Ville Au Camp Finding Baron Samedi Pt 3 Jason And Maia


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Scene Title The 2nd and 3rd Seals
Synopsis Maia v Maia! Jason v Jason! Epic battles with fanservice for the manga!

Watery Maia looks back at the original, rivulets of water slowly making the transformation into something closer to the texture and consistency of Japanese Schoolgirl flesh in a process that many would no doubt pay good money for. Features scrunch up at the originals question and she says, "Course I am. Just think, if they don't kill each other first we could switch off and each have two Haldor's /at the same time/." Obsessive lusty clone logic. Scary.

Jason meanwhile has his quick actions versus his double prove to be only moderate successful, that wall of force preventing any full manifestation but the hand and gun extending from the wall to deliver a powerful shot that sends ripples of blue energy pulsing through the shield leaving it far weaker than before. Jason responds by whipping the other pistol out. At least trapped in the wall still like his double is, it should not be able to dodge what is coming next. One pistol he aims at the clone's gun, the other takes aim at the hand holding it. To the former he delivers a bullet, to the second a bit of his legend channels about the weapon and a shot of pure fear is delivered instead. Terror in bullet form.

Lusty clone? Maia isnt lusty? Why must her clone be a total slutho. That is not fun atall. The original just looks back towards her watery slutty self as there's a loud smack of her palm upon her forehead as she facepalms, staring back at the wannabe. Perhaps the Amnis connection was pulling on things here, thus making her other self a huge slutho. Who knows? "Puhleeze..I'm not into sharing, even if it means twice the Viking hotness. I'm a one man woman..clone included. The Haldor clone has nothing against the original, I'm sure.." she says mockingly as she reaches into her pockets, pulling out two prayer strips while the diamond magatama on her finger starts to glow, increasing her own health to crazy levels.

Meanwhile, there's the pistol in the hand in the little bubble. However, with the shot breaking through the rest of the shield, a new Jason slips out, though there's a clear difference. With the pistol shot from his hand, the hand was completely shot off as well and there's a scream of pain as he finishes forming from the wall, his left hand just a bleeding stump as he looks towards theoriginal with clear murderous intent in his eyes. The stump soon starts to cauterize as he regrows his hand and soon he pulls out the other pistol as he's hit with fear. There's a blink a little before he shrugs it off and just laughs at the original, rolling nhis eyes once more. "That's the best you can do? You're so fucked.." and he starts running to get a better vantage point…

Clone Maia is totally hot for Clone Haldor, and normal Haldor, and all kinds of Haldors! You can tell. "They're really the same guy" she grumbles, "They totally only count once. But fine! We do this the messy way then. Well, the messy way that isn't nearly as much fun." Her own prayer strips come out, her own ring glows. Maia/Clone Maia both have the same opinion of how to start a fight it seems. The Clone bolsters as well.

Jason meanwhile has had his cleverness only be a partial success, although at least he got his double down to a single gun instead of two. He does a partial leap and turn backwards to land crouched on the balls of his feet, ready to dodge to either side as necessary. "Dude. I was taking it easy on you. If I wanted you dead I'd have put two bullets in your skull. I don't know what those losers that made you were thinking, but if you are at all like me, you know you're better than them." Both pistols extend, one firing towards the clones remaining pistol attempting to disarm him there as well while the other takes aim at a kneecap. Twin bangs. "Come on man. Let's go double team someone not as cool as us."

And the bullet go wide. Real wide. So wide that they don't even hit the Jason who starts moving and lets out a soft chuckle under his breath. "That was pathetic!" Clone Jason mocks the original as he continues to move around as he starts shooting on the ground, a wall of fire starting to form as there's a soft chuckle escaping from his lips, hiding his form as nhe tries to get a better vantage point. He wants the advantage afterall, so that means distractions. Distractions that go boom, with a wall of fire, and all that. Of course, once he's looked at, the classic Jason would know that the clone, for all intents and purposes, is him, down to the relics. His weaknesses are the same weaknesses Jason has himself.

