The Savior And Scourge - Maia's Apotheosis



Scene Title The Savior and Scourge - Maia's Apotheosis
Synopsis Dying in reverse! Mission to save the world, the gods and her sister and the titans! Almost screwing up all of Japan! being goddessed by the Savior and the Scourge… Maia's Apotheosis

The caves of Yomi are a gloomy place as seems to so often be the case in underworlds. When Maia first regains consciousness, with her last memory being of the tree, it is to find herself nude and halfway buried in a pile of rotting corpses, both male and female and of all ages. In distant piles some others do seem to have regained consciousness, awkwardly moving with flesh and limbs not always in the best of shape. The scent of rotting and decaying flesh heavy and stifling within the air. This is a place of death, of decay, of rot, in almost every way. Gruesome and grotesque. At the far end of this cavern is a tunnel, lacking better direction it is the source most of the other awakened dead seem to be wandering.

Maia lets out a little meep. So many dead people. She isn't a necromancer like Jolie and so this is just disconcerting. Very disconcerting. Still, she finds herself naked and purses her lips, trying to see if she has any of her relics on her. Where are they?

"Grody." she mumbles to herself before she starts to head towards the tunnel wanting to see what's there.

Of Maia's relics there are no sign. It's probably no surprise if she pauses to think about it. Yomi is the home of the dead and destroyed, relics being what they are they have probably remained with her physical body. Here she is a thing of spirit, the slightly rotting flesh which composes her frame but a memory of things that were. The tunnel is featureless and plain, and long, so very long. Occasionally among the long journey collapsed bodies can be found, energy simply have worn out before they quite reached their destination. Finally the tunnel empties into a far vaster cavern and seen before her is a patchwork city. It contains buildings from every era of Japanese history, some looking in surprisingly great repair and creating a sense of haunting beauty. Those are far in the distance though, the city closest to her is.. a slum. Buildings that in the real world must have been rotting when they finally simply collapsed into ruin translated here in pretty much that same state. Due to Maia's keen awareness she can see a danger near the tunnel's exit. Carts are pulled up, rough looking men pummeling and capturing some of those making their exit. A dark haired man is struggling with two powerful figures before a club strikes him over one ear, a young woman relatively free of rot is screaming before she is gagged, subjected to brief fondling before her wrists are bound and she is tossed unceremoniously into a cart. Most of the shambling dead seem of little interest, the grizzled, the old, the especially decayed passing through without molestation into the slums proper.

The scream most definitely gets her attention. Her eyes widen as she looks towards the dark haired man struggling with two powerful figures. There's a little meep as nhe's struck and she winces at the woman screaming. "Hey!" she cries out. She even repeats herself in Japanese, this is Yomi afterall. With preternatural speed she dashes towards them. She may be dead. She may not have her relics, but damnit, she can still fight with the best of them. It's hard to run without a bra though, her bojigglies, jiggling more than she's used too, but she ends up doing a series of back handsprings, building up momentum before she flies through the air, aiming a split kick at the two figures with the clubs. "Leave them alone!"

Maia is after all dead. This is not a body of flesh and bone, not a form of divine ichor. Her new thing for all it has it's physical aspects is ultimately spiritual in nature, boosted by the divine ichor which once empowered her yet.. different. Alien. New. To one so used to unearthly dexterity the incredible shakiness in her limbs must be new. And while one figure staggers back from the kick the other lashes out to club at her shoulder with his weapon. It HURTS. Force enough to knock her to the ground. "The bitch kicked me!" complains the one. The other is simply advancing forward again, this time trying to land a blow upon her skull.

OOWWWWW! It's never hurt before when she's done it. But she's dead, so this is a completely different experience. "Don't you dare touch me. I am Tsuchimikado Maia, descendant of Abe no Semei and daughter of Amaterasu. I am a princess of the court and expect to be treated as such, don't you dare lay a hand on me or I will personally see to it that you'll be tortured for touching royalty." Damnit, she's channeling her half-sister, but it seemed like a thing to do. Or maybe Gaia's ichor is making her PMSy.

That blow lands, as she went going talking instead of dodging, a hearty laugh greeting her words. "Mouthy bitch aren't you, shame you're insane to boot." A hand moves to grab her bojigglies even while another reaches out to try to secure her hands behind her back.

"Doesn't matter" Calls the other man, "Her mouth is going to be too full to talk anyways. Cut her tongue out or leave it in?" They share a laugh at that. Oh dear. What very bad men.

OWWWWWW again! She's clubbed and she starts to struggle. She twists and and turns and wrinkles her nose while she just stares at the guards, one at a time. She doesn't have a compelling presence as of yet, but she's hoping to at least Serpent's Gaze the one holding her to a standstill so she can wriggle free.

Trying to rely upon the powers of her blood really is proving difficult now that she has no blood. Her hands are being bound her with strips of leather and she is being kicked into the back of the cart to join the woman already there. Within she feels strange. Disconnected. Much like a stroke victim none of her old connections line up, between Gaia's ichor, between the whole untimely death thing nothing is just /clicking/ like it should. Finally in response to that attempt to Serpent's Gaze /something/ begins to happen, water starting to bubble up from the ground.

Maia is more in tune with nature than she ever was before. Mixing her own ichor with that of a Titan Avatar will probably do that. Still, she glares angrily at the ones holding her. She wants something bad to happen to them. Looks like it'll happen. "Unhand me your brutes!" she says with the full manners of a princess.

Water continues to bubble and churn. Maia is certainly creating water, she is not controlling it! Her latest effort to use her abilities to do harm to her newfound captors only results in her captors looking puzzled for a moment, as if listening to something in their minds. "I think she really does want something bad to happen to us. Kai, go ahead and rape the bitch. We're wasting too much time and the addled whore needs to learn her new place." The talker wanders off to get one of the other wagons on it's way, the brute remaining drops his pants.

"I. SAID. UNHAND ME." The rage growing inside her builds. More of Gaia's ichor swells inside her causing all sorts of weird connections to happen. Who knows what will happen as a result. Instead she lets out a scream upon hearing their thoughts as she starts yelling at the top of her lungs. "Izanami! Grandmother! Help me! Please" she cries out, still squirming in the grasps of the brutes.

Even in Yomi the goddess does not exactly associate. Looming over the city FAR in the distance is a tall mountain. Upon it's peak, far from the cries and protestations and bother of the city below resides Izanami. One who goes to such effort to avoid connections does not hear screams. Regardless of her rage and her yelling the brute seems to care for none of it, advancing forward and moving to press his weight on top of her. It seems of Maia is to escape this fate, she cannot depend upon her family to help her do it.

Closer. Closer. Come closer. As the brute approaches, she does what a girl struggling would do in a situation like this. She goes for the family jewels. Mustering up all the strength she can, there's a kick towards the cajones. Woosh! "I said. UNHAND ME!" she cries out."

The thug seems into rape, his pants are down, Maia can tell! Disturbing. He's not expecting that kick though, at least not with the ferocity and accuracy with which it strikes. He is almost lifted into the air by the force of it and howling in pain he falls backwards off the cart into the mud below with a splash. She is unmolested for the moment, but those cries are certain to draw others before too long.

"Godsdamnit!" Angry Maia is angry. Still, she's surprised at her own strength as the kick sends him up high in the air. Now it's time to dash and run away. She looks around wondering if there's anything she might recognize. Randomly choosing a path, she starts to run, grabbing a hold of the woman who was being molested earlier as well. She does not approve of the gang raping.

"Come on girl,unless you want to be part of some underworld bukkake." she says firmly and resolutely. Run run she goes!

With her hands tied behind her Maia does have some trouble grabbing. It even makes running a little hard. Still she does at least get the attention of the woman, eyes wide and terrified she seems more than willing to escape from things as well. Off into the streets of the slums they go. Ruined buildings surround them, collapsing inwards upon themselves. There a factory, windows shattered and frames rusting away, next to it an Edo shrine with splintered wood and well worn stones.

Having epic dexterity is good. Even with her arms behind her, she starts to contort alittle till they are in front of her. At least that makes running easier. Maia continues to glance around, motioning for the other girl to follow her. "Gods, I have no idea where we are." she says, taking a deep breath as they head into the slums. She continues to look at the ruined building before she peers at the shrine. "Maybe we'll be safe in the shrine." and head that way she goes!

