The Death Of Zeke


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Scene Title The Death of Zeke
Synopsis A really long scene

Gene, Layla and Abba are sitting at a table. All three, including the cat, are enjoying tea. "Family business. My mother asked me to come here and lend a few hands with some family duties. Nothing major. Besides New York is the fashion capital of America. So I can always land on my feet." She says taking a sip of her tea. "The coffee is organically grown, I can order some for you if you like, I don't mind." She says questioningly, looking as if she were about to pounce a waiter to order the coffee.

Just beyond the borders of the outdoor cafe, and a little down the block (but only by a set of ten yards or so) would be a parked van. It's a van that may be familiar to a few, airbrushed as it is with vines, plants, flowing water, golden apples, and curvy grecian girls in togas. It's surrounded by a bunch of gangbangers, some of them hanging out the open back, some of them holding an impromptu breakdancing contest on the sidewalk, boombox and all.

"Tea's fine," replies Gene with a subtle shake of his head, an amused smile curling up at one corner of his lips, "Ah, family business. I know that one." A quiet chuckle stirs against the surface of his drink, ripples flowing softly out and away from it.

All non-chalant stride and michevious grin, Nadia strides into the cafe. More then a few of the other occupants glance up and stare. The boys for obvious reasons, and the girls out of sheer and utter hatred…for the most part, anyhow. The girl hardly seems to notice or mind, however. She makes her way up to the counter, a cute, vintage purse (Like everything she owns) tossed over one shoulder. She chews her lip as she peers up at the menu and then grins lopsidedly. "Americano, my good man. Something that strong sounds just about ducky." She winks and glances down into her purse, fishing about for her billfold.

Leonard is out on an errand. The man has a spry sort of step, his movements a mess of quick snaps, flickers of fingers, shifts of weight. Energetic is a good word. He's playing at the moment, juggling two baseball sized black spheres between hands, manging to do a good job of avoiding fatal collision with passerbys for just the moment.

Normalcy, that's all the Viking wanted in his day. So far, he hasn't gotten his wish. Instead, Haldor has had a very busy day killing mutant hybrid Titanspawn and being attacked by the dwarven spirits of objects that were inadvertantly rescued.

After sitting through the hilarity of TNT's Teddy Roosevelt movie with Maia and eating dinner, Haldor's been talked into going out for a few hours on the town. First stop? Coffee. Haldor's in need of some caffeine and a mainline IV of biscotti.

And that is why Haldor Englund, Viking metal drummer and black clothing enthusiast, is walking into a clearly high brow coffee shop with a Japanese college co-ed.

She smiles at Gene. "Well as long as you are sure that you…." Layla's eyes drift around for a moment before returning toward Gene, "As long as you are sure you don't want coffee." She holds up a tray to him. "The petite fours are good here, not overly sweet, but just the right hint of sugar." She points with a finger, "These are filled with a plum jam. Very good, and healthy…" Yeah if you ignore the super sugary sweetness. "As for serving you.. Well I am a hostess, famous or not, right?" She offers him a smile, even still her eyes glance through the crowds once more.

"No, no, the tea's fin…" Oh, hello there. Speaking of boys and their attention, Gene's head turns slowly from the table that he's seated at, and the cup of tea cradled in his hands, to follow the passage of a particularly enthralling young woman that's just walked past. Then a hulking viking is between him and the target of a passing fantasy, and he pauses. "Haldor," he complains, his tone dry and loud enough to be overheard, "You're in the way of my view."

"See, nothing bad has happened yet. If it does…I'll..well I don't know what I'll do. I think I've had enough weirdness for one day.."

And that's the Japanese college co-ed, known to most as Maia..unless you dont know her, then she's just hey you, or that chick over there. She's dressed with her Juilliard hoodie and a pair of snug fitting jeans, having changed out her sundress as she squeezes Haldor's hand as he heads towards the coffee shop.

The young girl peers towards Gene as she gives him a two fingered salute, start to get into the view as well. "You don't need to perve, Mr. doesnt suit you.." she says with a sage and knowing nod.

She fishes a black little billfold out of her purse and clicks it open. She peers inside and withdraws a five dollar bill, a bit worn, and hands it to the somewhat distracted barista. He clears his throat and nods as he takes Nadia's money, and she grins at him and slides her wallet away. She lets out a soft sigh as she turns about, peering about the outdoor cafe, her dark eyes narrowing as she sizes up the various taken and empty tables. She reaches up to brush her fingers through her long, raven hair, and finally begins to approach a small, empty table that rests beside the one occupied by Gene and Lala.

