Ville Au Camp Finding Baron Samedi Finale


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Cameos by Haldor, Jason, Rupert, Maia

Scene Title Ville Au Camp Finale
Synopsis The Power Rangers find Baron Samedi, but not in the way they were expecting

Jolie gasps as her father's prone form is revealed. "Daddy…" And then the identity of the cloaked man is also revealed. "You belly crawlin, cowardly excuse for a bokor!" She pulls her bat from her belt, gripping it fiercely. "I'm gonna kill you. That is all." She taps the ground once with a booted foot, then zooms towards Colm like a Fury on speed, a keening shriek of pain and furious anger erupting from her throat.

"You call that magic," Scott says, his voice a bit heavy on the disdain. Still, he beams with pride as he sees Jolie moving forward to bring the smackdown, as he tskes a step away so his back is near the wall. His monocle flashes ebony for a moment, as a short bit of effects happen. One is a similar black glowing aura is around Jolie for a moment as a blue one surrounds Scott's form. Each aura flickers, pulsing in time with the glow on the monocle as Scott incants under his breath. Soon, the colors are a mix of both before the colored auras are the reverse on both bandmates before fading out. "Ha. I'll take the hit."

And there's the rushing of the young mambo against the cloaked figure. There's a hearty laugh escaping from Colm's lips as he just dashes towardsthe side, snickering the entire time as he squints a little and looks back towards Jolie the entire time, snickering as he jumps back several yards away.

Damnit, when did Colm get this fast or this agile? He was always the wussy one. He grins wryly and pulls out a dagger starting to slice his palm open, letting the blood drip down onto the ground as his pupils suddenly become white as he starts chanting.

Those sensitive to death would notice ghosts rising out from the various graves nearby. They're the ghede that the Baron normally controls..oh shit..

Jolie turns to face Colm after she whiffs her bat attack. But she's not daunted by his sudden dodging prowess. Instead, since he's busy chanting, she commands her zombies. "Attack the bokor, my brothers! Strike him with full force!" As they advance, she glares at Colm. "This is /my/ home. You're not gonna win. /Kneel/, and accept your defeat." That word 'kneel' sounds more forceful than her usual tone of speech; a command coming from the depths of her divine power.

There is a balance to these things. Scott already did the incantation to grant some positive luck for Jolie, but there is a penalty he must pay. He's aware of it, but he knows he has to try anyway, considering how easily Colm dodged the attack. He starts incanting in that odd twin-voice again. "Know that your fate is sealed, betrayer. I call upon the symbol of my father, the moon above us all, watching the shadows of night." Indeed, there is initially a small image of the moon rising behind Scott, but then that black aura flickers around for for an instant, the image fades, and Scott finds the spell lost from his thoughts at a critical moment as Fate exacts it's balancing toll on him; the payment for good fortune for Jolie…

Indeed, the voice of Scott is rather deep, showing his divine magical authority. There's a little wince on Colm's features as he struggles a with the rather authoritative voice of the mambo. He winces a little and eventually falls downto his knee, struggling to get up, but alas, he's focused on controlling the ghosts in his stead.

Meanwhile, the two ghosts start to moan, the two former voudoun warriors starting to rush towards Jolie and Scott, for the gods only know what…

Jolie is internally surprised when Colm /does/ kneel, but she's not going to let anyone know it. Instead, she walks over to the bokor, bat held high. "You're a traitor and a stain. For my father, for my people…good bye." And she brings the bat down to try and bash the man's brains out.

"Oh. Crap." Scott saw the shot, and could damn near feel the power going into it from where he's standing. But… He gulps, and removes his shepherd's crook staff from it's holder on his back. And the ghosts are getting closer; one to him and one to Jolie. "We're not your enemy," Scott says, going through his mind of ways to dodge the touch of a fell spirit, a benefit of his enhanced intelligence. "That Titanspawn over there is." He looks to his bandmate. "Jolie, we need to free your dad before this gets any harier."

And there's a soft chuckle under his breath as he looks back towards the two as there's a twang of the bat against his skull. Anyone else and perhaps he would've had his skull crushed in, but Colm just laughs heartily as he looks back towards nthe others. "You think a meager bat is going to bring down a man with the power of the god?" he cries out, annoyed by the attempt as he continues to chant a dark miasma starting to form at his fingertips as he looks back towards the two. "DIE!" he cries out..

