Training the Great Saiyaman


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Scene Title Training the Great Saiyaman
Synopsis Wesley gives Albert his first day of training, and doesn't kill him.

Remote Junkyard

It's the middle of the afternoon, plenty of time for training before his date with Mariana. Wesley's sitting on an old broken down van in the middle of a large junkyard. Not just cars, there's /everything/. Broken computers, microwaves, couches, everything. He's waiting for Albert now, still wearing his guitar on his back even for training.

Albert walks into the junkyard, and comments, "I think this is the location Wesley told me to meet him… but it looks like everything that can be broken already has. Where's the fun in that?" He shrugs his shoulders, then taps on his shield. "Heh. Training is training. Location doesn't matter. In fact, this is the perfect place to train, as it looks like where a lot of battles will take place - in the ruins of a catastrophy-stricken city…"

"You! Brother guy!" Wesley exclaims from the top of the van, suddenly standing up and pointing at him when he enters the gate. "Get over here and slam directly into the van, face first. Let's see if you've got any guts. And if you break your nose, that's just a prize!"

Albert just stared at his 'half-brother'. "Uh, that's a strange way to start," Albert says, "but… I guess that might work…"
Albert charged head-first at the van, then lifted his head so his face would collide with the side of it. He made sure to throw his arms to his sides, so he wouldn't use them to brace himself.

Wesley stares down, keeping perfect balance as the van violently rocks back and forward from the impact, then he smiles and slowly claps. "Fuck, you actually did it, that's pretty freakin' tough. I just wanted to see if you were a total pussy or not. So, you got any fighting training or shit like that?"

"You didn't… expect me to…," Albert asks. "But… you jerk." But he was grinning and chuckling while saying this. "Heheh. That was mean. Good one. Anyways, fighting training? Uh… only for against normal mortals. I'm really good at that, but even without training, I alredy would've had a hugely unfair advantage…"

"Rule number one, formal training is bullshit. I never had training in my whole life, I just fought thugs and gangs when I was a mortal, trying to find tougher guys." Wesley jumps down from the van, slamming a firm punch into it to cave the door in. "Rule number two, I don't care how fucking scary or tough a monster looks, anything can be punched through if you hit it hard enough. You can't be afraid to punch shit, and you can't let pussy thoughts like 'Will this break my hand' get in the way."

"Uh… you…really are related to me, aren't you," Albert asks rhetorically. "My training consisted of me busting thugs' skulls in. Oh, and that one karate class I was banned from due to almost killing one of the students."
Albert thought about that last statement. "You know," exclaims Albert, as he scratches his head with his gauntlet'd left hand, "That makes a lot of sense. You are more likely to die being scared thinking about attacking and hesitating then you are if you go through with it. And it is a lot less lame. Thanks for that advice. That should've been obvious to me but wasn't."

"Good, then you get how it works. You get stronger and more skilled by fighting, but you get tougher and a stronger resolve by surviving. So, this is the first step of training." Wesley walks over to two shackles on the ground, with incredibly thick chains that lead to got knows where, then tosses them to Albert. "Clip these on, even I can't break 'em yet. The point is to survive wearing the things." Though one might wonder what's so bad about wearing shackles.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Albert says as he clips the shackles onto his legs. However, his facial expression contradicts the words and tone of what he just said.
"So," Albert asks, as he gives an experimental tug with his legs, seeing if they will break, "Survive? What's going to happen now?"

Considering Wesley trains with them, they're incredibly tough ankle shackles. He starts walking away until he's out of sight, then suddenly he calls out. "You've gotta avoid the obstacles. If you don't, you'll either lose a limb or die. No matter how scary shit gets, you've gotta keep your head together." Then suddenly some sort of machine can be heard starting up, and the chains start pulling incredibly fast, enough to jerk someone down to the ground and start dragging them. "Extra points if you can get off the ground and run to me without being dragged." he adds, a tad late.

The chains drag Albert across the ground without resistance for a few seconds, before he fights back against them. He uses his arms to try to pull himself forward and up, while keeping an eye out for any flying objects.

The first thing he'll come across are a bunch of blades jammed into the ground, directly on the path of the chains. "I'm serious, you better pay attention or you might not survive to the end." Wesley warns again, but doesn't give any particularly helpful hints.

"This looks bad." These optimistic words were uttered by Albert as he realizes the speed his is being dragged at. "I hope these chains will let me jump." Regardless of whether or not they would, he tried to jump over the blades anyway.

He's able to jump over the blades, but the chains are moving so fast, their momentum begins to try and pull him back to the ground. Soon, Wesley's standing on a pile of junk, carefully watching Albert as he's pulled. "Now might be a good time to try and get on your feet, unless you wanna get dragged the rest of the way. I'm not complaining, but there's hot coal in a few feet, and there's hot sauce in it."

Using as much strength as he can muster, Albert attempts to stand up, and run along with the chains to somewhat control his path. It is hard for a normal person to determine if his expression is one of pain or excitement, or some strange combination of the two. "C'M'N, I G'T…N'W…YAARGH!"

