The White Bitch


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Scene Title The White Bitch
Synopsis Helena almost singlehandedly takes out our heroes…

The Terra Incognita

It's an evening! Rain has gotten off of her shift, pen tucked over her ear and purse in hand. There's limes in her purse and some other goodies. Someone has plans for another pie. She has called Leonard to come with her and start poking about for answers or information or - something. "I wish John answered his phone… guess he had a class," Rain frowns. She will wait patiently at the edge of the Square, not daring to inch in any further without her friend just yet.

When a Rain calls Leonard comes. The man arrives via cab, winding his way toward where Rain awaits, tipping front of hat toward the woman in motion of greeting. There's a smile of familiarity, and then he stops. Eyes rise skyward, stare toward the hazy spire that's been implanted in the square. He seems utterly fascinated by it, emerald eyes focusing solely upon the thing above.

Once again, the Ripper finds himself stalking towards Times Square. He walks directly past Rain and Leonard without acknowledging them, and stops at the barrier of yellow police tape. "Hmph," he snorts, amused, before jumping the tape easily … and disappearing totally from sight.

Rain seems happier to see Leonard, and she waves at him. "Hello there!" She greets him warmly. She takes a deep breath. She smiles back. "I think if we're going to find answers here, this is a good place to start. I want to hit the library later to—" She cuts herself off, seeing the Ripper go by. A few blinks at him. "… did you just - did he just -?" Rain's mouth falls into an o shape and she looks a bit surprised. Hmm. "I guess we're not the only ones interested in this, but then that crazy lady…" Sigh. So many thoughts. She just shakes her head. "Anyway. Ready when you are."
It's kind of an absent glance Leonard gives toward the other man, at least until he does his vanishing act. Then he has more things to try and split attention between. One nod comes eventually toward Rain, lopsided smile offered down at the woman. "Ready," He mentions, starting forward. "If anything happens, I'll be alright. Take care of yourself before worrying about me."

"If anything happens that's too much for us, we run," Rain points out. She smiles again. "No sense in just sitting here I suppose, time is precious," Especially to a death god's child. She carefully pulls up the tape to step under it. It was her idea, so whatever is waiting to nom her soul can get her first. Or something.

Once you go beyond the yellow tape there is no going back. The Terra Incognita is a facsimile of Times Square, though much darker, much much darker. Instead of buildings all around, there is simply rubble, destroyed from the upheaval of the mighty black spires that rose up from the ground. The moans and groans of the Titanspawn waiting inside the structure can be heard, and only the moon provides light in this realm…

"Not Disneyland, is it?," the Ripper comments from an utterly black shadow beneath the spires. Despite the darkness, he peers at the new arrivals through his sunglasses and smirks wickedly. "Might want to have a word with your tourist guide. Times Square isn't the place it used to be."

"I'd say we aren't in Kansas anymore." Leonards mention toward Rain is quiet, the man taking one habitual glance back behind before eyes rise up toward the spire. There's a thin set to his lips, glance left, right. Back again. "This is interesting." That toward Rain, the man's eyes lofting to regard Rupert. "Is this yours?"

Eeeiyie! Flail! Rain almost flaps her arms after the Ripper comments from the shadows. She just sort of squints up at it. "I didn't think so. Not even the Park was the same for awhile," She rambles, somewhat cryptically. "Crosses keep coming up," She mumbles. "And me either," She shakes her head. She lets Leonard ask the question first. She's cautious, glancing here and there.

"Oh, that's new," Ripper mutters. "A crazy bird." He dismisses Rain and looks at Leonard, walking forward out of the shadow into the . . lighter shadow. "Mine? Not exactly. Until we conquer this bitch, that is." He glances back at the castle. "Might take a while."

A small noise of enlightenment from Leonard. Next question. "You know who it belongs to?" One hand rises, makes short gesture toward the spire. "I gather someone more potent than you or I." He squints, attempting to keep attention between the man in the dark and the spire itself.
"I am not a crazy bird, you just startled me," Rain replies, with a frown. "We?" She tilts her head and looks around. "I wonder if the boy we met has anything to do with this too. But, I suppose it would be rude of me not to ask your name, so-" So … hello! She just looks back up at the spire. But on the other hand, a giant freaking doomspire.