Jolie is hit by Colm's spell hard, as if punched by an invisible fist, skin split open. She goes flying backwards and lands in the dirt, lying on her back. She stands up, gore covered, bruised and beaten, wincing as her body, deeply wounded, drips blood on the ground.

"Son of a bitch," Scott says as Colm starts to chant. He knows the language, and what those words mean, and he raises his staff, his monocle held in place by the muscles around his right eye. He starts to chant, feeling Colm's epidemic spell trying to wash over him. He sees it as a white-tinged wave of light, threaded by Fate, ans Scott starts to recite a counter-chant he had a chance to read while cooling his heels in Seshat's library. Each syllable that falls from his lips pulls at Colm's spell, unravelling the threads that hold it together and give it form and purpose. In his head, he pulls that thread and he walks away, leaving the spell metaphysically naked and lying on the floor, come undone.

Scott needs to get away from his iPod once in a while, definitely.

Colm blinks a little as he finally shrugs off the order from Jolie with a soft chuckle escaping from his lips as he looks back towards the pair of them. He remains standing nearthe Baron's prone and unconscious body as he stares back towards the two.

"Impressive, impressive.." he says, not specifying what he finds impressive of course but just looks as the metallic sheen of his skin glistens in the moonlight. "I think, my dear mambo, that you have founds that things have changed. I am different now.." he quips, snickering the entire time as he goes to pick up the prone body of the Baron.

Jolie doesn't quip or snark this time. She doesn't have the energy to waste. Instead, she concentrates on…speed. She's fast, very fast, faster than lightning. With a tap of a foot on the ground, she's off, sending a clouds of dust up behind her. Her goal: the body of Baron Samedi, which she intends to snatch out of Colm's grasp.

…and WHAM! Jolie runs into an invisible shield that knocks her clean on her ass. She slowly stands up, spitting blood on the ground. "Son of a bitch."

When Jolie moves, Scott focus his own internal ichor. Like the Samedi daughter, he has access to speed, but he lets his out in shorts bursts to dodge and weave around any attackers first, becoming almost Untouchable. The young man then tries to move outside of normal time, slipping between the seconds as he becomes almost as fast as Jolie, the heiroglyphs on his sneakers stareting to emit a golden glow.
<OOC> Scott says, "Fast as thought, Untouchable opponent."

And there's a smack as Jolie just sort of slams into the invisible wall. Colm laughs heartily again as nhe looks towards the two, snickering the entire time, shaking his head as he rolls his eyes. "And to once called me pathetic with all your powers you can't even tell when something is blocking your way.." he teases before looking back towards Scott with raised brows.

"And look..your nerdboy is just standing there…I think I should just're wasting my time."

Jolie stands up and glares at Colm. She focuses her internal might and divine will into her icy gaze. Her blood and gore covered form is no longer just a battered body, but the form of a supernatural being who brooks no nonsense and no interference. And she utters three words, each one heavy with power. "Lower. The. Shield."

"I'm not standing," Scott whispers under his breath as Jolie begins to focus her will on the necromancer. The sigils on his sneakers flicker briefly as he activates the abiliti instill in them by his father when Scott was made a demigod. He keeps the remaining words in his head: Merely Waiting. He's waiting for Jolie to give the man the order, and if that shield goes down, Scott takes off like a shot for a mad grab at the body of baron Samedi in order to get away.

Who knows what's happening? Lower the shield can be lots of things. And so, there's no real effect whether the shield was lowered or not. Or it could've just been moved the hemisphere shield shifted in another way. Who knows what exactly happened. It's hard to trick and command a god afterall.

Colm just snickers once more and shakes his head as he rolls his eyes. "I'm bored now." and he starts chanting, a swirling portal starting to open from a black and uprple miasma from his hands.

"You give me my father back, you son of a bitch." Jolie snarls and moves forward, trying to press through the shield if it is still up.

"I'm not standing," Scott whispers under his breath as Jolie begins to focus her will on the necromancer. The sigils on his sneakers flicker briefly as he activates the abiliti instill in them by his father when Scott was made a demigod. He keeps the remaining words in his head: Merely Waiting. He's waiting for Jolie to give the man the order, and if that shield goes down, Scott takes off like a shot for a mad grab at the body of baron Samedi in order to get away.

Who knows what's happening? Lower the shield can be lots of things. And so, there's no real effect whether the shield was lowered or not. Or it could've just been moved the hemisphere shield shifted in another way. Who knows what exactly happened. It's hard to trick and command a god afterall.

