Tyr's Children


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Scene Title Tyr's Children
Synopsis Erasma, Scrivner and Tyra were after coffee at the Java House, but Scrivner and Tyra discover they have quite a lot in common.

Java House - Soho - New York City

Sultry notes of Jazz waft through the air, along with the fine aroma of over fifty different types of coffee. Ranging from the esoteric (and delicious) Jamaican Blue Mountain to the almost mundane flavor of amaretto, the Java House carries them all. The interior, while somewhat drab compared to Starbucks, is almost entirely in neutral earth tones. The Java House is less like a house than a long hallway, one lined with a variety of trendy pieces of art.

The noise from all the shoes of the customers in here treading on the hard wood floors sometimes drowns out the music, but it still produces a rhythm all its own. The vibration from the tunes, and from the many feet walking on the wooden floor, almost fills the room with a subtle buzz, one that only complements the excellent coffee here.

At around lunchtime, the coffee house is fairly busy and bustling with a good-sized crowd. Most of the tables are already filled, and conversation nearly drowns out the music of the jazz that's playing. For those who want to have a cup of coffee and a cigarette - because it's the lunch of champions - this is the place. Although Rufus isn't quite into the cigarettes, he does fancy a cup of something. So he stands up in the queue in front of the counter. Carrying a slim laptop bag over one shoulder, a larger carrying case for /something/ else next to it, he keeps his hands tucked into the pockets of his suit jacket and idly peruses the choices on the menu board.

Erasma is standing in line as well though she isn't paying as much attention. Wearing a plaid schoolgirl style skirt and black shirt which reads "Original Gank-Star" along with her hoodie which hides most of the bulkiness of the clothing which comes from the Kevlar best her father made her which she currently has hidden. She is texting something or other into her phone as she waits impatiently.

Tyra makes herself in, pausing just inside to look about the place, the mark of an obvious newbie. Apparently liking the atmosphere and what can be smelt of the coffee over the smoke, she saunters into the back of the line. The obviously Nordic young woman touches the person next in line before asking. "Excuse me, the coffee here is good, ja?" Her deep accent likely makes it a little tough if one is not traveled beyond NY.

Very pale blue eyes flicker away from the menu board and are drawn back behind him. It's by chance alone that Rufus was standing in front of Tyra, and hearing her voice, he pivots on the ball of his foot to face her. Earlier he'd seen both her and Erasma entered; both had earned themselves lingering glances before he turned his attention elsewhere. But now? He tilts his head and studies the blonde woman, and politely, he faintly smiles and says, "It's all right. I'm not much of a coffee drinker myself, however. I prefer the tea." His own accent? Very English.

Erasma turns as well not far behind before she gives a small wry little smile. "Well I wouldn't wait so long for it if it wasn't at least decent. I prefer energy drinks though if you never tried one before you may not be able to catch up." she offers before she slides her phone back into her pocket. Her own eyes flicker to Rufus then back to Tyra.

Tyra looks a touch surprised to hear a so English accent here. Ok so she knows that Americans do not all speak like Texans, which was a surprise, but an Englishman? Being only about two inches shorter than Scrivner, the bright smile that she gives him is only slightly turned up. "Well, you seem a good distance from the land of good teas." Erasma gets an amused smile as well until it turns a touch curious. "No, I have not but it sounds interes…" It took her a moment to get the meaning of the other woman's shirt, but then makes her break into laughter.

"What?" Rufus looks genuinely confused by the burst of laughter, and he turns his eyes away from Tyra's face to follow her line of sight, reading over Erasma's tee shirt. He tilts his head at it, blinks a few times, then frowns. "I'm afraid I don't get it," he confesses. "What does 'Gank' mean?"

Erasma blinks lightly at Tyra. "You play? What server?" she asks before she smiles at Rufus. "Its from a computer game, when you sneak up on an enemy player and kill them by ambush in a moment of weakness. I don’t actually like to do it but the shirt is snazzy." she says with a gesturing smile before she looks over to Tyra. "Start with either Bawls or Monster..they are the best. Avoid Diesel like the plague, even I only drink that in emergencies."

Tyra mms softly, a happy and amused sound. "I have had some friends that play, but more I have always had a love for offbeat t-shirts. I have not figured out which are acceptable here or not. The last one I wore got me into a fight with three Middle Eastern people." She shrugs at that as if it should be obvious that such would be a cultural mistake with her rather than trying to be offensive. "I liked to play Grand Theft Auto mostly. "Hmm monster sounds appealing if by name alone, thank you." She nudges Rufus lightly. "See, she does not even have her pants falling down so it has to be a computer, not rap thing."