The shrine is occupied. Several young and men and women are clustered within, looking generally more free of rot and disease than most of the inhabitants that have been seen so far. There is something familiar about their features, a touch of the Hikaru in them. Inari Scions really have been dropping like flies lately. A toussle haired young man wearing a ragged T-shirt and jeans has in hand a stave. The arriving pair is given a cautious look but one not outright hostile, "If you bring trouble with you, you're welcome enough. We've no food to share though."

"My name is Tsuchimikado Maia, daughter of Amaterasu. This woman was being raped by some brutes, probably oni. I thought I'd bring her here." she says softly, sighing as she looks towards the woman with the stave. "What is this place?" she asks curiously. "And.. you look familiar somehow.."

"Never try to trick a trickster" The man says with a laugh, "You're no daughter of Amaterasu. Sasaki Ikio. I think we're seeing at least one Maia a week, with the manga." He looks more serious at the talk of what happened, "Oni. Or just people. This is a bad part of the city, many people when they die feel no more need to be decent. It all breaks down. There are better parts of the city but here people take what they want, even if it is people. I am a son of Inari, but I doubt you know me from that. I never had a manga made about me, I did not live long enough."

"I /am/ Tsuchimikado Maia. Gods, why did they make that damned manga." she says, most definitely annoyed as she hrmms for a few moments pursing her lips for a few moments. She starts thinking about what wasn't in the manga that she would know about herself and not all the fanbois and girls out there. "Look, it's not in the manga yet, but Haldor and I get engaged, we are going to have a wedding in Vegas, but I remember about our screw up with the World Tree. I'm not going to have him sacrifice his life for me, so I kill myself to save Yggdrasil. That's why I'm down here. And uh, if you read it, that's totally a spoiler alert." she says sheepishly.

"Yeah yeah. I know that is popular in the fanfic. Get married. Die for each other. I think the plot you just gave is almost as popular as the fic where Haldor and Eric go to stop Helena together and under her mind control wind up doing it just prior to falling in love, getting married in Vegas and dying with each other." Wow. Ikio is really not buying it. A motion for him and they are at least brought over some attire, worn and faded looking garments which have themselves died in their own fashion. "But you're dead. You're here. You can call yourself whatever you want now."

Maia is frazzled. She's annoyed. She just spent all this time and takes a deep breath. "Another thing not in the manga. I know where my mother is." she says in clear crisp tones. "But whatever, I don't need to prove anything to you." She grumbly and shakes her head. "I probably am not Maia anymore. I had to mix my blood with that of Gaia's. No wonder I'm here instead of the place of the members of the royal court." she says sitting down, grumping once more.

"Not a thing!" Ikio says happily and sounds like he actually means it. "Look at the bright side, you wouldn't really like that part of the city anyways. Can you imagine being all formal and polite and bored for the rest of eternity? We might not have much here, but at least we're free. Mostly."

"I like being pretty and formal and polite. Not so much bored. I mean I haven't led a boring life. There was the hogzilla,then there was meeting the in laws.." and she continues to spoil more of the as of yet unreleased manga. Maia sighs and leans back, just getting grounded once more. "But what are you all here for? You are all deceased Scions too? What happened?"

"Amaterasu happened" Ikio says looking around at his siblings, "Queen bitch and her legion of killer brats. Really girl, if you're going to pretend to be anyone you could do better. I know the manga makes Maia look cool but there isn't a good one of that brood. They'll kill you dead and never bat an eye cause they think you're so far beneath them you don't even matter. Me? I'd just found out who my dad really was. Just started getting into killing the bad guys, just started feeling like a hero and out comes one of her kids. He was tall and handsome and cold and regal as ice as he put an arrow in my chest. Told me and my whole family had to die."

"It can't be Amaterasu." she says matter of factly, sounding a bit apalled. "She wouldn't order the death of Scions. How could she?" And she blinks for a few moments, pursing her lips as she takes a deep breath, most definitely disturbed. "It can't be her." Maia whispers, not sure if this was the best course of action or not. She shudders. "I.. I'm so sorry."

Ikio takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, waving weakly with one hand. "Yeah yeah. It's done. Dad was planning something, I was knew to the game and even I knew that. Wanted change. Wanted to mix things up. Felt that just because the existing order was old it didn't mean it was right. But it was Amaterasu's children. It was a Naoki that killed me and her over there, an Aya that killed those two girls over there, Osamu got another. Not your fault right? Just.. not the idol to have."

"Aya?!?!" There's a little shriek at the name. "Miho, was she involved too?" That's Aya's older biological sister and also a half sister to some extent. "I.. this should never have happened. If Preethi..gah." and she feels terrible now.

Ikio looks between others gathered and gets a few half shrugs in response. "Didn't kill any of us, but we're just the ones here. The ones that found each other. I'm sure we've got siblings all over the city and no shortage of murderers for them. You an Aya fan too? You sounded really excited. I used to like her music before I learned she was such a murderous bitch."

"No. Aya and I don't get along at all." she says matter of factly. It's the truth. She sighs for a few moments and just stays there for a few moments. "Do your powers still work down here?" Maia asks curiously. She wants to summon the spirits that she 'won' to some extent.

"We're not in our bodies any more. The blood isn't there. The power isn't there." Ikio says forlornly, "Magic will work if you can do it. Get what you need. Spirit gets power too if you give it long enough, like a century or two.

And so Maia sleeps…

After the events of A Wrinkle in Time…

Woosh! Suddenly and abruptly, the last thing she remembers is kissing Haldor. Then allof a sudden, there's a cry and a loud gasp as she wakes up in a cold sweat in the Edo Period shrine in Yomi. She fell asleep. Was it a night mare or was it something more. Maia starts patting herself down as she's naked. Meep! Okay, so she's dead once more and after a good cry session starts to ease on up. She wants to know more and she looks towards the gathered Inari scions, seeing if any of them are awake.

"How do I get to Izanami?"

Several of the Inari scions are awake, keeping a watch at all hours. It's a young woman that answers, warming her hands over a fire, not that it seems to do much to warm that endlessly chilled dead flesh. "Izanami? You don't. She's atop the mountain at the other end of the cavern. Getting into the merchant district isn't hard, even for people like us, you can just say you are running errands for someone important and if anyone gives you a hard time you just run for it. The rich people though? They won't even let you into their district if your poor. Every so often someone tries to sneak by on the river but a touch of those waters and you forget everyone you ever were." A shiver, "Some people do that by choice. Think it's some kind of blessing to leave behind all they are. I guess you could try going along the cavern wall too, but that means crossing the river first, and that is where all the really crazy ones go. The ones nobody wants, even us, the ones that turn into monsters."

"I'll risk it."

This fangirl of Maia is crazy or something, but she needs to see her grandmother. She eases on up and wrinkles her nose taking a deep breath as she purses her lips and raises her browsas she looks towardsthe Inari Scions.

"The waters that make you forget, does it do something to your body or does it just muddle your mind? Also, which is the faster route? The one with the monsters or the one with all the social hoity toities?"

"Uh.." The Inari Scion says looking terribly out of her depth.

An older and jovial looking man wanders over to settle himself down behind the fire of the younger one, resting an arm on her shoulder. "It's ok Aki. You've never been. The waters play upon both your mind and your body, to your mind they can make you delusional, forgetful, paralyze you, many who set but a single foot inside the waters will remain t heir frozen until their is nothing left of their memories. The longer term damage is done by the waters themselves. Either route might be faster, the edge of the cavern is not as constructed as the city. There are mighty spikes of stones, unexpected crevasses, loose rocks and inclines, and the monsters.. of course. The streets of the city are smooth but sometimes winding and there are always crowds about. Were speed critical, I'd risk the monstrous route personally."

"Monstrous route it is then. And I'll keep in mind not to touch the waters."

Maia doesn't want to forget what has happened. Not afterall this time. She takes a deep breath and jumps up and down making sure allher faculties are straight as she scrunches up her nose.

"Monsters I can handle. I need speed to make it to Izanami as soon as possible. Which way is it? And thank you for letting me rest here." she says, bowing low and respectfully to the gathered group, holding her bow for a few seconds before easing on up once more.

The older gentleman gestures to one side of the long elongated cavern, "That is the side you'll want. The other is too often blocked, and in time the water has formed pools. If you seek to cross the river there is a bridge about a kilometer down the road but the blades charge a hefty toll to cross and I can see that you have nothing." A clearing of a throat, "Nothing a proper lady would wish to pay with, anyways. Before you go at least take some clothing, there is no need to give others more ideas than they will already have. We have a staff as well, it is old and worn but at least it might afford you some protection."

