The Engagement - Wargames


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Scene Title The Engagement - Wargames
Synopsis Wargames! Epic godbattles! Attack of the fenrir puppies to disrupt the games…

What a glorious day to be in Asgard! Long after the meeting with the Aesir All-Father, the trio were given rooms in Thor's manor. It was a huge place, and of course, there were many rooms. Maia got to know Magni and Modi better since they seemed interested in learning about their future sister in law. Jason got to learn more about Thrud. And Haldor of course got to spend time with his now depowered daddy. It was lots of family bonding, and for the most part was fun.

Still, the afternoon was kicked off with war games. Odin and Delling, the Aesir and Vanir All-Fathers both decreed that there would be wargames in Valhalla. Each of the new godlings, Haldor, Jason and Maia were each given an army of einherjar. Each was very experienced, and as such, they were even given the deceased heroes that would match their own heritage.

Haldor received a batallion of World War I and II veterans. They were experienced vets, fearsome, brave and experienced in battle armed with the latest and greatest in weaponry.

Maia was given kamikaze pilots, samurai, ninjas and kunoichi that were poached from the halls of Yomi itself. The Valkyries looked for various warriors despite culture, so getting acquainted with heroes of her peple was quite exciting as she chattered away with each of them, learning and yearning to see if she was related to any of them.

Jason got an army of spartoi and myrmidons. THat's what he got as they too were poached or are on loan from the halls of Olympus themselves. They're definitelymuscley and all 300-ish!

The goal was clear. It was a gameof capture the flag. There were various flags set about the fields where they fought and the gathered Aesir watched from above to see who would win. Would it be the Olympian of Questing? The Amatsukami of Nature? Or the As of Battle? Of course, most of them are rooting for Haldor. Thrud roots for Jason, sinceshe's smitten. And so do a couple of squads of shield maidens. Maia, she has Magni and Modi rooting for her. Awww. And the varied fertility goddesses. They have to root for a fellow nature goddess afterall, right?

Let's be honest here. Haldor has some practice in commanding an army, particularly an army of dead Valhallans. The Viking talks with the batallions of World War I and II veterans, charting out strategies and yukking it up in standard Haldor fashion. Real Men make dirty jokes while plotting the death of their enemies, even if those enemies are only enemies for a game of capture the flag.

Haldor spins his drumsticks in hand as he looks around. Flags are scattered about the battlefield, making it a little different from any capture the flag that he ever played in the World. Paintball, after all, really only has two flags in capture the flag. The Viking smiles very broadly though as an idea strikes him and he waves his Civitas vets into a huddle.

Oh crap. Haldor is making a plan. This will either end in hilarity or horrible pain.

War games! Jason lacks the brains for a brilliant tactical strategy of Maia, or the grr rawrness of Haldor and his veterans but if there is anything the Psychopomp and Quester has going for him it is the ability to move and to show up in the most unexpected of places. That is exactly what the Olympian faction has been doing all day, wild and sometimes unpredictable moves that result in a furiously bold struggle for a flag. Viscous and brutal retaliatory strikes at those who capture flags away from him. Occasional small chock points of furious battle to hold the line against all odds, even if such in the end results in failure. This is the Olympian way.

Of the three, Maia has an awesome battle plan or at least she thinks she does anyway. She's got with her World War II veterans who were kamikaze pilots back in the day. Her ninjas act as scouts while the samurais definitely act as front line troops. For the most part, she uses the pilots to help her strategize.

Her own army spreads out, as she uses each of her different groups to maximize their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses. That's how she thinks afterall. She scrunches up her nose as she takes several weapons, not just her relics, but swords of her army and animates them to help her troops fight against the others. Wooosh! For the most part she's having a blast as she starts rushing for one of the flags.

"Ha! I'll be the first to score boys, unless you stop me!" she chirps merrily.