"I was here first," Ripper retorts. "So name yourselves, state your business, and move along. This is a dangerous place to be." He grins and produces a silver case out of the inside of his trenchcoat. He opens it, pulls out a cigarette, and returns it to his pocket before lighting the cigarette with a golden Zippo. His face is briefly illuminated by the lighter, revealing a face that has been on the news fairly often recently. "I'm Ripper. And I'm pulling my guard shift to keep buggerin' titanspawn from invading New York and keep blokes like you lot from stumbling into something your not ready for yet."

"I bet it is." Leonard's chin tilts up again, eyes toward spire, Rupert, spire again. "Call me Mr. Mystery." Yes, seriously. "And I'm glad you're here. You must have it absolutely cowed." The words are bland, only the dimmest of smiles curving at the man's lips before he makes addition of: "We're here to see that. We want to know what it is, and what it does."
Hmm. Rain looks a little disbelieving of Ripper, but she shrugs. "Given what happened be—" She cuts herself off and looks to Leonard, then back to Ripper. "Nevermind, I'm Rain. Nice to meet you. It's um, good to see people already seeing to this creepy thing then," She looks up at the spire. Ripper gets another look over. Hmmm. "And that's about it really." Leonhard has spoken the point before her.

"It's a big bleeding castle that's not quite part of the World, innit?" Rupert replies mockingly. "And it does what castles usually do." He shakes his head slowly and takes a drag off his cigarette. "Now, Rain and . . Fuckin' Dumbass, is it? Right, well, if you're that curious, there's a door over that way." He laughs quietly, with a slightly menacing edge. "Doubt you'll like what you find, though."

"So you don't know anything, wonderful." One thin smile and Leonard tips toward Rain, making flicker of fingers toward door indicated. "I wouldn't." Just that, another slant of eyes back toward the guard. "He's not a threat," The man mentions, "Whatever is inside might be."

"Was it always here?" Rain considers, peering up. "I'm sorry if that's a dumb question," She corrects herself shortly after. "And no, I don't think we should - but on the other hand… it's silly to come back again and again, that'll really tip off whatever's in there. If it cares. Do you think a peek would hurt?"

Damn. And he had /such/ a sweet gig going on in DC too… but all it took was one phone call from his Trickster God father to send Jay's life in a new direction. Again. And the bastard called /collect/ too. Harumph. Jay had slipped past the police cordons by impersonating one of the FBI agents and found his way to…

"Well. What the hell -do- we have here, Thor?" In responce to the question, a red-haired capuchin monkey skitters along the ground after him, leaping up to climp up Jay's form, perching on his shoulder, the monkey chattering in monkey speak at Jay. Jay doesnt' really look at the monkey, glancing about instead and offhandedly replying. "You -always- say that. The answer is still no." The monkey sighs, a little crestfallen.

Ripper stares at Rain. "Was it always— what? Bleeding hell, woman. You think Times Square was always like this?" He mutters to himself and retreats back into the shadow. "Wouldn't peek if I were you, girl. Find yourself peeking back." He smirks at Leonard. "You do realize that I'm not actually going to be baited into telling you things you don't need to know, yeah?" He sighs as yet another new figure makes an appearance. "Oh, look. Another one," he deadpans. "I didn't realize assholes travelled in packs."

"It might." Leonard parcels that out toward Rain, "We should wait for him." He doesn't specify, assumes the woman will understand. The guard has attention soon enough after, another lopsided smile splitting Leonard's lips. "Of course. I won't need your help to deduce what it does." Then there are even more things. The man turns, makes smooth pivot to face the newest thing coming into the rubble. "It's a party."

"Sorry, I just moved here," She lifts an eyebrow. "I didn't think we've been rude at all." New York hasn't been too friendly so far. Rain sighs. "Hey wait! Do you know a woman…" And she proceeds to describe Jolie. "And another, blonde, really pretty…" Trailing off, she eventually describes Helena. A pause. Then it hits her. "I suppose we're not going to get any help on this," A faint frown. She is quiet though, and waves to the new face.