Colm just snickers once more and shakes his head as he rolls his eyes. "I'm bored now." and he starts chanting, a swirling portal starting to open from a black and uprple miasma from his hands.

"You give me my father back, you son of a bitch." Jolie snarls and moves forward, trying to press through the shield if it is still up.

Scott breathes in silence, tense as Jolie brings up her full presence to bear on the corrupted Scion. He refuses to let Colm, this weedy whiny man, get the better of him. At least he does not whine. He thinks to himself. Merely waiting. His brain does a few hundred miles an hour when it comes to what he's seen. She did say 'lower the shield,' in those exact words. Which is where Scott gets the bright idea to try and run forward with his own enhanced speed and the extra velocity granted by his newest pair of sneakers, and two to grab the Baron from above.

For Scott, it's slow going even though he moves faster then the blink of an eye. Time seems to dwindle to a crawl to him as he rushes over to the Necromancer, reaches over the lowered shield, takes the body of Baron Samedi in his arms. "Gothimgottagosorrycan'tstayyouhostasuckyparty." The scholar is speaking as he moves, and once he has possession of the Loa diety, he pours on the speed to get the good Baron out of the cave…

The swirling portal in front of Colm continues to grow until it's big enough for him to step through and he just laughs heartily, not minding losing his trophy. Really, that's all the Baron is at this point for the new Titan Avatar. He stares back towards the two and snickers softly.

"Go ahead..keep the mortal. Ta-ta!" he chirps before stepping away and disappearing in a flash.

Wait..he said what now?!?!?

At this point, Scott does not hear what Colm had to say. He was already moving by the time that Jolie made her command, and he's barrelling outside with the Baron in tow, to put him on the ground once he's able. "Shit shit shit," he mutters, seeing the body. The only thing Scott can think of to do is to get the other staff; the one Maia found in the belly of the leviathan, and try to use it to get a reading on Samedi.

Oh. This is not a good thing. Most definitely not a good thing. There's no trace of the divine left in the good Baron, though fortunately, his body is strong enough to withstand the ravages of time. He's lost that divine spark that makes him a god, and there's a long line of fate that ties him to Colm, who just disappeared..

"Which is what I bet that whole severing thing was about, along with the silver threads," Scott replies with a sigh as he uses his magic, focused through his Monocle instead, on the unconscious body of the Baron. "And energy, even Ichor, cannot be created or destroyed. It went somewhere, and I think we know where, because there's one giant thread tied to that son of a motherless cyclops."

"You'll have help. We don't even know how many of that band are still alive, or if they've all ascended to Godhood by….stealing the divine essences of our parents…" Scott grins. "We should find out, Jolie. Did they target the parents of our band specifically? Or did they, perchance, target the heads of each pantheon to get their divine upgrades…" He looks down at the ground, and starts chuckling in a low, low voice. "Oh, Father, let it be the latter…"

Jolie tilts her head up slightly, not even trying to hide the tears. "Baron Samedi isn't the head of the pantheon. He's the main loa of Death, and he's not the only one. My stepmom Maman Brigitte, the other ghede…but my daddy controls if the dead come in or not."

"This is true. In all the ruckus, I was misfiring," Scott said. "See, because we have a way to drain ichor from gods. Gene and I have them hidden. But, they only work for the heads of each pantheon. Odin as opposed to Thor, for instance." He purses his lips. "I…don't know what to do."

Jolie wipes her eyes, streaking her mascara something fierce. "What do we do? We take my father back to town, first of all. Get him to my stepmom and get him healed up. After that? Hey! Can that draining thing work on Colm? Because if it can go one way, it can go the other way." She stands up and picks up her father, as gently as a mother lifting a child.

"We'll find a way. I think the Loa-siphoning Antlantean artifact I can get is keyed to Maman Brigitte." Seeing Jolie makes Scott's shoulders slip, as he tries to imagine the same thing happening to him to get some empathy, and it /hurts./ "But yes, getting him someplace safe so he can be healed and protected, that's what we can do now."

Meanwhile elsewhere at the same time…

Haldor blurs out of the building as it starts collapsing in on itself. Although he doesn't quite clear it, the Viking steps into a shadow and emerges in the alley again, if only for a brief instant. Moments later, Haldor reappears half-way across the Ville, emerging from yet another shadow as his armor returns to its Shield form.

