The Great Escape Pt 2


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Scene Title The Great Escape - Pt 2
Synopsis The Nine Aspects of Death! New York City! Over a million die! The Age of Mortals Ends, and the Age of Heroes truly begins

New York City

Ahhh, Wall Street. It's a place of finance. A place where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It's as busy as it is, and at closing, things are a bit different. News reports show a young man consumed with grief as he stands on one of the ledges, apparently suicidal. With the economy as it is, who can blame him? He's sobbing, grief stricken as a crowd gathers below…

If it's on the police radio, then 'The Alleycat' has been alerted to it. There is a loud purr as the Silver Motorcycle appears carrying the black leathered form of NYC's first 'super hero'. A helmet rests over his face keeping his visage from being seen. He slowly drives through the crowd and moves towards the police barricade, staring up at the man.

The live news reports have likewise drawn Danny from his perrenial walkabout in the city. He watches from across the street with keen eyes, perched on a building much like the would-be jumper. Just watches, although his cane has already been converted back into a spear.

Jolie is strolling down the street, bat in hand for once. She sighs as some in the crowd are rhythmically chanting for the man to go ahead and end his life. "I swear, only in New York will people yell "Jump mothafucka jump mothafucka jump" like it's some kinda show. She tries to slip through the crowds to get a better view.

"Jump mutha fucka! You fuckin bastards fucking up the fuckin economy!" And there are cheers and jeers coming fromthe yells down below. The man is slightly a wuss only jumping from what seems to be the seventh story. Come on, hard core suicidal people jump from at least the fourtieth story or something.

The man continues to sob as he trembles a little as he looks down. "I swear..I'll fuckin jump! There's nothing left worth living for.."
Tybalt drives up to one of the cops and looks over, visor gleaming only a reflection and the vague decoration of a cat on the entire thing. "I may be able to help you." he offers in a gruff neutral voice. "I can get him to go back in." he offers honestly to an officer.

Danny continues to watch calmly from his vantage point. He raises his spear and takes aim..

"Everyone…EVERYONE!" Jolie raises her voice and a hand, to get the crowd's attention. "Isn't there enough sufferin in this world? We got babies dyin in /this/ country. We got folks tryin to make ends meet. But it ain't this man's fault! And even if it is, what good will him dyin do? /You/ still got to get up the next day." Her voice is both sharp and smooth, an iron fist in a velvet glove. "Don't revel in his pain. Go home to your families. Go home to your friends. Go and try to bring some love into this world."

Durandal saunters into the area, out for a walk. Bobbing his head to the tune of the music playing in over the earbud headphone in his ear, he saunters along at a slow, leisurely pace, munching on a hotdog he bought from a cart laden with ketchup and mustard and sprinkled with diced onion.

"Love? Go and hug some trees, bitch.." and there's a young woman who steps out from the crowd as she looks towards Jolie with a sneer. Damn, what's her problem. She looks towards the crowd and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath. "Go love…no…there is no love left in the world. Loneliness, self destruction, that's all that's left. That bastard up there deserves to die. He let his greed get to him, and now that everything's crashed, he wants to take his life. I say good riddance! Everyone with me..good riddance!" she cheers with a fist pump in the air.

The crowd seems to be distracted between Jolie and the other woman…odd.

Meanwhile, the man on the ledge trembles a little as he continues to look down from the not so high story he's on. "I swear..I'm going to jump!"

Danny sighs, and gets a careful bead. This is going to be tricky. He follows the planned trajectory with his eyes, and mimes throwing, then rears back and lets the spear fly, aiming to pin the man to the wall by snagging his clothes in a way that doesn't hurt him, but which keeps him where he is.

"Yeah, there's bad stuff in this world, but that doesn't mean there is nothing else!" Jolie's not backing down, her voice ringing out. "Hope is not just a catch phrase. Love is not just a four letter word. This is New York! We don't back down from a fight! We don't give up! We /don't/ give up!"

