Ville Au Camp - Finding Baron Samedi Pt 1


Jolie, Maia, Haldor, Jason, Rupert, Scott

Scene Title Ville Au Camp - Finding Baron Samedi Pt 1
Synopsis The ritual to drain the gods of their powers is found.. it ends up leading to the heroes being separated and facing their own clones.

Jason has been true to the word about finding ways to relax and pass the time, currently that means that he's got a bottle of peer close at hand scavenged from somewhere or other and he's lounging back against a tree in a place suitable to watch the ocean. Of course, that view is quite likely a battle ground of some sort but that just serves to make things that much more entertaining.

And there's the chest with the red star on it. Maia has been staring at it all day in her room, trying to figure out a way to open it, but she blarghs and heads out of her and Haldor's little hut, looking rather frustrated. Blargh. She grumps and runs her fingers through her hair as she spies Jason off in the distance. There's still the zombies and various minions of Mami wata being held back by Birgitte. She sighs and takes a deep breath. "Heeeeyy.

Scott approaches, his shepherd's staff being used as a walking stick, the other relic staff the others recovered still strapped to his back with his other gear. "I even," he says. "Have a map from my uncle that can tell me where I am, anywhere. But…I'm still getting lost. It's uncanny." The young demigod sits down on a stone, resting the staff across his knees. "George Romero's Carribean Vacation."

"Hey there" Jason says towards Maia, "You're not looking like you are enjoying your vacation much. Well.. what passes for a vacation around here anyways. Tried the fruit? It's one of the better things from the local markets." Scott earns a nod of greeting.

For his part, Haldor's been doing an awful lot of practicing since getting here. What, exactly, he's practicing is anybody's guess. It certainly doesn't look like swordplay or brawling or anything terribly useful, but nothing is quite what it seems, right?

Practicing? What is Haldor practicing? Maia is most definitely confused as she wrinkles her nose and chews on her bottom lips andnods while shrugging her shoulders. "Let's see, we're surrounded by an evil slut ho with her dead sex toys and I have no idea where Jolie's gone. She's the one who knows this place.." she grumps a litle.

"/Which/ evil slut ho, Maia," Scott asks, then just shakes his head. "Crap, I never thought I'd have a life where I had to be specific about that category." He even has his own stalker back home. "The other one…De La Croix? Sure she can't use more manpower?" He's not bored, per se. At least, he doesn't look it. "Not many books. A lot around here is oral tradition. Fascinating stuff, really."

"I saw her the other day" Jason volunteers, "Ripper popped out of nowhere and claims he mysteriously teleported here from New York. I figure he hit his head or something and has amnesia. I don't know. But she showed up, still not able to find her father. I think she was going to ask around about what was what locally."

Haldor keeps practicing. Every so often there is a decidedly larger than "normal" wave of static electricity that crackles over his body. Whatever he's doing, it's apparently using his divine power… Not much though. Just enough that he can… Something. Maybe he's trying to teach himself a new trick?

Old Haldors can learn new tricks! Maia looks over towards Scott as she hrmms and lets out asoft chuckle under her breath. "That's true..there are multiple evil slut hoes.." she admits ruefully as she chews on her bottom lip and hrmms for a few moments. "And I'm referring to Mami Wata this time..the one who has us surrounded. But this's been gonig on for a while, but I'm sure we can figure out what caused Jolie's dad to scream in her head..I've looked around, and he doesnt seem to be anywhere.."

"Was it just Jolie, or did big daddy Samedi call any and all his kids back. You've mentioned her half-brother in New York, for one." And to Scott it would explain why Brigitte is here. And he admits he's looked at her. "And if I ever say big daddy Samdei again, do not hesistate to smack me upside the head for that kind of disrespect." He considers something else. "I…could try and find him, but he outweighs me being a god. I don't know if it'd be reliable, like I can track others."

Jason sips from his beer and looks over at the others, "I kind of approve of the evil being slut hos. It gives us some common ground with them. Something to bond over. Mind you, none of us actually seem to sleep with them which kind of dilutes the impact but it is still a hopeful sign of amicable solutions to our problems."

Haldor is so engrossed in his static generating practicing some distance from the others that he hasn't even noticed that he is supposed to be posing. As a result, the Viking just continues going through some sort of kata, thrust-punching the air with his left hand every so often.