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Jay spots the three loitering about about the same time they notice him. Damn. Shouldn't have taken off his face already but what can you do about it now, right? "Well, let's go make ourselves some new friends." he says a little dryly to the monkey on his shoulder before he starts heading in the direction of the trio, deciding to accept that wave of Rain's as a pseudo-invite. As he gets to their general vicinity, he cranes his head up to look up the castle and then to the others. Instead of introducing himself, he just lets a wry little smile form. "And this must be our classic 'moths to the flame' responce…"

Rupert rolls his eyes behind his shades. "Maia's shift gets titanspawn. Mine? Stooges." He assesses all three of the others. "Any of you know what the hell you're doing, or are you all just planning to frolic around until the monsters attack?" He glances around suddenly, then returns his gaze to the others. "Yeah, I know 'em," he finally replies to Rain. "That chick in white? She works for the Titans, so if you're working with her, don't be offended when I tell you to eat shit and die in a fire."

"Exactly what I'm doing." Leonard's affirmative is short. "Whoever did it wasn't quiet about it. Whoever did it is more than likely someone we shouldn't play with." Airy laugh parts from the man's lips, assurance after of, "We're not with that woman, if it's what you say. We're just," Pause. "Us." That seems the best word for it.

Rain just sort of sighs, "Yup." Then she looks to Rupert and gives him a look of horror. "Oh no! That guy with the cards was hitting on her and after she talked to your friend, your friend started like, yelling at us - although I dunno if that has anything to do with it - she said we worked with her, but that blonde lady was very scary and," She stops. "Um. Yeah," She rubs the back of her head. "Your friend was really angry…" She furrows her brows, "It was strange." She shakes her head. "Anyway."

"You're such a diplomat, Ripper. They should send you to the United Nations, you'd be guaranteed to bring about peace in our time." The dryly sarcastic words are Gene's, carried from where he's leaning against one of the glossy spires that's erupted from the concrete and earth, arms folded over his chest and a slight, amused smile crook'd to his lips. His eyes are hidden by shades, features shadowed by the edge of a fedora as black as midnight. He'd just stepped around it, apparently, having slipped into the Terra Incognita quietly. "Who're your new friends?"

The monkey on Jay's shoulder starts chattering loudly, raising a little fist and shaking it at Rupert, only to be silenced by a curt "Quiet. You're not helping." that's delivered with a quick flick at the monkey's nose. He /does/ quiet down but the expression on his face just seems to scream that Jay is gonna pay for that later. Jay's attnetion shifts to the newest newcomer, raising his eyebrows a bit but yet to introduce to anyone.

"Scum or retards," Ripper replies to Gene. "The bloke's almost as big a dick as I am. The girl's a looney. The guy with the monkey … is a guy with a monkey. That's all that really needs to be said about him. Feel free to never take him seriously. He has a monkey." He puffs his cigarette. "They're either working with the titan-lovers, or just playing tourist in the most dangerous part of New York."

It's the start of Jolie's shift to watch the entrance to the Terra Incognita. Or at least she thinks so. So she swaggers on through Times Square, carrying her baseball bat, dressed in a baseball jersey, shorts, and sneakers. She steps inside, and frowns. "Rupert, Gene…what's going on here?" She points with her bat at Rain. "And what is /she/ doing here?"

"I'm not looney," Rain sighs. "We came looking and you started insulting us, how do people NORMALLY react to that? Roll over and go OH I'm so sorry you're so right?" She lifts her eyebrows. "I mean, I just come here and already I've been yelled at by some angry lady, a corrupted someone or other, and now this. I haven't even been here a week and I'm already accused of crucifying women. I didn't even know they did that here!" Being a Scion isn't easy. It seems there is a reason for her to be here or she wouldn't cling to it. Poor Rain, she looks torn between crying with frustration and just taking a swing at something. A long, drawn out sigh.
"There's a damn good reason." Scowl. And then a look of horrow. "Oh great, the angry crazy lady is here," A look of abject horror. "Not *again*. Wasn't yelling at us for no reason in the cafe enough? Anyway, you talked to the blonde and not me and you think I'm all evil." Scowl scowl. "This place is crazy, full of crazy, angry people." Gloom. At least the monkey is kind of cute. Although, Jolie has a bat this time… Hmmm. Maybe she should just go home now.

"It's entirely possible," admits Gene, "La Grand Fromage Noir has been recruiting, according to the God of Rice. Of course, he's the God of fucking Rice, so what the fuck does he know?" He pauses, clearing his throat, "Don't tell the Glowbug I said that, she'd give me a life-threatening papercut, or something." That said, he pushes himself off from the spire he's leaned against, strolling towards the gathering. A nod of his chin up to Jolie, a grin flashed over towards her, "Hey there, hot stuff. You missed all the fun last night, Haldor was practicing amateur motorcycle mechanics. Didn't turn out too well — turns out he can take them apart just fine, but once they're in piece… anyway, don't mind Rupert. He's sexually frustrated. Also, people keep trying to destroy the world, so everyone is just a /wee/ bit paranoid, so why don't y'all introduce yourselves before Jolie has to go all 'Walking Tall' here."

