Ville Au Camp - Finding Baron Samedi Pt 2 - Rupert



Scene Title Rupert v Rupert
Synopsis The first seal is broken: Rupert v Rupert!

Ripper eyes his silent clone, then shrugs to himself. He dons his Tengu mask and moves with blinding speed towards the doppelganger. As he passes through the shadow of a large tree, he disappears, immediately reappearing from a shadow behind the clone and slashing out with his claws at his back.

Meanwhile the clone Ripper looks as good as the original, and really isn't that saying quite a bit? It is starting to channel all that even while the real Ripper is stepping into shadows, it unleashing in a brilliant burst of near divine beauty and grace just as the original is stepping out from behind him. Stunning him with Compelling Presence even while seeming to know instinctively where the attack is coming from, the clone pirouetting on one food to drive his own claws towards original while opportunity presents itself.

Both figures are moving with frightening grace now, four claws and darkness and shadows so hard to separate there almost seems no difference between them. And yet, there is. Both claws just miss their intended targets, both figures far too graceful to be caught out in such a mundane fashion.

Ripper moves silently, surely, barely slowing down as his opening attack is handily evaded. His pitch black eyes glow with power as he glares with burning hatred at his clone, showing clearly the primordial darkness in his soul. Power flows through up, escaping as he quietly targets the clone with a more subtle attack.

Clone Ripper Meanwhile after that failed assault is taking his own moment to reconsider the effects of physical force. Claws at the ready as he looks towards the original, that oh so talented voice flowing like poisoned honey, "You know you don't want to hurt me. You love me. You love yourself. We are all we've ever really loved, aren't we." Of course, Clone Ripper also manages to look rather put off for a moment. That Primordial darkness shook him a touch.

Ripper pauses for the briefest second, almost taken in by his own hypnotic voice, but he quickly shakes it off. He doesn't reply, preferring to emulate the silence of the shadows he does love. Instead, he drops his mask and stares at his clone, schooling his inhumanly beautiful features into a mask of distant, aloof perfection. Shadows swirl around him as he draws upon his nigh-divine power, investing his manner and bearing with an almost irresistable compelling quality. This battle, so different from those he is used to, is nonetheless one that he is uniquely suited to. A battle of emotional and mental attrition.

Clone Ripper does not seem quite as inspired now for all this sitting around and staring at himself. His advances were scorned after all! There will be retribution! He turns to the tree, long strides carrying him quickly towards it and partly up the trunk before he pushes off and throws himself in a lunge that sends him twirling majestically through the air towards the original, claws extended before him ready to tear him to shreds.

Ripper seems unimpressed by his clone's acrobatics. He turns almost lazily, despite his speed, to keep the clone within eyesight. His lips curl faintly into a small, mysterious smile. "Stalemate," he observes, finally speaking. He doesn't bother to physically attack the clone, having already dismissed that option as the key to this conflict. He looks vaguely thoughtful, his eyes flickering around the forested area for inspiration. "But I am the original, and you? You are a cheap knockoff."

Clone Ripper certainly is not seeming much of a man. While his clawed fury foo is impressive, the originals getting the heck out of the way foo reigns supreme. Again he pivots when all is done to face the original. He's starting to look pissed.

Ripper shakes his head and once more dodges the attack without any apparent effort. "You cannot touch me any more than you touch the night," he intones, before stepping into a shadow and disappearing. He steps out on the other side of the tree that got his attention last time, and turns to dash around it.

With one arm held stiffly perpendicular to his side, he utilizes his blinding speed to run circles around the tree. Around and around, digging a gash deeper and deeper into the trunk with his claws, making up in divine speed what he lacks in divine strength.

Clone Ripper mocks, "But I'm the darkness as well aren't I. You showed me the night that beats within your breast. Now let me show you mine." He stands there, malignant and beautiful. His eyes too channeling the untold horrors of the night, embers of cold darkness and murder to strike terror into any normal soul and perhaps even shake his original.

Rupert grins darkly as the vision of shadows passes over his eyes, but is otherwise unaffected. The shadows are his home, after all. He doesn't stop circling the tree, however, intent on felling it. Around and around, as fast as he is able, he runs. Wood chips fly and sawdust clouds the air, but Ripper never pauses. With divine speed and magic claws, he does what no mortal without an axe and several hours could hope to do.

A tree falls in the forest. Well it doesn't quite do so yet but those claws have finally sheared their way to the very heart of it. Wood chips scatter the surrounding ground, a grisly testament to trees everywhere that Ripper is not to be fucked with. Neither is Clone Ripper either, he bides his time waiting until the original is just in the shadow of the tree as he circles around it, lifting his hands suddenly to shape the shadow to be found there. Forming it into a net set to drop upon the figure below.

Ripper's heightened awareness of potential attacks alerts him as he finishes his last go-round of the tree, but he's not quick enough to escape. The shadowy net falls squarely down on him, interrupting his smooth momentum and sending him stumbling off of his intended path at a high rate of speed. "Fuuuck!" he curses, although he's distantly glad for his fortune at not being beneath the tree he just finished attempting to cut down.

Clone Ripper is looking smug. So very very smug in the way that only a Ripper can after the net lands exactly as desired and the original goes soaring madly through the forest in a tangle of limbs and netting, plowing into a particularly large tree and going still a broken and out of it mess. Claws extended he lets out an evil smile and says to no one but himself, "Let me show you the final darkness, boy." So preoccupied is he, of course, he fails totally to notice the earlier events set in motion. Ignoring that inner warning a moment too long before he suddenly looks upwards and starts to move.. not quite in time. Tree falling and striking him a glancing blow upon the head and trapping his legs beneath it. The forest suddenly still and silent.

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