Vette Adams
Yvette Adams
Portrayed By: Shannon Lucio
Status: Alive
Age: 27
Calling: Science Genius Girl
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Divine Parent: Hephaestus
Significant Other(s): Rufus Scrivner


When Vette's mother Abigail Adams met an absent-minded physics professor during her college years, she certainly didn't realize anything was out of the ordinary. They shared an apartment for the better part of Abigail's senior year, and that is where Yvette was conceived. Deeply in love with "Hector," (who was, in truth, Hephaestus), Abigail was hurt and confused when he simply disappeared on her. Fate wasn't too kind to her either. Complications from the C-section that had allowed her to deliver her baby at all soon killed her. Vette was placed in the foster care system.

Now, many "f-kids," as they call themselves at times have legitimately dark stories when it comes to bouncing from foster home to foster home, but Vette really does not. It wasn't a very stable childhood, but she accepted it, adjusted, and did the best she could with the "system." She was placed with decent homes and only switched three of them throughout her 18 years of life. When there were switches, it usually had nothing to do with her; the first foster family ended up burdened with family illness that made it financially untenable, the second foster family ended up pursuing a job opportunity overseas. The third foster family held her for her teenage life, and the kindly pastor who raised her was nice enough. That said, at 18, she was on her own.

She'd done reasonably well in school, being a bright child, and she probably could have gotten any scholarship she wanted—if she'd wanted one. Her dream was to dance. She'd never had dance lessons, though, and most serious dancers start at thirteen. Vette did not care. She found herself a tiny utilities paid rental room and got a job at a dog grooming parlor. She shopped at the dollar store in order to afford the dance classes she needed. She was determined, and worked herself raw, only to manage a few inconsequential spots in the chorus line of small scale company dances. Most of the gigs didn't even pay, and at 26 she's facing some ageism too. Vette, though, doesn't give up easily.

Of course, there was the matter of her father. He came to her in a dream to express his disapproval of her dancing career by tossing her into a dream maze full of twisting passages and deadly foes. When Vette began using high dancer kicks to defend herself, proving the strength the art had brought to legs and body, and began explaining that the science of motion is no less the science of motion for being used in living matter than in unliving matter, Hephaestus relented.

The next day one of his sacred cranes showed up and delivered his gifts to his daughter: two puzzle box charms on a heavy iron chain. They were the Puzzlebox of Logic and the Puzzlebox of Insight. The boxes consist of many moving pieces and parts that can be flipped, slid, twisted, and turned to form pictures. Whenever Vette manages to solve a puzzle and create a picture the God awards her a boon. So far Vette has solved three of the puzzles. In the act of solving them she has become well aware that she may never achieve her personal goals because her father's charge will get in the way,but she has accepted this. She has learned to be at peace with the beauty of her art for it's own sake and cares little if she reaches a stage. She'd longed for a parent all her life, and deep inside of her is the urge to please the one she still does have. She may never be much of a mathematician or a metallurgist, but she can seek to be the best hero she can be.


Vette often comes across as a little distant and out of it, though she's more perceptive than she lets on these days. Often, she just can't be bothered to pay attention to things she considers to be minor details. Instead, she's BUSY, focusing on something else. She has become a creature of her mind, and sometimes the practicality and intellect that rules her seems to outdo any other quality. Yet she is courageous, often combining her intelligent, wits, and valor into a deadly combination that results in surprises for those she opposes. Some have accused her of being too quick and too ruthless to dispose of an enemy, too willing to divide the world into black and white terms. Vette believes she is simply calmly pragmatic about the whole thing, and only tries to destroy that which would destroy or harm others.


(If there is a * next to the name she's got this person's phone number).

*Scrivner — This is a new relationship but it would be safe to say that Rufus and Vette have become an item. They found much in common on a drive home after harpies nearly took off with him, and, Vette being Vette, she just outright told him she was interested. Now they are both an item and bandmates.

*Simone — Vette's bandmate and big sister figure. Vette loves Simone to death, though occasionally she gets a bit of an inferiority complex around her.