The man cannot help but smirk a touch. "Thank the gods for small miracles," Rufus mutters beneath his breath. It's obvious the man has never played one of these games in his life, so he doesn't comment about servers or energy drinks or other things that gamers indulge. Instead, he pulls his hands from his pockets to fold them at the small of his back, then he asks Tyra, "Are you visiting New York or coming to stay?"

Erasma gives a small nod. "Ah I like GTA.. really innovative programming. Rockstar outdid themselves." she says with a nod before she laughs. "Oh.. well my other pants hang low so maybe I am a rapping computer geek?" before she wrinkles her nose. "Actually.. that’s not as silly as it once sounded." she comments before looking over to Tyra to see the answer to the question.

Tyra grins and bobs her head. "Staying, I believe. Until told otherwise." She seems somewhat amused by that, her eyes rolling just a bit. "And you, visiting from France or have you emigrated here?" She tries not to smile but still smirks a bit as she teases Ruff. She wrinkles her nose at Erasma. "Rap has style of a sorts but no real passion, or vigor. Not modern Orchestra, /that/ can confer the energy of deep emotions." Playfully she tries imitating hip hop speak. With with a Norse accent and a woody contralto voice is just a horror show. "yo.. yo-yo, I is.. Down vit, mich hard drive." She wrinkles her nose again. "Ohh forgive me! I am Tyra Wulff." She offers a hand to each in turn.

Erasma giggles lightly. 'Ok.. we need to get you to listen to some good old fashioned Nerdcore and horrorcore rappers. It’s very witty." she says with a smile before she nods. "Oh…well welcome to New York. I’m Erasma Menous.. I’m up here to study Computer Science and Technology at NYU."

"Augh, France!" Rufus quietly exclaims, laying a hand against his heart as if he had been wounded most grievously. "Miss Wulff, I'm an Englishman. Did you hear me open my mouth and croak ribbit? No, I think not. Do I smell of garlic? I should certainly hope not." Then he offers his hand to the lady for a shake, smiling down at her, "Rufus Scrivner, at your service." He'll give her a single shake, before he offers his hand over to Erasma as well. "And at yours as well, Miss…?"

Tyra pauses to work out just what Erasma actually said there, some of the word combos never before heard by the Nord. "A pleasure to meet you. Erasma.. I have heard that name or maybe a word close to it. Erasmos, Erasmith?" She frowns for a moment in though until Ruf makes her break into more laughter. "Awww poor man, that was quite a slander, please forgive me. Obviously you are not French or you would have surrendered your place in line already." A playful wink and squeeze of the hand. "Well met Rufus."

Erasma smirks before she nods to Tyra. "Erasma… Erasmus is the boy version of the name.. he wrote some stuff apparently." she says with a chuckle before she nods and takes Rufus' hand. "A pleasure to meet you Mr. Scrivner."

Both girls are given a firm squeeze of the hand before he politely pulls back and refolds them both behind him. "Likewise, Miss," Rufus says with a nod of his head to Erasma. "Erasmus… The Dutch philosopher, I assume? Ahh, what was his name… Desiderius?" Something said by Tyra, however, has his attention drawn back to her, and he studies her face again, far more closely before. "Tyra, you said your name is? That's very… ear-catching, I must admit. It seems to suit you too, I daresay. Named for Tyr, I imagine?"

Tyra nods to both of you. "Ja then, likely I must have read it somewhere. "If we meet again, I will have to ask your advice on t-shirts to wear in America. My 'GTA' one I know is unacceptable." She tilts her head while listening to Ruf then smiles. "Ja. I am from Hammerfest in the very north of Norway and things are very much less…" She frowns and says a few words in her native language, trying to decide what might be closest in English. "Comercialised?" A little shrug as she gives up. "Many hold to the old religion and culture so namings and dedications of children to old deities are still done more than in the southern cities. You have heard of Tyr? Most only know of Thor or Loki from the comics." Thor having been made into comic books greatly amuses her.

Erasma gives the girl a very strange look. "Yeah I read the comics.. but I know Tyr. Not TOO fitting a name I hope though, I mean her hands wouldn't be happy if it was too close." she says with a nod. "But um, they still hold to the pagan religion up there? That’s kinda interesting. Is that what drew you to New York? All the rumors and stories and shit?"

