology after he died, like a day or two before she realized she was pregnant, and raised me out in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania."

Not all Japanese school girls like tentacles..tentacles however do have a thing for Japanese school girls. And negatory on the creepy felines.

Maia hrmms for a few moments, wrinkling her nose just a bit as she snaps a picture of the baby panda sneezing. Awww. There's a soft chuckle under her breath as she squeezes his arm once more and decides not to press the issue.

"Well, I am curious to know about young Haldor..prior to rockin' out and stuff, but it's okay..the past is passed and now we just have to look forward to today and the future.." she says with a sage nod.

Not too far away behind them at the wolf exhibit, a few of the wolves start to stir. They sniff the air a little and start to growl menacingly.

"I was a poor kid from a poor family, stuck out in the sticks."

Haldor shrugs a little bit as he squeezes Maia against him. The Viking sighs a bit as he kisses her on the top of the head, ears catching the sound of the growling wolves. Consciously he doesn't pay much attention to it, but sub-consciously his head twists to look in that direction.

"I watched a lot of TV, played in white trash playgrounds, and got into much more than my fair share of trouble."

Maia smiles warmly as she wrinkles her nose and stretches her arms into the air as she wraps her arms around his once more, giving it a soft squeeze. Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red, slightly embarassed for pushing the question now as she nods and takes a deep breath.

"Well, it still made you the man you are today, and that's why I'm curious." she explains before hearing the growling as well, her brows quirked just a bit.

One of the wolves eases on up from its slumber and howls a little, surprising most of the crowd as they start to gather around the wolf exhibit. It's a highpitched howl that serves only to agitate the rest of the pack even more…

Haldor scrunches up his face as the wolf howls. As beautiful a sound as it is, the way it ululates makes it ever so slightly off-key… In its high-pitched glory, Haldor can't help but wince a little at the off-key sound.

"I swear, if someone let Fenris loose just to fuck with another date, I'm gonna be pretty pissed at my family."

"Maybe they don't like me.." she says with a pout, wrinkling her nose a bit as she notices him wincing and hops up to kiss him softly on the cheek. She sighs a little, nestling close as she peers towards the still howling wolf rather curiously.

The wolf stops it's howling but the rest of the pack still growls. The crowd that has gathered applauds what just happened as they start murmuring amongst themselves theorizing what might've caused it.

In theory it could just be the scent of another wolf pack on the wind. Maybe the conditions are just right for the smell of the wolves at the Bronx Zoo to have carried here. Or, perhaps, it could be the smell of a fox or a small pack of coyotes somewhere in the area. Wolf howling is as much a warning of encroaching on their territory as a means of communication amongst the pack.

Plus it's gorgeous to listen to, unless you happen to be gifted with an ear for perfect pitch. Then it can be a little painful to listen to, even in the depths of its most haunting beauty. Haldor, in particular, seems sensative to the faintly off-pitch tracks of it. As the howl fades, Haldor's grimace does as well. With a sigh of his own, Haldor squeezes Maia in his arms.

"If they don't like you, then they should take it up with us to our faces, not let aptrgangers run rampant or do whatever it is that set off the wolves."

"You'd think that wouldn't you. Our folks are awfully blunt, but it could be something else entirely.."

It's a new voice, one that Haldor and Maia arent familiar with. Still, the man who approaches is well dressed in a pair of slacks, a button down shirt and a black blazer as he extends a hand out towards Haldor.

"They like fucking with our good time and all.." he continues, letting out a soft chuckle of amusement before he introduces himself. "Sylvester, Sylvester Guiler at your service. I heard you've been hanging out with Eric as of late.." he quips a wry grin on his lips.

Maia's about to say something when there's the entrance of the Scion of Loki. She blinks a little and wrinkles her nose a bit as she looks up towards Haldor, not quite sure what's going on at nthis point.

Haldor arches an eyebrow at the new voice. The Viking tilts his head at Sylvester, studying him in quiet contemplation before he actually mentions his name. One red eyebrow arches sharply as he peers at Sylvester.

"Sylvester? Like Stallone? Makes your nickname Sly, huh?"

