Ville Au Camp - The Arrival


Jolie, Haldor, Jason, Maia, Rupert, Scott

Scene Title Ville Au Camp - The Arrival
Synopsis After finding out the parents are in trouble, the Power Rangers head to Ville Au Camp to try to find Baron Samedi. On the way, they run into Davy Jones and the Henrietta Marie.

The transportation segment of the trip has fallen upon Jolie. Her father the Baron, like many of the loa, is charged with serving as a gateway between places mundane and mythical. Jolie wasn't too good at it at first, but she soon learned the ways /between/ and how to travel them. The Baron gave her, through his wife Maman Brigitte, an old pocket watch once owned by one of his children, one Louis Beauchamp, a mortician.

Jolie holds the watch in her hand, rubbing a bit of rum onto the cover (and taking a swig herself). She's a touch nervous, but smiles with bravado. "Ya'll ready to go?" She winks at her friends and bandmates, then closes her eyes and focuses on the veve marked on the watch. As the living room of the condo has served as a gateway to Ville Au Camp before, it shouldn't be impossible to get there from here again, should it? Slowly, Jolie chants the names of the loa, more of a song. Then she shouts, "Papa Legba, show us the way. Baron, Daddy, I know I can't talk to you, but I know you're out there in spirit. Please, open the way to the Ville Au Camp so that we can find out what is going on." She pours a little more rum on the ground, to feed and appease the loa.

Ahhh, the touchstone to Ville Au Camp. The words from Maman Birgitte resonate in Jolie's head, remembering the words. The Dark hours areconnected. Hashima, Port Au Prince, New York City, Cairo..they are all currently connected through the Dark Hour. The castle is the way, it's just the matter of finding the right pathway and the right nhall way to go from one place instnatly to another. Of course, she would know it's there…

Jason is simply standing back and leaning against one wall, arms crossed over his chest as he watches Jolie do her thing. Work traveling, it's not exactly an area of expertise for the Scion of Aphrodite.

And there's Maia dressed in a pair of snug fitting jeans and a cute little black t-shirt with Badtz Maru flicking off whoever is looking at her. Yay for the spunky Sanrio! She hrmms and carries a few things in a duffel bag as she chews on her bottomlip, just waiting to hear what they have to do.

And when no mojo takes place, Jolie pauses. Blinks. Then goes, "Oh, I am so fucking stupid." Hardly the words of the divine, or the semidivine. "Guys, we need to go to Times Square. The Dark Hour. It's all connected. Once we get /there/ I should be able to find the right pathway."

"Well then" Jason says brightly, peeling off the wall to head towards the door. "Let's go then. I may not be much at getting to other worlds but I have no problems at all in getting to Times Square."
Long distance to Jason: Maia awwws andnuzzles.

"Sounds good..though if it means we're getting to Ville Au Camp via Dark Hour, then perhaps we can access the other overworlds through it as well. That's a good thing to note.." Maia says as she wrinkles her nose and motions for Jason to lead the way. "We using your car then?" And woosh, they're off to the Dark Hour!

The black inky darkness of the Dark Hour surrounds themonce more. It's almost as if things knew they were coming as the door of the castle inside lead in several different directions. There'sa pulling for Jolie to go through the left. The hallway stretches for quite some time, and eventually, the sigil of the Loa appears on the door itself..all it takes is for Jolie to do her thing to open it. But that begs the do you open it?

"Thanks for the ride, Jason," Jolie says as she steps out of the car and into the darkness. She's got her bat and her watch. Her gris gris is around her neck. She's still wearing that black tight outfit that Jason thinks is so Atlantean. And she follows that pull to the left until she reaches the door. "Dayum. Lemme think."

Jason's car does provide one heck of an easy ride through the New York streets, the abilities built into it allowing a weaving flow through the traffic and a perfect timing at lights that makes the trip one of minutes instead of an hour. "My pleasure" he says to Jolie after getting out himself and following into the tower itself, peering at the door and he volunteers, "Could always just kick it open."

And the door glows just a little, the sigil of the Loa showing up. A bowl to the side and a dagger evident in front of the door. Hrmmm, what should Jolie do with that?

Maiawrinkles her nose as she continues to just watch, sighing softly as she takes a deep breath and takes in a deep breath. It's dark in the hall way, and she's tense because of it. No one else knows that she's scared of the dark afterall.