Before anyone wonders, no, he rarely shuts up.

"I am not sexually frustrated," Rupert comments. "Just to clear that up. Might need to work on my image, though. Even mystical reflections of myself seem to think so." He shrugs and takes a drag off his cigarette before looking between Jolie and Rain. "Wednesday Addams, meet Luna Lovegood."

"I can understand that. We were attacked recently too, and um, I thought this place had something to do with it, after what she said," Rain finally explains and nods to Jolie. "But you can call me Rain," She nods. She's polite at least. Before shooting a glare at Rupert. "That would explain a lot actually," She has to consider that a second. "Freud -" Holy cow. It all makes sense. Rain gives Rupert an apologetic look. "Wow, I can't be mad at you now. Maybe later I'll make you a cake or something." A deep breath. "Anyway, that blonde lady was being hit on and your friend talked to her. They didn't seem to like each other, but she thinks I work for the blonde. I have no idea who that woman is, except she's scary and makes jabs at my sex life." Pause. "Also, she's scary. Really scary. Like, she probably has naked guys in her basement." Ooky spooky! Worst death god Scion ever. That's Rain.

Jolie puts her free hand on her hip, glares at Rupert, and says, "Oh no you /din't/ just call me Luna Lovegood!" She sighs. "Alright, let me break it down for you before you start talking about Quidditch and shit." She goes back to the bat pointing thing at Rain. Poor Rain. "This girl is one of Helena's crew. Remember when we found those eggs? Her and Irish were in charge of the zombies. She's a bokor! I saw her! And then she's all buddy buddy with blonde skank in Greenwich Village."

"Interesting accusation," observes Gene, scratching under his chin with one hand before it delves into his jacket. It emerges with a pad that he flips open, a pen produced with a twirl of his fingers as he takes a few notes. "How does the accused respond? Just out've curiousity. Right now, the girl with the bat has the edge due to the attractiveness factor, but the new girl does have the height factor, so it's anybody's game right now." He looks back up over the edge of his shades, brows lifting at Rain.

Ripper scratches his head. "You know, I was there at the egg thing. I remember everyone who was there. She," he points at Rain with his cigarette, "was not there." He shrugs. "But if you remember it, it must be true, because there's no way that could be a trick. You know, after you spoke privately with the Titan-serving bitch that -was- there."

Mention the Titan-serving bitch and she will arrive. Helena's dressed all in white once more, though she shows off a bit of her body as well. "Mmm, must you really accuse meof such horrible things?" she asks curiously, her brows raised as she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she spies Rain. "Oh darling! You're playing a trick on them..your invisibility abilities were quite useful during the warehouse. You were the only one who remained unphased, and yet..the idiot over there doesn't remember you. I am quite impressed for you have fooled our enemies quitenicely.." she says with a sage nod.

Standing next to her is an equally statuesque young woman. She looks to be in her early twenties though she's dressed much differently. She's in all black in contrast to Helena's all white and she just stands there.

Then finally, there's a third figure. She'd be recognizable to Jolie as well. She's the shortest of the trio, a young woman in her late teens of Indian decent. She claps and lets out a laugh as she brings out her zippo and waggles her brows.

Of course, our evil sisterhood of the traveling bitchyness stands in front of the doors of the castle and soon Helena makes a motion towards Rain. "Join us..your sisters.." she says matter of factly.

Wow. New York certainly has a totally different breed of crazy than DC ever had. Jay has fallen silent this whole time, just watching and listening this whole time… and suprisingly, the monkey has still been quiet as well, still nursing a grudge against Jay and no doubt plotting eternal retributions. Or who knows, maybe he's thinking about shiney things. We'll just have to find out later.

Of course, with the apperance of the newcomers (Or at least, the newest batch of newcomers,they do seem to be coming in droves today!), Jay is startign to think this place is getting a wee bit crowded. When tehre's this many people and it seems we're about to hit the 'shit hitting the fan' stage? Yeah. It sucks to be the guy with no friends… He takes a few small steps back, thinking some distance might be in order.

