The Engagement - Drama


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Scene Title The Engagement - Drama
Synopsis At Maia and Haldor's engagement party, fun ensues. Until drama ensues. Scrivner and Vette undergo their first test as a young Scion couple.

With the wargames interrupted and the fending off of the various attacks by Muspelheim and the sudden appearance of the fenrir wolves, there is celebration in Asgard. Well, they're celebrating in the Great Hall to be exact. It's a merry and happy atmosphere with the various gods, shield maidens and valkyries partying as mead freely flows from oaken caskets, a nemean wild boar has been roasted and stands as the centerpiece, all sorts of cakes and desserts lines the table along with hearty and rustic European delights along with sushi, just to be polite to Maia. She had to make that herself though, so that kinda sucked.

Still, the atmosphere is fun and lighthearted as Maia's sitting at one of the tables in the Great Hall along with a now Hero level Thor, Sif and Baldur. They're chatting and having a grand old time as she looks around and peers at some of the tapestries that have recently been weaved which show an animated Haldor facing a rather fearsome Kamui. She blinks for a few moments, in awe at how a tapestry was created.

"That is really neat! A moving tapestry! Think I can find the person who made that and ask for similar tapestrys at the estate?" she asks curiously.
It really is a twist of Fate that Rufus Scrivner is here at all. His first time in Asgard, and though some part of him is /sure/ disaster is going to fall at some point, he's rather hoping that things stay peaceful. He's not alone. Having come with the help of a friendly Psychopomp, he's arrived with a redheaded lady. Wide-eyed and staring at everything, the man slips quietly into the Great Hall. He's going to stand out quite a bit, having been wearing street clothes from down below. "Bloody Hell," he murmurs, tilting his head to Vette. "My family is… /big./" And loud, and boisterous, and happy, and proooobably more than a little drunk.
Vette at least put on a little black dress. She blinks a few times at all this partying and says, "Well, yes, but it's still a good opportunity to get to know them. You might want to loosen the tie, darling. They might think you're…not having fun." She blinks around a few times though, scanning the area. Here they are, and nearly everyone that was mentioned to them is going to be here. There's an opportunity here somewhere, if she's wise enough to find it.

Jason is milling about the crowds, a rather large mug of mead in one hand and he's quite happily chatting it up with a couple of Shield Maidens, judging from the occasional gesturing with cups with dramatic gestures they are sharing battle stories. Mead splashes, nobody minds, in Asgard there is always more mead. A hearty slap on the back from a passing stranger and he seems to be fitting in kind of well, nothing brings Gods together like lots and lots of slaughter.

To be fair, Haldor is also wearing street clothes from The World. Haldor is wearing baggy jeans, some steel-studded boots, and a t-shirt masked by a hoodie that appears to be made of silk. One has to wonder why in the world anyone would wear a silken hoodie, much less a Viking, but there it is.

For the moment, Haldor seems to be off to one side of the celebration. He is largely drinking mead and eating delicious desserts like a goon because, sometimes, you just have to eat like a goon before you can play a gracious partier. It also gives people the opportunity to ask why there is some tall guy with long, spikey red hair eating desserts and drinking all the mead.

Oh look! It's a Scrivner and a Vette! Tyr puts up a finger as he chats up with Vidar before heading towards his son. With him is a stunning young blonde, a buxom blonde really who wears a chainmail bikini! Gasp! The dress code is really slack here at the party. It's a big party for an engagement afterall. Still, he heads over and beams brightly.

"Scrivner! There you are. I'm glad the valkyrie brought you here. I'd like for you to meet Mist. She's your betrothed."

As she's introduced, the young nubile blonde valkyrie waggles her brows. "Mmm, he is a nice specimen. He's the snake charmer, is he not? I'd definitely like to see his snake.." she says rather scandalously and rather unabashedly, not paying any attention to Vette who stands there next to him. "Come! Let's leave and make merry, shall we?" Make merry is a euphemism amongst the valkyries for let's do it. Bwahahaha.

"You try and make merry with him, and I'm going to blow your head off," Vette says, smiling pleasantly. She already has her hand on her pistol. "You're not going to see his snake today or any day."

"No, I'm really on the guest list! I assure you!"

Nakamura Hikaru is here too. Goodness knows how a squishy, non-demigod mortal such as himself has made it here, but he apparently has enough of a legend and reputation among the Kunitsukami and to chat up a Valkyrie and insist that he's on the guest-list, invited on the bride's side of the family! He looks incredibly out of place among all the manly he-men and busty blonde lasses, a slender, androgynous boy with scarlet hair, no armor, and no weapons on display! So out of place. Then again, Baldr was single and pretty too, right?

Haldor chokes on what appears to be a cherry danish at Tyr's proclamation. The Viking snorts, hacks, and coughs for a few seconds before making a noise not unlike hocking a loogie. Finally there is silence from Haldor and he just drowns his shock in mead. Is there nothing that mead cannot cure?

Other than, y'know, hangovers.

Well, he /had/ been smiling. Why had Rufus thought coming to meet his family was a good idea? The Englishman stands stock still in what can only be shock, the smile that he had been giving his father turning sickly and frozen. He blinks a few times, drawing himself up to his full height with a scowl, as he briefly looks the blonde over. "Ahhh…. I'm honoured, but I must refuse," he says, right on the heels of Vette's pleasant threat. "I will not marry this woman, Father. I've intentions to marry another."

Meanwhile, there's another valkyrie who wants to make merry. As Jason is happily chatting with a couple of shield maidens, there's a friendly tap on his shoulder. Then a big glomp, if he doesn't dodge it. It's another buxom blonde, and another Valkyrie. It's Thrud, the one who has become smitten with our intrepid godling Olympian. "Jason! Avram! There you are! I was worried when I heard that you had fought young fenrir. But you were the first to destroy yours. That is incredibly… well, I am even more convinced that you are the one I am to marry. Maia says I must have a make over tough first. What do I mean to make?" she asks curiously.

Maia did not explain that concept well it seems. Still, she excuses herself from her group as she spies the tall redhead eating the food. She snickers softly and just acepalms at what's going on. Oh dears. She facepalms and blinks for a few moments at the hostilities with Tyr, but decides to stay out of it for now. And then, there's the androgynous one? She blinks and doesn't recognize him at all. Poor Hikaru. That's what happens when your very form is changed by mysterious magics. It happened to Maia too. For now, she just stares.

Then, over at Haldor, there's two strong powerful slaps on his shoulders, one on each side. There are two other muscley redheads at either side as it's his half-brothers, magni and Modi! There's ahearty laugh escaping from the As of Strength as he peers towards his much younger brother. "You know, you need not stuff yourself silly. There are enchantments on the table. The food will remain as long aspeople keep meating. And the mead will continue to flow until the All Fathers, Odin and Delling wish for it to stop. Which considering this celebration is for you and your betrothed, will not happen until you deemit so."

