Time Purview

1st Rank

Internal Clock (Time •)
Dice Pool: N/A
Cost: None
The Scion senses the passage of time with atomic clock precision. He always knows the exact time and dates to the microsecond and as such automatically senses any time effects used in the area. Furthermore, if rendered unconscious the Scion knows exactly how much time he has been out.
This sense of time's passage grants the Scion the ability to accurately time to release of mechanisms and flight times of objects he is familiar with. If he has a familiar weapon, including a familiar ally, and knows the movements of an enemy, even if the can no longer see him, he can commit a surprise strike as the target comes into view. The timing is so precise that surprise is automatic as long as the target did not change course or speed unexpectedly. If the target has a supernatural protection from surprise they make a contested roll of (Intelligence + Science) against (Wits + Awareness).

2nd Rank

Temporal Analysis (Time ••)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion can touch an object, organic or inorganic, and sense the flow of time of the target. The difficulty is based on the precision and distance through time.
The base difficulty is the target's Legend rating (or twice the Relic rating for Relics). Every threshold success grants one part of a date, in the following order: Era, Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second, Millisecond.
If the Scion chooses to look for the age of a significant change in the target, such as last major wound, visitation, or when the raw material was made into the object. Increase the difficulty by 2.

3rd Rank

Looping the Mind (Time •••)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy
Cost: 1 Willpower
The Scion now has the power to cause a single subject to continuously repeat his own actions, without ever realizing he has been repeating himself. The subject gets so caught up that he pays no heed to events around him unless they are obvious and dangerous. For example, a subject may be walking along when the Scion uses this power on him. The subject may have been intending to go to the store, but gets so carried away that he finds he has been walking for an hour and is now far away from both his home and the store. If the subject had walked out in front of a car, he would have has been less likely to notice it (roll Perception + Awareness), but if he did, the trance-like effects would have been broken.
The effect last for a number of actions equal to the success on the activation roll. If the victim has more dots of Legend than the user, the power doesn’t work. If the victim has an equal Legend rating, the activation roll is contested against the victim’s (Willpower + Integrity + Legend).

4th Rank

Time is Subjective (Time ••••)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Enpathy
Cost: 1 Legend per target per time modification (see below)
Now the Scion can change how others perceive time, which is he has the power to make creatures react faster or slower to events.
The difficulty of the (Manipulation + Occult) roll equals to the highest of all targets’ Legend, Time is Subjective lasts for a number of ticks equal to the number of threshold successes.
To make a creature react slower, the Scion, at a cost of 1 Legend per target, can impose a -1 die penalty and additionally for every other Legend spent he can increase the die penalty by 1, up to a number of times equal to the Scion’s Legend. Additionally, for every -2 dice penalty all the creature’s actions have their DV penalty increased by 1.
To make a creature react faster, the Scion, at a cost of 1 Legend per target, can give a 1 bonus die and additionally for every other Legend spent he can increase the die bonus by 1, up to a number of times equal to the Scion’s Legend. Additionally, for every 2 bonus dice all the creature’s DVs increase by 1.

5th Rank

Dictate Hours (Time •••••)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Awareness
Cost: 1 Legend per passing hour
The Scion can dilate time in an area so that the hours pass in the blink of an eye or take forever to pass. This Boon may only be used in closed spaces and if anything enters or leaves this space the effect immediately ends. All those inside the area can interact at normal speed, but everything else goes at the modified speed. For example: Titanspawns weaker to light that enter an apartment will realize only too late that, though it should be 11 p.m., it is noon, thus suffering from the sunlight.
For every success an hour takes more or less 1 minute to pass.

6th Rank

Age Object (Time ••••• •)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Science
Cost: 1 Willpower + (1 to 10) Legend
Now the Scion's power extends the more ageless targets, objects. The speed of the effect depends on the amount of Legend Points spent, and can go either direction through time.

Speed: Cost
1 Week per Day: 1 Legend
1 Week per Hour: 2 Legend
1 Month per Hour: 3 Legend
1 Year per Hour: 4 Legend
1 Decade per Hour: 5 Legend
1 Century per Hour: 6 Legend
1 Century per 10 minutes: 7 Legend
1 Century per 5 minutes: 8 Legend
1 Century per Minute: 9 Legend
1 Century per Second: 10 Legend

This power lasts a number of days equal to the number of activation successes. During this time the object suffers from its environment as normal. If well maintained, aging will have little to no effect, while if it is the side of a ship at sea, a century passing without maintenance will result in large holes.

7th Rank

Pocket Out of the Flow (Time ••••• ••)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Awareness
Cost: 1 Legend per hour per 10 feet radius
The Demigod can now cause an entire area to leave the normal flow of time. This Boon functions just like Dictate Hours, except that the area doesn’t need to be closed and the barrier cannot be destroyed or passed. The Pocket Out of the Flow creates a semi-sphere around the user with the specified radius, which nothing can leave until who created the Pocket will it closed or is destroyed. The barrier can only be seen by someone with the Internal Clock Boon, and looks like a bubble made of soap.

8th Rank

Open Time Gate (Time ••••• •••)
Dice Pool: Strength + Academics
Cost: (5 to 100) Legend
Wherever the God uses this Boon, he opens a portal from the Present to the Past or the Future. This portal opens exactly in the same place where it is created, but in a different time. This portal can only be seen by someone with the Internal Clock Boon, and looks like an out of place window flouting in mid-air.
Unfortunately, using this Boon requires a lot of meditation to prevent opening a portal in an unintended time; at least one hour is required. The God can lead with him a number of willing followers equal to the success his player achieved on the activation roll. The portal remains open for one action; long enough for the God and everyone the activation roll allows to follow him to step through if they do so immediately.
The time difference depends on the time factor, which affects the cost, if respecting that the God can go anytime.

