The Harpy Eggs


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Scene Title The Harpy Eggs
Synopsis Good Scions meet Corrupted Scions

Abandoned Warehouse

This is the inside of what was once an abandoned warehouse. From the outside, you would not have guessed that it would be as renovated as it has been on the inside. The outer walls and ceiling seem to be lined with metal plates along the inside. One might wonder what it would take to break through those walls. On the bottom floor, there is a couch, a rusted fridge, and a coffee table with a few magazines and soda cans strewn about. There are stairs leading up to a walkway that lines around the the warehouse with doors that lead elsewhere. At the end of the walkway is a ladder that appears to lead to the ceiling. To the back lies two exits. One is through a large bay door where you can probably see a few vehicles parked in front of a large titanium gate that has been placed in front of the loading zone. The other is a door marked as Storage where a large variety of equipment can usually be found. To your left is a room where several computers have been set up amidst a few broadband radio receivers and file cabinets. Along the right wall full length lockers have been set up where several have already been secured by padlocks in addition to the padlocks they are built with. To the left of the lockers on the right wall is another exit that appears to lead to several modified rooms. Above that exit, the words 'Cells' has been etched in chalk. Above you hang lights that extend all the way down to normal ceiling height from the rafters below the actual 40 foot ceiling. Every once in a while you may catch a bug scutter across the floor.

It's the late afternoon and as people are going home from the docks, others have just started to work. Such is the case at the seemingly abandoned warehouse where a tall, powerful looking figure stands with two others standing next to him. His hair is fiery red, and shirtless, having quite the ripped body from years of hard work and exercise. He looks over towards the laborers below from high up before he mutters something softly to the others. "Mmm, Pan should be pleased. It's a full shipment. We just have to spread these around and then see what happens.." he says with a rather predatory grin.

Standing next to him is a woman dressed in white, though there's not much white on her. She's pretty much dressed like a slut ho of epic proportions. Her skin is milky and pale, her hair a platinum blonde. She wrinkles her nose and gives him a dismissive wave. "You are much too melodramatic. What happens will happen.." she says softly under her breath.

"Shut up!" says the third figure. He's Irish and he has an awful accent that makes you want to punch him. Take that back, he's Oirish. He's still a handsome and dapper fellow with a clear 5 o'clock shadow as he stands in a business suit before picking up a bit of whiskey to take a swig. "Or I'll beat ye up.."

"Shut up Colm.." the blonde quips.

Of course, our heroes would all have been visited by their respective patrons. Maia by a kirin. David by a monkey on a cloud. Rupert by a vision of Kali in one of his dreams. And Jolie by a mysterious man, pretty much undead. They were all warned that something would be happening at this place, at this hour….

Stealth monkey. David Kong arrived just a few moments ago, having landed lightly upon the roof after bounding from rooftop to rooftop across much of the warehouse district to make his approach near-undetectable, avoiding pools of illumination from street lights, even from above. He clambers down the side of the wall, fingers digging into the smallest handholds, until he can peer in a high window at the goings-on.

Jolie sneaks up to the building, toting an aluminum softball bat. No one's going to think twice about someone with sports equipment, right? She's wearing all black, hair back in a baseball cap. She carefully peers into a small window as well.

"The fuck am I doing here?" Rupert Patel mutters to himself, sending a glare at a couple of giggling teenage girls that start to head his way. Cowed, they turn and dash off. It's an odd place to be for the famous musician, front of the death metal band Kali's Kiss. He's dressed in a tight black t-shirt, ripped in strategic places to show off an impressive physique and tan skin that confirms his Hindu heritage. His jeans are likewise torn at the knees. His hair is gelled into black spikes, each tipped by fiery red. He fingers the necklace of eerily realistic minature skulls around his neck and sighs. "Well, let's see what the big deal is."

