Times Square Trouble


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Scene Title Times Square Trouble!
Synopsis Zeke, Maia and David bust some harpy bitches..

Times Square

Times Square is one of the most recognizable areas for both strangers and residents of New York City, if only for the marquee that circles around the 25-story Times building, after which the city was named. The New York Times is no longer here, but the moving sign remains, giving headlines, election results and other news. Once a dangerous place to be, the Square was redeveloped in the 1980s into what it is today. Times Square hosts the largest, oldest and best known New Year's Eve celebration in the world, marked by the 100-year-old tradition of lowering a ball atop One Times Square. Times Square welcomes millions of international visitors annually and is the home of many of the world's most respected communications and entertainment companies. The Times Square area boasts 150 restaurants and 39 Broadway theatres, among them the beautifully restored New Victory Theatre and Disney's New Amsterdam Theatre. The whole area has a feeling of /life/ about it, a vibrant atmosphere that pervades everything - morning, noon and night.

It's a beautiful evening in New York City. The skyscrapers are all well lit, tourists are still exploring Times Square and well,it's just a beautiful evening. The moon is full and shines down on the people, and a gaggle of girls travel together in their little pack looking around at the various venues as they depart MTV Studios. "Um…that was kinda lame..there's no more TRL.." Maia says, wrinkling her nose as she's dressed in a casual pair of snug fitting jeans, a white blouse, her immaculately white sneakers and her Coach purse.

Zeke isn't normally the type to hang around in crowded places - at least, not when he's on the job. He's not on the job right now, though, and is instead walking along the square, looking at the different sights to be seen around the square. He's dressed in a white muscle top and a pair of jeans, revealing tattoos on his arms, and his hands are tucked into his pockets. All in all he probably looks a bit out of places.

There are a bunch of well muscled men around. Sure, a lot of them are gay couples, but still, they're around, and Zeke certainly gets a look every now and then. However, if it's any consolation, he too gets a look from the gaggle of college co-eds, particularly the blonde dancer the young Japanese girl is with. "Oh em gee, that guy..so hot.."

Maia looks over and raises her brows before wrinkling her nose as she looks over towards the blonde dancing chick. "Um..he's okay..I guess.."

Zeke is just slowing to look up at one of the buildings nearby to think 'I could probably climb that' when he passes close to the group of college girls that Maia is walking with. He looks down as he gets close to them, smiling a bright put reserved smile in their direction. "Hey there," he offers by way of greeting, "How's it going?" He may be being too polite for New York standards, but he's not entirely sure.

A few of the girls giggle as he looks towards them with a friendly wave. Maia just sighs and shakes her head. She's been a shrine maiden for most of her life, so the urge to be all giggly around boys has been thoroughly supressed, at least for now anyway. "Just finished shopping.." she says, bringing up a bag and then motioning towards the other bags that her companions carry.

Zeke smiles a little as his eyes move over the bags that the girls are carrying, then asks, "Nice. Buy anything useful?" The connotations of his words don't seem to register in his expression, and he turns to move a bit closer, hands in his pockets. He looks speculatively at Maia in particular for a long moment as he approaches.

Is he checking her out? Who knows? Maia just blinks blankly for a few moments as she shakes her head and shrugs her shoulders. "Just clothes and stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary.." she explains as she's starting to be left behind by the gaggle of girls. They're fickle anyway. "So you new to the city?" she asks.

Zeke purses his lips thoughtfully as he eyes Maia's bags when she mentions that they bought clothes. He looks up after a moment and replies to her question, "Yeah, I guess. I travel a lot, but I haven't been in the Apple long. The name's Zeke." He slows to a halt as he gets near to her. "Personally, I boycott the clothing industry. I try and wear as few clothes as possible. But I try not to judge other people for wearing them." He glances around the Square, "I think I saw some guy in a cowboy hat around here a minute ago that subscribes to the same philosophy I do…"

"The naked cowboy?" she asks, her brows furrowed before she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she wrinkles her nose and looks around for him. "Or are you talking about someone else?" she asks, snickering softly before extending her hand out towards him. "I'm Maia..nice to meet you.."