"Things fall apart. Chinua Achebe.." the other young woman says as she continues to sneer towards Jolie, the crowd still not sure what to do between them. "Sure you don't give up, but in the end, things /fall apart/. No matter what you do, you will die alone. That man is scared. He doesnt want to face the inevitability of life..and that's death. His dreams were crushed, and so he's giving it all up. So let him. If you were smart, you'd all do what he was doing as well.."

*VROOOOOM* The Alleycat, the leather and helmet clad hero that is the new Urban Legend of the big Apple, hits the gas and aims the bike at the building, instantly blazing towards it. "Fear is a tool of survival! /NOT/ a sickness to drive you to cowardice." He roars as he suddenly hits the wall and the bike leaps from the ground and onto the wall and the starts to shoot upwards, the motorcycle and rider driving up the side of the building at a 90 degree angle, perpendicular to the ground….HERO Time.

Durandal pauses in mid-bite as he spots the situation, then watches the spear being thrown, beginning to chew the mouthful of hotdog in his mouth, swallowing finally. "Oh yeah, that's subtle… The news media couldn't possibly be interested in a guy who throws a spear like a dart." He shakes his head. His eyes widen a bit as the guy on the bike begins to ride up the side of the building. "Gotta be /kidding/ me…" He shoves the last of the hotdog into his mouth and just keeps walking towards the group of people, reaching up to clean a blot of ketchup of his lip with his thumb.

The man, lost in his own ennui cries out as he's struck by the spear, pinning him towards the wall. He groans in pain, not able to move considering the fact that he is IMPALED AGAINST A WALL.

This causes a gasp from the crowd as they first look up towards the direction of Danny before looking towards the man riding up with the motorcycle. They scream, not quite sure what to do.

Meanwhile the woman gasps. "It is the end! Look! As the signs foretold! It is the end! Embrace it!"

"Death is just part of life. You got that right. But why be scared? ENJOY your life, while you can!" Jolie glances at her rival debater, and shakes her head. "While there is breath, there is life. Live it to the fullest, so that when you do go, you can say that you have truly lived." And then the spear and the motorcyle speed towards their destinations. "Aw come on, woman, get a grip! They are saving his life. Man, you are so emo."

The Bike skids to a halt just under the man, the hero leans to the right of the bike…and given the fact the bike is parked on the side of a building, that direction is up. He reaches up and takes the man around the waist and pulls the spear out and away from his shoulder before returning to his seat on his bike and turns it back around to ride it back down. He doesn't respond to the idiot woman crying about the end times.

Durandal continues walking, swallowing the remants of his hotdog as he arrives at the fringes of the small gathering. With gentle bumps and soft pushes he makes his way to the front of the group, reaching up to pull the earbud headphone out.

Danny sighs as his spear impales the man. "Whoops. Note to self: you're not an action hero." He reaches out and grabs his spear out of thin air, causing it to disappear from its previous location. He stays up on the building, not really wanting to get charged with assault with a deadly weapon and seeing that the suicidal man is being taken care of.

Several people are gathered around a building, curved around the form of a woman yelling about doom and the futility of life, while most of the people in the crowd are looking up at the side of the building. Not for nothing, though. There is a motorcycle stuck of the side of the building, it's leathered rider holding aloft a man with a big spear wound in his shoulder. The spear itself is strangely absent.

Arpita pads quietly down the street, a little more dressed up than usual. She seems mostly lost in the music blaring in her headphones but some things always get your attention, like motocycles stuck in the side of buildings. She blinks once, then again, both eyebrows arising.

Jason is strolling along, as dressed up as he usually is which means a leather jacket over a suit. The sight of milling traffic causes him to wander in their direction, his gaze turning upwards as they do. "Well.." he says looking upwards, "You don't see that daily. Stylish."

And the crowd continues to be torn between the two young women (Jolie and the mysterious one who just stepped out of nowhere it seems). She continues to scoff towards Jolie before idly running her fingers through her hair. "The end..look, these are the signs of the end. The Ennui of calls..embrace it.." she says firmly and resolutely…

As the woman says it, people in the crowd. They start to rapidly age. There are screams, not just from he crowd, but it doesnt even require one to have death senses to hear the screams. Something is happening as things rush throughout wall street hitting mortals and withering them to nothing but ash…

Durandal spins as he hears the screams, his eyes bulging, then wheeling back around to look at the woman. His hand reaches into the pocket of his jeans, wrapping his fingers around the brass knuckles hiding there. He draws the hand out, balled into a fist around the knuckles, surging forward to put a quick end to the sudden deathwave.

