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Scene Title TV Land
Synopsis Zeke and Jolie save the day!

Zeke is out jogging in the park, flagrantly disregarding the general recommendation that joggers not travel alone or in the wee hours. He's jogging around the fence surrounding the reservoir, moving at a fairly quick clip. He's dressed in a white muscle shirt and, of all the inappropriate clothes for exercising in, a pair of jeans.

There's a woman running. She's tall, statuesque and quite gorgeous. She seems out of place for some reason. Her hair is platinum blonde, and on her features, there's fear. She keeps looking back as if someone is following her as she runs for what seems to be her life..

Zeke slows and steps off of the path in order to avoid being barreled into by the woman, who's running the opposite way. "Whoa," he says, turning to call over to her, "You okay, ma'am?" He turns to look the other way down the path for what might be coming along it after her, reaching behind his back with one hand as his brow furrows a little.

There's no one behind her, at least not that he sees. As she runs into Zeke, she starts sobbing burying her face in his muscular chest. "Oh, it's awful! These people! They..they they attacked us!" she says, sniffling just a bit as she wrinkles her nose.

Zeke withdraws his hand from behind his back, tilting his head a little to one side and raising his hands up to the woman's shoulders. "They? They who? Who's they? What'd they do?" He tries to get a better look at her face to see if she's hurt. "Are you alright?" He looks up again to make sure that the area is clear of whoever 'they' are. "Who were you with?"

"These people! They were vicious! My friends and I..oh God.." she continues sobbing, just burying her face in his chest as she wrinkles her nose before she looks back once again, gasping in terror. But alas, there's no one there..or at least no one Zeke can see. Is this woman just nuts?

Zeke lifts one of his eyebrows as he looks over in the direction the woman is looking in, then turns himself a little to face in that direction. "Now, ma'am, if you can just try and explain what you're talking about, I'm sure I can help." He'd probably presume the woman was crazy if she wasn't good-looking, though the fact that she's also running in Central Park at night doesn't help her case. "What people are you talking about?"

"My friends, you have to save my friends..please.." she says looking over him once more. "You're strong, you'll be able to free them, right?" she asks curiously.

The woman's question causes Zeke to tense his muscles a bit, lifting his shoulders in an attempt to look more macho. "Of course, ma'am. Where are your friends?" Alas, Zeke can smell a trap about as well as he can smell a harpy's stench. "I'll help you. Just point me in the right direction."

The woman nods as she starts leading Zeke out from the main area of the park to a more secluded area by the reservoir. The surrounding area is calm and eerily quiet. A small building isnt too far away and she points. "There's someone in there..and she's hurting my friends!" the woman cries out in fear.

Zeke stares at the building for a moment before he reaches behind himself and pulls out the Glock 17 pistol that he's got tucked into the back of his pants, holding it low. "Alright, that building right there?" He starts to walk slowly toward it, listening closely to see if he can hear any sounds of pain and agony coming from the building and trying to keep his footsteps quiet.

There's definite moaning and groaning, and it sounds like pain, and there's multiple sounds inside the house..what's going on?

Zeke grimaces at the sounds as he keeps moving toward the building, looking for the best entrance to take. Whatever the sounds are being caused by, it's probably not a good thing for him. He raises the gun, pointing it toward the entrance as he moves in that direction, careful of any windows the building might have.

No, these are not the sounds of moaning and groaning of an orgy. At least not this time anyway. There's nothing that moves outside of the building, and it seems nothing is coming inside either.

Zeke glances back to look at the woman and motion for her to stay put before he walks up the way toward the front door of the building. He starts to move more quickly, planning to try and open the door by the handle if he's not interrupted.

The door opens to a black inky darkness and the woman tries to push him in. However, he's much to quick on his feet and the woman heads into the inky blackness instead, letting out a loud cackle. "Then we'll still have at least one Scion to sacrifice to Terra!" she cries letting out a hearty laugh.