"What? I'm EGYPTIAN! Lady I can't be a bokor! Who the hell is Irish? How does that even work? I've never seen or met you or her before all of this. I've been in New York for like, two weeks and most of that was apartment hunting and working," Rain boggles. "You were yelling at a bunch of us for no reason in a cafe while you talked to that lady. Is her name Helena? I dunno, some dude with a card deck was hitting on her." Huff. "I'm not even strong enough to raise zombies yet, and I would use mummies, anyway." She finally admits quietly. "I mean, it'd be cool if I COULD but… Dad's not a huge fan of evil stuff, so." So there. It's now apparent Rain is a big fan of her dad, whomever that might be. A final shrug. "I mean, I'm sure your friend is really nice and all, but I have no idea what warranted this." Then, the arrival. "Invisibility!? Lady if I could do that, wouldn't I just do it and sneak past?" Rain looks horribly confused. "Leave me out of your freaky badness! I don't care how many card playing guys you tie up in your basement, I'm not judgin'!" She backs away. "No way! I'm going home! I don't want any part of freaky Titan badness. No ma'am!" Anubis didn't raise no fools. Rain is looking ready to start leaving now.

Jolie lowers her bat, which should put Rain at ease momentarily. "Rupert, you were so busy smashing eggs, a semi full of Playboy Bunnies headed for Hef's mansion could have driven through there and you wouldn't have noticed." She rolls her eyes. "You're trying to tell me that Skankula pulled a Sith Mind Trick on me? On /me/?" And then the Evil Trio arrives, and Jolie gives them the angry glare. "Okay, that's it. Skankula, you and Zippo Girl and whoever that is, take your Egyptian friend and vamoose."

"…well helllllo there," Gene's head lifts towards the doors, gaze raking over the trio from behind his shades, one hand lifting up to adjust the set of his fedora as if to make himself presentable. He leans a bit over closer to Jolie, noting quietly, "She did, actually." That said, he strolls towards the trio near the door, flashing a broad smile, "Ladies! Gene Horkos, Associated Press. I don't believe I've been introduced to all of you just yet."

Helena just lets out a high pitched laugh as she shakes her head and wrinkles her nose. "That's her tactics you know..makes everyone believe she knows nothing. The others will be clearly disappointed you know. Without your naivete we could never have captured the fates for the ritual. You sure did seem to enjoy yourself when you captured Clotho and bound her to the crucifix!" she cries out towards Rain before her brows quirk before looking towards Gene. "Mmm, it's okay handsome. There won't need to be much introduction. That woman there is our secret weapon and she'll destroy you all.." and she laughs once more.

Meanwhile, her two 'sisters' jsut stand, quiet for now./
Rain shakes her head. "Nonono, no way! Leave me out of your Sith mind stuff. Ok. There's no droids and I don't want anything to do with it! Wait, you crucified WHO?" Rain looks on in disbelief. Wagh.

"If we're done with this wonderful Three's Company routine," Rupert adds casually, "Can we get on with the kicking of their asses?' He jabs a thumb toward Helena. "And am I the only one who realizes that if anything she was saying was remotely true, /she wouldn't be fucking telling us about it?/"

"Excellent. You've done a wonderful job, my dear, just wonderful," Gene observes with a broad grin as he pauses - before the group, but not too close to them - and offers Helena a wink, "You've done everything we asked. Revealing more of your Band to us so we know their faces, pointing out your 'secret weapon' over there - wonderful work. Are you ready to come home to your family, or do you think you can do more good in Big, Black, and Bad's group for awhile longer?"

Rain shakes her head. She looks ready to protest. But it seems Rupert has a most excellent point. She just nods at that. A soft sigh. "Sorry…" She just goes quiet now, not bothering to speak up in her defense anymore.

The monkey on Jay's shoulder screechs rather loudly, Jay only nodding in agreement. "The monkey agrees with him… not much of a 'secret weapon' if you keep talking about it." Rupert, no doubt, will be thrilled to realize he's got the monkey vouching for him. And while tt's against Jay's better instinct to get involved in any of this but then again… gettign involved is why his father sent him here in teh first place. Rassinfrassin. Eyes shift to Rain, "And you…. just… just calm down a bit, will you?" Fortuantly, it seems that Rain is doing that herself already. Whew!

