The Fenris Wolves


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Scene Title Fenris Wolves
Synopsis The wolves are hungry..

Battery Park

Jason wanders in Battery Park near Castle Clinton. Despite his distance his attention is clearly in that area, eyes narrowed and focusing upon the distant walls and making a study of the structure from afar. Not that much of it really seems to be that visible given the distance. A grimace and he abandons his inspection, working his way towards one of the monuments in search of greater elevation.

Leonard is at work, or has been. He's takeing a break now. The man has found himself a statue to lean against for just a moment, his back pressed up against the base of the stone while fingers are working at large paper bag in hand. The container is being slowly peeled open, one item carefully removed. It's a wrinkled ball, silvery foil that's plucked at by slender fingers.

Jamie sits at the base of the same monument as Leonard, though on the opposite side; he's got a pair of old, clunky headphones on, and the attached cord trails off into the pocket of his jacket. He's casually flipping through a gaming magazine, or at least seems to be, as his eyes are hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. He looks a bit stupid with them on, considering the time, but they let him scan the area and examine each passerby without coming off as horribly skeevy. One of his feet tap along to the rhythm of the death metal song currently blaring in his ears, which is easy enough to hear if you're within a few feet of him. It almost like he's trying to go deaf.

There's a howl of wolves heard in the Castle Clinton. It's beautiful in an eerie fashion, but soon something is coming. The hairs on everyone's necks would start to stand up..something is coming, and it's hungry..

Jason frowns visibly at the howling of wolves, turning on his way to the monument to look back at Castle Clinton. "I do very much hope it is not more bunnies" he can be hard to offer to himself, "Although I suppose there is a certain amount of sense to hordes of killer rabbits being herded along by packs of ravenous wolves." Clambering up he gets on the other side of the monument facing the castle, taking some cover from line of sight at least as he glances out from behind it while one hand reaches into his jacket.

Leonard almost has his sandwich. He's very close to drawing loaves of bread and meats between them out, has to stop when he hears that noise in the distance. There's one small pause, curious tilt of lips before arm slowly lowers. "Well." Just that, the man pushing off from his perch, reaching hand to touch at the side of his jacket.

The gaming magazine is lowered when the wolves howl. Jamie doesn't actually hear them, because of the headphones, but he knows enough not to ignore the sudden eerie feeling he's getting. The magazine is rolled up and stuffed into an inner pocket of his jacket and then his hand goes into another pocket to turn off his mp3 player. His now-silent headphones go down around his neck and he pushes himself off the base of the monument, onto his feet and into a ready position. The hidden dagger tucked into his belt doesn't come out, yet, but he does reach a hand around his back to grab hold of the handle.

After the howl it's eerily quiet, but yet, something is still coming…

Jason keeps looking off into the distance, letting out an unhappy exhalation after a moment as he pulls a pistol from his jacket and levels it at something in the distance. Aiming for when it draws into range To the two others sharing his monument space he says, "Gentlemen. You may wish to run like hell. Two very large wolves are rapidly bounding in our direction and I'm guessing they are going to be rather hungry when they get here."

"I see." Leonard's words are faint, the man casting glance over toward the other more visible gentleman, taking quick sketch over before he pushes from his perch. "That's unfortunate. I'd advise the same." Out comes his weapon then, curved dagger with wooden hilt. That's the odd part, the wood. It's marked with several symbols, old Egyptian characters.

Jamie's mouth opens like he's about to say something, but then Jason speaks up and that surprises him, mouth snapping closed. "Wolves?" he asks after a moment, brow furrowed as he turns to look in the same direction as the man with the gun. He's got no reason to doubt that information, so out comes his own weapon: an obsidian dagger with a carved hilt, upon which is an effigy of a jaguar with maw open wide. Not exactly a fearsome weapon, but there's suddenly a cloud of smoke erupting from his hand, and then instead of a dagger, he's holding a longsword. "You know, I'd start complaining about New York but I guess this is kind of par for the course, huh?" he asks the others, voice remarkably jovial considering the situation.

And soon enough, two snarling and growling wolves can be seen by even Jamie and Leonard. From paw to shoulder, they're at least eight feet tall and they growl as they start running with incredible speed. These are obviously not your average everyday wolves, and they look to be out for the kill…

Jason remains behind the cover of the monument for the most part, leaning from behind it with that gun still level as it has been tracking the approaching wolves. It is only when the lead wolf finally comes within range of his firearm that he pulls the trigger, the bark of the gun probably far less intimidating than the bite of the approaching wolves.

