Ville Au Camp - Finding Baron Samedi Pt 4 - Haldor



Scene Title The 4th Seal
Synopsis Haldor v Haldor! Epic fight demolishes most of Ville Au camp

Naked white marble? Are you kidding, Jason? That's an artistically poor idea. After all, Haldor is himself bedecked in the golden armor provided him by the Shield of Johanssen. Underneath it is Haldor's standard black hoody, pants, and steel-studded black boots.

Clearly the fitting opponent is a Haldor cast of /BRONZE/ and wearing only the finest armor of dark gray, nearly black granite and gabbro. The Vikings square off, all four eyes masked by a dark, crystalline visor as gold and granite armored humanoids circle one another.

Haldor, personally, finds this more than a little bizarre; particularly the part where his clone is not terribly talkative. It's almost a little insulting that his clone is as quiet a d00d as he is.

Haldor, however, just wants to knock that stupid expression off of the face hidden by a faceguard.

Which Haldor is thinking what is up for debate. Who knows, maybe they're thinking the same thing and the writer for the manga is just lazy.

The rock formation continues until he's glistening. His armor sparkles though he's not a Twilight vampire. But still,it sparkles in the moonlight, the golden sun on his chest beaming brightly for a few moments once the transformation is complete.

Just like Maia vs Maia was probably Haldor (and Jason..and Rupert's) wet dream, this is the onmyouji's wet dream, even though she was loath to admit it. Two hunky Vikings facing off.

But yes, the opponent is just as quiet as the original. No real quips here until it's time to make a terrible pun in which case there will most likely be a pun off as he just stands there and waits, pulling out identical drumsticks which quickly shift into twin labrys. Yes, he can do that. He is Haldor-clone. Phear him.

Two labrys? Two? That's ballsy, even for a guy that looks like he fell out of the junction between Stone Age and Bronze Age. Haldor spins his drumsticks in his hands, sizing up his opponent thoughtfully while they continue circling one another.

"Well, if I bumped into you, then I guess the others bumped into clones too… Which begs the question, if you're a clone of me, why aren't we charging headlong over to the Maia versus Maia fight? Or the Jolie one, if you're feeling evil enough to break Maia's heart?"

Between panels, both drumsticks shift into hook swords. Yeah, hook swords. Very kung fu and, Haldor hopes, very useful in deflecting axes. For the moment, Haldor's feeling experimental. No reason to play favorites with a guy that is supposed to already know your every move.

"Cause I'd rather finish you off first, then show Maia what a real man can do.." the clone quips, snickering softly through the visors as he stares back at the original raise raised red brows.

He chuckles softly under his breath as he contineus to twirl the labrys between his finers. That's pretty hard core, treating the thick shaft of the battle axes like drumsticks themselves, but then again, he is very hardcore as well.

However he's going to wait. He's patient like that and he just stares at his 'twin' wondering who is going to make the first move…

Really, Haldor could probably wait. Actually, he probably would wait if it weren't for one teeny tiny problem. The others are in just as much danger as he is if they've got clones. Haldor continues circling his duplicate until, rather abruptly, he isn't.

One moment, Haldor is there, stepping into the shade cast by one of the buildings in the Ville. The next moment, Haldor isn't there. Instead, Haldor is erupting from the shadow of a bay window behind his granite-armored duplicate. Both hook swords are swinging, twirling around in Haldor's drum-trained hands like twin rotor blades. Go ahead, try and listen, you can actually hear the wind his blades are generating as they cleave through the air.

Twang! Clash! Bang! It's the sound of metal on metal as it is hard to surprise Haldor, whether in clone form or in the real thing. He snickers a little as the twin labrys smash down on the metallic body armor just as the hooked swords clang on his faux Johannsen armor.

The clone's eyes squint just a little as he jumps back, leaving a trail of icy cold mist as he stares back towards the original, snickering the entire time. A coy grin curls onto his lips as he twirls the battle axes in his hands once more as they turn back into drumsticks so he can shove them into his hoodie. It's hard to conceal ginormous battle axes afterall.