The way Rufus is looking at the lady is sharp and keenly interested, and he's edged back just half a step so that he can take in the entirety of her face and her appearance. "You could say I've heard of him, oh yes, indeed," he slowly admits, his voice dropping a notch or two in volume. Then he falls quiet, just studying her, before he blinks and then looks back at Erasma.

Tyra mmms softly, lilting it up to show a thoughtful appreciation. "Well then, American education is not completely without cultural learning, nice to see. "Well given that he is a male god, I think I would be more unhappy about other things if I were close enough to begin missing a hand." She sticks her tongue out just a bit. "Many do but Christianity still has churches as well. My father apparently thinks I need to broaden my life experiences so has sent me here to live for a while. Hmm what rumors and stories?" Ruf gets her to pause by lowering his voice and stepping back that bit. "I have not said something offensive by joking about American comics, I hope."

Erasma blinks lightly. "I thought our media was the bad one… there have been all sorts of strange stuffs going on around here." she says before she chuckles. "And hey, anything the education system lacks I make up with obsessive Wikipedia use." she says before she glances between Rufus and Tyra veeery oddly.

"No, of course not," Rufus is quick to say, his voice remaining low. "I'm not offended at all, my apologies. I hadn't meant to imply that I was." His smile is hasty, ever polite, but the curiosity in his blue eyes never wavers. Hmmmmm! "Ah, strange stories…" He frowns. "Well, there have been sightings of strange … animals running about. Missing persons, mass hallucinations and the like. It's been rather more of a mess than usual in New York. I believe your father must have confused broadened life experiences for /violent/ ones."

Tyra nods to Erasma and gives a shrug. "I have been in little towns and traveling a great deal between them since first arriving here so have not caught up with much news. Rufus' apology has her grinning and rolling her eyes just a bit, trying to show that she was playing again. "Ohh, now that sounds interesting, so very X files! Now I am all curious." At the last words she laughs softly and shrugs. "Is there a difference in what forces a person to be truly awake?"

Erasma blinks. "Mass hallucinations? That’s a pretty big hallucination. Even if it’s not what they say happened it would be illogical to assume that nothing happened. Something has been happening in this town. Whether it’s terrorist, X-files shit." she says with a brief flash of a smile towards the blond. "Or those stories are actually legit. To just dismiss anything strange as mass hallucinations is intellectually lazy."

"It's not so much intellectually lazy as it is… a rather half-hearted attempt not to be lynched by the nonbelievers, branded as insane, and then tossed into a straightjacket and sent to a madhouse," Rufus mildly says. Now he's looking back and forth between the ladies, brow furrowing, before he slowly says, "I personally believe that there is far, far more going on than meets the eye, than what the media presents."

Tyra huffs softly. "In America it is 'Mass hallucinations' back home people decided odd things must be frauds. "Every time there are boar tusk marks two meters up a tree or wolf prints bigger than a hand, city folk decide it must be hoaxers. But then again, scientists and the media said apes did not exist until what, the early 1900s?" She nodnods to each of you. "Ja, people just like to remain asleep though, happily sure that nothing happens unless it is on CNN, so then they can go to bed at ease. Understandable, I guess, for some."

Erasma rolls her eyes. "Haven't fundamentalist set back mental progress enough. Gods help us if we can't find anything new for fear that reality will offend them." she says angrily before she sighs. "I likewise agree, there is something more than meets the eye here. And I aim to find out exactly what."

He rocks back and forth on his feet for a moment, and finally Rufus gets up to the front of the counter. He turns briefly away to put in an order for a cup of Earl Grey tea, then he steps to one side and gestures at the register. "Why don't you ladies order what you want? It'd be my pleasure to buy you both your drinks, if you'll join me at a table and keep me company for the rest of my lunch hour."

Tyra could not agree more with Erasma. "Ja, many just seem emotionally invested in the world being so limited that they can be an 'authority' on everything. Gods.. Are you Wiccan, Hindu or such then?" The spirit of wanting to find out and not just go with what the media says is true, makes her smile at the other woman. She had forgotten about getting her drinks until Ruf orders. She asks for a strong coffee with lots of vanilla. And since Rufus is so nicely buying, she gives the money she would have paid with, into the tip jar. "Thank you, and that sounds very fun. Soo what are some of these happenings?"

