Ville Au Camp - Facing Simbi Makaya


Jolie, Scott, Maia, Haldor, Jason, Rupert

Scene Title Ville Au Camp - Facing Simbi Makaya
Synopsis The young demis face a god and a Titan Avatar. And survive miraculously. They end up saving Eric Donner and Donnie Rhodes!

Morning has come, the night passing more or less without incident for Jason as least. When dawn comes he is on the bow of the ship, watching the water shift to either side as the craft cuts through the water. A fairly peaceful place, which is perhaps just why he's chosen it to pass the time.

Maia slips out of her and Haldor's room as she wrinkles her nose as she looks around and stretches her arms out into the air, heading towards Jason. "Hey.." she says softly, bumping her hips up against his. "You okay?"

It's been a long night of fitful sleep, but Scott forces himself to remain awake as he makes his way from the back of the ship, wherever he was sleeping. He's already got his gear gathered together, not letting any of it out of his sight on a ship full of slaver pirates. He uses his staff to keep himself steady on rolling decks as he gets closer to the bow.

Jason looks over his shoulder as Maia bumps up against him and he says, "Pretty much. Thoughtful. Crazy day yesterday, crazier than I'd expected. Quick thinking and hard situations. Thanks for backing me up like you did in the end there, even if I think you disagree."

"I don't agree still, because I think you're going to free the slaves. I don't think all the slaves are human, and it might be all they know. Take away their purpose and you never know what's going to happen.." And that's Maia sighing a little as she stands next to Jason while overlooking the ocean of the Drowned Road at the bow while looking towards the island portion of Ville Au Camp not too far away. "But still..I'm outvoted on that."

Jolie slept fretfully last night. Which is to say barely. So she's up and nervous as the proverbial cat in a room full of rocking chairs. She stomps on the deck, bat used as a cane, moving towards the others. She overhears Maia's words and snorts. "And you didn't know anything but being a Shrine Maiden. What's your point?" Her voice is still low and harsh, just in case one of the crew tries to over hear.

"How long do you think it will be?" Scott pipes up behind the other two visible on deck. He's not whining, just trying to look around them towards the nice, safe, not-moving shore. He turns before an answer is given once Jolie makes her presence known. "Think they'll have coffee? Honest question."

"I'm not a fool Maia" Jason says quietly to over her while he looks over sidelong, "And I know full well that if I free them I tangle myself up in their individual destinies. I know release them, or keep them, I will either way share in the responsibility of what they do after. I know too, in a place like this, many are probably not human. Many are possibly very dangerous. But look around you? Is this a way to live? Is this a purpose worth living for? Whatever I do.. should we actually survive and meet the price.. their best interest, and the greater good, will both be taken into account."

"Free the slaves and he will have to get more. Who knows where he will get them from.." Maia says softly under her breath as she shrugs her shoulders once more. "It was all I knew, but in the end, I am looking out for you. I will not buy any slaves to is all on you. You will be responsible. Their destinies will be tied to you. For every light you shine in their life, shadows will pop out..remember that.." sighing in the end as she thinks about the previous night's events. Is Mikaboshi getting to her? Who knows..

"There /is/ a solution to that problem, Maia. Same solution that the Haitians chose." Jolie flashes a quick, sharp grin that promises violence and blood. "Just because you ain't got the balls don't mean that I ain't got'm. I'm willin to tie my fate to their freedom. Freedom don't mean that everything is sunshine and puppies. But it does mean that they get a chance. They ain't got that chance now." She shakes her head. "Light and dark is just parts of life."

"It's the old expression," the younger Scott intones. "Better to die free than live a slave." He leans on his staff, and gives Jolie nod. "I know there is much to be done, and that I got us into this mess, but Jolie, I'm with you. It's just…I don't know. It's the right thing."

Jason is spared any sort of response as Jolie and Scott speak up, furrowed brows in their direction eventually resulting in him saying, "I'll try to do what is right however those pieces happen to fall. And pay the price as it comes."

"That it is, but I hope you can live with what'll happen.." Maia says matter of factly as she wrinkles her nose and just shakes her head once more before she starts to head back to her and Haldor's room for a bit..

Jolie rolls her eyes as Maia heads back to her room. Then she nods to Jason. "Like I said last night, I'm following you on this. We need to find out what happened to Ville Au Camp and what's up with Mami Wata."

"S'better than what I'd live with if I didn't," Scott says, leaning his back against the rail, trying to get a little sea air from the passage of the ship.

"The two seem likely to be connected in some way" Jason says to Jolie, "The Captains aid she'd surrounded Ville Au Camp, which is probably why when we tried to go there we got here. On some level the place is surrounded. That means we were inevitably going to have to try to disrupt the schemes of Mami Wata and Ran anyways, this way we've got a bit of help. I think things have actually worked in our favor."

Jolie laughs. "You got a point, Jason. I swear, if this all works out, it'll be more than worth bein called a damn slave." She looks around. "Speakin of which, you want me to head down to the slave quarters, maybe see just what they are?"

"I'll go," Scott says, even if it means traveling across the damned boat again. "There might be an idea of how we can pull this off from looking. Maybe." He seems a little more confident than he was before his little mishap the night before.