Alas, David is not the only one who has the ability to jump from rooftop to rooftop. A rather statuesque Japanese woman seems to be doing the same thing, though she's dressed quite differently from before. She's in full shikifuku garb, the ceremonial dress of the onmyodo, as she's in a pure white kimono of sorts. She lands over by David and shakes her head, hrmming for a few moments. "So your father sent you a message as well?" she asks curiously as she peers through the windows at the rooftop. She's blissfully unawares of the people down below, which may or may not be a good thing considering she's a fan of deathmetal (much to her mother's chagrin).

Meanwhile, the two on the ground have not been spotted by any of the dock workers. Jolie would get the strangest feeling about them, almost as if they were dead, an area her father would know a lot about. Then there's the click clack click clack of white heels on the ground. It's the platinum blonde who jumped down from the second story to check up on things. "Hurry up, cretins. I have no idea why Colm summons you all..the dead are pathetic and useless.."

The pair on the rooftop see something occuring down below. The various zombie minions are crating in boxes with rather large eggs inside. Colm quickly hurries down along with the tall fiery man, who appears to be the leader of the operation. "Helena..they arent cretin, they're quite useful.." he says while inspecting the boxes one by one. Alas, one of the zombies trips and the contents of one crash on the floor spilling out its content..which is a yolky eggy substance.

Most definitely annoyed, he slams his fist into the zombie's fist sending grey matter and gore all over the floor. "This one was a cretin.." he says with a wry grin, his muscles flexing from his own strength.

"Must you do that, Mordecai?" Colm heads over before he too is smacked upside the head.

"Your zombies will be fine, Colm. And how many times must I tell you? It's Mordred.."

"Yeah. And you keep saying there's no destiny between us. Denial much?" Leaning down further, David grips the edge of the building with his toes, working at getting the window open as quietly as he can. "You should get out your paper toys, Maia. My dad doesn't send me places like this without some kind of action waiting, and lots of -eggs- are never a good sign. You stay up high, keep at range. I'll go down and cause enough trouble that no one will come up and bother you."

Jolie wrinkles her nose as she senses the death all around her. "There's a bokor of some kind here, or I'm not the daughter of the Baron," she mutters. And then she sees the man punch the one zombie, and she gets angry. "A stupid, sloppy bokor, alright." She looks around for a plot of normal ground, not touched by concrete, just in case she needs to summon her friends.

Rupert glances around, sticks his hands into his expensive black leather trenchcoat, and searches for the warehouse shown to him in his dreams. "Vague bitch," he mutters. "Could given me an address." Finally spotting the building, he decides to see what the big deal is. He glances around, and starts to move with the catlike grace that made him famous on stage, slipping past the dockworkers and witnesses like a shadow, easily evading their sight as he makes his way inside.

"Obviously this is something that needs to be stopped. Doesnt mean jack between us.." Maia says defensively as she wrinkles her nose and looks over towards the window, slipping off the lock as all it was was a simple latch afterall. "Fine, I'll be all snipery up here.." she says firmly and resolutely, not noticing the stealthy figure that slipped into warehouse pass the blonde. She looks up towards the still full moon sky, "Mother, may your blessings protect us all.." she whispers before she pulls out a few still floppy sheets of paper from her sleeve that soon become razor sharp. "Go for it!" she says with a nod.

Helena, while extremely sexy, beautiful and alluring is not exactly the most perceptive of women. She brushes her fingers through her hair and starts heading back towards Mordred, before placing her hand on his strong muscular form. "Oh look, you've sullied your's all gross too." she says with clear distaste on her features.

"It's all right, love. They're Colm's filth, not mine.." he says wiping his hand off his jeans as he looks around once more. "Finish delivering the eggs, then the others should get here and we can deliver them where they need to go.." he says firmly and with force. It's definitely clear he's the leader of the trio.

"Gah! My beauty!" Colm whines, sniveling his way over towards the busted zombie. "I'm so sorry my precious, I wont let Morde..Mordred do that again.." he says, flickering his tongue a little as he tries to attach the pieces together once more. And soon, the last crate is brought in by one of the zombies, a total of ten eggs in all.