Mist just blinks. She is a mighty low level goddess/high level demigoddess. No one refuses her especially since it was not her choice to begin with. She lets out a gasp before letting out a hearty and booming laugh as she looks towards the Greek redhead. "Oh! You must be the annoying one Tyr speaks of. Yes, there will be much merrymaking with Scrivner. It has been deemed by fate. Our nuptialswilloccur after Maia and Haldor's of course as to not take away their spotlight for the moment. But it has already been deemed and approved by the all-father Odin. And if you seriously think you can as you say.. 'blow my head off', then you do not know what it is like to face a Valkyrie in combat, /little girl/."

Tyr just chuckles and motions a thumb at Mist. "What she said."

Ack! Scary valkyries abound as Jason is so distracted by the shield maiden he gets glomped. Glomp. Quickly looking over his shoulder to Thrud he quickly says, "Uh.. surely she meant to practice your skills at crafts. You know how the Japanese are, a place for everyone and everyone in their place. She surely wants to see if you are a skilled enough tailor to make a proper wife. She no doubt wants you to make me something of the hide of that Fenris." Valkyries can't sew right? This seems to be Jason's hope as he improvises yet another hurdle in the way to potential marriage. Peering towards Mist, Vette and Scrivner he asks Thrud, "One of your sisters?"

Vette takes a step forward, eyes blazing. "Hey, any time you want to find out, let's go," she says. "I'm not afraid of you or anyone else, and this is an engagement ring around my finger. The age of arranged marriages ended some time ago. And you see, he doesn't /like you/. Maybe if you'd come up with something more clever to say then a few centuries old allusion to his snake you might have gotten somewhere, but he likes a woman with a brain in her head, something you clearly lack for all of your muscles."

Oh, bloody…. Rufus eyes Vette with just a trace of worry, but there is no way in Hell he'll get between two women about to have a throwdown. No, he /likes/ keeping his dangly bits in one piece. He draws in a breath and shakes his head once, then he turns his flat gaze upon his father. "I will not marry her, Tyr. My choice is made. My proposal was given last night, and I will not cast her aside now for the sake of your …. arrangements."

"Magni! Modi! I… Well. Hey."

Haldor seems momentarily stymied and possibly is still choking down that cherry danish. The Viking's eyes widen ever so slightly and his head twists in Tyr's direction for a fraction of an instant before he looks back to his half-brothers. One hand comes up to wipe away from cherry sauce as he considers his words carefully.

"I feel like I've been running on empty since my apotheosis. Gotta have fuel to be a badass, right?"

In the back of his mind, Haldor is praying that Vette and Mist don't start a fist fight. There is a small portion of his hindbrain that may be praying they instead start some sort of wrestling match on the table with all of the custards, puddings, and gelatins… But that's hardly relevant since it is a small portion of his hindbrain.

Hikaru doesn't really know a whole lot about the internal infrastructure of the gods of Asgard, but he vaguely remembers that they like to drink and fight. so when he sees that Mist and Vette are about to throw down and have an exciting girl on girl catfight, he can't help but to go with his first reaction: laughter. He leans upon one of the large smorgasbord tables, a little mortal among giants, and wears a silly grin. Yes, tonight could become very interesting. "Maia-chan," he calls, with great familiarity considering that she's a goddess. "Kekkon omedetou degozaimasu! Congratulations! What time does the pit fight start?"

"To say no to Mist is to say no to the All-Father, boy." Tyr says with a soft chuckle escaping under his breath. He then lets out a loud proclamation. "It seems that part of the entertainment for tonight's party will be starting. Vette of Hephaestus has decided to challenge out beloved Valkyrie, Mist for the hand of my son, Rufus Scrivner!" he says, beaming brightly the entire time. "If everyone would please head to their tables, food will be brought by the shield maidens so that the festivities may continue.

Mist lets out a hearty chuckle under her breath. "I do hope you like to remain living, girl." she warns Vette before she starts to head off. She goes to get her weapons on the ready as her other valkyrie sisters cheer her on. The crowd may be a bit biased.

"As one knows, only a true warrior may marry into the Aesir. And thus, we shall see if there is a true warrior inside the little prissy little girl of Hephaestus." Tyr continues. There's cheers and Maia blinks for a few moments.

Maiadidn't have to go through these sorts of things. But then again, she's fought a lot of things that would eat her. She blinks and scooches over, letting Hikaru ease on down next to her before she calls for Haldor and his half-brothers to join her. "Did you guys know this was going to happen?" she asks in a whisper. "I never had to fight any Valkyrie. And it seems the pit fight is starting now." she says with a bit of a frown.

Meanwhile, Thrud lets out a hearty laugh. "Oh! I know how to sew. My mother taught me how, but yes, the hide that you three have taken is a valuable material. Mother was going to give some fenrir hide armor to Haldor and Maia as a wedding present! But, I can sew something for you, if we merry make a few dozen times or so.." she tells Jason before heading to another table to sit on down. Woosh!

What did Vette just get herself into?

Meanwhile, Magni and Modi still have their hands on Haldor. For now, they don't exactly force him to go towards the table. They let him lead the way should he decide to sit next to his fiance or not. "Oh we understand! I get hungry after battles, I can usually eat a whole nemean wild boar myself." Modi proclaims.

"Only after I've slain it.." Magni quips.

Haldor picks up a fresh uber-goblet of mead and wraps his arms around Magni and Modi's shoulders as he guides them back toward Maia and Hikaru. The Viking chatters with them about his strategy for the game of capture the flag (ARMIES OF VALHALLA EDITION) that was interrupted just the night before by Muspelheim and Fenris wolves. When he sits down, Haldor reaches out to grasp and gently squeeze Maia's hand.

"I hadn't expected anything like this to happen… Then again, y'know, I've been a little out of touch with the local "dating" scene."

And by "dating", Haldor actually means "political" scene since this is clearly a political thing. The Viking leans back in his seat as he finally releases Maia's hand and takes a long draught of his mead. For a few moments, Haldor observes the prelude and, more importantly, both Scriv and Tyr as he considers the two of them carefully. Haldor vaguely feels like he should do something, but a girl-on-girl pit fight is a pretty great engagement party entertainment.

Vette whispers something to Scrivner, eyes blazing. Prissy, is she? She's already got all her stuff, so she asks out loud, "Are there any rules I ought to know about? I'll not be accused of cheating." She slips out of her high heels and flexes bare feet, looking furious enough to eat rocks and spit nails.

"You are really quite obsessed with the merry making" Jason grumbles a touch to Thurd, she does bring it up a lot. Still it appears a fight is about to break out and so he goes to join her at the table, settling down after grabbing some fresh mead. The fellow member of the Dodekatheon gets a fistpump. Woo.
"I sincerely doubt the All-Father gives a shit about who I bring up to the altar when he has far more interesting and important matters to occupy him," Rufus snaps, his voice remaining low, though there's heat running in the undercurrents. He takes a step closer to his father, dropping his voice even further to a hissed snarl, "What the bloody Hell is /wrong/ with you, Tyr?" He only briefly glances aside at Vette, mouth tightening, jerking his head in a nod at her. "Is this your idea of a joke?"