Time Factor: Cost
Days: 5 Legend
Weeks: 10 Legend
Months: 20 Legend
Seasons: 30 Legend
Years: 40 Legend
Decades: 50 Legend
Centuries: 60 Legend
Millenniums: 70 Legend
Ten Thousand Years: 80 Legend
Hundred Thousand Years: 90 Legend
Million Years: 100 Legend

Time has a great amount of inertia and so it’s hard for it to change his natural course, but it’s still possible for the gods to do so. If a change in the normal flow of Time occurs it will affect all timeline and so all events in the future. Additionally a Dahaka will be born to try to correct the timeline to its former self, and it will be the more powerful as the relevant is the change for the timeline.
For example: Cronus plots to travel back in time to kill Zeus as a baby and thus preventing Zeus to defeat him, making impossible for the Olympians to defeat the Titans. When he tries so he is in some way and in some time prevented to do so, must likely a Dahaka as powerful as the most powerful God will appear to prevent him to do so.
On the other hand: a Scion travels back in time and plants one of his modified seeds on the garden near his childhood house in the middle of the night and goes back to the future to see how his plant grown on his now empty house only to find that everything was exactly as ever; one Dahaka had been created and removed the seed, preventing it from growing.
This Dahakas serve for the Storyteller to preserve the timeline intact.
At the Storyteller’s discretion, a change in the past that don’t interfere with the known history might not cause the wrath of the Dahakas, it was the way it actually happened. A God could travel back in time in order to help the Gods win the first Titan War and the Gods that reached his present day remember that a God from the future help in that win. As such, objects and/or information that a God delivers to his past self must be encountered in the same way that the God originally found them and at the same time that he found them; although the Storyteller might still unleash the Dahakas on the player’s Scion, for it wasn’t that the way that he design things to happen.

Fairy Troop (Time ••••• •••)
Dice Pool: Willpower + Occult
Cost: 5 Legend
The version for the Time Purviews summons five Dahakas and places them under the God’s command for a short time. The troop of Dahakas serves for one day per success rolled. The Legend points are payment to the Dahakas. The God must also provide them some material fee, such as tools for them to use when correcting the timeline. The Dahakas serve loyally, but not to the extent of risking their lives.
A God can have only one troop in his service at once—at least using this Boon.

9th Rank

Preserve the Timeline (Time ••••• ••••)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Investigation
Cost: (1 to 20) Legend
The God can now predict the consequences of his actions on the timeline. The player of the God rolls his (Intelligence + Investigation), without Epic Intelligence benefits, for each change he wants to impose on the timeline. If the roll succeeds, the Storyteller reveals some consequences of his actions that will play out in the future. These revelations should pertain to either significant plot points in the current story or large, overarching issues that affect the cycle as a whole. The more successes the activation roll garners, the more relevant and directly helpful the revelations should be. The Storyteller can give out a number of revelations equal to the number of successes on the roll, or he can simply reveal a more detailed revelation as the player gains more success.
The cost of this Boon varies on the time difference between when the action should be used and how far the God wishes to see its effects.

Time Factor: Cost
Days: 1 Legend
Weeks: 2 Legend
Months: 4 Legend
Seasons: 6 Legend
Years: 8 Legend
Decades: 10 Legend
Centuries: 12 Legend
Millenniums: 14 Legend
Ten Thousand Years: 16 Legend
Hundred Thousand Years: 18 Legend
Million Years: 20 Legend

10th Rank

Future Help (Time ••••• •••••)
Dice Pool: Wits + Survival
Cost: 1 Willpower + 15 Legend
The greatest power, for a God of Time, is the ability to help himself in times of need, by invoking he’s future self. Using this Boon, the Scion from the future appears to the Scion of the present, using the Open Time Gate Boon or any other way of time travel, allowing the player of the God to control both of his versions.
This doesn’t interfere with the timeline for it was design to proceed this way. Although this messes with the timeline if the God decides that he doesn’t want to travel to the Past to save himself; thus creating a Dahaka with the sole purpose of killing him to fix the timeline.
Using this Boon is a reflexive action, for it must be a split-second decision, and because of it the Scion can only summon a version of himself from a number of hours in the future equal to the number of successes that the roll of (Wits + Survival) gathers. After the maximum number of hours passes the Scion of the present must had traveled back in time to save himself; if he didn’t a Dahaka with a Legend score equal to the God’s, with the sole purpose of killing him, will be created.
The God can summon more than one of his future self’s but need to make another (Wits + Survival) roll and spend another 1 Willpower plus 15 Legend. At the end of each time limit a version of him must travel back in time to save himself; which means that in the end of the scene there will only remain the version of himself that came further from the future.

Avatar - The Inevitable

Avatar of Time (The Inevitable)
Cost: 1 Willpower + 30 Legend
For the remained of the Scene, the God becomes The Inevitable, a creature of complete agelessness showing no signs of the passage of time, shrouded in flowing grey robes and brandishing an hourglass. No one can escape the Inevitable, no one can hide from the Inevitable, and no one can fight the Inevitable. Not even the Titans, and thus flee its presence. Should the Inevitable choose to pursue they will run as long as possible, but the Eternal always knows where they are going and thus they cannot escape. Should the Inevitable chose to punish, they suffer their Fate whatever that may be, nothing can avoid this short and another Avatar, which as a force of Nature, and eternal, can neither harm nor be harmed by the Inevitable.

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