That shot finds it's mark. Jason's careful aiming obviously having paid off to some degree as the gun jerks upwards and the wolf stumbles for a moment in it's movements. Not down for the count but clearly hit by the shot from the firearm.

Leonard makes quick sketch of his two allies, the creatures coming after. "Better than usual, at least." One nod. "I'll take some of their bite from them. You two'll have to kill them." Those words are louder, the man's arm extending, point of curved weapon directed toward one of the approaching animals. "Viola." Fingers shake, giving one sharp wag of Khopesh at the animal in question.

"What the hell, man!" Jamie says when the wolves come into sight, and while it might seem like he's scared, there's a wicked grin set on his face. He lets out what can only be described as a bloodthirsty roar as he takes off running to meet the wolves, longsword held in both hands over his head. He goes straight for them but suddenly changes course mid-stride, jumping up onto a nearby bench and then up onto the base of another statue where he pivots and leaps off, aiming straight for one of the wolves, bringing the tip of his sword down to meet the beast's back.

Jamie lets out a loud, maddened cackle as his sword finds purchase in the wolf's back, and as his feet hits the ground he slashes out with his sword again, aiming for the beast's neck.

One of the wolves that has been slashed once by the Atzlanti decides to retaliate. He is one of the Scions that he smelled afterall and he growls, biting the Scion in the arm and ripping out a good chunk of flesh from his shoulder. Owww….

And meanwhile, the other wolf starts charging towards the one who shot it. It's going straight for Jason near by the cart and instead of biting him bites a chunk of metal off as it growls and howls once more.

"Ah'll tell ya.. There so much to see out here in tha Big Apple, that Ah probably keep you busy for for a while if you don' mind." Andre notes, as the pair walk into the park. "Maybe one day we more then like - a half hour or so to site see? Jus' maybe Ah'll be able to see more of the city, then Ah've destroyed, no?" The Cajun chuckles.. before pausing. Are those wolves? "Wha' the hell?"

Walking alongside Andre, Rain has taken another bit of time off from being a dorky chef. She nods, smiling and listening. "I know, and I - I don't mind," She blurts out. "And that sounds like a good plan," A faint grin. "I think you're less destructive than you think," She points out. Rain has her pen tucked behind her ear, and pauses as he pauses. "… looks like," She squints. "They aren't jackals or dogs. They look like they're attacking," Her pen seems almost to phase from behind her ear into her hand, so fast and reflexive is the motion.

Jason dives out of the way just in time as the wolf that he had earlier shot comes from him, shoulder hitting the ground as he rolls and comes back up with gun extended in it's direction as those massive jaws tear at the nearby hot dog cart which was lurking behind him. Gun moves towards the head of the wolf for a moment before shifting slightly towards the propane tank beside it, gun barking as he pulls the trigger once again.

BOOM! That shot might not have been as carefully aimed as Jason's earlier but the propane tank is also not bounding about. There is a brief spark as the bullet pierces the metal and then the tank is rupturing apart in a gout of blue and red flame and metallic shrapnel. The cart gets much of that, toppling over onto it's side and a spray of mustand and ketchup making a strange display of modern art upon the pavement of the park. The head of the wolf gets the rest, sharply jerking to the side as shrapnel tears it's face to shreds and fire ignites the fur. The eight foot tall monster toppling over on it's side dead. "Now that" Jason says sounding terribly satisfied, "Is a hot dog."

"For my next trick," Leonard's arm dips, snaps upward after to flip curved dagger from one hand to the next. Dull metal rotates once in the air, ornate handle falling into the man's fingers, weapon jutting back toward the injured creature. There's one pullback, twist of body to build momentum before the dagger is sent sailing forward, racing for the creature he'd laid curse on just a second before.

From the distance over by the Castle Clinton a HUGE bright light can be seen for a few moments before suddenly disappearing once more..

A hoarse cry echoes across the park as the wolf's teeth close around Jamie's shoulder and rip away a chunk of flesh. Blood spurts onto the ground around him and drips down his arm, but the smile on the Hispanic man's face doesn't falter. The explosion has him glancing over in that direction for just a second, and then he groans at the pun. "That was horrible," he tells Jason matter-of-factly, with a roll of his eyes behind his shades as he brings his sword up and around for two more quick slashes at the beast's head. He's completely nonchalant about it all, including the gaping wound in his arm.

