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Scene Title UO! UO! Dear G-d UO!
Synopsis Jo gets the bright idea to summon something to help with combat training for Dion. Things go wrong, of course.

James Madison High School Gymnasium

It is large, it is spacious.. and all in all not bad, but nothing can take the smell of a gym away, sadly. In this the temple sanctified to sweat and physical labour, there are a number of classical things. Like basket hoops, benches, ropes, wall bars and such.

Most of the time the floor is relatively empty, there are doors leading into storage rooms on each side of the gym, where the equipment can be retrieved as needed. These are most oftenly kept tidy, and the gear is in good shape. Whoever runs this place doesn't like to see things get destroyed due to neglect.

One of these doors do not lead to a simple storage room however, but rather to a room filled with heavy things. Weights, machines and things designed to make the strong jocks even bigger. Once in a while people of somewhat smaller stature can be seen in there, but they are not as frequent.

The summer is fast drawing to a close, and the start of the school year is creeping closer, but has not set upon the students of New Atlantis quite yet. As such the halls of James Madison High School are empty - the teachers have left for the day, abandoning their preparations for the school year in favor of less work-related things. This makes the gymnasium an excellent spot for training. Each of you has received a text message from Jocelyn indicating that she had an idea for further training beyond sparring, and that you should meet her at the school gymnasium at 9:00, but doesn't really offer much more in the way of details.

As you approach the gymnasium, you find that the doors to the gymnasium are open slightly, and the lights are on low, but there seems to a bit of a flicker to the light, and the slight smell of burning cedar and sage. Just inside the gym, Jo sits crosslegged on the floor, just outside the circle at center court, wearing a plain, flowing, black sundress that seems to be floor length. She's got a large old book open on her lap, and has two candles lit just inside the circle before her, a small silver plate and knife just outside the circle in front of her. The circle on the floor has been scribbled over with white chalk, in Greek, if anyone is looking. Jo appears to be rather deep in thought, and is going over something as people arrive.

Aillen makes his way to the gymnasium at the appointed time, Gae Bolga resting over his shoulder. Jo's ideas for sparring may not match his own, but sometimes having a proper weapon to act in representation was better than the fake weapons that they often practiced with. He is at least wearing athletic training attire, all in black yet well made for wicking away sweat. As Jo sits in the center of a circle, an eyebrow raises, "I hadn't known you'd gotten a black sundress. It looks good." He grins. Hey, if she is going to be doing weird stuff, he can at least make his comments.

Schoooool! First time in public school! Exciting! Sophia even got invited to something! Thrills! She has a backpack with her and a slurpee. She slurps it as she approaches and peers. flickering lights. oooh, candles. "Oh heeeeey," She notices Jo and Aillen. Whoa. Spear. She pauses. She has some athletic wear on, though as usual it's some suitably nerdy sort. She smiles. "You look nice today," she agrees with Aillen. Sophia looks around. "And it smells good in here. Normally gyms are kinda stanky…"

Jocelyn blinks and looks up from her notes, grinning as people start arriving, "Evening all. Thanks for showing up," she grins, "Sorry for the, ah, candles and incense and stuff. Never /exactly/ tried this particular spell, but it's not that hard. I can totally do this," she nods and looks down at the book again, chewing on her lower lip. She blushes slightly at the compliments, grinning a bit, but continues making herself concentrate on the task at hand, "Mind the outer circle. That one's chalk, and took a bit to actually get circular, it smudges easily." Jo nods to the white and red outline about two feet behind her, "We'll get underway once Dion arrives." She's sort of talking into her book, muttering to herself in rather indistinct Latin as she concentrates.

Aillen nods and he looks around the gym a few more times, looking over the chalk lines. "A spell? For training? What’s that supposed to do?" He spins the spear around in his hands a few times, getting his body limbered up. "And nice to see you Sophia. Good to have you along. Whats your weapon of choice?" He grins as he looks her over a moment, trying to guess out her skill set.

