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Greenwich dojo.

Vargr enters the dojo with an ill wind as if the area around him has somehow become a little more dangerous. People look at him with the cold shoulder with the feeling like nothing is ever going to be good with that man. He walks to the back giving a proper bow to the sensei and goes back dropping off his gym bag and starting to get into his change of clothes. He doesn't wear a gi here. He wears a t-shirt, some sweat pants and a white belt. He bows into the dojo and wipes the belt over his forehead and then proceeds to wear it. He looks calm and collected as the students and instructors seem to not want to talk with him.

Vargr smiles at the cowardice, fear and pain shows him that he is still alive. That he is one step closer. He closes his eyes as his eyes look like they are about to burst as he grasps his face and almost looks like he wants to claw at it and remove it.

Miruan normally doesn't come here. She's more of a gun bunny. But maybe she's here to meet a friend or watch the training. Who knows? She seems more reticent and shadowy than anything else, as if she just might disappear into a rabbit hole or something. She does have a dufflebag with her at least, and looks around. Hmmm. She looks thoughtful.

But there was one there that showed no fear; but interest, perhaps amusement of the whole situation. This brave soul, comparatively, was a young man, tanned skin, with Oriental features on his face. He wasn't in any gym clothes, as of yet; he still had on his biker leather jacket and blue jeans with brown boots. Perhaps he was an observer, a newcomer, some young upstart who has too much arrogance maybe. Ken could be all these things, but truthfully he took a wrong turn and ended up at the dojo. It was just curiousity that let him in, as well as his martial artist's spirit.

Vargr looks to see Miruan, he recognizes her from the lady from yesterday. He shrugs and wonders if he recognized her, does she recognize him? He kept his face down and made sure never to make eye contact.

Vargr gets up after clawing at his face and moves to the mannequin's and prepares as he enters a deep stance bending his legs and then he darts in closing the distance. He almost fumes at the mouth while thinking. "Close the distance, Secure Dominance, Finish it." Vargr lets out a whisper "Ixion every day is one step closer."

Vargr doesn't stop punching to the point where the mannequin actually knocks it off the base as he then taps it back into its base. Vargr then grasps his heart and pauses and forces himself to breathe hard as his eyes and brain seem to be in another place.

"Done with that?" Vargr looks up to see Ken, the young Asian, smacking at the mannequin next to Vargr's. Even as he was looking at the somewhat-crazed man, Ken was calmly hitting the mannequin with several quick punches in several vital spots. He then looks back to his target as he continues his light and quick barrage without breaking a sweat. His jacket was off, revealing a white wife-beater, unstained. His jeans were still on, but his boots were off. "Did the dummy owe you money or something?" Ken mused while he continued to pound on the target.

Miruan blinks at Vargr after a moment. Say what you will, but Miruan has sharp eyes. She seems curious, dark blue eyes on him. Mind you, she likely stands out due to her appearance. She quirks a brow at his savage beating of the dummy. Enthusiasm? Carefully she inches over to watch. And hey! Another fellow. There's a curious look, too. At least she's a good audience.

Vargr nods at the Asian, Vargr says in almost a monotone "Name is Lucas, Lucas Henshaw. And well you look like no slouch, a bit young. What brings you here?"

In the corner of his eyes he does make contact with Miruan. Its a cold stare, one of fear. He then shrugs again "In the heat of battle making those precise strikes would seem to be rough. One thing about the Mannequins is that they don't fight back."

Vargr takes his hand off his heart and slows his breathing. He then changes stance to a mui thai stance keeping his balance on the ball of the feet and his arms raised in a mantis like stance. Vargr is focusing more on strikes than kicks. Vargr seems devoid of emotion "You have a name?"

Vargr gives a raspy laugh at the comment it will do "Yeah it'll do." Vargr frowns at the word fate "I refuse to believe in fate. If there was such a thing, It would be generous enough to have let me die a while ago. So you asked earlier ken. Yes I am on a path, a man with a plan to find a man who calls himself Ixion. I owe him something and I hate scores to be unsettled. Don't you agree?" Vargr gives a smirk as he then changes stance once more to more of a kimpo stance.

