Viva La Revolution - A Wrinkle In Time



Scene Title Viva La Revolution - A Wrinkle in Time
Synopsis Jason meets Ares' fiery daughter. Puros is mentioned for the first time, leads into a Wrinkle in Time…

With his objective clearly defined, as Jason steps outside, all he can see is chaos. It's Scion versus Scion. Titanspawn versus Scion. And to some extent even Titanspawn versus Titanspawn.

To the north it's gorgon versus gorgon. The children spawn of Poseidon who are still loyal to Olympus due to their father, and those who were shunned and are raging against the establishment. watching to the side are several extremely beautiful women dressed in sheer robes. They write poetry and tell of epic tales narrating the carnage before them.

Off even further, Jason can see a fiery red head. She rides a griffon as she commands her troops. A group of Scions who seem to be taking the fight directly towards Xanatos and his band. She's dressed in Xena-Warrior Princess gear. Her body athletic and lithe as she leads the charge herself. Like Jason, she is a long distance fighter, her quiver full of arrows of all sorts and her bow made of the finest wood with leaves still growing. Perhaps she too was touched by Terra to have such a gift. Terra isn't the type to put all her eggs in one basket afterall.

Meanwhile, Xanatos hurls lightning towards the girl. She simply laughs and quickly flashes an arrow, letting it strike the lightning bolt. She seems to have a great command and affinity for the sky as she makes her voice boom like thunder, her tones still clear and crisp.

"Hear me, Olympus. Far too long have you become static. Your idleness has corrupted you and you can no longer see the suffering of your children. This war is moot. It will always be the children against their parents. It is time that we have come to take your place, for the cycle to begin again!" she cries out.

Oh shit. What does she have in her hands. Several boxes. And with Jason's epic perception he'll know exactly what they are. Pandora's Boxes.

Oh shit. Where did she get Pandora boxes? Those things are kind of rare, and stronger than advertised considering how long one has held a full fledged Titan Avatar. Jason charges forward across the battlefield, not one to be outdone he draws his guns and lets fire at another of the lightning bolts Xanatos goes to throw. If she can shoot one down, so can he, for Xanatos is a dick and deserves no thrown lightning.

Skidding to a halt nearby he keeps his other gun aimed near the red head, prepared to shoot at the Pandora Boxes she holds if she should try to use them. "Daughter of Ares! Hear me! I am Jason, son of Aphrodite. He who overthrew his mothers plans and foiled her designs. He who has taken her land as his own. He who half of Olympus cries out is tainted with the scent and the corruption of Terra. I am he who has already waged your war, and I say to you that it is moot. To overthrow a parent serves nothing but furthering the cycle we have all become trapped in. There is no dynamism in it, only more static! I can offer you a new path free of what has come before. New Tartarus must be built, New Elysia must become a home for the children of Olympus and those children of Terra who would live in peace."

Crash, thwoom! ire hitting lightning is an interesting sight, especially when said bullets are still partially made of metal. The lightning scatters and fizzles, much to the annoyance of Xanatos himself. He stares back and gives quite an angry glare towards Jason, letting out a loud huff and puff.

"You are corrupted. You would help these misguided and delusional children rise up against Olympus itself!" he proclaims, already answering before he can hear Jason's speechifying. But there's still one important question in this scene that remains unanswered.

Where indeed did she get those boxes? Whoever this young woman's patron is, she's got connection. Major connections to where she has some very powerful artifacts that can not only imprison Titan avatars, but the gods themselves.

The young woman listens to Jason and lets out a hearty laugh. Her voice booms much like Ouranos as she remains up in the air riding upon a mighty andpowerful griffon itself. The griffon would be recognizable to Jason. It's female, that's for sure, and it's the one that Griff had his eye upon. Does that mean Griff is near by or is it something that fate is throwing at him once more? Who knows really?

"I have heard of you Jason Xanthis, son of Aphrodite. You fight and foil your mother's plans now and continue to fight her and her associates. It is you who fights your own parent and you already have over taken your land. You have done what we are trying to accomplish. It is you who is a hypocrite. You who have fallen to fate's trap once more. Fate is an all powerful force. We cannot fight it. It is our destiny, no, it is our duty, to overthrow our parents and to continue the cycle that fate has deemedupon the Dodekatheon. We are merely players on a stage of the fates' designs." she cries out. "I willnot here of your sycophantic pleas to save the Dodekatheon. We will rise to our rightful place as the new gods and goddesses of Olympus." she says fistpumpingin the air.