Haldor has apparently formulated a battle plan that plays to his batallions of warriors' strengths as well. That is to say, the entire Haldor Horde washes out across the battlefield toward the first flag as a single human machine. At the head of the formation is Haldor, the army's general and divine tank.

When Maia announces her potential to score first, Haldor lets out a roar and surges ahead of his army on a literal wave of ice. The Viking washes over the flag zone, smashing into the ground with terrible force. Haldor stands up to capture the flag while his battallions swarm up and around. Engineers are engulfed in the midst of the army, infantrymen setting up shop at the front lines while artillerymen set up shop near Haldor himself.

Over it all though is the sound of concerted effort. Apparently the engineers in Haldor's army are building trenches while the infantry and artillery ward off attack from the other armies arrayed against them. This… Could get insane.

Jason does not rush for the flag that Maia goes after, rather his forces are scattering towards one corner of the battlefield to cluster a small group of flags relatively close together. The easily defensible sorts with small valleys between them. Grr go the myrmidons! Grr! They are mighty and they are bold and they are hunkering down and preparing for a siege sparta style. This is what they do. "Go for it!" he calls out towards Maia, he simply does not want that flag that badly!

Wah! There's war trumpets suddenly sounding all over Asgard and Valhalla. The gathered gods are distracted and suddenly stop watching as three piercing howls can be heard on the battlefield. Three powerfully built black wolf whose red eyes glow and shimmer with a maddened, rabid light. They're at least the size of an elephant, though they're more like the size of a small house than the creature itself. They start pouncing and bounding towards our gathered heroes.

Still, the other gods have other worries. "Muspelheim is storming the gates once more!" That's Vidar who looks down towards the three godlings as he calls forth the einherjar and soon the mortals on the field are gone. He calls down at the gathered godlings. "You three can take care of those fenrir, right? They're just puppies!" he says with another soft chuckle of amusement. "The defense of Valhalla is in your hands. Our forces must attend to the full attack of Muspelheim!" he calls down.

Upon this news, Maia just blinks blankly. She's dressed in her omnyouji's robes and blinks as she looks at the three alleged puppies bounding their way. "Nice… puppy?" she winces a little, not quite sure how to handle something like this. Still, she steels her resolve and takes a deep breath. "We'll get it, Vidar!" she says, raising two thumbs up towards him. "Jason! Haldor! I think we're being tested by fate now. And she's angry.." she says, swallowing more than a bit nervously.

"What? Oh come on. I was going to win a game for once!"

Haldor facepalms even as he flushes his ichor into key parts of his body. Legendary power suffuses him and the world seems to slow down to an impossible speed, the Viking's fingers parting to let him see the wolves charging their way. In the back of his mind, Haldor wonders if slow-Maia's voice is what she'd sound like if she had been smoking for about a thousand years and knocking back pirate rum on top of that.

Lightning sizzles and cracks off of Haldor's body as he slowly peels his hand from his face. The Viking is well-aware that the Fenris pups are moving at, more or less, the same speed as him. With a roar, the Viking whips up his right hand and points a finger pistol at the nearest Fenris wolf. Sapphire glows with an unearthly light as bitter cold lances out from Haldor's fingertips toward the Fenris wolf, Haldor apparently intent upon turning the creature's blood to sludge.

A cool and chill wind engulfs one of the wolves that comes bounding towards Haldor. At the sudden touch of cold in it's heart, the wolf pauses in it's bounding and stands still a good one hundred yards from the godlings. A shrill bonechilling howl escapes from it's muzzle as it looks up into the Asgardian sky, raising it's head into the air as it's hairs stand on end. Its eyes start to glow, even becoming a deeper crimsonas it looks towards Haldor with a murderous glare. Whatever it did, it's angry as it wets it's lips with a long large tongue.

Immediately afterwards, the other two wolves howl as well, concentrating as they raise their heckles up and get into a more frenzied state.