Smoothly the Viking disengages from Maia and steps forward with his right hand extended to Sly. Maia, no doubt wondering what a southpaw like Haldor is doing extending his right hand, can see Haldor's left hand balling into a fist behind his back.

"Yeah. I think Eric mentioned I was supposed to pass something along to you."

And then the Viking Fist comes up and forward, aiming to slug Guiler dead center of the face.

Not too long ago, a wolf at one of the exhibits let out a high pitched howl. It gathered a crowd, and not too far away at the panda exhibit stands Haldor, Maia and Sly.

"Haldor..wai.." and alas, the young Japanese girl is too late. The punch connects to the face and Sly stumbles backjust a bit before he lets out a hearty laugh. Maia looks towards the two rather curiously and shakes her head a little. Fortunately, no one else has gathered around the trio due to the nearly hypnotic effects of the wolf's howl, for it is an eerie and beautiful thing.

"Eric's still mad about me setting him up against one of the frost giants huh.." Sly snerks a ltitle as he rubs his chin and puts nup his hand. "Hey, I mean on harm..I did it cause it was either me or Eric, so naturally, I chose Eric.." laughing with quite a bit of amusement before he groans a little. "And son of a bitch, you're strong..no wnoder you two meatheads are related.." he grumps.

Soon enough another man steps forth. He's tall, quite good looking and Japanese, but most definitely not Kamui. He clicks his tongue a little as he shakes his head, "My dear sister, please control your goon and I'll control mine.." he says almost cryptically.

"Yeah. He's a little sore 'bout it, told me I should punch you in the face if I ever met you."

Haldor's gaze flicks toward the Japanese man. One red eyebrow arches inquisitively at the tall Japanese guy, Haldor casts a fleeting glance toward Maia before fixing his gaze on Sly again. Slowly he folds his arms across his chest, eyebrow still raised as he takes a step back.

"I'm under control. Just doin' a favor for my brother. Now what do you two well-dressed gentlemen want?"

"I'm an only child I.." and ooooh, her brows raise and she suddenly gets it. Still, she seems disturbed that these people know who they're related too and she looks up towards Haldor before taking a step behind him. Yay for hunky meatshields.

As Sly is about to speak, Kane just brings a hand over the other man's lips and starts speaking. He is a bitchass leader, so he's the main spokesman for the Shinsengumi. "The Dark Hour, we want to know about it. Rumor has it that you two were there when it happened.." he says matter of factly as he eyes Maia first, shaking his head and rolls nhis eyes at the younger girl before looking towards Haldor, his glance squinting just a bit.

"Why did it happen? What caused it? Who is doing it? And how can we find them?"

Meanwhile, the tourists arent noticing what's going on with the quartet, they're still enamored by the wolf's howl. However, a rather roguish young fellow steps out of one of the employee lounges buttoning up his jeans. His hair is ruffled and there's only a few buttons up on his shirt as he grumbles under his breath. "What the fuck..I was about to score and the bitch froze.." he grumps, not too far away from Jason.

"I don't know why it happened. It appears to have been caused by crucifying the Norns. We're not quite sure who is doing it; our first suspects seem to be contradicted by some of the stuff the creatures in there have said… As for finding them? I imagine if you helped us end it, we'd all find them pretty quick."

Haldor keeps his arms folded across his chest, piercing blue eyes flicking about between Sly and Kane. Considering Sly's apparent nature and Kane's… Power over Sly, Haldor isn't getting the best vibe from this situation. On the other hand, there's a possibility here for help. It's a slim possibility, sure, but one that Haldor feels can be exploited.

Besides, what harm can sharing what he knows do? It's not like Haldor knows all that much.

Jason is hanging back from the gathering, still within the band of tourist. As that rougish fellow comes wandering out of the employee lounge he motions him over, "Not just her." A moments pause and he asks, "Elephant House girl? I was through there earlier and almost made a play myself but I wanted to go see the ferrets first." A jerk of his head towards the Panda exhibit people, "Recognize a few faces?"

There's still not a good vibe especially with the way she's being demeaned by her own half-brother. She steps forward once more though her arms are still wrapped around one of Haldor's. Soon, Maia speaks up.