Sophia glances around. She smiles at Jo. "Thank you for inviting me. And you can cast spells?" Her eyebrows lift. "Like, ever turn anyone into a newt? That would be hilarious actually." Heehee. dork. Sophia pauses, "Yeah, you'll be fine," She thinks Jo can do it. Go Jo! "Okay, that sounds good." Sophia pauses and pulls her charm bracelet off. With a little motion, it becomes a chain whip. Oooo. "Huh? Umm. I didn't really want the skimpy golden underpants and sword sooooo- I guess I use this whip chain." Thingy. Yeah. She nods. "It's good to see you Aillen," She smiles back.

Jocelyn grins and shifts around slightly, double-checking her handiwork one more time and referencing the book, "Yeah. I cast the spells that make the people fall down," she grins a bit, "Or at least I try to." She closes the book and sets it down beside her between the circles, a thin ribbon marking her page, rising to her feet gently and gathering the skirt of the sundress up around her knees so she doesn't smudge the chalk, "And yes. A spell for training. I can summon a minor warrior spirit to, um, well, spar against us. In theory," there's a slight waver of nervousness to her voice, and she stretches her arms over her head, sighing slightly. She's barefoot, which makes her marginally shorter than normal, and the dress is indeed floor length.

"Wait, you're summoning a spirit to spar against us?" Aillen raises a brow and shakes his head looking at the circles again. "Well I hope you know what you're doing there Jo. So you're going to have Dion fight against the spirit, we give pointers and voila?" He shakes his head, certainly was different than anything he's done. Aillen smiles and looks over Sophia's weapon. "Nice thing there. And I guess you'd be more comfortable not pretending like you're in Three Hundred. I'm sure you've heard all the Sparta jokes. The golden spandex probably doesn't feel too comfortable for you."

Sophia blinks. "Really?" Sophia IS a noob Scion. She rubs the back of her head. "Neat. I still wanna see the newt thing." Mwehehe. Newts. She shakes it off after a moment. "That must be interesting." She considers. A look to Aillen. "Thanks. And um. I'd uh, yeah. More comfortable not. And only a few actually," She admits, holding up a finger. "I couldn't imagine golden spandex, let alone regular spandex," One eye closes as she thinks. "I'm pretty sure that would count as a war crime in most places," She isn't above a self depreciating joke. "And it's - I guess a chain whip. Thingy." She has to be careful, lest she put her eye out. "I think the carpet is cooler buuuuut I can't really hurt anyone with a rug. Unless you count massive rugburn."

What's the term? Fashionably late? Yes. Dion is 'fashionably late'. Actually, he's really late. Despite that, he strolls in like there's not a thing wrong, head held high. "Here I am! The party can start!" He's dressed for sparring, though. If by 'dressed', one means in a smart little outfit that includes a half-cape draped over his back. As a mercy though, there's no gold spandex. Instead, he looks more like a cross between a matador and a complete fop. "What did I miss?" he asks as he looks around the gym.

Jocelyn sighs and looks at Dion, raising an eyebrow, "Ah, nothing, yet. We were kinda waiting on you, oh fashionably late one," she bows slightly at her friend, smirking slightly. She turns to face Dion, making sure he doesn't manage to sweep grandly through the hour worth of work she'd done on preparation, "Well, you, are going to actually fight something other than us," Jo grins broadly, a hint of a giggle in her voice, "I ah, rather suggest removing the cape. It's a bit of a liability in a fight, honestly." She nods, starting to walk back towards her set up in the center of the gym, "We'll be here to back you up. If necessary," she nods again, settling herself back into the spot between the circles, book back in her lap.

"Yep, we'll let you know what to look out for. Just pay attention and keep your guard up. And like she said, take off the cape. Someone grabs that thing and you're in trouble." Aillen walks about the room, letting Gae Bolga rest on his shoulder. "I'm sure we can all learn a thing or two from watching him fight this thing. Battle cries, mighty blows, that sort of thing." He grins, not wanting Dion to feel too bad over it. Holding the spear over his head "To arms everyone! Look lively!"

Boggle! Sophia is in awe of Dion's costume. "Wow! Hey there," She smiles and waves. "And I don't know, it looks kind of awesome. But that's probably true…" She considers. Still. It's awesome. With the call to arms, Sophia gently tugs a ribbon from her hair. Fwip! Flying - well, hovering carpet. It's cool to chill on a hovering carpet and she sits crosslegged, whip resting around her. "Okay!" She will totally look fierce. Warface. … not really.