The first time, Jamie's sword goes wide, but when he brings it around again it finds its target. The obsidian blade flashes as it slices clean through the neck of the giant wolf, and the head goes flying off, blood shooting from the severed stump and leaving a momentary trail in the air, leading to where it lands several feet away. After the headless beast has fallen over, the Hispanic man climbs on top of its body and pulls his arm up, sword disappearing in a cloud of smoke and reappearing in its dagger form. He mutters several words in Spanish and then looks up to the sky, yelling "This is for you, dad, Lord of the Near and Nigh!" into the night, before bringing the dagger down, slamming it into the wolf's chest. It takes several moments, but when he stands again, Jamie is holding the creature's massive heart in one hand, dripping dagger in the other. He looks over to the others with a cheeky smile. "Does anyone have, uh, like a plastic bag or something I could put this in?" he asks. And yes, his entire front is soaking with blood.

"Well.." Andre smirks, as he reaches into the depths of his trench coat - to pull out a skull painted mask, putting it on as the hotdog cart explodes, "That we' gonna have to try this again, Chere. Ah don't mind none though - you good company." The Cajun chuckles, as he takes his guitar from his shoulder. "For now Ah guess it's time to play, no?" And as the second wolf falls? Andre's already in motion, jogging towards the scene. Skull mask, guitar held like a weapon.. "Ya'll doin' alright?"

Jason keeps his gun out for the moment, rising to his feet and making his way over towards the wolf that is now all messy mess on the ground near the hot dog cart. It remains leveled at the head even as he bends down to confirm death. Being tucked away only once that is done that he might scavenge some of the teeth knocked free to tuck them away. Trophies and all. "It was quite appropriate" he offers towards Jamie, "And I believe we are. Although more trouble may be happening nearby at the Castle judging from the special effects in the distance."

Where the Khopesh fell it doesn't rest for long. Leonard's fingers rise, making sharp motion toward item as if tugging invisible string. It works too. The blade unroots itself, yanks up and away from the ground and whips back to land solidly in the magician's hand. "Very good. A bit morbid, though." That's offered toward the man with heart in hand, small wince made before attention snaps toward the other rushing forward. "You're just a bit late."

*fwip* The pen is a knife. "It's not your fault. And ah, I don't mind either," A brief nod. Time to play. Her knife twirls in her hand as she follows, her smile turned into an expression of concentration. Rah— hey. It's dead and the other blown up. She blinks as the man holding the heart asks for a bag. "You ask on the one day I don't…" She replies ruefully, and rubs the back of her head. "Sorry." And Leonard! Rain waves at him, then frowns. "Sorry."

"Well.. we wasn't comin' to fight originally.. jus' seems to happen when any of us around." Andre shrugs lightly, before taking off the mask. "Why I don' go nowhere without ma' stuff no more." The Cajun continues, as he slings his guitar on his shoulder once more. "S'ides.." He pauses, looking at the heart, and blood covered holder. "Looks like everyone got everything covered!"

"Ah, its cool," Jamie says to everyone as he wipes his dagger off on the last clean spot on his sleeve, before tucking it back into his belt. "I would've asked for some ice and a cooler, but I figured it'd be an even bigger stretch. Dad likes it when it's fresh, though." He wanders over to the nearest trashcan and leans over to look into it, then sticks his hand in and pulls out a bunched up grocery bag. Giving it a bit of a shake to open it up, he stuffs the heart into it and ties it closed, then drops it on the ground so he can pull his jacket off over his head, hissing a bit as he peels it off his injured shoulder. He nearly throws that away (after wiping his hands off on the back) but then seems to remember something, digging into one pocket to pull out his mp3 player and into another on the inside to pull out a rolled up magazine. Then it does go into the trash. "So," he says, and he's acting as if he didn't just fight off a giant wolf that tried to eat him, "What's shakin'?" Music player goes into one pocket, magazine tucked under an arm, and he's got the plastic bag back in his hand again. He casually strolls back over to the corpse to examine it, and then over to the head a few steps away. "I totally owned that thing." Big grin.

Jason eyes the corpses in distaste and says, "I don't think anyone came expecting a fight. At least judging by our initial and mutual expressions of dismay." He gives a wry snort of amusement and shakes his head, "However. Done is done. And if the wolves don't draw the police the small explosion probably would. I'll make my exit before they arrive and suggest you all do the same. Especially since there might be more guardians roaming around out here."

Leonard leans to fetch paper bag, the man digging out his lunch, various foil wrapped objects. It's crumpled then, made into a small ball and tossed toward the man with the heart. "If you want something less obvious, later." Then there's a Rain that demands his attention, teammate getting one quick motion of weapon toward the woman. "There you are. I'd have called you, but this was a bit sudden." He offers smile, turning to address the whole after. "And so there's even more of us."