Jolie nods to Rupert. "I'm with you on that one, Jack Tripper. I'm all about clockin skulls right now." She looks over to Rain one last time. "If you're not with them, then now's the perfect time to prove your point." She gets a nice chokehold on her bat…

And Helena just keeps on laughing. Yes, she's by far the squishiest of the Corrupted Scions as proven over and over, but that doesnt make her one of the least dangerous. In fact, probably the opposite is true as she brings her hand out towards others and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath. "My sisters, we can leave now. They will BEAT EACH OTHER TO A PULP anyway" she says with a hearty laugh.

Preethi awws a little. "Can we watch for a bit?"

"Okay..sounds good." Helena says in the end.

Huh. Rain who was once about to burst into tears slips into a fighting stance. But who to hit first? Well, it takes her a moment to process just which target to go for. And there. Jolie. Even though Rain might not be aware of the REAL root of the problem, it certainly seems like a good way to start. Baseball bat or not. At least Rain doesn't reach for the pen behind her ear. At this point, it's like watching a grandmother try to slap fight with a mac truck.

…Jolie's baseball bat is lowered for a moment, as Helena drops her insidious mind control powers upon the group. And then it clatters to the ground, as if the Loa themselves don't want to be involved in this battle of good versus good. Jolie balls her hands up in fists, her face twisted in rage. And she spots…Rain. "Oh, I'm so going to enjoy this," she snarls as she goes against the Egyptian, sans weapons.

It's a flying elbow drop! Okay, maybe not - Gene isn't exactly a WWE wrestler, or anything, but he does take a few, sudden running steps and dives to tackle the most unknown fellow here. That would be Jay!

Jay isn't a /big/ man by any stretch of the imagination, usually trying to avoid physical confrontation in his jobs… but there are times when fighting is just called for. You know, like when you get mind-whammid. As the suggestion sinks in, Jay suddenly finds his mind clouded with rage and anger towards the others here, hands curling into tight fists. he takes about two steps forward towards Rupert when he notices movement ot his left, pivoting just in time for Gene to slam into him. It's an unintelliable snarl that rips from the handsome man's features, gripping Gene as the two go down to slam against the unyielding ground below.

The monkey, for his part, screeches loudly and leaps from Jay's shoulder, landing on a fire hydrant and shakign an angry fist at the two fighting men. Stupid humans!

"That's mean!" The Egyptian snaps back. Unfortunately, Rain isn't quite as adept physically odds are. So she's likely going to get whapped silly but that won't stop her from trying to get a few good kicks or swats in.

Jolie mostly uses kicks, since she knows capoeira. She gets smacked in what Rain would consider lucky shots now and then, but that only seems to drive her on. It's like a crazy catfight!

And several minutes pass. People flail. People cut. People wrestle. And in the end, people are, well, nearly a bloody pulp. People just don't have the energy to bring their opponents to an actual bloody pulp afterall. Helena grins wryly with a predatory grin curling onto her lips as she starts making a circle with her two bandmates. "We call upon the creatures of the dark. End our enemies existence.." they chant as the ground starts rumbling. Suddenly, there's a scream and a slash.

A blonde little girl with a knife strikes Helena across the face, cutting her before giving them a dismissive wave. "Begone witches.." and the three scream as they disappear from this plane and probably go back to the real world. Of course, the blonde little girl would be recognizable to Gene, as he named her afterall and she starts walking towards the tired heroes. "She got you good.." she says with a soft sigh of disappointment, chewing on her bottom lip a bit. And there she is, standing over Gene dressed in a plaid jumper over her white button down blouse. She wrinkles and crouches down. "Are you okay?" she asks, sounding quite worried.

Cough. Cough. "Hi, Mary," Gene mutters under his breath, turning his head to spit out a bloodied tooth, "Yep. Actually feelin' pretty good, aside from the fact that I think I've got a broken rib…" He rolls a bit to one side, hand planting to the ground as he starts to try and push himself up. He doesn't quite succeed, falling back down to the cement with a grunt, "…yep, yep I think that's broken. It's all good." He flashes her an exhausted, bloodied smile, "Thanks, kiddo."

Owch. It's worse than PE classes. Rain huffs. The pen behind her ear is still neatly tucked there. She's bruised and battered. She looks worse for the wear though and just kind of flops over. "Wha… hah … why did I-" She stays there, looking useless. But the little blonde girl catches her attention a moment. Is that their savior? Well, she mumbles a faint thank you before going to just - gather her brain cells. Yeah, that's it.