Jolie sees the death energy that has been released. She glares at the Scion of Ennui and spits out, "You emo bitch." Then she focuses. Some of those she knows are Scions are in the area. "It's coming from the Dark Tower!" She yells out. "Somebody needs to come with me to Times Square to close the door, I think. Otherwise, beat the hell outta Emo Bitch here." She points at Ennui Woman.

"I am never leaving my apartment" Arpita declares as she looks around and then winces as people start dying. She opens her briefcase and pulls out her strange hooked blade then starts to make her way towards emo chick before she starts up with the poetry.

Danny takes a long moment to aim at Emo Woman, figuring that this time he has a target that he can strike and actually mean to harm. He holds and aims for a long tick, then throws with all his might at the obviously supernatural and evil woman. Not Jolie.

Durandal grins and nods to Jolie, cracking his knuckles. The brass of the knuckledusters he wears catch the light and cast a quick glint on the woman's face. "Dad said never hit a woman…" He says to the necro woman, rolling his neck, then crouching a bit. "This'll be an exception." He lunges at the woman, fist cocked and ready to swing at her face.

The motorcycle drops off the man and then turns quickly to peel out and screech to a halt in front of Jolie. "On, I'll get you there." offers Alley-cat offers as he offers her a hand. "C'mon."

And there's the woman being called out. As she looks towards Jolie, a wry grin flashes onto her lips as she looks towards the the young bokor demigoddess. She lets out a soft chuckle, one that sounds a bit bitchier than usual, and as such, she should be recognized just by the laugh alone. Soon, her appearance changes into that of Helena. The White Bitch is back it seems.

" have no idea whom you're messing with.." and she lets out a cry, surprised by the spear that strikes her dead in the center of her stomach. She laughs once more as she pulls it out and tosses it onto the ground, still bleeding quite profusely. "Trying to kill an Avatar won't work. I am Loneliness..and the Ennui of Humanity.." and with that, she poofs ina crimson poof..

Durandal quirks an eyebrow, frowning. "I like 'em better when I can punch them…"
"Her. Just like her to get hit and run," snarks Jolie. She hops on Alleycat's bike. "Ride like the wind, man."

Arpita lets out a screech of bloodlust denied as the emo woman vanishes. Her teeth grit as she spins around and looks at the two getting on the bike "Well guess I am in for some jogging" she says as she starts towards the tower.

Abrupt Storyteller Transition!

As our heroes arrive at Times Square, things have definitely changed. Whatever caused this necromantic energy has changed the Times Square completely. No longer is it just a Dark Hour realm that people cannot see nor interact with. There's a huge mass panic as buildings suddenly became destroyed and a large central Dark Spires appears in the middle of the square.

People are dying, screaming and collapsing into dust before people's very eyes. The only ones immune are those who have been touched with even a little bit of ichor, as there are several newly minted and confused Scions sobbing and mourning for the dead. Gene would recognize a young Korean girl, as one of the ones he saved before. She had come back to visit her relatives only to find them turn into dust before her very eyes.

There's another young man, just stunned. His eyes wide as he has no idea what's going on. He looks around and chews on his bottom lip while looking out at the chaos as he stands there simply dumbfounded.

But what's most interesting is what's going on. The doors of the castles in the Dark Hour has opened, and there stands ten figures shrouded in darkness, hoods over their faces to hide their faces. There's chants, and it's in a language long lost. Perhaps only Danny would know what's going, on, but they keep on repeating the same thing over and over again. Nihilism. Loneliness. Sacrifice. Intoxication. Destruction. Despair. Rage. Greed. Madness.

They seem to be oblivious to the heroes when they arrive, focusing their energies upon an altar in the middle of their circle.

