Tsukumo-Gami Boons

It’s a fundamental Shinto understanding that every physical object has a spirit. Those spirits, known as kami, vary as widely in grace and power as the objects they represent vary in size and importance. A Scion who’s inherited this Purview is not only aware of these spirits, but she’s able to coax them out of hiding and bargain with them for information and favors.

1 The Wakeful Spirit
2 The Watchful Spirit
3 The Helpful Spirit
4 The Summoned Spirit
5 The Impressed Spirit
6 The Blinded Spirit
7 The Abducted Spirit
8 The Industrious Spirit
9 The Dancing Spirit
10 The Relocated Spirit

The Wakeful Spirit

Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
Cost: None
With a little persistence, a Scion can capture the attention of the spirit of an inanimate object and speak to it for a few minutes. When she does so, the object takes on anthropomorphic features—the grains in a wooden door, for instance, might flow into the shape of a face—and speaks in a way befitting the size and importance of the object. Unremarkable, unimportant objects have dim-witted, semi-conscious spirits, whereas unique objects to which people form emotional attachments are eloquent, knowledgeable and charming.

In speaking to a spirit, a character can find out information the spirit has directly experienced. A car’s spirit can talk about where it’s been or who’s been in it. A lamp’s spirit can talk about the last time the master of the house used its light. A wishing well’s spirit can talk about how many people have wasted their pittances on false hopes. The older and more interesting the object is, the farther back and more clearly its spirit can remember key information. Spirits don’t differentiate easily between non-spirit beings, though, and they consider it rude to talk about the goings-on of other spirits if the spirits in question are doing their jobs properly. Also, most don’t pay too much attention to their surroundings unless something truly unusual happens.

The Watchful Spirit

Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion can not only coax information from a kami, but also set it to some passive task on her behalf. She can, for example, have the kami watch out for a specific person, observe any titanspawn who approach, or remember and repeat anything another Scion says to it. This period of duty lasts for a number of days equal to the number of successes the character amassed on the activation roll.

The Helpful Spirit

Dice Pool: Charisma + Occult
Cost: 1 Legend per die of improvement
With the proper shows of respect and decorum, a Scion can convince the kami within an object to enhance the mundane function of that object. In so doing, she gains a dice bonus equal to the number of Legend points she spends on the effect, which lasts for a number of days equal to number of successes on the activation roll. Be it anything from a weapon to a baby grand piano, the item must be one that requires a dice roll to use with skill. If the character uses this Boon on one of her Birthright items, she can enhance only its mundane function.

The Summoned Spirit

Dice Pool: Charisma + Occult
Cost: 1 Legend
By constructing a temporary shrine devoted to a kami whose name she knows—and whose Legend is less than her own—the Scion can call upon that kami wherever she is. The spirit’s face materializes in the shrine, and the Scion may attempt to use any Tsukumo-Gami Boons she possesses on it, just as if she were in the being’s physical presence. The kami can also cause to materialize above the shrine an image of what’s happening at the kami’s physical location, allowing the Scion to remotely witness that location as the kami sees and hears it. This contact lasts for a maximum number of minutes equal to the successes on the activation roll. The kami can break off contact as well if the Scion offends it.

The Impressed Spirit

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Craft
Cost: 1 Legend (to transport)
The Scion goes out of her way to flatter the spirit of some treasured item she owns, by crafting in its presence tiny replicas of the item. She then wraps each replica up in a paper packet on which the name of the item and its immanent kami is written in elegant calligraphy.

For every six successes on the activation roll, the Scion creates one replica that is of such quality that the kami of the original item is duly impressed. Thereafter, the Scion may leave the item behind and just carry the replica with her. Then, if she needs the item, all she has to do is hold the paper-wrapped replica in her hand, spend a point of Legend and call out the name of the kami (or the item’s name, if it has one). At that moment, the replica disappears in a puff of white flame and the actual item instantaneously appears in its place, no matter how far away it was.

The Scion can create as many effective replicas of an item at a time as her player gets multiples of six successes on the aforementioned roll. She can use this Boon to make replicas for as many different objects as her dots of Legend allow. The larger an object is, though, the more of her dots of Legend it requires. Guidelines on size versus Legend are as follows:

Object Examples Legend Requirement
Pistol, Set of Paintbrushes, Book 1
Spear, Easel, Loaded Golf Bag 4
Motorcycle, Full Suit of Plate Armor 6
Pickup Truck, Fan Boat 8
Camper Trailer, Train Caboose 10

For Example: A Scion with Legend 6 can make effective replicas of one motorcycle. Alternatively, she could make effective replicas of one spear and two pistols. Alternatively, she could make effective replicas of six different books.

The Blinded Spirit

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
Cost: 3 Legend (+ 1 Willpower)
The Scion recites certain prayers backward and fills a small enclosure with a cloying pall of incense smoke. Having done so, she may then place another Scion’s stolen Birthright relic into the smoky enclosure, bind it with prayer strips decorated with mirror-reversed kanji and leave it there for 24 hours. When she removes the relic, she finds its kami disoriented and confused, unsure of where it is or who has possession of it. The Scion’s player then makes a (Manipulation + Occult) roll for the character to convince the disoriented spirit that it has been recovered by its rightful master. If the roll succeeds, the relic functions for the Scion who’s taken possession of it just as it normally does for the Scion for whom it was originally intended. That is, the Scion thief can make full use of the Boons normally accessed through it without her player having to make the Legend roll described in regards to Stolen Relics. The relic’s kami remains disoriented and helpful for a number of days equal to the successes rolled to confuse it, at which point it comes to its senses and realizes how it’s been tricked.