"We don't know what caused it, but we know who crucified the three fates." she says, taking a deep cleansing breath as she chews on her bottom lip. "They're somewhere near Castle Clinton, we know two of the names but that's it. Mordred and Helena is what we got.." She sighs a little deciding this might be a good chance to show sheisnt worthless afterall, or something like that.

Kane clicks his tongue once more as his brows raise peering towards Haldor for a few moments as he shifts his own blazer just a bit. "I see..a Mordred and a Helena..it seems our own assumptions were correct then. Thank you my dear sister, looks like you're not a walking stereotype afterall.." letting out an amused chuckle under his breath before he looks back towards Sly. "Let the others know.." he says and soon Sly starts walking off.

He goes back to face the two before him and hrmms for a few moments, his words..silghtly convincing..or at least he tries to be as sly as possible. "Perhaps..we can work together and find the people who caused it?" he offers.

Meanwhile, back over where the Brothers Aphrodite stand, Donnie adjusts his sunglasses as he finishes zipping up hispants. "Hell fuckin yeah, she was pretty sweet, college co-eds are totally my type.." and then he looks towards Haldor and Maia and nods. "Ha! Yeah, but what are they doing talking to Taoka and Guiler?" he grumps just a bit.

Haldor's blue eyes follow Guiler as the Scion of Loki makes his retreat. The Viking shifts his attention back to Kane as the Japanese man starts talking again. One red eyebrow slowly rises, subconsciously quirking as he studies Taoka's face carefully.

"I'm curious. What brings a Scion of Loki together with a Scion of Amaterasu? You are a Scion of Amaterasu, right?"

If someone pressed Haldor for exactly what was making the hairs on the back of his neck rise, he'd probably attribute it to Kane's mannerisms. The way he speaks, the way he seems almost to be perpetually in the faintest of shadow, or the way he commands Guiler, all of those things are just… Off. Haldor can't quite put his finger on why or how, but there's something distinctly wrong about the situation.

Jason nods approvingly to Donnie, "She had something going on. Shame you got interrupted, although you can always go back and finish things up when things get back to normal. And.. no idea bro, just kind of arrived on scene myself. Looks like lots of people are curious regarding current events."

"If they're working together, then that means those two can't be good." Of course, Donnie's referring to Maia and Haldor at this point. "Taoka freaks me the fuck out, we saw him snapping off some guy's head to get something in Vegas.." he whispers, still peering towards the trio while his gaze looks over towards Sly to see what he's up to.

At the question, Kane's brows furrow as he lets out a hearty laugh. "Yes, Amaterasu is my mother…my, my, you are smart putting together obvious context clues like calling her my sister! Bravo, bravo!" he quips with a rather condescending golf clap. He hrmms for a few moments as he shrugs his shoulders, "Who says that a Scion of Amaterasu cannot work together with a Scion of Loki? I do not have any prejudices towards your family. Loki is a Trickster god, yes, but that just means he's smarter than your average bear. I prefer brains over brawn.." he says eyeing Maia as he says that.

Maia lets out a little harumph, wrinkling her nose as she starts tugging on Haldor's shirt just a bit. Her brother is a jerk and a condescending prick and is well, making her rather uncomfortable. "Perhaps we should go.." she whispers softly.

"Oh, there's no need to go, my dear sister. You don't like family reunions?" he asks with a predatory grin curling onto his lips. "And it would be oh so rude after I invited you both to work together..I am sure we have mutual goals.." Or not..

"Technically I asked you if you wanted to help us first," remarks Haldor.

The derisive commentary directed toward him seems to slide off of Haldor's skin like so much water. He's both used to such comments and much more interested in sizing up Kane. Slowly his head cants to one side, eyebrow still raised.

"What did you say your name was again?"

Jason just keeps having his side conversation with Donnie while observing the exchange near the exhibit. "Snapped his head off? Seems a less than civilized approach. I'm getting the impression they aren't exactly lifelong acquaintances. If their character is in question perhaps it would be polite to make them aware of the fact before things escalate too much out of control?"