"Where is Jolie?" Maia muses as she chews on her bottom lip before looking towarsd Scott and nods. "Perhaps trying to find him wouldbe good with your magical mojo, but we need a sympathetic link to him, don't we? The most obvious one I know of is Jolie.." she says matter of factly before rushing off towards Haldor to try to bring him towardsthegroup.

"This is true," Scott replies. Even now, he fiddles into his sweatshirt pocket to get out the monocle he uses to focus his magic. "Though, while I can point us in the right direction, this is Jolie's home turf. Her mission, her call," he adds. "It's not…that bad here. My home turf is a desert. A lot of desert."

Jason finishes off his beer, disposing of the bottle before he says, "No idea whatsoever where she might be right now. Still, she's got to be around here somewhere. I don't think she'd have tried to wander home without us."
Jolie comes out of a building down the road. She's exchanged her modernly skanky outfit for something more piratically skanky. All black with lots of embroidery and lace and scarves and stuff, in black and purple. It's as if she went through the closet of Tia Dalma. She's wearing pants and high boots, though. Her bat is hooked through the belt, the pocket watch hangs from the belt, the gris gris hangs from around her neck. She flips a corner of a scarf out of her face as she approaches the group. "Sup?"

"I would hope she hasn't tried at any rate," remarks Haldor as he is dragged over toward the others. Some static electricity continues to crackle and dance in the towering inferno of red hair atop his head, it might be a little weird… In spite of everyone being demigods. After all, how often do you see thunderstorms in someone's hair whether you're a demigod or a regular mortal?

There's an ack escaping from her lips as she's zapped a little and wrinkles her nose. As she makes contact, her own hair stands on end and blinks a little as Jolie appears. " look like Times Square at Halloween.." Maia quips, letting her fingers entwine with Haldors, starting to get use to the tingle of static electricity. Still it's a weird sight.

"Here we go, Scott..go for it.."

"Oh, crap," Scott says as Jolie walks out. "Look, do what you will, but I don't know where Jack Sparrow is." Which is Scott's attempt at a joke in tough times. As a comedian, he makes a fantastic nerd boy. "Well, we were just talking about looking for the Baron, and I need a sympathetic link, and the link to your divine parent? That will work nicely." He stands up, putting the monocle over his right eye again, as green glowing heiroglyphs scroll across the lens. "Okay, okay…"

Jolie smirks at Maia, especially as her hair stands on end. "Yeah, and /you/ look like Don King. I just decided on a little change. My clothes were gettin funky, and not in the good way." She nods to Scott. "Okay, do what you need to do, Scott. I want to track him down as soon as we can."
Jason looks Jolie over after she appears and beams her a smile, "You did go for a wardrobe change. Nice. Suits the place." He's still in his piratish getup himself, well, piratish with a fine Nemean leather jacket. Because some things the blood washes off just fine.

Haldor tries, rather unsuccessfully to smooth Maia's hair down. In fact, he's only making it worse with all of the static intermittently jumping over his body. The Viking, however, isn't giving up, even after his hand is entangled with Maia's. At this rate, she's going to end up with her hair being as spikey as Haldor's.

Ack! Her hair is still on end, and she wrinklesher nose as she eyes Haldor for a few moments. Still, she finds it amusing as her hair becomes all spikey and giggles impishly while squeezing the Viking's hand once more. ""Yeah, can tease all you like.." Maia says with a dismissive wave, having changed into something more with an island flare, a simple yellow sundress with flip flops.

Meanwhile, as Scott starts looking for for the threads of fate that ties Jolie to her father, it's snapped, remember? But the sympathetic link is still there. In his mind's eye, he can see the prone body of the Baron in a deep dark cave somewhere. He's screaming in pain, his eyes widen open as there's..something that looks to be sucking the ichor out of him while nine figures in hooded cloaks stand around him. That does not bode well.

"Ah, shit," Scott says, as he starts tracking the image. "He's in a cave, and something is draining his divine essense, probably related to the thread-snapping to our divine parents we felt a short time back. There's…nine in hooded cloaks. Very Organization 13. But we need to hurry." He tried to trace the location via the sympathetic link. "Come on, come on…"

Jolie stiffens. "Hurry, Scott! Get that Egyptian GPS movin, man!" She's very anxious now, and ready to roll. Or make heads roll.

Jason glances up from that as he straightens his jacket and inquires, "Didn't the little boy say there were nine incarnations of the Titan of Death now? Well, let us hope that is not their direct manifestations that might be present if they are connected."

