Leonard Tybalt "Ty" Odeman
Portrayed By: Paul Walker
Status: Active
Age: 21
Calling: Traveling Hero / Wealthy Socialite
Pantheon: Aesir
Divine Parent: Freya
Significant Other(s): Taking Applications

Leonard Tybalt Odeman - Duke of Cats - Destroyer of Pestilence


If you are from Wyoming, you know the name James Odeman. Even if you aren't from Wyoming chances are you know him better than you think. Most fast food chains, steak houses, supermarkets buy his meat. That's right. If you are eating a cheeseburger there is a 75 percent chance that meat came from the Odeman Farms. Needless to say, James is a very wealthy man. He owes all of that of course to his great great grandfather Michael Odeman who started the business at the turn of the century. However, this isn't James' story thought he plays a very large roll in it. James happened to be attending an auction and bidding on a rather impressive piece of art, when he happened to meet a very attractive young woman who introduced herself as Sylvia. The two hit it off well, mainly because Sylvia really thought that James reminded her of someone she once knew and loved. However, 4 months into their relationship, she was reminded of his mortality, and left once again for Valnir, leaving James a husk of a man. For no matter the power, the money or the fame he had, it could not get him what he wanted most. The woman who left, who unbeknownst to him was actually the Goddess Freya.

9 Months later, James was very surprised to find a token of their time together in a small basket at his front door. Leonard Tybalt Odeman was taken in, and while not thrilled with the idea of having this bouncing baby boy as a reminder of what he couldn't have. He saw parts of Sylvia in the boy. At first it started out well enough. Always a nurse or a nanny to take care of the boy, but James was very distant of the boy, simply because his heart had been crushed by the woman who left.

James was a rare type for wounded men. He was extremely distant from his son, providing him with everything he needed, but never wanting to be near him due to his likeness to his mother. But he was also extrememely abusive. That is to say, in order to reconcile his failures as a 'man' by not keeping what was most important to him, he overcompensated and thrust challenge after challenge upon his on. As soon as Ty could walk he was put in the best and most elite schools. Ty was an average student, but a hard worker due to his fathers leaning and his need to be validated by the only family he had. So, as a kid Ty was -always- trying to get his fathers approval and was given -just- enough to keep him working hard. He excelled at sports, mainly Lacrosse and fencing (As he schooled in the North East.) He was always an attractive kid. But when puberty hit, it hit hard. Suddenly everyone was noticing him. Everyone wanted to be his friend. People -fought- over him, who would help him with his homework, walk him to school. It was a little daunting. Everyone wanted him, and around 15 he discovered what for. He went out with a girl for a small amount of time and when they finally had sex, she went forth and told all her friends at school, thus creating a large rumor mill about him being a womanizer and an easy lay. This of course didn't stop the knocking at said door, but none the less, rumors started flying. This sent Ty into sort of a shy sort of phase that has never really gotten over, but plays it off well. Ty graduated top of his class at Wayne's Prep, he was accepted into Harvard where he competed on the Fencing team and the Lacrosse team, however here it was the same over again. However this time he kept it in his pants. He made few friends, and stayed mainly to his studies. He found a love of books and poetry and soon found himself Majoring in North European Literature. His father would bring him home during the summers only to send him off to work on one of the cattle ranches, to show him where his money came from. It was honest work, and honestly, Ty liked it. There were less people vying for his attention, less pressure to be something. It was shoveling shit and throwing hay, and working on land. It felt more comfortable to him than anything else he had ever done. It was really more a vacation for him than anything else. But still, he learned the value of the people who worked for him. He learned the value of life being used to feed, and pay. When he graduated from college, he went to work for his father, in the mail room, as James insisted Ty work his way up into the company, regardless of his -huge- trust fund. About 4 months in, Ty was working as a rep for a few of the farms, and one had reported that production had slowed down due to problems with labor and live stock. He arrived at the farm around 5 that evening, told the men to stock up on hunting supplies and they set out the next morning. They were in the woods tracking what Ty thought was a wolf for about 8 hours before night fell and on the way back they got lost and then out of no-where all hell broke loose. One of the men was on the ground and bleeding as a big black figure leaped at another. Within a few seconds the farmers were dead and Ty was staring face to face with a Black Dog. It was at that point in time, Freya made her presence known.


For the most part, Ty is laid back and very good humored. Most things just roll off his back. But he's also from the midwest and has a soft spot in his heart for the things that most men have soft spots for; Women in trouble, crying children and a good home cooked meal. He's slow to anger and typically a good guy. He's shy around most people making forward advanced towards him, and seems very much the 'good ole boy' persona. He is playful amongst his friends and is something of a party-boy in the city. He is constantly looking for approval amongst older male peers.


Erika - Hottie and a Gear Head that likes my Jag. Might ask her out. She pilots an effing transformer!
Jason - Pretty boy. Knows what is going on.
Fairuza - My 'Teacher'. Good woman. Reminds me of Morticia Adams.
Rain - Wieeeeeeerd girl. Sweet. Adopted one of the 12.
Marius - Weatherman. Currently in possession of Atlantean Pods. Possible Threat.
Leonard - Wierd little guy. I think he likes being 'mysterious'.
Ray - New Guy in town, cranky!
Jolie - Nice black girl. Has a very slutty clone.
The 12 - 11 Cats that have been adopted after a fight with a Titan Spawn. The 12th, is Lord Fluffnstuff who was adopted by Rain.

Events Thus Far

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Character Sheet

Strength - 4 Charisma - 3 Perception - 3
Dexterity - 5 Manipulation - 1 Intelligence - 2
Stamina - 4 Appearance - 5 Wits - 3
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