The Division
The Division
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The Division is a group of titan corrupted scions for player use in plots. Information on them individually and as a group will be listed along with personalities, goals, and common ideas for use. Anyone may use the characters or their domain to run a number as long as a log is posted and the current events page is updated with whatever happened. They are not to die unless killed by Zubat in a plot. They are not to act out of character for themselves. *NONE of the information contained on his page is common or even easy to gather knowledge. Please only view or edit if you are running something with these characters.*

++IC Info

The Division is the X-Files of the American Government in Mythic Relations. A band of scions, brought together under the umbrella of the CIA and Homeland Security. That is…the are the branch of the government that deals with Scions, Gods and Titan Threats. Or at least they were. Now after the death of millions in Time Square and the hostile invasion of American Soil by the Atlanteans, the group has revamped it's procedures. Current operations include the following.

-Watching Scion/Titan Activities
-Destroying potential threats in the Scion/Titan Community
-Collecting potential threats in Mythic Relics
-Amassing Power via any means (Money, Faith, favors)
-Amassing an Army
-Amassing Weapons
-Seizing Control of any corner the american dream they can.


The Division was founded shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, calling for Government attention to the realm of the Mythic. Originally more of a Hellfire Club, the group was home to elite officers and Scions that signed up to fight for American in WWII. It remained a small unit of American Scions that accepted government work in order to investigate and deal with paranatural threats. However the Division was reforged in the very ashes of the 911 Tragedy. The Division once a beacon of hope and willpower, became tainted by paranoia of other religions and their gods. Then came the Atlanteans and the Division fell deeper into the black operations. Now Scions could no longer be trusted to conduct themselves civily. A new war is starting and no one is to taken at face value.


The Division is results. They achieve their goals by any means available. The needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the few and that is concrete law amongst the group. If that means they need to blow up a school bus full of children in order to take out a possible threat, they will not bat an eye. They are not all bad people, but given the circumstances, they have become such in order for the greater good. They do not understand however that they themselves are answering to a maddened titan.


All Agents have and carry badges and the might and authority of any CIA Agent.

Head of Division - Agent John Black
Wet Works - Jack Winters
R & D - Dr. Cynthia Forge
Finance, Spin and Contacts - Rose O'Rourke
Dominic Sparks - Espionage and Black Ops
Father James Murphy - Propaganda and Intel

Events Thus Far

Only Read if you don't care about spoilers and are going to run a plot

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