For our heroes, they're lucky. No one has noticed them yet. And for Jolie, she's especially lucky as there is a bit of a grassy knoll behind the building with a back entrance into the warehouse. Lucky!

Holding on with his toes, David pushes himself back up, sliding into a crouched position on the edge of the bulding. He stands up, turning himself into a long, fluid lever, and swings downward, putting the fulcrum at his toes…there is a shower of glass and wooden frame as he bursts through the window, letting go at the last instant to maximize momentum. Against his skin, beneath his shirt, the Dragontear Cloudstone swirls violently, and a gust of wind supports him as he moves through the air, his agile leap more than capable of carrying him across the intervening distance. Spinning like a dril, his arms extend…and in his hand, a matchstick grows into a ten foor long spear, its yellow banner flapping in a swirling maelstrom of color around his body as the living missile travels toward poor Colm.

Spinning and whirling through the air, David hits the necromancer, pierces skin, and throws ichor in every direction before nimbly landing on his feet in what seems like an impossible moment of wire-fu. Dragging back the spear, the Monkey Prince notes, "Sorry to drop in unannounced, but I heard you guys make -great- scrambled eggs. Unfortunately, I'm a lot hungrier than just one, so we may have to scramble s'more of them. Like…maybe all of them."

"It looks like the party has started! And I just love parties," Jolie purrs as she hears the crash of glass. She tugs on the leather cord around her neck, pulling out a soft suede bag. The odor of herbs and the grave issue forth as she walks gracefully over to the grassy knoll. She reaches into the bag and sprinkles some of the dirt inside onto the grass. "Papa Legba, open the way. In the name of my father, Baron Samedi, in the name of the Ghede, come forth, my brothers!"

There is a pushing and ripping of the ground, and a hand bursts forth from the earth. Soon, more hands erupt from the ground, and in all, five shambling zombies rise, under Jolie's control.

So she just cant follow. She already has the ofuda in her hands and she jumps down, landing on the second story in a crouch, wincing a little as well, it always looks easier when you're watching someone doing it instead of doing it. "Eeny meeny miny mo.." she says, looking around as she chews on her bottom lip as she chews on her bottom lip. And she spies the woman in white getting ready to do something evil probably…

The most muscular of the trio has his eyes widen as Colm is attacked. "What is this? Helena! Scatter, my love!" he cries out oh so melodramatically while unsheathing a spear from seemingly nowhere. He glares towards David and tries to strike the monkey boy. "I shall be your opponent this evening!" he cries out, moving just as fast and with as much ease as the monkey. Morrigan does her Scions proud.

Whoosh, -slam-. The spear hits nothing but air as it thrusts toward Mordred, but slams into Colm with a sickening sound that is a hard impact at first but a wet goosh afterward, then rips out of his flesh - leaving him, amazingly, still up. "Wow," the Monkey Prince notes toward Mordred, "You're actually pretty damned good. I don't suppose you'd wait until I've finished killing your friend so we can have a proper one-on-one?"

As the rock star enters the warehouse, he pauses and frowns. "Eggs." He shrugs and gets closer. "Really fucking big eggs," he notes. "Well, there's only one reason to send a son of the Bitch to a warehouse full of eggs." He then proceeds without delay in smashing the eggs, Several lightning-quick blows send eggshell and yolk flying. Four down. Bunch to go.

Helena's eyes widen as she sees Colm bleeding with ichor. She rushes towards him. "We should leave! Mordred! We'll meet you at the required location!" she says, placing her hands over the necromancer's wounds, having them close up as she rushes towards the exit.

"My babies!" Colm cries out, pulling out a knife as he cuts himself down the arm, letting the blood drip down. The zombies see this and they start following aimlessly, groaning the entire time.