"I…hate…Skankula…so…much," Jolie manages to say in a hoarse whisper, blood bubbling from her busted lips. She slowly sits up, groaning and wincing all the while about her many bruises and cuts and breaks, one eye almost swollen shut. The other eye focuses on Rain. "I get the feeling that I owe you an apology," she says slowly. "I /saw/ you do those things, but…maybe seeing isn't always believing. Especially when /that woman/ is involved." Then she looks at the little girl. "You're the one who stopped her? Thank you."

Jay is sprawled out on the ground, face bruised and bloodied from the pummeling he recievied, every part of him hurting. Seems the 'beat to a pulp' command was certainly carried out with some gusto! The suit he was wearing is completely ruined, of course, shirt torn, jacket ripped, tie snapped… sigh. Slowly he pulls himself to a seated position, body groaning in protest as he lifts his forearm to wipe away the blood from his lips. There are times that curse words just aren't able to sum up the feelings involved in moments like this.

Jay utteres a few of them under his breath, however, just in case one of them does manage to do it justice.

"You all fed daddy. He thanks you. But he's still hungry. You guys should go.." the little blonde girl stage whispers as she looks around towards the castle, wrinkling her nose. She mutters something softly under her breath before a white light comes from her hand and splits apart into five pieces healing everyone until there are only a few cuts, and bruises. At least they can move around now easily, though they'll still be sore.

"I'm not as good a healer as my brother is..but hurry! Go! Daddy gets cranky when he's hungry.."

Blink. Blinkblink. Rain seems startled. "Is that … how she is?" It seems the Egyptian got a distinctly negative impression too. She doesn't seem to like the woman. "I'm … sorry too. I snapped and it was unfair," Even Rain can crack under stress. She rubs at herself. "But I didn't do those things. Dad would probably make sure to deal with me if I ever did something that bad," She frowns deeply. Whoever her dad is - Rain has an immense reverence for, and she intends to stick to his agendas. But the little girl gets another blink from Rain. "Thanks tons," Beam. She manages to stand and will try to offer Jolie a hand, if she's not too sore.

Jolie takes that hand and stands up. "Oh! Thanks. And thanks for the help, little girl. We should probably get going." She shuffles over to get her bat, and uses that as a cane as she hobbles out. "Hey, Egyptian, I owe you ice cream. I know this nice spot in Greenwich Village."

As the light spills over him, Gene exhales a sigh of pain and relief—the worst of his wounds healing up, rib snapping together as he moves to shove himself up to his feet, grimacing as he takes one step over, offering the Liesmith's son a hand up himself. "My mother would like your father, I think," he replies, seemingly in a wryly good mood despite it all, "Thank you, Mary. And thank you, Lady in White…" He smirks, looking to where they vanished, "…now I know your face."

Jay reaches up to accept the offered hand, even if much of the pain has fled with the healing powers of the little girl's gift. "Thanks…" he utteres as rises to his full height, rollign his shoulders back a bit to try work out a kink in his back that still lingers. He runs a hand through his hair, ehxaling a deep breath and letting his eyes fall back on the castle they came to investigate in the first place. "So much for this being a quick trip…"

Rain reaches up, to touch that pen again. Still there! Everything seems safe. "I suppose… I owe an explanation as to why I came here too," She closes her eyes a moment and smiles. "That sounds nice, ice cream. But you can call me Rain if you like." A faint shrug. "When you mentioned the crucified women- Crosses seem to be a recurring theme, especially upside down ones," Ponderponder. Some wheels are turning in the woman's head. She looks to Jay. Huh. "Aren't you the guy with the monkey?"

Jolie smiles. "Rain. That's a nice name. I'm Jolie. My daddy's Baron Samedi, by the way," she says as she limps along. "Yeah, the women. They were the sacrifice to bring this crazy building here. It's called Terra Incognita, or something like that. Anyways, my friends managed to stop it from coming all the way back, so now we have to keep an eye on it. Well, I guess you and the guy with the monkey are in on this now too."

"Nice right hook you got there," Gene offers by way of compliment to Jay, turning then to the others with a crook'd smile that's stained still with blood — even if not quite as bruised as before. "The doors only open at the Dark Hour… we don't know who rules it, but I'm not convinced they're with the Titans. C'mon. Let's get th'hell out've here before something really unpleasant comes along."