Meanwhile, Maia chuckles softly and wrinkles her nose as she just startsrunning. She hasa plan. A diabolical plan. It's obvious that fighting herself would be crappy. Really crappy. It'd be a whole no one could hit the other for she is just that awesome. But perhaps someone else can defeat her and she starts running, hoping to find Jason so they can do a bait and switch. "They totally arent the same guy. My Haldor has a bigger dick than yours.." she quips, giggilng the entire time.

"Liar" Clone Maia says taunting the original, "You think he can tell us apart? You had him in sight every moment since you've been here? He mention that quick fuck he had with you on the beach and you just thought he was joking?" Ouch. She is probably lying. Almost certainly lying! Or is she?!? Either way it is pretty clear she is trying to goad Maia into a fight even as she goes chasing after her. Too busy with the taunting and the chasing to do much else.

Jason meanwhile does not even try to avoid the flames as they burst into being around him, he's immune to fire after all and surely the flickering flames hide him for a moment. Surely his clone watches for him to come running out. Jason does not, from his crouched position he springs up making use of Holy Bound to fling himself straight out of the top of the flames, body acrobatically twirling through the air in an arc above his double. Upside down Jason aims both pistols, firing akimbo as they shoot downwards at his hopefully unaware duplicate.

Jason lands nimbly from his acrobatic flight, almost at once driving for cover behind a nearby wall and bringing his guns to bear once more. Clearly prepared for the fight to continue awhile longer. The other Jason.. is not doing so well though. The clone wavers back and forth, still standing facing the flames it had called forth and then finally it topples over. The top of the head has been utterly caved in by two bullets impacting it from above, two strangely cavernous holes where once brains and other important Clone Jason bits existed. A grimace and the real model says to the corpse, "Such a pity. I wish you'd taken me up on my offer, we could have done such wonderful things together."

There's a hearty laugh as she chuckles softly under her breath as she's being goaded by her clone. "Puhleeze,'re talking to an onmyoujiin training..I know how five pointed seals work. Whoever removes the seal hasa clone made from's an incredibly advanced technique and if anything, I bet the Mitsurigi placed it here…but damn, I didnt know he was that good.."

The fact that Kamui could do something like disconcerting. It's an incredibly complicated technique as she skids a little, her shoes bringing up a bit of dirt as she looks back towards her clone and snickers softly. "You're nothing but a Dark Onmyouji's attempt at my brilliance…" if he's in the competition..that might be bad, and it's definitely bothering her a bit. "And he comes up with a slut ho caricreature instead.. I don't know whether to pity his attempt or be insulted at his view of me.." she grumps.

"Oh I'm exactly like you in every way" Clone Maia answers, "And bitch.. if you think I am a slut ho it's because you are ho'ing yourself all over town. You're lucky you haven't started humping random fire hydrants yet because they remind you of viking dick." Well, that is kind of flattering to Haldor. Sort of. "But you got me. I haven't fucked your man.. yet. But girl.. when I am done with you and you're nothing but a bad memory he and I are going to go a few rounds. He'll enjoy the upgrade over the worn out skank he's been putting up with."

"Please..I have a lot more class than you.." Maia says as she looks back towards her clone and rolls her eyes. She keeps her composure for now though the instant she's threatened about having her man taken, she sees RED and not Haldor's hair red. It's anger, bull snorting red. She squints her eyes a little and stares back towards her slutty clone that is..NOT Amnis. Gasp!

Oh no she didnt! She concentrates, and pulls out a tengu mask, placing it over her face as she chuckles softly and grins wryly the entire time hiding the predatory grin curling onto her lips and soon she starts rushing towards her clone. Oh yeah, it's going to be a classic catfight, slaps and everything..

Clone Slut Maia scores! With her words at least. That tossed piece of paper coming nowhere close to her and she says, "Thats what I thought bitch! You don't have it, you never had it." Then she is closing in herself. For two people fighting with their head she seems quite content to make a catfight of it herself, simply flinging herself at the original purer model in an effort to grapple her. Wrestling, Japanese schoolgirl style.