As the necromancer and the platinum slut start to flee, David growls, "Goddamnit! They're getting away! Hey, Spike!" A glance toward the rocker, "Cut 'em off at the pass! Don't let 'em get away!" With that, he and the pretty, muscular man begin to face off. There is only a moment of circling before the two begin to fight, their blows matched nearl equal - spear against spear, it's an elegant, fast, deadly dance where first blood may well be last. Leaping and spinning through the air, the two vault back and forth, David using an egg crate to launch up and over the other man to thrust at his back, only to have Mordred throw himself to the side just in time, run three steps up a support beam, and force David to drop down almost onto his belly to avoid the thrust before leaping back up to his feet and back on the offensive.

"Alright, my brothers, here's the plan," Jolie says to her zombie minions. "Tito, you take that one, Marlon, you take that one, Randy, you take that one, Jermaine…Jermaine, listen to me baby. You take that one. And Michael, you get all thriller on that one. Go for it!" After that little pep talk, the zombies shamble off to battle against their respective opposites. Things go well for Tito, Randy, and Michael, as they rend the other zombies to pieces. Marlon and Jermaine aren't so lucky.

With that, Jolie heads to the exit and to the white-clad hussy and her Oirish companion. "Excuse me for gettin ghetto, but you ain'goin nowhere, bitch!" And she swings for the bleachers. The bleachers being Colm's head.

Unfortunately for Jolie, Colm's head covers in his ichor body armor just as the swing hits his head. "Aye, lassie. Yeh aint tryin' 'nuff!" he cries out, letting out another cackle under his breath as he's carried off by the White Queen wannabe.

And that's where Maia comes in, Magical Action Girl! Except, she's not going for anything like that right now. She jumps down once more hoping to not make a fool of herself as she lands in a crouch. "Minna…erm..everyone! Look this way!" she says, before raising her hand into the air as her kimono starts to ruffle. "I carry forth my mother's blessing to spread her HEAVENLY FLARE!" and her body starts to brighten up, way beyond flash bulbs. Anything looking her way would be momentarily distracted, so hopefully the heroes don't look! Fortunately, she's in the line of sight of Mordred, Colm, and Helena…

With the flash of light so bright, Mordred looks towards the young woman and is distracted, completely dazed and confused. As Maia continues to radiate her mother's glory, even the white hussy and Colm are dazed and not moving. Unfortunately, neither is Jolie.

Rupert continues smashing eggs. After the first four, he starts to get into the joy of destruction, grinning as he sends eggshell and yolk all over the place. Another four fall beneath his gleeful rampage.

As the group is stunned, David turns. His spear shrinks from a ten foot long monstrosity to a handy, four-foot long javelin as he turns and sends it flying - only to turn into what ammounts to an arbalest bolt as it slams into the back of the White Which, sending ichor flying everywhere. "Hey, Spike, dumbass! Keep them from escaping while they're stunned, we can smash shit -AFTER-!" With that, he turns, and wrenches the spear from Mordred, taking hold with both hands and placing a foot against his chest to take it and shove the man away at the same time.

Jolie shakes her head after being struck dumb by Maia's radiance. "Ack! Stop doing that, Sailor Moon! And as for you, you sloppy bokor…" She gives Colm another swing with her bat. "Brothers, keep fighting!" That last is for her zombie minions.

Jolie's zombie minions shuffle over to the remaining undead of Colm's summoning, ripping limbs and tearing them to gobby bits. It's an eerie, silent destruction. And as Colm's minions fall, he himself takes a blow from Jolie's bat and falls, down but not quite out.

Helena, the White Witch gasps as she's out of the daze. She blinks towards Maia for a few moments before she suddenly notices the spear in her torso. She screams and howls out in pain, pulling it out and letting it drop to the floor before leaving the unconscious and prone form of Colm behind.

At that time, Mordred snaps out of it as well and blinks. His spear, It's gone! "To me! My weapon!" he cries out, the weapon suddenly disappearing from David's grasp to return to where it was originally, as a tattoo on his arm. He grins wryly and looks towards David. "Till we meet again.." and he rushes over towards the still beaming Maia, giving her a huge and passionate dipkiss before running off along with the harumphing Helena.