"I'm not much for strategy," says Jolie to Alleycat, as they ride into Times Square. "But I'm bettin that if we break up that ceremony, we might have a chance at stoppin this." She lifts her bat in the air. At the top of her lungs, she shouts, "We need to attack that altar!"

Arpita is more than a little breathless as she arrives, her blade having been hidden for the moment under her coat. She pauses, dark eyes scanning around the scene. She blinks once at the scene before her and tilts her head a little "Cheerful lot" she murmers as she pulls her blade out, the fires of battle burning in her eyes.

Alleycat gives a nod of his head and offers quietly to Jolie. "Hold on tight, or get off." he offers as he draws his sword and revs his engine. "I'm goin' straight to the Altar." He offers as he pulls up his feet. "Charging in 3…..2….1…" He's giving her a brief opportunity to dismount.

Leonard has come prepared, as much as he can be. The man trots through the broken and chaotic mess of streets with weapons in hand. One is the familiar curved blade, dull metal and ornate hilt. The other is a sword, slender, ornate, point held away as the man's feet carry him through the street. The street is taken in with several quick twists of the head, the hat that usually sits upon it having been lost somewhere along the rush over.

Jason calls up Phaeton along the way, traffic certainly a mess with drivers suddenly dustifying but that just makes driving the GTO along the sidewalks all the easier. Slipping out of the vehicle he says to car, "Keep current form. Make sure weapons are armed. If things go to hell open up on that Altar." The Scion of Aphrodite does not open fire himself, or much look prepared to. Advancing in the general direction of the door to the castle. Less interested in blowing things to hell at the moment than getting a good solid look at the altar itself.

Danny listens, understanding every depressing word of the chants. "You guys need a new tune," he comments, then starts whistling It's A Great Day To Be Alive. He drops down from the sky to join the rest of the gathering Scions. "Anyone have a plan?"

Jolie gets off the bike. "Godspeed, man," she says to Alleycat, then looks over at Danny. "I get the feelin that if we stop the ceremony, we have a chance at gettin those doors closed. I think that might stop all the ghosts from comin out."

"Head over there, kill them all" Arpita says in a low menacing voice. A half smile crosses her pierced lips at the thought, her blade spinning in her hand as she looks around the other arrivals and nods briefly.

"I'm sorry, Kwan," Gene says in quiet tones from where he's standing (suddenly, having moved with such silent subtlety that few are even possible of noticing him before he wishes) beside where the Korean Scion kneels beside the remnants of her family - one hand dropping to touch her shoulder with gloved fingerprints, his soft voice filled with sorrow, "I was away."

That hand lifts, adjusting the set of his fedor before striding towards the flung-wide doors of the Dark Spire, his eyes narrowed to a deadly focus at the gathered about the altar — no, no that's not it at all. His eyes, gleaming with cold and hard gold, are watching something above the altar. As he walks across the ruins of Times Square, the light about him dims, twisting subtly as if being drawn in, more and more until there's nothing but a fedora'd silhouette of pure darkness striding like implacable vengeance towards one of the doors.

The young Korean woman sniffles as she hears Gene heading towards her. She shivers once more and chews on her bottom lip while idly running her fingers through her hair. Kwan looks towards the newly minted demigod and nods, "It's all right..I..was visiting..we have to stop this. I was showing them around Times Square..and this..all suddenly, so abruptly.."

Meanwhile, the nine shrouded and cloaked figures remain either blissfully unaware of our heroes, or they just don't care. They continue to stand and chant, energies continuing to form from the middle as it shoots straight up into the sky. Jolie would see the cloud of miasma that's the source of death coming from the center of the circle, where a familiar little blonde girl stands, screaming her lungs out in tremendous pain.

VROOM-SCREEEEEEECH The little girl is -all- Alley-Cat needs to see. Girl in trouble, the hero inside of him over rides all sense of self-preservation. He guns the gas, the bike rising up into a wheelie. There is a slight moment of wavering as if the bike itself is trying to save itself. But when the wheel hits the ground, the driver flicks a red button to boost the nitro and the bike goes tearing towards the altar and towards the little girl. The driver, starting to stand up on the bike's seat while his hands hold the steering, kept in a low crouch.