For reasons he cannot really articulate, Haldor hums a few bars of Thriller before coughing. The Viking, for the moment, remains the one least moved by Baron Samedi's fate. Of course it's not out of callousness, it's more that Haldor's bottling up any and all emotion for a tremendous deathplosion when the time comes.

Mmmm. Deathsplosions. Maia looks towards Haldor, eyeing him for a few moments as she wrinkles her nose and chews on her bottom lip while squeezing his hand once more as she whispers something softly to him. It's probably something like be more sensitive or something like that. She takes adeep breath and nods, looking towards Scott. "Let's go then!" she says, her other fistpumping in the air.

Fortunately for them, the location leads to a place on the outskirts of Ville Au Camp. The Crossroads really, where they're still in the protective bubble of Maman Birgitte.

Jolie smiles at Scott. "You got that right, my distant cuz. Let's go and rescue my daddy, so we can go and find all ya'lls parents too." She sprinkles gris gris dust on the ground. "Come forth, my brothers. It's time to save the one who rules over you. Come forth and avenge him." When the zombies crawl out of the ground, she sends them before her into the cave.

"We're going to need to work on your jokes, man," quietly remarks Haldor to Scott. The Viking looks to Jolie and smiles a bit, "Let's go kick some ass and take your pop back to his rightful place at home."

Haldor doesn't mention that he and Maia have already been through two Underworlds already. As far as he's concerned, Haldor and Maia are going to help Jolie get Baron Samedi back from… Whatever it is that is draining his life force. There is no ifs, ors, or buts.

Jason simply tags along, hands in his pockets. Comfortably letting the magical and zombie oriented sorts take the lead while he plays tourist observing the scenic surroundings.

There's no need to mention it! But technically, Haldor was the one who was in the underworld. Maia was sort of ya know, in stasis in an Atlantean pod crystal thingie. She hrmms for a few moments as there's a rather large boulder in front of the cave. It's huge really, and there's a marking on it. A piece of paper, but it's black, and it has an upside down star that's totally not a pentagram on it in white. This definitely catches Maia by surprise as she stares at it. "Uh…"
Jolie halts the zombies as Maia gets surprised. "Hold up, wait a minute. Maia? Wazzat?"

"Hey, mates," Ripper's voice states, preceeding an appearance by the rock star himself. He walks out of a nearby shadow. "What's shaking?" He seems to have taken Jason's war stories seriously, as he's clad in full armor and cloak, with his tengu mask hanging from his neck with his skulls. "Got busy explorin'," he mentions before anyone can ask where he's been.

Hearing the zombies crawl out of the ground, Scott sighs. "When we get home I am writing 'I will not ask the zombies to dance' one hundred times on the board. He follows the trail to the cave, looking at the piece of black paper through his monocle. "Oh. Damn. Maia, tell me that's a Osame-Fuda you recognize?" It looks like the Japanese Prayer scrolls used for spells, to him.

Haldor releases Maia's hand when she stops. The Viking sees the black paper and his eyebrows arch significantly while he whispers quietly to himself. A moment later, golden armor is engulfing Haldor's body, emerging from beneath his black hoody.

The "transformation" is completed when Haldor slips on a pair of Aviator sunglasses that promptly become a solid crystalline visor across his eyes, sealing his golden helm's faceplate. A pair of drumsticks drop out of some space between his armored gloves and forearm guards, one guard is golden and the other is his normal bracer, engraved with a pair of Futhark runes.

"Round three," growls Haldor and… Someone. Technically, Haldor's pretty sure not everyone here has been properly introduced to Johanssen, the spirit of Haldor's shield… Currently Haldor's golden armor.

Jason draws up short as well, attention shifting to Rupert at his arrival. "See you got your clothes. From New York? Or did you have them on you somewhere before? Huh. Whatever, it's good to see you. We're peering curiously at a boulder, I'm not really sure why."
Jolie smiles at Ripper, a tad manically, since she's currently herding a group of zombies. "My daddy is in the cave, nine assholes are draining him of his power, and…yeah. Upside down star on the paper. Don't know what it means yet."

"I keep the armor hidden most of the time," Ripper says absently, not elaborating. He turns his attention to where everyone elses seems to be, then shrugs, not really making anything out of it. He glances at Jolie. "Same trick they tried with those kids and the Atlantean ghosts?" His eyes glitter, and he grins wickedly. "Stopped them once. We'll do it again, and I mean to make it permanent this time."