The howls of the wolves definitely get to Maia. She's glad her people are gone though as she wouldn't want them in needless danger afterall. This is her chance to prove that she's brave. It's her chance to show the Asgard what she can do. And she takes a deep breath as she starts to perform a series of hand seals, the sapphire on her own magatama ring starting to glow a brilliant blue. She closes her eyes as she takes a deep breath as she crouches down and places her palm on the ground.

"Water Release: Secret Transformation Technique"

Around her a circle of blue brilliant light surrounds her form. Her once green skin starts to become transparent and clear before she suddenly splashes out of her omnyouji robe, her relics spilling out for a brief moment or two before she suddenly reforms as living, breathing animated water. She still has her features though they're more transparent now and her relics are once again one her person as she's taken a more liquid form.

"Haldor, please be careful not to freeze me, okay?" she says, her voice having a bubbly quality about it now.

"Great.. just great" Jason says rubbing at his eyes for a moment as wolves come bounding out the woodwork in their general direction. Fenris Wolves, creatures born of fire, this leaves the young God of Questing kind of fucked on the elemental front. To the Myrmidions that have been following him about he says, "This is not your fight. Would that you could assist me in it but against a foe such as thing I fear you would stand little chance. Spread about the arena, if any of the God's children game to watch events make sure they steal clear of the festivities."

Then he is turning back to the wolf bounding his way as his jacket drifts for a moment in the wind. Eye for eye meeting the Fenris' even as he draws his guns, "Meet my fangs you furry son of a bitch, way back when a long way from here I met some of your friends and they didn't walk away from it. You aren't going to either." He charges at the wolf, legs quickly closing the gap as he looks about ready to take on the massive beast head on. Oh dear. One hopes his stalker went to defend the place, or else she might be impressed. The head on battle does not actually happen though, he slides between the legs of the massive beast slipping along the dusty surface of the arena floor as his pistols aim up.. up.. and when a massive set of Fenris balls are hanging disturbingly overhead like organic disco balls gone mad he opens fire. Guns doing barking of their own as bullets fly forth and pound into the vulnerable flesh. Even if soaked, that has gotta hurt.

Slide slide slide. Jason comes out from beneath the Fenris Wolf in a plume of dust. It's a good thing too. Behind him his bullets find their home and those flesh sacks rupture. Balls the size of rather fate housecats come tumbling to the ground with squishy thuds and icky bits of dog seed and blood and flesh are suddenly littering the landscape of the arena floor. Fierce and savage though the Fenris Wolf may be it's whimpering after that one, a plaintive cry of pain that any male would be emulating in that situation.

Splurge! The bullet rip apart the fenris wolf's genitals like a hot knife through butter. The wolf comes to a screeching halt as he raises his neck high into the air once more. There's another loud howl! It's in pain, serious pain as it's body starts to regenerate, slowly but surely. If anything, his pride is wounded, and he's pissed. But he's on the defensive instead of the offensive. He continues and shivers as he lets out another bonechilling howl as it's silvery black bristles start to become.. intangible. It's body starts to shift, blinking in and out of existence as it reaches the pinnacle of it's phase body and phase moon. It suddenly disappears from sight and becomes intangible as well. If you can't see it, and you can't hit it. Is it still there?

It seems that the wolves are working rather well together. They're fully aware of their chosen opponents weakness. Perhaps fate is guiding them. Fate could be angry that these three godlings have broken her influence over them. As Maia becomes water, the wolf bounding towards her pauses and stops in the middle of the way. Crafty godlings think they can get away with being water, but wolves are crafty as well.

It jumps high in the air and howls once more. As it starts flipping in the air, it rolls, it's silver-black-ish features changing slightly. It's fur starts to become a bright scarlet, before suddenly, it's in flames. It's blood red eyes are the only thing that is recognizable as the creature itself becomes a fenris wolf of flame. Heat and fire can fuck up water beings, that it knows.