"Byeeeee! Visit again!" the little blonde girl chirps merrily as she beams towards the group the entire time.

"Oh. My dad's Anubis," Rain pauses at that. One of the least likely candidates to be a Death Goddess ever. Rain smiles and waves to the little blonde girl. Maybe next time she'll bring a present. "And they were crucified upside down, like the crosses on the coffins, or that little boy…" Rain taps her lips thoughtfully half-mumbling to herself. What is she going on about? "I wonder how -" She looks over. "I guess so. I prefer Titans not run wild over us. Do you think it's okay if I tell my two friends?" She asks, just to be safe. "They're some of us too." Pause. She's willing to assume Leonard wandered off to do his magic thing.

Rain's question is answered as the monkey scampers across the ground and then quickly climbs up Jay's form to perch at his shoulder once again. He opens and shuts his right hand at the compliment, "Not exactly the way we made introductions back home." The monkey twists his head a little, looking back at and studying Rain a bit. "But you're right. This place certainly isn't making itself… visitor friendly. Dont' think we're going to learn anything in the meanwhiles just sitting here, unless we want to see how much more humility we need forced on us."

Jolie turns and waves at the little girl. Then more talk with Rain. "Anubis, huh? That's sweet!" She thinks about Rain's question, then nods. "Yeah, go ahead and tell them about it. If they want to kick Titanspawn ass, we need them. And besides, ten to one they'll be drawn to this place anyways. That's just how things are going."

"Gene Horkos, Associated Press," offers Gene by way of introduction, entirely skipping the matter of who his mother or father might be, gesturing encouragingly with both hands towards the edge of the shadowy realm that's taken over one aspect of Times Square, "And we're walking, we're walking… see you around, Mary, I'll bring you a Snickers next time… we're walking, we're fleeing for our lives, we're going back to the World and plotting horrible murderous vengeance on Helena, we're walking…"

"Helena's mine," Rupert mutters as he stalks back into the shadows of the spires. His voice floats back before he disappears into the blackness, "Gonna crucify that bitch. Wanna bet Fate'll help me?"

The monkey grabs ahold of the back of Jay's jacket collar and then sort of swings across Jay's back to hop onto the other shoulder, looking back and giving a friendly little wave to the little girl. After all… he has no hard feelings. The monkey didn't get HIS ass kicked. Score one for all monkey kind! Suck THAT, humans! HA

"Jay Echoson…" Jay /finally/ introduces himself to someone, although like Gene, he gives no telling of whom might have sired him. Loki's children, after all, aren't exactly usually well recieved. As Rupert's cheery constance re-enters the conversation, he just adds, "I'll pitch in for the nails and the hammer. So who was she?"

"I see," Rain replies. But she smiles. "Thanks. I bet your dad's really neat too. Saturday's Lord, right?" She's only passingly familiar, but she's trying. Must not be from New Orleans. She tries not to giggle at the monkey. But hey, monkey. A little smile at Jay. She peers over in time to spot Rupert. She's not going to challenge his claim. It's her turn to be quiet a moment, now that she's not flipping out over something or other.
Jolie grins at Rupert. "I'd like to smack her one for messing with my head, but yeah, you got dibs. Me, I'm aiming for ol'Irish." She keeps hobbling along Times Square with the others. "Nice to meet you, Jay. And your monkey. I know Gene, a little bit."

"Oh, I plan on crucifying her too… just in a different way, I'll leave her body to Ripper," Gene mutters under his breath, "And I think my way'll hurt her even more." The scion of Eris is grinning with bruised lips as he walks along with the group, and it's not a very pleasant sort of grin. "One've these days, Jolie, we've gotta meet when things aren't about to explode all around us. I mean, I haven't even gotten a chance to hit on you an' get smacked with that bat for it…"

As they step back into the World, he reaches into his jacket to pull out a cellular phone, flipping open the scratched-up piece of electronics and glancing to the others, "I'll rendezvous with you all later. I've gotta call the boys and get cleaned up…"

Jay shifts a bit as Jolie hobbles over, "Wish it could have been under better circumstances. I usually clean up a bit better when I haven't been beaten within an inch of my life." Course, that said, Jay still is /far/ from being hideious to the gaze. He slows down a bit since the group is getting closer to where they're going to start getting noticed, "But seems that this is just about the end of the road."

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