"Sounds like a good idea, given they give you no objections" Jason says, "But even if they think you don't belong there based on not.. belonging to the ship.. you can always say you are checking out the inventory on my behalf. Find out just what they are if you can, and perhaps pick up the gossip and chatter on their end. I'm sure they have their secrets from the Captain, I would were I in their place."

Jolie winks at Jason. Then she stands up, tucks her bat into her belt, and sashays across the deck towards the slave quarters, putting a little extra wiggle in her hips. Her gaze is humbly lowered, though. As she approaches the quarters, she softly says to the guards (kicking herself internally), "My master wished me to look at the inventory and report back to him."

As Jolie moves, Scott follows behind, his head bowed and attempting to be all meek and nice. He feels his throat hitch as the Samedi daughter speaks, imagining what it's taking for her to say that, and a flash of anger in his eyes speaks of things he wishes he could do to the captain.

Jason does not head along with them of course, he has more important things to do! Like rambling about on deck and looking important. And that is just what Jason goes about doing, pacing the length of the ship while watching the tiny details of it's operation and the horizon from various angles. Fun times.

It was several minutes but soon Maia steps out of the room, having woken up Haldor as well. It seems she's a lot more prepared this time while wrinkling her nose. She is a grumpy gus this morning, but at least she's out with her relics this time and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she sighs softly and stretches her arms out into the air and looks around. "Okay..let's do this.." she says, looking around for the captain.

Haldor emerges from the room a few minutes after Maia. He looks like he may have fallen asleep in a strange, if not downright uncomfortable, position last night. As he moves though, the Viking stretches and twitches various parts of his body this way and that.

After several minutes of ambling around the ship and making unnatural *CRACKPOP*SNAPCRACKLE*KRUNCH* noises, amongst others, Haldor seems to loosen up slightly. Quietly he looks around, still owlishly blinking sleep from his eyes.

Jason eventually mills back towards Maia then, she being all.. deck walking as well. Strolling into place near her, "While by no means certain I think we should be close to our destination. I hope. Let's see what the Captain has to say to us today."

Maia sighs softly as it seems two people have gone off. She hears the snap crackle pop, but alas it's not Rice Krispies, but it's Haldor instead. She wrinkles her nose and grumps a little as she heads on over and lets her fingers entwine with his, giving his hand a squeeze before chewing on her bottom lip. "The Captain..let's find him…"

Finally done popping all of his joints back into place, Haldor squeezes Maia's hand back. Gently he keeps her close by, his eyes and ears surveying the boat thoughtfully. Yay for super sensory powers.

Jason simply mills about. Milling. Where is that Captain anyways.

The Captain is of the captain's room and soon the squid starts slipping out, looking towards the gathered Scions. A wry grin curls onto his beak before he chuckles softly, "So you ready to go and bring my men back?" he asks curiously, staring towards them. "If you are….walk the plank.." and he brings out eight swords, one held in each tentacle where he points towards the plank. "Now..go.."

That definitely catches Maia by surprise. She tenses a little and looks towards Haldor for a bit of reassuring. OMGWTFBBQ?

Haldor arches a red eyebrow at the captain, his free hand twitching to let a drumstick slide from inside of his sleeve to his hand. The Viking regards the well-armed squid evenly while gently tugging Maia behind him.

"I thought you said you would be providing us equipment of some sort to help in rescuing your men?"

Jason flashes a smile to the Captain, taking a step towards the plank before he turns back. "Indeed. Something to mask our presence from them. And I do hope you found something to help us breathe down there as well Captain, otherwise it will be difficult indeed to return your men."

The Captain is getting annoyed. He bahs a little as he looks towards the three. "You want my help. Walk the damn plank.." he says firmly and resolutely.

Maia looks towards the others as she hrmms for a few moments and starts heading towards the plank…
Jason seems to be of the opinion that in for a penny is in for the pound. He turns back to the plank and resumes his movements in that direction. Walking the plank indeed.

Haldor grits his teeth and backs toward the plank, though he doesn't yet show his hand… That is to say, his drumstick doesn't yet change into anything but a drumstick. Of course, making Haldor walk a plank? Not the best way to ensure his cooperation.

The ring on his right hand glows faintly and Maia can feel the cold start to radiate from Haldor's body. Apparently Haldor has a plan… Just in case.

Are they being doublecrossed? Who knows? Something's definitely swimming in the water as the trio approaches the edge of the boat. A wry and almost predatory grin curls onto his beak as he continues to watch them, his tentacles flickering a little near the edges. There's a sword poking Maia in the back as she stands on the ledge. "Go… or are you scared?" he taunts the young woman.

Scared? That question rings in her head. it's dark. And there's something swimming in the water. Of course she's scared. Maia's scared out of her mind, but she doesnt say anything. This is just yet another Titanspawn taunting her. First Mikaboshi and now this squid Captain. She harumphs and jumps off the plank..and she's falling..

And that's when something slips out. It's the Leviathan opening it's mouth, swallowing Maia in one gulp as she screams. And soon, it disappears under the water..

The Captain merely laughs.

