The Knife Of Ixion


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Scene Title The Knife Of Ixion
Synopsis Team Chuck goes superspy!

The building where the strike is to take place is the one which Kane Taoka calls home, his apartment within which he seems to share at least on occasion with Orlanda. Today is obviously the result of some preparation, watching and learning the schedules of both and attempting to get the timing right to where she will have no easy alibi and he will be in range. To start things off Jason has already set a fire burning and bolstered back at the safehouse, a quick exit point to teleport to if needed and even now the team is gathered about a block away making final plans. "Ok. So the goal is to hit him, fail, and flee leaving the dagger behind as evidence of Orlanda's misdeed. After I make the attack I'm going to need a ward to flee across, I'm hoping you can handle that Gibbs. Something to delay him long enough for me to get around a corner. Making sure any human security is out of the area would be a plus. Erika, I'm hoping you can manage some distraction that we can time to make the attack fail. Explosion of equipment, flickering lights, preferably something that will create a lot of fire I can get to and get through without raising doubts. Playing havok with the electronic security might be asking too much. My egress point will hopefully be the flames. I figure Gibbs with his unique gifts can find his own way out, Erika, we'll need to devise an exit plan once we get inside unless either of you have any thoughts now."

Erika has no real flashy powers like her two handsome compatriots. She wrinkles her nose and runs her fingers through her hair as she nods and looks towards the both of them. "I can't teleport through flames, but I figure my escape route would be with Norman then.I can do some electronic havoc..shouldnt be too difficult..I think.." she says softly, hrmming for a few moments as the gears in her head start to turn.

Gibbs, unlike his compatriots, has some very flashy powers… Like the ability to run through walls without need to stop. For the moment, however, Gibbs doesn't bring that up. Erika will need an escort on the egress and he is likely to be the only one available for that.

"It sounds like a solid plan to me… And making a ward shouldn't be terribly difficult either. I'll make it while he's distracted."

"Mhm" Jason says, "It might be better to have it in place before he arrives. Designate a side hall for the retreat and mark it first. Hopefully there are not a gaggle of us around when I am trying to hit him with the dagger. We want him to think this is Orlanda's doing after all. Besides, if you are present he is going to be coming after you two as well. Bad that." Erika earns a nod, "Good. We still aren't too sure how well my illusions hold up with electronic security."

"That is a good plan indeed." Erika says with a sage nod, agreeing with what was said. She hrmms as she stretches her arms into the air before she takes a deep breath and motions towards the cars.

"Are we going to take our vehicles or..what? I know you have your fire teleporting abilities, but Norman and I are left with more..mundane means of travel. I'll just have to the dark. I think you can take care of that, right?" she says,looking towards Gibbs.

Norman arches a brow at Erika. He shifts his weight slightly, shaking his head a little bit. Apparently Gibbs' dark powers don't extend quite that far… Yet. Even so, Gibbs doesn't verbally answer. Perhaps he has an alternate plan… Like stage make-up or a clever disguise. Erika can get in touch with the Zen of being a potted office plant in a hurry, can't she?

Jason looks between the other two and he says, "Your call. I'm hoping his attention will be on me. Getting away for you two should ideally be a breeze. He won't be looking for you. He'll be hunting for the bitch that just stabbed him in the throat and ran for it. But.. you know how plans are. If he actually senses the help he might think she brought accomplices and hope to capture one of them. That is where the contingencies really come into play."

"Well, we should get going then!"

Erika grins wryly as she snickers softly and wrinkles her nose as she runs and starts to grab a few things. There needs to be crazy electronic havoc going on afterall. Wheee.

Gibbs takes this time to blithely check his gun. Doo dee doo doo doo, checkin' mah gun. Checkin' mah gun. Checkin' mah gun because pregame is my posing weakness.

"Let's" Jason agrees. A moment of concentration and his appearance is rippling. Illusion magic taking shape around him and transforming him into a rather plain faced and ordinary fellow in a business suit. The sort that really does not earn a second glance. "I'll save the Orlanda look until just before it's showtime" he offers to the pair. "Let's head off then." And that is just what he does, making his way to the building in question.

Like Jason, Gibbs' appearance ripples and shifts. Within a few moments, there is no more Norman Gibbs. There is only… Zu'u- No wait. There is only: Nondescript Background Dude #7.

Nondescript Background Dude #7 moves out after Jason, straightening his tie absently with one hand while the other secures his pistol in the recesses of his clothing. Clothing which shifts to completely conceal the pistol.

Jason arrives at the building in due time. Soon enough he's making his way through the score all nice and dull. Whee dull. Taking a moment to case the joint before slipping further into the lobby.