Haldor watches with grim satisfaction as his opponent comes to a screeching halt as he starts to turn its blood to so much sludge in its veins. The Viking frowns at the trio of howls, his fury mounting as Haldor starts a slow and patient march forward. Lightning continues to sizzle and crack around Haldor's frame, bolts occasionally *SNAP*ping off to sunder the ground nearby.

Frigid cold starts to radiate from Haldor's body in palpable waves as he turns his gaze toward Maia and then toward Jason. A wry smile spreads across his features and he makes a sweeping gesture, "Then fear my cold no longer," rumbles Haldor as he spreads his wintry protection over them both.

Then Haldor brings up his left hand and finger-pistols at his staggered Fenris wolf again. A nearly diabolical smile spreads across Haldor's features as he reinforces the terrific cold he's already summoned forth within the fire-born lupine.

"Your masters knew not who they sent you to face… They knew not what horrible death they sent you to die, wolf-child."

Haldor's wolf snarls as it stares back at the rather cocky young Viking heading towards it. There's a low rumbling chuckle escaping from it'slips. Howling isn't the only thing it can do. It can talk.

As it feels the chilling cold of Haldor's presence, it shivers once more, it's blood becoming thicker and thicker sludge in it's body. It snarls and snickers softly. "You are much too cocky, Haldor Thorson. A god you may be now, but I have a message for you from Hundun."

It stares into Haldor's eyes, and suddenly, he can feel a creeping chaos in his mind. Flashbacks from Atlantis, memories of him and Maia, their engagement, their first interrupted dated then losing her. His first visitation, then his second. Memories of the past start to jumble his mind as he's left with a feeling of paralyzing confusion.

"Cocky Viking children must learn to be spanked. Or eaten.." he says with another snarl.

Seeing that, Maia lets out a flail of her liquid form. Her original plan has to be put on hold. For once, she actually gets to helpher beau, and she rushes over, engulfing his cold frigid form in her watery one. she doesn't freeze completely, her mastery of water allows her that much, but at least he can still breath inside her water form because she wills it. She starts moving around as she wrinkles her nose as she moves from side to side before calling out to Jason.

"Jason! We're outnumbered now! Haldor just got mindfucked by one of the fenrir. They talk!" she squeaks before taking a deep breath. There's a soft breath taken as she remembers something, and she calls out to Jason once more.


With that, her watery form starts to take a purple form on the outside. She closes her eyes and performs several hand seals as she continues to keepHaldor protected inside her larger, watery body.

"Water Release: Poisonous Mist." she whispers softly, as she starts releasing an epidemic from her watery form, intending to at least hurt the three wolves, even the one that is invisible and intangible. Hopefully, Jason holds his breath long enough to not get caught.

Jason is going to respond to Maia but then she is shouting to hold his breath. Jason kind of needs breath to talk! Instead the man goes silent, unbreathing, chest still as his eyes look everywhere for the wolf that he was fighting which has so suddenly vanished. Quippy dialog is abandoned by necessity as he takes another of his pistols and quickly lifts it to track the barrel where the wolf last was. A crack of a shot and a blue ripple of energy lashes out into the air overhead to suddenly bubble down into a pulsating blue bubble of force, the unseen shield hopefully containing the wolf within. A sharp motion of one hand and that shield begins to contract, walls growing tighter. Wolf sized. If the wolf is within it should quickly become apparent where, and when it breaks out Jason may just have his second shot.

With the poisonous mist battering the wolf from the inside, it lets out an angry snarl. IT's using all it's enhanced dexterity in this very moment as an angry crimson flame in the shape of a wolf starts bounding from place to place across the field. It's target, the very watery Maia encasing the still frozen Haldor.

It bounds too and fro before it just tries to slam tackle Maia's water form. And as she is too focused on trying to protect her fiance, it hits, turning a rather large chunk of the young woman into steam as she lets out a watery cry of pain. Fortunately, Haldor was in in the way, but she starts recreating herself from her own divine will as she hisses.

"Gods! That hurt!" she yells as she's still missing part of her torso from that attack. Ouch.