Well. Maia manages to walk off the plank before Jason does and gets.. erm.. eaten. Jason pauses just for a moment at the sight of that, there really being much screaming and dismay and general unpleasantness as a result, what with her being eaten by a giant fish. He moves to the edge of the plank, standing there for a moment before he looks back once more in the Captain's direction, "If this is a double cross, be assured. I will find a way to return and make you suffer. For now though.. I've still got my balls and they are fucking big ones." With that he steps a step forward off the plank, heading towards the water now himself.

"If this is a double-cross, Cap'n, I am not going to kill that thing first. I am going to escape it, come back here, twist your skull off of your shoulders, chum the waters with your body to summon that thing, and then rip its lower jaw from its skull before ramming your skull through its soft palate to its brain stem."

Haldor turns around at the edge of the boat and narrows his red brows, bloodshot eyes seeming to crackle with blue-white lightning as he regards the Squid. Malice is practically palpable between Haldor and the Captain as Haldor twists his head toward the hold.

"Yo-ho! Blue Ranger, Jo, we're gettin' the fuck out of here. Topside on the quick if you would."

The Viking promptly backflips off of the plank, twisting and twirling in mid-air before plunging straight down toward the Leviathan-infested deep below.

Omnomnomnom. as the two jump into the water, the mouth of the Leviathan appears once more, and soon, everyone is covered in darkness. You'd expect being swallowed by an uber large creature would lead to digestive destruction, but…the Captain was true to his word.

They find Maia in the middle of a golden castle on an island. It has everything they need. There's weapons. There's food. There's drink. And shelter. She oomphs as she lands before looking towards the others and phews as she runs her fingers through her hair.

"I guess…getting swallowed isnt so bad? I bet this is the Leviathan from Job.." she says softly.
"Doesn't seem such a bad place to live then, does it" Jason says looking about, terribly impressed despite himself. "Well. At least we can breathe, and have transit, although I can't think this ride is especially subtle. Maybe it is just so damned big though in it's own right that we can hide comfortably within it's belly." He calls out into the air, "Leviathon. I'm not certain if you can hear us or how much the Captain of the vessel told you, do you have means to provide us with an exterior view?"

"I thought… No wait. I'm thinking of that other guy, aren't I? The one that was eaten by a fish, but everyone says it was really a whale?"

Haldor remains grouchy, if utterly unharmed by his fall from upon high. The Viking folds his arms across his chest, glaring into the darkness.

Maia heads on over towards Haldor and wraps her arms around him as she squeezes him fondly. she beams brightly and wrinkles her nose while raising her brows a little as she plants a deep smooch on his lips. After a minute or two she lets go.."You've impressed me..I was for sure you were going to rage and kill the captain for double crossing you all..but I think this is the method we're going to be hidden from Mami Wata an Ran.." she chirps merrily. "And you can see through things, can't you, Hal?"

"It's an awfully big fish to be seeing through" Jason grumbles, "Especially with water out there. Even with bolstered senses that is asking one hell of a lot. Still. It looks like we really don't have any other means with no screens popping up or the like. I guess it's get to the edge of our ride and look as best we can."
Jason pages: He might even won.

"It depends a lot on the ambient electromagnetic energy, I think. It's not like I can just concentrate real hard and spew gamma rays from my eyes in a tight beam so I can see through stuff. I'm pretty sure only Superman can do that."

Haldor sighs a little bit, reaching back to ruffle Maia's hair. Clearly the Viking is still miffed that no one bothered to tell him that 'Hey, you're riding in a giant prehistoric tuna like it were some kind of Flintstones submarine.' or some other sort of heads up. Even so, the Viking moves toward the edge of the fish, squinting really, really hard.

Maia awwws a little as her hair is ruffled and nods as she heads on over and lets her fingers entwine with his own while following. She chews on her bottom lip still before looking towards Jason and the others. "There's food if you're hungry..we havent had breakfast yet afterall.." she says before peering towards the squinting Haldor. Awwww.

As Haldor squints, he can see through the fish. There's ways to go through afterall, and what he sees is well, perhaps something one doesnt want to see afterall. They continue swimming through the crushing depths of the Drowned Road, and soon, things change. And eventually they arrive with great speed at the Gallery of Corpses.

This passage of the Drowned Road is where Mami Wata keeps her collection of the dead who have drowned in her seas. The ocean here is dead, spare of any living creature, and none of the nemean and typhonian monstrosities common to the rest of the Greater Titan come near, except their transport. Thousands of human bodies float in the water here, in various positions and states of decay. Mami Wata has been unable to expand her collection for a very long time, making it evident that she works some magic on the corpses to prevent them from wasting completely away in her harsh saltwater.

A search turns up nearly infinite variety in the Titan’s victims. She favors followers of the Voodoo and Norse pantheons, drawing her dead trophies disproportionately from their ranks, but any sufficiently attractive or interesting drowned corpse gains her interest. Some of the bodies here are posed in actions they might have taken when alive. They sit around the waterlogged ruins of a dining room table in a mockery of a family meal. They play football with a flat and rotted ball. They mug one another as they drift with the gentle currents. Many of them are posed in gruesome mockeries of lovemaking positions…and look, there's one that Haldor might recognize..the actual body of Johanssen..the dvergar spirit of the shield..