Erasma smiles shyly at Tyra. "Unitarian Universalist, with a pagan bent." she says with a smile before she nods. "Something with a lot of…yeah the mocha java chip. That seems nice and thank you." she says to Scrivner before she sighs. 'Though I can’t join you for too long. Class today." she sits down at the table with her drink.

Taking up his own cup of tea, Rufus turns to walk behind the ladies, looking over their heads to scout out a table. Once they're seated, he says, "I used to be C of E, but you could say that one day, I received a…. revelation." Here the man hesitates, looking from one face to another. "Odd that you should have mentioned Tyr, Miss Wulff. I decided to abandon my casual relationship with Christianity and took up the beliefs of the Asatru."

Tyra considers those terms as we walk. "One or unified universe… But with a pagan bent.." She shrugs, having absolutely no clue what that means. The same thing with 'C of E. "So what does Unitarian Universalist, with a pagan bent have you believing in?" Ok so she finds religion even more interesting than current weird events, mostly. "Ohhh such an interesting choice of religion Rufus. And even more so that God, he is one of the more demanding, structured of the gods. Most go with Freyja, Siff, or Thor.. If they have a choice rather than a calling. A god of War, Justice, and self sacrifice is not as easy as one that most all Bikers are only a hair away from living up to." Ok so she obviously holds her name sake above the others of the same pantheon though her tone and lack of subtly shows much more closeness and amiability than one might for something as distant as a god. She speaks of him in the same tone that people tend to use for a loved but hard parent.

Erasma blinks lightly at the two before she smirks. "Unitarian means we believe everyone could be right so stop arguing and start being human beings together and worshiping in different ways at the same time. And I guess you could say I have a Hellenistic bent in my paganism." she says softly before she looks over to Scrivner. "This guy I just met is one of those too. Wesley something or other. Do you know him?"

He pauses for a moment, contemplating, and then he shakes his head a few times in answer to the darker-haired lady. "No, I'm afraid not," Rufus quietly answers. "Though I've been on the lookout for any who might be affiliated in such a manner. It's very difficult, trying to find someone who … shares the same sort of bond." He takes a long, slow, appreciative sip of tea, and looking back at Tyra, he resumes studying her. "I wouldn't say that I chose Tyr so much as… he chose me. Does that make sense?"

Tyra ohhhs as Erasma explains her views, looking impressed with the open-mindedness of it. "What a lovely view you have, it sounds very enlightened and straight thinking." Her tone turns playful again now. "Though I agree completely, I would say that the northern deities are far superior to their southern cousins, in dedication at least." A playfully testing jibe given how the various conversations have gone so far. She pauses and takes Rufus' non tea holding hand under the table for a few moments, if he allows. "Some would say that any religion chooses its person. But the Aesir tend to be more literal about such, or so is believed."

Tyra pages: If he lets her take his hand, she will give it a playful squeeze as if flirting but then squeeze slowly stronger and stronger, up into the epic range until he either winces in pain, showing that such affects him as a human, or replies the same, or such? :)

Erasma wrinkles her nose. "Eh…each religion has its faults and weakness. I won’t believe any is better than another." she says before she nods to Tyr. "It makes sense to me…hmm lemme see..do you know any other Asatru in town? I met another called Haldor. Though neither of them seem to prefer Tyr."

"I once met a man named Randall, but I've not seen him in quite awhile and suspect he moved from New York," Rufus answers, before he abruptly goes still. Startled, he turns his head to peer at Tyra, eyes widening a touch as she takes his hand. A touch of heat suffuses his cheeks, and he clears his throat a touch uncomfortably. "Indeed," he says, very levelly. "Literal is a good way to describe it."

You paged Tyra with 'You'll feel him going very still for a moment, like he's /shocked/ that she'd even touch him, but once she starts squeezing, he squeezes back. However hard she does it, he gives equal force.'

Tyra should never, ever play poker unless she is doing some weird kind of charity. Ruf's blushing at her touching him, she is use to very much different reactions from men, amuses her greatly enough to cause a wide grin. After a few moments she returns his hand to the table top and looks very very pleased with herself. "Honestly, I do not mean that, each religion's gods and goddess do have their ups and downs. Some have severely messed up family members. Though I choose not to admit it normally." A playful wink to Erasma.

Erasma blushes herself and looks down with a bit of embarrassment at the mention of messed up family members before she sighs. "Well um… I suppose I should give you both my email. In case you want to talk about this more in private."