Quiet so far, Scott Cornwall, Demigod Scion of Thoth, has been hanging back as the others lead the way through. The hood on his black sweatshirt iss down, the chain to his monocle dangling down from where it's nestled over his right eye, carrying the black shepherd's crook as a staff. He purses his lips as he sees the bowl and dagger, but keeps his trap shut so far.

Jolie walks over to the bowl. "I get it. This calls for more than just askin to get in." She picks up the knife. "This is callin for a sacrifice. For blood. And since we don't have a rooster or a pig here…" She puts one wrist over the bowl and swiftly, she slices it open with the knife, emitting a little grunt of pain. The ichor-tainted blood (or blood tainted ichor) drips into the bowl.

Jason just stands back watching. Blood sacrifice! Not his scene either.

The door starts to open slowly and soon, they can see the island of Haiti off in the distance. It's not really the island of Haiti, but it's Haiti version of Ville Au Camp where Baron Samedi resides. Normally, there should be just a beach right away, but today, something is different.

Waters rush out as the water starts pouring out, the waves starting to start to flood the hall way. Perhaps it'll overwhelm them. Who knows. But they have to think fast or else they might drown…

Maia's eyes widen as she gasps and looks around to hang on for something for dear life. The water continues to moveup and it's already half way up her body, and she's the shortest one. Her eyes widen. "Guys! I hope you guys can hold your breaths.." And one has water immunity. :/

As he walks in with the others, Scott takes a mental picture of what Ville Au Camp looks like, but he rises to the balls of his feet as the waters start rushing in to begin to engulf them. "Jolie?" he asks. "Is this standard? If not, I might have a way."

"This is unplanned for" Jason says grimly as he takes a step back from that pesky bowl of blood sacrificing. Reaching into his jacket he pulls forth one of the pistols contained with in, thumb trailing along one of the glyphs on the hilt before aiming it ceiling wards and pulling the trigger. Shell shoots out, rippling blue before cascading down into a spherical fashion around the group. Testing to see if Unseen Shield actually happens to be watertight under unanticipated conditions.

Jolie stares as Ville Au Camp is revealed as being water laden. She looks over at Scott. "No, this ain't standard." She takes a step back. "And I just got my hair done."

The water continues to flood the room, but fortunately, all the Scions get inside the little protective bubble. And that's good for the rest of the hall way fills up to the ceiling, though the hallway gets closed off. They cant flood the rest of the Dark Hour afterall.

Maia wrinkles her nose as they're now in watery darkness. It's eerie really, and that's something the child of the sun goddess doesnt like at all. It's dark and it's creepily dark. Andquiet, almost too quiet. She stares around for a few moments, knowing there's only a limited bit of air in there.

" do we move this? We're…kinda stuck in this bubble…but yaknow..moving it..we gotta get to land.."

Adjusting his monocle for a moment, Scott perks up. "So, I think I can…" And that's about the time the air bubble closes around them. "Well…" He perks up, and flashes a quick smile. "Wait, wait," he says, feeling the inside of the bubble, to test its traction. "I saw this in that movie," he says, and starts taking short jog forward, to see if the bubble with them inside it moves. "Come on, come on…" If it does, the heiroglyphs in gold thread on the sides of his new black sneakers start to glow, and he'll pour on the speed.

Jason looks towards Scott even as he tucks the gun back in his pocket, bubble having done it's job. "I think he's got the right idea. It's all spherical. I think we should be able to actually move it along like hamsters in one of those little spheres. We'll look a bit silly but it's better by far than nothing." And with that he joins in the jog, working to help push the thing forward.

Haldor, obligingly, starts running. For a change, he starts out slow - presumably so that everyone can get up to speed - and quickly picks up speed as he run-run-run-run-run-runs in place. As usual, Haldor is probably rapidly approaching ludicrous levels of speed.

The running definitely catches her off guard. She trips and makes one full revolution before jumping up to start running with them. Maia looks towards Haldor, feeling a little bit better that he's here, as he's the only one who knows she freaks out in the dark.

As the protective forcebubble starts to move, it goes up and up. THere's hufing and puffing as she hrmms for a few moments as she chews on her bottom lip as she looks around and hops up onto his back. With this many people and limited air supply and lots of physical exertion…oxygen starts running

"Haldor…think you can stick your hand out of the shield…we need air. Hydrolysis of water into oxygen..we need sparks.." she whispers softly.