Inari's child stands up, grinning widely as he observes the potential carnage about to happen. The young man's cheerful eyes dart back and forth between Vette and her soon to be rival. "This should be interesting," he says to Maia. "It looks as if they have arranged impromptu entertainment for you. Spartans versus Vikings? This is like that television show on the History Channel where they calculate who would win," he laughs merrily. Seizing up a tankard of mead from the table, Hikaru decides that a drink is in order. Unfortunately, what he fails to take into consideration is that his weak little human body, ichor-filled as it is, doesn't really give him the strength to take a hefty sip of Asgardian mead. It hits him like a ton of bricks. To his credit, he manages quite well for a few moments, a bit of the stamina of the gods that he possesses. But ultimately, his mortal side wins out, and he leans comfortably against Maia. He's out like a light after one sip of the intense beverage. Don't worry, he'll be back soon.

Prissy, yes, Vette is! That's probably one of the reasons why Tyr is not such a fan. Or he just wants to give his son a good time. At the first question, his brows raise. "Obviously, this is not a match to the death. We have healers on end, and we have Konohana Hime at hand to heal any wounds.." he says, motioning towards Maia who sits with the others. He's in a cheery mood until his son starts being snappy. He's about to say something when instead the All-Father interrupts.

Odin is a powerful presence. He was sitting on a granite throne overlooking everything, and yes, he did hear what was being said. "Rufus Scrivner, the All Father does give a shit about whom you bring to the altar. These concerns are not only mine, but shared by the Dodekatheon as well. Now, can you please pretend to stop reading my mind for I know that is not something you can do. And show your father some respect or I willhave Mist escort you out of my realm." That was as pleasant as he gets, his voice firm and resolute. It doesn't seem there's much of a choice in this.

As the Thorsons sit down with their family and friends, Thor looks towards Haldor, thinking he should do a bit of explaining. "Maia, you've fought. You've fought hard. You've shown yourself as capable a warrior as any of the Valkyries, the goddesses themselves with what you have done. The Aesir are a proud warrior people, and we do not just accept everyone. You've had at least four lifetimes that I can count before you and Haldor have had this engagement party. That is why we threw it for you." he explains with a cheery smile before taking another deep breath to continue to explain.

"And it is the politics. I am sure that Hephaestus and Tyr have worked something out. They are not stupid. Amaterasu and I worked thingsout centuries ago." he finishes before looking towards the 'entertainment' with a bit of worry.

Thrud meanwhile sits next to Jason as she lets out an impish giggle. "I do like merry making. Don't you? I was told that Avram means the father of many." she says as she siddlesiddles close before offering him some of her special honeymead. Maybe if she gets him drunk enough, she'll get lucky. "Drink and enjoy! Mist is a powerful warrior, hopefully she does not beat the girl too much." There's a bit of bias in that statement considering she is a Valkyrie afterall.

With everything nthat's happening, Maia sighs and facepalms. She looks a bit sympathetically to Scrivner and Vette before she nods. "Well, hopefully she proves herself as a warrior. I know that if that daughter of Utgard Loki wanted to marry Haldor I'd kick her butt. Many times really." she says firmly and resolutely before she looks backtowards Hikaru. "It does seem very exciting but I feel bad for them. I understand, but also, he's.." and he starts to fall asleep. Awww. She just wraps an arm around her future bridesmaid and ruffles his/her hair carefully. "oh dear." she says before leaning against Haldor as well. "I don't know who to root for." she whispers.

Mist meanwhile continues to get ready, she's putting on more of her golden armor and even puts on a Viking helmet as her Valkyrie sisters put her long lustrous hair into pig tails. Surely Wagner is rolling in his grave right now.
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Haldor wraps his arms lightly around Maia's shoulders as she leans against him. For a moment or two he considers the unconscious Hikaru leaned against Maia before shrugging slightly and looking toward Thor. Oh good, history lesson! Everybody loves history lessons from Thor!

Thor promptly gives an actual history and politics lecture instead of whipping out Mjolnir and decrying the evils of evil in something not unlike a horrible bastardization of Olde English. Haldor looks vaguely crestfallen at this development, though at the mention of Utgard Loki's daughter, the Viking nervously shifts his eyes hither and thither.

"Don't be silly. Utgard Loki's daughter wouldn't want me, I'm much too short."

Vette nods curtly and goes stomping into the ring, crossing her arms. She'll wait until they call for it to begin to do anything; especially as the Valkyrie is still getting herself put together for this show. She feels vaguely self-conscious with all these eyes on her, but that's what she gets for letting her temper get away with her. And she's not going to fail Ru.

Jason allows himself to sip from Thrud's special honeymead, a drink is a drink after all. "My people are often full of surprises, and especially when they hold grudges they can be filled with a certain fiendish creativity" Jason explains to the Valkyrie sitting at his table even while she siddlesaiddles closer, "Trying to steal away her intended will have her quite enraged, she may hold some surprises." He sounds hopeful there, Dodekatheon pride is on the line after all!
The way Rufus is staring at Tyr and then at Odin, he looks like he'd love nothing more than to deck them both. Fortunately, he's not suicidal. He reigns in the urge and clamps it down tightly. Fingers curl and clench into fists at his sides, and silently, he listens to the lectures and the explanations. They do nothing to ease the fury, and the words he growls beneath his breath might have been something like an apology for his father. Hard to tell. With no choice in the matter, he turns his face to Vette and watches her from where he stands beside Tyr.

With all that said and done, Tyr nods and chuckles softly. He knows his son is angry, but at this point, he really doesn't care either. He hrmms for a few moments as he looks towards the gathered crowd. "As stated, this is a free battle. The two women will be in a shield and the first to tap out or become unconscious loses." he says firmly and resolutely before he steps out of the center of the great hall.

Odin himself puts down the unseen shield, so that no one can really break in or out, with the exception of the gods themselves (excluding Maia/Haldor/Jason unfortunately).

Maia squints a little as she beams brightly and leans in against Haldor, clsoing her eyes. "You aren't short, you're hugenormous!" she squeaks, offering the Viking a tight squeezy hug. For once, she's happy she doesn't have to do anything and can just relax as she watches ratherinterested for now. She peers towards her future in laws and hrmms. "They won't have a round 2 at the actual wedding will they?" she's hoping they won't for that would be tres tacky.

Thor chuckles softly and winks towards Haldor. "No, they shouldn't. But Utgard Loki's daughter was quite enamored with you. Only nwhen she heard of Maia's exploits and what she did to that one demigod of Legba did she actually gain respect. I heard you were quite scary, Maia." he says with a hearty laugh.

Thrud continues to lean against Jason. Hopefully he'll get drunker by the minute as she nods. "It should be interesting. Hel hath a woman scorned or something like that. He rejected Mist. She wants to win now just for her own pride if anything else. I know Mist is not interested in the snakecharmer anyway." she says softly.

And that's when Mist looks towards Vette before giving her a come hither motion. "Little girl, I shall give you the first honor. Please, show me what you can do." she says with a bright smile.

Haldor's icy blue eyes jerk up toward Thor and he makes a 'cut it out' gesture with one hand. You don't go telling the fiancee that another woman was enamored with him, even if Maia's terrible wrath frightened off her potential competition. Especially when your son is kind of blase about said enamored woman. Nothing but pain and horror can come of this.