The clothes are put on as she nods and scrunches up her nose. "Thank you." she tells the older gentleman once more as she grabs the staff and clenches to it tightly. While she is no fighter like Haldor, she does know how to handle various weapons and the staff is one of them. "If I do make it, I will remember you all. As children of Inari you should be in the court as well." Maia says matter of factly before she rushes off towards the cavern walls. Woosh!

As Maia leaves the shrine she finds her body responding faster, stronger, than it did earlier in the day. It would be inaccurate to say it is responding more like she is used to, but rather like by rediscovering one of her past lives she has discovered another aspect of her spirit here in this place. She is not feeling her old self, not by a long way, but she at least feels a Scion again unlikely to feel the need to run from two thugs and a wagon.

The slums as she passes through are just that, poverty stricken buildings from every era of Japanese history. Decay and ruin with a historical bent, some people simply seeking to get by living within buildings with doors secured and windows high, young thugs roaming the streets strutting their stuff. Eventually she does leave the outskirts of the city to untamed cavern. It is /dark/ here with none of the light of the city, ground unsteady. The ground is scattered with bodies, some weakly moving from time to time and more than one looking gnawed upon in some fashion. In the distance a beautiful mountain rises, standing in stark contrast to what she has seen here so far.

Without her relics, she really doesn't feel like much of a Scion. But there are innate powers which, she tries to channel along the way. With the wooden staffin hand, she pauses and closes her eyes, muttering an incantation under her breath as she slips into an alleyway. There she takes a deep breath and looks around for anything to make a high pitched noise, there's some trash cans, that will do…

"The first is for my father." ting! "The second is for my mother." ting! "The third is for my siblings in my home town. We pray for your soul. Spirit of the wooden staff, hear my plea I humbly ask for your assistance in my quest to reach my grandmother, please.." and she kneels on the ground, holding the staff in her hands as she starts asking for helpful spirits.

Yomi is not like other places. The spirit of the staff is not hidden away within a material thing, not here, here it is a far different matter. The staff begins to physically change in response to her spoken words, in response to her legend forcing down upon it and shifting what it is. A thing of raggedly and splintered wood slowly becomes something glorious. "For your father, his gentleness of spirit has shaped you. The staff is suddenly show through with veins of flowing water, pulsing through in an endless display in motion. "For your mother, your blood can never be denied." words echo as the top of the staff becomes an ornate blossom of crystal, brilliant with the light of the sun. "For your siblings. Those in your home town, and the many more you have not yet met." and as those final words echo the staff becomes a thing alive, the wood no more broken and shattered but living breathing bark and tree. With those echoes she can feel the Sun, Fertility and Water purviews returning to her. Settling into her flesh like they had never left.

That worked… way better than she could ever hope for. The living staff causes her to blink for a few moments as it speaks back. She scrunches up her nose and bows beforethe staff as she nods. "Thank you." is allshe says as she feels a bit more confident now in her quest. A wry grin curls onto her lips as she can't wait to see the monsters now. A sense of adventure and adrenaline runs through her body as she dashes forth towards the cavern walls, lighting up the darkness with her body now that some of her powers have returned.

"Creatures of darkness give way to the purifying light, a daughter of Amaterasu compels you." as she spreads her divine radiance around the cavern so she can see better.

As the light she calls forth shines into this portion of the cavern she can see all that the darkness has been hiding and the darkness has been hiding horrors. Twisted creatures of undead flash, albino flesh a brilliant white and canines elongated. Some were clearly people, although they have now turned feral, hisses and howls greeting the light which blind them and cause them to turn their heads away, but so too are there other creatures, foxes and boars and dogs all in various states of undeath and decay. The light is driving them away from her immediate presence but also seems to be drawing horrors from a distance and what was a mostly silent stretch of cavern is quickly becoming noisy indeed.

There's a little meep at the signs of death and decay and her eyes widen at the flash of white, the feral features and the sharp canines. Maia treads carefully, scrunching up her nose as she clutches onto the living staff carefully. This place is anathema to her as she can feel the ichor of Gaia boil in her bloodstream as this place of death is not conducive to the ichor of life itself. Perhaps that's what helped her with the staff? Who knows?

Still, she presses on, braving the depths of the caverns as it's the fastest way to her grandmother afterall…

Water and the Sun, are these not two fundamental components to the stuff of life? Perhaps it was indeed not just her old ichor but the new blood of Gaia in her veins manifesting in some strange way in this dark place. Her own body is undergoing some curious changes, the patches of rot that adorn every being within this place seem to be growing smaller on her and her flesh taking on a look that while far from health is somewhat different than the common pallor to be viewed everywhere else she looks.

A sudden growl is the first warning she has as a monstrous rotting dog springs from a nearby rock formation to try to carry to the ground. Even as it lunges several more are darting in from different angles, massive canines trying to claw at her legs to hamstring her. She's on sudden assault from all sides! These beasts have the look of hardened predators, bone showing through where flesh once was and sharpened spikes having appeared where flesh had never been.

Her past life has been a help! The sudden growl makes things not have a horrible outcome as she slams the staff down on the ground and jumps high, balancing herself on the tip with her palm on the edge. Her eyes widen as she starts focusing her ichor through the wooden branch that she now holds.

"Wood Release: Four Pillar Prison!"

With the staff as a focus, her divine will starts to exert itself on the staff as branches sprout out from the now living wood. They grow at a ridiculous pace as she tries to capture the four dogs in four wooden cages as the branches start to whip out trying to contain the beasts.

"Bad puppies!" she squeaks. "Sit!"

Her exerted will works, cages quickly forming around the four beasts which claw at the wooden bars, jaws snapping and working away in a desperate almost frenzied effort to break free. A thundering roar is her warning of the next onslaught coming, massive bony plates and a giant horn her first chance to realize that it is an undead rhinoceros which is now charging her. How the hell did a rhino get in the Japanese underworld? The Tokyo zoo? A gift to a former emperor? The earth quakes as it charges towards her but then.. sudden.. it is split in half! A flicker of light and suddenly a figure in fluttering back robes is there, face half hidden by a bone mask and he seems to have just cut this newest threat in half with a sword of light. He's.. kind of familiar.


Yes, Maia watches anime. They're in Yomi the land of the dead. A shinigami would make sense here. She raises her brows as she plucks the staff from the ground still glowing brightly as it's the one bit of life in this darkand desolate place. Her brows raise as she peers towards the man in black robes as she waves and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath.

"Oye! Kurosaki, think you can help me find my grandmother?" she asks curiously.

Black silk robes fluttering in a non existent breeze that sword is sheathed at his side and the Death God turns to regard the woman standing there with her rather impressive staff. "Dochitsu…." the figures drawls out before continuing, "If it isn't Kagome, here of all places. Leastwise you got almost as many imitators." A headjerk is given towards the mountain, "You just come along and follow me. Most of these little guys have learned to fear us. Sure you don't want to go back to the city though? City is a lot less scary than your grandmother."

"I had heard. Being told that Aya is a far cooler character hurt my pride the most I think." Maia says with a hearty laugh as it seems her spirits are up as she sees the familiar face now. She takes a deepbreath and nods as she looks towards the mountain. "Good, I'll follow you along then. But I do need to see my grandmother. I didn't think I'd see her this way, but I really need to talk to her.." About so many things. "So shall we then? How have you been?"

The Death God does not lack for confidence, it is a strutting sort of pace that he sets against the cavern floor and where his half mask sets it's gaze creatures quickly vacate the area. "Busy" he offers back, "Something just ain't right with death lately. Things are getting bigger. Things we haven't seen for a long time are coming back. Souls just aren't resting the way they usually do and are causing all kinds of messes. Then there is New Atlantis, that happened while you've been gone, you don't want to hear the bickering over where souls go of Native Japanese who have totally abandoned the faith of their homeland for a belief in Atlantis. How about you? Dead kind of young aren't you?"

"New Atlantis? What?!?!?" There's a screech, an exasperated one as she scrunches up her nose and hrmms for a few moments, massaging her templates as she continues to walk alongside the shinigami. "And things aren't right with death. Avernus, is he…" and that'sa name that hasn't been heard in millenia. How does Maia know about Avernus? That might come to a surprise to the shinigami. "And Yggdrasil broke, and to fix it I had to sacrifice my life and mix my ichor with Gaia's so that it could feed off me."