Meanwhile, there's still the invisi-wolf. It lets out a howl as it turns out that Jason had caught it afterall. He can already feel the angry wolf battering down the barrier, but at least he knows exactly where it is. The shield holds for now, but damnit, the wolf is strong.

Hiss. The steam is still lifting up from her body, but at least she's regenerating what she has. Create water is such a handy trick when you're in liquid form, especially since you need that to regenerate in said form. Still, she starts to move around and blinks for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip. She takes a deep breath and continues to swish and swoosh about, wrinkling her nose as she looks towards the fiery wolf, the angry talking wolf, and the invisiwolf. She can't really see that one, but this is starting to freak her out. With Haldor out of commission for a while, she's having to do things.. gasp… by herself. She continues and remembers she has the golden bow. She slings it off her shoulders as she focuses her will, and an arrow of pure sunlight forms on her fingers. It doesn't burn and she instead looks at the fiery creature.

"By the power that courses through my blood, strike true and smite this evil before my sight." she whispers softly before she holds back and whizzes the arrow through the air hoping to strike through at the fiery wolf.

Still, there is no luck on Maia's side. She's protecting her beau and is thus targetted by the other fenrir. This one is aiming for Haldor inside Maia, but it strikes and she wooshes, haldor's body to the side as it just passes through her. She blinks, not even realizing she was attacked that time, since it just..tickled.

"Ha! That tickled!"

And the arrow does indeed strike through, piercing through the creature's flesh as it lets out a howl of pain as the golden arrow pierces it's body and digs deep, mangling one of it's arms from the strike.

The shreading and tearing at the freshly erected shield is far more than Jason has any cause to expect, rippling waves of energy and color suggesting that the wall of force is quickly losing power and will soon be gone. It's now a wolf sized bubble though, weak and frail as an eggshell and yet the recently wounded creature within has still not had a chance to make it's escape. The marksman still can't see his target, despite knowing exactly where it is there is simply nothing there for the eye to behold but.. does he really need to?

"So you're sent by fate are you? I've got a little message and you're my living message pad. You may try to stop me but you don't have the balls. You may think yourself invisible but I'll fucking find you in the end. You pick a fight with /ME/ and I will hunt you." Both guns lift to waist level and he lets fire into the shield, bullets ripping through the fragments of the shield remaining which expires in a final cascade of blue light and plowing towards the wolf beyond.
The shield tears apart and bullets plunge into the wolf that lays beyond. It's still invisible at first but the blood can be seen spraying out on the other side a spear of crimson suddenly arcing into the sky seemingly from nowhere whatsoever. Then as it's heart stops and it's magic fades the Fenris Wolf becomes visible once more, fading back into view before keeling over with an echoing thud onto the floor of the arena. Message to fate delivered. Back off bitch.

Her eyes widen as she hears the howl of the wolf getting destroyed. Now it's no more Ms. Nice-Maia. She looks towards the firewolf as a soft chuckle escapes from her lips. "I've been playing very nice with you. I haven't even taken advantage of the fact that your movements are becoming quite predictable." Of course, she just figured that out now. She's using her head now. A wry grin curls onto her lips as she takes a deep breath while another golden arrow flares in her fingertips.

Just to make it a bit easier, she starts mixing water with the golden arrow of light just for an extra effect as she watches the fiery wolf bound from side to side as it starts heading towards her. Her eyes widen as she mutters yet another soft prayer under her breath. It's to her mother, to Apollo, to all the other assorted sun gods. Just at that last moment as the wolf is about to pounce on her, the arrow lets out a bright light before she lets go.

"GOLDEN ARROW OF ANNIHILATION!" she yells as the arrow flies with such force to slam into the wolf. She waited until it was about to pounce afterall and she wanted it dead…

The arrow pierces the creature once more. It lets out a high pitched yelp, and for a few moments, Maia almost feels bad. She'd feel bad if it didn't rip out a chunk of her earlier, but once more, the wolf of fire runs through her body and takes out her arm. But alas, it instantly reforms, as it really didn't take it out. It just made it into mist for a few moments. The fiery wolf's flames are dying down. It's almost near death, it's mangled, but it's still there. And it's tired. It's huffing and puffing as it stares at her.