Maia just stares for a few moments as she wrinkles her nose and looks up towards the paper. She sighs and runs her fingers through her hair as she looks over towards her Viking in Shining Armor and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath. Her eyes close for a few moments as she mutters a soft prayer and puts her hands together…

Several minutes pass and her eyes widen once more as she scratches the back of her nhead. "Just as I thought..typical onmyouji spell..and well, it's a powerful one at that. It's a five point seal." she says pointing up towards the piece of paper on the boulder.

"There are four other sheets somewhere..Scott, I have no idea how to find them, but I think you can.."

"And unless I miss my guess, they all have to be removed at the same time. Am I right?" Scott grins at this. "And, as luck would have it, we've got enough. More then, so it might not be Fate's work, since Fate is exacting." He summons his magic again. "Father, I call upon your power and mind to find the link between the seals. They need to br broken to save our distant bretheren. I call upon our power. I call upon our power…"

Jolie is getting antsy. She paces a little in front of her 'troops'. "Maia, that guy with the holy post-it notes is still alive? Or is this someone else?"
Jason simply clasps his hand behind his back and he says to Ripper, "Handy that, for when armor is not exactly fashionable. And.. huh. Japanese magic here? Odd. But uh.. yes.. what do we do about it?"

"I thought I killed the jackass back at Castle Clinton, but he's the only person we've run into that use these Mitsurigi ofuda. So far Fate ain't shown us a second 'dark' onmyouji," growls Haldor by way of explanation to Jason, Rupert, & Scott. It may also be an apology to Jolie.

The Viking is significantly more impatient than Jolie at the moment. Seeing something connected to Kamui has Haldor on edge, perhaps… Worse than on edge. He's pacing impatiently, drumsticks shifting randomly between a variety of weapons in his hands as he watches Scott and Maia work.

"Bingo!" Maia chirps brightly, waggling her brows as she gives Scott a two fingered salute. She wrinkles her nose and chews on her bottom lip as she continues to look around while taking a deep breath as she pats herself down and makes sure she has enough ofuda on her person..and she does. That's a good thing.

Meanwhile, Scott would see the four threads connecting to the main sheet. There's one eight hundred meters to the north east. There's another seven hundred sixty to the west. Another one thousand meters to the north. And there's one…back in the city, a kilometer and a half to the south. It looks like they're going to be needed to be separated. But who goes where and who stays?

Another are they going to take it off all at the same time?

"Good," Scott replies, and tells the others where the other scrolls are. "Okay, good," he adds. "Jolie, how do you want to handle this. We'll need to split up, and you know this place better than any of us. We trust."

Jolie hears the information, then looks to Maia. "Hon, can you still do that telepathy thing? I know you were able to talk in our heads that one time. Haldor and I are the fastest, so we should go to the points that are the furthest out. If you can coordinate us, we can pull the seals all at the same time."

Jason clears his throat and says, "Not that this is exactly my area of expertise. But.. whatever is beyond that boulder is probably scary right. And these seals might be guarded, right? Could we not.. go collect them all, come back, destroy them simultaneously and head on through?"

"Dunno, mate," Ripper says. "Our luck, moving them without breaking the spell will set off even more badness."

Maia hops up until she's on the boulder and tries to rip off the sheet of paper to prove a point. She wrinkles her nose and looks down towards the others. "I can't pull it off, unless someone is pulling them off at the four other locations. And my telepathy is limited to line of sight. I'd need to be at minimum, visualize you to take advantage of it.." she says, pouting a little.

Jason shrugs and says, "Everyone have watches? They synchronize easily."

"Note to self," Ripper mutters. "Invest in some bloody walkie-talkies. Or a flare gun." He looks at Maia. "Wait a tic. You can do that flashy thing, yeah? Think you can do it so everyone can see it?"

Haldor suddenly grins, although his facemask hides it, as Jason speaks.

"If not, I might have an idea. You know if all of these spots have a clear view of the sky, Scott?"

Jolie facepalms. Yes, she literally smacks her face with a palm. "Alla this power talk, and we can just use a damn watch. Yeah, Jason, I've got a watch." Then she looks at the others as the plans become practical.

After being silent for a moment, Scott perks up. "I got it," he says, turning to the band. "We have an extra for a reason. Haldor, can you shoot lightning? Jason, you have any light-making tricks? Anyone? Because if we have a light, we can use that as signal." That's about when Rupert cuts in, and he nods. "Like that. And…wait, I can get you a clear view of the sky. I have that power."