"Gotts be quick," Scott thinks, his brain trying to flip through ideas as he's running, trying to estimate how much air they have left. The sneakers glow a little brighter as he picks up the ichor-infused speed. "Faster faster faster…"

Haldor curiously turns his head to look at Maia. She just used a whole lot of words with which he is only familiar because he has had a high school education. For some reason, which he cannot really articulate, 'hydrolysis' sticks out in his mind as requiring electricity.

"I… Could stick my hand out of the shield, sure. I don't know how that's gonna produce any juice though," he replies quietly, looking puzzled still. Not that any of his befuddlement has slowed his bloody ridiculous speedy feet.

Jolie looks up to make sure the Holy Hamster Ball is moving in the right direction and picks up speed as the others do as well.

Jason just keeps moving along with the others, not quite wanting to go flopping down on his buttocks as things continue. Looking around to the others as best he can he inquires, "So do we actually have any specific destination in mind apart from.. forward?"

Jolie would know this is all wrong. The Drowned Road is normally always separate from Ville Au Camp. Yes, they are connected to each other, but one usually does not have to go through one to get to the other. Something is definitely wrong.

Maia squeezes Haldor tightly as she continues to bury her face against his back, not really wanting to see that she's in the dark. She whispers softly, "It should work..water can besplit into hydrogen and oxygen..hopefully we don't blow up.." explains as the darkness of the water continues to surround them.

Even though they're safely protected from the crushing depths of the Drowned Road, the others can see something moving in the darkness. There's strange sounds, and something is coming closer. SOmething's swimming in the darkness of the waters and it's definitely watching the yummy looking ball of Scions.

"If anyone has another idea, don't hesistate," Scott adds, his legs moving like a blur. "If that's Ursula I am so going home, singing or no."

"Yeah, Jason, I know where we're goin," says Jolie as she runs. "We're supposed to be headed for Ville Au Camp, which is where my daddy should be. This is the Underworld of the Loa. But…" She frowns. "This ain't right. We're goin through the Drowned Road to get to it, but we shouldn't have to do that. It's like Hurricane Katrina came to the afterlife or somethin." She glances over at the something watching them. "I'm with you, Scott."

Haldor is squeezed from behind. The Viking is less concerned about what is approaching them rapidly than with not kicking Maia's legs off every time he takes a giant running step "in place" and with trying to figure out how her plan is supposed to work without electricity.

With a quiet sigh and shrug, the Viking strays across the interior of the sphere of energy. Haldor avoids taking a giant breath and instead just plunges his hand through the side of the quasi-tangible orb and into the dark, crushing water pressure on the other side. The Viking ignores the freezing cold easily enough, doing his best to stay focused on running.

Jason narrows his eyes outside the sphere and offers, a bit unnecessarily, "I think we've got company. Uh.. just what kind of things live on this Drowned Road of yours? Trout? Bass? Cute little Koi?"
Long distance to Haldor: Maia nibblenibbles.

During the late Devonian period (from about 360 to 415 million years ago), the dunkleosteus was perhaps the World’s most dangerous predator. Armor-plated and stretching up to 30 feet in length, the dunkleosteus was carnivorous. In place of teeth, the fish had two pairs of razor-sharp plates that formed a beak that could tear flesh and crush bones with ease. In the World, dunkleosteus vanished during the Late Devonian Extinction. In the Overworld, nothing is lost forever.

In the black depths of the Drowned Road, great schools of these vicious predators still swim. Many of them are scared with deep bite marks cutting into their armor—when prey is elusive, the fish turn on each other in a cannibalistic fury. Few things in the Drowned Road can prey on a dunkleosteus other than one of its kin… or a larger relative. In addition to the great schools of these predators, Cipactli and Mami Wata have both given their blessings to certain exceptional specimens. More than two dozen nemean dunkleostei roam the waters of the Drowned Road, each more than 150 feet long and each with an armored hide tougher than Sherman tank. Even more frightening, one of these beasts is a typhonian. The ancient myths of Sumeria and of the Talmud call him Leviathan, and stretching more than 500 feet in length, the name suits him.