"New York City no longer exists as such" He proclaims while continuing to guide the way along, "It is now New Atlantis, home to the Atlantean Gods and their millions of worshipers." The mention of Avernus gets a quick look, "Perhaps. Perhaps. We have several squads already investigating the matter. And I see, Gaia, that is why you.. smell funny. Your Grandmother will be interested to see you."

It's a very long walk but finally they reach the peak of the great mountain that towers overhead. Guards are on duty here, resplendent in their armor and their weaponry. They look /very/ reluctant to allow Maia passage but the word of a Death God seems to placate them and she is eventually allowed through the gates with only a winding path remaining ahead of her, "I will leave you to meet with your family alone. I only came so far to spare you from the monsters and to get you past the guards."

"It seems that while we were gone, Amnis and the others finally made a move." Maia seems bothered by that and takes a deep breath as she idly runs her fingers through her hair as they eventually reach the threshold of the mountain palace of her grandmother. Her brows furrow as she looks towards him. "I smell funny?" and she sniffs at herself, figuring it might be from being in the slums.

"I'll get that funk off when I take a shower." she says cheerily, oblivious to just how she's changed before she looks towards the guards. There's a low and respectful bow as she does the purification ritual, taking up some water and spitting it out before passing through the torii. Don't want to piss off nana afterall. "Thank you. I hope to see you again." and with that, she's off.

That's where she goes, taing a look around the mountain side as she makes her way towards her grandmother's palace as she hrmms, using her living staff as a walking stick.

Up and up the mountain she goes, it is a long journey taking her around and around. Trees decorate the hill side, most exhibiting the same sort of rot as the more fleshly residents. Nothing here is truly alive, and thus everything bears the signs of death. When she eventually reaches the top there is a small spring with a plum tree overhead, an older Japanese woman reclining by the waterside. She looks horrific, as beautiful and stunning as Amaterasu is on the one side of the coin Izanami is horrifying on the other, the rot visible and terribly upon her flesh and maggots crawling freely in and out of her skin. A visage to cause mortals to run, screaming in terror or perhaps even to go mad simply at the look of her. Piercing eyes look up at her approach and a curt motion to join her is made.

It's weird. And creepy. It's not the place Maia really wants to be in, but as she sees her grandmother, she bows and heads up to join her before she pauses with a perfectly ninety degree bow, holding it for a few seconds until she's acknowledged so that shemay stand once more. "Oba-sama.." she says softly. Sure it's usually oba-chan, but sama seems apropos considering this /is/ her realm and all.

"I'm told you are my Granddaughter" Izanami says peevishly, looking at Maia with decaying eyes. "Perhaps you expect me to know you more than I do girl, but this is my world and I rarely leave it, the place you came from is no longer for me." A poking finger, "Perhaps it is no longer for you either? Dead. Dead and buried, and you could not have died well. Normally your mother insists all her children come to this place with proper pomp and circumstance, clothed in golden robes from the moment they find themselves here. But you.. girl.. you have the stink of the common pits about you. Tell me your story."

"You sent one of your shinigami to possess me when the first Atlantean awoke almost a year ago, oba-sama." she says matter of factly. Perhaps that will ring a bell or two? Who knows? She takes a deep breath and eases on up as she curtsies before her grandmother. "I am your grand-daughter, Tsuchimikado Maia. Our fate bonds to our parents were cut by the presence of the Atlantean gods in New York, and the daughter of Agni, stole mother's powers in Takamagahara. We have been fighting the new group of Scions who claim to be the new avatars of Death, meaning that Avernus is back, or something has changed him."

How would she know about that? Gasp! There'sa soft sigh as she looks down at the ground, not meeting her grandmother's eyes. "My boyfriend, Haldor Englund, son of Thor fought a son of Tsuki-Yomi, Mitsurigi Kamui, one of the dark omnyouji. In the course of battle, Yggdrasil was broken, and it required the sacrifice of a life of a Scion along with the ichor of Gaia. We went to Terra to ask for her ichor to help Yggdrasil and I became the sacrifice to heal the world tree. I think mixing my own blood with that of a Titan Avatar has changed me somewhat." she admits ruefully, pointing to the living golden tree branch that is her living staff before her.

"Was that you?" Izanami asks looking perplexed, "I told him to go to the attractive, popular one. The one with the music career. He must have gotten confused.". Yes, the Grandmother of the underworld which lives in darkness likes Aya better, so there. There is a surprised drawing back as Avernus is mentioned, "You know more than you should Granddaughter, and you date some rabid foreigner devil that breaks things which should never be broken?!" That at least seems to draw forth a memory and she peers still more, "You have been through here before. Always the foreign men, always the violent ones. You really should be more like your sister!" A hand cold and dead reaches out to grasp at her arm in fingers that are almost more like claws, squeezing several times, "Yes. Yes. Something is strange in you. Wrong. Your blood is no longer in you, but you are still tied to the body you left behind. You should not be."

"I feel my presence is anathema here." she says matter of factly. If Izanami looks and examines her granddaughter a bit more, the bonds of fate which have deemed Maia and Haldor starcrossed lovers have broken. Her role has been broken? Or something like that. They did pass the tests of the Dark Hour once more.

If Maia is put off by her grandmother's favortism for her half-sister, there is no show for it. Instead she just nods and takes a deep breath. "Fujiwara no Amaya and Runolfr.." she says softly, the names of her and Haldor's past life. "But could it be because of what happened, my ichor mixing with Gaia's?" she asks curiously.

"That tie can yet be broken" Izanami says motioning towards the plum tree, "Have one if you like, and your spirit shall never again leave this realm. There is a peace to being here, a comfort in the unending eternity of death stretching before you." Another squeeze, "And yes, yes that must be it. Nothing that is Gaia's ever truly dies, it simply becomes new life. Instead of coming to a proper rest it just.. goes on." Those words are said with some distaste as she continues to peer with a piercing grandmotherly type stare.

"With all due respect, oba-sama, I cannot eat that plum. I feel there is still so much that I have to do, have to accomplish. I think my destiny was to be something truly alive." Maia says matterof factly. She has most definitely felt out of place as she takes a deep breath and hrmms for a few moments as she looks down at the ground once more.

"Since I was little, mother and father have trained me to be an omnyouji, to commune with the spirits and eventually the twelve shishou. That means the /living/ spirits of the twelve shishou and the five great elements. I have communed with them already, and I think that is what I meant to do." She pauses and just lets it all sink in.

"People die before their time regularly" Izanami says firmly, "I did, none of my children lifting a hand to save me from my fate. If your fate has led you here then it is here you are meant to be." That hand leaves her arm and the cracking voice says, "But fate too is broken around you, and that is not the work of the blood of Gaia. No. Just as the plum may keep you here forever, Granddaughter, so to is there a way to return you where you were given what has happened. But I will not do so out of love, or for family, for my duty to both would hold you here. Your sister is on a mission. She will fail. She will die. You can change that."


Her eyes widen as she hears the possibility of being alive once more. She purses her lips and feels slightly guilty as Izanami does have apoint. It was her fate to die, it's just that Maia's rebelling against her fate. She takes a deep breath and nods.

"What is she doing? How can I save her?"

"There is a weapon of divine perfection" Izanami says unhappily, "A thing meant for neither heavens or earth. A smith sought to capture the spirit of our entire people within a blade, and to the despair of all he succeeded. It may cut with the power of all the Amatsukami, such incredible power in such a single point but if the blade should ever break all of our spirits would be snuffed in an instant. We would perish. Your sister goes after the one who wields it, he who plans to slay Mikaboshi first and then Aten forever robbing the world of both darkness and light. He will kill her, he will succeed, neither is acceptable."

"Mysterious fan boi!"

Her eyes widen as she's completely aware of this. "I was there when he took it. It was the last part of the competition, we were acing each other, our blood spilled over the mountain then there was the sword." she says matter of factly, scrunching up her nose as she purses her lips and hesitates. "No, Mikaboshi cannot then. Neither can Aten. They must be bound, but they must not die."

"He wields a sword, not a fan"

Grandma is not hip to the modern lingo

"And yes, I suppose you must have been. When they sealed it away they set conditions they thought would never be satisfied to see to it's release. I suspect someone has meddled in fate over many lifetimes to see those conditions came true. But no. They must not die, your sister must live, and together you must seal away the weapon again. Do this, and you will have earned a place again among the living."