And Erika was grabbing things ad now they are off! Yay! They arrive at the building, the headquarters of Kuroko is rather large and corporate. There's at least fourty floors in the building and they head into the parking garage. It's full for the most part, but the fake parking pass gives them easy access to the entrance and the exit, which are on opposite sides of the streets.

"So let's go over the plan one more time?" perhaps it isnt clear.

Nondescript Background Dude #7, who clearly is not with Erika due to his blandness of appearance, turns look at Erika. He looks vaguely startled, for the cameras that he's sure are lurking about, and tilts his head at her. Parking garages are, fortunately, not the best places in the world for audio equipment… So this should be safe.

"What do you need to know?"

Jason as masked boring dude says, "We scout the structure. He usually arrives home in about 45 minutes. We'll hope to take him in the hall then. Prior to that. Find proper sidehall and ward it. Distract human security from area. Disrupt electronic surveillance. Rig something to go boom on command. That will be her reason for breaking off the attack and running away, supposedly thinking it his doing. Every make their way away via their own escape routes."

" do I get out. That's something I want to know.." Erika is concerned for her own safety afterall and she looks towards Nondescript Background Dude #7, wrinkling her nose the entire time. "And I can go and distract it. What floor should I fuck up? Just Kane's or every single floor? In which case, the elevators wouldnt work..cause I'm hardcore like that.."

"We're in the parking garage. Go hole up in the electrical closet and fry the power junction box," is Nondescript Background Dude #7's response to Erika. He glances around thoughtfully, considering the parking garage carefully before adding, "And once you do that, you can escape through the garage here."

"I'm going to need more than that" Jason says to Gibbs, "I need something catching fire on the floor. And.. I don't care. But needing something to blow on Kane's floor especially, if you can just target his that will work."

"What about you, Norman? We arent escaping together?" Erika says, as she gahs and facepalms a little as she wrinkles her nose. She's dressed like a maintenance woman, in a one piece outfit with overalls. She starts gathering her things. "But I'll do that. I'll wait for you have my cell, so just txt me or do whatever it'll take to get to me so we can get out of here together.." she emphasizes.

"So let's do this!" she says, fistpumping once more.

"You're on my speed dial" Jason assures Erika, "I'll punch you in right as I'm about to move on him. That will be your signal to blow the gear, start a nasty fire and start heading for your extraction point. Which.. is probably going to be Gibbs. He'll figure some way to get you out of there. Again. Hopefully that will not be the hard part."

Nondescript Background Dude #7 seems to have an answer for everything tonight. Pleasantly he responds to Jason by inquiring, "Do you have a potato chip bag?" Once again, Nondescript Background Dude #7 fixes his attention on Erika and considers her maintenance womany self for several moments.

"I'll make sure my egress incorporates your extraction."

And that's when Erika starts to head off, grinning towards the two. She assumes they know their roles andhrmms as she looks back towards them. "It should be obvious when my part of the deal is done.." and she heads towards the basement, trying to find some sort of access to electrical cords and other such things.

Meanwhile, there's a directory that Kane Taoka's office is on the top floor. He's the CEO, so of course it's there..duh!

"I do not" Jason says towards Gibbs before making his own way in. Little fussing about him. He takes the elevator up to just two floors below Kane's, then shifting over to the stairwell to climb the rest of the way up. Huff. Huff. Intending on scouting things out before things actually heat up.

Nondescript Background Dude #7 also takes the elevator, though to a much lower floor. There he emerges and takes a good look around for several minutes before finding the snack machine. Every office building in this city seems to have at least one vending machine hidden in its midst.

After some careful inspection of the contents and a quick look for anyone looking, Nondescript Background Dude #7 uses Unbarred Entry to snap up a single bag of potato chips. From there, he casually makes his way to the bathroom while crunching up the chips. Within about ten minutes of the Mission Start, Nondescript Background Dude #7 is on the elevator again, carrying someone else's briefcase full of important legal documents for Mr. Kane and a single, empty potato chip bag.

And two floors beneath Kane's office is Orlanda's. And Marie Glapion's. And the rest of the Shinsengumi. Oh goodness, it's demigods galore. There's a bit of laughter as the two girls are chatting amicably, talking about a few things..comparing Donnie to Kane and other such thingslike that.

Meanwhile, on the top floor is Seth, the snakey demigod. He and Kane are discussing a few things, snickering softly amongst themselves. "So you have everything for Ixion? He seems rather pissed."

"Ixion has everything he wants. We have other facilities afterall..those people thought we only had one. Idiots.."