Of course, of all the people who would know that, Scott would be the one to identify the shadow. It's not just one that's surrounding them, but there's multiple. As they continue to travel through the depths of the drowned road, blood splatters and goes into the little protective bubble, as it's not water afterall. One of them was about to swallow them, but something bigger ripped it in half. There's a screamof pain from the creature before something moves them and starts shaking the little bubble once more.

Maia's eyes widen feeling everything quake. She squeaks a little. The dark isnt helping afterall, and she buries her face into Haldor's back once more, squeezing him the entire time.. The dark is freaking out the demigoddess of the sun. Not surprising there.

"Actually…," Scott's given the straight line, so to speak. "According to legend, there were multple species of aquatic predators that have had blessings given to them by Mami Wata and Cipactli," he explains, while moving. "They adopted the Dunkleosteus, a large armored predator from the Devonian period, and with their enhancements, Nemian in scope, they can reach about one hundred and fifty feet long and…are…commonly known as the mythical Leviathan." Beat. "They're…outside, aren't they?"

Jolie gets spattered with some of the blood. She listens to Scott's erudite explanation. "So, you're tryin to tell me, what's out there is some kinda Jurassic alligators that got all beefed up on steroids by Mami Wata and Cipactli? Dunkin Donut a sarus?" She goes quiet as the scream rips through the water. Softly, she continues. "They're outside alright. And if we're lucky, they just found somethin better tasting than us. We need to keep movin. Maybe we can out run it. If we stop, we're dead meat."

"They're not going to eat my hand, are they?"

Haldor shoots a guilty, faintly concerned glance at his hand cleaving a line through the water outside of the rolling sphere. And then things start shaking and rumbling. The Viking looks up… Up… UP. Slightly paler for it, Haldor bobs his head.

"Out running sounds like a good plan to me."

"If you are going to lose a hand that is a heck of way to do it" Jason offers unhelpfully to Haldor, "That is not like, having your money out at the drive through window and aiming bad with the car. Snapped off by an ancient fish of myth and legend is a great story." Despite it's likely great ineffectiveness he does draw a pistol from his jacket even while continuing to run.

"All you need to do is just put your finger at the endge of the sphere..and continue to give it the juice.." she says softly, chewing on her bottom lip as Maia continues to squeeze Haldor a bit more as she pulls back on his hand just a bit. She swallows a little nervously as none of them can see the creature yet. "Should I shed my light on the matter..

"What juice? I'm not my Pop, Maia. I can't just sling lightning around like Frigg 'n' Palpatine."

Haldor peers over his shoulder at Maia, squinting a little bit. Perhaps he expects her to know something he doesn't. Even so, the Viking tugs his hand back into the sphere, pressing it against the quasi-tangible interior of the wall.

"We're running out of air," Scott replies, as he's starting to feel dizzy from all the effort. "No choice…" There's a thin sheen of light that flickers across the crystal lens of his gold-rimmed monocle. "Thoth above, below, and beyond," he intones, and there's a slight odd couple of ambient effects. The first is plainly seen by those looking at Scott's monocle, the focus for his magic. The light coalesces, looking as if the lens is getting lines or cracks, but they're actually images; a web of images. Through the monocle Scott eyes the threads of fate surrounding himself, his friends, and the world around then all in a solid pattern. He sees how they are, how they were, and how they will be unless he does something. He sees the possibilities in the threads not yet written, and reaches out with knowledge and will to bend, twist and re-arrange the Threads of Fate.

The other effect is a bass tone, momicking Scott's overlaying his own, as if he's speaking in two voices at once. "Thoth beyond, hear thy child's cry. I give myself to Fate, to bind myself to necessity and that which surrounds us, in free trade to get us safely to our destination. Hear me. Hear thy child. Hear thy child!"

And they are running out of air. And there's a one hundred fifty food Leviathan after their asses. Their cute asses for some of them. Suddenly, the bubble shakes just a bit and there's something wrapping around them before they feel several Gs of force as something is pulling them up..something at a much faster pace than they were traveling, and soon, they are in the air and are pulled onto a ship..the Henrietta Marie.

This corpse of a ship sails out of the dark waters of the Drowned Road without warning. Its wood is black with rot and the tatters that remain of its cotton sails trail behind a mast that leans to one side.