He starts skating around the original, eyeing him the entire time, covering the ground in slick ice before starting to skate towards the original with his knuckles glowing with a bit of static electricity. He's aiming for the chest and channeling all his malice and anger towards..himself before trying to break the armor itself! Poor Johanssen!


Haldor's red eyebrows raise behind his visor as he watches his twin building up speed and power. The Viking spins his hook swords around again, inexplicably hooking both together at the ends as he whirls them around at his sides. Rather abruptly his twin is charging through a flurry of nunchakus-like sword action that ends with Haldor spinning his weight on one leg before *SLAM*ming his other foot into the ground and planting himself, hook swords casually swung over his back shoulder.

THE VIKING FIST thunders through the flurry though. Haldor's forward arm swings up and around, Futhark Bracer *CRACK*ing solidly against the granite armored forearm as he knocks the strike aside. Lightning arcs over the whole of Haldor's body, crackling outward from a ball in the palm of Haldor's right hand. With the golden armor acting as a super conductor, much to Johanssen's vocal chagrin, the lightning coruscates over the whole of Haldor's body.

"I. WILL. NOT. FALL. You and your fellow clowns… I'm sorry. Clones. You're not going to win. You don't have the heart to win."

Fog starts billowing from Haldor's right hand as the lightning starts to sustain itself in a corruscating sheet over Haldor's body and armor. Ice starts forming on the ground under Haldor's feet, spreading out as he channels his righteous tenacity and his unyielding faith in his fellow Scions. For the moment, the hook swords are securely hanging around Haldor's neck.

In a flash of motion, the Viking thrusts his weight around and aims to plow his right hand clean through his clone's chest. Kalimon Style, Haldor reflects, wondering if Rupert would be proud or slighted at the technique.

Haldor clone is fast. Unbelievably fast. Just like the others had to figure out a way to get past their ridiculous dodging abilities, so does Haldor as his clone just chuckles softly as he sidesteps in the classic anime style, moving in slow motions as the fist just hits the air instead.

A wry grin curls onto his lips as he stares back towards the original, chuckling the entire time. "You're not fast enough at all.." he says matter of factly as he starts to run and run around the orignial. He knows he has perfect pitch. He also knows it's a pain when there's a loud buzzing that's just off just a little bit.

Add simple mechanics to the equation and speed plus annoying noise will be increased with the Doppler effect as he starts running back and forth letting out a 'EEEEEEEEEEEEE' the entire time that's just flat enough to be annoying, hoping to distract the original into leaving an that he can take advantage of.

"Oh no? Shame that," replies Haldor. It's very mysterious.

Haldor focuses all of his attention into something other than his hearing. Just for the moment. Hey, look, pretty lights in the near-infrared. Look at the pretty lights, Haldor.
In the next moment, Haldor blitzes forward with full force. The Viking whips his hooked hook swords around and off of his neck, gripping them securely in both hands. He launches upward and forward, flipping neatly as he swings the hook swords out toward the shoulders of his screaming, running opponent.

Somehow the Viking stalls his flip in mid-air to slash at his duplicate's arm pits with the swords aiming to hook him under both arms. As the dual slashes ends, Haldor restarts his flip and finishes it. He lands with a crash on booth feet, aiming to /HURL/ his doppleganger across the landscape and probably through at least one building…

Okay. Two buil-

Three bu-

… Literally a lot of buildings.

Dash! Zoom! Wheee! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

The annoying out of tune buzz continues as Haldor misses his clone by..a lot really. He's fast, ridiculously fast as he runs back and forth in the alleyway, the two brick buildings surrounding him the entire time.

Haldor crashes into one of those walls and backflips off of it in a moment of vainity. The Viking whirls in air before dropping back toward the ground again, whipping both of his hook swords out into the space just as his doppleganger moves into range.