Zeke arches his brows a little, "Oh, you met him? He did seem like a popular guy." He glances over his shoulder before looking back at Maia and stepping forward to shake her hand, his grip firm but not crushing. "Nice to meet you, too. So, you here on vacation or something? Sorority field trip?" He glances over in the direction where the other girls left as he releases her hand.

"No, those girls are over at Columbia and NYU. Met them over the summer. I'm a freshman at Julliard.." Maia explains, smiling brightly the entire time as she takes a deep breath and stretches her arms into the air. "My father and I took a trip here before, when we were checking out schools..took a picture with the Naked Cowboy once.."

Zeke nods his head slightly as he listens to Maia, returning her smile. "Ahhh, I see. What're you studying?" He looks her over, as if trying to evaluate what her answer might be based on her appearance. "Quantum physics, maybe? I'm not really sure what they teach."

There's a slight harumph from her features as she gives him a dismissive wave. "Well, isnt that a bit stereotypical, but my major is well..still kind of stereotypical in a way, but then again, my father is a pianist. I'm majoring in violin performance and music.." Maia answers. "Julliard is a music conservatory."

"It is?" Zeke's eyebrows lift. "Huh. Well, if it makes you feel better, my first guess was going to be fashion, but I thought that would be stereotyping." He reaches up to scratch the side of his neck. "Ahhh, I see. So, are you planning on being a concert violinist, then?"

"That's the plan…well, one of them anyway.." she says with a soft chuckle under her breath as she idly runs her fingers through her hair. The hairs on both of your necks start to stand. Something about the air has changed, something doesnt feel right. Maia becomes quite tense and starts opening her purse, reaching her hand in as she looks around once more.

Zeke shivers a little as he looks around himself. He's not exactly sure what's going on, and he's not armed to deal with anything extreme just now. He edges away a little when Maia starts to reach into her purse; he's heard rumours about women in New York with their pepper spray. "So, uhh… what's the other plan? Or is there more than one?"

Become a goddess? No, that would weird him out. Maia still looks tense as she reaches in and keeps her hand there. No, there's no pepper spray. "Um…well, I havent figured that out yet.." she admits ruefully as she continues to look around once more.

Suddenly and abruptly, there's a scream off in the distance. It's not too far away, it's just in the middle of a crowd that begins to scatter. Blood is spilled everywhere as two foul winged creatures burst forth, grabbing an old man and an old woman respectively before digging their teeth into their necks letting more blood spill before tossing the limp bodies to the ground. "Hahahahahahah!" they say, cackling in unison.

Suddenly and abruptly, the young girl is running off straight towards the two harpies. She wrinkles her nose as she pulls out three strips of paper, while floppy in the air suddenly become razor sharp as she mutters a soft word of power under her breath. "Mother, may I bring honor to our people and may those two souls safely move on. I will get rid of the titanspawn.." she whispers softly, though perhaps Zeke could hear it. It does take a while to run afterall.

Zeke whips his head around as the girl starts running toward the harpies, his eyebrows lifting slightly. "Hey, wha-" He blinks. Bad enough having two already dead, now there's another one getting in line. He doesn't think twice - he starts dashing toward the nearest harpy at an inhumanly fast speed. "Hold up!"

And there's that stench, the awful stench of harpies. With one of the ofuda now razor sharp, Maia resists the urge to gag, though she looks like she's going to be sick. "Everyone! Scatter!" and well, she didnt have to do that, for scary harpies. Some look at the young Japanese girl as if expecting a magical transformation sequence, but alas, nothing happens. Instead, she flicks her wrist and the piece of paper strikes the creature, sticking inside it.

Zeke's vision narrows, centering in on the harpy that has made itself his target as he rushes headlong into the foul winds surrounding the creature. He opens his mouth and lets out a fierce battle cry as he leaps powerfully into the air, drawing back a clenched fist as he hurtles toward the vile titanspawn in question. "Lights out Big Bird!"

