Portrayed By: Thomas Jane
Status: Alive?
Age: Late 20's
Calling: Survivor
Pantheon: Renunciated
Divine Parent: Renunciated
Significant Other(s): Miruan in a sense


Vargr wasn't my name but it is now. In fact the term means lone wolf or outlaw. Someone who lived outside the law. Someone who had no rights and had no place in the community or world. I am a dead man walking and sometimes I wonder if I am a man. My father threw me away as a pawn because I was believed to be a defective Scion, or so I believe. I have no talent when it came to boons and the like. So I was sent on suicide mission after suicide mission. Only to realize much later that they were indeed suicide missions but I managed to keep living through them. Until I was given a recent mission in which I was captured. The being who captured had replaced most of my body with machines to try and study and experiment on scions. If you ever thought what was torture before; try having your bones disintegrated and replaced and the nerve endings forcibly attached with no anesthetics. Am I a Scion or a Chimerae? I question this often as my divine parent let me die. A mission for the US and was covered up. Found my target and was left as a sacrificial pawn. But the pawn had lived and I doubt my parent even cares or noticed. I now wonder what it is to be alive or dead? Damn the gods and damn those that stand in my way. In this world or the next I will have my vengeance.

A prologue is quite the defining trait. He didn't see the mission over though. A twisted sense of loyalty he still follows through with his last command. Find Ixion and kill him. During his time, he hears whispers of encouragement and sometimes of reprimand. He goes forward and never stops moving.

I tell anyone who wants to employ me long term to buzz off. I am my own being. No ones pawn. I serve myself and only myself. Pray you don't see me again. Because wherever I go. So does a body count. Every time someone dies my odds of survival go up and the odds of me finding Ixion go up.

<What he looks like now> images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS-a4FyX-Jtazu6NG7oM4Zg-I3dK3fSGWiHhwc8Hwe91x7ZhjCwsA

(In game thoughts background) So within the first few days. I pick up a contract to kill some child. Big deal. People die everyday and well you can't save everyone. I never try. A successful mission that gets me more reputation and a greater connection with the vile types of people of NYC. To me this is a victory. I can't rest knowing he is alive and well. The one who did this to me. So a few people got involved in my first mission. It won't discourage my next mission or the next three hundred. I sometimes feel or hear a whisper encouraging me along this path. I think its my own soul, who else would encourage the path of real justice.

After the time with the Bar, he has had some sort of stirring for Miruan. He is reading books like "Men are from Mars." To try and acclimate himself back to a social life.

During his time in battery park. He meets a titanspawn but instead of battle. He seems seduced. He feels once again abandoned. Wasn't it obvious the man with few feelings falls in love in a look? Vargr saw this opportunity as a guide who can lead him on the path to find Ixion.


A man crushed by grief and regret. He regrets his past and looks to the present for answers. He is a man looking for blood and the problem with that is that they find it. At brief times he has lucid moments when he remembers what he was and what he has become and wonders what it is to be a man. Then he is overcome by rage at his predicament. Hate and Malice are just feelings, but they are feeling that resonate almost to his core. He hates Odin for everything. Yet Odin has been using pain and suffering to gain wisdom and perhaps he is forcing that wisdom upon his son.


*'s mean Vargr hasn't spoken to them, so its an opinion based on first sight.

Owain Seems a reasonable man, But what is his angle?
Jamie Her Zealous nature worries me. If she knew about my plight. I don't know how I'd react
Lauren Technically she is my cousin and I bare her no malice. I just don't understand her.
Chance Naive and doesn't understand what the truth.
Miruan Though no matter how hard I try. She seems to be causing me to have these "stirrings"
Ken We work together, doesn't mean we like each other.
yaretzi She battles monsters but I doubt she has seen a real monster

Events Thus Far

A bloody affair
the man who said too little
a dish best served warm

The Legend

So Vargr's legend goes. When he was just a young man he was pressured into being a CIA operative. He fought Titanspawn in the name of Uncle Sam. A joint Aesir-American operation. I was very successful at what I did.

Rumors- He actually met Ixion face to face.
Rumors- He is no longer a scion anymore but a Chimerae in human skin.
Rumors- He is believed to be a hitman and professional criminal who seems to never leave a trace.
Rumors- He works for the titans.
Rumors- He works for himself and left the service of the gods in the titan war.
Rumors- He is a secret agent who works for the gods by pretending to work for the titans.
Rumors- He is actually dead and the rumors are just those rumors.

Character Sheet

Strength 3 Charisma 2 Perception 3
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 3
Stamina 4 Appearance 3 Wits 3
Academics 1 Empathy 3 Athletics 3
Investigation 1 Medicine 2 Stealth 2
Awareness 2 Fortitude 3 Larceny 2
Melee 2 Presence 1 Art_Acting 1
Brawl 3 Integrity 1 Marksmanship 2
Occult 1
No Relics
He has no talent for boons Which lead to his betrayal
Cat's Grace Holy Bound Holy Rampage
Damage Conversion Self-Healing Solipsistic Well Being
Lightning Sprinter Serpent's Gaze Untouchable Opponent
Social Chameleon Uplifting Might Subliminal Warning
Epic Attributes
Strength 3 Charisma 0 Perception 1
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 0 Intelligence 0
Stamina 3 Appearance 1 Wits 1
Virtue 1 Virtue 2 Virtue 3
Virtue 4
Legend 4 Legend Points 16/16
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 6/6
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D
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