And as she snaps out of her own power activation, Maia finds herself in the arms of the strong, muscley and rather hot Scion of Morrigan. She mmms just a bit before realizing it's a bad guy she's kissing and gags in the end as he starts to run off completely dumb founded. "Wow..that…was…wow.." she says, her cheeks burning a bright tinge of red from everything happening so fast..

"God fucking damnit," David mutters. The bad guys have escaped. There's really not much point in following them - their buddy will be able to lead him to them, anyway, and they probably have -some- sort of ability to move quickly, or they wouldn't have tried to run without a distraction. So instead, David heads toward one of the eggs, hefts it, and casually tosses it - where it explodes at Maia's feet. "Hey, Brat. Wake the fuck up and try to think through your pussy-tingles at getting kissed by someone your mom sent us here to -oppose-. Make sure Spike over there oesn't destroy -all- the eggs until we know what they are. I'm gonna go take a look at our Oirish necromancer friend." And, with this, David does as he said, walking over toward Colm. He bends down, takes his spear, shrinks it down to hand-held size, and taps it on Colm's head a few times. "Hey, buddy. You capable of waking up yet?"

Colm is happily in dreamland. He's totally out of it and is bleeding bits of ichor stained with blood. That shows them how close that band of scions were.

Meanwhile, Maia snaps out of it and she wrinkles her nose, letting out a soft chuckle under her breath at David's seeming jealousy. She heads on over and bows deeply before Jolie, "Thank you kindly for your assistance. Your undead certainly saved the day!" she chirps happily, still tingly from the kiss from the hot evil boy. "But, we should find out what these eggs are, yes?" and she merrily skips on over, even doing a happy little twirl here and there. It was her first kiss. And it was from an uber hot, and way uber hot Scion. Much hotter than David anyway. She starts tapping at one of the eggs, "Hello? Can you tell me what you are please, oh kami of the egg.."

Jolie prioritizes, now that the fight is over. First, she goes over to her zombies, checking them over for damage, fussing like a mother hen. "Jermaine, you really need to pay more attention, you know. Okay, my brothers, time for another nap." She leads them over to the knoll and dismisses them, and they sink into the ground. She then smiles at Maia. "Uh, sure thing." She follows her over to the fallen Scion. "So, he's like us, but has a hankering for very large omlets. I really, really want to talk to this guy."

Tearing off Colm's shirt, David uses the blade of his spear to tear it into long strips, and carefully binds the wounds tightly. "Yeah, so do I. My dad has a pretty big problem with him, apparently, and he can lead us to the others." A glance over his shoulder, and the Monkey Prince calls out, "Hey, Brat. Careful waking that thign up. Whatever's inside probably isn't nice."

"I am so not a brat!" Maia whines as she looks towards David, letting out another little harumph as she speaks softly and lovingly towards the egg. "Please wake up..I'd like to know a few things." she chirps merrily, definitely in a good mood.

As his wounds are tended to, Colm starts to wake up sounding very much like he's drunk. "Fuckin aye, they left me behind! Those rat bastards!"
Jolie tucks her gris-gris back under her top. "Oh yeah, my name's Jolie." She grins broadly as Colm wakes up. "Good morning, sunshine! You weren't expecting them to betray you? C'mon! Now, you know the best way to get back at them is to help us out." She reaches into her pants pocket and pulls out a flask. "Want some rum?"

"She's the good cop," David notes. "I'm the bad cop. And -she- beat you unconscious with a baseball bat and has a horde of flesh-eating zombies at her disposal." Leaning down, the yellow-clad man adds, "I'm David Kong Bao, a Prince of Flower-Fruit Mountain, Wielder of the Qiang of Ao Guang, Slayer of Demons, Wooer of Women, and Kicker of Ass. I have a spear that I can shove up your ass and cause to grow to twelve feet long, but I've also got a rather overdeveloped sense of honor. So, tell us where your friends are, what you were doing, and anything else we can think to ask, and I'll let you go."