Dion tosses his head and therefore his hair, when Jo calls him on being late. "Yes, but look at my hair. It's perfect. You wouldn't believe the lengths I have to go to, to make it look like this." Of course, then there's a bit of a pout. "The cape? But I look so good in it…" Then though, something gets through his head after he hmphs and starts to remove his cape with a flourish sort of move. "Wait, what? Am I fighting something by myself?"

Jocelyn snorts from her seated position inside the circles, not looking up from her book, "Yes. It's not going to be anything big. Just a nice simple warrior spirit. Something you can handle easily enough," she takes a deep breath and settles herself in, "And we'll all be here as backup," she smiles, reaching out with her left hand for the dagger sitting inside the circle, double checking the book in her lap. Jo takes another deep breath and starts reading aloud in Ancient Greek (essentially asking that a spirit be sent to aid in their training… platitudes about Greek heroes and legends, blah blah blah… for those who speek Ancient Greek). Her voice rises, and she raises the dagger and as she says the last word lets her hand fall, slashing over her right palm, trying really hard not to wince as she holds her hand over the plate, eventually slamming her hand down onto the inner circle, wincing slightly.

There's a flash of white light, the smell of sulfur, and the figure standing in the circle is decidedly not what Jo had described. A figure looms within the circle, well over six feet tall and built like a brick wall with dusky grey skin over knotted, hulking muscles. Scraps of fabric and rope cling to his body, some looking vaguely singed, but the overall look implies Early Roman style of dress. Protruding from his forehead are two small horns, stained black with some unknown substance. He chuckles, and looks down at Jocelyn, decidedly the nearest of the group, and smiles - an evil, wicked grin.

"Oh, oh shit." Jocelyn yelps and scoots back unintentionally, her foot kicking out and smudging the sigils on the inner circle. There's another flash of light, and the beast laughs again, a leather booted foot kicking out in Jo's direction, catching the young woman squarely in the head and sending her sliding over the floor, and slamming her motionless form into the seating at the edge of the court. This, needless to say, smudges the hell out of the circles meant to contain the summoned thing.

"Ahhh crap. Dion got your mic? Try and poke it or something while I distract it with Gae Bolga. Your mic probably works on big nasty things right?" Aillen is totally confident… yes, confident. "Sophia welcome to the lovely evenings we have." Aillen lets out a whistle as he spins his spear in his hand as he moves to the side of the demon. "Oi ya wanker, ya ain’t got nothing!" Hey, it was insulting to some people after all. As he launches himself to the side of the thing, he watches for Dion to make a move and spins his weapon into the demons side.

Right. Just a nice little harmless demon. Or something. That's all. Nothing to be afraid of. Just a… big… burly… muscley… "Oh, shit." he says, echoing Jo. "Hello, big fella…" Well, what else was he going to say as he scrambles to take out his wireless microphone and try to wave it at the thing in what looks a lot like panic. "I don't suppose we can work this out nicely?" He's pretty sure that's a stupid question, though.

Finally free of that hellish prison, the beast stretches, laughing. After kicking the fool who freed him out of the way, he turns his attention to the remaining three young godlings, a feral grin spreading over his lips. He takes one step forward, only to find a rather painful spear buried in his side - he snarls, grabbing at his side instinctually, hand now covered in glistening black blood. And then, there's something else - an almost gentle tap from the more delicate looking of the three. And then, there's something, a sense, deep in his corrupted heart that stirs - a sense of need - for alcohol, debauchery, and other such things. His grin broadens as his eyes settle on Dion - the closest of the three. The demonic soldier reaches down for Dion, apparently trying to hug him…

Hey, he hit it! That's good, right? Dion actually smiles a little, pleased with himself. Maybe… it'll… help. … And then he sees the look in the demon's eyes. No, that did not improve his situation. At all. His eyes turn into saucers as he tries to get out of arm's reach of the thing as quickly as possible while activating Untouchable Opponent. Meanwhile, he replies in the only reasonable way possible for him - he screams like a little girl. That might not really help the demon lose interest, though.