He's still staring at the blonde's face as she rests his hand atop the table, and slowly, Scrivner pulls back his fingers and flexes them, then he curls them into a fist. Without a word he reaches into an inner breast pocket of his suit jacket, and he lays a business card down on the table in front of Erasma. "I would indeed like to see you again, Miss Erasma," he says quietly. "In fact, I think there are a few acquaintances of mine who would also like to get to know you better. I don't know the other names you mentioned, but I've a few of my own."

Tyra is use to putting her foot in her mouth so has the grace to pretend it and Erasma's blush did not happen. "Oh please, and I would like to do that." She gets out a pen to write down her own email. moc.oohay|rottodryT#moc.oohay|rottodryT. She is also use to missing things that the more astute catch so lifts one artificially darkened brow at how Ruf speaks to Ras. "Soooo curious. People just seem to know people, I think this will be a very fun town." And at Ruf's stiff necked British demeanor, she shows her social maturity by sticking her tongue out at him.

Erasma takes out a paper and writes down her own email…the Greek words for Bronze crab before she smiles at them. "I will talk to you both later, and I would love to meet your friends Mr. Scrivner." she says before Tyra's comment and tongue teasing bring a small smirk to her lips. "Don’t tease him too much Tyra. English composure can only go so far." she snarks before she heads off.

"Good day, Miss Erasma," Rufus politely calls back. He clears his throat, and he watches the young lady and her tongue with an arched eyebrow. "Careful. Did your mother never warn you that if you do such things too often, your face may freeze like that?" Then he takes another long, deep drink of his tea. He falls quiet for a moment, studying the girl's face. "Tyra," he murmurs. "You were named for your father, weren't you?"

Tyra waves to the haxor girrrl, laughing at her comment. "But it is like the palace guys in the big hats, I have to see what happens when they do break down!" In a very wonderful mood and feeling as if she wants to celebrate finding another Scion of Tyr, in fact an unknown half brother, she laughs at his comment. "A dear friend by the name of Fimhilda wishes I would get frozen with my tongue out." Ok very off color joke, but she is almost aglow with happiness. "This makes me wish I had serious food and drink rather than just snacks, this deserves a celebration." She nods to the question. "Yes, obviously someone whom we both share. But just how dose an Englishman and a Norwegian happen to share a father, I did not think him so very well traveled."

Erasma has disconnected.

It takes him a few seconds to actually /get/ that off-colour joke. When he does, the pink returns to his cheeks, and he looks… well… like he's working very hard to not take that one any further. This is his half-sister, after all. He clears his throat quietly, and then he smiles, just a little. "A sister," he murmurs. "I have a sister. This is… this is going to take a moment to sink in, I'm sorry. I was raised an only child, you see. I have never been surrounded by much family."

Tyra tones it down with obvious effort and a long, slow breath. The two are about as opposite as can be in public demeanor it would seem with Tyra as loud and boisterous as Ruf is calm and reserved. She only just keeps herself from poking him in the ribs but dose tease in a whisper. "Ohh come on. Living gods, Jotunn and Fenrir chasing you, that you truly are not human, is ok. But having a sister throws you? Don not make me tackle hug you right in the middle of this place." She even shakes her finger as if scolding as she says that. The giggles are kept in, just.

"It is difficult to explain," Rufus says, his lips twitching with a smirk. He has another drink of tea, and after a moment, he sets down his cup. "At first, fighting Titanspawn was rather mind-blowing. For a long time, I couldn't accept what Tyr was telling me. It hardly seemed sane. I was raised with high expectations, and this Norse god did not /fit/ with the plans that I had laid for myself." He turns his eyes back to Tyra's, studying her so very intently as he leans in towards her, resting an elbow on the table. He does, however, reach for her hand and he gives it a tight squeeze. "A little sister," he whispers.

Tyra returns the squeeze and beams though she gives a empathetic down turn of lips, seeing how that could be one hell of a twist. "I am sad for you in that bit then, that would have made it very hard, I expect. I was pretty much raised to it and it was still a shock. But then again, you obviously survived it so must be stronger for going through it." She smiles slightly up at her new big brother. "Dad is also not the god of the soft serve, warm fuzzies, is he?" She has obvious affection for him, if there is some tension.