Rain just kind of blinks at Jamie and nods. Sure. She'll believe it. She looks somewhat worried about his comment about his dad and the heart. Backing away from that one. She nods at Andre, "Seems so. I guess I don't feel so bad then." Not stealing any glory or what have you. Rain smiles and waves to Leonard, "It's alright. I hope you aren't hurt." She pauses. "No one is taking the pelt?" She seems surprised. "You guys could probably make something of those. But either way," She nods at Jason, "We should not stick around."

Andre frowns a little. "Guess We shouldn't stick around, no. Ah shame though - havin' invited Rain to see some sites." The man chuckles, hands stuffing into his pockets. "Ah'm not quite sure of where else to go though." The Cajun looks at Rain then. "Ah don't see no need to waste the time off you took." It says something, when discarding bloody clothing, or talk about how to best transport a giant heart, and skinning a kill becomes so common place in conversation, that it doesn't phase the man anymore. If he could raise zombies? He'd totally chip in.

Jamie rubs his chin as his head tilts, looking back and forth between the severed head and the body of the wolf. He doesn't even notice the small ball of aluminium come sailing at him, so it bounces off his head and drops onto the ground. "Huh?" he says as he turns, and then notices it, crouching down to pick it up. "Oh, hey, thanks!" His expression turns thoughtful when Rain mentions the pelt, and then he nods. "That's a great idea, it would make a bitchin' rug," he tells her, and then he crouches down (again) to scoop up the giant wolf head and tuck it under his arm. It seems he's about to start dragging the corpse off when he sees Andre, and he points at the man. "It's you! Crazy guy with the guitar in the fire!" And then he cracks a bright smile. Possibly a bit creepy, even if he doesn't mean to be.

Jason looks over the very large wolves and says, "I can pass on carrying around the bloody pelt. Dragging it around behind me like a wedding train is not my idea of being either subtle or fashionable."
"Other people got hurt more than I did." Leonard's reply to Rain comes with a twitch of a smile, lips smoothing into more neutral line after. "You've made a friend." There's a motion toward Andre with roll of shoulder, glance back toward Jamie and Jason after. "It's not a problem, you should try and at least keep it hidden." At the mention of the bag, and then: "Who are you? Part of the other gang, or something else?"

"That, and cops," Rain nods. "I - appreciate being brought along though," She glances back up. "I'm sure there's something. Have we gone to the Strawberry fields or the Metropolitan Museum of art? They have lots of old stuff…" Ponderponder. Rain is a nerd in disguise! "And it's not a waste, you're here and so are a few others." She offers a little smile. While she might be a little weirded out by the heart at first, it fades away. She grins at Jamie and nods. "Or maybe something like nice shoes or - I don't know much about pelt work, but a rug is always a good option." She lets her grin fall into a smile and pauses looking to Andre. "Seems you're famous," Hee. She looks to Leonard, "I see. And I have!" She chirps. "Who, my friend or the others?"

"Or a fur coat! Somethin' right out of Mardi Gras!" Andre pipes, with a rather large grin. "Get you a big 'ole hat, with a feather, an' you could be the fliest thing in the city." The Cajun nods. Jamie points him out, and Andre's smile grows into something almost cheshire. "Guilty as charged. Good to see you' doin'…" Eyes slip to the bag full of heart, and the head tucked under Jamie's arm. "A'right." Slowly, the Cajun's arms cross over his chest. "Art museum, eh? They got any old stuff you can tough?" You know, coloring books, mazes, pop-ups. Sometimes the guy can have a short attention span!

Suddenly and abruptly, the power starts to flicker in Battery Park. Soon, the lights are out, and there's only the moon to shine brightly down on our heroes…

Jason gives a grunt at Leonard and says, "Part a other, perhaps. I don't know about /the/ other." Further revelations however are stopped by the lights flickering out above and he deadpans, "Right. I was intending to get out of here. That now seems an even better idea. A pleasure to survive with you all." And with that he is quickly moving away. Out. Out! Away from wolves and that which might lurk in the dark.

"Yours is pretty charred, anyway," Jamie tells Jason, and makes a sad face in the direction of the flaming wolf corpse. He rolls his shoulder and winces a bit, glancing down at where he's had a bite taken out of him to briefly inspect the wound, and then he looks away, back at the group of assembled Scions. "I'm not with anyone," he answers to Leonard's question, shaking his head. "There was a guy that said he had a band and I was going to go with that, but…not sure what happened to him." His tone is momentarily depressed, but then he shakes it off, smiling again and nodding at Rain and Andre eagerly. "That sounds pretty aweso—" and then the power goes out. "Aww, how am I supposed to skin a giant wolf by moonlight?"