"I just finished learning how to shoot lightning, as a matter of fact," replies Haldor. To demonstrate, the Viking makes a pistol with one hand and points it at the sky. A momenter later a mid-sized bolt of blue-white lightning *KRACK*s from his index finger and into the sky. "Which is exactly what I was thinking, Scott."

Jason looks between the others and he lifts a shoulder, "If you think we can see that from a distance. Great. One way to do about it and we don't have to program our watches. Sounds like a plan."

"Synchronizing watches is difficult cause we don't know when people are together, but if we do use our powers, I can easily make with the flashy flashy…though in all honesty, I think Jolie should stay here..she's ya know..this is her dad.." Maia suggests, wrinkling her nose once more.

"I agree. But the rest of us can get to the prayer scrolls, and Haldor can give us the…very obvious signal." Scott flashes a grin, watching a plan come together. "Let's do this. We're running out of time."

Jolie nods. "Fine. I'll stay here with this one, you guys get goin. When will we know when everyone is in place? And how is the farthest person going to get there in time?"

"I'll go to the one the farthest away. I'm fastest…"

Haldor pauses a moment, considering the other half of the problem. The Viking rubs his armored chin thoughtfully for several moments before coming upon an idea.

"I can transport people to the other places and then, when they're all in the right spots, I'll go to the last one and set off the signal."

"There's six of us. Jolie is at this one, and you need four of us to get the others. No need to double-job, Haldor." Scott purses his lips, looking to the others.

Ripper looks around. "Just point me to my spot. I'm probably next to Haldor in speed. And I can take shortcuts if necessary."

"I'm pretty fast myself. and Jolie should work together.." Maia offers as she wrinkles her nose and looks towards Jason. "And we can handle the other two, right?"
"I'm not that fast" Jason volunteers, "Well. Compared to some. No future god of speed here. So yeah.. if you want to point me at one close I'd be happy to go though."

"Alright… So, Maia you head north-east. Jason, go west, young man. Rip, you head north and I'll go south."

Haldor takes a deep breath after that, glances around, and then looks back at Scott.

"You can track us, right? I'll stay here until the others are in the right spots and then I'll roll south and give the signal. Sound good?"

Jolie beams at Haldor. "That works. Maybe you should drop Maia off at her spot if she's not fast enough, but that all works."

Maia beams brightly as she wrinkles her nose and looks towards Haldor, trying to go on his back, all piggyback like. "I like that idea..think you can do it handsome?" she asks cheerily while giving Jolie a thumbs up. "Remember have to remove the seal the same time we do.."
Jason heads west, as what else is he going to do really. Off on wild adventures along the road! Or something like that. Meandering about in search for his particular piece of paper.

Ripper rises into the air and nods to the rest of the group. "I'm off, then. Good luck, mates." He takes off to the north at a high rate of speed, seeking his own assigned destination.

Haldor sighs, but doesn't argue the point… Even though Maia has a Dash of 29 and Jason has a Dash of 28. The Viking gets Maia into proper piggyback position on his armored back. Johanssen promptly makes several lewd comments before Haldor blurs into motion and *KRACK*s off to the north-east, electricity arcing into the ground in his wake.

There's a little yelp as Maia's finally in position. At her place, it's in a nearby stream. Over at Rupert's it's in a forest. Over with Jason it's on a building. And with Haldor, his is on the side of a rock it's just time for the signal and everyone can release the seal!

After a great deal of careful planning, Haldor returns to the Ville Au Camp and… Finds his seal on a rock formation. That is weird. With a deep breath, Haldor makes a pistol shape with his hand again. Breathe in. Breathe out. Like he practiced.

Power wells up at the tip of Haldor's index finger for a fraction of an instant as Haldor focuses on manipulating his divine heritage. It's a new use… After a fraction of a second though, another bolt of blue-white lightning lances into the sky. This one, however, is enormous and brilliant. Even in the mid-day sun light the brilliance of the bolt is enough that one could see a flash of light from over their shoulder.

It's the roar of thunder that probably makes everyone terribly glad that Haldor is so far away. Even at that distance it doesn't take very long at all for the thunderclap to wash across the landscape and it is loud enough to be jarring.