Face meet palm. Maia lets out a soft aiya under her breath before she takes a deep breath before she nods and accepts the mission. "I accept. Aya and I may not have gotten along in this life, but I know that Amaya and Kagehime did." she says matter of factly. How does she know all this stuff?!? Wah. Something has definitely meddled with her. "And neither of us liked being used, so we will seal the weapon. I remember something about two of the different lines, one child of light and one child of darkness. Whose line are we?" she asks curiously.

"Your line is descended of Abe no Seimei" Izanami says, clearing her through a little. "A surprise I know, since he is said to have had no children. Let us say that despite his wisdom his desires as a man ran as deep as any others and the spread of that blood was deemed less than honorable and so unmentioned in the history books. Aya on the other hand is descended of Ashiya Doman. They were great rivals, and each held possession of the sword for some time after it was created intending to use it against the other but both held the wisdom to see the grave threat it posed and in the end came together to combine their considerable talents to seal it away."

If she could squeal in delight in front of the intimidating presence of Izanami, she would. But alas, she can't. Maia just nods and bows once more, her cheeks flushed a bright tinge of red. "They were, but then it makes sense how we have turned out considering we are descendants of the lines of rivals." she says softly and takes another deepbreath. Calm down, Maia, calm down.

"Oba-sama, how can I help Aya without my relics? I'm going to need all my powers at my disposal if I am to ensure that Aya will survive." she asks curiously.

"You are not here in your physical form visiting this realm" Izanami responds, "Your spirit is here while your body is elsewhere with whatever relics were yours in life. If you return to life, your relics will still be in the world of living and with your body unless someone has taken them which is hardly uncommon when a child of a God passes.

"Then to save Aya, I will be able to have my body once more?" she asks curiously, her brows raised as she just wants to make things clear. "And if I succeed, then I get to remain in my body?" And the cycle of fate is broken.

"Correct" Izanami answers, "For all that Gaia's ichor flows now within your body your soul has also passed into my domain. Life and death both have authority over different aspects of you. I can release your soul to your body once more, for a time, and should you accomplish the task set before you fully relinquish my claim so that life might fully take hold."

"Then I'd like to go back with your permission. Where is Aya, how can I find her and stop doing something on her own that is…" Stupid? Idiotic? She tries to find the right word since Aya is the favorite of gramma. "Not smart." Maia says with a sage nod.

"That I do not know" Izanami says sounding a bit troubled, "She is in the world of the living and my gaze is cloudy there. But she will be trying to find this man, find this weapon. If you do the same, it seems your paths are likely to meet at some point yes? Hunt him and you will hunt her." Grandmother holds up one clawed hand still crawling with maggots and snaps her fingers.

Darkness. Disorientation. It's a lot harder dying in reverse.

What is that smell? Is she in a garden? Or is she in a pile of manure? What do the norns use when they are tending to the tree anyway? It's a really weird experience, dying in reverse. Maia grumbles as she winces once more, squinting for a few moments. Does she still have that staff? Is she still wearing the same clothes? Where are her relics? Is this what being a newborn is like?

All these questions and more. Crazy.

After a conversation with Preston…

Dying in reverse was weird and hard. Now she'sin a new changed body and she has to find her half-sister before something terrible happens and she dies… again.

And so it was off from Yggdrasil to Takamagahara to The Monastary of Sojobo to home. Maia finds Sunspear taking care of the babies as she asked as she rides in and lands on the rooftop of her penthouse suite. She scrunches up her nose as she looks around for Drake and Black Frost as well. This may or may not be a good thing. Will she be recognized as a hot salad in her own penthouse? Who knows?

"HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Black Frost exclaims excitedly at Maia's appearance, dancing over to hug at her leg in evident delight at her return, and far more affectionate than normal! Maybe it is the Terra now coursing in her ichor. Of Drake there is simply a barking from the bedroom, a bedroom which had had the doorway.. totally sealed over with ice. Black Frost manages to not even look guilty about the fact. Out the window the city is a different panorama, news helicopters replaced with far more sleek looking hovering vehicles and a few holographic display adds visible in the distance. Die a little death and everything changes but war."

"You were mean to Drake, huh. Did he try to eat you again?" she asks with a soft and amused chuckle as she scrunches her nose while peering towards the block of ice. There's a stern look towards the little creature as she ruffles up his jester hat and points towards the blockade. "Let him out." she says firmly and resolutely.

"Don't worry boy, mommy's coming to get you out." Maia chirps happily asshe peers around for the babies. That's another important group in the house while she looks for the pamphlets from mysterious fanboi.

Black Frost releases her leg, the dark jestery Titanspawn looking rather less happy as he get chastised. An unhappy "Heee!" and he is bouncing off to the door to shake his jester stick at it and the ice begins to melt away. Soon enough a Drake is leaping out and the Jester turns to flee, dog chasing around him the table.

The babies are not present, a note on the kitchen table "Went to park. Be back at 3:30. SS". That is in about an hour. Pamphlets are easy enough to find, a little notebook of every round of the competition having come to her home, most really did hold some helpful information to passing the challenges.

"Draaaaaake. Behave! Or daddy won't bring you back a huge Titanspawn bone to gnaw on."

Maia scrunches up her nose andlooks towards the two. "Please gather everything from the competition. They're fliers that look like this and have this symbol." and she points towards the seal of solomon on the paper before she eases on down and sits in lotus position. There's a soft sigh as she looks at the pieces of paper.

"Kay, it's time to reveal to me what basement of some housewife's house you all were printed in. Unless you were made at a kinko's.." she grumps at the possibility before she closes her eyes and makes several hand seals before muttering a bit of sanskrit under her breath, trying to awaken the spirits of the paper once more.

Drake stops chasing Black Frost at that dire threat and the household pets dutifully help in actually doing something productive before each heading off to their own corners of the room to eye each other warily.

The spirits of the paper stir to life, "WILD EXCITEMENT!" one proclaims loudly, "THIRLLS AND CHILLS!" shouts another not to be outdone. "THE ULTIMATE COMBAT" howls another not to be out done. Well.. the fan sheets are a little.. enthusiastic. "NEW WORDS ARE BORN!" says a new competitor to the verbal fray, "SHOCKING DETROIT WITH THEIR MIGHTY SPLENDOR" roars another.

"Detroit? You're from Detroit?" Maia asks curiously as the papers come to life. She hrmms and purses her lips as she runs her fingers through her leafy hair, taking a deep breath to calm down. She just stares for a few moments before ushering Drake and Black Frost on over to be on opposite sides of her. She wants cuddles too and she figures they do as well.

"That is where you are from?"

"BORN IN THE MOTOR CITY!" Roars one sheet, "FINDING OUR DESTINY AT 1217 OAK STREET!" cries out another. "OUR POWERS TO INFORM! TO EXCITE! TO GIVE YOU ALL THE NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW!" Wow. How helpful, if loud, so very very loud. Drake is looking pained by this point and hiding behind a chair.

Poor Drake. They are loud, and Maia nods, taking a deepbreath. "Thank you all very much. 1217 Oak Street in the Motor City itis then." Withthat, she quiets the spirits and looks things up on googlemaps wanting to make sure it's not a kinko's.

It's not a Kinkos. The street view actually has a shot outside and it looks to be a fair sized resident, a van outside captured by the google cam has a rather majestic looking star wars painting on the side of it. Huh.

"Oh gods, a Starwars fan boi. If he thinks he's a Jedi I just might shoot myself. Drake, stay here. Black frost, behave. I want you two to get along while I'm gone and to help Uncle Sunspear take care of the babies." she says matter of factly.

"I have to get to Detroit to kick some Jedi butt." she grumps before she's about to order a plane ticket, but then realize she's all Digimon'ed out.

"Scratch that, Drake, you're flying me to Detroit, but I want you back here after you drop me off, okay?" There's a map printedout, an Atlas and it's time to ride the battlepup into action! By the power of Greyskull and all!

A plant girl riding a giant dog through the city skies. The government forces spying upon New Atlantis will certainly be confused by that one. Drake does provide able transportation though, the trip to Detroit is /cold/ with the winds whipping about the pair and not at all comfortable. Woe. Planes really do have some luxury that flying dogs do not. Still soon enough she is dropped off in an alley just a block away from the building, the structure has it's blinds all closed up. On the street nearby is a heated flower vending cart, a young woman well bundled up behind it with a sign out "It's not too late to apologize for forgetting Valentines! Save half off when ordering 3 dozen roses!" Something in Maia's newly shifted ichor jerks and churns in response to that flower cart.