Vargr looks to Ken "Ever wonder why you are here? Right here right now? I look at you and I see a bit of myself when I was younger but who knows life's a bitch. Die or you marry one. Sometimes I wished I did die." Vargr smirks "Not that I am married either." With a near emotionless voice it seems hard to wonder if he made a joke or not.

Lucas' comments did manage to unnerve Ken a bit, and yet not enough to break his stride. At Lucas' question, Ken took this time to make a quick dash to his mannequin, and give it a mighty elbow to the chest, knocking it back a bit before coming right back up, of which he quickly hit at the chest with a rising knee. Ken seems to favor Muay Thai here. "Not so much about the fate thing, but I do agree that you have scores to be unsettled." He gave a small chuckle. "That's something that I despise-" with a round kick, "-as well!"

Ken finally did stop when Lucas addressed him directly so. Ken realizes that he hasn't lived very long to know about the world (a fact his mother and step-father believe he has to continually hear) but he does know a damaged man when he hears one, one that doesn't cover up his pain in his words, unlike himself. And that smirk combined with the tone did little to settle his nerves. "Well, from what I know, which isn't much," he says with a shrug, "… but everyone's number comes up due. And as unfair life is, I don't think it's meant to be any other way. Sometimes," he starts as he takes pose and begins to resume hitting, "…I wonder why I'm still alive, and not my friends. But you either dwell on it, deny it, or…" with a jump kick to the head of the dummy, "…fight forward!"

Miruan blinks. She seems surprised as he doesn't respond to her. She rubs the back of her head, looking awkward then. There's some concern, but she seems uncertain if she should try again, glancing between him and Ken. "Um." Well, then.

Vargr looks to Miruan "Lucas." He then nods to her and in his near monotone voice "I think I recognize you. Have I threatened you before?" He makes a chuckle that is almost closer to what a machine would make. Vargr takes a long stance putting his foot forward and leaning in and performing a strike with so much force it knocks the mannequin out of its grooves and cracks the hard wall. He then gives a forced smile to Miruan "I am getting my towel now." He grabs his towel and tosses it over his head and then walks to go sit down at the bench a few feet away.

Vargr realizes he obviously going to hear from it from the owner. His cell phone rings and he picks it up "Ah Mrs. LeMont. I am so sorry to hear about your stepson. My condolences. Its a bad neighborhood in the kitchen but you know this. Good its in the account." Vargr nods "Right, you know how to get ahold of me."

Vargr looks down with the towel over his head doing his best now to try and blend into the world. He is holding his hand like he is faking a wrist injury.

"You know I don't need to be here." Lauren groaned as she walked behind a blond haired woman. "You need to get out more. Besides, with things crazy enough as is I think you might wanna sign up for some self defence classes or something." The woman replied before running off to get changed, leaving the hooded girl to roll her eyes. "I can take care of myself just fine." She mumbled as she sat down on a nearby bench. Her green eyes scanning the room. It didn't take her long to see at least one familiar face among many. She started to feel a sinking feeling in her stomach.

"Huh?" As Ken was about to attempt another jump kick, he looked to where Lucas turned to: A really cute brunette. With that, he slips and falls, although not so much that he made a big noise. Women was always a weakness of his. He stood up, to notice the girl was just a few inches taller than her, but that didn't matter so much. "Uh, hi there! The name's Ken…" but he didn't say much more as a loud snap, and saw that Lucas' mannequin was not where it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, there were very few others in the room at the time, but he was sure that there would be more pretty quickly.

"Dang," he muttered, and then saw Lucas on his phone, and caught the last part of his message before speaking up. "Hey, hold on there! Who's gonna pay-" But Lucas just walked away, blending into the moving crowd that was coming in, who happened not to really notice him, or tried not to. The crowd looked at broken mannequin used to be, where it ended up, and at the only two people close enough to the area.

"Wasn't me."

Vargr's phone rings again Vargr answers "Speak." There is about a 30 second pause. "Greenpeace. Continue." Vargr nods to himself. "Understood and acceptable." Vargr walks over to pay for the damages done to the mannequin and drops a debit card on the table to walk back." He then meets eyes with Lauren and his eyes grow colder and show a little more fear as two people in one day. He pretends like nothing is bothering him but his body language says otherwise.