Zeke is a bit twitchy when it comes to surprise attacks. "Dammit! Knew I shouldn'ta trusted a blonde." He peers through the doorway as the woman heads into it, then quickly steps around to the side of the doorframe with his back against the wall. Reaching down, he pulls the buckle on his belt and twists it one hundred and eighty degrees clockwise. The buckle snaps back into place and glows for a moment before layers of armor cascade over Zeke's clothing, encasing him in a suit of tactical gear. He raises his gun, the barrel extending as it reforms into a combat shotgun, then pumps it once with a *click-click*.

"You've done picked the wrong Scion to mess with, bitch!" He pops back around the doorframe, aiming his weapon in through the doorway.

And yet there's no response from the dark inky blackness. There's still the sound of moans and groans, quite eerie actually. Perhaps he

Zeke grumbles as he finds himself aiming into black space. He steps in through the front door, keeping his weapon raised and searching the darkness with his eyes.

And inside, it's no longer inky. It's kind of..odd really. It's a large expanse of space, though the colors are all off. This new realm of sorts is only in greys, with the exception of our hero, who is still quite colorful. Off in the distance is the woman in white once more standing by a large bird's cage, with a still slightly colored Maia dressed in…white as well. Her once golden tan and healthy hue are starting to be drained from her features. There's a strong and powerful muscular man next to her on the other side of the cage. Want to guess how she got brought into this place?

Zeke lowers the barrel of his shotgun slightly, the weapon reforming itself in his hands once more, the barrel becoming thinner and more elongated and the grip reforming into the stock. "The hell?" he murmurs mostly to himself at the colorlessness of the space, then starts toward the pair who appear to be holding Maia captive in the cage. "Alright, bitches, let the girl go -now- or I swear I'll unleash the wrath of Ares on your asses." He peers at the cage behind the visor of his gear, trying to analyze if it has a visible lock of any kind on it.

"Why? Her body is going to be used to feed Terra and strengthen her..and so are you.." the White Witch replies, snickering softly as she points towards him, the color already starting to drain from his own form. "The longer you stay here, the weaker you get, handsome. You Scions are far too easy to trick..this girl practically let herself be brought in..isnt that right.." she says looking towards her rather handsome compatriot.

"After I kissed her she was easy enough to fool.." he says, his fiery red hair the only thing that really remains..colorful on his body. He looks over to Maia, poking at her playfully before letting out a hearty laugh. "The Scions of Sun Wukong, Kali, and Baron Samedi have one of ours..I suggest we trade.."

Zeke raises his newly formed rifle's barrel up, aiming it toward the woman in white. "I don't know the Scion of Kali or Baron Samedi. And if I get weaker the longer that I stay here, sounds like I don't have time to negotiate. But I might just have enough time to kick both of your asses." He peers down the sights of his rifle as he takes aim.

There's hearty laughs from the both of them. The taller, muscular shirtless man grins wryly, "Try it.." he says as if to challenge the Scion before him. "You think you can take the both of us on? I'd like to see you try.." he says, grinning in a rather predatory fashion.

Maia looks pretty drained. Surely, the effects of being in a Titan's Realm are having it's effect on the young girl. But at least there's someone on her side now. She looks over and mutters under her breath, " me…get out of here.." she says, clutching at the bars of the cage. Considering the door is open, there's an exit out of this realm now and that's the swirling vortex behind Zeke.

Meanwhile, the White Witch laughs at the young girl's pleas. "You think one man will be able to defeat us? I think not.."

Mordred gets on the defensive, snickering softly as he looks over towards the girl. "He won't be able to help you my dear, but dont worry, if you accept my offer to become one of my minions, I'll make sure you arent completely consumed by Terra.." he says with a pompous sneer.

Zeke stands unfazed as Mordred and the White Witch laugh. His ichor seeps from within him, covering his skin in a sheen of metallic armor beneath his outer armored shell. "Damn straight," he replies to Mordred's question, and without hesitating squeezes the trigger, firing a round at the woman in white.