"This one." Leonard's hand rises toward Andre, finger lofting to indicate the man before attention turns back toward Rain. There's a pause afterward, one quick glance back and forth when the lights shut out. Hand rises again, brings dagger up to be held at wary angle. There's only cursory nod at those responses he recieves, mention of, "Call me Mr. Mystery. We'll hope there aren't more of those things still out there."

"Oooh," That sounds cool too! She laughs softly. Rain looks to Andre and nods, "I'm sure there's some interactive stuff. There's always the souvenir shop, or something nearby it too." She doesn't seem to mind, but Rain is a very patient critter. She pauses, "I - why is the power out? Do you think it had to do with that immense flash? Something overloaded?" She asks quietly. Maybe a fuse blew? Or - who knows. She just looks to Leonard. A little nod, "Maybe you should stick close," She offers. "I hope not. It's hard to fight in the dark…" Rain seems nervous at that. For a Scion, she's awfully cautious. Maybe just a giant weenie. Or being the child of a Jackal-headed god, perhaps a weiner dog in disguise.

Suddenly, there's a loud booming voice. andre would recognize it as his uncle's. It's a loud groan of pain, "I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU ALL!!!!!!" and suddenly, there's quiet. Just quiet.

"Who me? Naa.. I ain't part of their team. Ah'm kind o' like, here for the party. Been a lot of luck in timin' really. Ah seem to jus' be there, when shit goes down." The man shrugs lightly. "Don' think no one's minded the he—" Then the power goes down. Luckily, some Scions can see in the dark, eh? "Ah don' see nothin'. Well, nothin' new that is but.." And then the voice. Perhaps it's a good thing it's dark, cause the Cajun's heart sinks, and it's visible on his face. The sigh however, would be audible. A quiet sigh.

"Actually, Ah think Ah might need to rain check. Ah need to head to Times Square to.. try an' talk some sense into someone." The Cajun notes. "Or try too at least, b'fore things go too much further.."

Jamie scuffs the ground with his shoe and frowns. "I want that pelt," he says, and it sounds almost as if he's pouting. The booming voice makes him jump a little, and he swivels his head around, trying to find where it came from but the combination of barely any light and his sunglasses makes it pretty hard. "That was…uh, yeah, I think I'm gonna go. Maybe find somewhere to camp out with this thing, see if I can do anything by moonlight." He moves over to where he remembers the wolf having fallen, grabs it by a leg and starts dragging it off. "See you guys around, probably, seeing as how my luck's been going!" he calls out over his shoulder as he walks off.

Leonard's head tilts upward at the voice, ear cocking to the side as if that might help catch any further shouts from beyond. It doesn't, but he remains like that for several seconds more before head tips toward Andre. "Isn't that true for all of us?" There's a dim smile with those words, nod of affirmation before weapon wags once in farewell. Rain's offer gets another dim nod, mention of, "The same to you. I don't want you getting eaten." Arm rises, making short wave toward Jamie. "Take care of yourself. If you need a band we'll see each other again."

The booming voice makes Rain wince, "Um. It didn't have to be today," Rain offers quietly. She will in fact, take a rain check. "Please be careful then," She replies quietly. "He sounds hurt though." Whether that's a good thing or bad, Rain is torn on. She just shuffles a little. She waves at Jamie, "I am sure you can find somewhere to clean and take care of it, the power /can't/ be out citywide… Be well." She murmurs. A smile at Leonard. "I guess I should go home then, I've no work." Another soft *fwip* and the knife is a pen, tucked neatly behind her ear once more.

"Yeah, he does. " Andre replies to Rain, before waving as Jamie drags off the corpse like a.. well, kill. A hunt accomplished. Really, he can't help but shake his head. Something about the night vision - makes the man look like something out of Wild Kingdom. "Anyways. Ah'll call you again Rain. Promise. We gonna have to hang out one day, when tha world ain't gonna blow at any second." As if that'll happen, right? To Leonard, the Cajun offers a salute. "Ah'm sure I'll be seein' you again. Good to see we got so many folks fightin' for the cause though."

Leonard's weapon lowers when there's no sign of immediate danger, the thing sinking slowly to his side as eyes refocus in the dark. "I'm sure we will." Attention back to Rain then, the man questioning, "Is that it? That seems boring." Lips twist into another lopsided smile, the magician mentioning, "I need to speak with you. We need a plan, or I'll ask the questions myself."

Suddenly, Andre squats just a little, before springing from the ground like a.. flea - springing off of Monuments, statues, and everything else as he goes - obviously not held up by the dark park.

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