"Breakfast!" Jason says cheerfully, happily not bothering to try to scan through the fish himself and instead going about scavenging together a decent bagel. One must start the day off properly after well, a little cream cheese and soon he is eating away while they grow ever closer to their final destination.

Haldor shudders as he watches the surroundings through the fish. Given he's not a captain of the underworld, he doesn't really know what the names of these places are, so as he offers a solemn and detail-light guided tour, Haldor makes up his own names for the places. They are not pleasant places.

"… Dude. What the fuck? Johanssen?"

The shield, tiredly, replies, "What?"

"Your body is out /THERE/."

"… What?"

"Outside of the fish. Your fricking body is /OUT THERE/."

"… Get your eyes checked, Thorson. That's not funny."

That is definite news to Maia. She blinks a little as she looks towards the shield for a few moments feeling sorry for the spirit. "She owns you then.." she whispers softly before looking towards Jason as she lets out a soft giggle under her breath. She continues to squeeze Haldor's hand as she chews on her bottom lip.

"What else is out there? Other than his body?" she asks curiously..
Jason simply finds a place to settle down and kick back, relaxing while he can and enjoying the spot to eat while Haldor plays tour guide to the corpse gallery. It's a good life.

"A lot of bodies. A lot of water," is Haldor's disdainful reply.

It's not so much that the question irritates him. More that the answer is kind of… Eugh.

The drowned road continues and soon, there's a small island not too far away. There are fresher men, i.e. men that are still alive that have been captures and are placed in cages. They're definitely the Captain's men considering they have the same uniforms as the ones on the ship. There's one that is disturbingly familiar to Haldor though..another redhead..and gasp! It's Eric Donner, his half-brother! There's another man that would be recognizable to's Donnie Rhodes! What are they doing here? Perhaps they were investigating the Ville Au Camp as well? Birgitte is a child of the Baron as well afterall..Jolie wasnt the only one cut off.

Soon enough, the Leviathan beaches itself and opens his mouth, letting them be seen by those inside. Maia's eyes widen at the bit of recognition as she chews on her bottom lip. "Hal…this just got personal I think.."

Scenic. Jason narrows his eyes a bit as the mouth opens and the beach comes into view and he says, "Well. Not exactly making a subtle arrival are we. We step out there and we are likely going to have a fight on our hands, but we stay out here and it seems likely we are going to have the same once whoever is watching the prisoners notices the massive gigantic beached fish. Priority on getting them free and inside?"

"Yeah. They're still alive and kicking… And one of 'em's my brother. Probably a bunch of the rest are part of his Band," replies Haldor to Jason.

As for Maia, Haldor's only response is to squeeze her hand. The Viking grits his teeth and slowly pulls his hand from Maia's so as to fill both hands with drumsticks. Within a moment, Haldor is starting to surf out of the mouth on a sheet of rapidly growing ice. Jason and Maia can probably both run across its surface since it's a basically level escape route from the Leviathan.

"It's Eric!" Maia says, wrinkling her nose as she chews on her bottom lip, looking around nervously as they Iceman their way out of the Leviathan. She hangs on to Haldor's waist as she hangs on to his waist as they soon end up on the beach. She continues to look around with a wary eye.

The others are dreary and droopy, they're near death, looking like they've been starved. Oh noes!
Jason follows along, drawing his guns but not yet doing anything such as shooting the locks off of cages. It seems he has some faint hope of still managing to pull things off by subterfuge rather than by firefight. Looking cautiously he says to the others, "One of my brothers as well." Family coming first he makes his way to Donnie Rhode's cage, "Bro. Strange of a place to bump into you. Don't know why the fuck you are in a cage but let's see if we can't get you out of there." A lockpick set is pulled out such that he might take a proper crack at things. Spies and their B&E.

Haldor continues with his Iceman routine until he comes to rest upon a solid block of ice at the cage containing Eric Donner. The Viking closes his eyes for a moment or two, summoning up his strength, before wrapping one hand around the lock. Ice promptly starts to crackle and snap into existence as Haldor tries to freeze the lock clean off.

Snap! Crackle! Pop! The lock is broken and there's a weary Eric who is too tired to really talk, though he smiles nupon seeing the other demigods. Donnie is the same. They're both just in loin cloths at this time, giving Maia lots of gratuitous nudity. Mmmm, fanservice.

Once they arrive she heads inside and closes her eyes as she chews on her bottom lip while looking them over. Of course she goes to the redhead first, considering she actually knows him personally.

"It'll be all right.." she whispers softly, the diamond ring on her finger glowing with a bright light as she starts healing him before doing the same to Donnie. They're still too tired though..probably mentally as well as physically exhausted..
Jason moves on to do his lockpicking routine on the cages containing the Captain's men. Calling out to Donnie as he passes, "Your guns man, and your bands other relics. We're going to have to beat a hasty retreat but we can make a try. Know where your captors put them?"