And she's grappled! Maia squirms a little, struggling or at least feigning struggling. She groans and squeaks a little, trying to show that she is fully grappled the entire time. It's all part of the plan. Part of the diabolically evil plan. Perhaps she's getting corrupted by Mikaboshi little bit by little bit afterall, for there are devious cunning plans in her head.

" don't know me!" she cries out and grabs her clone's wrists, her palm of her hands right over the veins of the wrist. A wry and predatory grin curls onto her lips as she pulls the palms away from her body before squeezing her hands as thorns start forming from her palms, hoping to inject a very powerful poison into her clone to take her out before the clone realizes what happens…

Oh geez. Lesbian (or perhaps bisexual) Asian school girls? Apparently, Maia ended up on Dark Metal somehow through some terrible time-space continuum rip. She must get back to Scion quickly and she rolls a little, groaning as she tries to break free. "Bitch..backoff!" she cries out, trying to break and scramble free.

Evil Slut Maia may not really be TRYING to fondle original Maia. Still. The sheer nature of shapely schoolgirl flesh playing against shapely schoolgirl flesh while hands rip and tear and scratch away really is going to earn Maia a special issue all her own. Maybe she'll finally pass that bitch Helena. Not much harm actually seems to really be happening to either of them, although clothes are indeed tearing.

This has to be a wet dream, for someone really. Well, probably for most of the male members of the band. There's scratches and clothes being ripped as Maia struggles with her sluttier self as she wrinkles her nose as she chews on her bottom lip as she tries to make eye contact with her clone. No, there isnt going to be some sort of twincestuous thing, but it's all that comes to mind as she stares and tries to show her murderous intent as if she's serious. Hopefully her clone will scramble and run the fuck away giving her an easy shot to take the bitch out..rawr.

Maybe Evil Clone Slut Ho Bisexual Maia does have some of those Bisexual leanings because it really looks like she might be leaning in to steal a close. Forcing herself upon.. herself.. while she has the upper hand in this little fight. Then.. AIEE! "WHAT THE FUCK?!?" She screeches as she quickly works to disentangle herself from.. herself. "Do I look like that? I don't look like that? WORST BEDROOM FACE EVER!" She is looking seriously freaked.

And that's when she gets free, wincing a little as she pulls out an ofuda and just stares at her evil clone self as a wry grin curls to her lips. If this was an anime, she'd definitely nhave her thememusic playing in tnhe background as she closes her eyes and mutters a soft incantations under nher breath as the ofuda starts to become intensely razor sharp to the point of causing her own hand to bleed as she holds it.

"Oh ruler, mask of flesh and blood, all creations of the universe, fluttering of the wings, ye who bears the name of man! Truth and temperance, strike but slightly your claw upon this wall which feigns ignorance of sin!"

The familiar whispers of spirits in the wind heed her command as the ofuda starts to glow with an intense dark blue hue, sharpening to the point of sheer ridiculousness. But then again, Anime..remember! It's anime inspiration! Surely this will end up in another issue of Super Sugoi Awesome New Gods. Maia opens her eyes once more as she stares at her clone, the winds blowing through her hair before she tosses the deadly razor sharp blade of PAPER towards her clone.

"Final Prohibition! Immense Seal of the Mitsurigi! Release!"

The piece of paper flies through the air, the beautifully calligraphied ink starting to glow a dark red. As it lands on the faux Maia's face, a blue circle forms on the ground with a similar five pointed star in the middle as it starts to glow brightly, surrounding the clone in a circle of light.

There's a shriek of pain from the clone as the ties of magic that binds her together starts to get broken as the paper starts to glow brightly with the brilliant light befitting an attack of the daughter of a sungoddess. The paper starts to burn, consumed in the end as the light continues to swirl around the clone, shooting nup in the air before suddenly disappearing, a slosh of water on the ground as the clone is defeated.

The real Maia huffs and puffs as she falls to her knees and gasps a little, most definitely fatigued by the entire fight as there's scratches and bruises over her face. "Told you.. you had nothing on me…" she huffs and puffs as she stares at the puddle of water that was once her clone. "… bitch."

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