"Ah, yes. My apologies, sometimes my English isnt the best.." the Japanese man replies before he extends a hand out towards Haldor. "Taoka Kane, CEO of Kuroko Industries.." are all Scions of Amaterasu rich as hell and hold important positions? Probably. He looks towards the Viking once more and purses his lips. "Perhaps we can go and investigate the Castle Clinton now? I have my limo and we can all do some exploring.." he says with a bright smile.

Maia hrmms for a few moments a she simply looks towards her beau, letting him make the decision.

"That might be good, or it might be bad.." and there's Donnie whispering to Jason as he continues to watch what's going on. "Taoka did snap someone's head off..it was..well it was really sweet, but really disgusting at the same time. His psychotic girlfriend then cut out the man's heart and ate it.."

"Nice to meet you, Mister…" Haldor pauses a moment, clearly trying to remember which is the last name in Japan. "Mr. Taoka."

Haldor grips the proffered hand with his left hand, offering one of his father's reknown crushing grips in greeting. Those piercing blue eyes meet Taoka's as Haldor studies Kane's face very intently from close quarters.

"Perhaps another time. We're waiting for… Acquaintances to arrive. We have a prior committment to attend to today."

"You probably need your head, and your heart. Wouldn't do to lose either offending them." Jason muses quietly towards Donnie, "Although you have to kind of admire his abilities with women. I've been with a few real maneaters but none that took it quite so literally. Was she hot?" Pursed lips show he is mulling on that as his gaze continues to look between those assembled,

"Hot in a scary emo gothgirl vampiress sort of way, yes. If anything, one of his bandmates has a total crush on me. We fucked a few times when she was still a young heiress and I was a young stud, but now she's also scary as well. They're all dangerous.." Donnie whispers softly, still looking towards the group to see what's going on.

Kane lets out a little bit of a grunt at the crushing grip and as soon as his hand is let go, he lets out a hearty laugh, most definitely impressed. "You are your father's son it seems. I am impressed.." and with that, he pulls out a business card from his pocket and hands it to Haldor. "Call me if you ever want to go exploring.." he explains as he starts to move away. "I will be seeing you soon. And my dear sister, we should have dinner sometime. It'd be nice.."

And as Kane walks off, Maia hrmms, wrinkling her nose as she probably speaks what's on both their minds at the moment. "I didnt like him.."

Haldor takes the business card and studies it for a moment or two as Kane walks away. The Viking nods a bit, though he doesn't vocally respond to the offer for questing. Instead Haldor shifts his gaze toward Maia for a few moments. Silently he nods in agreement.

"There's something off about him. I don't think you should go anywhere with him alone. Try to keep one of us with you anytime you expect to bump into him," murmurs Haldor as quietly as he can. The Viking doesn't trust Kane's hearing.

Jason chuckles and says quietly to Donnie, "Why do those so often go together. Where are the bright and cheerful, well tanned and limber girls that feast on the occasional heart? Always pale and with too much kohl and fond of writing questionable poetry. And they went scary en masse? Well.. I guess that is kind of the way it happens. Looks like things are breaking up peacefully. I think you've some unfinished business to go attend to bro."

"That I do.." and he starts to unzip his pants before he heads back into the employee's lounge. At this point, Donnie really doesnt care if the woman is frozen or not.

Kane fortunately didnt hear it, but he does look back towards the pair and gives a knowing grin.

"I wasnt planning on hanging out with him. I'm all for relatives, if they werent ya know..creepy and stuff.." Maia huffs a little as she lets her fingers entwine with Haldor's once more, giving it a gentle squeeze before she looks back towards the pandas. There's cuteness. Now she feels a bit better.

Haldor squeezes Maia's hand gently, studying her while she looks at the pandas. Quietly Haldor watches Kane walk away, his gaze alive with distrust of the Japanese CEO, especially after that knowing grin. While Maia continues to look at animals, Haldor lets his gaze sweep around.

Jason gives Donnie an amused look as he turns back to the employee door. It seems both of those children of Aphrodite have matters to attend to as he turns away from the panda exhibit, now that the only thing to observe there is.. cuteness. Making his way to the nearest drink stand, clearly hoping that by this point people are unfrozen enough to deliver him overpriced beverage in an oversized cup.