It's a quiet and rather calm night in Central Park. One of the small buildings (actually a makeshift bathroom that has become an entrance to one of the Titan's realms) is a vortex of black inky darkness. Inside….

The bullet strikes the White Witch, and her blood starts to stain her dress, soon covered in the crimson of her own blood. Her eyes widen as she seethes in pain as the black inky darkness of the realm starts to become manipulated by her whims. "You don't know who you're dealing with, boy.." she hisses, her features contorting just a bit as the darkness starts to swirl around Zeke. "Know….fear.." she cries out before the darkness starts to engulf him.

Maia continues talking to the cage that she's in. Fortunately for her, no one knows what she can really accomplish and as the white witch is occupied she continues pleading with the cage. "Please..let me out.." she whispers, wrinkling her nose the entire time as she chews on her bottom lip, reaching for the lock once more…

Mordred lets out a roar of anguish as he sees Helena get struck down. "You will pay for that!" he cries out, his muscles bulging and flexing as he starts sprinting towards Zeke, trying to put him in a clinch..

Zeke steps deftly to the side, bringing his rifle up to aim nearly point blank at Mordred. "Fair warning, motherfucker," he growls as he levels his weapon and pulls the trigger a second time, the sound of the rifle's blast resounding throughout the colorless space.

The bullet twangs just a bit as he snickers softly looking towards Zeke, grinning the entire time before letting out a hearty laugh. "Good one, boy! That actually tickled!" he says as he starts circling him.

*click* The lock finally hears her plea and Maia starts slipping out. Of course she's trying to take advantage of the resulting chaos going on and she wrinkles her nose as she looks and finds yet another person entering the realm of the Titan, Terra. At least it's a familiar face and she starts running making a break for it…

Helena, the White Witch is bleeding, oh she's bleeding alone. She's in seething pain as her dress is covered in the crimson of her blood. She cries out and traces out a pattern in the air with her own ring and it starts to glow, soon enough, her wounds..well they stay open. Lethal is not bashing. She cries and groans as she starts to make a break for it going deeper into the Titan Realm.

Mordred's starting to become sloppy. He's partially idstracted by looking towards the White Witch, and then of course there's the young girl whom they were going to use as a hostage getting away. "How did she get out?!?!?" he asks completely dumbfounded before he looks towards the other familiar figure just entering the fray. "Fuck! Close the gate, Helena! If anything we can keep them trapped here to serve as food for Terra!" he cries out.

The outer realm of Terra is a dark, bleak, place. There is no color, at least there's no color in the surroundings. It's all a shade of grey with the exception of the black inky darkness Helena manipulates. Even Mordred, with his fiery red hair is all in grey tones. The only exception to that is Zeke, Jolie, and to some exception Maia. She's starting to become grey, but she's been in the realm for a while, which isnt a good thing. A swirling vortex back to the real world is behind Jolie and Zeke, and for now, it's still open.

Maia's eyes widen as she's picked up by the speedy sprinter. "Thanks! I know what they're's not good.." she says, wrinkling her nose as she just heads out of the dark inky blackness along with the child of the Baron..

"Oh come on! Black and white TV is so passe!" Jolie spots Maia in the monochrome, the one person she recognizes as an ally. "And there's Bunny." She taps one foot on the ground and then takes off in a blur, kicking up a cloud of dust as she speeds towards Maia. "Let'sgosailormoonnownownow!" She grabs the girl's hand and pulls her towards the opening.

Zeke easily flips back out of the reach of Mordred as the rival Scion tries to lay hands on him. He snaps his head over in the direction of Helena when Mordred does, then swivels his rifle over toward the woman in red and white. "By order of Ares, you can consider that order cancelled!" He turns the heavy barrel of the rifle on the woman and squeezes off a round, the glare from the muzzle flashing off of his armor as he starts to tactically withdraw toward the portal.

And the bullet goes for a twang on her own formidable abilities as she runs off. She hears Mordred's call and nods, "We'll trap him here so he can serve as the sacrifice.." she says with a wry grin, muttering an enchantment that begins to close the vortex. 6, 5, 4…

Mordred looks towards the shooting Scion of Ares and makes his move. However, he's still sloppy. He misses his clinch, as he lets out an Irish curse under his breath. "Damnit! We just have to find others.."