"That's it!" Wesley exclaims excitedly, running on his above platforms to keep up with Albert's path. The hot coals are indeed coming up, but they're no big deal with shoes on, they're mostly only a problem if one is being dragged. But after those is a rather sharp turn that, once taken, comes to a machine that's a few feet wider than a human body, sucking the chain in. It's the source of the mechanical sound, and given the rapid spinning, even if there aren't blades, that'll grind any body up. "You're almost there, now you've just gotta figure out how to not die!" There's a number of things around still, since the path is pretty narrow, but everything around him seems like it might not be tough enough to actually stop his movement. What to do with a machine with spinning things in it?!

"You're trying to kill me, aren't you," Albert accuses, irritated. He grabs as many heavy objects as he can, and chucks them at the machine. He also piles junk in front of him, holding his shield in front of him to push it along. If all else fails, he will attempt to jam the machine with the shield itself, hoping it is strong enough due to its divine origin.

Lots of junk bounces off or gets chomped up, but eventually things start to jam, and the shield is the nail in the coffin, everything suddenly slamming into the machine at once, including Albert, and it stops. "Good job, you didn't die!" Wesley happily exclaims, then jumps down with the key to undo the shackles. "You did pretty good, didn't even break a bone, I don't think. After we fight so I can see what you're made of, that'll be that for today. Tomorrow is shark training."

"Man, that was intense," exlaims Albert, as he gets up after his shackles are undone. "You really know how to train. So… you want to fi-" Albert stopped in mid-sentence. "Shark training? What? I'll fight with you, but only if you explain…"

"I train with sharks a lot, I don't really fight 'em, but I kind've wrestle them and try to get out of the feeding frenzy alive. I can't swim, so it's good training." Wesley explains as he tosses the key off where he'll find it later. "Can you fly?"

"That sounds like fun," Albert commented on the sharks. "Uh… flying… well, I can jump very high, but that's about it…why?"

"I've been needing air combat practice myself, so I thought it'd be good to teach you while I train." Wesley points out as he starts to slowly float into the air, staring down at him from a few feet above. "I think most of Thor's sons have an easier time learning to fly, at least that's what I was told."

"Since I can't fly," Albert asks, looking up at Wesley, "Do you still want me to try to attack you while you are flying, or are we going to do something else?" He quickly tenses up, in case of a sudden explosion of the ground, or a car dropping on top of him. He's not sure what to expect, after the shackle incident a few moments ago.

Wesley lands again, cracking his knuckles before reaching out to grab Albert's arm. "I'm gonna fly you up to where we're fighting. So come on, and don't worry, I'm not gonna kill you, the most I'll do is break a rib."

Alberd reaches out to grab Wesley's extended arm. "Okay," he says, "I'm ready. Let's go…"

Wesley flies them both up to a large mass of junk, enough to make a sizable yet slightly unstable fighting ring. When he releases Albert, he walks back a few feet, still not bothering to remove his guitar, then just waits. "Come on, show me what you've got. You can even use your weapons."

"I can use my weapons, eh," Albert says as he surveys the area. The ground looks unsteady (if you even considered it ground), but it did seem to support his weight enough. "It looks like I may be able to use that attack."
Albert crouched down, staring at his opponent. He waits for a few seconds, then suddenly springs at Wesley, while putting his shield-arm in front. He attempted to crash right into Wesley, though he knew that knocking him off the arena wouldn't do much since he could fly.

Wesley quickly strafes to the side of the shield, landing on his back, then suddenly springs back up to try and kick Albert from the side. "Why're you attacking me with a shield anyway? Don't you have a sword or something?" he asks, though he doesn't have much room to talk, since he doesn't even seem to have a weapon himself.

Albert didn't even get a chance to block before getting kicked in the side. "Gah. Nice kick," he says to Wesley. "No, I don't have a weapon besides my shield and these gauntlets. I'm not sure what kind of weapon I would like, anyways, and I believe a good PUNCH -" as he says this, he brings his left hand rocketing towards Wesley's face. "-Tends to work well enough on some people. I doubt you're one of them, though."

Suddenly bending back when the fist is going for his face, Wesley catches himself on his hands, then tries to pull his legs up with his upperbody and grapple Albert's arm inbetween them. "You've gotta fight like a shark! Get your enemy inbetween your jaws, then chomp 'em up!"

Albert dodges the attacks, but nearly trips as the junk beneath him is shaky. "Woah. That was close." He runs up to Wesley's head and attempts to deliver a crushing side-blow to it with his gauntleted hands. "FORE!"

Wesley gets slammed in the face by the gauntlet, the impact sending him down through the roof of one of the stacked cars. He spits blood from his mouth, smiling up at the other Thorson as he kind of lounges in his small impact crator. "Good job, you hit me. You've got a lot of work to do, but there's still no better training than going out and finding monsters to fight!"

"Finally," Albert sighs, then chuckles a few times. "I think that was some good training. I think I'm done for today." He hops off of the tall platform of junk, and lands with a large 'thud' sound. Luckily, his gauntlets activated a power that allowed him to not only withstand the fall, but treat the fall as if it were a jump off of a curb or something. "Well, I think I should go."

"Yeah, I've got a date with that hot chick you were talking to. But hold up." Wesley reaches into his pocket for a crumpled piece of paper, floating above Albert as he tosses it down. "That's Haldor and Maia's address. Haldor's your other brother, and Maia's his woman. She can give you new arms and stuff. Don't let them fill your head with pussy crap, I'm the one training you."

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