"No," Rufus says, smiling faintly, just a touch bitterly at that. "That he is not. Still, I hope he was kind to you." He sucks in a breath and looks down at her hand, his fingers still entwined with hers. His smile broadens, and some of the tension in his shoulders finally relaxes. "A little sister… I always knew, theoretically, that they had to be out there. I always wondered if I would meet one. Truth be told, I haven't gotten to know any of the family at all. Randall was one of our cousins, a son of Thor, but he disappeared immediately after I learned of his lineage. That was rather a disappointment." He looks up at Tyra's face, "But yes. Yes, of course, we must celebrate. You must let me take you to dinner and introduce you to my girlfriend."

Tyra gives your hand a little squeeze, playfully reminding of how she did it before. "He was, but whether he is just not use to having daughters rather than sons, or maybe that I had been dedicated to him at birth and raised believing, and thus very very eager.." She shrugs again. "Mmm the same but I have spent the last two years running around with a Valkyrie, hunting a particular band of Jotunn so have never really had time to meet anyone before." Then again, she is maybe 20 so has a LOT less living than you. "Ohhh a girl friend, how does that work out? I have been scared of trying to take a lover since, afraid of squishing them mid passion. Thigh master not needed." She winks and slides to her feet, beginning to try pulling you after her via the held hands.

Pulled up by the hand, Rufus takes his cup of tea with him, hurrying with one last gulp before he sets it back down on the table with a clink of china. "Tyra!" he exclaims, voice low. "Good gods." He's almost blushing again, and as he pushes in his chair, he steps around the table quickly so as to come next to her side. "Miss Vette Adams, my girlfriend, is a daughter of Hephaestus. She is a Scion like ourselves, and there is little chance of …. ah….. accidents."

Tyra turns about to regard you with a bright smile as we walk. "Ohhh I cannot wait to meet her then, I bet she is a nice and very proper lady. So might well hate me." She winks while drawing you out side. "But I am glad to hear that, she is." She giggles some. "Durable? Sturdy?" Ok, Tyra obviously breaks Tyra up.

Rufus keeps a steady, even pace as he walks up to the door, and leaning forward, he opens it up for the younger lady and inclines his head to silently usher her through first. "Very durable, very sturdy, and very bendy," he says with a rather small smile, one that holds just a hint of smug pleasure in his eyes. But very hastily, he says, "Miss Adams is actually quite more open and easy-going than myself. We have quite a lot of … mmm… opposite qualities. She is far more outgoing than I am. She is studying in University right now, working on physics, but she is also a very talented dancer."

Tyra listens as she heads out, giving a one handed curtsey as she does so. You making a joke and a rather bawdy one at that stops her to stare then break into giggles. Her new brother has a sense of humor after all, that gets him a big, squeezing hug. "Nice, a new brother, and one I am already liking. Very good." She then nods to what was said. "She sounds very nice and fun then, I cannot wait. And very smart to!"

Oomf. Rufus glances about, first to the left, then to the right. For a moment, just a heartbeat only, he lets a broad, bright smile spread across his lips and he winds his arm about the lady. Hugging her tightly, hard enough to squish, he tucks his cheek against the side of her head and exhales a deep sigh. "A baby sister," he murmurs. Then he steps back from Tyra, and still smiling down at her, he murmurs, "You must tell me everything about you, of course."

Tyra laughs at the squeeze and smile, the only secretly shared crack in composure of it. But then again she is built for squishing hugs. When stepped back from, she pththts softly. "Baby, how about little sister?" A wink, her demeanor suggesting she is very hard to accidentally insult. "I was just thinking the same thing, and age before beauty!"

Stepping back from the girl, Rufus smirks and offers his elbow to the young lady in escort, so he can walk down the street with her. "Very well," he says. "Hmm… all right, I was born and raised in Chelsea. My father… well, my /foster/ father, Nigel, was a high court judge. I attended university at Oxford, passed my exams and apprenticed in a solicitor's office. My mother died not long after, and Tyr came to visit me himself just after her funeral. I decided to make a clean start of life here in America, so several years ago, I emigrated and I went back to law school. I passed the bar, and now, I own a firm along with several other lawyers. We're affiliated with the British consulate, and I spend most of my time fighting court battles on behalf of British nationals here in America. For a hobby, I go about fighting Titanspawn whenever I can." He smiles, and his eyes glitter. "Now… your turn."

Tyra takes the offered elbow with a little bit of posturing as if she were all prim and proper. Listening she is quite impressed with how directed and motivated your life sounded, though yeah she can see how that would make it a much harder thing to deal with. "Nooo noo not my turn yet. So tell me about Rufus the Son of Tyr. What was the most interesting spawn you have seen? Have you fought much, have you lost? How do you go about your fighting, do you specialise in any particular areas?" She leans her shoulder against yours all sisterly but allowing for a more private conversation as we walk.

