The Olympus Cafe


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Scene Title The Olympus Cafe
Synopsis Gene and Maia get some sage advice..

The Olympus Cafe

Where everyone knows your name..cause they're gods.

And the cabbie goes forth, looking for one of the local diners.

Meanwhile, Maia rests her head on Haldor's shoulder as she looks back towards Gene with a wry grin. "Oh? Any reason in particular?" she asks curiously, still winded from speaking with spirits and all.

"You never know where you're going to end up, really," Gene replies easily, watching the world go by out the windo, "Or via what routes, down what roads… the drivers usually have some interesting stories, too, if they speak English."

"Sometimes they have better stories when they don't speak English," remarks Haldor. He may be speaking just to prove that he is alive.

And there's Haldor speaking up, causing Maia to shake her head a little as she wraps nher arms around his, squeezing fondly. Soon enough, the trio arrives at a decrepit looking mom and pop diner and the cabbie gets paid by Maia. She waits for Gene to head on out as she peers around, taking in the sights, though for some reason it seems unfamiliar. "Um..any of you guys been here before?" she asks curiously.

"I can't say that I have," Gene replies, glancing about the street casually. Then he sweeps his arms to either side, heading for the door of the worn-down place with a broad grin, "C'mon. Let's go inside."

Haldor looks out of it. Maia awwws for a few moments as she kisses him softly on the cheek and motions for him to go home. There's cash given to the cabbie as she gives her address, "I'll see you later, you look really tired.." she says softly before waving a bit. Her cheeks are a bit pink now as she looks over towards the diner, it's sign crackling with electricity turning on and off every now and then.

"Olympus Cafe…sounds Greek. I could go for a gyro and souvlaki..mmmm, souvlaki.." she says as she starts to head towards the doors.

"I hope they have lamb gyros," admits Gene, pushing one of the doors open and holding it wide for her in an ever so chivalrous fashion, "Nothing like a good lamb gyro— ah, and baklava, I'd kill for some good baklava…"

The bells on the door ring and a young waitress smiles towards the duo. She leads them towards a regular sized booth. The place it self isnt exactly full, but there's a decent crowd at this hour. A group of six people sit in the back seeming to debate something. "Oh you always talk about your niece like that. I still think she has a crush on my nephew. They should be a couple."

"Bah, a certain someone's son would try to break that up almost immediately just to be a prick.." another one states and they continue to be quite raucous the entire time.

Maia eyes the group off in one of the backbooths as she lets out a soft chuckle. "Think people just out of the bars?" she says with an impish giggle.

The group gets a glance, and a quiet chuckle stirs past Gene's lips as he heads along over to the booth behind the waitress — taking the time to check her out on the way. Shame? The scion of Discord's never heard of it. "Thanks, cute stuff," he winks to her, then slides into the booth, "Ah, probably. Or late night work."

The waitress winks towards Gene, grinning wryly the entire time. "I'm Nephele, I'll be serving you both tonight..can I get you something to drink?"

Maia blinks a little at the name before she smiles brightly. "Um..a diet coke please? And I like your name, very pretty, Zeus' creation to trick Ixion. That's a name you don't hear very often you know.." she says with a sage nod. See, she can be just a geek as Scott, she just tends to hide it more with her bubblyness.

"Now that's embarassing, you know more obscure things than me on that subject…" A wink over to Maia, and then Gene flashes that rogue's grin to the waitress, "Just some coffee. Black as night and strong as a bull."

The waitress seems surprised by that little bit of trivia knowledge. Nephele smiles as she jots it down and bows her head before the pair. "Not many people know that story..I'm impressed.." she says with a soft sigh before heading over towards the raucous table, starting to speak with them.

Meanwhile, Maia beams brightly. "Being a Shrine Maiden means that I have to know that stuff. Especially with the war going on, I had to learn a bit about the other cultures, though I have to admit I became a Bulfinch's Mythology fan. Though I still prefer Joseph Campbell's take more than anything.."

"Don't let 'em get to you, beautiful," Gene offers with a tilt of his head up to Nephele as she heads towards the raucous table in the back; his head shaking a bit as he turns his gaze back to Maia, crooking a grin, "Lucky you. Get raised learnin' all this stuff. Most of us just sort of got tossed into it."

As the waitress goes off, Maia looks uneasy about the place for a few moments. "I don't know if it's lucky or not. But Nephele was created by Zeus out of air to trick Ixion into confessing he tried to rape Hera. Now, I don't know if I'm paranoid, but come on..Olympus Cafe..I've never seen this before..and now our waitress is named Nephele?"