Vargr walks back to Ken and gives him a pat on the back. "So I think I remember you Miruin. You obviously must be a model on TV or something." His voice is still nearly devoid of emotion as if he is trying to force small talk.

"Hello." She said as she pulled back her hoodie. "Well, I didn't expect to see you again so soon." Lauren said with a slight smile. The girl gave Ken a nod, though she gave the other man a slightly puzzled look.
Ken couldn't believe his luck: Two beautiful women at once! Then again, he's not in much a position to flirt, with that poor display earlier. He did notice the crowd disperse as Lucas came back, with one of the instructors looking a bit peeved again, but not too much; probably just in case Lucas turned back to him. And soon, it would be just four in the room, as none would want to enter the same room as the guy who did such big damage. Especially since the tension in the room is quickly rising. "Uh, nice job there," he said to Lucas, looking at the 'carnage'. He then looked to the new girl. "Hi, I'm Ken. This is Lucas. Looks like you already know… Miruan, right? Interesting name." Ken scratched the back of his head, a bit of insecurity as he tried to think of what to do to difuse the situation. What he wouldn't give for a bunch of ninjas to pop from behind the walls and the ceiling now: fighting enemies is a battlefield he prefers. "So… what brings all you folks here? Besides Lucas, of course."

iruan seems curious! Ken seems friendly. It works really. She smiles a little. Well. The failed kick did make her smile. She seems to figure it more cute than anything else. Or she's sympathetic. Hard to say. She tilts her head. Lauren gets a wave back. "Me either. But it's a pleasure to see you." She seems unusual. Polite, but remarkably reticent as if she just might bolt into the closet for safety. Vargr gets something of a worried glance. "Huh? No, I work at the nursery and gun shop. I can't do modeling. I'm actually a bit heavy," She admits. "I don't want to lose weight though," She holds up her hands. "But um, thank you for the compliment." Her face is a bit red. She glances to Ken now. "Thanks. You can call me Mir if you'd like. And I figured I would see why my friend at the gunshop likes this place. I don't know… I'm not much at hand to hand combat," She considers. "Unless I could hit them with a bonsai maybe."

Vargr picks up on her blush and reaches his hand out to meet hers (he will give it a kiss if he is able to hold her hand if not he plays it off as a body motion) "My dear, that is complete nonsense you would do fine. I didn't want to think I was blowing you off or not making time for my peer over here. But bussiness calls. *Being a member of a global firm that does human resource matters is daunting work* (that line seemed like he has repeated it over and over time and time again) He looks to his watch "I figure I can spare a few moments. Its not like Greenpeace rally is going to happen tonight. He looks to Lauren "Lucas." His facial features appear to be friendly but his eyes seem empty.

Vargr looks at his watch again. Almost like it is clockwork and his life is being put into motion as he moves his body in gear.

"I'm Lauren." She told him with a slightly amused look in her eye. She shrugged. "Got dragged here by one of my friends who goes here. Thinks I should take some self defence classes or something." She replied to Ken. She looked at "Lucas" again, eyebrow raised. Something about him just seemed off…but she pushed it out of her mind for now. "Anyway, might join or not> Just not sure right now."

Ken could not help but notice just how… methodical and robotic Lucas was acting. It wouldn't be noticable to the average person, but Ken has made a living of noticing various traits in people, and couldn't help but notice just how… fake he was acting. Wouldn't be the first person, though, as he had to often feign interest and remorse. But he turned his attention to the new beauty in the mean time. "Good of you to come, Lauren! Well, this is not a bad place to learn how to defend oneself. Personally, I never been here before, but I know of a few instructors here, and it's a pretty good place to get your feet wet… along with the rest of your body." Ken then looked towards the broken pieces again. "Of course, I'd imagine that the place looked a bit better before today…" Ken turned back and broke into a nervous laugh, even though he wasn't too nervous at the time. "I personally came here due to such connections; needed a place to blow off some steam."