The Henrietta Marie is four times the width and height a vessel of its sort—a slaver—should be, and it has no defined length. Low moans emanate from the slave deck, where thousands of men and women huddle in fear of the slavers swimming the decks above with their whips and pistols. Not all the ship’s inhabitants are human, slaves and slavers equally. Many of them share features with all manner of marine life, and others are species of underwater life in whole rather than just part. A sea serpent inhabits part of the long cargo hold, slipping out from a gaping hole in the hull to snack on slaves or passing nemeans at its whim.

Always eager for a sale or to acquire new merchandise, the Captain has scooped out heroes out of the water and onto the ship. THe Captain is a ginormous squid afterall and stares towards them. "'ll make wonderful slaves…"

Jason looks rather flustered at the scary blood splattering fish monster and then all of a sudden. Well. They are on a ship. A slave ship. With a giant squid for a captain, a fact made all the more terrifying by the thought that several of our intrepid heroes really do have asses that are entirely too cute. Fortunately, this is not the Japanese underworld. Clearing his throat he says in his most charming voice, "Nonsense my good fellow. We're customers, not property. Thank you for the quick retrieval however, it's beastly hard to get around these days isn't it?"

Jolie looks over at Scott as his request is apparently heeded. "Way to go, man. Looks like we've been saved." And then they end up on the deck of a slave ship. Oh she is not happy. "From one kinda entree to another," she mutters, getting a grip on her bat as she glares at the captain. And then she hears Jason's attempt to charm the captain and is very close to choking him instead of the bat. "The fuck?"

Haldor starts to say something to Scott, but is cut off as the bubble is jerked upward. Of everyone here, Haldor is probably one of the only ones capable, if not accustomed to, withstanding such absurd levels of G-forces. After all, the Viking not only jumps good, but he can also fly. Plus ridiculous levels of Epic Stamina don't hurt.

The Viking narrows his eyes at the squid regarding them and, more importantly, remarking that they would "make wonderful slaves". He shifts his gaze from the squid to Scott, hissing out a comment, "Next time we need a miraculous rescue, let's not beg Fate for a favor when in turf controlled by a pantheon born out of slavery's darkest days."

For the moment, Jason is spared Haldor's "wit" and chilly glare.

"I'll remember that," Scott says, at the comments of both his bandmates. "However, slightly preferable to not drowning or being eaten by Jaws cubed." He looks at the slave ship and blanches. "Slightly."

Maia was hanging on for dear life. And as such, she squeezed tightly and eventually she lets go as she oomphs a bit as she wrinkles her nose and looks back towards the captain squid. She steps to Haldor's side and reaches for his hand and takes a deepbreath as she lets her fingers entwine with his own. She looks back towards the captain of the slave ship and blinks a little as she looks around and finds a bit of seashell jewelry.

"Actually! We are customers. Not slaves…I'd like to buy that.." she says, pointing towards the various sea shell necklaces. Hey, if you're in an Overworld, might as well have a souvenir, right?

The Captain lets out a hearty laugh as he looks towards Jason and pulls out a young and beautiful woman. Her skin is a perfect sun kissed tan and he pushes her towards Jason. "Ya look like you could use one of these..she's wonderful.." he says with a hearty laugh before one of the tentacles wrap around the seashell necklace. "And I can get that for you beautiful.." Soon, he looks towards Jolie and raises his brows. "And my have slaves already.." Oooooh, burn.

Jason looks over the young and beautiful woman in the appreciative fashion that he cannot help but to look over young and beautiful women, "Oh I'm sure I could, you really do have most excellent taste Captain. I'm also looking looking for a… specialty purchases. While I know you probably don't have anything of the sort in stock, An Atlantean Scholar? From before the fall? You never know what you might have found floating around. I was also bound for Ville Au Camp before those pesky problems down below, do you happen to be heading in that direction?"

Jolie frowns hard, but has enough common sense to not say anything else. Better to be "Jason's slave" than sold off to the Captain. So she decides to be Mr. T to Jason's Face and just stands there looking mean.

Haldor is pretty sure he has no idea what the hell is going on, save that he is this >< close to trying to make kalamari by way of freezer burn instead of fire. The Viking stands his ground, moving with Maia as is necessary while keeping an even eye on everyone.

Given that Haldor seems to be watching everyone at once, this might be a little creepy.