Haldor skids from cage to cage in Jason's wake, helpfully applying frigid assistance where necessary. For the most part, however, the Viking is the muscle of the operation. Captives are hauled up out of the cages and slung across Haldor's shoulders for the few moments it takes him to move between cages and Maia's place on the beach.

As the men keep on getting brought from their cages to Maia's, something slithers on the ground, its tongue flickering the entire time. He continues to watch the group as more men are brought to and fro.

She moves down, her ring still glowing the entire time as she haels the men who are brought to her as she chews on her bottom lip, starting to fatigue just a little. Maia takes a deep breath and looks around once more. "I think we're probably attracting some let's hurry up?" she motions.
"Relics damn you!" Jason calls back towards Donnie a second time, "You make me ask again I'm going to leave you fucking naked and you explain to Mom what happened to them, well, when you can talk to mom again." He does in fact hurry up at Maia's words, making haste to free the last of those prisoners.

"Simbi..Makaya.." those are the only words that escape from both Eric and Donnie's mouths inreference to the relics. How creepy.

"Whatever are a Simbi and Makaya?" Jason grumbles towards the former prisoners in general, "Landmarks? Buildings? People? I really should have studied up on this place a little before coming." Lockpicks work open the last of the cell doors, the Scion of Aphrodite clearing the way for Haldor to be all rugged and manly and carry those within back to their fishy transport.

Eric gets brought into the Leviathan to rest, along with the rest of the captives. There's a slight shiver from Donnie as he looks towards his half-brother and groans. "Giant. Snake. God.." and he passes out from exhaustion before Maia brings him into the Leviathan once more..
"Right" Jason says backing into the mouth of the Leviathon, lockpicks exchanged for drawn pistols and he calls out to their ride, "Giant snake gods are a bit much for us bro. We'll deal with it later. Leviathan! We've gotten the Captain's men, if you can get us out of here we'd much appreciate it."

Haldor kicks his own speed up several notches when Maia implores he and Jason to speed it up. The Viking blurs into motion, leaving streaks of ice in his wake that melt under the heat of friction generated by his passing. Maia probably doesn't even need to move the healed to the Leviathan, Haldor is moving just that fast.

"Giant snake god? Snakes have gods? I mean, I guess I don't see a reason they couldn't but… But isn't that kinda much? And why do they get giant gods when we've got normal sized gods?"

Okay, so philosophical Haldor is a little weird and possibly annoying at times… But it's better than dumb as a brick Haldor. This Haldor has plans of his own and knows stuff. Even so, the Viking doesn't know that they're being watched just this moment by… Some Thing.

"I think.." and that's when the large fifty foot snake turns into a rather handsomeand regal looking West African man. He's quite muscley. Most definitely Maia's type considering the brawn as he looks towards the group of escaped captives. "He's referring to me.." and a wry grin curls onto his lips as he does have Eric and Donnie's relics in hand. He stares towards the trio and lets out a hearty laugh.

"Mami Wata will be pleased if I bring her more slaves…she will love you and you will love her and worship her.." he says matter of factly.

Oh no he did not just say that. Maia has lots of flaws for a demigoddess. She's scared of the dark. she's still kind of spoiled. And she definitely has a lot to prove. But she's also jealous. And she gets angry when anyone tries to steal her man, Titan avatar or not. She glares towards the African and grumbles.

"You think Haldor is going to leave me.." and she scoffs a little, putting her hand over her chest. "For your skanky ass bitch ho slut bag Mami Wata?" and she laughs with equal vanity. "You've got to be kidding me." Rawr..bring out the kitty claws. Maia's ready for a catfight.

Yipes! Jason takes a step back, how did he miss the giant fifty foot snake hiding around! Maybe the Leviathon does qualify as a stealth submarine in this damnable corner of the Overworld after all. Jason twirls his pistols old west style as he regains his confidence, finally bringing both to bear with his arms extended in the snake mans direction. Not that he is firing yet, no, for the moment he is taking aim at the relics the figure carries. Intent on divesting the snake god of them in quick order.

Frigid fog flows from Haldor's hands and feet after he whirls to face the half-naked West African male speaking to the group. One red eyebrow arches as Haldor regards Simbi carefully, casting a suspicious glance around the beach. In the mean time, this gives Maia time to whip herself into a lather over him.

"You, uh… You know what? Never mind. I'm just going to get myself into trouble."

Haldor instead draws his drumsticks, both turning into Viking long swords. The Viking watches Simbi evenly, though a wry and almost predatory smile starts to spread across his mouth as he watches Maia out of the corner of his eyes. Parallel Attention is such a useful knack.

"Better be careful man. You got her all riled up to 'Mongoose of Death'."

There's a hearty laugh escaping from the man's lips as he looks towards both men once more. His brows furrow as he looks directly towards Maia, snickering softly the entire time as he brings out his large staff and slams it against the ground.

"You think you can fight me? You know nothing child..I am a god..I have lived hundreds of years..but you are feisty. I think I shall make you.." and he points towards her, "Mine. The others will join those in the Gallery of Corpses.."

And at that moment, the young onmyouji pulls out three ofuda and tosses two onto both Haldor's back and Jason's. Soon, the three ofuda start to form a line, a triangle really between the three demigods as her diamond ring starts to glow.