Zeke continues to backpedal, eluding Mordred's reach and turning around to move faster as he hurries on his way toward the portal to the mortal realm. As he reaches it, he jumps toward the vortex, turning in mid-air as he does and raising one hand to flip the rogue Scions off. "Yippie kay-ay motherf-" And then he's landing on his back outside a bathroom stall in Central Park. "…uckers," he finishes his thought as he finds himself looking up at the stars.

"And there's John McLane.." Maia says as she's on her knees not too far off from where he jumped out of the vortex. She's on her knees and hands coughing, before a dark black goo starts to be thrown up. This is what..the second time he's seen her throwing up now? She continues to cough as she expels what was growing inside her as she starts to regain color once again in the 'real' world.
Jolie scoots away from Maia as she vomits forth the black goo. "Uuuuuuuh, that's gross. You alright?" She eyes Zeke warily as he pops back into this reality. "Hey. I'm guessing you didn't want to be in there with Red and White?"

Zeke's gun starts to transform in his hand, the barrel shortening and the grip reshaping until he's holding a Glock 17. He pushes himself up to his feet and places a hand on his belt buckle, pulling it out and twisting it counter-clockwise. The tactical armor he's wearing folds up and recedes into the belt, leaving him in jeans and a muscle shirt. He reaches around to tuck his handgun into the back of his jeans as he turns to face the other two. "The temptation was there, but only to the end of kicking their asses. Wasn't worth gettin' myself trapped for a minute or so of fun, though." He looks over at Maia, grimacing a little as she starts spitting up black goo and clearing his own throat. "Damn, Mai. No offense, but I hope for the sake of carpets everywhere that you never take to drinking."

"Th-ey.." and she continues coughing and gagging for a few moments. "That bastard kissed me before for a reason. To let this thing grow inside me.." she grumbles, finally getting the dark black ichor out which soon turns into smoke. She wipes her lips as she sighs softly. "They..they already killed two Scions. They need a third for something they're planning. I have no idea what, but you can bet it's going to be big.." she says firmly and resolutely.

Jolie winces. "That's just not kosher. Okay. We've got those harpy eggs. We've got two dead Scions. We've got them trying to kill a third. Is it all part of the same plan, or maybe the harpy eggs are a diversion?" She then smiles at Zeke. "I'm Jolie, wielder of the softball bat, faster than FloJo, daughter of the Baron." A pause. "And this here's Sailor Moon."

Zeke stretches his arms back, popping his back as he looks back at the bathroom building, then turns to Jolie, smiling back at her. "I'm Zeke, wielder of things that go boom, tougher than a two dollar steak, Son of Ares." He glances at Maia, nodding slightly, "We've met. I don't remember her going by Sailor Moon, though." He looks between the two women, "They had harpy eggs? That where those skyrats on crack came from?"

"Whenever someone dies by a creature of legend, whether it's due to us or one of the titan spawn, fate twists just a bit.." she explains, seeming to be more useful in the knowledge department than in the actual fighting department. "They need multiple deaths of hundreds to help fuel what they're planning. I know that much..the cute one kind of went on some villain monologue.." Maia admits in the end as she wipes her lips and gives Jolie a look. "And I told you, I'm not Sailor Moon. If anything, I'm more like Sailor Mars.." There we go, someone she can identify with better.

"Man, you fucks are pretentious, aren't you?" The British-accented voice once again proceeds the appearance of Ripper. "Now, what in sodding 'ell have you gotten into this time?" He glances between Maia and Jolie.

"I'm pretty damn proud to be the Baron's daughter," Jolie replies. "And hey, not all of us are rockstars." She goes back to grinning at Zeke. "Nice to meet you, Zeke. I just call her Sailor Moon because it gets on her nerves."