Leonard offers slight acknowledgements towards those people he knows crowding the square, though most of his attention is for those figures crowded around the alter. That's the general direction he heads, weapon rising, making one swift drawing in the air. Back and forth, down, a few hushed words coming along with the motions.

Danny turns to the rest of the Scions. "We need a plan." He pauses and looks around sheepishly. "Anyone have any ideas?"

"Gather the others from their grief," the walking darkness calls back to Kwan as he strides past imperiously, "We're going to need everyone we can to handle this…"

Ah. There's others, moving towards the spire, not lost in their grief. Gene's stride alters to intersect with theirs, his voice raising in a dry call over the ruins, "…I go away for a few weeks and the whole place goes to Hades. What do we have here— Atlanteans?"

Leonard's smaller weapon rises like a flag, flown back and forth at those nearest. "Break the alter." His reply to Danny's question is a succinct one, addition of, "I'm going to try the things beside it. At the very least it might distract them." The side of his blade rises, ticks once to the dark frames that cover his eyes. "And I'm going to see what they're doing. I'm support."

Danny shrugs and turns to aim at the altar, before throwing his spear once again. He puts all his strength into it, sending it zooming at supersonic speeds toward the unmoving target.

Jason continues to walk forward towards the figures, his weapons remain undrawn. He footsteps pause for a moment as he gets a good look at the altar and then they resume again, he is heading to pass into the castle instead of lingering outside. "My group contribution would be that those things don't look all that terribly easy to kill and have very spooky names. The altar itself states "Self Destruction. Things Fall Apart. The Unconscious." although what it means by that I've not a clue. I for one am heading inside in search of either an enigmatic little boy, or several often not so friendly former Atlantean gods in the hopes that some of them possess some real answers. I'd be very careful about attacking the altar, not knowing how tied it is to that girl right now it might be her death and given she seems to be one of the two entities holding the Atlanteans back that could be very very bad. Even worse than this."

There is a blur of color from a rooftop, the sound of a great yell grows louder as the blur gets closer… It is a feral, battle yell, shouted at the top of his lungs, wordless rage pumped out of powerful, super human lungs. There is a have thud, and the form of Durandal lands in a crouch, fury blazing in his eyes. "Time to throw a monkey wrench in this whole fucked-up operation!" He bellows, coming up from his crouch, brass knuckles in hand, aiming for the nearest hooded figure, going for a punch to the solar plexus to knock the wind out, stop the chant.

And the instant that Durandal tries to punch the circle, he gets sent back flying in the air to land by the group once more. He looks a little singed, but not hurt. Whatever these things are doing..hitting them doesnt seem to work…

Jason walks past the figures, weapons still not having been drawn and passing through the doorway of the spire itself where he quickly flickers out of sight.
Durandal winces and reaches up to brush the char off his chest. "Bitch! This is my favorite shirt!" Great holes lined with burn marks reveal portions of his muscular torso. He leans back, throwing his legs forward and snapping himself into a standing position, standing to his full height, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "Well, I'm all out of ideas…"

Leonard's lips bend into a ugly grimace when Durandal is blown backward, a moment taken to reconsider plan of action. Jason is noted, followed with eyes. Then the magician begins to move again, gaze swimming around the ten figures, narrowing on the alter. It's there he goes, the man making slow approach, one hand extended to reach and touch the thing.

The fedora'd shadow pauses just beside the others as the start to call out intents and plans, too dark to look directly at - no hint of light escaping the silhouette of the demigod's form. "The jail-break by the Atlanteans weakened the guardians terribly," Gene reveals to any listening, his voice flat and grim, "They're trying to use the girl to restore one of their own, killed by my brother's hand. It must not be allowed to happen. Someone follow Prettyboy inside, try and find her brother— I won't leave her out here alone."

As several leap at the ritual to destroy it, he tenses - and then he swears under his breath as Durandal's hurled free of them all. He picks up his pace, steady and long of stride to approach the circle, voice lifting in a defiant shout, "She is not yours, servants of Atlantis! Nor will she ever belong to Amnis's womb!"

