Go Go Power Rangers!



What fate brought together, the members keep on trying to tear apart. Oh, this group is full of drama, but that's how we like our bands..dysfunctional. Still, you mess with one and you mess with all. Apparently only in-fighting is allowed. No Titanspawn or other Scions can fuck up their bonds..dysfunctional as they are. So don't mess with the Power Rangers. They have giants.


Faces AKA Bio
Red Ranger's Brother Another son of Thor! Helps Haldor out on occasion. Tries to flirt with Maia on occasion as well. Stopped doing that though.
Ubercute Puppy A guide dog given to Maia and Haldor by Amaterasu to help find Sojobo, the Shiba Inu pup has bonded with Haldor for they are both hyperactive males..


Faces AKA Bio (from Gene's Notes)
Red Ranger The son of Thor! His father's son, pretty much. Carries around swiss army drumsticks. Another musician? Gene's Memo To Self: find out if they all misinterpreted what 'Band' means. Also, destroys all enemies in his path. Useful to have around for that.
Blue Ranger The son of Thoth! Gene's Note to Self: Can gods have lisps? Maybe his real name is 'Soth' or 'Foth' or 'Toth'. He's a real smart guy, useful. Bit of a bookish sort, take him out to a strip club or something. Maybe he'd relax more.
Pink Ranger The daughter of Ama.. amat.. Amalamadingdong or something like that. Plays the fiddle or something. She's cute, she's bright, she's driven, she's got something to prove, she's agonizingly naive. A recipe for disaster. Gene likes her.
Black Ranger The son of Kali, goddess of strangling people for some obscure religious reason, and inspiration to the guy that built the Atomic Bomb. Wait, maybe that last was Shiva. Anyway, she's really violent. Somehow, Gene suspects his mother and her get along well. As for Rupert, they haven't interacted too much yet. He seems to be a little defensive. Also, famous musician.
Green Ranger The son of Goku, from Dragonball Z! No, wait, the son of Son Goku? Or maybe his brother, or — oh, hell, Gene can never keep these Asian pantheons straight. The Monkey Prince, anyway. Kind of an asshole.
Yellow Ranger Of uncertain parentage, and Gene hasn't dealt much with her, though. He agrees with Rupert's appraisal of her ass's excellent quality, however. According to Maia, she's a mambo, by which she probably doesn't mean the dance, unfortunately.
Zordon The big head in a tube…


Bulk, Skull, and the Boys - 3 Giants, 1 Fire Giant, 1 Frost Giant.

These mercenary giants were hired away from the service of the Titans by the combination of sheer greed and some fast talking on the part of a certain Scion of Discord. They don't work cheap, however, requiring 10,000 euro each for every job they're sent on. Rupert pays this. Use his money frivolously at your own risk.

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