"You'd noticed?" A hint of sly humor in the journalist's voice as he turns his attention to following the departure of Nepele, observing in a quiet, casual tone, "I'm sure there's nothing to worry about." A pause. "Wait, this is my family, I know better. It'll probably end horribly. At least the view's nice."

"You know.." cries out one of the voices over at the other tables as a pair ease on up and start heading towards the duo. "Gods can hear things even when you whisper." He has a jovial tone. He's quite handsome for the most part, looking to be in his mid to late twenties. He gives Maia a wry waggle of his brows before extending a hand out towards Gene. "Your mom says hi, but she's busy. And I had to trick your cabbie to coming here, but we wanted to talk with you.." he says firmly and resolutely.

Standing next to him is an elderly Japanese man looking to be in his sixties or older. He smiles towards Maia before bowing his head towards Gene.

In the end, the girl just blinks blankly and squirms a bit uncomfortably. Good thing she didnt say what else she was going to say..

"You see? I was entirely right," Gene replies without missing a beat, a wry half-smile crooking up at one corner of his lips as he looks up to the pair approaching. The offered hand is clasped in his own firmly, "I could play a guessing game, but might I ask who you are, then, sir?" Despite the casual, breezy manner there's a hint of wariness to the scion of Eris. The Gods rarely want to talk to you for good reasons, after all.

"Oh don't worry, I was like you once. Scion of Zeus before I ascended into godhood. I am Heracles.." he says with a bright smile, cheery the entire time as he extends his hand out towards the Erisian and then towards Maia. "And this is my esteemed colleague from your pantheon, m'dear.." he says bowing towards the girl a little. "The god of rice, Inari.."

And the old man bows deeply and lowly before easing on up, this time, taking his turn to speak. "We wanted to warn you about those whom you seek. The mirror that the fates gave to you is not complete. Just as you can find new Scions, your enemies can as well.."

The hand's shook, and then Gene leans back in the booth once more. "So you're Heracles… well, good to meet you," he allows with an easy smile and a curious raise of one brow, "What's your opinion of Kevin Sorbo?" Then there's mention of the mirror, and he looks over, the smile fading a touch, "Mm. See? Told you they wouldn't be idle, Glowbug."

Heracles lets out a hearty laugh as he shrugs his shoulders. "He was all right, if anything it made people remember me again for a bit. It was Xena that I was never a fan of. Never existed.." he says matter of factly.

Maia just blinks at the news, sighing softly as she runs her fingers through her hair as she just stares down at the table for a few moments, mulling things over.

"The dark onmyoudo of the Mitsurigi family took a piece of the mirror before we could take it from it's resting place in the imperial palace. He knew of it's hidden power to find others such as yourself. Already the seeds of chaos have been sewn. Be careful young ones.." Inari says softly.

"That woman's eyes always creeped me out," admits Gene, his head shaking just a little and one hand fanning vaguely through the air, "And then it pretty much abandoned the Grecian concept and went all Indian and dharma and all. What the fuck, seriously." A look back over to Inari, and he notes darkly, "Good. The more of them there are, the harder it'll be for them to hide. And the easier my job'll be…"

"Already they have found three more and brought them to their side. Danger has increased, but surely, you have found new allies that can cope with their growing threat. They are all like minded. But still, even they do not know what they have done by bringing about the Dark Hour.." Inari continues as he bows softly once more. "We will be watching you..all of you."

Maia hrmms for a few moments as she looks over towards Gene, letting out a soft chuckle under her breath before running her fingers through her hair. "I see.."

Meanwhile, Heracles just lets out a hearty laugh, pattnig Gene on the shoulder. "I like you, so I'll look over you as well. Now..we're going back to eat.." and the pair wanders off again.

Oof. Hey, the God of Strength gives pretty impressive shoulder-pats! "Thanks," Gene offers over, "Enjoy your meal, thanks for the warning…" A lean back, and he looks back to Maia with a grin, "See? Horrible news of our impending doom. Did I call it?"

Maia sighs softly as she runs her fingers through her hair and grumbles something under her breath. "Yes, you called it. I mean, I figured it was going to be some ill portents, but can't anything be normal anymore?" she grumbles under her breath.

And as the old man departs he simply says, "No."

"May you live," Gene intones, "In interesting times."

Immediately follows Horsemen of the Spire.

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