Oooh! Pandas are cute. And there's the baby panda sneezing again. Maia lets out a happy little giggle as she squeezes Haldor's hand and rests her head on his shoulder, sighing contentedly. She wrinkles her nose and chews on her bottom lip a bit as she looks up towards him, seeming to have decided something.

"Yes, I will defitely ask mother fora baby panda. A cute sneezing one too.." she says with a bright chirp, no longer thinking of evil half brothers who want to destroy all that she holds dear.

People are now unfrozen, fortunately and Jason gets his drink served to him. At least, he would if it wasnt for the splatter of blood that suddenly comes out of his server's neck as the head rolls onto the floor with..a bunny sucking up the blood? It's rabid bunnies! Definitely not a good thing of course. And there's three more heads that roll, all humans with the bunnies lapping up the blood as it squirts and gets everyone.

At this point, the masses start to flee..

Haldor looks to Maia for one second, /ONE SECOND/, and rabid bunnies start beheading people with great sprays of blood. The Viking manages to say, "Why," before he's interrupted and looks over his shoulder. It takes him several seconds to process what is, in fact, happening as he stares in a mixture of horror and confusion.

"… What. The. Fuck…"

Right.. Bloodsprays. Bunnies. Jason abandons the much paid for beverage as he abandons the cart to move towards the one familiar face that he currently knows in this crowd, Donnie quickly having made his way back however. "Maia" he says in greeting as he draws near her and Haldor, "I really hope these aren't pets of yours. While terribly cute on the one level they have atrocious dining habits."

Her eyes widen at the blood and gore of the bunnies slicing off people's heads and she yelps a bit at the blood and gore. Maia quickly looks up as her name is called out and shakes her head. "Definitely not my pets. I hate rabbits, they stink, poop too much, and are awful pets.." she says matter of factly as she takes a quick look around at the paper flying around from the various pamphlets around. She quickly reaches into one of her pockets, pulling out a prayer strip with kanji on it. "Ofuda, henshin!" she cries out as the paper starts to swirl around it until a bow and twenty paper arrows that are razor sharp form. Her eyes glance around the area as she looks towards the nearest bunnies and starts to move around, adrenaline pumping through her system, moving with deadly efficacy and grace. "Jason..now's the time to prove to me you're not evil.." she quips, cause ya know, he's hot and all.

Meanwhile, the four rabbits finish up lapping up blood from several victims before yet another four humans are decapitated and more chaos ensues.

Haldor looks at Jason for a moment or two, puzzled by the exchange. Deciding that it's immaterial, the Viking draws his drumsticks from the pockets of his oversized black hoody. While he draws in his first impression of the battle ahead of him, Haldor focuses his inner power through his body. For a moment, just a fraction of an instant, Haldor's eyes almost seem to glow a more intense blue than normal.

The moment is brief though, as Haldor is sprinting into the thick of things. His body is little more than a black blur with twin contrails of sparks flying from the pavement as the Viking's twin long swords drag shallow trenches into the concrete ground. As one rabbit explodes through the neck of a human, Haldor is upon it with both blades flashing. Light gleams off of the blades, though they may quickly become tinged with red as Haldor attempts to kill the obscenely fast rabbit in a few swift strikes of his blades.

A moment later, Haldor is backflipping through the air with a labrys in place of his twin long swords. Haldor somehow seems to ricochet off of a ceiling of air in the instant before he descends toward a second rabbit in the throes of its bloody repast. The Viking's axe descends upon it, attempting to split it and the concrete block beneath it in twain.

Like a whirlwind, Haldor spins and wrenches the double-bladed axe from the concrete. His next target is a rabbit who burst through the neck of the woman next to the man whose rabbit he just completed trying to butcher in one brutal blow. The Viking roars as he brings the unsullied blade around, trying to cleave cleanly through the lateral axis of the vorpal rabbit instead of the vertical axis like the one before it.