In the meantime off over by the giant egg, Maia continues to croon and preen the spirit of the egg, waking it to consciousness. Then there's a bit of conversation, and a few giggles from that direction. She takes a deep breath and sighs softly, "Guys! This egg is a harpy's egg. I bet all the other ones are too.." she says with a hrmm under her breath as she looks down over towards the spirit. "I'm sorry, my friend, but you realize what must be done.." and there's another soft sigh. She balls her fist tightly and tries to smash it. "Owww!"

Meanwhile, there's a soft heh under Colm's breath as he looks towards the young woman trying to break open the harpy egg. "I dunnae know how ye found out these were harpy eggs. But there are more, plenty more where that came from. As for where me friends be? I cannae tell ye, I dont even know where they be. Helena brought me over here to provide manual labor and then ye attacked.." Is he lying? Who knows?

Jolie looks over at David and just stares for a moment. "That was one kick ass introduction." She flashes an even bigger smile. "I'm Jolie Watkins, Wielder of the Softball Bat, Drinker of Rum, and a Baronette, I guess. Maybe we can talk about that…expanding spear…later." Then, she looks back to Colm. "Poor guy. You got used by a woman, didn't you? I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one."

The Qiang of Ao Guang is a fun little implement. Fourteen feet long and almost as big as a tree trunk or tiny and almost perfectly scalpel-sized, it's always razor-sharp. -Ever- so slowly, David draws the leaf-shaped blade of a pencil-sized spear down along Colm's cheek, drawing a thick line of blood as he goes. "Those aren't the answers to the questions I asked. Those are excuses. That won't win you your freedom, my Irish friend. Your luck's running out. Hey, Sister Saturday, my new friend and favorite goth-chick ever. Why don't you whistle up your friends? Let one eat one of his feet. He doesn't need -both- feet." A glance over his shoulder at Jolie, and David shoots her a bright-white grin.

Maia heads on over as she lets out a soft little gasp at the bit of blood that's being drawn on Colm's cheek. She wrinkles her nose and chews on her bottom lip, taking a few steps back. Is she really on the right side? Who knows? " one will eat his feet!" she says firmly and resolutely. "The Scions of the Gods do not torture. That is the purview of the Titans and their Spawn.." her naivete getting the best of her.

Seeing that there's one amongst them that seems to be easily manipulated and gullible, Colm starts crawling over towards her. "Please dont let yur friends beat me. I didnae do anythin wrong! I was used! I was used!" he says, proclaiming innocence. Surely there's a halo over him right?

Jolie frowns up, poking Colm in the chest with a finger. "Oh no you don't!" She's gone from bright and cheerful to deeply, /deeply/ angry. "Don't you try and front like that! You're wrong, and you know you're wrong! You summoned the undead for unjust reasons, bokor! Their vengeance will fall upon you swift and sure!" Poke poke poke.

"Hey! Hey, maybe he's right. After all, he was just physical labor. It's not like he was part of the big plan, you know." He -did- know they were harpy eggs, but maybe…he thought…uh. Thought they were nice harpies. "Maybe we should cut him some slack. Hey, at the very least, quit pokin' at him."

"And, you saw that woman. She was pretty. He was probably thinking with the other head.." Maia quips, pointing towards Colm's crotch as she too fell for the awesomeness of Boys Will Be Boys. "We shouldnt punish him if he was just duped by the other two Scions. For sure those two were corrupted.." though one was still dreamy, but she doesnt say that about Mordred.

"Sod off." The lower-class British voice comes from a convenient patch of shadows, and the familiar figure of Ruper 'Ripper' Patel steps into view, frowning at David and Maia. "I think someone else is thinking with their privates." He glances disdainfully at Colm. "I don't like Titanspawn or those that serve them. Ought ta kill you. Mum'd probably be right happy for that."