Zeke turns toward the Brit-accented voice of Rupert as he appears, one of his eyebrows raising a little. "Pretentious? Me? Nah. Cocky, maybe, but I ain't pretentious." He looks at Maia, adding, "You know, Mars is one of Dad's nicknames. No idea if there's a connection, though. I don't watch girl shows." He smirks at Jolie, then asks the group in general, "Any idea how we can find them before they try and pull that crap on someone a little less lucky?"

"No idea how to find them. They found me..or rather the cute one did.." Maia says, coughing once more as she dusts herself off and eases on up again. She's still in her full onmyoudo outfit, having defended herself before she was taken. She sighs and takes a deep breath as she wrinkles her nose. "The girls in that show are based ont he planets..that's probably only a coincidence.." she decides to inform him before running her fingers through her hair. "But they're probably going to look for more people like us."

"The fuck are you lot on about?" Rupert queries politely. He strides forward, hands tucked in his expensive trench. "Another tussle with the traitors?" His dark eyes flick over the others. "Lemme guess. Barely escaped by the seat of your pants?

Jolie sighs. "I saved Sailor Mars' butt." She'd say more, but Rupert is so cool, she'd feel awkward trying to cuss him out.

Zeke snorts a little as he looks back at the building, then turns back to Rupert. "More like spared them a tail-kicking in favour of a dramatic and timely exit," he says as he wipes his hands on his shirt. "Looks like we gotta get word out to others like us around here, then. Any idea how we can go about doing that?" He reaches up to scratch at the back of his neck.

"The cute one..he held back on you.." Maia warns, looking over towards the Bruce Willis wannabe. "You should've seen him when we found him before, he moves fast as lightning and kept up with monkey-boy.." she says firmly and resolutely as she stretches her arms into the air. "I know what I can do. I'll ask a bunch of security cameras around the city to see if they've seen anything unusual. That usually points out where there would most likely be people like us.."

Rupert scoffs. "Right, luv. You go talk to cameras. I'll just keep running into every sodding Scion in the damn city. Bound to run into the right ones sooner or later."

Jolie peers at Maia. "Hey, just a little FYI? Please don't keep calling him "the cute one". Sure, I'd jump his bones, but let's face it. He's an evil motherfucker, and you focusing on his looks, especially after he kissed you, is just WRONG."

"Ask a bunch of security cameras?" Zeke says, peering closely at Maia. "You mean ask a bunch of security guards?" Maybe it's something lost in the translation. Then he turns to Jolie, and arches both brows. "Hey, I don't suppose any of you actually know the guy's name? The chick's name was Helena, right? I think the guy yelled it right before we left."

"Mordred..that's what I remember from the previous evening.." There, she didnt call him the cute one. Maia looks up over towards Jolie to see if she's satisfied now. "And no, I meant talk to a bunch of security /cameras/. They have lots more information than most guards do.." she says with a sage nod. "Just like how I asked the lock of that cage to unlock for me.."

Rupert rolls his eyes, pulling a silver cigarette case from his jacket pocket. He lights one and disappears the case. "Good for you. Now, will someone kindly tell me what the fuck is going on here? Got a sudden urge to take a walk on this side of the city, and I'm missing practice. Not that I need it," he adds. "But my bassist hurt his hand the other day."

Jolie taps her bat on the pavement. "Mordred and Helena. Well, that's assuming that those are their real names. Works for me." She waves a hand at Maia and Zeke. "They can tell it better than me. I got that urge too, and when I showed up, there was this big black hole in the world. I walked in and there was this black and white TV place."

"Yeah, I was takin' a jog down the trail here, and Blondie showed up lookin' all D.I.D. So I followed her here, she tried to shove me in there," Zeke points at the doorway to the bathroom, "Which turned out to be an extradimensional portal or somethin' at the time. She ended up fallin' in herself, but she yelled somethin' about havin' a Scion in there already, so I strapped up, locked, loaded, and jumped in to see Maia here stuck in a cage. I distracted 'em while she made a getaway, then Jolie here showed and helped her make it out while I covered our flank."