Momentum is Haldor's greatest foe sometimes. Haldor plants his feet, digging in as he tries to corral his duplicate and swing him around to *SMASH* solidly into the wall of one of the buildings.

The problem with sending Haldor to kill Haldor is that Haldor knows exactly how to kill Haldor. For instance, momentum is a good way to ruin Haldor's day. Which is to say, when in a pinch and Haldor is being an obnoxious super-speed freak, suddenly start enforcing the Law of Conservation of Motion or whatever other physical laws there might be.

Haldor does this by snagging his doppleganger about the mid-section with his hook swords' hooks and, instead of applying his own force, simply allowing his doppleganger to act upon both of them simultaneously… Even as the gnawing, nagging, sapping cold of Haldor's touch seeps into that granite armor through the raw steel of the hook swords. With his feet planted into the earth solidly, his doppleganger torques Haldor around almost one hundred eighty degrees before Haldor releases his clone from the hooks.

An earthshaking *KABOOM* ripples outward from the point of impact as Haldor's duplicate is forced to come to a complete and utter stop without knowing what happened. The facade on that building partially collapses atop the granite armored duplicate in a shower of masonry and brick. Motes of dust clog the air as bits and pieces of the building continue to slowly rain down on anti-Haldor.

Death and destruction don't have nearly the patience of the High Velocity Battle Tank Haldor, much to Haldor's chagrin. With his foe momentarily staggered and that grating, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" briefly stopped, Haldor must act. And act is precisely what Haldor does. A blur of motion and a disturbed cloud of dust is all the visible sign of Haldor's passing that anyone gets.

The Viking roars his bloody fury as he tries to hook his doppleganger again, this time by the neck and by the waist, as he blazes into the building. Haldor charges into the building, purposefully aiming to plow the duplicate through wall after wall after wall and support column after support column. Ice streams in their wake as the High Vikingocity Battle Tank skates and slaloms through the building with his clone.

And then, at the last moment, to complete the quintet of actions, Haldor suddenly pirouettes and hurtles into the air. The Viking doesn't slam through the first floor though. Instead he launches himself back toward the middle of the building and lands nimbly, only to pirouette again…

Which is when Haldor, armed with terrible momentum and fury, aims to /HURL/ his duplicate through several floors of the building while he beats a hasty retreat from the structure.

There are certain jokes quickly spreading throughout the overworlds, such as how do you defeat demigods? In the case of Haldor, he is not becoming a joke, but a figure on the level of Chuck Norris, for everyone knows only Chuck Norris can kill Chuck Norris. The same addage holds true in this case, only Haldor can kill Haldor.

There's clear surprise on the clone's features as the hook swords wrap around his waist, digging through the broken armor, exposing the rock ahrd flesh underneath. Still, it breaks and pierces through skin, blood seeping from his form as he's thrown like a discus into one of the buildings.

There's a cloud of dust and bricks from the impact, and before he can even react there's the same hook swords, piercing into his neck, causing blood to spurt out and splatter the original as the act of gore and violence continues.

The roar resonates through the city as the clone is slammed into wall after wall, destroying the supports with loud smashes that rumble through the ground. The citizens of Ville Au Camp probably think there's an earthquake, and indeed there are a few running around frantically.

The building is already weak from it's supports being badly damaged and broken, as the battle tank that is the original Haldor finally slams his clone much like he did Wesley a week or so ago. The walls start to crack as a hole goes through several floors until the clone slams into the ground, his body broken and bloody from the severe abuse as the building falls and collapses on the clone as it becomes one with the brick building once more. From ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and brick to brick. It's fitting really, that the clone created from a building becomes one with it in death.

Meanwhile, there's a joke being spread.

"Hey! Knock knock!"

"Who's there?"


"Haldor wh.." and before that person can speak he's punched in the arm and winces as he owws at the hit. "What was that for?"

"Don't you know, just saying his name causes him to punch you. It's not like the tree guy.." And the pair of children laugh.

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