Danny lowers his his spear. "Okay, look. I'm good at languages and killing things. Tell me what to say or hit, and I'll do it," he comments to the other Scions.

Leonard's fingers touch, and then he stops. He looks, not in the way other people do, but something different. Possibilities and spun, sorted, pooling into one great mess from which an answer is threaded. A million threads, and out of them he pulls the correct ones. "You two." Fingers rise, make swift indication toward those left. "This is death, it feeds on negativity. Find anyone left alive, get others, bring them here, make them happy. Make sure they live, and make sure they want to live." He pedals backward, making short addition of, "Fast."

At least someone was found already. There's Kwan, sniffling still as she seems a bit perked up by the compassion and the conviction of Gene's voice and proclamation as she stares at the group of people. It gets her fire, her will to live up again. She grabs nearby rocks and starts throwing it at them though it's nquite futile, not doing much. "You bastards…you won't destroy everything..we're going to live!" she says with the same conviction in her voice as Gene.

Meanwhile, there's still the dumbfounded and shocked young man, still looking at the ashes that were his dead relatives.

That's all Danny needs to hear before he takes off, rising into the air and looking for survivors and passersby to bring over and clap if they believe in fairies.

"I can't promise you happiness," Gene replies in quiet tones, staring at the agonized image of the blonde girl, shadowy fingers twitching at one side, "So we'll have to do with defiance, my friend…"

The demigod tears his gaze from the ritual, looking out over the ruins. Times Square is quiet, tonight, aside from the weeping of the lost and the chanting of the damned. So the sound of a gun sounding off is a sharp crack through the air as he brings it up - the gun that fired the Shot Heard 'Round The World, this time only to draw the attention of Times Square. And his voice raises in its wake.

"Rise up! O my brothers and sisters, there will be time later to mourn the dead - for now, for tonight, come to me, come to us and tell these bastards that we will not lay down and die! That we exist, that we live, and be damned what their evil will birth! Many have died tonight! Another will, if we cannot find the will to defy their despair…"

A sweep of eyes that seek through means other than light settle upon that figure, his lips curving in the faintest of his smiles. "…and her name is Mary. And I can't believe a girl who'd skip and laugh and play through the Dark Hour would ever give in to such as this."

Leonard's feet take him backward, away from the alter with one quick glance back. "We aren't done," He murmurs, quiet promise before steps take him toward the young man that's already situated on the street. He doesn't speak, not much, allows Gene to do the talking and Danny the hunting. What he does do is offer one slender hand down, palm spread out to help the man to his feet. "You can fix this." The words are simple, almost gentle.

Danny goes and finds several people. Ten brand spanking new Scions to be exact. They were found with their families crumbling to dust and sobbing, and there were even a few ready to kill themselves their loss. They had nothing left, until they were brought back here to hear Gene's impassioned speech.

People's spirits..or rather the young godling's spirits are lifted up. Hope is returning to the land after a terrible and tragic loss. Those who heard the speech start throwing things, shouting chants of WE WILL SURVIVE and other such mantras. The young Scions are angry, and they're fueling that anger into their will to survive.

The ritual starts to break, the lines of energy disappearing as Mary pushes out with a brilliant flash of light.

The nine surrounding her scatter, disappearing in dark poofs of smoke before she sighs and looks around at the mass destruction and falls to her knees, coughing the entire time. Poor little girl…

"When Pandora opened her box, a host of my brothers and sisters, malevolent all, rushed out to plague the world," Gene says more quietly, almost to himself as he steps forward and away from the scattering of darkness, offering a hand down to the kneeling girl that emerges from the darkness— shadow spilling away from him as if the sun had just risen, revealing the look of his face and manner, a smile curving to his lips, "All that was left was one, who remained to comfort man. Elpis. Hope. And it isn't lost yet, kiddo. Not so long as we draw breath."

Danny smiles and settles down on the ground. "Well," he says. "All's well that ends well."

"There you go." Leonard gives clap to the youth's shoulder, one small motion of encouragement before he parts. The swarm of Scions is a pleasing enough thing, fleeting smile arcing across the man's face before he moves back toward the place he left. "What do you know."