H-hey! That's not how it works. Sophia jerks upright. "Oh. Er." Wait. She totally saw this in a non-300 context. "Right. Uhm." How DOES one get the attention of a Roman Centurion in a frenzy after your most fabulous friend? Wait. She's got it. "Hey! You!" Whipcrack. "If it weren't for the Greeks, the Persians would have totally kicked your butt," Nyaaaaah. She sticks her tongue out at him. Alas, Sophia is not busty, scantily clad nor really unusual in any way outside of her twin ponytails. "Ummm. Also … uh." Shoot. Taunting is NOT something Sophia was given in Scion 101. Well, maybe actions speak louder than words and pasties for armor. She rears back with her whip and decides to smack the Roman with it. Smacking the Roman totally sounds like a euphemism, doesn't it? She seems to be good at it though, flexible, artful - not slapping herself in the face.

Apparently numerous centuries in a pocket dimension of Hell will really screw with your depth perception - the beastie attempts to 'hug' Dion, and misses horribly, its arms swinging over the young mans head, missing him completely. And then there's a distracting yelling from nearby, and the centurion frowns in the direction of the pig-tailed young woman. His eyes catch on hers, and he's completely unable to defend himself from the chain attack. The links wrap around his neck, and there's a tug, and a spurt of viscous black blood shoots forth from the neck as his head detaches from his body, rolling briefly along the gym floor before the entirety of the remains vanish into a puff of foul smelling black smoke - it smells like sulfur… mmm sulfur.

Aillen watches it vanish, pausing a moment to wait and see if it recovers and reforms itself. "Think you got it Sophia. " He makes his way over to Jo on the ground, leaning over her and patting her on the cheek. "Jo, wake up, no more evil demon. All is well."

There is a LOT of relief as the demon doesn't get its hands on Dion. As much as the young man doesn't like lots of blood and violence, he's okay with Sophia popping the head off the demon. The alternative was too frightening to even dwell on. Mostly. Ehem. Moving right along, he backs away from the dead thing. Well away. He waits until Jo's more conscious, then says "How about we just put a pink boa around my neck and parade me in front of skinheads next time? It'll be safer."

"Um. Holy crap." That's never worked quite that way before. Sophia is just boggled. "Oh ew, it smells like farts. Hey, is Jo okay?" Peer and a frown. "I'm glad you're okay too," Nodnod at poor Dion. "Hey, um. I guess if he wants to hit stuff I could put on some fencing armor or something and he could whack me with a wooden sword. That might be safer…" She's not a frenzied Centurion at least. She takes a deep breath and just kind of watches for now, not wanting to get underfoot.

Jocelyn is in a bit of a heap against the bleachers, dress smudged with chalk and blood. When she comes around, she pulls her knees up to her chest and whimpers, pressing her forehead against her knees, and quite obviously trying to disappear, "I am so. so. so sorry," she curls up tighter, "It was just supposed to get a minor spirit. Little thing. Not that," she sniffles, "Shouldn't have been anything like that. I'm so so sorry. Sorry," she then continues on to apologize in nearly every language she knows, repeatedly.

Aillen sighs and hefts Jo up off the ground - if she was going to go into a fit like that he might as well get her off the gymnasium floor. "Guess that’s home time for everyone then. I'll get things settled and cleaned up. I'm sure Dion needs a bit of drinking to get certain images out of his head. And nice work Sophia. You did good there." He smiles, and gives a whistle, the sudden rushing of insect wings coming through the air as a swarm of faeries descend around Aillen, he gives them a few orders in Gaelic as they got to work right away, cleaning up the chalk and other implements. "Least you guys learned something I hope."

A bit of drinking? A BIT of drinking? Dion takes out his cup and has a really deep drink. A really, really deep drink, and then he takes a seat right on the floor of the gym. He just lets Jo go on with her apologizing for a while. He does agree with Aillen, saying "Yeah. Thanks, Sophia." he wants to stop thinking about what it might have done to him. Sure, he's cute. That's a little out of hand, though.