She gracefully slides a chair out and slips into it, setting her purse down upon the table and streching languidly, crossing one leg over the other.

Though The black and white Harley that comes roaring down one of the TriBeCa streets isn't the only to be seen, but it sure is one of the loudest. The engine is killed outside of the coffee shop, as Andre pulls into an impromptu parking space. For a moment, he watches the coffee shop a moment, lips pursing.. and he shrugs, in a 'might as well' manner. Andre kicks down the stand on his bike, before unmounting, and making his way towards said coffee shop - hands tucked into the pockets of his Jacket. "Cou' be worse Ah S'pose." He mumbles under his breath.

Haldor blinks, twitching faintly as Gene starts complaining at him. The Viking twists his head and body toward Gene, a startled look on his face. For several moments, Haldor's quiet; finally he lets out a deep breath that probably no one, least of all Haldor, noticed he was holding.

"Startled the crap out of me, man. I wasn't expectin' to see you… Or hear you."

Only at this point does Haldor move out of Gene's line of sight. He's just in time for Nadia, whom Gene is presumably trying to look at, to disappear behind Haldor's new standing position. This could quickly become an amusing mini-game.

An amused laugh comes from Layla as she places her sunglasses back on and leans back into her chair. She raises her 'sunglasses cloaking' technique to avoid any rabid fanbois or girls from ruining her quiet tea and socializing. "So what brings you to New York, Gene?" She says, "Is it family business as well?"

After several moments in her seat,a server walks up and sets the steaming Americano on the table. She peers down at Nadia and offers a fake smile. "Cream or sugar?" Nadia glances up and offers that usual lopsided grin of hers.

"Neither, doll. Like my coffee black as sin, and twice as tasty." The server's eye twitches and she turns and walks away. Nadia frowns slightly as she watches her walk away and shrugs her gentle shoulders. She reaches down to pick up the cup, blowing at the steam atop it.

"Woo," one of the gangbangers shouts, a mulatto fellow in a black bandana covered in golden apples, pumping his fist in the air as the Harley rolls past, "You go, man! Nice bike!"

"You know me, big guy, I show up when least expected… and just because you've got a boyfriend, Maia, doesn't mean the rest of us aren't still looking," replies Gene, Scion of Discord, with a playful sniff of breath. Then the Thorson is standing between him and the chair, he sighs, and looks back to Layla with a wry smile, "Oh, no. I'm covering the public crucifixion case for the AP, at the moment. Also, I live here."

"I never thought you'd be so obvious. I was hoping you'd be more classy.."

Maia snickers softly as she steps over to the side to cover more of the new woman, just to see what the olderman's reaction would be. She then leans in and stage-whispers, "'re talking to a supermodel..I recognize her from my French Vogue.." and she eases back up, quite pleased with herself.


Haldor half perks up, blinking as he lets his gaze swivel from Maia to Gene to Layla. The Viking is less than aware of fashion, though that might be self-evident in the way he dresses, but hey. Supermodel. Awesome. It takes Haldor a few moments to place Layla, if he can at all pierce her advanced sunglasses masking technique.

Suddenly a black inky darkness covers all of Soho. There's a few screams from passing patrons, but the darkness is only momentary. Not too soon after, the lights turn back on and everyone can see again. Soon, there's a gasp by one of the patrons. Up in one of the t-shaped poles connecting the various powerlines is a young woman in her mid twenties. She's about 5'1 and has a slim, toned figure. She has long dark brown hair that falls down towards the ground as she's hung upside down by her ankles from the top of the pole, almost as if the pole itself was a crucifix of sorts. The woman continues to hang upside down, no visible signs of struggle. But she's dead. Most definitely dead. Yup.

The girl perks up a bit at the chatter at the table behind her, but Nadia doesn't say anything yet. Nadia cocks her head to the side a bit as she idly listens to the conversation, taking a small sip of her Americano black. When everything goes black she sucks in a breath and moves to her feet, her chair scraping out behind her. She sets the cup down and looks about, her eyes wide. When the lights come back on she calms slightly…until the scream.

Nadia turns to regard the woman hanging upside down, and she lets out the held breath.