Oh dear. Jason's telescopic senses are having a field day aren't they? And this is a lot heavier presence than might have been hoped. Well. All the better to help sow confusion in, maybe. Who knew what and when? The girls get a look from afar as Jason passes through, making particular note of what Orlanda is wearing today as he is about to have to copy it. Yes narrow to try to see across great distance, looking to get the number Marie's phone. Best she go to get it when things come to a head so Orlanda is robbed an alibi.

Nondescript Background Dude #7, like Jason, doesn't get off at Kane's floor. That would be more suicidal than he knows right now. Instead, he gets off the floor below Kane's floor. Of course, he doesn't get off before he's completed stage one of his business: Creating Ward #1.

With any luck, 500 square feet of Ward should block off a substantial chunk of the elevator shaft and the elevator car as well from one Taoka Kane.

"What about the attacks? We know that there's that black man living in the warehouse now. We have to find the girl..maybe we can use that black man as a hostage of some sort?" and that's Seth, his tongue rolling a little as he continues chatting with Kane.

"Mmm, just kill him. Don't do hostages.." Kane says, hrmming for a few moments. He's oblivious that once again, Kuroko has been infiltrated, for Team Chuck is just that damn good. "Besides, I promised the girl's ichor to Mikaboshi, and the rest of her band.." he says firmly and resolutely. "So we need them alive, remember? But I have something to do in my office..I'll see you around later.." And he heads back to hisoffice.

Meanwhile, two floors below..

"So his just that big.." Orlanda says, giggling impishly. she really is nuts. Who is she talking about.

Marie just rolls her eyes a little and facepalms.
Jason for his part manages to find a number for Marie's office phone with a little careful looking. Not too terribly difficult to explain away peering in that direction, two girls are talking about penises after all which is the sort of thing that tends to get a mans attention. Still it is back to the stairwell, number programmed into another speed dial as he makes his up to the top floor. Showtime is getting closer. Hopefully the others are doing their parts, a hand reaching into one pocket to clasp at a napkin. He wiped his lips on it, after making out with Orlanda. It is the napkin of Orlanda slobber. It's a part of the woman at least. Again the air around his form ripples as he takes on the appearance of Orlanda, attire even appropriate for what she is wearing today!

Point two. Nondescript Background Dude #7 moves to the center of the entire floor below Kane's. It is an intersection between offices and cubicles, fortunately, and he stoops as though to re-tie the laces on his fancy leather shoes. One hand presses against the floor to steady himself as he seems almost to over-compensate his balance.

And in that moment, Nondescript Background Dude #7 lays down a second Ward, this one to protect against fire. Jason specifically dictated that the people be protected, after all.

That's always a good thing. And Kane is just alone. The two demiwomen are still downstairs discussing penises..they seem to be fixated on the subject afterall.

Meanwhile, he's just looking through a few things. He has a similar invitation to the side, like the one Maia received, but he doesnt seem to give a shit. Instead, he's looking through a few files. He has information on the black feather shroud as well! Gasp!

Point three. Nondescript Background Dude #7 moves to the stairwell door, glancing around for a moment or two to make sure no one's watching. Only when he's sure it's safe does he take a single step backward, disappearing through the door.

Once in the stairwell, Nondescript Background Dude #7 makes his way slowly up the stairs to the final floor. He's sweating a little bit, exhausted from all of this exertion, but the dividends… They will be more than worth it, he's sure. Nondescript Background Dude #7 presses his hand to the floor just inside the stairwell from the door.

Damn it! That complicates matters. Jason-cum-Orlanda wants those files. He really really wants those files. However.. today is not the day and today is not the time. Nothing must give the appearance that this crime is being carried out by anyone other than Orlanda which means the file looting will have to wait for another day. Finding a quiet place he taps the first number on his cellphone. Hopefully causing Marie's phone on the floor below to start ringing and leaving Orlanda alone and without alibi for what comes next. One hopes so! His hips take on a bit of a slutho walk as he slips into the office, all the acting coming in handy.

Ring a ling! It's one slut ho calling another. That's like Paris Hilton calling Lil Kim..or something like that. "'ello?" And it's the Cajun French accent of Marie Glapion with raised brows as she picks up the phone. She's separated from Orlanda now afterall, and the real Orlanda starts to head towards the first floor. Her stomach is grumbling and the cafeteria is on that level!

Seth is now wandering about just waiting outside Kane's office. He's the second in command afterall, and second in commands usually stay close towards the people at the top. He hisses a little, his appearance, more snake-like than anything. He's like Cobra Commander in the GI Joe movie when he's all transformed and everything afterall.