Coughing and snorting, Haldor shoulders Johanssen and launches into the sky. Once up there, the Viking starts slaloming along through the sky on a wave of ice that melts rapidly in the tropical heat, raining cold drops down on the inhabitants of Ville Au Camp in a crude impersonation of the pre-existing Aesir of Rainbows.

First stop? Jolie and Scott. Rupert, Jason, and Maia are strong and smart - surely they've either killed their dopplegangers or are leading them toward the epicenter for team-smiting.

And it seems he's not the only one rushing back towards the epicenter. Maia was able to defeat her evil slut clone as she's dashing back, though not as fast as Haldor. Alas, she's not like the Viking.

Still she's seen in the distance running towards the cave once more, huffing and puffing. She has stamina, but considering the amount of power she spent in defeating her own clone, well, she's just glad she's alive and she continues to run, unawares that her beau is behind her.

Jason is wandering back himself! Looking rather more blood and brain splattered than he did the last time he was seen, and seeming rather grumbly about it. Fate being what it is three paths converge and he is drawing near the others as well. Madly trying to fuss with his clothes as he goes. Out out damned brains!
Long distance to Haldor: Maia sads that she wasnt the first stop :/

Ripper is unconcious and bleeding next to a tree far away from everyone else, and thus does not conveniently run into anyone. But he's having an awesome dream about two Maias and a catfight that ends in … other things.

Haldor descends toward the others, though he looks mildly confused about the distinct lack of Ripper. Arching a brow over the steely frames of his Aviators, Haldor glances at the others.

"Where's Rip? Him and his doppleganger freeze each others?"

And there's the familiar voice as she looks towards Haldor. Clone Haldor wouldnt have that sense of humor, right? And so Maia rushes towards her beau, trying to tackle glomp him for a deep and passionate kiss, letting it linger for a little before breaking the kiss so she can start speaking at a million miles per hour.

"I pulled the seal and my clone popped out andshe was was a slut talking about wanting a threesome with you and your clone and then she said she'd kill me so she can have that and I said you had a bigger penisthan the other clone and she was like okay then she's going to ride you like no other could and she just wenton and on and it got me angry for seriously, I'm not a slut, but why are all my clones sluts it's just wrong, I'm not a slut right? cause seriouslty, there's Amnis and then now this clone made from water, how could the Mitsurigi think I'm a clone, or am I a slut, please dno't tell me I'm a slut, I'm not a slut.." and then she pauses..

Deep breaths. Take deep breaths as it finally dawns on her that Rupert isnt there. She phews and wipes the beads of sweat from her brow. "Probably."

Jason advances towards the others and says, "Maybe they went out for drinks. Decided to sing a duet. Dance a little dance?" He is still tugging at his clothes and he grumbles towards Maia, "Red robes huh. I really am going to have to keep that in mind." Then he pauses to regard Maia as she gushes out that rather long spray of words and he keeps his lips zipped. No answer from that direction! Such dangerous questions are left for boyfriends to answer.

And hey, there's the first Maia clone in Ripper's dream, too! That's three!

Haldor lands on the ground. Cat's Grace, however, does not fully kick in as there is abruptly a FLYING MAIA FACEHUGGER on Haldor. The Viking yearghs and stumbles backward, tripping over all manner of things in the vegetation and sending random spikes of ice ripping up out of the forest floor before he crashes into the ground.

"… I… You… Wha… I feel like a piece of meat."

"My clones are sluts.."

Maia whines as she wrinkles her nose and kisses Haldor once more before easing on up to offer a hand as she looks around and hrmms for a few moment. There's Jason. There's Haldor. Where's Rupert?

"Perhaps we should go help him out..he might be in trouble.."
Jason stretches and says, "Guess we could. Although he might have just finished up early and already headed into the cave. Slash slash and the other guys dead. Ripper is pretty bad ass like that right? Why he has the name?"

Haldor gets to his feet. In the manga his eyes are still a bit spinny though. The Viking shakes his head, fiery red hair flopping about before he clears the cobwebs. Curiously the Viking looks toward the north.

"It's not like Rip to not just emerge from the shadows and tell us off about being slow. I'll go see if he's alright. You guys secure the perimeter, I'm not sure where Jolie and Scott got to."