Once more, the wolf Haldor was fighting is starting to charge towards Maia. However, instead of charging through her, it starts to call upon lightning, striking through her watery form. Her eyes widen as her body starts to sizzle from the electricity, but there's still enough watery mass on her form to keep her uninjured for the few moments. She whines and grumps.

"Damnit! I hate you! First the fire, now the electricity! Crapnuggets!" she says, getting most definitely frustrated.

Jason looks between his two companions now that his wolf is dead, seeing that they each now seem to be holding their own. Pistols are slipped back into their holsters and he calls out to them, "I could hop on in but it looks like you two have things well in hand and a couple of scores to settle. I'm just going to go hit that refreshment cart all the Gods abandoned in their haste and enjoy some mead." A leap out of the hand into the stands and that is just what he goes about, leaving the fight to the others and snagging something to drink as he settles down to watch the climatic conclusion. Water versus Fire! Viking Fist!. It's sure to be a blast.

Cocky? Haldor hasn't really considered himself cocky so much as confident that if he has killed everything else that has ever come up against him - save Kamui - and is further emboldened by the knowledge that Hundun couldn't rip him into his component atoms in a blast of pure chaos. Yet when the Fenris wolf speaks, Haldor is caught somewhat off-guard. No one ever really expects house-sized fire-born wolves to start talking like they fell out of a Disney movie.

Much less would one expect a fire-born wolf to suddenly cram a metaphorical egg beater into one's brain and start whisking brain cells like so much egg yolk. Haldor starts to say something when his brain stops working. Images flash through his mind's eye at a staggering rate. Phantom pain sears through his nerves and illusory sounds thunder in his ears as he drops to his knees. Before Maia can react and before Haldor hits the ground, the lightning sizzling and arcing over his body explodes outward in a nimbus of lightning bolts that digs a massive trench around the Viking.

Dust whirls and swirls as Haldor screams almost without end. Maia's liquid body washes over the Viking, washing him hither and thither and even yon to keep him from suffering the fiery death or rough lupine teeth that fall upon his fiancee. Instead Haldor just screams like a ravening lunatic within her, bubbles streaming outward from his mouth constantly - almost as though the Viking didn't have to breathe. Whale's Breath, it does a Viking suffering temporary insanity good. Besides, breathing is for chumps.

As Maia's latest arrow of light lances through the air to punch a blazing hole through to the very soul of the wolf, Haldor's eyes suddenly snap open and his hands clench into fists. The Viking's howling comes to an end as his gaze fixes upon the wolves that remain as the pounding, grinding madness inside of his head starts to subside. Lightning pours into Maia's liquid body and warps around Haldor's body, sizzling and snapping before sinking into his very body like some kind of divine storage battery.

For several instants, Haldor just floats there, slowly sinking toward the ground. He lands lightly upon the ground, still quasi-suspended in liquid, and then launches forward and outward. The Viking explodes out of Maia's liquid body with a terrible roar of fury, Haldor sails through the air toward the flaming Fenris wolf with his drumsticks in both hands. As he descends upon it, the drumsticks shift and merge with terrible speed into a positively enormous labrys that he hefts aloft. Ice surges up the haft of the double-headed axe and gleams along the edges of both axe blades as Haldor's entire body starts radiating true and terrible cold once more.



Haldor smashes into the ground, his frozen labrys sinking deep into the arena floor. Spider webs of fissures radiate outward from Haldor's point of impact and particularly from where his axe has sunken into the floor. Ice quickly starts creeping up from the depths of the fissures as boiling Fenris blood starts raining down from above and behind Haldor, the wounded, flaming beast's neck carved almost in twain, the spinal column and its superior vena cava neatly bisected by Haldor's frozen axe. As the dead wolf keels over in Haldor's direction its flames sputter out, smoke rising from the corpse before it impacts the ground.