"Ama-no-Uzume, kami of good health, protect us.." she mutters softly as soon the three feel a bit more invograted. She's not sure what's going to happen, but it's better to be safe afterall…

Jason quietly says over to Haldor, "If you want to rush him I'll see if I can't get those relics out of his hands. If we can get them back to the fish maybe our Bros can join in when they get to feeling a little better." One can see the concentration on his features, the intense focus, the careful determination of a supernaturally expert marksman in his element. Who.. still might miss because this guy really is damned fast. Still finally both pistols bark in unison, twin bullets tracing diverging paths towards the snake god in an effort to disarm him of those stolen relics.

Big snake gods have big.. other parts. Not those parts. All of Jason's aiming actually pays off as those shots find their targets true and bullets tear into his hands. They are not quite as successful as one might hope as the scalelike armor suddenly ripples over the God. One bullet however well aimed simply drops sadly to the ground, misshapen and warped and never having known the taste of snake blood. The other though? The other actually blasts a chip in the armor, cutting through the flesh beneath and drawing blood. Both are enough to loosen Simbi's grip with the force of impact and precious relics go flying into the nearby sand.

Haldor nods to Jason's remark as frost creeps down the blades of both of his swords. Fog starts to billow from Haldor's arms and swords as he blurs into motion once again, spraying waves of sand across the beach in his wake. The Viking nimbly dodges around the bullets, tracking an arcing path to flank Simbi.

With any luck at all, Simbi will dodge right into where Haldor needs him to be. The Viking whirls his blades and his body about, hacking with one sword and slashing with the other in a terrible symphony of blades cleaving through air. Haldor doesn't stop, for he is a Viking Engine of Destruction.

Haldor keeps moving, keeps pressing his assault with everything he's got. A whirling sweep of his blades quickly turns into a Holy Bound into the air where Haldor whirls to put some of his terrific momentum behind a descending, shoulder-cleaving strike. The Viking roars in what might be blood lust or just plain excitement for the battle, we'll never know, as he slams into the sand with his blades cleaving down through the air to, hopefully, "disarm" Simbi Wannabealion in ways that tiny bullets never could.

Even so, Haldor has to keep pressing his assault. He feints left, but instead drops back and downward. A moment later, Haldor surges forward in a duck-walk to launch himself upward and forward at the armor-plated foe's jugular with one sword while the other one swings for a blow between the legs. Just because Haldor's "Gallant" doesn't mean he has to play nice, right?

Blades are flashing every which way as Haldor lands again, more fog billowing from Haldor and Haldor's quicksilver weapons alike. Haldor roars at Simbi once more, aiming a backhand slash at the Snake Deity's throat again. Meanwhile his other hand spins the second sword like a circular saw for just a moment before Haldor makes a forehand slash at Simbi's midsection, perhaps intending to gut him… Like a fish.

Blood splatters! In all his years, he hasnt met many who could actually hurt him. Simbi groans as he loses a finger which quickly regenerates. He's out for blood. He's let his own cockyness get to him, and these demigods are proving to be more of a nuissance than he thought. He drops the various relics on the ground and starts ducking and weaving as he lets out a soft chuckle under his breath as he looks towards Haldor. "This is the best you can do?" he asks, dodging everything after the first strike twangs on his metallic skin. A wry predatory grin curls onto his lips as he jumps back away from the relics and starts chanting.

It's a West African chant. It's a Voodoo curse actually as dark black miasma starts forming around his hands. His pupils disappear as his eyes go completely white before the same cloud starts forming around our three heroes.

Skin starts melting. Old wounds thought long healed start reopening. He's channeling his pure hate, bile and vitriol into their bodies ripping them apart from the inside as their wounds open.

From the group, there's a high pitched scream! It's Maia as her body is bloodied and bruised and covered in blood. She would die if it wasnt for her regenerative capability, her skin soon forming once more. It's hard to kill a demigoddess who can regenerate afterall. She winces in pain as her body heals back to full health as the dark miasma disappears and finishes it's job. She looks spent, having used a great deal of her own internal reserves to..not die. Dying would be bad at this point. Dying in a Titan Realm is never good afterall. She gasps and groans as she chews on her bottom lip and pulls out two razor sharp ofuda.

Just as their opponent starts chanting, she does as well, starting to blabber on. It isnt in Japanese. She's gone back to her routes, to her training as an onmyouji. She closes her eyes as she clutches the two ofuda between her fingers while forming various seals with her still healing left hand. In the end she opens her eyes and stares towards the snake deity.

"Kami of the weapons..strike him blind. Do it now!" she cries out as she tosses the two razor sharp pieces of paper straight for his eyes..yes..his eyes..Rawr. The mongoose of death is striking..

And the papers strike true, though not in the way that any of them would expect. The pieces of paper cover his eyes and the bright red star that's totally not a pentagram glows on the sheet of paper striking him blind. There's a hearty laugh that's heard as a disembodied voice can be heard by all three of them. "And the child of light brings darkness. I told you you were going to be mine.." before the laughing just disappears…

Maia and Haldor might need to have a talk later about the Titan of Darkness stalking her..