"And that's pretty much what happened. But, while I was in there, they talked about a list of possible Scions. It seems they're trying to find more of they can fuel their ritual or whatever it is they're planning on doing.." Maia adds in the end as she takes a deep breath. "Perhaps we should all stick together..we can always use…well, I'm offering up my place. It's big. Mom and dad got it for me..big purse and all.." she admits ruefully.

"If you start holding hands and singing kumbaya," Rupert warns. "I'm gonna get violent." He takes a deep drag of his cigarette. "Otherwise, I'll play along. Mum seems dead set on hooking me up with you lot."5r

Zeke peers at Rupert, then at Jolie. The look on his face offers no suggestion that he gets it. So, after a moment, he looks back at Maia. "Well, I'm crashin' in a motel, but I suppose I can move if you think safety in numbers would work better. I pack light." He looks at Rupert and Maia and wonders aloud, "By the way, just outta curiousity - who're your parents? I mean, you know…"

"Amaterasu-omikami, that which illuminates heaven. She is my mother and patron.." Maia says, bowing her head once more as she refers to her divine parentage. "Unless you were asking about my father, then he's Tsuchimikado Mikuru..a concert pianist.." she adds in the end as she nods and stretches her arms in the air. "But yeah..if you guys want there nshould be plenty of room. I have a suite in the Upper East Side.."

Rupert gives Jolie a look of utter disgust and flicks his cigarette at her. "Kali," he answers Zeke. "I'm a son of the Bitch herself."

Jolie easily dodges the cigarette. "Upper East Side? That's noice. You don't mind if I bring guys back to the apartment, do you? And I'm sure you do, so why don't I just keep in touch and stay in my own dorm room, kay?"

"A suite, eh?" Zeke scratches his chin, looking between Jolie and Rupert as he speaks. "How big is that? Like, more than one room? And, uhh… same question." He looks back at Maia, then after a moment's thought, adds, "Except not guys, obviously."

"No! No! I have other rooms. I had always wondered why, but mother did say people would need them eventually.." she says matter of factly. She looks over towards Rupert and hrmms for a few moments. "But you're rich as hell, you probably have your own suite somewhere.." and then finally to the bokor. "Um..okay. Just be careful.." Maia whispers in the end.

"Got that right," Rupert mutters. "Got a whole floor at the Diamond."

Jolie shrugs. "See? Here, I'll give you my cell number, we'll keep in touch, I'll call you if I see anything funky. Though ten to one my daddy or one of his friends'll give me a ring first, if you catch my meaning."

"No..I'm worried about you possibly being attacked. They've seen you not once, but twice now.." Maia warns as she takes the cell and jots down the number for later use. "We should all be able to find each other, just in case."

Zeke nods his head, scratching the top of it thoughtfully. "Well, it'd be kinda imposing if I'm the only one coming to crash. And I tend to think it'd take a heckuvalot for them to take me down. I can give you my cell number, too, I guess."

"Seems to me," Rupert muses with a smirk, "that the only one they've deliberately targeted is you, luv. You sure you're not just wantin' protectors around to keep the bad men away?"

Jolie hooks a thumb at Rupert as she looks at Maia. "Rockstar's got you there. You got kissed. You got captured."

"Nuh uh!" Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red. "It's all a coincidence!" Maia says defensively, wrinkling her nose as she starts to stalk off into the night with a bit of a harumph.

In the end, she cries out, "I'll take care of myself!"

Zeke flattens both brows and looks at Rupert and Jolie. "Hey, it's not like there's something wrong with asking for backup. In fact, it's sayin' somethin' to be able to recognize when you need it." He frowns, then turns and starts to traipse down the path toward the departing Maia. "Hey, Maia, wait up."

Rupert sighs and starts strolling after them. "Dunno if I want to be on the same crew if she's gonna go haring off every time she gets embarrassed," he mutters.

Jolie hears Maia's final cry and says, "She is so dead." And she runs over to catch up with the others, though not at her amazin blazin speed.

XP awarded.

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