"Oh, applesauce…"

He's cheered on, and Andre offers a thumbs up towards the 'gang bangers' while a few steps are taken backwards. Finally, he opens the door to the coffee shop and.. looks a moment, brushing off a bit of road grime. First, he looks for a sign - somewhere to actually order a cup of coffee. Or do they bring it to you? Really, Andre looks out of place. Then? The world goes dark, inky dark.. and Andre turns to look at the outside world. "Wha' was…?" He questions, before looking up at the sound of a patron. "Oh Mah.."

"Oh good. Pitch blackness. Because that's always encouraging."

When the lights come back on, Haldor is rubbing his face with one hand. The other has a drumstick at the ready. Slowly the Viking peeks out from between his fingers, looking around cautiously for something wrong. Only after other people start pointing out the woman hanging from the power lines does Haldor turn and look upward.

"… Frigg 'n' Hel."

"Uh… boss? BOSS?"

A call from the hoods over near the van cuts through the darkness, before it sweeps away, Gene's voice lifting in a call, "I'm right here, you don't need… to…" The journalist is already on his feet, one hand in his jacket, when his gaze is drawn up to the crucified young woman impaled upon the pole, staring for a long moment. "Higher and higher in the widening gyre," he whispers under his breath, pushing away from the table and striding towards the pole, pushing past a waiter that's staring in wide-eyed horror.

"Boss?" "Make yourselves scarce, boys." "Got it."

"Something wicked this way comes.."

And that's Maia, muttering something softly under her breath. Before she lights up, the lights have all returned and there's the woman hung upside down on the powerlines, crucified ala Saint Peter style. She wraps her arms around Haldor's giving it a squeeze as she grumps a little and facepalms. "I owe you a coke by the way.." she whispers before taking a quick scan of the area to see if there's anything else that might remain unseen.

"Mother, shed your light so that I may see what cannot be seen.." she whispers, reaching into her back pocket to pull out an ofuda, charging it with a bit of her essence before she looks around, her eyes pitch black as well.

Nadia watches the nearby man begin approaching the dead, hanging woman, and she nods to herself. She begins to cross the street as well, her shoes flopping a bit as she does so. Her eyes narrow as she draws closer to the hanging body, and one hand rises to the necklace of amber and seed that she wears. As her fist tightens about it she stares at the body, more curiosity in her dark eyes then horror. "Tell me what happened. Come on…you can do it," she mummbles to herself, though possibly loud enough for others to hear.

Haldor squeezes Maia quickly in return, but steps away from her. Quickly the Viking makes his way across the street after Gene, looking around slowly as he tries to decide on the best course of action. Almost casually, he makes an inquiry of Gene.

"What do you think the odds are that this is a crucifix like the ones in Times Square that sap the Power out of us Scions and our empowered gear?"

"No. It isnt. The spirits of the dead were around those crucifixes in the little Terra Incognita" Maia whispers ever so softly, speaking up as she looks up towards the body. Both she and anyone else with death senses (or instant investigator) can clearly see that while there are no visible wounds, the way the woman died was horrific. She gags a little, wincing her nose a little as she whispers softly under her breath so hopefully Haldor and Gene can only hear.

"The woman's insides exploded..just decay and rot. But the decay and blood and rot..arent liquidy….they're much you wanna bet what we faced earlier killed her before it came to us. Unless…there's another like it out there somewhere.." she whispers with dread.

Andre reaches for his shoulder, before frowning. "Damn.." He mutters, before looking back outside, towards his bike. So much for coffee. He opens the door once more, and begins to walk across the street once more - towards his bike in a slight hustle. Not that he wants to kill his image of 'cool', but.. you can only look so 'bad ass', when power walking. Attached to his bike, is a guitar case, which Andre begins to unzip, and pull a wicked looking 'axe' from the case. Better safe then sorry, right?

The sultry, slang using girl glances back over her shoulder at Haldor as he tosses about the term 'Scion'. She stares for a moment, the recognition obvious in her eyes, before she turns back towards the hanging corpse. "I didn't hear nothing about nothing when it comes to crosses in Times Square, but anything that's bad for Scions is bad for me," she offers back towards the viking with the drumstick, as well as Gene. She swallows and glances at Maia.

"Don't know what you encountered, doll, but you're spot on with the death…horsefeathers."

Somewhere in the mix, Layla had excused herself to the restroom and has now returned. Her eyes sweep the scene and she frowns. "Oh my.." She says slipping back into her seat. "What's going on?" She asks softly toward Gene and Haldor.