Uh oh. Way to Blue Screen of Death the Miruan. Her face goes even -redder- as he manages to hold her hand and kiss it. Ohmy. Please reboot the Scion of Ares. Or not. It takes her a moment to unfreeze. "Huh? Oh. Er. I'm flattered, thank you." She looks duly flustered now, like a hippo trying to ice skate. She smiles weakly. "I appreciate it. And no worries." She waves a hand. "Mir. Pleased to meet you, Lucas." She bobs her head politely. She seems well mannered if nothing else. Strange personality for one of a war god's brood though. "That seems very tough." Headtilt. Lauren gets a soft 'ah'. "That's a good plan I suppose." If she notices, Miruan seems uncertain on how to react. "Pleased to meet you all." She murmurs. "That's a wise choice," She offers quietly to Ken. She's trying not to look too nervous. Shy. Git. "What's your favorite style then?"

Ken does his best to give Miruan a reassuring smile. He gets concerned when others are uncomfortable, unless he puts them in such positions for good reasons. "Well… my style is one where you end it quick, with whatever comes to mind. Karate, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Judo… so many to choose from. But for you, it depends on your goals. Many say the best martial arts is firearms, so it looks like you got that covered!" He gave her a jokingly chuckle. "But one of the better styles to learn is Krav Maga, which is a fusion of several martial arts, and aimed for defense. They have a good instructor here for that, or so I'm told. Haven't put him to the test, yet."

Vargr shrugs "My favorite style is My fist to their face style. Any other action is just wasted movement and sometimes one just needs to be direct. Thats my life. Direct, Methodical and Precise. If we are not open with our feelings and accept who we are then we lose what makes us special. Same applies with all combat. A firearm is just a tool, like a fist, like a baton. The firearm and the baton are bound to the same physics we ourselves are bound to.

Vargr looks at his watch again. "Ken I have two questions for you. One day you might ask me the same but next time we meet I want to hear your answer. Who are you? And What do you want?" I believe one can learn a lot from those questions." He looks to Lauren and Miruin "Ladies. Charmed. But I must depart. A warrior most prepare before every encounter." Vargr looks to his feet as if he is moving like a man possessed.

Laurens Smile looked a little more wicked as it looked more and moore like Miruan would drop everything and bolt for the door. She listened to Ken for a while, learning as much as she could. "ThinK I heard about Krav Maga somewhere. Really though I only know a little from getting into a few fights here and there." Again, she looked at "Lucas", feeling more and more weirded out by him as he spoke.

Miruan smiles a little at Ken. It seems apologetic. That dance between being shy and trying to work out this new friends busniess. "That's quite an array," She smiles faintly. "I hope it works out then," She nods. "Ah… just a bit." She's at least, modest. Vargr gets a headtilt and amused look. "I see…" She looks thoughtful. "Pleased to meet you, Lucas." There's an uneasy curiousness. Sorta like that pigeon who keeps pressing the shock levers. What does THAT one do? She looks a bit baffled. Ken and Lauren get a bit of a smile. She stays, for now. But she's taken zen lessons from deers in headlights. Stare. C'mon Mir. Try to socialize! You can do it! "Ah."

As he looks at the back of Lucas as it gets smaller, Ken thinks back to those questions he was given. The first thing he thought was that the guy had some nerve to ask a complete stranger that, especially of him; then again, this is the same guy who ripped off a wooden mannequin like it was some twig. And then he thought of the questions. For the first, he was Kenneth Chiang Zaraki, the son of Felicia Chiang Zaraki, the step-son of Jarrod Zaraki, the divine son of Guan Yu. He was a biker, a mechanic, a student, a fighter, a lover, a guardian, a vigilante, a son, a Scion. He didn't have to say all that, though.

For the second question, what he wants… is a good question. Was it to be a successful motorcross biker? Or now, to be a better warrior? Maybe a hero, with his new found powers. Maybe a god, even. But one thing is for sure, it was no one's business. And another thing Ken thought was for sure: the next time he meets Lucas, or whatever his name is, it won't be a good day. Hopefully, it won't be his last day.

But back to things at hand, things he could actuall do about: "Well, that was something, wasn't it girls?"

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