*Marius — Now that Marius is acting a bit less flirty and a bit more brotherly, Vette has gotten a lot more comfortable with her bandmate. She doesn't know whether to be amused or appalled by the way he teases Rufus though…

*Glory — She met Glory while Glory was eating a hot dog, and they talked dancing. She enjoyed the lady's company enough to be interested in hanging out with her again, finding her world travels and different dance styles fascinating.

*Dee — At first Vette was a little taken aback by Dee. But as she's gotten to know her cousin better she's started to feel rather quite warm towards her. She's enjoyed the time she's spent with her and the times she's gotten to work with her. Now they are bandmates.

Pauline — Pauline scared Vette. Then Pauline smiled, and Vette instantly liked her. She wouldn't mind developing a friendship.

Erasma — Vette is so thrilled to have a sister that she has no idea where to start.

Wesley — How the hell did this guy start amusing her?

Shou — First he was annoying. Then he grew on her. In spite of snapping at him for his joking ways, she's grown to more or less like the guy.

Hikaru — She's very amusing! Vette finds him warm and friendly—a soothing presence. Her?

Melissa — Vette has no idea what to make of Melissa, at all.

Halima — Her band was telling her how wonderful and intelligent Halima was, and Vette couldn't wait to meet her. Then? Vette did. They met under really bad circumstances, and Vette now hates Halima, enough to lose control over her emotions about it, which so rarely happens.

Ash — Thanks to Ash, Vette's opinion is that the Aztecs are all creepy mofos who should be avoided at all costs.

Enrique — A man who has further increased Vette's conviction that the Aztecs are all creepy.

Events Thus Far

Rufus and Vette have a motorcycle race and she teases him and gives him her phone number. Durandal very quietly hints that they shouldn't do that again. Later, she meets Simone, Marius and Dee at a coffee shop, Sometimes No One is Outed. When Simone calls her and Marius the next day she shows up. When Scrivner interrupts the conversation accidentally it seems as though their budding discussion of Scionhood will go nowhere fast, and Marius leaves. However, things become painfully clear when harpies show up to take Scrivner. Scrivner, Simone and Vette fight them off (though Vette is fairly ineffectual). A Good Time Was Had By All. After, Rufus drives Vette home and she expresses her interest in exploring a relationship with him.

She does a brief production out at Coney Island where Marius introduces her to Glory and Kylee (What Getting a Hot Dog Means). A few days later a few medusae showed up at her apartment intent on eating her roommate's eyes. When they found only her, they attacked anyway. Rufus and Marius rescued her (Superman vs. Wolverine) and Rufus declared her far too much trouble to be left alone, so she's since moved in with him.

After Simone does some investigating the band goes looking for harpies, First Date, and finds harpies. After that Vette washes the exact wrong poodle, a series of events that leads her and Scrivner out to the rift at Ellis Island. She takes a rock cast of a footprint and brings it back to Simone Torchwood Talks Trouble. A few band tensions about moralities and jealousies within the band sort of rear their ugly head that day, but by the time the whole band + Dee get invited to a really bad party they seem to have gotten put aside. After all, confronting a murderous scion Colonel Mustard in the Hall with a Knife sort of takes precedence over any other concerns.

At this point the band begins investigating the Ellis Island events more closely.

Watching Ellis Island
The Key of Columbia
Keys and I.D.s

She also gets slimed shortly after Dee joins the band. Slimer Hits Central Park

After that things get quiet for awhile, giving Vette time to solve one of her relic's puzzles and gain the skill of Warding. Catching Up and Warding. She even has time to meet and geek out with her baby sister…Family Fun at Coney Island and Greek Sisters Speaking Geek and Dinner Embarrassment. And she meets one of Rufus' coworkers…Chinese, Coffee and Creepiness.

That's the end of the quiet though. She and Rufus begin dealing with all kinds of things, from angels, to a drug called Chimera, to robot brains, to more creepy angels, to crazy Halloween life. And explaining the birds and the bees to baby Scions. And sucky prophecies.