Sophia blushes a little. "Erm. Thanks." She wriggles her toes a bit. Still not used to that. Then poor Jo. "Hey… no harm, no foul. Everyone's okay," Poor Dion gets a sympathetic look. "Magic is um. What did mom say about that," She furrows her brows, taps her chin. "Stop doing that or I'll hit you … no wait, that was me asking too many questions. Don't pull your hair so much? No. Oh! Something about the fabric of the universe being a loom and a magician a weaver. Sometimes you pick the thread that looks best and it goes to Heck on you," Shrug. She does look worried about Jo. Then to Aillen. "Thank you. Um. Whoa hey." Faeries. Boggle. "That's pretty neat. I guess I should head home too then. Thank you for inviting me." She smiles faintly. "I appreciate it."

Jo continues on with her apologizing for a good bit longer, curling up further into whatever is now near her, apparently not even realizing that she's been picked up off the ground, let alone by Aillen. It's probably a good thing she's no longer on the floor, as if she were, she'd likely have prostrated herself on the floor while apologizing. After a few more minutes of groveling and apologizing, she takes a deep breath and manages a more cohesive sentence, "It really wasn't supposed to do that. It was supposed to call a benevolent helper type thing. Not that. Shouldn't have called that. Or anything remotely like that," Jo looks to Dion, "I am so, so sorry." She looks genuinely apologetic, and downright ashamed for putting her friends in harms way. She shakes her head, and then realizes that she's not on the floor, and glances up at Aillen, blushing a rather spectacular shade of red and biting her lip, looking bitterly at the stupid circle on the gym floor.

The chalk and all manner of infernal remains are swept away by the efforts of the little pixies at Aillen's orders, even getting the tiny bits of blood spattered from Jo's cut hand, and tidying up the bleachers that were knocked a bit askew. "Well everyone’s alright as I said. Make sure you're safe getting home. I don't think Jo's quite in the right state of mind still. Looks abit feverish to me." He looks to her reddening face and nods. "Probably head trauma stuff. I'll see her home then so there’s one less matter to see to. Will you guys be alright?" As he talks, he seems to be levitating up from the floor, apparently having learned to fly at some point in his life. A few of the faeries grab umbrellas.

Dion nods a little, waving his hand a little that he'll be fine. "No, it's okay. Go ahead. Take care of her." He knows she didn't mean it to happen, after all. He takes out his phone and there's a quick call to Terrance and Madelyne to come get him, and then he looks over to Sophia. "You okay? Need a ride home? Or a lot of alcohol?" He has another deep drink from his ever-full cup, then offers her the sweet, strong wine in it.

Sophia nods, "Please take care of her. I'm okay," Sophia promises. She smiles weakly at Jo. She looks to Dion. "Sure. The company would be fine," She offers a smile. Then a pause. "I've never had that. Is it good?" She kind of peers into the cup. "You're okay if I take a sip?" Uh oh. This could end in hilarity. Or something. "I really appreciate it." Nod. "Thank you."

Jocelyn blushes more at the feverish comment, although she's somewhat happy to have the blush blamed on something else. She glances over at Sophia, "'m real sorry I went an' got you dragged into this, really," she frowns and sighs, looking rather downtrodden, hugging the book she'd been reading from, "Didn' mean to. I owe everyone ice cream. Or dinner, or something as an apology," she nods emphatically and then winces at that action, "An Dion has good wine," another nod, and another wince, "Is good." Jo's still a bit out of it. Combined head trauma, blood loss, and profuse blushing apparently make her less than articulate.

"Alright, enough apologies. Time to get you home. " Aillen nods to the others and he makes his way into the evening on the air carrying Jo, trailed along by his covey of fey, a small canopy of umbrellas kept over head to keep the rain away as he went off.

Dion manages a bit of a chuckle. "It's very good." he assures her. "Have as much as you want. It's not like I'm going to run out," he adds with a weak grin as he waves towards Aillen and Jo. "And we'll get you home safe enough. No worries there."

Sophia nods and will carefully take a sip. Whoa. "Oh. Thanks. Um, really?" She peers down at it. "That sounds good," Best not to go home alone in New Atlantis. She pauses and curls her fingers a little, returning her artifacts to ribbon and charm form. Phew. There we go. "Would look kinda weird lugging a whip around…" She notes wryly. She looks to Jo. "It's okay." Poor Jo. For now, Sophia will sip a little and hang out with Dion until she gets home.

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