Failing to silence Thor in time, Haldor guzzles mead in hopes that it will cure this ill too.

"Too kind." Vette smiles a hard smile. Jason wasn't far wrong. She's got plenty of fury to fuel her fire. She takes out her pistol, but since this isn't a duel to the death she doesn't go firing the thing. She charges forward with a wordless roar, the shield casting an eerie light on her pale skin as she lashes out to attempt to pistol-whip the Valkyrie right across the face. It's /meant/ to be insulting as well as an honest attack. Like the proverbial gauntlet across the face, Bronx style.

Jason is not drunk yet! He does have epic stamina like woah and so the man can hold his drink. Of course.. this is divinely potent Asgardian mead and he might now be leaning a bit more against Thrud than would normally be the case. Quietly he says, "Course not. Obvious she's being put up to it, someone is working real hard to make a point. If she can find an honorable way out and toss the match you think she will?" Then Vette is charging and he lets out a supportive "Woo!"
This can only end in tears. Rufus grits his teeth as he watches Vette charge, but despite himself, he smiles just a little. Having backed away as well to make room for the ring and the shield surrounding it, he folds his arms tightly across his chest and exhales a rush of breath. For now, he struggles to keep his mouth shut, to be a silent presence… But when she smacks the woman across the face with his pistol, his smile twitches a little wider in pride.

Once thought to be merely dozed off, Hikaru apparently slipped off sometime during the entertainment in a bleary stupor, thus freeing Maia from having to be his pillow. Of course, this probably wasn't a good idea, as when he wandered off, he doesn't quite recall what he's been doing. When he finally snaps out of his drunken reverie enough to realize his situation, he's curled up next to a blonde braided woman twice as tall as he is, with breasts bigger than his head. And not both of them combined together, just one. "Wait, what?" he says, looking around, batting his eyes curiously. "What just happened?"

"That girl just pistolwhipped the Valkyrie. It doesn't look like it did much of anything." she whines softly as she takes a deep breath and purses her lips. Maia looks towards Haldor and raises her brows as she lets her fingers entwine with his, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. "And don't worry, darling, I know how she felt about you. She was a juedge during the Iron Chef Aesir and Jotun edition remember? She gave you perfect scores." she says with an impish giggle as she continues to lean against him. «See, I'm not in a bad mood, as long as you don't follow after your dad's footsteps and have an affair with a giantess.» That's said telepathically. She knows about Thor and Jarnaxa afterall.

Still there's a thwap as the Valkyrie doesn't move out of the way in time. She blinks for a few moments and lets out asot chuckle under her breath. Instead she just crosses her arms over her chest as she hrmms. "I almost felt that girl. You think you can marry an Aesir with such a weak strike like that? We do not accept those who would be the first to die in Ragnarok." she mocks. "Try again." she says firmly and resolutely.

Thrud meanwhile continues leaning against the handsome Olympian. Or pseudo Olympian. "Perhaps, but she does like the thrill of battle. Mistr is one of Odin's personal Valkyries. If he says that he doesn't want that girl marrying the son of Tyr, she will make sure that doesn't happen. Even if it means assassinating the poor girl later. And from the looks of it, I don't think she'd putmuch resistance. This is a one sided fight I feel." There's atone of disappointment there, but she's totally counting on Mistr pummeling Vette to the ground. It's a Valkyrie pride thing afterall.

Haldor smirks at Maia and sighs, kissing her on the cheek. The Viking casts a glance toward Vette and Mist, one eyebrow arching as the Valkyrie deflects a gun slap with her face. A thoughtful expression crosses his face as Haldor looks from Mist to Vette and then, eventually, to Scriv.


The fact that the woman won't fight /back/ is what makes Vette actually lose her temper. "SHUT UP AND FIGHT ME YOU BITCH!" She roars. She keeps the gun, but she's using it more like brass knuckles than a gun now. She aims a hard strike right at the Valkyrie's throat, enraged that she's just standing there with her arms crossed like she's nothing. "YOU RAISE YOUR HANDS AND FIGHT ME OR I'LL FUCKING MAKE YOU FIGHT ME!"

Jason continues to down mead and lean more against Thrud the drunker that he actually gets. "Mhm. She's a daughter of a smith God. I bet she did something sneaky before coming. Just watch. She probably planted explosives in the ale supply or something. Right time comes and it's all going to go boom." Solemn and somewhat inebriated nod as Vette goes screaming and hitting and he offers, "Or you know. She could just be doing that."

Lifting his chin a touch, Rufus' smile broadens ever further to hear Vette screaming and cursing. He takes a half a step forward for a better view of the action down in the ring. Silent, unwilling to speak, he never looks away from the redheaded lady as he cheers her on in his head.

Hikaru doesn't really know who to cheer for, but he's entertained nonetheless, and joining the rowdy crowd in their cheering and the like. He slides away slightly from whatever woman made of boobs that he was leaning against and grins up at her sheepishly. "I didn't promise to bear you a son or anything, right? I'm just checking. Sometimes I say hilarious things when I've been drinking. Not that you wouldn't be fun to breed with, if I weren't afraid you'd suffocate me with your… your… ah…" — he can't even finish that thought. Red-faced, he looks back to the fight.

"No little man. It's quite alright." The woman, or rather giantess who belongs to the pair of boobies Hikaru ran into would be Angrbodr. She's absolutely stunning and lets out a cheery smile before she snickers the entire time. "What do you think of the fight so far?" she asks curiously.

And as he looks, he'll notice what happened. Mist, or rather Mistr coughs. Her eyes widen as she wasn't expecting such a movie from the feisty little redhead and she recovers after a few moments before she starts skating around on the ring. "Okay, now I know you can actually punch though that was not exactly the most honorable move one could have made." And with Uller's stride, she makes the little arena icy as she zipzaps, zooming from side to side with her lightning sprinting abilities. Hopefully Vette has divine balance or a cat's grace lest she be put at another disadvantage on the arena.

Maia accepts the kiss as she raises her brows and looks towards Haldor. He didn't respond to what she telepathically told him. There's a little nudge on his leg before she watches and hrmms for a few moments, pursing her lips the entire time. "Oh dear… it's all icy now." she frowns.

Thrud was shocked. Mistr actually looked like that hurt! Her eyes widen as she hrmms. "Your family seems very… feisty. Are they all like that?" she inquires.

Haldor's leg is nudged and he jerks against Maia, eyes suddenly shifting from staring off into space by Scriv to look at Maia. One eyebrow quirks at her and he leans in to kiss her on the forehead again, snugging his fiancee close. Loyalty kicks in and the Viking's face looks almost hurt as he processes her telepathic statement.

"That's downright insulting, Maia."

The Viking looks away, squeezing Maia tight in his arms as he fixes his attention upon the makeshift arena/skating rink. Haldor furrows his brows further and frowns as he considers the situation at hand, icy blue gaze shifting from the arena to Scriv and Tyr and then back again.

Vette does not appear to be losing her footing. She stands with her legs akimbo as she watches the Valkyrie start this zig zagging. She pulls out a flip top lighter and quickly loads fire into her gun. Then she raises it and fires a shot. This is a Valkyrie. She can fucking well take it. Vengeance is making fire roar in her veins, making her eyes blaze with fury, making her forget this is a friendly contest at all. As she fires she snarls, "Not the ice capades."