"You," says Jolie, pointing at David, "were about to get all Jack Bauer on him. And you," she continues, pointing at Maia, "got all smoochy face with the Red Headed Stepchild." She sits up a little as Rupert enters out of the shadows. "See? And I'm betting my daddy would like a little less competition. So you," she refocuses on Colm. "You better start talking. Tell us all that you know, and make it snappy."

"Look, at the very least, we can get more information out of him. We don't need to -kill- him." David gets up to his feet, flicking the now-matchstick-sized spear behind his ear once more. "We -do- need to find the others. I want a fucking rematch with Smoochie the Spear-Wielding Pretty Boy, and this guy is the only way to track him down."

Colm swallows a bit nervously. Instead of having his influence of two over three, he now has it at two over four. The ods could go either way. He continues to beg and plead. "I didnae do nuthin! Saints Begora! Puhleeese! I'll tell ye everythin I know, but it's not much. The Castle Clinton..I met them there.." he says looking over towards Rupert and Jolie.

Meanwhile, Maia's cheeks burn bright red as she's called out. "I got kissed. I did not instigate the kiss!" she says slightly defensively, wrinkling her nose before she looks over towards Rupert. "Heeeeeey! You're from Kali's Kiss..I know it's not really appropriate now, but um..can I get your autograph? You know for a friend of mine?" she asks, completely overwhelmed by well a lot. But then again she's the youngest and most inexperienced Scion here.

Rupert smiles at Maia and shoots her a wink. He moves forward, trenchcoat flowing behind him like a cloak of shadows. He seems almost impossibly cool. "Sure, doll," he says, coming to get a closer look at Colm. "The bloke's workin' for the enemy. Cut his head off and let's get the fuck outta here. I have a concert tomorrow and I don't need ta be fuckin' around with Titan-lovers."

Jolie looks flatly at Maia. Like this: -_-

"I am /so/ not impressed with you, Sailor Moon." She looks at Colm. "You gotta have more than that. What are their names? Real names, that is."

"Jesus Christ," David mutters, "she goes to putty in the panties every time a pretty face with a cock walks by. No wonder they didn't keep her in the nunnery, she was probably sneaking in a new altar boy every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday." Still, one has to admit, Rupert's a slick bastard. Digging in a back pocket, the Monkey Prince digs out a little pocket notepad. "Hey, uh. Some of the girls in the show, they, uh. Y'know. Big fans. They are. Not me. I mean, if Maia hadn't pointed it out, I never, uh. Not my kinda music. No offense."

Jolie looks flatly at David. Like this: -_-

"I'm not Sailor Moon. That's prejudice you know, calling me that.." she says with a little harumph, wrinkling her nose theentire time as she lets out a happy little squeal at the possibility of an autograph. She even looks towards David and cant help but snicker. Maia then looks around and hrmms for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip. "You know..if you give me his shirt I can ask if what he's saying is true.." she says with a sage nod, trying to prove herself useful once more. Or perhaps she just wants to see Colm completely shirtless. Who knows?

Colm facepalms a little until he notices Rupert as well. "Um..your autograph, can I have it too?" he asks before looking over towards the others. "I dont know their last names. One is Mordecai and the other is Helena. I met them at the Castle Clinton, that's all I know.."

"Sure, whatever Bunny," grumbles Jolie. She then gets a good look at Rupert as the light hits him at just the right angle. Clearing her throat, she adds to the group request. "Yeah, could you throw in one for me too? I, um…yeah, I'm putting together a collection. Famous people autographs. I've already got Robert Englund. Freddy Kreuger, you know." Cough.

Rupert pulls a small notepad out of the inside of his jacket. The paper is a bit wrinkled, but Rupert scribbles out a few autographs and rips the paper into strips, handing out one ot each of those who ask. Except Colm, who gets a disgusted lool. "You're one of us. What'd ya flip sides for? And who's your parental unit?" He punctuates his question by returning the notepad to his pocket and pulling out a bagh-nakh, a tiger claw weapon which he tosses into the air and catches deftly by the stick handle, so that the claws wind up sticking out between his fingers, sort of like Wolverine. "Now, keep talkin'; jackass."