Comedy of Errors, Part Three
Sciontology 101
Don't Blink
It's the Great Pumpkin, Wesley Brown
And I Feel Fine

There are also some angels. Comedy of Errors-Part 3

Soon, Vette and her friends are called upon by Fate to rescue an imprisoned Muse:

Trouble in Central Park
Step into my Parlour
Bunch of Bull
The Doctor and the Lady

Now the home city is turned into New Atlantis. So far, Vette has attacked Princesses, been knocked out by her boyfriend by accident, and fought a GINORMOUS SNAKE OF JUSTICE.


Puzzlebox of Logic gives access to the Earth Purview, Guardian Purview, and adds Legend Dice to Dex + Brawl. Puzzlebox of Insight gives access to the Fire Purview and Psychopomp Purview. Euterpe's Gift allows a Legend roll with Dex+Firearms. See Pistol of Sagacity and Puzzlebox of Intuition on sheet below.

Character Sheet

Strength 3 Charisma 4 Perception 4
Dexterity 6 Manipulation 1 Intelligence 6
Stamina 5 Appearance 4 Wits 6
Academics 3 Animal Ken 3 Art 4
Athletics 3 Brawl 2 Control 3
Empathy 3 Fortitude 3 Integrity 3
Medicine 4 Presence 3 Craft—Earth 3
Marksmanship 5 Science: Geology 2 Science: Physics 4
Science: Biology 3 Science: Materials 1 Craft: Electronics 2
Science: Chemistry 1 Awareness: 2 Occult 3
Science: Materials: 2 Science: Physics: 4 Science: Biology 4
Melee 4
Puzzlebox of Insight … 2 Puzzlebox of Logic ….. 3 Euterpe's Gift….1
Insight=Earth/Guardian/Legend Die Boost Logic=Fire/Psychopomp
Puzzlebox of Intuition…3 Pistol of Sagacity…5
Intuition=Moon/Mystery/Fertility Sagacity=-2 to Pistol Speed, +3 to Pistol Lethal Dmg
Fire Immunity Bolster Fire Safely Interred
Echo Sounding Shaping Arete-1-Craft
Warning Line Where Are You? Unbarred Entry
Ward Earth Armor Blazing Weapon
Mystery~1 Fire Eye Flamin' Bullets
Cat's Grace Holy Fortitude Inner Furnace
Lightning Sprinter Self-Healing Fast Learner
Star Pupil Concept to Execution Well Read Virgin
Fast as Thought Adaptive Fighting Know-It-All
Jack of All Trades Regeneration Solipsistic Well Being
Untouchable Opponent Blockade of Reason Telepathy
Titanium Tools Sharpshooter Holy Bound
Epic Attributes
Strength 2 Charisma Perception 1
Dexterity 4 Manipulation Intelligence 5
Stamina 5 Appearance Wits 3
Expression 3 Intellect 4 Valor 5
Vengeance 2
Legend 6 Legend Points 36
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 7/7
Health -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D

Soak: 16/14/5 (Bashing/Lethal/Agg)
DV: 19 Dodge, with Untouchable Opponent 26 Dodge
Carries a somewhat old fashioned looking pistol called the Colt .45 Peacemaker. Also referred to as the Colt Single Action Army Rifle, it adds +2 to her Dex + Firearms roll, does 7L damage, has a range of 20 feet and holds 6 bullets in the clip. This is now covered in rings of orichalcum with the Greek word for Sagacity upon it, and is a relic, see above. Speed 3.
Carries 6 Harpy Talon throwing knives. 1L + Str dmg., +1 Acc, 40 ft. range, made of brass.
Gun Attack Roll: Dex 6 + Marksmanship 4 + Legend 6 + 2 Acc=18 to Attack + 7 Epic Dex Succ
Gun Damage Roll:7L+Overage+4 Per+1=12+Overage+1 Epic Per Succ
Craft Roll:Dex 6+Craft 3+Arete 1=10 + 7 Epic Dex Succ
Warhammer Attack Roll: Dex 6 + Melee 4 = 10 to attack + 7 Epic Dex Succ
Warhammer Damage Roll: 5B + 3 Str + 1 = 9 to attack + Overage + 2 Epic Str Succ

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