"One of the things we're known for" Jason explains to Thrud, "Hopeless last stands. Tackling the impossible fights. Not uh.. that this is an impossible fight or a hopeless last stand of course" No.. no.. not in the least! "Gets a lot of us killed of course, but it lets us press on too sometimes when our enemies least expect it."

The urge to shout advice and loud encouragement is difficult to resist. Rufus clenches his hands into fists all the more tightly and exhales a tight breath through his teeth, also resisting the urge to go put his face right up against the shield. Only briefly does he actually look away from the fight, getting a feeling that he's being watched. He turns his head to look around the hall, eventually peering up at the table in Maia and Haldor's direction. For awhile he studies his cousin in turn, an apologetic grimace flickering over his face.

Hikaru turns his attention back to the fight, considering. "It's interesting, milady," he tells Angrbodr. "I'm actually not sure who has the advantage. But all things considered, I think they need to ice skate less and catfight more! I want to see some of the good stuff. Hair pulling, clothes ripping, huge naked breasts, and oiled up women groping one another while the rest of us stare in shocked and uncomfortable silence. And also, see more punches that have the force to shake acorns off of Yggdrassil and send them plummeting to Alfheim below. And then the Alfar can be like, "Why is all this crap falling from the sky? Damn partying Asgardians." — he leans against the giantess again affectionately, casually using her leg as an armrest now. "Oh, and then we can all sit down and drink and talk about how awesome it was. It's just as exciting as watching the sumo championships in Kyoto back home, except the women are a lot better looking here, and I'm not sure whether the shieldmaidens or the sumo have bigger breasts. So, ah, you don't mind short boys cuddling up next to you, right?"

Gods. Is he really saying this? Someone should probably tell him 'no more mead'.

Angrbodr just stares at Hikaru for a few moments. The foxy one is quite talkative. As she listens, she lets out a booming laugh as she wraps an arm around him and nods before taking her seat once more. "Yes, we may cuddle!" she replies with a soft chuckle under her breath, giving him a squeezy hug. "There are many rather large breasted women amongst the Aesir. To be quite honest, I think Freya's are fake." she says with a serious look on her features.

Triple loop combination with a triple lutz! Mmm, Kellan Lutz. But wait, must focus on the scene. Mistr is quite the accomplished figure skater. It's something that's done up here in Asgard where it's cold and there's ice and there's Uller. She's about to go into a triple axel, when blam blam! The shots are fired and it strikes her in the shoulder, causing her to miss her step and it only is a double before she lands. She too has divine balance and blinks as there's something warm and wet on her shoulder. It's her ichor. The bullets pierced her skimpy bikini mail and she blinks for a few moments. It looks like she's in shock. She hrmms and just gives Vette that 'oh no you didn't look as lightning starts to crackle on her finger tips.

"Ahhh, I see now you are serious." she says as she grins wryly, the winds starting to whirl around her as she starts channeling her best Halle Berry as Storm. She starts approaching as gale force winds start to go around her. Still, she's not putting everything into it as the winds don't exactly grapple Vette into submission. But she's still building up more force lightning as she gets closer and closer. "Do you want me to be serious, Miss Adams?" she asks curiously.

Meanwhile, Maia lets out an apologetic little meep. She didn't mean to be insulting honest! She squirms uncomfortably as she wraps both arms around Haldor's massive frame and offers yet another squeezy hug. She whines a little before burying her face into his chest. She never was a fan of competition like this. It's not right. There's no balance. It doesn't seem fair. Still, she talks into his head for now.

«Sorry! I didn't mean to. It's just all your uncles, aunts and family are so.. pretty. I feel awfully plain.» Awww, she's insecure! Jarnaxa is app 9 afterall. There are gorgeous giantesses.

Thrud meanwhile oooohs and nods. "Oh dear, it seems that your relative has taken first blood. That is either a good thing or a bad thing. Mistr thrives on blood." she whispers before polishing off her own goblet of mead.

"How do you think I feel? You fit in better than I do on that count," replies Haldor. The Viking smooches the top of Maia's head as she buries her face in his chest. For a good two minutes, Haldor just holds her close in his arms and tries to comfort her whilst he broods over something.

Eventually the Viking gets to his feet, kissing Maia on the cheek again, "Pardon me a minute?" He starts slinking over toward Scrivner, whose apologetic grimace is noted and catalogued in the back of Haldor's head. For the moment though, Haldor just concentrates on being as inoccuous to the other divine observers of the match as possible while he winds his way over to Scriv, folding his arms across his chest as he draws up beside the Tyrson.

"I've been telling you to get serious since the beginning," Vette says coldly, raising her gun once more. "I don't care that you can grind me into paste, if you can. I really don't. Don't insult me. Give me your best shot or this whole thing is just a stupid farce." She pulls the trigger once more, not bothering to hold back anymore as she takes a step forward. "I want to beat you because I beat you, not because you handled me with kid gloves like a child."

Jason lets out another "Woo!" at the mention of Vette and first blood. He knows who he is cheering for in this encounter. Family first! "It's only a good thing. Even if she loses now she'll have done something worthwhile." Speculative look goes towards Hikaru and he asks Thrud hopefully, "I don't suppose they do shed clothing the longer match goes on? And get out the oils? Although considering she's now got fire loaded into her gun I guess some nice flammable oils might not be such a good idea after all."

Since he'd been watching the pair, it's impossible to miss the fact that the Thorson is rising and approaching. Rufus watches in silence, his own arms folded across his chest, as he looks up… and then a little bit further up to meet Haldor's eyes. Mouth tight, he turns to look away from the man and continue to watch the fight growing ever more serious down in the ring. "You must be Haldor," he says, quietly as he can, though loudly enough to be heard over the ruckus. Which…. means he shouts, but far more sedately than the rest of the crowd. "I've heard a great good deal about you and the legendary deeds you've performed. I'm sorry about this. This isn't right. This is your feast, your moment, yours and Lady Maia's. We should all be congratulating you, not…" He lets that sentence trail off, but he gestures at the ring with a flick of his hand.

Ever seen one of those little squeezy baby dolls that toddlers play with? That's Hikaru right now, except replace 'toddler' with 'MILF giantess'. And he's not making any squeaky noises. Yet. He's now being cuddled by a really huge woman, and doesn't seem to mind it, even though painful worries of Lenny, rabbits, and Of Mice and Men come to mind — or Bugs Bunny and the Abominable Snowman for some. Actually, being hugged in such a way gives him a better vantage point with which to see the action in the pit of doom, or icecapades, or circle of wills, or whatever it's to be called in here in the Asgardian stronghold. "What are they fighting over again? A man, right? Silly. Rufus must be elated, though. He's probably sitting over there with an ego the size of…" — he looks over his shoulder. Boobs. Big giant ones. Don't say boobs, Hikaru. Don't say boobs.

"… boobs."

And somewhere, Inari is either facepalming or laughing his/her tail off. Or both.