As she proclaims this, her own band cheers merrily and it seems even Xanatos is stunned at those words.

"Joshua Xanatos, son of Zeus. You have heard that the fates proclaim that only a son of Zeus will over throw him. I say that you will be that child. I have seen it myself where you will lead the new Dodekatheon to new glory." Her words are filled with honeyed lies, has she really seen the future. Or is she just an amazing charmer trying to seduce yet more Scions to her.

"How many more of us need to die in this war? How many more of us will fall trying toplease our parents? I say no more! No more of us shall die!"

Jason listens to speechifying unhappily, his expression well showing that he does not much like being dismissed. Nor does he like being talked back to by Xanatos, or the scary looking red head praising Xanatos. It is just not a good day to be Jason. The air around him trembles for a moment, Divine Threnody taking shape and form to project his voice far and wide, "Boeingrockyginsugooglemaps! If you are on this battlefield I could use you!" Call for friendly aid completed he strides forward and jabs his finger in Xanatos' direction, "Oh I think you can see she and I are not on the same side. I don't think she's too likely to listen to reason right now. You see those things she holds in her hands? Pandora boxes. They can hold a God. They can hold a Titan. While she's holding something like that she's got way too big a gun to listen to reason. So.. Son of Zeus.. how good are you with those things? Think you can outshoot me and take more of those out of her hands than I can?"

A long hard look towards the Ares daughter after that, "And you. Once you see your "new leader of the Dodekatheon" humbled before the forces you just made a speech for. You and me? We'

Jason listens to speechifying unhappily, his expression well showing that he does not much like being dismissed. Nor does he like being talked back to by Xanatos, or the scary looking red head praising Xanatos. It is just not a good day to be Jason. The air around him trembles for a moment, Divine Threnody taking shape and form to project his voice far and wide, "Boeingrockyginsugooglemaps! If you are on this battlefield I could use you!" Call for friendly aid completed he strides forward and jabs his finger in Xanatos' direction, "Oh I think you can see she and I are not on the same side. I don't think she's too likely to listen to reason right now. You see those things she holds in her hands? Pandora boxes. They can hold a God. They can hold a Titan. While she's holding something like that she's got way too big a gun to listen to reason. So.. Son of Zeus.. how good are you with those things? Think you can outshoot me and take more of those out of her hands than I can?"

A long hard look towards the Ares daughter after that, "And you. Once you see your "new leader of the Dodekatheon" humbled before the forces you just made a speech for. You and me? We're going to chat. We've things to do and you're wasting time."

Jason's voice booms into the winds. Who knows if the other griffon is nearby to hear it? It's quite possible? Or then maybe again, he's not anywhere in range to even hearing the booming voice of his companion. Poor Boeingrockyginsugooglemaps.

If Xanatos is anything, it's competitive. Another trait about Xanatos, he doesn't like playing second fiddle, especially to a woman. A predatory grin curls onto his lips as his own mind starts racing, the gears turning in his head. Now he wants the boxes of Pandora. It truly is a vicious cycle here. Scion v Scion v Scion all with different agendas. Even Xenia's honeyed words can't keep her sway over him.

"You've got it, Xanthis." he says matter of factly before letting his own voice boom towards the daughter of Ares. Damn, sky is a popular purview around her.

"Daughter of Ares, I will join you!" he says, trying to play tricksy on the young woman. "I will be your champion to overthrow my father." he continues, now lying to the woman as well. He's got epic manipulation too, and can definitely lie with ease.

Xenia is no one's fool. She probably knows what the son of zeus has in mind. A soft chuckle escapes from her lips as she wrinkles her nose towards the both of them, still clutching the various Pandora boxes on her person. She starts to fly. "Then do it. Overthrow your father." she says matter o factly. "Make them so weak that we can contain them." she challenges.

Freaky Olympians and their sky powers. Sky sky everywhere. Still Jason is not one to waste an advantage, however momentary. While Joshua is speechifying he's already starting to move, long strides carrying him around Xenia. A pile of corpses makes a convenient ramp and he is flinging himself off of it, flinging himself through the air in a long arc over her griffon. While her attention is still on Joshua he is making a go for simply lifting one of the boxes off of her, working to take the first by stealth rather than pew pew. This really might have worked better if he actually had his own griffon, of course, but sadly his griffon is off enjoying the sun and shade somewhere else.