It was a wild ride! But at least Drake has fur and she could warm up to it a bit during the couple of hours on the way to Detroit. Still upon landing, something draws her towards the flower cart. Maia whines as she really hates to give herself away, but something is calling her. She scrunches up her nose and starts approaching. Hopefully the flower lady doesn't freak out at the sight of her. That would suck. As she gets closer, she tries to feel out if anything is wrong with the plants before she coughs and tries to give her most charming smile to the flower lady.


There really is something wrong with the plants, well unnatural. Cut as they are, in water, they should be dying a slow and languid death but they are doing anything what. Every flower in this cart is alive, vibrantly and vividly alive. The attendant looks quite unphased by the sight of a Digimon wandering up to greet her, simply beaming a smile back, "Hi! Your order is ready Miss!" She reaches into the cart, quickly getting out flower rapping paper and snagging two roses, one a flawless white and the other an ebon black, offering them over. "Perfect for tucking behind an ear Miss. Make perfect gifts."

There's a blank stare as she looks towards the flower lady. Shouldn't she be freaking out at the digimon-ness that is Maia? And did she order something? Still the two roses are taken graciously as she bows and takes a deep breath. "Thank you, I uh.." and she starts patting herself down. Damnit! She didn't break her purse. "Don't have any money on me right now…" she admits sheepishly.

"Oh that's ok Miss!" chirps the attendant, "It's already paid for. You must have an admirer!" Right.. surely that is. The attendant looks at her watch and makes an expression of dismay, "Oh my! I had not realized it had gotten so late!" She hastily kicks the brakes off the cart and begins pushing it off and away from the street, leaving Maia and the mysterious building behind.

That was wierd. But wierd is something that is accepted as the life of a Scion as she looks at the two roses. The symbolism is not lost on her. She scrunches up her nose and clutches the roses close before putting one behind each ear. She looks towards the building and starts to find a way in, there's the door! Can it be unlocked? Let's ask the spirit to open nicely for her!

The door swings open easily enough as the spirit is asked to open, was it unlocked from the start? Maybe! There is music audible. Cantina music. Cantina music from Star Wars. A plain drab hall extends before her, the first branch to the side opening into a large spacious living room type area which is kind of filled. On a makeshift thrown is a heavy set and nerdish looking fellow who is most certainly NOT the fanboy she knows and is searches for. Two women in skimpy skits play custom made instruments on a stage while another dances sexily, three others are lounged in various sultry positions upon pillows on the floor looking at the throned nerd adoringly. At his feet, dressed in a perfect imitation Leia gold bikini is Aya, a golden collar around her neck attaching by a chain to the throne.


What the fuck?!? There is the urge to laugh, to point, to ridicule and mock, but there's a grudging respect for her half-sister now. Her nose scrunches as she looks towards the throned nerdlet with a bit of disdain. She is epically beautiful now, and frighteningly so as she makes her grand entrance her game face set and ready. She wants tomake the nerdlet pee himself or poop himself for that would be amusing. Terribly amusing. That is part of her diabolical plan as she just stares, her visage one of a terrifying beauty like Galadriel from LOTR. The nerdlet would recognize that, right?

"Release my sister at once!" she says, her voice booming.

"EEEE!" Cries the nerd in surprised distress, "Xena! Protect me!" From a nearby room comes the sound of footsteps and door is burst down, a statuesque brunette in a familiar outfit storming out, A chakram is quickly thrown, not /badly/ but not enough to actually hit the ever nimble Maia. Meanwhile nerdboy is applying his willpower, getting himself back under that control and he focuses his gaze upon Maia, "Oh I think not Rosemon! I like my salad with a little less dressing. Lose the clothes." Those last words are barked out with force, waves of mind fuckery rippling against the newest arrival. Aya does not even seem to recognize her sisters arrival, a hand moving up to trail along the nerds thigh needily. Oh dear. Just what has poor Aya been up to?

Maia has never been the type of stuff nerds into lockers. But really, the chakram, the Xena, the Leia outfits and now the Rosemon remark is just bringing her to the edge. As the chakram flies through the air, there's a Matrix-esque dodge as she leans back, something thatthe nerdlet should most definitely appreciate. She can feel the wave of mindfuckery through the air trying to mess with her mind, but she has a mind like a steel trap, and she blocks his mental influence with reason! Yes, that's what she does. It also helps that she's oh so incredibly pissed as she starts rushing towards him.

Gaia's ichor swells in her body. Gaia has been known as a bitch, and while Maia's usually of a pleasant and cheery demeanor, there are things she will not tolerate, nerdboy being on the top of her list. She reaches over and tries to grasp him by his throat, her skin becoming prickly with thorns as she starts to make with a threat that surely even her sister will appreciate.

"I just experienced death. I died. I saved the world. I saved the fucking universe. You think your pizza faced lame ass attempt at fucking with my mind will do anything to me? I eat people like you for breakfast. I rejected boys like you in high school. I am mother fucking nature herself, and believe me, I'm not even on my period yet. Now, release my sister and 'Xena' from your influence and tell me where the nerdlinger fanboy is lest I'll make you wish the bullies in high school were the ones still picking on you. You think you'd had a wedgy? You haven't met someone who can sculpt your tubby greasy form and give you a wedgy so bad you'll be tasting the taint from your underwear."

He's surrounded by sexy women, at least one Demigoddess who is on close par with Maia and possibly more. Still he may not know this, Xena is certainly not all that dangerous even though she does shout a
"KIIIIAAAIIIAIAIAIAIAIAIA" as she charges at Maia, lashing out with one foot to kick her and then another. Mortal. Totally mortal. She's bouncing off like mad but is doing her damndest to kick ass! The nerd has his eyes bulging, bravery does not appear to be his strong suit, "Who is your sister?!? I don't have a Roselia, honest!" A snap of his fingers and Xena suddenly stomps her futile attempts to punch and kick, wobbling back and forth looking confused.

"Oh for goodness' sake, Xena is totally 90s! D'Anna is the way to go now and she would not be sleeping with your tubby ass!" Maia says most definitely annoyed as she starts to pick up the nerdlinger with her newfound strength. She takes a deep breath and looks towards the nerd and makes a motion with her lips down at the clingy Asian girl at his fat thigh.

"My sister is the one clinging to your nasty ass cellulitic thighs." she says firmly and resolutely. "Let her go and /all/ the women under your influence. I have marked you. You're my bitch now." she says firmly and resolutely. The blood of Gaia does not like women being put in low degrading positions and neither does Maia.

"You let all your girls go and if you ever fuck with one of them, I'll make you wish you were a eunuch." she says once more.

The nerd /glares/ at her at mention of letting them all go! He needs them! Still he stammers out, "Well I guess Leia does escape in the end so that is ok." Letting his gaze look around his girls he calls out, "You will all fall asleep into a deep trance for the next 3 hours. After that time you will be released from my control and have your own wills again." Words again echo with power and in unison every woman in the room collapses into a slumped dozing heap. "Oh please. Only total losers like the new Battlestar Galactica, it's not like it ever lived up to the original!" A hand reaches out to stroke at Aya's slumbering head, "Leia's sister was a plant, who knew, she was totally wild in the sack. Not too late to stick around, believe me babe, when I'm fucking you I'll be every man you ever thought you wanted."

Her hand grabs his crotch and squeezes hard. It's enough to hurt, but that's what she wants as she already starts exerting her divine will over his form. Mother nature can be a cruel and terrible thing at times, and if anything, Maia's letting that channel through right now.

"You just said the wrong thing, nerdboy. I'm leaving you with a penis for now, but it'll be so small no woman will ever sleep with you. And remember, you're /my bitch/." she emphasizes the last part cruelly as a wry and almost predatory grin curls onto her lips, satisfied that she has just scored one for women everywhere.

"If you ever grow that bigger from someone else, I'm pulling a Lorena Bobbit on you. Or better yet, I'll just asked your kitchen cutlery to do it for me. You've messed with the wrong chick. Now, if you want to keep that sad pathetic little penis of yours, tell me where the other nerdboy is. The one who stole the katana of Abe no Seimei and Ashiya Doman."

The nerdboy /screams/ and whimpers and sobs as her divine power channels into his form, writhing and jerking back in the chair as Mother Nature, or at least that part of it Maia now represents goes all violent on his ass. He is now desperately stammering answers, "That old legend! It's not real! Oh holy fuck shit what did you just do! You're talking about Ken, he was always obsessed with that fucking shit. He's not here though! He came by the other day and picked up his comics and shit, said he was off to find the Congo and the Heart of Darkness like that Conrad novel you know? I told him, what the hell, the chicks there all have aids, stay here and he could have a nice disease free Uhura."