Maia feels a lot better when she's hugged and kissed. As Haldor has to leave, she nods and understands his concern before she starts chatting amicably with her future in laws once more. She scrunches up her nose bfore checking in on Hikaru every now and then as she facepalms when she catches a bit of his last statement.

Angrbodr just laughs heartily. She has a sense of humor at least. "Yes, the breasts of many the Aesir and Vanir women are quite big. I feel that considering his actions, his disrespect for his father and the All-Father of the Aesir, Rufus probably has the ego much larger than all the breasts on Asgard combined. At least his father is understanding though. If he were my child, I'd have given him a rough spanking and booted him from the realm." she saysfirmly and resolutely. It's a good thing Angrbodr isn't his mom.

There's another hit of the flaming bullet, and a twang off her shoulder as the valkyrie just shakes her head. "If that is what you wish for. At least I figured I would give you a fighting a chance. The opportunity to not look like the fool in front of your potential in laws, but if thatis what you want." And it's now the end game for Vette. Or at least in the Valkyrie's mind anyway. She suddenly starts moving at preternatural speed intending to put the young woman intoa sleeper hold. A clinch so to speak and a squeezy glomp of doom. Should shesucceed, she leans in and whispers something only Vette can hear…

Thrud ooohs as her Valkyrie sister is getting serious. "Mistr is not serious. At least not now. If the child wants to marry an Aesir, she must defeat Mistr in fair combat." she explains to Jason as she's a bit drunk herself and leans against Jason.

Haldor tips his head to Scrivner as the Tyrson speaks, a wry smile spreading across his face. Slowly the Viking leans over and intones in a bass rumble, "I have pretty enhanced senses. You don't need to shout." The Viking straightens up again and regards Mistr's decision to put Vette into a sleeper hold.

"Not your fault, cuz. I kinda wish I knew a way to stop it though, not nearly enough use of custard for a catfight, y'know?"

The Viking pauses a moment and looks at Scrivner again, slowly shifting his gaze toward Tyr. Haldor arches a red eyebrow at Tyr for a few moments before looking back to Scrivner.

"So you're really in love with her, huh?"

Right now Vette is in something of a taking, and she's going to try to wriggle out of this woman's hold. The woman's whisper doesn't seem to change her resolve in the least. She just tries to get free, refusing to give up, even though it's likely that in a few minutes she's going to be having a nice Night Night time rest on the floor of Asgard. She doesn't roar or banter back; she's got to save her breath for giving herself more fight.

Jason keeps leaning against Thrud as he watches the fight play out, regretfully he says "It doesn't look like that will be today. Still.. she has time. She'll have to learn a good bit more than she knows now but if she loves him I'm sure she'll find a way."

When the valkyrie catches the redhead, Rufus has to fight back a grimace. He draws in a slow, tight breath through his teeth, jaw so tense it could damned near crack. He jerks his head just once in a nod, giving Haldor a flicker of a wry smile. Right, no need to shout. He lets his voice drop again, speaking quietly instead. "I am," he says. "She … may not be very strong, but she is intelligent and determined. She was ready to stand with us and accept death at Ragnarok with the rest of us for my sake." Again he looks up at Haldor, trying to muster a smile, but it falls fairly flat. "I could ask for nothing more."

"A child? YOU?" Hikaru asks, feigning shock at Angrbodr's mention of rough spankings and other delightful diversions. Ahem. "And why would a young, beautiful woman such as yourself ever be thinking of having children? Why, you're FAR too young and beautiful to be considering children at this point, especially an unruly one such as Scrivner-san!" he says. Oh yes, he's flirting by ways of compliments. And teasing Rufus from afar. And also hitting on Loki's baby mama and Fenrir's mom. Maybe she has a thing for shapechangers and tricksters. Maybe that's why she hasn't turned him into a fine red paste yet. But Hikaru doesn't know any of that. Delicious irony is delicious. His attention drifts back to the fight: "Oh! Looks like the tide's turning. Vette-chan wanted her to step up. I think this could be the end, one way or the other. This could be over any moment now…"

"Oh, you flatter me with your compliments. Be careful or Loki might get angry with you." she says teasingly, letting out an impish giggle as her cheeks become rosy red from blushing. Angrbodr hrmms for a few moments and nods, hrmming for a few moments. "Aye, the Valkyrie was toying with the child of Hephaestus. Valkyries can be bitches like that.."

Maia has to agree with that. She hrmms and purses her lips, wrinkling her nose as there's hooting and hollaring from the sides at the fighting. She sighs and hrmms as she really wishes there'd be shirtless men fighting for her entertainment instead. Somehow she feels this is all terribly sexist and starts to chat about these things with Sif, who agrees wholeheartedly! Maybe they should move to Terra, become her avatars and make men their playthings. Yes.. that is a good plan.

And then there's Mistr who starts squeezing and generally squeezing the air out of Vette's lungs.She's not gentle at all. Surely there will be bones breaking. Perhaps a rib or two or three. Nothing life threatening as she continues and whispers something to Vette once more.

And there's Thrud bouncing now. "Mistr is finally finishing it! I feel bad for her you know. Odin asked her to do this. She doesn't even find the child of Tyr all that attractive." she tells Jason.

"I see," replies Haldor.

The Viking frowns slightly and shoots a glance toward Odin and his mighty granite throne. A moment later, Haldor shoots a glance toward Maia - apology in his eyes - before he looks toward Thor. Oddly, Thor gets a look that mixes 'thank you' with 'sorry this is so stupid'. Within seconds the wind within Gladsheim's hall whips up, though Haldor keeps it down to a quite manageable level - he's not going on the attack after all, he just wants to startle people.


Haldor's voice booms out louder than should be physically possible, even for an As of his stature. The Viking shifts his stance slightly, fixing his gaze upon Odin though he somehow presents the impression of watching Tyr at the same time. Parallel Attention is one of those knacks that makes the world need a dose of acid to make sense again.

"All Father, I humbly request an end to this. It is hardly the sort of "sport" I want at a celebration of my engagement, much less a celebration of our triumph over Titan forces last eve. We are /AESIR/, powerful warriors and noble of spirit no matter what others may think. There is nothing to gain from a confrontation like this - it proves only that which we wouldst already know if we but looked into their eyes when we ask if they love one another.

"Test her, if you must, in the same way as you have tested my beloved. Let her step up to true challenges of spirit, of skill, of power, and of Aesir virtue, not merely thrust her into some barbarous bloodsport. We are more than blood-frenzied berserkers, we honor the cunning warriors as highly as we honor the valiant infantryman or the raging bersark. Let a test of their resolve, their determination, their war-forged love for one another reflect such honor, such virtue, such integrity. Let us show the other Pantheons that we are more than we seem in their eyes.

"Please, All Father, Tyr, consider my words."

Not a bad speech considering Haldor isn't even sure of what Scriv and Vette's names are.

Vette wouldn't have minded hearing that speech, and she would have liked Haldor a long time for it too. But Vette has gone ni ni. She's snoozing rather peacefully in Mistr's arms—well, if one can call being unconscious like a sack of potatos snoozing. But that she's lost the fight is rather obvious.

