Tsuchikura, Jyunsei (土比 純生)
Portrayed By: Tamaki Hiroshi
Status: Balancing Harmoniously
Age: Late 20's Early 30's
Calling: Zen Samurai
Pantheon: Amatsugami
Divine Parent: Hachiman
Significant Other(s): None likely


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Born in Central Japan, in a city called Gotemba, close to Mt Fuji. His mother, a poor woman in wealth, raised him in a less than exemplary locale in the city. Rarely enough food, but usually enough shelter. At a young age, he was taught the virtues of life. To be honourable, virtuous, kind and helpful. Unfortunatly as he grew, he no longer cared about such things, involving himself with a local gang (Bosozoku). Became a noise maker, vandal, and eventually theif. His skinny frame and smaller size letting him hide and move quicker than the others. Was involved in a number of violent events, caught by the police, jailed and set free due to his young age more than once. Hearing all these rumours about her child, his mother essentially disowned him, swearing to never talk to him again. He became more involved in crime, and even though he had money, and 'friends', he always continued to feel empty and lost.

His life changing incident was after an unfortunate, though not unexpected retribution from rivals. They raped and murdered 2 women, who were involved in a rival gang. And even though Jyunsei was not present at the time of the event, he still suffered the reprocussions. 4 of his mates were murdered, slashed up and beat to death, and 3 others critically injured, along with himself. Stabbed 6 times, and slashed down his back. One of the stabs was directly into his groin area. He would have died if he had not been saved by a local man, and taken to the hospital. He claimed that he was Jyunsei's Father, even though he had not known much of him through his mother. There was a lot of doubt in his claims. The doctor, informed Jyunsei that his genitals had been maimed fairly severely, as well as a kidney… And that while his 'reproduction system' still worked in theory, he could not likely father children the way that was intended. All he can do is urinate.

After this event, and months of counciling meetings with therapists, and the man who saved him. His 'father' began to enlighten him to paths that could have prevented this. Seeking to change his mind on a fundamental level. Revealed the godly nature of his existance to him. It took a lot of convincing, but in the end, doubt dissapeared. Gods have ways of doing that. He then began his new path to enlightenment… To balance and harmony. Registered himself into monkhood and swore off all things he had come to enjoy in his previous life. He began to shed his old ways, and soon, after dedication, suffering and dicipline, the old words of his mother began to resurface. Qualities came back to him, previously lost… And now dissapointed in himself that he forced his mother to abandon him. Dissapointed, but accepted. He began to study the arts of Aikido, and it's defensive and harmonious nature to combat. Years pass, and calm has taken him. Tranquility of nature, and it's inherant need for balance support him. Aware of the kami that inhabit all things, taught to him by his Shinto seniors, he respects all things equally and strives for better personal perfection in the understanding of his heritage. War masters of nearby Dojo's teach him of strategies and tactics, and the use of the sword and staff… Furthermore, how to not require them. He is becoming the swordless samurai. Wearing the old style Kimono/hakama style clothing, and showing the kamon brand of Hachiman, in respect for his culture's history, it's kami and his heritage.


Tsuchikura is calm and collected. Balanced within himself. His personality towards other always holds a friendly and welcome demeanor to it, regardless of the general distaste that some may give him (and others). Very difficult to offend, or anger, he almost always tends to bend the situation (at least in his mind) to something on a front that will allow him little irritation. An empathic man, always studying the faces and forms of those he encounters, to get a better feel on their emotional state, likely in order to better mimic atmospheres and build comfort between peoples.

Stress is a faculty that has little priority in his life, however present it may be from time to time, it rarely if ever shows clearly on his face or body. It does indeed appear from time to time though, I mean, afterall we ARE fighting Titanspawn, and they ARE known to create stress in those who enter into battle with them.

On the front of Battle, Tsuchikura is not against Violence if it required, but his primary role in the field is defence and support, choosing to disable and disarm his opponants. His band mates can generally determine the fate of those he has left prone. Some, who pay attention may even from time to time call him a Pacifist, as he rarely lifts his hand to strike, even when attacked… Those who come to know him, will find out this is not true.

Name Relation Notes
Daisuke Ozaki (TBA) My half brother. One to protect and insure is kept safe. Somewhat… Angry perhaps.
Natsuki Hino (TBA) Smells of Jasmine. Stronger presence of person, though there is a Sadness within.
Hikaru Nakamura (TBA) A unique and interesting persona. Son of Oniari-sama… It is quite apparent. I enjoy our conversation over Ramen.

(平和の手) Translated into English loosely means "The Hands of Peace". Pronounced "Hey-wah-no-teh"

Gifted to him by his Father, among the two other Relics he holds dear, these were made to enable himself to establish a peaceful and tranquil emotional response in those he touches with the thin band of leather sewn into the tops of each hand. To the average onlooker, they are simply white/grey gloves, made of some manner of leather, with a pale winter blue tab sewn across the top. Not entirely form fitting, but also not loose. They are tight enough to give him manipulatable dexterity.

1 point Relic


Events Thus Far

  • Crossing the street (First Meeting with Ozaki)
  • A talk in the park (First Meeting with Summer)
  • Of noodles and foxes (First meeting with Hikaru)
  • Detecting tradition (First meeting with Lin)
  • Columbian or … (First meeting with Tybalt)

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