When that happens, the kami makes certain that the relic will no longer function at all (even in terms of its mundane purpose) for the thief who was using it. Also, the effect ends immediately if the relic’s original owner reclaims the object.

If the Scion who performs this Boon spends one Willpower point when her player makes the activation roll, she can designate one alternative person who can use the relic as if it were his own. She cannot use it herself if she does so, but neither will the item’s kami be offended at her once it regains its senses or has been reclaimed by the item’s true owner. It will instead be offended at the person whom the Scion designated as its illicit owner.

The Abducted Spirit

Dice Pool: Charisma + Tsukumo-Gami
Cost: 1 Willpower + 1 Legend
If the Scion’s player succeeds on a (Charisma + Tsukumo-Gami) roll against a kami’s (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) roll while the Scion is either in the kami’s presence or using The Summoned Spirit (Tsukumo-Gami 4) to speak to the kami, the kami is forced to instantly appear before the Scion in its fully material form. For the rest of the scene, the kami is honor-bound to defer to and obey the Scion as if it were a follower (per the Birthright of that name).

Another Scion with this Purview can wrest control of the kami from the first Scion, but only if A.) his Legend is higher, and B.) he gets more successes on the activation roll than the original Scion did. A Scion can use this Boon as many times in the same scene, and on as many different spirits, as she has Legend and Willpower to spend. A spirit targeted by this Boon must have a lower Legend rating than that of the character attempting to target it.

The Industrious Spirit

Dice Pool: Charisma + Occult
Cost: 10 Legend (+ 1 Willpower dot—optional)
A kami is the undeniable master of the item of which it is the spirit. Any fact that can be known about the item, the kami knows. Anything that can normally be done with the item, the kami can do. It is aware of even the smallest microscopic change in the item, as well as how the item is being used at any given time.

Using this Boon, a God can command a kami with fewer dots of Legend than the God has to put its mastery to use creating an exact replica of its item—duplicating it instantaneously from the original. The item must be something that can be moved as one discrete piece, but as long as that’s true, it can be of any size.

The God’s demand for the item is represented by a (Charisma + Occult) roll, and the replica lasts for a number of years equal to the successes on the roll. Its traits are equal to the traits of the original, though it cannot duplicate any special powers the original has (or grant the ability to channel Purviews, if it is a replica of a Birthright relic). If the God gives up a dot of Willpower when he spends the Legend points, the item lasts indefinitely and can duplicate any special ability the original item has.

The Dancing Spirit

Dice Pool: Charisma + Occult
Cost: 5 Legend per scene
With a successful (Charisma + Occult) roll, the God politely requests the assistance of the kami of an object in his possession, asking it to make the object perform its normal function on his behalf. That is, he tells it what to do, and the object does that very thing as if the God himself were using it. A car might drive itself. A sword might float in the air and fight the God’s foes. A hairbrush might take the tangles out of his matted mane.

The performance of the activity uses the God’s traits, but does not require the God to perform the action himself. For instance, he could fight with a sword while a gun on which he has used this Boon opens fire on his enemies—both without imposing multiple-action penalties on the character. The object follows him along dutifully, fulfilling his unspoken wishes for one scene. The God can have a maximum number of items doing his bidding simultaneously equal to his Legend. These items must remain within his line of sight, though he need not necessarily be looking at them for them to do what they’re supposed to.

If someone tries to wrestle one of these items into submission, doing so pits that person’s traits against the God’s, just as if the God were holding it. If one of the items is a Birthright relic, the character can still channel his Purviews through it with maximum efficiency while it’s acting independently. He need only be able to see it to activate his Boons as normal.

The Relocated Spirit

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
Cost: 1 Willpower + 15 Legend
With this Boon, the God can exert divine authority over a kami whose Legend is lower than his by severing that kami’s connection to its item and/ or attaching it to another item altogether. Doing so requires a (Manipulation + Occult) roll versus the kami’s (Willpower + Integrity + Legend), as well as the expenditure of one Willpower point and 15 Legend points. If the roll is successful, the kami is ejected from its object and his intrinsic awareness of it is severed.

This process is not painful to the kami, but it can be disorienting and sad if the spirit has been attached to the item for a long time. Once the connection is broken, the item becomes completely mundane in function, losing any trait boosts or supernatural powers it once had. Also, the kami loses one dot of Legend, to a minimum rating of 1.

If the God has access to an object with no spirit, as well as a ronin kami, he can attach that spirit to that empty object. Doing so requires that the Boon’s activation cost be spent, but the roll is not called for unless the spirit doesn’t want to be attached. If the relocated spirit has a Legend rating greater than or equal to that of the spirit that was removed (before the loss of one dot caused by its severance), the item’s stripped-away supernatural powers and trait boosts return. If the relocated spirit’s Legend is not high enough, the enhancements do not return until the kami’s Legend becomes so.

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