The Viking, however, doesn't stay put long enough to let the wolf so much as graze him. Haldor streaks out from under the falling wolf and surges across an ever expanding sheet of ice toward the wolf that crippled him for so many precious seconds. With a roar Haldor explodes into the air once more, sailing toward the Fenris' wolf's face with terrific speed. As he "flies", Haldor brings his axe back and around whilst fury builds up in his face.

In an instant the Viking is upon the enormous lupine and is charging up the bridge of its muzzle. Haldor howls with terrific fury, swinging his axe time and time again as he tries to hack clean through the space between those enormous lupine eyes. Though he isn't content to merely stand there, the Viking suddenly launches to the side and whips himself acrobatically through the air as he pries his axe apart into twin Viking long swords. Descending from upon high, Haldor suddenly stops and crouches in mid-air, as though he landed upon an invisible ledge and suddenly launches forward again, hurtling at the side of the Fenris wolf's head like an artillery shell of rage.

Swords flash and fur flies as Haldor tries to carve into the giant beast's aorta and carotid arteries with terrible, passionate fury. Haldor backflips off of the wolf or the air itself, at such close quarters it's almost impossible to tell just how close Haldor actually is to the beast's flesh, and sails upward. Lightning starts to surge over Haldor's body, great bolts sizzling out of the corners of his eyes as Haldor summons all of his power for a final, terrible strike.

Gravity somehow wins out over Haldor's screaming winds and hauls the Viking on a straight line toward the Fenris wolf's spine. Hurtling like a meteor, Haldor's swords merge together and form a positively enormous naginata that he whirls around with expert care, momentarily turning it into a whirling fan that generates a not insubstantial breeze that helps to stabilize Haldor's descent toward the wolf. At the last moment, Haldor snaps it out straight, a perfectly smooth icicle crystallizing from the blade as Haldor aims to plow straight into the beast's spine and ride it all the way to the ground.

Fast and powerful as the Fenris wolf may be, it is not nearly so fast as Haldor seems to be. The Viking is upon it in an instant, his axe falling upon its flesh time and again. Blood and Titan ichor spray in all directions as the wolf tries to paw and shake Haldor from its face to almost no effect. It only serves to throw off Haldor's aim until he finally gets fed up and launches off of the wolf's muzzle.

Thinking itself free, the wolf starts to dip its head to try and wipe the blood from its muzzle and brow, but Haldor returns. Like some sort of murderous insect, Haldor descends upon the mighty beast's throat, Viking swords flashing wildly. Fur and blood spray in all directions, thickly coating Haldor's body as the blood congeals against his super-chilled body, freezing fur to him.

Again Haldor leaps away, ricocheting impossibly off of one of the Fenris' own hairs as though it were a springboard. He sails away and gathers his power into a single point, lightning leaping from his frame before his might crystallizes and his swords form a single naginata. The Viking descends from upon high, surrendering himself to gravity's pull for the moment and the moment alone.

Bleeding slowly to death and badly wounded by the first two attacks, Haldor's final blow catches the disoriented wolf entirely off-guard. Haldor's icicle-naginata combination plows into the Fenris wolf's spine and severs the cord and column alike as his tremendous velocity violently snaps its neck. Its head and body sail upward as it folds around the point of impossibly powerful impact, its neck actually impacting the ground before its lower jaw or body.

Only when its death knell is complete and Haldor is certain that its last muscle spasms are, indeed, the last spasms it shall ever suffer does he wrench his naginata from the mighty beast's neck. He whirls it around like a pro and, at the last moment, wrenches it apart before shrinking it back into drumsticks. That accomplished, Haldor silently pads off of the Fenris wolf and makes his way toward Maia. Along the way his frigid aura subsides and the Viking's cheerful smile returns.

"Are you alright, my love?"


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