Awesome. Autograph. Folded, it goes into his little notebook which gets shoved back into his pocket. "Look, we should probably check out this Castle Clinton thing. I'll go, and…" Hmmn. If Rupert goes with him, Maia's a total pussy and Jolie may just kill Colm. Same if he takes Jolie and leaves Maia with Rupert…except that Maia and Rupert would probably fuck right afterward. Hmmn. "So, uh. I'll go, and, uh. Uh." If Maia comes with, the other two will -definitely- kill him. "Goddamnit. Whoever wants to come, come, but somebody needs to guard Oirish here, and I don't want him dead when I get back."

With autograph in hand, Maia heads off looking for a few things around the warehouse.

Colm swallows once more as he's now getting threatened once more before he looks towards Rupert and swallows once more. "That's all I know! Castle Clinton! That's where we met!" he says firmly and resolutely before swallowing nervously again. "And Hel's me mother.." he admits.

Kerthunk. There's a loooooooooong chain as she comes back over driving a forklift. "I think we can all go!" Maia chirps brightly. "I've convinced Mr. Chain to hold him up tightly and even squeeze him to make sure. Then I've convinced Mr. Forklift to dump all his cargo on him if he should escape!" She sounds apparently way too happy about that as she continues driving the forklift with lots of bricks on over towards them. Hopefully she was useful.

"I'll go with you," Jolie offers. "I'm sure the rock guy'll have the solution well under control here." Because he's so cool. She trusts him. "And at the very least, Smoochy Girl here will keep the bokor busy in her own special way."

"Hell? Your momma is Hell? Well, thank the loa you're not my brother, at least," Jolie says with a sigh of relief. And her eyes get big as Maia comes up with a solution. "Uh, Bunny, don't you think we'll have a problem with Mr. Policeman or Mr. Homeland Security?"

Rupert frowns again. "So, we're not killing the irish stereotype? Why not?' He sound vaguely petulant, and damn if it isn't cool. "He's working for Titans. He doesn't deserve the power he has, which isn't inconsiderable."
"If he's lying," David notes, "We'll have to get the -real- information out of him. And if he's telling the truth? I promised him he could go, and I keep my promises. So either way, no killing him, or I'll shove my spear up your ass and turn it into a fucking redwood." A pause. David coughs. "Uh. No offense. Sir."

There's a soft sigh under her breath as she sighs and shrugs her shoulders while stretching her arms into the air. "Fine you guys go. I'll watch him.." Maia replies as she motions for Colm to be brought over by a nearby pillar so that she can tie the chain around him effectively. "And dont worry about the cops or homeland security, out of the three of us I'm the one who can pull out the lost innocent girl the best.." she says firmly and resolutely, looking a bit weary in the end.

Meanwhile Colm just looks around towards the other two. "You're leaving me with the Jap chick!?!? saints begora.."

Jolie winces, then grins widely. "Oh, you're in big trouble now, Lucky Charms." She walks over to David. "C'mon, let's go before Smoochy Girl over there starts working him over with Mr. Whip and Mr. Chain."

"Careful, or Jap Chick will shove an origami cactus up your ass." And with that, David stalks out the door. "You guys stay here. My car's not far. I'll go get it." Crouching down, David then launches himself up into the air, leaving behind a circular, cracked depression in the concrete as he whooshes upward.

"Bah, not all Japanese are perverts.." Maia grumps once more, wrinkling her nose as she idly runs her fingers through her hair and finishes with having Colm completely bound. She stretches her arms into the air making sure everything is all right. And then she looks up as David jumps high into the air and harumphs, "Show off."

Rupert seems unimpressed by David's exit. He turns back to Colm and grins evilly. "Your protector is gone.

+4 XP to David and Maia. +6 XP to Jolie and Rupert

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