Jason had talked about it back on the ship, the ways and means that might allow one to be freed of the Titans that rule this place. Perhaps that inspires his next motion, driven by a compassion to try to free this one time God from domination by those she bitches that rule him. Or maybe he is just really fucking pissed that the bastard just tried to melt him. Either way both guns are spun again, he's feeling flashy today and each is carefully leveled between the mans legs. Heightened vision going out and questing even through his limited attire to the flesh beneath. Two trigger pulls. Two bullets. Two balls waiting to be shot off.

Jason really did not like melting. He really really did not like belting. Again both bullets are spot on, and while they may not be quite as impressing looking as slashing swords they surely get the job done. Both rounds penetrate that loincloth with pinpoint precision, tearing through the fabric and seeking out the oh so tender flesh beneath, and making a bloody splattery mess of it. Simbi's balls suddenly making something of an explosive spray behind him as they are torn off to little the beach behind with grisly trophies.

As Maia goes for her strike, Haldor backflips away, landing upon a small column of ice. While Simbi chuckles and taunts Maia, the Viking ramps down to the sand again, picking up speed. Electricity seems to crackle over his arms and particularly his eyes as he grows ever more sour-expressioned.

Blood is still flowing from cuts, scratches, and burns criss-crossing the Viking's body as he charges the Dark Loa. Haldor roars with fury, fog pouring off of his body in a steady cascade, and lurches forward with renewed power as he starts calling upon the ties that bind him to Maia, Jason, Donnie, and Eric… Well. Maia and Eric at any rate. Haldor's still not real sure who Jason and Donnie are.

Power crackles over Haldor's body as he aims to start hacking at the armored form of Simbi Makaya. He has a plan, to be sure, but Simbi is still much too close to the relics. Blades flash through the air, moving at impossible speeds as Haldor tries less to kill and more to drive back the elder god.

That complete, Haldor backflips away from the blinded Snake God and lands in the deity's former footsteps. Haldor crouches down and starts collecting all of the relics from the ground while drawing upon his inner energies to keep himself empowered with such awesome speed. With more waves of sand and fog, Haldor blasts toward the Leviathan's open maw to deposit the powerful items there for safekeeping.

Another task complete, Haldor whirls around and starts surfing across the sand and ice toward Simbi Makaya once more. The Viking spins his returned swords rapidly, building up his speed and concentration as he zeroes in on his target. With a tremendous pulse of power, Haldor sails into the air, leaving a great depression in the sand of the ground. In midair, Haldor pirouettes and then twists his body about.

Haldor descends upon Simbi head and blades first while his body rotates at speeds nearly as tremendous as his own momentum. The Viking roars in terrible fury as he channels all of his strength into the next blow and summoning forth his own divine virtues to not only face this terrible creature face-to-face, but to endure all that might result from the coming moments. For little reason other than American anime-over-indulgence, Haldor screams a nonsensical attack name at Simbi, perhaps in tandem with impact.


Mami Wata isnt going to be happy at all. Her best sex slave just became a eunuch! The two balls drop towards the ground in a bloody mess and he roars in pain. This hurts! It relaly hurts! The men should be feeling some sympathy pain as well, cause come on, he just got his balls shot off.

Distracted by the fact that the there are two ofuda stuck over his eyes, nhe cries out as blades flash through the air as the FRIGID VIKING TORNADO DECAPITATION BLENDER does it's thing. Slash after slash after slash. The once handsome and muscular form of the WEst African man has been brutalized and cut. He's already lost a lot of blood with the enormous pulse of power and he gasps, having almost been killed by his hubris. He groans in pain and starts to change.

Once again he starts chanting. The same dark miasma starts to be created, but this time, just around him as the blood on his body starts to change form. Blood soon becomes scales. His bones crack and his neck elongates. His entire body shifts slowly shifts into that of a giant snake, taking on the full avatar form of the beast until he's half the length of the Leviathan itself, doing a full Jafar transformation.

As he changes, he summons forth the bodies from the Gallery of Corpses. The spirits of the angry and lustful dead start to rise from the waters threatening to overwhelm our heroes by sheer force and number. Johanssen's brings out a relic sword as he starts rushing those inside the leviathan. They bring out their weapons, the number of Scions now serving the necropheliac slutbag of the Dark Loa too numerous to count.

At the gruesome sight, Maia's eyes widen and as she starts forming various seals with her hands before she reaches into her pockets, pulling out another ofuda, this time having various script in beautifully done calligraphy on it and closes her eyes. Once again she draws upon her onmyouji practice, hopefully training for what's to come.

"On hando madara abokyajyayani sorosoro sowaka! Honor the prayers within, multiple gods that descended prior to proper beings. Eliminate the Titanspawn, read the words, dance for the dead, do it immediately!"

Her hair starts to blow froman unseen breeze as she raises the piece of paper up in the air and it starts to glow brightly with a sapphire blue energy surrounding both her and the prayer strip. It starts to concentrate at a point before soon, the floor, or rather the mouth of the Leviathan is marked with a BLUE Star that is so not a pentagram. From the five corners of the star acircle is made that soon starts to spread out, getting bigger and bigger as it soon engulfs the spirits that are closest. Eight of the warriors are thrown back and soon their spirits leave the bodies once more, no longer bound by the power of Mami Wata herself, and with that, Maia huffs, looking quite exhausted.