"Well…" Jason says to Thrud, "I hope Mistr winds up enjoying him anyways. They were fighting over him. If he doesn't go and live and uh.. make merry with her now until Vette can win him back he's kind of dishonoring both of them right? I'm sure a little practice and toughening up and she'll be ready for a round two to get him back in a few months." Haldor gets eyes rolled in his direction at the speech and he asides to Thrud, "Well. There goes the hope of a dignified loss from an honorable challenge given and accepted."

She's lost. Rufus gazes down at the ring with his chin held high and a tight grimace, lips bloodless and white from being so tightly pressed together. Silently, he smiles a little, sadly and yet proudly. She gave it her best shot. He could ask for nothing more. When Haldor begins speaking, his head whips around and he blinks up at his cousin, taken aback by the speech. Not that he'd been saying anything to begin with, but it leaves him standing in stunned silence. And slowly, gratitude brings another smile.

"Haldor's words are… wonderful. That was a fantastic speech," Hikaru mentions to Angrbodr, and of course, anyone else who's listening to him. Haldor and Maia's little press agent. And thanks to his Social Chameleonry, even an androgynous Japanese boy seems to fit in just fine in a room filled with He-Men and She-Ras. "Haldor really has the potential to do Asgard proud, don't you think? I'm very happy that he and Maia are to wed. I really think that this could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship between the people of Asgard and my people. It is important that we all remember that their union is why we're all here today," he says. With a smile, he extricates himself from the cuddly grip of the giantess and makes his way back over toward Maia and Sif. It would appear that he's sober enough to have full control over his senses now. He, offers a respectful bow and then seats himself where he was before he'd gotten up and wandered off!

The one eyed All-Father of the Aesir hrmms as he continues to lean on the right side of his granite throne. He looks towards Haldor and hrmms for a few moments, stroking his chin as he does listen and lets Haldor complete his speech as he nods for a few moments. He takes a deep breath and purses his lips.

"Haldor, you have once again proven that you are worthy to sit with the rest of the Aesir. Your wisdom and your compassion are beyond someone of your years and experience, but there are several key differences in their relationship and yours. I do apologize for having this experience upon your engagement party, and for that you have my own humble apologies." he says with a bow of his head to Haldor, Thor, Sif, and Maia.

With a deep breath, he continues. "THe first point is from the news we have received, Miss Adams wishes to renounce her relationship with the Dodekatheon. Hephaestus is truly distraught about this and considering the status Olympus is in, our allies cannot afford losing one of their promising demigods. We do honor cunning warriors, but this fight has shown no cunning. Instead, it showed me two impetuous children whose love for each other, while honorable, showed me no maturity on their ends. Scrivner not only disrespected his father in front of the rest of the Aesir and Vanir combined, but he disrespected /me/ as well. You nor Maia have ever once showed disrespect to the gods in your own pursuits of happyness. In addition, this was a test. Perhaps it was inappropriate to have this test here and now, but it was still a test. We are powerful warriors of noble spirit, but instead I have heard curses spewing from an angry young woman. Even when the daughter of Utgard Loki was showing her interests, Maia sat at the same table with her and was an impartial judge at your own challenge in Jotunheim." he continues and lets out another soft sigh. "If Miss Adams is to join the Aesir, she must show our virtues: Courage, which she has shown by challenging my Valkyrie, Mistr. Expression. Endurance. Loyalty. I do not know of Expression, but I certainly question the last two considering the circumstances. Your words have been considered and that is my decision."

So it has been said, and so it will be done. The unseen shield lowers and Maia hops over towards the table coming to the aid of Vette. She feels terrible about the whole thing. That much is obvious as she checks on the older woman before she forces a smile as she looks up towards Mistr. There's another whispered apology as wounds are tended too, flesh is sculpted, bones are mended and soon, Vette should be coming to.

Thrud is speechless as she nods and beams brightly towards Jason as she points towards Haldor. "That's my younger brother." she squeaks, very proud of him as she nods before she looks at the downed Olympian and her Valkyrie sister both sympathetically. That was a sucky situation to be in.

Angrbodr nods as she hrmms, pursing her lips as she smiles cheerily towards Hikaru. "Then you will be here more often! I like you! You are fun! Perhaps I shall show you my own village in the nine worlds. You will be welcome. I think your humor would have a good effect on mypeople. They are feeling listless and lost in their own ennui of the impending Ragnarok." she says with a sage nod before she lets him go to go over Sif.

While Odin is mulling Haldor's words, Haldor leans over and stage-whispers to Scrivner.

"Sorry my timing sucks. I wasn't expecting that sleeper hold to put her out so fast."

By the time Odin starts to speechify right back, Haldor has straightened up and regards the All Father. He folds his arms behind his back, icy blue eyes regarding Odin evenly as Haldor considers the best way to answer that.

"I thank you for your consideration, All Father."

Haldor bows to Odin as respectfully as he can, straightening up a few moments later as he fixes his gaze on Odin again.

Vette is awake, and for a moment she wishes she weren't. She's still here, on the floor, and she was half hoping she'd escape all the humiliation of being here on the floor and just wake up in her bed instead, maybe about 4 days after this happened. Still, she summons up a smile for Maia. "Thanks," she murmurs, catching on quickly that she was healed. She sits up, draping her arms over her elbows, and says quietly, "I shouldn't have done this at your feast. I'm sorry. Events happened…fast." She glances up at Mistr, flushes, but nods to her. She'll remember her words. "I apologize for what I said to you," she says in a low voice. Given what Mistr said to her, that seems…called for.

"You have nothing to be proud of in this instance" Jason says grimly to Thrud, "An honorable loss would have at least been honorable. She proffered the challenge, fought bravely, and lost not having given an inch. There was much to be respected in that, and because of those words some of that has been taken away. He had made her look weak and powerless and in need of a strange man to defend her from a fight she chose. Be proud of your sister of the sword if you must be proud of anyone, she at least has behaved honorable and well throughout this affair and done as her duty commanded her to do." Rubbing at his eyes he grumbles, "Well. Done is done. If she has issues with it she'll settle them in her own way. Thank you for your companionship throughout the fight, and for that most excellent mead."
The fury rises up in him again, and Rufus struggles to keep it beneath his control, clenching his fists down at his sides. He glances quickly over his shoulder at Vette, then back at Haldor. "Thank you, Haldor, for standing up for us," he murmurs in reply. "I will never forget it." He grits his teeth, and then he steps forward, lifting his voice to call out, "All-Father, may I be permitted to speak? I wish to offer my apologies."

Hikaru smiles warmly at both Sif and Maia. "I just wanted to say thank you so much for inviting me here. I wouldn't miss it for the world. It makes my… interesting situation so much more enjoyable. Even if I'm gone, Maia, I know you have a good family and a good man to take care of you. That's just about all I could ask for. And this place," he says, nodding his head toward Sif and also Odin, should he even be looking his way, "is so much more wonderful than the stories I read in books. The tales of mortalkind don't do it justice. It…" — he shakes his head. For a moment, he looks saddened, but he finds a smile: "Congratulations, Maia. Haldor. Shiawase: eternal happiness."