"Okay Peter." she says, having dubbed him as thus for his peter is now only a centimeter. Hee. She is cruel. "The Heart of Darkness and the Congo. Then he's after an axis mundi to Mikaboshi's realm." Maia says putting 2 and 2 to make 4, which is still longer than what he's got. She chuckles as she finally lets go of his crotch only to grab onto the collar o his shirt.

"That's a bit of insurance to make sure you don't ever screw with any woman ever again. One look at that should sufficiently break any mental hold you have on any woman as they laugh at you." she says with a cruel smile curling onto her lips before she looks down towards Leia-cum-Aya. "As amusing as it is seeing you like that, you have to get up. We need to stop the end of all that is." she says matter of factly, grumbling a bit as she looks towards the nerdboy once again.

"I've marked you. I can find you anywhere, any time, any place. You dare disobey my orders and I'll turn you into a woman and throw you to a pit of despair where the oni will have a huge bukkake fest on your ass if you're lucky." she says, knowing of such a place in Yomi since she did save a girl there afterall. "Now I don't know what other powers you've got, but if you want to start earning points back to regrow your penis, you better help Aya and I find your friend."

Aya snoozes away, the nerd has put her into a trance and ordered her to slumber for the next four hours and that is just what she is doign quite dead to the world. Snooore. "Peter" looks more and more distressed as she pissed, fear finally shifting into anger and he says to her, "Then listen to me. Understand that even if you can withstand my orders these others can't. I order their hearts to stop right now and you'll have a lot of lives on your hand. So just.. get out. Take your sister. Take the others. Leave. Leave or I show you what else I can do."

Those were just the wrong words to tell a future goddess of nature and a protector of women everywhere. She palces her hand on his throat as the blood of Gaia continues to boil in her veins as she exerts her now cruel will upon his vocal chords withering them away to nothing to ensure that he doesn't ever use his voice to command others ever again.

"And that was the last stupid thing you said." Maia hisses back as she picks up aya's slumbering formand starts heading out the door. "I'll be back to check up on you when all this is through." she remarks as she heads out.

On said way out, she looks around for seeming good samaritans as she starts to speak into their mind.

«Call the police. The man here has several abused women that he has been keeping hostage. Hurry.» and with that she heads for places safer.

The conversation lasted for quite sometime. There was hugging, there was crying, there was advice given out. Hikaru had left before Aya awoke, and as she does so it seems that Maia is still planty, though less so. Changing her skin tone justa bit back tonormal, she's off in the kitchen, preparing things with Sunspear as it's his turn for babysitting duties once more, and so she's making sure he has everything clear.

"I know you know what you're doing with the babies, I just worry." she says with a soft sigh, dressed in her full immaculately white omnyouji garb. She takes a deepbreath and sighs, oblivious that her sister may be awake. "But Drake will take us to the Congo, and yeah. Hopefully everything will turn out all right."

Aya does not give much sign that she has awaken really, for Aya is sneaky like that. She sits up, looks around and in a moment darkness is slipping and forming around her form to drape it in rather more ninjalike attire than usual and then she is flickering away. Flicker flicker flicker. She is not gone long, reappearing near the kitchen and growling out, "Hey carrot top, you let him get away?!? There is not a trace of him! The bastard is more slippery than you'd think, it's going to be a pain in the tail to track him down again for a proper killing."

"We're headed to Africa, the Heart of Darkness. Considering what your nerd boyfriend told me before I turned him into a eunuch, he's going after Mikaboshi first, so we better get there soon."

There's a whistle and the playful puppy leaps and bounds out of the bedroom, letting his tongue loll out of his mouth before he starts to shuffle and circle Aya for a few moments. Can she resist his kewtness? Who knows? Still, he knows it's time and after getting used to Aya, he turns into Viking Battlepuppy form, letting out a louder and more threatening bark even as he wags his tail excitedly.

"We're taking Air Drake, so you ready to kick this guy's ass?"

She can. She does. "No wonder that boyfriend of yours picked you" Aya opines, "He was already used to riding a dog. Yeah. Let's go. What happened to you anyways? I heard you were dead, proceeded on the mission alone which is when that fucker got a hold of me." A shiver and she says, "Just be glad you came on Starwars day, the day before it was Logan's Run. LOGANS RUN. If I am going to wind up stuck in some fuckers fantasy he could at least have an interesting one."

"Heart of Darkness? I know the place. It's one of those places people think is metaphorical but it actually isn't. Doesn't see much use though, nobody has much use for the Congo."

"I died in reverse."

That's all that she's going to say about it for now, not falling for Aya's attempts to bait her into an argument. She's here to stay alive and to achieve what she wanted to in the first place. There's a smile towards Sunspear before she mounts Drake, holding onto his fur as she waits for Aya to do the same.

"Just tell us where to go when we're over Africa then." she says and woosh, off they go at ridiculous Drake speeds!

Aya is not feeling talkative during the flight. Despite her tough exterior, she is probably getting herself pulled together as that whole thing really must have taken it's toll on the woman. Once they are in Africa though she does begin to speak up, guiding Drake in. As the flight gets closer though Aya's help is not needed to spot that something is going on up ahead, a massive pillar of smoke is rising into the heavens, below them a swatch of forest miles long seems to simply have been blown away. In the distance, up ahead even from here are the sounds of bellowing war cries, of gnashing teeth and scraping claw and of things dying.

"I think we found our mysterious fanboi." Maia says. She has a knack for stating the obvious. Seriously, she does. Still, she ruffles Drake's headfur. "You're going to stay away until I call you, okay? Make sure you do not fight him." she says, trying to make it clear as she continues to look out at the distance, trying to see if she can recognize any of the sounds. "Anything sound familiar?"

"Oni" Aya offers tilting her head, "Lots and lots of Oni. They're losing. It looks like Mikaboshi must have known he was coming and had one of the legions placed here." Rippling light explodes from up ahead, another vast path of earth and trees simply being obliterated in it's path as shards of plants and rocks pelt those who fly above. Frowning Aya says, "I don't know how you died in reverse, but you might wind up doing it the right way around again. Either of us might. Look at that force he is throwing around, but it's in a straight line. The Oni might not be holding his attention for long enough to sneak around behind him but one of us could."

"Why do we need to sneak around behind him? You have your crossbow right? I have my bow. Light and darkness sealed the weapon before, maybe it can do it again if we both aim our arrows at the sword."

THe last time their arrows hit it released a ridiculous amount of energy afterall, and she doesn't want to sacrifice her life or her sister's in this fight. So she's going with a long range strategy. "Think it'll work? But we better do it soon before he notices our arrival."

"We can try it" Aya says doubtfully as she looks towards the source of things, "In that case. You go left and I'll go right when we hit the ground. Hopefully that will disorient him enough he can't land a blow on either of us and we can actually get our shots off." Her crossbow is withdrawn, made ready and a bolt of pure darkness loaded in. In the distance the sounds of battle are growing less, has he killed all the Oni? If so time is surely already starting to run out before he makes his way into Mikaboshi's realm.

"30 seconds should give us time to be in the right position. We let go of the arrows now, we can adjusts for each other's aim." she says firmly and resolutely. Drake starts to swoop down, letting them move closer to the land. Maia has no sky related powers, so she nods and when they get close enough she jumps off. There's no sound escaping from her lips, she's doing this stealthily as she tries to blend in with whatever foliage is left on the scene. She rushes through the grass and jungle of the congo, trusting that her sister will be blending with the shadows…

As she runs, she already starts to prepare her own attack, her golden luminous bow in her hand while she forms an arrow of pure sunlight while waiting for just the right time, scanning the area for any signs of her sister.

There is indeed no sign of Aya, no sign at all. Stealthy murder missions are what Kagehime does best and it shows by how still and silent the woods seem of her motion. There is still some sound of conflict ahead, and there! There he is! The creature the fanboy is fighting is something right out of nightmares, dark ebon spines and spikes and it moves inhumanly fast as it swipes away with long claws. It is that speed which has saved it up until now it seems, a broad swath of the sword just missing it although the echoing rush of the blades power nearby sends the creature sailing backwards to crash hard into the ground. Charging forward the Fanboy brings the sword down in a two handed arc, earth severed in two on either side and a massive explosion of light and fire greeting the cut. He stands there, triumphant, sword half buried in the earth and the seconds tick thirty.