What? Two Scions in the area? It seems the two harpies did not pic a good day to come out. The firstf gets a piece of paper stuck in her arm, though it's a slight cut and starts bleeding. She just laughs, continuing to spread her foul stench. "You think that will do enough, little girl?" it screeches, but then..there's Zeke to save the day. He jumps up and connects his fist in her chest, the sound of bones crunching sending her stumbling back in the air a bit. She's winded, but still angry. She looks over towards the offending Scion of Ares and tries to swoop down to claw at him.

Meanwhile, her partner in crime goes the other direction, heading towards Maia with ferocious speed.

It's Times Square. Horribly crowded, impossible to negotiate quickly - and two flying harpies on the other side from where the Monkey Prince is walking down the street. There is a flash of yellow as in three bounds, the man leaps up from windowledge to windowledge along a building, getting a good takeoff point. He braces against the wall, gathers strength…and with a sound of crashing glass and crunching stone, launches like an arrow across the intervening space, his spear growing almost instantly in his hand, a yellow banner flapping behind.

There's the swoop of the harpie and she gags once more, but like many a magical Japanese school girl, she dodges in a timely fashion, even giving a little flash of her panties (OMOKE!). Maia harumphs a little as she skids back a few feet and grins wryly as she looks up towards the full moon up in the sky. She brings her hand up in the air, letting the light reflect of the ruby magatama on her ring finger. "Mother! I call upon your divine brilliance! Burn away my foes!" she cries out all melodramatically as she even lifts up her leg just a bit for extra awesomeness.

The light flickers off the ring and soon starts going towards the eyes of the harpie. Here's light in your eyes, beeeeetch. Even with all that, it still doesnt work. It seems trying to invoke the Sun Goddess at night is just difficult, and the light to her ring just diffracts normally. What a letdown.

Zeke lands in a crouch after delivering his bone-crunching flying haymaker to the harpy's chest, but he's quick to react when the beast retaliates by swooping down at him. In an instant he's launched himself back up into the air, hurtling over the harpy's assault with a backflipping motion. "I'll see your blood spilled, you murdering skywhore!" he yells as his arc carries him down to intersect the harpy's path, his biceps flexing as he clasps his hands together, preparing to hammer the winged abomination with a flying elbow drop.

The one who swooped down towards the girl just blinks blankly for a few moments looking at the seeming laser pen light strike her in the scaley chest. "What the heck is that? That's dumb.." and she goes to swoop towards Maia once more.

Meanwhile, the other isnt having a good time. She's getting pummeled by the jumping muscular bicep flexing Scion of Ares. A wry grin curls onto her lips, now slightly bruised and bloodied. "You'll make a nice mate, boy!" before going to swoop towards him again.

Whooomph! The man in yellow lands, spear glinting in the light of the street lamps nearby, and with a single, powerful thrust so fast the banner doesn't even have time to soak in blood before it's withdrawn, he makes his attack. "Heyas, Origami Girl. Looks like I'm -always- bailing your ass out…you're lucky it's such a nice ass, or I might not make the effort."

Zeke hits the ground after smashing his elbow into the harpy, then finds himself rolling out of the way just in time to avoid getting snagged by its retaliatiory attack. He raises himself up to his full height in a fighting stance, his eyes shifting from Maia to the newly arrived Scion as he makes his presence known. "Alright, everyone take down the wounded one! Flanking maneuvers!" He starts looking for his own opening as he makes hand signals indicating positions for people to take.

Maia looks back towards Zeke as she jumps back once more, taking a deep breath as she pulls out another set of ofuda, muttering a soft prayer under her breath. "All right! I guess we'll do it.." and she sticks her tongue out towards David. "We were doing just fine, thank you…"

"Right! Well then, I'll leave you two to your brilliantly executed flanking maneuver…" Darting up into the air as if ignoring gravity, David flips end over end through the air until he lands on the back of the flapping harpy. His toes curl into feathers, taking as tight a hold as if he held on with his fingers as he swings down and around, holding onto the harpy's wings as if on a trapeze. The swinging inertia sends the harpy crashing to the ground under him, where David slams the spear through her body, over and over and over, splattering it into a slick of ichor beneath him and gouging deep holes into the asphalt beneath. "How's it going with your flank?!"