A hand lifts, and Gene sweeps the shades free of his face to get a better look at the dangling corpse for a long moment, barely seeming to blink. "Shit," he murmurs, free hand raising to pinch the bridge of his nose, "…she was divine-blooded, once. She was killed in Times Square. See, there— " A lift of his hand, fingers brushing through the air to indicate a subtle marking on her hand, "— it's one of the Dark Hour's symbols, translating to the Unconscious. No mortal could've gone in there alone. Someone get her the fuck down from there."

"No! The police..let them do it.." and that's Maia once more, shaking her head as she wrinkles her nose, pursing her lips a little as she starts stalking off. "I'm going there. Fuck this shit, if something's killing us then I'm going to stop it.." Hrmm..perhaps after being useless earlier today the girl has something to prove, and that's never a good thing.

"Dead girl. Apparently crucified, but not like the ones in Times Square. Oh and we're apparently doing another big scion meet 'n' greet in the process," remarks Haldor. It's not so much that he's trying to be callous to the death above him, as he's trying very hard not to lose his cool.

Haldor needs no further invitation than that which Gene offers. One moment the Viking is standing there. The next, Haldor is in mid-air, a Viking long sword flashing through the cables holding the woman in place. A few moments later, Haldor is tumbling back toward the ground with the woman in his arms.

Apparently Maia wasn't fast enough on her warning.

She offers a nod slipping her shoes off under the table as she walks over. "Well, how can I help." Layla says wincing as Haldor is air-born then back on the ground. "Show-off.." She comments. Cracking her knuckles Layla walks to the fence of the cafe and lifts herself over and sets her bare feet onto the sidewalk. "So… Plan?"

So Andre stands there, near the woman crucified upside down on the power line with his guitar held upside down in his hands, more like an.. Axe? Though something brings a bit of a frown to his face. He starts to take a few steps back, as if he where preparing a running start - when suddenly there's a flash of Viking through the air. "Wha' you thin' did it?" Andre asks in a thick Creol accent, as he approaches Haldor - guitar slung over his shoulder now.

"I don't know…" A silent moment, before Gene asks, "…do you think Mary's father did this, Maia?"

The journalist turns his head back to regard the others who've come up to offer their aid, and he flashes them a smile that's altogether too warm and bright given the situation at hand. "You three too, eh? Well, time for introductions later, but if you stab us in the back, Haldor curb-stomps you, capische? And it'd be such a waste to do that to you two ladies. The guitar guy — uh — well, that's cool, I'd be okay with that."

"Something bad," replies Haldor to Andre, "Possibly something super-bad, if she's right."

Haldor illustrates 'she' by pointing at Maia with one hand while the other is busy wit hthe fine art of laying the dead Scion down on the ground. Quietly the Viking stands up again, slipping his drumstick into a hoody pocket while he looks at the others.

"So what's the corpse got to say?"

She flashes a rather primal smile as she looks over at Gene. "Well, you know what they say.. When in Cairo, ask your mom for neat toys." Her hand goes to her necklace and then she turns to look at Haldor. "Super-bad? Sounds like fun." She starts walking toward Haldor, barefooted.

"I know what did this.."

And that's Maia once again. What she saw earlier and what she sees now..well it's 2+2 and she's an uberbrain as she continues to walk off. The girl is in a rage as she wrinkles her nose, continuing to walk away from the group.

"The plan is..I don't know.." and the young girl is pissed. Someone got killed because she was off galavanting instead of doing her duty. Uh ohs.

"Super-bad sounds like fun to me." Andre notes, looking at the others who've gathered. "Looks like dad was right, there is fun to be had out here." The man notes, in that heavy accent. Maria is pointed out, and Andre tilts his head. "Feel free to share Chere. Knowing is half the battle, after all." Again, Andre shifts the guitar, hanging it on his shoulder by the strap. The reporter? Is given a glance, head tilting. "I'd hate to be stomped, and miss out on the fun."

Haldor facepalms as Maia continues marching away. The Viking holds up a hand, index finger extended, to the others before he simply blurs into motion. Good lord that is one fast tall man. For a brief moment he is standing in front of Maia. A moment later, Haldor is standing in front of the others again… If everything goes to plan, Maia should be in tow, possibly hefted aloft in his arms ala Lois Lane by Superman.

"Thank you, Haldor," Gene mutters under his breath, stepping over to the fallen corpse and easing himself down to a crouch neat the body. Reaching into his jacket, he pulls out a pair of surgical gloves - don't ask - before checking the body over for a wallet, identification, or something. It's a brisk, efficient body-search - they don't have forever before the police show, and while he might be able to talk his way out of it, it's such a ./hassle//.