Perceptive Xenia is no slouch to sneaking Jasons and her last minute turn as he passes by her is more than ample to keep any of the boxes from his hand. He's prepared for this however, a stone tucked into one pocket from the battlefield below ripples and reforms itself taking on the illusionary guise of a Pandora's box. It gives the appearance Jason got one after all! But not for long, he gives every appearance of the shift of the griffon making it fly from his hand to the ground below. Wide out in the middle of nowhere. Even while this occurs Jason is dropping down to the ground to land in a crouch. Will his decoy work? Should Xenia rush right at the fallen box it will present her back to him, given him open shots at the real boxes she still posses. It seems quite possible it might distract Xanatos as well, in his box greed. Jason though. Jason is focused, crouched and ready and both pistols extended just waiting to see which way things turn out.

Perceptive Xenia is perceptive. There's a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath as she catches Jason trying to sneak towards her.

"You want the box to capture more of your relatives? I know all about it." she whispers, letting out a hearty laugh as she stares towards Xanthis for now. Her voice lowers towhere only he can hear it. "I know about your deal with Amnis. Wanting to steal the powers of your sister who has become an avatar of a Titan. Naughty naughty boy. Do the rest of the Dodekatheon know about your treachery in dealing with one of their most ancient enemies?" she asks curiously before she starts to duck and weave away from him. The illusion is unnoticed since she's singularly focusing on Jason for now.

She then shouts once more.

"Nyx! Darkness! I call upon your power to aid me and mine. It is you who revealed to me the truth of our parents ennui. Their own self destructive urges making them not fight against the Titans. Bring me your power and lend me your aid so that we may crush Olympus here and now so things can begin anew!" she cries out.

Suddenly, the sky starts to rip. There's a bit of a spatial anomaly that happens as a swirling vortex starts to form. From that vortex comes out a hand. It's a big ass hand. Bigger than even the ones from the Gigantes that Jason saw before. It seems that there are more pressing problems right now than the boxes. There's something big, and I mean ridonkulously big that's coming out as the hand itself is already the size of nthe palace of Olympus. Just what has Xenia made a contract with?

Jason gives Xenia an unhappy sort of look as she goes all chatty about his secrets. Those are secret damn it! "Oh you do know all sorts of things don't you? Got your own pet Seer tucked away somewhere? I don't know what the Dodeaktheon knows but…" Whatever else he has to say is cut off as she goes speechifying once more and calls into being something really really big. After that hand pokes it's way through he is shouting out to her, "You're calling /ME/ out for dealing with dangerous and unpredictable powers? I don't know what you're playing at but this is not the sort of thing you can just put back away when you're done with it."

Stealing more boxes is sidelined for the moment, Jason instead rising from his crouch to cause the battlefield in a blur of speed. His guns are out but he is not firing, not yet, a twist and leap carrying him to rest atop the thumb of the giant hand and then he is rushing forward once again following the arm to where it connects with the rift. His senses scopping out what is on the other side, his legs prepared to leap through if necessary.

There are things that she knows. She is a woman of many mysteries and it is possible that she perhaps is in contact with stranger and even darker powers. Or maybe she's just got the connections. There's a hearty laugh at his words as the hand continues to slowly move out from the dimensional rift. Something has ripped through the defenses of Olympus and it's even destroyed some of Ouranos' attackers in the process!

The Dodekatheon themselves come out of the palace. Zeus is particularly awestruck. Hera, with all her ice queen glory, shows a bit of emotion. Something she rarely does, and if Jason looks her way, it's fear. What is this creature to where even the gods themselves would fear it.

A young woman comes stumbling out of the palace. Her eyes are completely white as she screams in pain. She leans against Hera and trembles. "Mother! It's him. The end is near." she whispers barely above a whisper.

Who is this man the young Sibyl is talking about? Jason's about to find out. As he starts running as fast as he can up the war, he scitters and scatters. Not much of the arm is coming out. It's the hand still, so when he actually gets past the wrist he'll find himself in a strange strange place.

The creature he's standing on his large. Large doesn't really adequately describe the humanoid creature he's standing on. Jason is literally the size of an ant on this humanoid creature. The man is a very very large looking monk. He's dressed in the robes similar to that of the Atlanteans mixed with a bit of Greek influence. The robes flow and he doesn't even yet notice that there's an ant-sized Jason in his hand. Unless he bites or something to get the attention.