"I have no idea where they are as well, but perhaps we should all go. If he got defeated.." and she hrmms, chewing on her bottom lip as she looks worried. "Let's prevent some clone coup de graces.." Maia says irmly and resolutely as she looks towards Jason to see what he thinks?
"Makes sense to me" Jason volunteers, "I mean we each had to face our clone alone. Jolie and Scott had each other so they already have backup. If Ripper might still be out there fighting somewhere, he probably needs us more. Let's go have a look."

Haldor grumbles, but doesn't press the issue. No need to have to fight himself all over again, with just a possibly wounded Rupert… That might get insane. As a result, the Viking starts trudging toward where Rupert should be.

"If you don't think it's a good idea.."

Gah, and now Maia feels a little guilty, wrinkling her nose as she sighs softly and follows along with Haldor. "I know how the seals work..they only take after who picks up the seal. Next time, we need to bring some animals to pull off the seal..dealing with rabid puppies is probably better than dealing with ourselves.."

And there coming into view in the distance is.. Rupert! Isn't it? It sure looks like him, Tengue Mask on and body armor in shades of black and his claws extended. He is trapped beneath a tree that looks to have been clawed to shreds, chopped down and turned to chips at the base it's fallen upon this poor fellow trapping his legs beneath it. He looks generally bruised, bloodied, and very much unconscious.

Jason trails along with the others, peering about the forest as they come into it and he points in the general direction of that figure, "Hey? Is that him under all that?"

"Looks like him," replies Haldor. The Viking makes his way over to the Rupert stuck under the tree. For the moment he doesn't clear the tree from the rockstar's legs, instead he reaches out to check Rupert for a pulse. Hey, Rupert looks hard up.

And there's a little squeak from Maia. Her eyes widen as she starts rushing towards Rupert and eagerly waits for Haldor's response. "He's not dead..please don't say he's dead.." she says softly, her eyes already starting to water..

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Rupert is several yards away, crumpled next to a different tree while his less-than-perceptive compatriots sympathize with his psychotic copy.

Dead he's not, although the pulse is not as strong as it would normally be. The dude just had a tree fall on him, and even for a nearly divine being.. or.. erm.. in this case a copy of one. That has to hurt. The seemingly authentic ripper lays there breathing shallowly, so helpless, so vulnerable, so in need of friends to help him!

Jason comes up behind the others and winces as he looks over the man, "He looks like he really mixed it up with his clone. And yeah, got anything? He make it through?"

"He's not dead. Pulse is kinda weak though… Maia, you got enough juice to treat him while Jason and I look around for the clone?"

This is going to get complicated. Haldor's positive of it.

"What if he defeated his clone, then there's nothing to look for? Still, I want to hold off on the healing completely till we either find another body or don't.."

This is going to get very complicated indeed and Maia looks down towards the unconscious Rupee clone as she goes to her knees and hrmms for a few moments. "I can stabilize him if he looks like he's going to die.." yes, she's being very cautious.
"Seems if his clone was still out there he'd have wandered back this way to finish Rip off" Jason muses and then adds, "But it doesn't hurt to check. If you can at least get him stabilized we'll prowl the woods nearby and check just to make sure."
Jason pages: Rupert has Perfect Imposter, too.

"It's a clone of Rip. He might be waiting for Ripper to wake up and gloat about it before killing him… Or, who knows, maybe Ripper didn't face a clone. Maybe he faced something or someone else."

Haldor shrugs as he stands up, glancing around thoughtfully. Within a moment or two, Haldor is rapidly rising in altitude and sweeping his gaze around.

The real Slim Shady continues to bleed next to a tree off a bit from the clone that is getting his healing.

Maia hrmms for a few moments as she mutters a soft prayer under her breath as she pulls out one of her ofuda and places it on the clone's chest. The kanji starts to glow as the diamond magatama does on her ring finger as well, and soon, the wounds slowly heal. He's still under the tree, but he won't be so close to death afterall.

The other Rupert is a trifle difficult to see, but it is hardly impossible. Thick woven strands of shadow forming a net which has totally ensnared him, legs and arms bent at a somewhat unnatural angle and perhaps even broken by the force of impact with a large hardwood. Still, there is another Ripper in that netting! This one broken, bruised and battered as well but still clinging on to life also. Two Rippers, taken down by two different trees. Neat.

Meanwhile Clone Ripper is sitting up, legs still pinned. A hand moving to rub at his head as he looks about dazed for a moment before his gaze settles on Maia. Straight to business, "Where is he? I've got unfinished business." He says it really really Ripperlike, he has Perfect Imposter after all.