Feisty isnt she? There's a bit of a yelp, but Maia knows better than to struggle against her much stronger, much faster beau. Soon she's back, still scooped up in his arms as she looks towards the others, her cheeks burning a bright tinge of red. She takes a deep breath, one that will hopefully cleanse her current boiling of emotion.

"That woman…" she pauses, blinking blankly for a few moments as she's hit with recognition. "She was there.." she continues looking up towards the Viking. "She brought out the coatl.." and there's another pause as she looks to all the other people she doesnt know.

"Storytime it seems..Haldor, please let me know.." her tone quite calm and collected now.

Maia quickly adds, "Gene, stop groping the woman. She's dead."

"Coatl? You mean that serpent thing that helped us knock over the billboards?"

Haldor seems quite confused by this point. Even so, he doesn't let Maia out of his grasp for the moment. She may still be pissed and having her walk off again would probably be a hassle. An impediment to the storytime, even.

"When you cool off," he replies to Maia's request to be put down.

She glances back over toward the cafe and frowns. "Shit.." She says heading back to the table. "I forgot.. I need to be somewhere important." She eyes the scene before and frowns as she puts her shoes on and darts off.

Andre, it seems, has given up on trying to understand. Though, when Maria is 'zoomed' back, he smiles. "Welcome back." He chuckles, before rummaging through one of his jacket pockets. "Ah' could use a little catchin' up ma' self. Dad didn' tell me more then things where hot to trot, in the big apple. Ah'm guessing corpses appearin' out of the inky darkness ain't normal out here.. yet."

"Very funny," Gene mutters under his breath, pushing himself back from the corpse and to his feet. One glove's snapped off, then the other, and he tucks them back in a pocket as he approaches the remaining scions with a slow shake of his head, "No wallet, no identification… someone's already rolled her, or she didn't have anything to begin with." A look to the couple, brows raising as he slips the shades back on, "So. Storytime? And no, big guy, not yet but it's headin' that way."

"Fiiiirst off.." and she facepalms as Layla suddenly disappears. Maia looks over towards Andre, her brows raised. "Who's yo daddy? Do you know a white witch named Helena? Do you know a redhead named Mordecai..or Mordred? Do you know a wimpy bokor named Colm?" She just stares towards Andre for a few moments. She can be fooled by lies, but hopefully someone here would be able to catch 'em.

Names are rattled off, and Andre offers MAIA a look, his head tilted. "Sorry Chere, none of them sound familiar to me. Ah'm kind of new 'round here. Just got the notice that I had to make it out here post haste. They other players on.. our team?" To Gene, Andre grins. "And it looks like Ah got out here just in time then. Didn't want to miss out on all the fun." The man's grin grows into a full blown smile. "Mah daddy? Why he's the Baron!" That comment, of course, is back to Maia.

"The Baron? Samedi? You 'n' Jolie'd get along real well then."

Haldor waves to the escaping Layla, although Maia might not find such an action terribly comfortable. Briefly the Viking considers the corpse again before looking back to Andre, one eyebrow faintly arched as he waits for some sort of break to the tension from Gene or Maia.

"Saturday's sendin' a few of his kids our way, seems like," observes the 'journalist' as he steps back to the group, standing a bit off to one side between the couple of Haldor and Maia, and Andre, one hand lifting up to scratch under his chin, "He's clear. Or he's that good. So what the fuck killed this girl, Glowbug?"

Maia wrinkles her nose as she's scrunched up a bit as she's still cradled in Haldor's arms. She takes a deep breath and sighs softly as she runs her fingers through her hair as she looks over to Andre and Gene. "An Aptrganger did. At least one of the corrupted demon-corpses of frost..which is what we faced earlier today. There were two, and considering I know that girl is not named Johanssen and we didnt see her relics amongst the corpses, it means another one got her."

She points towards the corpse. "Her body is rotted from the inside out. She suffered the full wrath of an aptrganger. They're the souls of the most corrupted humans turned inside out by the Titans themselves. They're roughly the equivalent of…several einherjar..except they lead twisted ones…souls unworthy of Valhalla.." Then she looks towards Haldor with her brows raised. "I think I got it all, right?"