Now where is this man? Jason can see only part of the realm as what it is. It's green. Very green. There's a large savannah that spreads out for miles and miles. Various creatures both familiar and unfamiliar lazily relax in the fields and graze on the grass. The creatures are also very large. They make even Nemeans seem small. Perhaps this is where that Dunkelsaurus from the Drowned Road came form?

It looks a lot like Terra, really, being so very green and so very pretty. Jason wobbles, remaining uncertain upon the wrist of the creature for a moment while he casts his gaze up and around. This fight is not going to be won with violence, at least not any violence that Jason can bring to bear. The monk is simply far too large, far too potent for a few shards of fire encased metal to do much at all. On a physical level this is a struggle for Avatar forms, or so it seems, something Jason does not have at his disposal. So instead of trying he turns his attention to the rift itself, that tear between here and there as his GPS comes out of a pocket so that he can quickly review the screen. Tapping at the keys for information. If he can't take down this behemoth, perhaps he can at least close the door it is trying to make use of.

Sure he's tapping away at his GPS. The screen starts showing various possibilities of being able to close the rip in Olympus' opening. It seems that one of the obvious choices is an object that Xenia possesses. The GPA indicates to her as one means afterall. Then, there's another blip on the GPS scren. It's him. There's something on him that would be able to close the rift, but the answer is what?

Before giving him a chance to really think about it, there's two figures that suddenly appear before him. There's a little boy, maybe around eight or nine years of age. He's dressed rather formally for someone his age. There's a pair of shorts, khakis of course and a button down collared shirt. He looks as if he attends one of New York's elite private schools for children.

Holding his hand is a young blonde. Her features are similar to his, but she's wearing something frilly. It's a dress, very cute, though she does have an emo-goth feel about her as it contrasts to her porcelain pale skin.

"Daddy's awake now." they tell Jason, peering towards him rather curiously. If he did meet them before in the Dark Hour he'd recognize them for sure. It's Mary and her brother!

Meanwhile, back down on Olympus, there is wide spread panic. Zeus actually clutches onto his wife and mutters softly. "I'm sorry." as he holds her close and warm. To the Dodekatheon, this is their twilight.

What indeed? Jason has far too many relics tucked around his person. He has an orb which can open a doorway to Terra, which this might be, certainly the attack on Olympus has some connection with Terra given Xenia's griffon. Most of his other possessions are staid, reliable, useful enough but nothing that those Gods in Olympus could not already have to seal the rift. A surprised look goes to the children as they appear and he tells then, "I've not seen either of you in awhile. You're looking better than last time, when they were trying to harvest your power to do.. something."

Back to matters at hand, the rift and the truly ENORMOUS giant now trying to claw through it. Jason has only one possession matching such legend and he tears the Golden Fleece from his shoulders to hold it up to the rift, "In invoking the name of Nyx this gateway was opened but now I stand on the other side! I hold aloft the Golden Fleece of legend, and I call upon it to release it's power to seal what has been opened! I call upon the light of the sun! I call upon the myths and stories! Power of the golden haired Ram! Ignite!"

"Daddy is cranky. He is annoyed with the ennui of Olympus. See you soon."

Don't you hate cryptic children? Especially cute creepy children. They have that efect on people, always appearing at the strangest circumstances beore they disappear in a rift of darkness. Where did they go? Who knows? At least Jason is figuring out what to do.

At his invocation, the gleece draped over his shoulders start to glow. It's a glow that is brighter than the sun, if not brighter than an avatar of The Glory as well. It pains Jason to even look at the fleece of legend as the light it emits starts to pull at the rift that has been torn through Olympus. In Olympus' darkest hour, there will be the light from the fleece. No wonder it is so treasured and coveted.

Still that means that he might be stuck on one side. ScurryJason! Scurry back towards the fingers because the portal is closing fast!

Right! Jason is still damned curious where he is, GPS dutifully recording all the local information it can gather. The Scion of Aphrodite is not so curious, however, that he is going to try to remain here and deal with a soon to be very pissed off giant. Charging back the way he came across the long expanse of wrist, arm coming up to cover his eyes from the blinding glow of the fleece he flings himself once more towards the rift. Trying to get to the other side before things go all chop chop close close. "See you soon!" He calls out towards where the creepy little children vanished to.