Jason took off in totally the wrong direction from the real Ripper. He wanders through the woods. Birds are singing. It's all very peaceful.

Ripper is also still visible in the infrared spectrum… Between lines of indiscernable, sourceless darkness. The Viking floats slowly down through the mangled forest and toward Rupert, eyes narrowed behind his Aviators. Curiously the Viking pokes at the netting before poking at Rupert himself.

Ripper doesn't respond to the poking, being both unconcious and not terribly far from his next incarnation. After a moment, though, a low, raspy groan issues forth from the netted figure.

"I..I don't know.." Maia says softly as she looks around and hrmms as she spies Haldor and starts running towards him, chewing on her bottom lip. She can see through the thick forest too. Yay penetrating glare! She looks towards her beau and down at the groaning netted Rupert. "I should fix this one up to..or are we confident we found the right one?" she asks..

Clone Ripper for his part is finding that the great part of being trapped beneath the tree is being in it's shadow. After Maia runs off and abandons him. Gasp! He steps out of a nearby shadow near her and Haldor, looking down at.. himself. More or less. Despite the temptation of sending them off on their own part of the clones mission was to distract the others from the fight back at the cave, after all, "We should question him. Maybe whoever put his little clone self together left a little information in that tiny wooden brain of his."

Ripper's eyes open, unfocused, and he looks around groggily. He's still in pretty bad shape, but his wits are quickly returning with his conciousness. Ripper's not the most moral man at the best of times, so he doesn't actually stop to consider the ethics of messing with his teammates minds. Instead, he whispers a single order, just loud enough to be heard by someone with better than strictly human perception, i.e. the PR's walking WMD: "Kill the other me."

Haldor blinks once and then twice as he freezes up in mid-response to Maia. The words are clear and undeniable in his head, but they're just so… Sudden. It catches him off-guard. A drumstick is in his hand before he can even think about disobeying the order.

By the time Haldor is caught up enough to even consider fighting the order, instinct has already acted. Frigid fog is pouring off of his hand and the Viking long sword that has replaced the drumstick that was in his hand. Haldor is already in motion, taking a single, fluid swing at the Clone's throat.

"Oh balls," is all that Haldor can manage to get out before the cleaving strike is completed.

This may not be good for Rupert's case.

And it suddenly goes by very quickly. Too quickly. There's not even a shout or a warning and soon her beau is tryin to attack the clone, whom they don't know is a clone.

"Haldor! Stop!" Maia squeaks, but it's too late and there's only a breath of relief as he misses before she steps between the two, wrinkling her nose the entire time as she puts her palms out in both directions, one towards the clone's chest and one towards Haldor's.

"Someone forced you to do that.." she says softly, the gears in her head turning as she looks towards the clone, who was the one attacked and the original, still under the tree. "I think that one's the clone.." and she points towards the original. Dun dun dun!

Ripper smiles darkly as Haldor swings at his clone. He's unsurprised by the miss, though. He didn't really expect him to hit the bastard. But he does realize after a second that this probably doesn't help his case and he adopts the ideal manner and bearing of an innocent man unfairly injured and pissed about it.

"… Man. What the hell, Rip?"

Haldor jams his frigid blade into the ground, ice crackling across the earth for almost half a foot from the blade. The Viking sucks in a deep breath or two, clearly calming down as he finds himself stuck between Ruperts… And an accusatory Maia.

And there's a loud smack on her forehead as she wrinkles her nose and looks towards the two Ruperts and grumbles something under her breath. She takes a deep breath and starts to have the gears in her head turning at the complicatedness of it all.

"Both of you..separate. I'm going to ask you both a question..different questions.." she says matter of factly. Oh geez, it's probably going to be embarassing as heck, but hey, might as well. These are things only the real Rupert would know afterall. And so she looks towards the clone first.

"When I made a Dragonball Z reference, my head was stuck into what? And by whom?"

And then she looks towards the real Rupert. "When we were in the Dark Hour, who was the only guy I didnt apparently fantasize about in the murals?" There, that should fix things, right?

"When I pay attention to you when you start talking that moronic crap you'll know it's time to put me down, and not for being a clone" Clone Ripper grumbles to Maia, "Besides. What are these going to tell you? You know if you ask him a sex question he is going to get it right. Evil clones are always slutty, it's the rule."