While Jason begins his infiltration, Nondescript Background Dude #7 moves on to part three of his master plan. He produces a Leatherman from one of his pockets and unfolds both the knife and screwdriver attachments while crouching down in front of an electrical outlet in the stairwell.

Timing is everything in this situation. He is aware of this and acts accordingly, quickly removing the socket cover from the outlet. A moment later he is carefully slicing the potato chip bag in two. One half is carefully slipped into the wall behind the electrical sockets. Before closing the socket up again, he carefully exposes the wiring in the wall with his Leatherman's blade, using the Leatherman to carefully bring the potato chip bag half as close to the exposed wiring as possible without touching it.

When Erika overloads the system a short will cause a spark that will set the fats on the bag to burning. The burning bag will set the wiring to burning, which will in turn set the wall to burning, creating a nice fat flame for Jason to fire step into and out of and Nondescript Background Dude #7 can escape athletically.

The only sticking point is the Seth in Kane's office. Nondescript Background Dude #7 retreats from the stairwell to an office floor again. He makes his way to the elevator and rings up the floor with Kane's office. Now it's time for a distraction… Or three.

Jason cum Orlanda does not slutho it all the way in to Kane then. Because Seth is in the way. He could really use a distraction about now because an added demigod playing security guard is really not in his plans. Still there Seth is looking all snakey so Orlanda leans in to say him in Orlanda's voice, "Might want to stop by the lab. Heard a few of the new rabbits escaped containment and they haven't caught them yet." Because Seth looks like muscle, and muscle likes to kill things out of control. Seth also looks like a snake, and snakes especially love to eat tiny hippity hoppity things.

Snakes do like to kill and eat tiny hippity hoppity things! But there's something else that will catch his attention! Erika has been working this entire time rigging a few things. She is very meticulous afterall, and wants there to be no escape routes for the main threats here, and thus, she has also hacked into the system controlling the elevators. For she is /THAT/ good.

Seth raises his brows as he looks towards Jason-cum-Orlanda and snickers. "About time you showed up here..I was wondering when you'd be up for your usual bee-jay.." he says before smacking Jason on the ass, giving a little grope. He's heading towards the elevator just as Marie is..and they're being watched by the young inventor. As they go in and the door closes, the power flickers, sending up a surge to start heating up the fats in the potato chip bag so it can start to smolder. The elevators lock for now. Oh dears,people won't be happy.

"… Huh…"

Nondescript Background Dude #7 finds himself unable to access the elevators. This is mildly concerning. He retreats to the stairwell again, darting back upstairs to peer into the empty antechamber to Kane's office. Interesting and mildly concerning.

He walks cleanly through the door into the room, takes a step to the left, and disappears into the shadows. Why? Because he can take refuge in them and damn it all, he doesn't want to get stabbed if things go crazy while he is rigging fires in this antechamber… OF DOOM.

Kane was looking over a few of the files about the black feather shroud when Jason-cum-Orlanda slips in in a rather frisky mood. His brows raise as he laughs and snickers softly as he looks towards his slutho girlfriend and starts to unzip his pants ever so slowly. "Well, if you really want it, babe.." he quips, spreading his legs apart while leaning back in the chair.

Meanwhile, there's a thud thud thud! Seth is angry! And ridiculously strong! But incredibly dumb. For now, everything just seems like a normal run of a mill fritzing with the elevator so he gets kept in for now, content to wait for the maintenence people to come and fix it…and there are some headed towards Erika..not good!

It is especially not good as Jason is about to need Erika. Not that he pushes that big disaster button, not quite /yet/. Jason-cum-Orlanda slut hos it behind Kane's chair, a hand moving out so slide along his chest making sure to get shirt (and any armor!) out of the way of his heart under the guise of feeling him up. Parallel perception being what it is, Jason also happens to be skimming over those files left open. Learning all he can of what this particular band knows. "Oh you don't know how bad I want it" is said with a giggle. Hand not all Kane caressing reaching into one pocket to push the preprogrammed button. Ring ring goes Erika's phone. Their preprogrammed signal that he is about to need that really big distraction. Hand slips from there to find the handle of the hidden obsidian knife. Leaning around however he suddenly channels the force of his own Appearance through Orlanda's form, hardly a challenge, compelling presence hopefully stunning the other Scion for a moment as that dagger is slipped from within a pocket and slammed between ribs to bury deeply in the man's chest. Sweetly he/she says, "But baby.. much as I want your cock.. today I came for your heart."