The Captain looks towards the group and lets out a hearty chuckle as he hrmms for a few moments, his tentacles going over his beak for a few moments. "Those are rare, and a true commodity these days. Havent seen one in ages actually.." he says firmly and resolutely before he continues to push the young and beautiful woman. "You sure you don't want her. She's me..I know.." he says before turning his attention over to Maia.

"Mmmm…those seashells huh..they're very rare..but I suppose I could let those go.." he muses for a few moments as he eyes Haldor and then Scott and then their relics. "I'll give it for one of your slaves.."

And that leads Maia to gasp with surprise, she shakes her head and places down the seashell. "" and she looks towards Hal and Scott apologetically. "My slaves are worth more than seashells.." she says matter of factly before looking back towards Jason.

But look! Offin the distance. Perhaps a mile away, there's land ho! Are they going to brave the waters to swim the mile..or…continue to stay on the Henrietta Marie.

"Oh I assure you, I've an interest in the girl as well" Jason says to the Captain with another smile, it would hardly do to /not/ seem to be a buyer after all, everything considered. "Although I'll not be trading one slave for another. A letter of credit? A minor service? Currency from the material world? I'm not sure how you usually handle such transactions Captain, although I am sure we can come to some understanding both being Gentlemen."

Haldor's eyes swivel toward the Captain, narrowing to slits. The Viking's hands both clench into fists, chilly fog tumbling in a steady stream from his right fist to the ground as the icy blue ring on it glows. Slowly the Viking relaxes, taking note of Jolie's nod, the land in the distance, and the fact that, well, this is a goddamned Pirate Ship Level inside of a GODMODE Level.

"We aren't the Mistress' trading slaves, I'm afraid, my good Captain," remarks Haldor with as much of his Epic Charisma as he can manage, "But we are skilled in a variety of areas nonetheless. Perhaps we could offer a few services while you and the Mistress and her friend discuss proper prices for what they seek?"

What in the world is Haldor doing?

Maia looks back towards Haldor, her brows raising for a few moments as she squeezes his hand once more. She's letting him talk and she's just praying that the Captain isnt gay, for she will have to make sushi tonight if that is the case and nhe happens to misinterpret services.

The Captain-squid thing chuckles softly as he looks towards Haldor for a few moments. "Mami Wata and Ran have been taking my best men. Return them and I'll give you anything you want on this ship.." he says matter of factly as that seems to include Jason as well.

Jason eyes the Captain for a moment and says, "A moment please Captain." Then he shifts his attention back to the group he boarded with, quietly saying to them, "I am not inclined to leave things here exactly as we've found them. That girl deserves to be off this ship, as I expect do others. This fellow seems civil, at least. I'm inclined to at least look further into this matter, and to make the deal if it seems appropriate."

Jolie softly replies to Jason, but her tone holds the promise of fury. "They're always civil, man. I'm all for gettin Amistad on his calimari ass. Why don't you ask him why Mami Wata is messin with his business?" She doesn't like dealing with, or making any deals with the Captain. "But we got about a mile to go til the shore. Those dunklesaurs might still want a snack. So, I'm trustin you on this one, Jason."

Haldor twists to join the group huddle. Curiously he arches an eyebrow at the mention of Mami Wata again.

"So. Am I going to get filled in on who Mami Wata and Ran are, exactly? Because that deal doesn't sound too bad at all… Considering the possible ones he could have offered."

"Mami Wata and Ran…Titan Avatars of the Drowned Road. Ran is associated with the Aesir, and Mami Wata with the Loa.." Maia whispers as she looks towards the others, squeezing Haldor's hand once more as she chews on her bottom lip. "Mami Wata is the embodiment of lust..Ran is the embodiment of sex.." she whispers, remembering what she learned in that ginormous brain of hers. Too bad Scott is gone, or he'd know even more. Perhaps Jolie can shed more light on Mami Wata.

She takes a deep breath and hrmms for a few moments before looking towards Jason. "I know you arent for slaves..but.. it's their life style. If you purchase the slave and free them..remember they're here in..whereever we are..are you sure she's even human? Or the rest of these slaves?"

And meanwhile, the Captain just waits…

"No" Jason says firmly to Maia, "But does their humanity matter? And you say it is their lifestyle but.." He jerks his head towards Scott, "He vowed himself bound to this fate to save us. If not for the others here, then keep in mind.. he is now very much now a part of the people here. Things here. Meet this price and those bonds can be transferred to you and your band once more by the force of the agreement. For them? For Him? I think we must do this."