"Guys! We need to get out of here! Giant Snake Monster thing!"

"Fuck" Jason says ineloquently as he quickly sheaths his guns back into his jacket. He seems to decide that Haldor is more than a match for the two dead Scions currently attempting to get within the Leviathan, a hard gaze instead turning towards the shore where more seem set to emerge. Wheras the viking has been looking rather frosty most of this fight the Scion of Aphrodite now seems to flicker with flames for a moment, fixating a fiery gaze on the sand near the beach as he calls out "Ignite!" His arm sweeps sharply to the side, in the distance sudden roaring flames appearing in the sand. A solid wall of fire that any corpses from below must pass through to reach our intrepid heroes. Then that is it, he's hoofing it back into the Leviathon.

"… okay… See… This is why all Scions should be trained in this shit…"

Haldor staggers back several steps as Simbi Makaya (Sambi Makaya?) starts transmuting himself into a positively retardedly huge Snake in front of Haldor. The Viking is covered in sand and godblood, as is the sand all around him and Simbi. Slowly the Viking retreats, perhaps because of Aesir Virtues or perhaps because /HOLY CRAP THAT IS A /GIANT/ MOFO'ING SNAKE/.

After a moment or two, Haldor whirls around, spraying a mist of blood from his body, before suddenly hurtling toward the Leviathan and the dead warriors trying to enter it. With a roar, Haldor aims to jam his still frigid swords through the warriors' skulls. This may be more visually badass than usual for the fact that there are giant bloodcicles hanging from his swords afterward.

Haldor's swords explode through the heads of the dead warriors. Giant frozen spikes of blood jut from all angles of his swords as Haldor jerks them free of the bodies. The Viking grunts and leaps into the Leviathan's mouth, the transformation to drumsticks appearing to knock the spikes free. FEEDING TIME FOR THE LEVIATHAN, BLOOD OF THE DAMNED!

Instead, the Viking turns to face out of that tremendous maw. He takes up a curious stance, one that Maia's never seen the Viking adopt before. Between his outstretched hands, ice starts to crackle and form in the shape of a Viking longbow. Knobby icicles project at various angles along the leading edge of the bow while a shimmering string of nearly ethereal frozen fog forms between a pair of Haldor's fingers.


Giant snakes and Leviathans don't mix. The objective has been completed and then some as Eric and donnie were saved as well as their relics! And look! Bonus is that they stole a relic from a Dark Loa and psised off one of the Titan Avatars. It is all good. It is very good for the three demigods. Surely this will make an exciting and long spread out issue in the Super Sugoi Awesome New Gods.

The Leviathan closes his mouth once everyone is inside and Maia falls to her knees looking exhausted. Mentally and physically and emotionally. She faced her own mortality today and trembles a little as she's bloodied and bruised and chews on her lips. She's quiet for a few moments before she cheers and fistpumps in the air.

"Holy crap! We just fought a god. We just fought a god and didnt die! We just fought a god, saved your brothers and didnt die!" she says, still caught in disbelief as it's all so surreal. She heads towards Haldor and starts to kiss him deeply before she purrs softly. "You have no idea how turned on I am right now.." she growls a little much to Eric and Donnie's amusement.

It's at least a couple hour trip back to the Henrietta Marie. And there are rooms and food in the Leviathan…so..yeah.

Jason looks between Maia and Haldor as they get all intimate and he asides to Donnie, "Atlantean Goddess Amnis? Totally has her body. Wears a leather cops outfit and just loves to fuck. So if you ever want to have a go without facing the big scary frozen Viking, and you know, don't mind sticking your cock into an evil snickering would be world destroying bitch you could totally hit that." He lets out a long breath and rubs at his eyes, "But for now. You know. That Bagel just did not cut it. I'm going to go have a feast."

Haldor's concentration is utterly hijacked as he is all but dipkissed by Maia. As a result, his frigid bow shatters into a spray of snow that quickly melts against the Leviathan's tongue. The Viking blinks a few times, piercing blue eyes wide with a mixture of surprise, confusion, and mild embarassment.

What? Like you wouldn't be embarassed if your girlfriend suddenly propositioned you in front of your brother, some dude you don't really know well, the brother of that dude you don't really know well who you know even less well, and probably about a dozen or so other people you don't know at all?

Yeah. I thought so.

The warriors that were saved simply laugh and chuckle softly at the sight. Maia is the only female on board afterall and there's a bit of jealous directed towards Haldor even though most there were threatened to die by snu-snu. Still, most of them wander off except for Eric who just pats Haldor on the shoulder.

"You are so fucking lucky.." and he too wanders off with Donnie who blinks a little before peering towards Jason.

"I may have to hit that. Havent been with a Japanese chick in a while.."

Maia just giggles alittle as she wrinkles her nose and squeezes the Viking fondly, giggling impishly the entire time. "Come on hun. I'll make us some food and we can all catch up, then you, me, bed..that's all I have to say.." and winks.

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