A golden hand grabs the seal and, with what he hopes is unison with the others, Haldor wrenches the paper seal from the rock formation. The Viking doesn't quite finish swinging through the follow through of that action though. His motion is blocked by something emerging from the earth. Under him the ground rumbles and quakes, tremors rippling as the trap laid for him makes itself known…

In the back of his head, Haldor briefly regrets not playing nearly enough Legend of Zelda in his youth. Surely he would know what to do against an evil clone then.

Yay seal breaking time! Jason does just that in response to the sudden blast of lightning in the sky. Rip rip goes the paper on command, working to tear his part of things apart while presumably all those others in their own little places do the same sort of thing.

Ripper touches down in a forest and looks around. He spots the paper and heads over.



That's the signal, and Ripper grabs the paper, slicing it in three pieces with his bagh-nakh.

Jolie doesn't have to move of course. She watches the skies in anticipation, and when Haldor does his thing, she rips the paper off as quickly as she can. Then she watches the cave, awaiting the return of the rest of the band.

With the signal, Maia picks up the paper from the water with the others. Like everywhere else, something unusual is happening, at least with the four outside spots. Those inside are clever, very clever indeed. They know the capabilities of the band. And they know the band's weakness, just like they know what their weaknesses are. So in the end, what's the perfect enemy for them?

Over where Haldor is, the rock formation starts rising up in the shape of a man. A rather hunky and muscular man at that, but soon it's given form. And the copy is perfect, right down to the relic weapons and the Johanssen body armor, but alas, there's no quippy pervy spirit inside.

Over where Jason is, the brick wall that the seal was connected to starts to form a rather lithe andathletic man. Just like the other formation formed a Haldor clone, this one forms a perfect Jason clone.

In the forest, the seal is on a rather large tree. The tree starts to change shape into that of a man as well. A perfect form of Rippert down to the relic bahg-nakh who just grins wryly towards him.

And back where the young onmyouji is, a female figure forms from the water, rising up much like Venus did as the clone faces the original.

The only one who doesnt have a clone is Jolie and Scott back at the seal. The boulder starts to move by itself as she can see the nine figures around the prone body of her father, dressed in a suit with the white face paint over him. The eight others disappear completely considering they were never truly there. They were just helping with a ritual that is now complete. A hearty laugh escapes from the lips of a young man in the cloak who turns around to face Jolie. An Irish brogue can be heard as he stares back.

"You're a bit too late, lassie.."
"Huh. You're not Mitsurigi Kamui. You are, however, a very good looking fella. I don't suppose you're here to tell me good job and then fade off into the aether from which you were formed?"

Haldor watches his rocky clone with an ominous sort of body language. For the moment he doesn't draw a drumstick nor does lightning arc over his golden armor. Instead the Viking just observes, doing his best to learn everything there is to be learned about this… Clone.

"Well, aren't you a handsome bugger," Ripper says, eyeing his clone skeptically. "I guess this is where we fight, or do you have my keen common sense, too? Cause if you do, you know which side is gonna win, and it ain't the one I'm workin' against."

Jason peers critically at the wall as it starts to look like him, one of the pistols from with his jacket is snagged. A fingertip traces over one of the glyphs to be found on the handle, the gun taking on a blue shimmer for a moment and a shield of force quickly springing into being. Jason does not work to center it directly on him together but rather works to aim the edge so it is precisely against the buildings edge. Working to give that forming alternate him no room to fully manifest.

And that's when Maia stares for a few moments as she looks at the bit of water starting to turn into..well..her. She blinks and wrinkles her nose for a few moments while scratching the back of her head as she lets out a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath while looking back towards her watery clone. "You're so dating the Haldor-clone that's being formed too, arent you?" she says with a wry grin.

Meanwhile, Jason's clone can't fully form. He's being blocked, much to his annoyance. Instead, the fun and a hand forms first, shooting the unseen shield preventing it's formation, but alas, it doesnt break through yet. It's struggling, and well, that's either a good thing or a bad thing depending on the point of view.

Haldor and Rupert's clones are quiet. They just stare back towards the originals with a wry grin curling onto their lips. They're there to serve in keeping them away from the main fight afterall…

Jolie gasps as her father's prone form is revealed. "Daddy…" And then the identity of the cloaked man is also revealed. "You belly crawlin, cowardly excuse for a bokor!" She pulls her bat from her belt, gripping it fiercely. "I'm gonna kill you. That is all." She taps the ground once with a booted foot, then zooms towards Colm like a Fury on speed, a keening shriek of pain and furious anger erupting from her throat.

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