Drat. Rufus draws in a deep breath and sighs, as if he were some long-suffering martyr, but he's smiling a little. "Very well… The most interesting Titanspawn? Well, there was one that was utterly ridiculous. It was a teddy bear that swelled up to about three stories high, and it stomped its way down the street and had to be destroyed. The most vicious and deadly one that I've faced was a pair of spawn that were hybrid lizards and bears. My friends and I won both. I am not called upon to fight /too/ often, but when I do fight, I have come out victorious. I've not yet lost. I expect, my dear little sister, that if I did lose, I would be dead now. Father gave me a sword that he called Tal. It is what I use."

Tyra blinks and looses a stride at the giant teddy bear story, looking to wonder if you are serious or not but then decides you are and just shakes her head. "Wow, the titans are completely mad…" She considers then nods. "Likely so but with friends one might fall and not die. Tal, that is what is in the container? Annd specialty? Do you favor his War aspect, Justice? That latter sounds much more likely given your lawyering background. And your girlfriend, dose she fight with you, and I would ask about her but the Greeks are confusing."

Again Rufus glances about, and then he ducks into an empty alley where they're unlikely to be immediately noticed. "I do favour his Justice aspect, yes," he says, as he pulls around the long, slender nylon case and opens it. The hilt of his sword, the blade sheathed in a heavy scabbard, is revealed just inside. "I have tried not to specialise too heavily in one area, but it seems as though my role in the band is combat support and dealing with the police when they come to investigate. I don't favour any particular type of swordplay either. I have taken what elements fit me best from an array of different styles and employ them. Annnd… yes, Miss Adams fights with us, though she spends more time crafting equipment and studying."

Tyra mmms and smiles very happily as she listens. In the alley she ohhs and looks at the sword you show her, eyes slowly taking in its style, shape, and adornments. She is just into such then smiles appreciatively. "Lovely, and that sounds like a very good way to do it. Nice my big brother." She considers how to start her side since you so kindly indulged her wanting to know both sides of yourself. "I was born in Hammerfest Norway, that is a little island in the very north, somewhat near the borders with Finland and Russia. But where I was mostly raised was in Stabburs Valley national park, my mother an Archeologist excavating old Norse finds. She fell in with a scion of Tyr when young and it directed her life, until she came to his attentions. Thus I was raised amid the trappings of old and in the old ways. Having lived with a Scion, worshiped the Aesir, and freely mated with one, she was very knowing and I was raised to become what I am. As a girl it was 'Now Tyra, do your godfotter proud and do your yard work or a Jotunn might come for bad little girls." Amused. "He came for me on my 18th birthday, revealing that things were slightly different than I believed, or rather that /I/ was different. He gifted me and sent me with Fimhilda to assist her and be trained by her. Thus the last two years we have hunted and many times fought a band of Jotunn, even when they tried to escape to the forests of this nation."

"So your father was another Scion and not Tyr himself?" Rufus asks, looking startled by that. He pauses a moment, frowning, "Would that make you my… half-niece? instead of my half-sister?" Slowly he closes up the case with the sword, now that Tyra's had her look at it, and he slings the case around to his back, letting it rest near to the laptop bag.

Tyra tilts her head then smiles. "Ohh no. The scion was Brenda, a woman, the 'he' that came to my mother was Tyr. Sorry. I am not even sure what happens with our children but am guessing they would b.." She shrugs, unable to even guess really. "Anyway, in short I am pulled to his war aspect, but not towards the leadership aspect of it, not yet anyway so have worked on making myself as good of a Jotunn hunter as I can be, hopping to track a Fenrir to kill." As to swords, she pulls the back side of her cloak aside, showing that she wears a covered weapon as well. Drawn it is a heavy broad sword inscribed with Old Futhark down each side. She reads it in case you cannot. "Jotunn's Bane. Father gave it to me that I might hunt and kill them even in the harshness of their own lands." A touch of a show off, she flies up the two inches to be even in height with you, then one more.

"Ah! I see now," Rufus says, nodding his head briskly. He's back with it now. Tilting his head to study the sword, he eventually nods again in approval of it. Then he blinks, and with just a small push off of the ground, he lightly soars up into the air, touching his toes against the brick wall. About ten feet off of the ground, he tilts down his head and smirks at the girl. "If you want a competition, little sister… I'll give you one."