Zeke drops back into a wide stance as the others start to move into position, hands apart and palms open as the sinews in his shoulders tense for action. He waits for the opportune moment, then, seeing the openings line up, leaps toward the harpy, "Take her out!" His whole body spins as he flies through the air, one leather boot swinging heavily toward the last harpy standing.

Maia watches as she nods and she pulls out yet another ofuda. She takes in a deep breath and mutters softly, "Mother, hear my plea, take down this creature of evil!" she says, looking up towards the sky as she twirls around and lets forth another razor sharp piece of..paper?

The spear shrinks, coming out of the harpy's entrails and shrinking to the size of a large flashlight as the monkey prince leaps twelve or so feet into the air, backflips a few times, lands…and, in perfect coordination with the others, extends an arm, sending the length of wood snaking out, growing until the speartip explodes out the other side of the creature. A flick off his wrist, and the spear is suddenly tiny again, flipping through the air, caught, and tucked behind his ear. "So. Anyone up for barbeque?"

And she oomphs a little, heading over towards David as she hrmms for a few moments. Times Square, for the most part, has cleared and there are once again harpy corpses on the ground. "That was…hard.." she says softly looking towards the two other Scions before throwing up once more. Poor girl.

Zeke lands after delivering a kick that knocks the harpy off-balance and sets it up for the others' attacks to finish it off. Oddly enough (or maybe not, to those in the know), he's not even really breathing heavy. He draws in one breath, then crinkles his nose. "Ugh. What, you wanna eat that shit? I'd rather eat last Thanksgiving's turkey." He looks over to where the human bodies are lying and lets out a sigh. "Shoulda been quicker. Knew I shouldn't be out here without packin'."

Humming quietly to himself, David breaks out into quiet but energetic song beneath his breath, "Now you're dead, you're dead 'cause we killed you, we took you by surprise. We just saw you roaming the forest, and said, 'Let's kill those guys'…" Na na na na-na na-na na-na. Clearing his throat, the Monkey Prince suggests, "No, I mean, there's this really great barbeque place down the street. Ribs. Pulled pork sandwiches. It's awesome. And I'm always hungry and horny after killing things." Peering over at Maia, his brow arches as he watches her throw up. Again.

"You just got pwned, Eff-Tee-Double-Ewe?" Maia replies. Yes, she knows Final Fantasy. She is Japanese afterall as she acks a little with the distaste of throwup still in her mouth. "I dont think I could eat right now.." she admits ruefully.

Zeke just peers at David for a few seconds, then looks down at Maia. "Uhhh, I could eat, but I'm not all that hungry." He looks up and down the square, "I guess those two were the only ones, huh? Doesn't seem like they're all that bright at picking their venues." He turns toward David and nods, "I'm Zeke. Nice spear."

"I'm David - thank you for noticing. IIt -does- get awfully big during combat, but it usually doesn't show unless I'm wearing my speedo." Big, bushy eyebrows waggle at Zeke before monkey-boy heads over to Maia, reaches out, and pats her hard on one shoulder. "Nothing settles the stomach like a huge mound of shredded, unidentifiable charred meat and a vat of baked beans."

"We should get going somewhere, lest you know…the cops show up and here we are surrounding two harpies.." she mutters softly under her breath before she gags once more at the stench of burnt harpy. "We taking your car again, David?"

Zeke nods his head, stepping away from the harpies. "Good point. Don't think I've ever killed something somewhere this public before. Or been in a team that did." He wipes his hands on his jeans, "Figure we should split up? I can get clear pretty fast on foot if I have to."
"Sure. You run along, I'll carry the girl back to my car and whisk her away into the sunset…" A bright, white-toothed smile is flashed by Kong toward Maia. "Come along, dear. I don't even mind your vomit-breath."

"I dont think that's very smart. I'm sure that these only came out to draw people like us out. The Titans arent stupid.." Maia says, slightly sounding..afraid perhaps. It's been two attacks in the past two days. That's more fighting than she's seen in her life..ever. She looks towards the two. "So I think we should stick together.." and she stagewhispers, "Please cockblock him..I dont want to get groped."

"Hey!" David looks offended. "Bros before hos, man, bros before hos!"

4 xp for Zeke, Maia and David (they all have 4 xp)

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