That knife drives home with a squelching sort of thud. Cutting a man is a lot like cutting meat really. An odd squishy sort of sound that might be not entirely unlike the sex that Orlanda and Kane have so often had in this office before. The blow is a carefully placed one. Not mortal. No. But close. So so close. The sort that would certainly kill any mortal who were sitting in that chair, the type that a Scion might make when they slightly miss their target. That close to the beating heart blood surely quickly flowing out around the obsidian dagger, it suddenly a fleck of blackness in a sea of red. And Jason-cum-Orlanda looks smug. So very very smug. The smugness of one who has just murdered their boss and got away with it.

Nondescript Background Dude #7 finishes installing the other half of his potato chip bag inside of a wall socket in Kane Taoka's antechamber. Masked by shadow, he stands up and glances suspiciously around just in time to hear the sickening *SCHLUP* of a knife being jammed into a man's rib cage.

Time for him to exit, stage right. Nondescript Background Dude #7 steps through the wall behind him, snagging the bannister in the stairwell as he moves into open space. For a moment, just a moment, he hangs there before pulling himself up enough to peer through the window in the stairwell door to make sure "Orlanda" is escaping.

Oh look! There's Orlanda trying to come back up the stairs. Unfortunately for our heroes, she's always a use the stairs type person. This is going to get complicated. Fast.

Meanwhile, there's the buzz of Erika's cell! Oh! It's distraction time! And if they want one. They got one! Just as the sickening schlup of the knife slices into Kane's body, the mother of all power surges goes through the entire system. Computers fry. Data (not backed up) disappears! And most importantly, fires start! Fires made by potato chip bags start that is.

Kane's eyes widen as he just stares at Orland before he goes unconscious for a few moments, gripping on tightly to the wrist of faux Orlanda. "Bitch.." But alas, he doesnt grip on too tightly.

Neither Jason or Orlanda are probably the strongest of people. But they are pretty, damn it! Jason-cum-Orlanda is however quite the escape artiest and wriggles free from that near dying grasp. To Kane's last sight of this version of Orlanda that expression of surprise and dismay as things go dark is probably real enough. Sudden darkness is interrupting her murder effort! Turning he/she runs from the doorway, the panicked flight of one who suspects something terribly bad is about to follow them out the door (and in this case, is probably right!). The dagger is left buried in Kane. Slipping out into the Antechamber.. hey! It's a fire! The Scion of Aphrodite might not have planned for his escape route to be quite so close but who is to complain. Out of sight of the door he rushes the fire, stepping through it as a door to the escape route planned out earlier. Just like Orlanda. Get with a man. Have a little poking. Leave him with a burning sensation.

Good. There's Jason making his triumphant exit. Night Eyes for the win.

Nondescript Background Dude #7 climbs back down the inside edge of the bannister and swings a few times as he hangs there. He sails onto the staircase the floor below and starts running down the stairs into the crush of the masses on the staircase below. As he does his best to melt into the crowd, Nondescript Background Dude #7 disappears. In what may or may not be his place is Attractive Female Office Worker #437-B. You know the one. She has a short, almost masculine haircut like Angelina Jolie in Changeling, the general body type of Janet Jackson, and usually wears a Hillary Clinton Pant Suit of Power. Perhaps not The One Pant Suit, but one of the nine Hillary uses to enslave allies to her will as though they were political Nazgul.

Attractive Female Office Worker #437-B works her way through the crowds and down the stairwell over the course of several minutes. Ultimately she emerges into the parking garage, which is probably in just as much chaos as the stairwell or the main entrances/exits to the building.

And there's Erika facing three mortals. Thank goodness they're mortals. She can deal with mortals. Punches, thuds and kicks later, she's huffing and puffins as she starts scrambling out. She was working in the electrical and the boiler room. She set something up to explode. She likes booms. Booms,especially big ones are the band's MO afterall.

And so, she starts to head up from the basement, running towards the black sleek Dodge Viper. Yes, it's gothbot Damballa! Hopefully Gibbs will be there when she arrives as well.

Gibbs does not arrive at Damballa. Gender Ambiguous Employee #53-K arrives at Damballa. /IT/ pops open one of the sleek black sports car's doors and sits down inside of it, casting a curious glance at Erika. Perhaps /IT/ is puzzled by her presence or perhaps /IT/ is curious of whether or not /IT/ should be gunning the engine.

"Damballa. Extraction point Vega, evasion routine Echo-Bravo-Delta-Seven-Foxtrot."

The gothic sports car roars to life as Gender Ambiguous Employee #53-K finishes buckling in and informing the car of the plans. /IT/ wraps /ITS/ gender ambiguous hands around the steering wheel and the gear shift as the car sets to rolling out of the parking space. Within moments, /IT/ has Damballa up to speed and is making a quick escape out the exit of the parking garage.

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