And scurry he does. The golden fleece continues to glow, draped over his shoulders untilhe reaches the other side. It's then that it floats in the air and continues to close the rift, the hand being too slow to pull back. Suddenly, there's a bright explosion of a brilliant color as all that's left on this side of the rift is a giant bloody stump of a hand that's starting to crash straight towards the palace of Zeus.

And Jason is riding it. The golden fleece has lost some of it's color, now being more of a pale yellow than golden. But he's falling fast! People are scurrying about when suddenly and abruptly, the true power of the Gods is scene. In full Avatar mode, Zeus becomes ginormous and catches the hand with his SENTINEL like might. He raises the hand, his arms flexing from the sheer weight before he tells Jason. "Quickly, jump off."

With the disaster averted, Apollo starts to rise up in the air. His body taking the form of the THE GLORY itself as he starts to burn the hand that once was connected to a Titan. All tnhis time, everyone just sees WHITE, their eyes burned by the glory that is Apollo.

Several minutes later, all is normal once more. It seems Xenia and her attackers are gone. What happened to them? The gods are gathered below cheering. For now it seems Jason nhas saved the day, much to Xanatos' consternation.

Jason is surfing on the hand, sort of, working to keep his balance even while it falls falls falls towards the Palace below. Then the family is showing their full and awe inspiring power and Zeus is catching it out of the air and telling him to jump free, there is no, rawring and argument this time as he dives off to safety. Awhile later, blinded, dazed and wearing the xyOff Yellow Fleece Jason makes his way into the crowd below. He makes his way through them, eyes alert for Hera and her daughter. When it's answers you want you go to a seer, and Jason really, REALLY wants him some answers.

The gathered gods,and even their scions breath a breath of relief. Xanatos still looks annoyed and angry as he glares at Jason. Now he's the hero. That does not bode well for he and his crew as he just crosses his arms over his muscular chest.

The Sibyl's eyes are still completely white. She clings on tihtly to her mother, her frail oddly weak for a demigoddess of her stature. Perhaps all her power is into prophecy and nothing more as she continues to tremble.

"He will come again. The light of the fleece can only stop him briefly." she speaks softly while Hera clings onto her daughter reassuringly. She then looks towards Jason expectantly. "You did well." her tone clipped and short, but she seems pleased. Especially since Xanatos is mad.

Showing up the bastard son of Zeus. It's what Jason is good at, it's also something Hera likes so there is happines all around. Pausing near Sibyl and Hera he says, "Even the Gigantes are not so large, he might have lost his hand but I doubt the wound will have killed him. He was dressed strangely, in the attire of a monk, and he had some connection to the Atlanteans." A look goes to Sibyl, "You were expecting him? Perhaps all of you were? I have the feeling that there are a great many things I should know that I don't. That there is a lot of history here which has gone unspoken. I would know these truths. Who? What? Was that?"

"The Flame of the Heavens has awakened. Beauty will conspire with him and will empower the Flame-haired Fiery Hunter. The Moon will wear the Tiara of Dreams and Illusions. The Trickster works with the Fangs of Devastation and the Interpreter of Condolences will arise. Woe be to the Dodekatheon, the Aesir and the Amatsukami. The bell rings and the twilight of the gods is at hand."

The Sybil speaks in clear and crisp tones, most definitely somewhere else. Is she answering his question who knows? But shortly there after she passes out in her mother's arms.

Hera winces a bit, chewing on her bottom lip as she motions for Apollo to carry her daughter. They are lovers afterall. Creepy and incestuous huh.

"We will talk, but inside." she says firmly and resolutely.

Jason listens to Sybil talk, listening and making note of what she says as best he can. "I can make sense of a little of that, but not nearly so much as I would like." A hand reaches up to massage at his eyes, "At least I got a glimpse of the perfect sort of spot for a new Tartarus, wide and specious, although sadly occupied by a giant." He goes silent then until Sybil is cleared free, moving to Hera's side and motioning for her to guide the way within, following as she does so. "Inside then. Does she.. speak of such things often?"

"Only recently. She keeps on having visions which are taking their toll on her body. I knewher powers with the sight were strong but I did notknow how it would affect her so. Apollo brought her to my attention." Hera says with a soft sigh as she walks alongside Jason and lets out a soft sigh.

Zeus immediately follows and her peers back at Jason with raised brows. "There is a lot you do not know. It all goes back to the days of Atlantis. He has awakened again it seems if what Sibyl has to say is correct."


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