Ripper rolls his eyes. "Me, you bint. Now are we done being cliche? Now that you lot have woken me up from my nap, and trees make a bloody fucking awesome pillow, let me tell you, I do have a fight to the death to get back to with Ripper 2: Electric Boogaloo."

"Are we sure the first one is the real one?"

Haldor seems unconvinced. This may have a lot to do with Boys Will Be Boys having been slapped upon him, but the netted Rupert seems significantly more Ruperty… In that enigmatic Ruperty way.

"They're both so mean! I can't tell who is who.."

Maia seems torn as she acks and grumps as she throws her arms into the air as she looks at one and then the other, wrinkling her nose the entire time as she sighs and runs her fingers through her hair. "Any ideas, Hal?" she asks curiously.

Ripper sighs heavily and glares at everyone. "I was the one who answered the bloody question right, you know." He rolls his eyes. "This is hopeless."

Haldor peers at both Ruperts, shifting his attention back and forth as he contemplates the situation. The Viking can, indeed, be contemplative; it's just that he usually doesn't come up with a useful solution. Perhaps that will be the case today and perhaps it won't be.

"So. Who made the net and why?"

To punctuate his point, Haldor jabs at the shadow net over Rupert's body with the tip of his frigid sword.

Clone Ripper grumbles, "You were also the one that tried just taking control of my friends minds. Why are we still bloody even bothering after that? Clearly he's the evil one trying to finish me off whatever it takes. Net is my making, think he put himself into one and just decided to plow into the nearest tree head first? Clone bastard is evil, not stupid."

At least it wasnt a Frigg'ed sword. That would juwst be cheesy.

Maia looks between the both of them and scrunches her nose a little as she tucks some hair behind her ears while continuing to look at both. "You're both equally mean, and you are the one who tried to take over our minds. That's not a very Ruperty thing to do.." she chastizes.

Ripper looks at Maia incredulously. "Right. Absolutely. Because I'm /so bloody nice/ to my mates. Notorious for it."

Haldor ignores Maia and the Ruperts. The Viking pointedly stares into the shadowy netting as he waits patiently for a lull in the "conversation". Quietly he clears his throat and makes a comment.

"You didn't answer the second question."

"He technically never answered the first either.."

And that's Maia as she wrinkles her nose while looking back towards the clone who is good at snark, but bad at question answering. Hrmmm.

Clone Ripper points to the tree, points to the bruised and bloodied counterpart within said netting, starts to flip Haldor the bird. Then he pauses, "Hey mate. I see what you're doing, that is perfect! You're looking to see which of us is the coolest, because we all know the coolest one has got to be real because the discount version just is not the same. Right. Right. So check this then, look how we both went down and you decide which is the best takedown. Now.. that one there? He decided to run in circles around a tree with his claws out. Little portable buzzsaw. Not bad right? But then I, I reach into the shadowy depths and weave them together, catching him within those strands while he is at full tilt sending him spiraling through the woods under his own now uncontrolled momentum to plow straight into the hardest looking tree I could find. Cool right? Very cool. Sure, sure, puppet boys little tree fell on me after. But tree falls in a forest, cliche. Man in shadowy net helplessly plows full tilt into tree, that has style. Obviously I'm the real deal."

Ripper turns to look at Haldor with equal disbelief. "What do you think, Freddy? That I trapped myself in the bloody net? He made it!" He attempts to stand up, but is still far too injured and -bleeding- to disentangle himself and stand up without assistance. He satisfies himself with glaring at his clone. "You got lucky, mate. That's it. I tried to get clever, and you got lucky. That'll teach me," he smiles nastily. "Next time I'll just keep slashing until I'm wearing your entrails, you wooden knock-off."

"He answered the first question," replies Haldor to Maia.

The Viking listens calmly, nodding a little bit. At the conclusion of the tale, Haldor offers a little golf clap as he turns around to smile at the Clone. It's a very cheery, very winsome smile on Haldor's face. Everyone can tell it's not healthy right off the bat.

"Well I guess that tears it. /YOU/. Are the coolest Ripper."

Surprise be damned seems to be Haldor's motto today. Lightning *CRACK*s over Haldor's left forearm as he swings his fist around. In the midst of the swing the lightning erupts off of his arm and attempts to *ZAP* Clone Rupert in the face.

Her eyes widen as she listens to the story and seems to come to the same conclusion as her beau.