Jolie glares at Maia. More harsh whispers. "Life style my half-divine black ass. They are slaves and slaves should be free, no matter if they are human or not. It's only because we have bigger things to do that I'm lettin Jason work his magic. For that, and for Scott. So just look pretty and let Jason talk his talk."

"We're not abandonning Scott, Maia. I don't know if we can save all of the slaves, not right now at any rate, but we can get Scott back and he can help us figure out a way to save the rest when we're not fighting Titans and Atlanteans for control of the World."

Haldor looks at the others, expectant of a definitive yay or nay.

"I never said to abandon Scott! He's the closest thing I have to a Bee-Eff-Eff.." Maia says slightly defensively as she wrinkles her nose and looks back towards the others. "If you want to purchase the slaves, go ahead Jason, just telling you..things will change. I hope you're ready for it.." she says matter of factly, knowing about the balance of things afterall.

She sighs once more and continues to just squeeze Haldor's hand before looking over towards Scott who's just wandering around. "Jason..I'm deferring to you..whatever you decide, I'll support you.."

Jason gives a fraction nod of his head to Maia and looks back to the Captain, "An intriguing offer Captain, and as you know it is no easy task given the nature of Mami Wata and Ran. If you actually hope to have your men back it will require what assistance you can provide, both in terms of resources and in information. How many of your men do they have, and do you know just where they are being kept?"

"Mami Wata and Ran are huge bitches. Don't fuck them though, even if they're a good lay I'm sure. They have a way of changing people's and women.." the Captain says, definitely not liking the avatars that control the Drowned Road. As to why, who knows? "They took my strongest men though…but I can't help much at all. You see, they'd smite me if I went against them obviously, but you are Scions..even I know that…it's your job to fight the Titans and their spawn.."

Jolie doesn't look like she's paying attention. Her gaze is on the approaching shoreline. But, rest assured, she's listening to every word.

"Understood" Jason says, lips pursing thoughtfully as he says, "Really given what they are it might be a good idea for us men to cut our balls off first. Sort of like stuffing cotton in your ears to not hear a Siren? They could probably be grown back later…" Shaking off that musing he says to the Captain, "I understand Captain. What you could do then is provide us transport as close to their domain as you usually sail. If they reside beneath the waves, we'll also need a means to breathe and withstand the pressure. Neither one of which should.. over complicate matters for you even if we fail."


Maia just stares for a few moments and she whines as she wrinkles her nose and covers Haldor's crotch protectively. She chews on her bottom lip as she whimpers a little at the thought. She looks up towards her beau and wrinkles her nose. She likes his family jewels. They are fun! She takes a deep breath as she squeezes his hand and stares towards Jason.

"None of that is happening. We'll just keep you away from Mami Wata and Ran.." she says speaking nup.

And that's when the Captain just laughs heartily. "You'd make yourself into a eunuch. That is hard core. I suppose for your balls..or lack of it perhaps, I will help you. She's surrounded the Ville Au camp.."
Jason quirks a brow at that pronouncement, looking towards the others before shifting his gaze back to the Captain, "Has she now, no wonder our efforts to travel there wound up with us in a most unexpected locale. For the salvation of my balls then…" A wry look towards Maia, "Your help would be most welcome. We'll see your men freed Captain, disrupt the bitches plans and you can reward as we've agreed."
Long distance to Haldor: Maia licks you and doesnt want Haldor to become a eunuch :/

Haldor facepalms as Maia reacts for him. The Viking still suppresses a shudder at Jason's suggestion. For the moment though, Haldor doesn't offer any words. Rather, he maintains what little dignity in stoicism that he has left.

Yeah. Jolie doesn't say a single word. She doesn't even shudder.

"If I may speak there anything that you have here on this ship that can make us undetectable to Mami Wata and Ran? That would give us an advantage to where we'd have a high chance of success to retrieve your men, and it can be a preemptive reward.."

Maia hrmms as she wrinkles her nose and chews on her bottom lip, not quite sure if there's something like that afterall.

The Captain squid thing grins wryly and chuckles softly. "That..I would have.." he says matter of factly before looking back towards Jason. "And considering he was willing to chop off his family jewels…that shows your dedication. All right…we'll get it for you.." and he claps his tentacles together.

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