With the mass destruction going around, there's a young woman who has her heels click clack click clacking. She gasps at the gory destruction and spies Gene before she runs towards him. It's Reverie! She stands by him and looks around, gasping a little as she looks at what happened. "Things have changed..there was someone healing the injured several blocks away..with just a simple touch.." she says softly. "You werent kidding when you said you were a god…there are others.." and she takes in all the various sights before looking towards the little girl.

Mary smiles warmly as she wrnikles her nose and catches her breath as she looks up towards all those gathered. "Thank you..humanity has a desire to destroy itself due to its short comings. I was overwhelmed by it, and for that I apologize. The shades of Atlantis were released but were captured once more thanks to your friends, and the world has changed. It is a new age of the gods, young responsible with your powers. I fear that everyone might not be.." she says, coughing once more before she curtsies towards them.

"We'll be ready," Danny replies, capping his spear and looking around. "And we stand at the forefront of a new age, eh?"

"I'm not a god quite yet, thank you," Gene says with a wink over to Reverie, a roguish and cocky grin curving his lips as he helps Mary up, turning then towards the others. He looks over them, offering easily, "So, don't think we've all met. Gene Horkos - Associated Press. Son of Eris. Good to meet everyone. So!" He grins all the wider, "Who wants to make a documentary?"

Hey, if the cat's out of the bag, why not go full hog?

"Well," Leonard's hands reach, smoothing at dirtied hair with one slow glance 'round. "Looks like the world is getting more interesting." Hands sweep away then, weapons cast aside. "For better or worse."

"I will try to fix things..the Dark Hour will still exist, but I can bring it back and separate it once more. "Do take care..all of you.." Mary says as she starts to ris eup in the air, her little loli dress fluttering in the sky as soon, Times Square repairs itself. The little girl is powerful..that's for sure, and soon, she and the Dark Spires disappear, fading into the background once more.

Meanwhile, Reverie snickers a little as she shakes her head and curtsies towards the others. "I better get exclusive film rights..maybe we can get Hugh Jackman to play you..he's hot.."

"Er, no documentary for me, I'm afraid," Danny says, declining the offer. "I'm rather too busy to participate, and I have a feeling that we are going to need to self-police ourselves a lot more strictly than we have thus far."

"You direct plays, not movies," Gene points out with a hint of amusement, raising a brow to Reverie, then looking back to the others more seriously, "Probably. Should be interesting to see what the legal system does…"

"If everyone gets all excited we will." Leonard's assent is brief. "Life is going to be just like the comic books, if we're lucky." One dim smile at that. "And in the meantime, maybe we'll manage to do what we're here for in the first place."

"I don't think comic books is a proper term. I don't think people can identify you for what you are if you remain discrete..whether or not everyone else finds out about you..I think that's a matter of personal responsibility on all your part.." Reverie muses under her breath as she looks towards Gene and raises her brows. "Can we go home?"

Danny nods to the other Scions. "Looks like things are calm here, so I'm going to take off and see where else I can help. You guys take care."

Shrugging to himself, he takes flight and begins to soar through the city.

Leonard's lips twist into a crooked smile toward the woman that speaks, repeating, "Like a comic book." His hand rises, makes motion to tip the hat he's lost long ago. "Either way, no rest for the wicked and even less for the good." He steps then, gives passing nod toward those remaining, "Good job, by the way."

"Nobody gives introductions anymore," Gene murmurs under his breath, his head shaking ever so slightly before he brings a hand up, tipping his own fedora back to Leonard, "Couldn't have done it without you, my good man…" A look back to Reverie, a faint and rueful smile, "Can't. I need to… stay here, face the press and authorities when they show up. Take pictures. Record what happens."
Jason pages: Both. I expect. Some worshippers I am sure. But some girls that want to hang out with the gods, maybe get knocked up by divine seed. Form fanclubs of their doings and print little newsletters.

A soft chuckle escapes from Reverie's lips and nods as she waves towards the others. "Then I'll stay with you.." she says with a sage nod..

Welcome to Demigod Arc!.

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