Maia smiles warmly towards Vette making sure all the wounds are healed. "I apologize for Haldor. It was your loss, you fought the best you could have. I hope the others do not think that the fight was stopped because of him. You were fighting for your man, and that, I can respect. I'd do the same." she whispers softly with a cheery smile before looking towards Mistr. "And you too, you were doing what was asked of you. Without question. I think you both did great." trying to reassure the both of them before she heads back towards her own table, sighing at the drama-rama that happened at her engagement party. On the way back to the table, she reaches out and reaches for Haldor's hand, offering a squeeze before letting go unless he decides to follow her back to their table. She eventually settles with HIkaru and raises her brows as she awwws and offers him a squeezy hug. "You'll be there. You have to be my bridesmaid and uncle or aunt to all our godbabies. You're wonderful with the others, so yeah." she chirps merrily, thinking of other more fun things now.

Thrud nods as she looks towards Jason and offers him a squeezy hug. "I agree, but still, I am proud of Mistr. I will always be proud of my valkyrie sisters." she says, now a little more than drunk considering she's been drinking the entire time. "And you are quite welcome!"

Odin raises his bushy brows and just gives Scrivner a skeptical look for a few moments. He hrmms, stroking his chin before he gives a dismissive wave. "You may speak."

Haldor's hand gets entangled with Maia's. Before he is tugged away, the Viking claps Scriv on the back and offers one of those trademark Thor-line Charisma smiles. The Viking settles down beside Maia and smiles to Hikaru, "You've been drinking the good mead, I see."

Vette watches Maia go, then gets up off the floor entirely. She comes to stand by Scrivner, face grim and blank. He's going to say something, and she's going to stand by him—that's the way it's going to be. Get stronger, that much she knows she has to do.

Jason leans back, more alcohol underway even if the primary entertainment of the evening seems to have wrapped up. "She's strong" he says to Thrud, "Who would win in a fight between you two? You or her? Surely you must spar among yourselves?"
Taking another step forward, Rufus lifts his chin another notch and folds his hands behind his back. "I apologise humbly to you, All-Father, for the direspect given. I meant none whatsoever. On the contrary, sir, when I spoke, I simply found it difficult to believe that you would take an interest at all in my business. I know my place in the hierarchy, and it is a low one. I have scarcely begun to prove myself, and I realise that I have far to go before I can lay claim to any honour.

"I apologise, also, to my father Tyr," Rufus continues. "My father has the reputation of a man who brings his proclamations to pass, and I am well aware of it. When he stated that I was to be betrothed, and that I was to lose the one woman who is more precious to me than anything else in this world, I was stunned and infuriated. I saw no hope, no alternative, and I reacted. Is there a man here who would /not/ be ready to stand up and scream defiance at any who would come between him and his woman? Even if the woman is a proud warrioress, can a man be faulted for being ready to stand in her defence?

"I wish also to apologise to Maia and Haldor. I am so deeply sorry that this had to come to pass today of all days. You are to be congratulated for your kindness and your generosity and your successes. If I could wipe away the events of today, I would.

"I apologise also to any and all who have been offended by my words and actions. When I choose to speak, I am a man who speaks his mind plainly, no matter to whom I am speaking. I… simply did not think. I am sorry." And then he falls silent, glancing briefly at Vette by his side, equally grim.

Hikaru laughs merrily. "Your bridesmaid? I'm not really the appropriate kind of person to be a bridesmaid." he says. "But you shouldn't count on me to…" — he interrupts himself. There's a hint of bittersweetness in his voice. Casually, he takes something small, palm sized, and round from his pocket. It's a little bronze object with something like a mirror in the center of it. His thumb brushes over it. But he puts it away, finding a smile for Maia now. A wedding party is no time to get all emo pee-pee hearted about the fact that a prophetic mirror is telling you that your life as you currently know it will end. And it's true, actually. Nakamura Hikaru will soon be no more. Oh, dramatic irony. Is there anything you can't do?

"Of course I'll be there!" he promises. Even if he thinks he's telling a lie. And to Haldor, he nods! "It has a bit of a kick to it. Never had anything like it. I apologize for anything I may have done during my drunken unconsciousness." — of course, he quiets when Rufus offers his own apologies. That's far more important.

Tyr is still fuming. Even with the apology, he is a grumpy gus, his arms crossed over his chest as he looks towards Scrivner briefly before he just shakes his head.

There's another man who seems out of place amongst the aesir crowd. He purses his lips and starts chatting idly and softly with Tyr before the pair of them leave Gladsheim for places unknown.

Odin meanwhile listens. His brows furrow as he listens to the long speechifying as he hrmms for a few moments and takes a deep breath breath as it seems, as always, the All-Father of the Aesir has a rebuttal for the fledgling demigod.

"IF you were a mere mortal man, perhaps that would be acceptable, for mortal men will have acted in the way you have acted. They react. They see no hope. No alternative and act like a rabid animal that has been cornered. But you, Rufus Tyrson, are not a mere mortal man. You were raised up, your ichor further empowered by the act of your father. This ordeal was not just a test for your beloved, but it was a test for you as well to see how you would react in the face of sudden adversity."

He leaves it at that, not really saying whether the apology was accepted or not. Odin's kind of a jerk like that. He likes people to squirm for a bit. "Either way, this is a party, and so, people should enjoy themselves." he says as he eases on up from the granite throne and starts to head in the same direction as Tyr and Hephae.. erm, that mysteriousman have headed to.

Maia hugs Haldor once more as she listens to the apology and nods. She is still quite sympathetic to the other couple as she scrunches her nose and hrmms, pursing her lips once more as he looks towards Hikaru. "Good! And hey, it's a party, being drunk is fine." she says rather cheerily before she looks towards the other couple once more.

Thrud is now resting her head on Jason's shoulder. She's awfully cosy with him. Awww. Look at the pretty and smitten Thordottir. Magni and Modi are. They do not approve of this apparently. Uh oh, Jason. Big brothers.

Haldor grins playfully at Maia and Hikaru, though he doesn't press the issue. Drunk is good in Aesirland, you know. Actually, maybe that explains a lot. MEADGOGGLES FOR EVERYONE!

Jason is looking a bit toasty himself and is darting dark looks at Magni and Modi. Hmph. Unapproving big brothers are only going to make it more likely for something to happen! It is that whole streak of rebellion thing going on. And Valor. Yes. Valor.

Saying nothing more, the man turns his head to watch his father's disapproving shake of his head, then he looks up to watch the All-Father depart. Rufus studies the group up at the table for a moment, but his desire to stay here and try to make friends and be cheerful has fallen deep through the floor. He turns away after a short while and touches Vette upon the arm, murmuring to her. "We should go. Before something else happens." Then he starts walking away, to try and find some way back down to earth.

Hikaru spends the remainder of his time here socializing, feeling fortunate that he's one of the few to get a chance to visit Asgard. Of course, what is a visit to Asgard without proof of it? Out comes the ever present tiny Japanese cel phone with camera. Turning it around, he holds up two fingers in a V pose and takes a Myspace/Facebook angle shot of the mead hall. Nobody will ever believe that he's not at Disney World, or a costume party, but it's a nice souvenir of his time here.

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