Thirty seconds have elapsed. There's the sword and even she has to wince at it's power as the titanspawn of Mikaboshi is easily brought down by the sword. Such a powerful weapon, no wonder it was sealed. Still, there's no time to hesitate as she points the arrow towards the sword itself. If it was sealed once, it should be able to be sealed again.

"Of all the gods above and below, guide this arrow of light to strike true to eliminate the threat that poses all the worlds.." she whispers softly before woosh! She lets the arrow go!

Even as Maia snaps off her arrow of light from the treeline an arrow of darkness is being released and both sail towards each other. Were he quicker the fanboy might be able to jerk the blade away from those converging points of light and dark but alas.. he simply is not. Light and dark combine, churning and roiling around the blade like a pair of serpents making love, the explosion that comes one hell of a release. The fanboy is oblittered in an instant, component parts briefly glimpsed drowning in the blast before there is nothing else but then Aya and Maia are being hit themselves. Both are pretty sturdy, which is a good thing, given they finally come to a stop miles from each other and from the sight of the initial blast with shattered trees and undergrowth left in their wake. The sword quivers in the earth, no longer a thing of divine perfection but.. marred.. broken.. unwell. Maia can feel it within her, something breaking that never should have, a bit of blood seeping into lungs and an agonizing ripple of blood and ichor both.

Elsewhere, in Japan, buildings tumble. People collapse to the ground. Those already too old and frail perish in agony and their beds and everything children and babies of Japanese descent bawl and weep in pain.

At the blast of light and dark, Maia braces herself, putting her arms up over her face before she's sent flying backa couple miles or so from the shockwave of the explosion. She coughs up something as she lands and starts to ease on out, scrunching her nose as it seems she forgot that the sword was to be protected. It seemed like a straight forward plan. Eliminate the sword that poses a threat not just to the Titans, but the Gods themselves. Shethought it was a good plan anyway until she feels something breaking as she hisses and winces in agonizing pain.

She weeps for a few moments, knowing she did something bad, but she gets up and starts running. She runs and runs, dashing back towards the sword. Maybe it can still be salvaged? Who knows? Oh geez, no wonder she'll be considered the rebellious one.

As Maia runs she begins to a hear whispers, competing whispers, words being murmured quietly into either ear.

The White Rose says, "You have broken people. Shattered their homes. You have broken the blade itself and inflicted such unimaginable suffering. Heed me.. use me.. become one with me and all can be undone. Bodies broken will be made whole again, tears will dry, homes will mend. You have the power to restore within you.

The Black Rose meanwhile is whispering it's own seductive words, "You have broken people. Shattered their homes. You have broken the blade itself and inflicted such unimaginable suffering. Heed me.. use me.. become one with me and all can be for a purpose. The spirit of the blade is loose, and if we do not fix the damage done we can free it from it's home. Destroy the sword. Destroy the threat it represents. Bodies and hearts may suffer now, but never again will the people need fear the blades release."

"The sword is the embodiment of Japan itself. Destroying it will leave no one to suffer, no people to fear the blade."

Maia lets out a soft sigh as she takes the white rose from her ear and clutches it in her hands, letting it's throns prick her fingers to let her ichor mix with the rose's. THat's what it would take to activate it right? She stands over the broken body of mysterious fanboi as she stares at the mangled sword, now not as beautiful as it was before.

"I wish for the sword to be healed. For my people to be healed. If I have to spend the rest ofmy existence protecting the blade so that it will not be misused then sobe it." she says matter of factly, waiting to see what happens after she makes the decision.

The black rose withers away to a dried and empty thing, flaking away like dust to the ground. Maia and the sword are suddenly surrounded by a Maelstrom of white rose petals, a riotous tornado around them as suddenly a presence.. or perhaps even presences can be found. There is the natural pulse of the flower and the earth but mingled with it is an incredible sense of peace, of tranquility, of charity. There is for a moment something which seems to transcend any god of healing, to embody all of them and all that they might ever be, that embodies all the charity and love and desire to help in the world and then somehow transcends even that. The sword gleams, layers of that energy suffusing it and faded steel returns to it's perfect shine, the broken hilt is mended. Japan is restored to how it was before, but Maia will never be the same. Within her body, within her blood and ichor, within the spirit that drives both something is forever altered. That touch of overwhelming natural benevolence is something which shall never fade.

Maia keeps on getting changed by the powers that be! First there was the transformation of Gaia's ichor, and now there's something else happening to her! Ack! Still, the feelings of peace, charity and tranquility are overwhelming, tears running down her cheek as it's almost as if she's reached a state of nirvana. There's a soft gasp as she shivers and soon looks down at the sword, pursing her lips before she picks it up from the ground.

She hrmms, examining the blade and takes a deep breath. To tell Haldor or to not tell him that she's now in the possession of an uberweapon. That is something she'll have to discuss later before she takes a deep breath and sighs before suddenly remembering her sister was still out there.

"Aya?!?!? Aya?!?!? Where are you?!?" and she starts dashing around.

Aya does not answer her shouts, and of her there is no sign. After some investigation she can find where her sister must have crashed into place, shattered tree limbs and a deep furrow in the earth marking the spot but there is nothing there. No awake bitchy sister, no unconscious body, no slightly less snarky corpse. Perhaps, this close to an entrance to their realm, Mikaboshi's agents came to retrieve her after the battle. It's as good a theory as any.

No dead sister. No angry grandmother. That is good. She then looks around and hrmms for a few moments. Maia's there in the Congo all alone with a weapon of massive power. What's going through her mind, is it wanting to go to Disneyland? No!

"Draaaaaaake!" she calls out, hoping for the battlepuppy to hear her. "I need to go to gramma's house." It's time to go back to Yomi to see whether she can remain in the land of the living or whether she has to die. Again.
Drake comes limping out of the woods. Poor puppy, he looks like he must of got caught in the edges of the explosive blast himself given the way his fur is speckled with debris and he's favoring one side. Whimpering he advances to nuzzle at Maia's leg, giving her quite literal puppy dog eyes.

"Oh noes! Mommy's so sorry.."

Her heart breaks as she crouches down and kisses the top of his ruffled headfur. There's a soft sigh as she runs her fingers over him ever so gently, the diamond on her magatama ring glowing as she tends to his wound. She nose scrunches and awwws, kissing and cuddling the puppy close and warm.

"I'm, so so so so sorry."

The puppy whimpers even as those wounds are healted. Poor poor wounded Drake. The closing wound quickly has canine spirits returning to their usual levels, tongue coming out to lick at her face. It appears she is forgiven for getting him blown up.

"I'll try to find you a nice big titanspawn bone, okay?" she offers cheerily as she hrmms and looks around. Oni carry bone clubs at time. That should be something worthy of Drake as she hrmms and scritches and pets him lovingly.

"Think we can go to gramma's house now? I need to get to Japan."

"Why do you expect your dog to be able to get to me" Comes a creaky sort of voice from behind her, a very elderly woman there with a cane. "It's not like I live in the apartment down the block. Hmph. Yes. Yes. To answer your question before you ask you're released. You have your second shot at life, but you'll still come visit me again sooner than you think. People always come to visit me sooner than they think. Your sister is fine by the way, business of her own to attend to, no concern of yours! You're different now, more than you know. I expect the rest of the family isn't going to like that." Laughter turns into wheezed coughing. Aww. It's approval, sort of.

Her brows furrow as she looks towards her grandmother with a cane. She did not expect to see her here. "I.. well, at least Aya is okay." she says with a soft sigh under her breath before she nods and bows low, holding the perfect ninety degree bow for a few moments. "And what do you mean the rest of the family isn't going to like it? What's happened? You mean that my ichor has been changed by Gaia?" she asks, oblivious to her new state.

Another cackle, another ending in a raspy cough. "Don't you worry. You'll see soon enough" says Maia's grandmother, "And you thought pulling down the roof of the palace around their heads got them in an uproar. I don't wonder if most of them will think Mikaboshi made you an Avatar of the dark in thanks for saving him." More cackling, more coughing and that cane is waving as she turns to hobble off. Izanami doesn't seem to much like the living world.

"Wait.. what?!?! I'm an avatar of Mikaboshi now?!?!?" That is not good news! Even in her current state, there's still a naivete as she grumbles under her breath and slumps down to pick up the puppy. "I think we should hide fora while, maybe find Haldor. Let's go to Sojobo instead, but after I find you a bone." she says with a sage nod.


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