"We know Rupert is not that creative nor that clever!" she says firmly and resolutely. "He's all about bam, look at my prettyness..I am more prettyful than you, bask in my glory! He doesnt try to come up with clever stunts!" she says rather accusingly as she looks back towards the clonewith squinty eyes like this: -_-.

"Go get him Haldor!"

Clone Ripper is not taken by surprise, because he is just that twinked out. Instead he gracefully dives away from the blow even as trees behind him are blasted with lightning and explode into smoky and smouldering cinders. An evil little Ripper smile as he looks towards Haldor pulling all the authority in his being into manifesting, "But not your worry mate. Why don't you carry the little woman off somewhere quiet in the woods and spend a few hours fucking her brains out. Now."

"Hm. That's not a bad idea… This is a really rustic setting…"

Haldor taps his chin thoughtfully, lightning crackling over his left forearm while frigid fog continues to pour from his right hand. The Viking seems almost conflicted by the not terribly subtle attempt to brain wash him. Again.

"On the other hand, I'm really getting tired of people trying to screw around with my head just because I'm not the brains of the Band."

At which point Haldor's right fist flies out at the Clone's face. It is simple, straight forward, and utterly predictable… But damn wouldn't it feel good to jack Clone Rupert in the face?

Maia is torn! She really does like evil Rupert! Still, she harumphs and facepalms a little as she whines a little. Poor Haldor having his mind screwed with, agreeing with his sentiments before she rushes towards the original.

"Your clone is kinda dumb..givinghimself away with his own cleverness.." Ouch, she's definitely teasing the original Rupert as she kneels beside him and closes her eyes for a few moments as her ring starts to glow brightly while she gives him her patented healing touch.

Soon, the original Rupert starts finding his wounds healed and perhaps even to the point of being extra healthy! yay! Hopefully she's doing this on the right one..

Clone Ripper again dodges with the nimble grace that is the nature of Rippers everywhere and he gives Haldor an exasperated look, "Come on mate. That was as reasonable an offer as it gets. Too rustic for you though. Fine!" Pausing in the nearby shadows of a tree he begins to move his hands, molding the substance of it and soon where simple shadows were before is an elegant four poster bed, a black canopy overhead to keep out the suns rays overhead and silken sheets that look so very very inviting. There are even privacy drapes. "Have your fun then while I deal with the nancy boy."

"Yes!" Ripper crows as Maia -finally- heals him up. He immediately rolls around the tree at whose base he was crumpled into its shadow and disappears. Instantly, he steps out of a different shadow behind the clone, sans net. "Let's play."

Haldor backflips away from the clone as Ripper emerges from the shadows of the tree. The Viking smiles thinly as he sizes the situation up carefully, rubbing his chin a little bit as he regards both of the Ruperts. A warm smile spreads across Haldor's features as he fixes his gaze on Rupert.

"Ripper! /RAWK/ on hardcore! Own his punk ass."

What? Haldor can't cheer on his favorite rockstar and/or use Blessing of Importance to refill Rupert's Willpower tank?

"I hope we're doing the right thing.."

and that's Maia heading towards Haldor, clearly tempted at the little silken sheets made of shadow. But bah, get those thoughtsout of her head! She just watches for now and hrmms for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip while wrappingher arms around Haldor's, squeezing fondly.

"I wish we had some popcorn."

Clone Ripper rolls his eyes at Haldor and says, "Man. You're such a eunuch pussy. How the fuck did you get past your clone? Later though dickless wonder." An aside to real Ripper, "Dimwit. You. Me. Somewhere without the audience." And off he is zipping deeper into the woods, moving as fast as he can to open up some distance. Obviously expecting the other to follow.

And there Ripper goes … not following. He turns to the others. "You know, I'm not too proud to accept help here. Just putting that out there." And is that a genuine smile on his face? Nah, must be a malformed smirk. Maybe Maia didn't quite heal everything she thought she did. "Anyway, if I don't come back, make sure you save mum, yeah?"

That said, he rises into the air. His shadow cloak billows around him and he takes off over the forest, obviously wary of moving at high speeds -through- the trees, and somewhat more intimately familiar with his own abilities.

Haldor smirks at Rupert's response. The Viking shrugs and gestures toward the bed as he makes his way over to it, settling down comfortably to wait. Of course, the question is 'wait for what?' and the answer to that happens during the fade to black.

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