In the next moment, Haldor is descending from the heavens again, armed with a single Viking long sword. This final blow is aimed simply at the last rabbit's head as Haldor tries to impale it upon his sword. A brutal, efficient strike, but Haldor very strongly hopes that it will be enough to end the rabbit threat… They're kind of ridiculously dangerous.

That first bunny is one fast motherfucker. Haldor's long swords send up sparks as they dot the concrete with holes and divots regularly before Haldor is forced to backflip away and move to another target. Haldor descends upon the second bunny, catching it utterly unaware as he strikes from above, cleaving it and the parasite within its skull in twain.

Although Haldor takes note of its presence, he doesn't have time to contemplate the parasite within's presence. The horrible shriek of the damned erupts from the third rabbit as it comes at Haldor, likely to avenge its sibling. Haldor pivots and swings his axe in a blur of motion, cleaving the rabbit in twain in mid-air. Each half of the rabbit narrowly avoids killing Haldor himself as it sails over and under his arm, fractions of an inch from coming into contact with the Viking's hoody.

Haldor launches into the air, noting yet another parasite protruding from the base of the passing bunny's brain as the bloody halves crash into the ground. The Viking descends from the sky, holding his long sword as though he were Link, trying to plunge the Master Sword into a pedestal in the Temple of Time. It sinks home, blade splintering the bunny's skull as Haldor crashes to the ground, feet to either side of the trapped bunny, another parasite visible in the vile gore oozing from the splintered head.

The strategy pays off. The muzzle of the gun barks and nearby the bunny rather messily explodes as the bullet finds it square and tears through the cute fluffy bunny flesh. Less messy than the decapitated humans, of course. Bunnies have less blood. Bunny gore and innards and brain scattered across the nearby pavement, the later still showing the parasites entwined with the bunnies brain tissue in some twisted synergy.


Why did she even bother getting out her weapon, and soon the papers scatter once more into the winds as she looks around at the rolling decapitated heads from people and gags alittle at the gore and violence that jus occured. She looks towards Jason and then towards Haldor as she heads on over and spies one of the wriggling insectoid parasites in the rabbit's brains.

"Oh gross.." she says, sticking her tongue out with disgust as she grabs a nearby and dropped cup of water and grabs two sticks to pluck the parasite from the bunny grey matter. "And this..is going to be Scott and I's new science project.." she says matter of factly while letting out a soft sigh. "And whoever made these watched Monty Python too much."

Haldor lets out a breath that he hadn't fully realized he was holding as the lapine tide seems to be stemmed. The Viking pulls his sword free of the bunny's skull and flicks his wrist, spraying blood and brain matter all over a heretofore clean square of concrete. With his blade cleaned, Haldor promptly sheathes it, quite impossibly, in his hoody pocket.

"So, uh. Who's the guy with the golden gun?"

Jason slips the gun back into the holster beneath his jacket, looking at the mess unhappily and then turning an even more displeased look to his jacket which is showing it's fair share of blood from the earlier decapitated drink server. "Jason" he says introducing himself to Haldor, "I would say a pleasure to meet you but the circumstances are not exactly fitting for pleasant things. Fast work, there."

"He hit on me, so I thought he was evil. He still could be though, even if he shot the bunnies.."

And that's Maia opining as she keeps the parasite in cold ice water, definitely grossed out as she throws the straw away into a nearby trashcan. She looks around and wrinkles her nose a bit, chewing on her bottom lip while she watches James Bond.

"Perhaps we should get out of here..the police have got to be coming.."

"Haldor," replies the Viking, "And, uh, yeah. Kind of a messy way of meeting… Thanks. Nice shot by the way, took that speedy little bastard down clean."

The Viking pauses to look at Maia, arching a brow. He shrugs a little bit, smiling faintly as he nods to her comment.

"We'll have to meet again. Maybe later, get properly introduced over dinner or somethin'."

"I might say the same of you two, given your former company" Jason says towards the other two, "Still. I don't think so. Making our separate ways away would be a very good idea. I still hope to be able to attend your concert Maia, although obviously.. things are rather hectic. Another time then, dinner could be lovely." Then he is turning to make his way off into the crowd. Away, away from any arriving police.

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