Tyra puts her sword away, handling it with love but then breaks into peals of laughter at your playing along. "Still not landing she crosses arms under her chest and snorts. "Show off. And yeah my brother, I kind of do. Though seeing who can throw a car easier, walk away by getting hit by what vehicle, and having a breaking the speed limit foot race, if I did not cheat and just fly, would likely cause a complete storm of crap. But let me get you into the forest upstate." She winks, really happy to be liking her new brother so much.

Quickly glancing at the alley's entrance, Rufus laughs and then comes back down to the ground before someone catches them fooling around. The man straightens his suit jacket and smirks, tugging the fabric lightly. "Very well, I shall accept this challenge, and perhaps Miss Vette would be willing to be our judge when the time comes."

Tyra touches your arm lightly when you land to express herself more. "I am soo glad to have met you big brother!" She sighs, very content. "Ohhhh suuuure, have the woman that you do favors for in bed get to judge. I am sure that she is a fair and just person but you? Well you are a lawyer." She intones that to make it clear she is only playing.

She's so brazen! Rufus finds heat coming back to his face, and he smirks as he rubs the back of his hand against his mouth. "I'm a lawyer who never loses," he adds. "So I am indeed the worst of the worst. Very well. Perhaps Miss Vette will witness and Miss Erasma will judge for us. I am quite, quite sure she is a Scion like ourselves. The way she spoke… Yes, she must me."

Tyra laughs! "Hmm well now that is just unfair. If I ever get into trouble by the law and cannot bull my way out of it, I want you on my side. I basically can not lie for hell." She sighs, not really regretting it though it dose cause her trouble. "Mmm it did sound like it, ja. And when I mentioned each family/pantheon having its Loki/Hel like problem members, did you see how she blushed? Daughter of some death god or something?

"Perhaps. It's hard to say," Rufus muses, as his grin slowly fades. "She seemed to grow uncomfortable when you mentioned how dysfunctional the families of the gods can be. Given how that statement is entirely too true, I cannot even begin to conjecture whose daughter she is. Well, we do have her email address, though. We shall simply have to invite her for lunch and ask."

Tyra mmms and motions to you with one hand, to show her agreement with everything you said. "And my brother is the smart one to, nice. But yes, we have to do that. The more we find, the less of us there are to be picked off one by one, ja? Besides, dad admonished me strongly. /' Tyra, you must go out of your way to help other Scions, to share the weight of their conflicts, that you might grow ever stronger by the constant conflict and adversity.'/" She drops her voice down to try imitating Tyr's own, though she best she can manage is a throaty bedroom play voice. Likely which sounds all wrong imitating their father if one thinks of that.

That's just wrong, considering it's his /sister/ talking like that. Rufus could just facepalm at the thoughts that traipse too merrily through his brain. Augh, it hurts and stings. The man closes his eyes for a second, then arches an eyebrow and opens them again, smirking. "That does sound rather a lot like Father, when he's not busy chiding that one should be doing his duty," he drily says. He's about to say more when his cell phone rings, and taking it out of his pocket, he hisses. "Oh, bloody Hell… I'm late for my clients." He steps in, and he presses a swift, chaste kiss to the girl's cheek. Then he pulls out a business card and a pen, hurriedly scribbling his home address and phone number on the back of said card. "Here, my darling, this is my contact information. Call me later, so we can arrange for dinner?"

Tyra cannot help but laugh at the effect it has but then with her normal voice being a resonant contralto, she cannot help it much. "Ewww I hope to avoid that chat. I bet he gives such good 'disappointed parent eyes'. She awws softly at your having to go but then hugs a bit as you kiss her cheek. The card gets torn in half, her number and current motel added for you. "Definitely, I will. And your lady friend is more than welcome. Take care brother." She grins at the title and readies to head off, still all beaming with happiness.

Taking that half of the card back, Rufus turns it about, and carefully he tucks it into a pocket of his coat. "Be careful out there," he murmurs. Then he grins himself, and he turns to go running out of the alley, bringing the phone up to his ear. "Yes, yes, I'm on my way… Traffic is /deplorable./"

Tyra tucks her own card half in after looking over the number a few times just in case. She waves as you head off and then heads further down the alley herself. Going out to dinner with her new , older brother and his girl friend. Time to look for some drug pushers or pimps to donate for expenses.

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