"Oh yeah?" Andre looks a bit surprised, before his smile grows large once more. "Good 'ole daddy is quite the family man, from what Ah hear." He chuckles, "Jolie. Ah'll have to look her up - maybe she'll have a couch for a half brother to crash on." Gene speaks up, and Andre quiets. In fact, as Maia begins to explain what exactly happened? the man's eyes seem to glaze over a touch. "Hoo whee! Must be somethin' right ugly then, yeah? That.. eine- einher- tha' thing unworthy of Valhalla.."

"They're only supposed to come out for Ragnarok, much like the warriors of Valhalla themselves. I could see maybe one or two getting loose on their own, would explain the weaklings I demolished earlier… But the darkness that dropped her here came after they were dead and destroyed. I'd call that the work of more than two."

Haldor finally lets Maia down, though he keeps a strong hand on her shoulder to keep her from wandering away. The Viking regards the body on the ground first and then the cables to which it had been attached.

"Fed the blood of the jotun themselves, the frost giants that is, they're the equal of any member of Odin's personal war band. There's something very bad going on here if warriors of Ragnarok are getting loose."

"Then let's go to Times Square," Gene says with a slight, serious nod, "My sister's probably fairly restless in any case."

Huh. Haldor definitely knows a lot more than he lets on at times. Maia looks up towards him, beaming brightly the entire time as she grins wryly and stretches her arms into the air. She nods with Gene in agreement.

"Sounds like a wonderful plan.."

"Oh, a field trip? I heard a lot about Times Square. Tha' music show. TRL I think. It's done there, no?" Andre chuckles, as he swings his guitar around so that it can be properly 'wielded'. "Maybe I can' get some air time, yeah? Get a few teenage girls to buy an album or two?" A pause. "Wha' we goin' there for anyways?"

Haldor knows a lot about Norse mythology… It's a family thing. Every so often he may pull out a gem of trivia from another set of mythology, but that's from television and the Internet. The Viking shrugs a little at Maia, though he casts a weird glance at Andre.

"TRL's off the air for what? Like two years now, man. Where you been?"

"Also," Gene notes rather casually as they travel, the shadowy flickering of the spires visible in the sky and becoming more so, more real as they draw close, "It's been taken over by… something else."

Oh yeah? Off the air? Well I guess Tha' means I'll have to find anotha' way to get the teenage market, yeah?" Andre chuckles, as he slings his guitar over his shoulder once more. "Wha' they playin' now? Beach house? MTV Raps?" The man shrugs. "Ah' been playin' in the swamps Ah guess. We don' get very many channels out there." The sky grows darker, and Andre hoists his guitar over his shoulder as if where the proverbial axe once more - as the group draws closer.

"Tee-Are-El was totally a Titan plot to smother the minds of our children and our children's children. It worked for the most part..that's why we have an Em-Tee-Vee generation.."

And that's Maia again, leading the group towards Times Square as she starts to step over the yellow police tape around one of the billboards before completely disappearing into the darkness of the Terra Incognita.

A few moments later she sticks her head out of it. There's a Japanese college co-ed's head sticking out of nowhere. "And they only play reality TV now..the Hills..there's Titanspawn if I've ever seen it. We should kill Lauren Conrad just to make sure." and soon she's poofed again.

Once again, Ripper lurks in the dark shadow realm in the middle of the city, moving comfortably through the shadows and keeping watch over the area. He turns as he hears Maia's entrance, and stops to see if she's got a peanut gallery with her.

Haldor looks at Maia for several moments, then he looks at Gene.

"Not one word. Not. One. Word."

The Viking follows Maia in disappearing into thin air as well. It's just a hop, skip, and a jump over POLICE LINE. DO NOT CROSS. tape. Surely nothing bad could possibly happen by violating such a sacrosanct barrier.

"I didn't say anything." Gene's hands spread to either side in a 'who, me?' sort of gesture before he steps along after the viking with a low chuckle, ducking under the police line instead, his head shaking as he murmurs, "People think such terrible things of me."

"They never played nothin' but crap anyways. Maybe Ah'll still get to see it though, the studio. At Titan driven or not - Ah bet they got stat o' tha art recordin' equipment!" Andre chuckles - though he comes to a pause, at the police tape. "Well don' that look interestin'." And, with a shrug? He takes a few steps back, before jumping the tape.

And Maia's waiting inside..oh so patiently for everyone to get through.

"Popular place," Ripper comments to himself as he reclines in the shadows of the spires and watches the others enter one by one.

Haldor turns around after he's clear of the anomaly barrier, smirking at Gene. The Viking doesn't say anything either, but Gene can just tell there's a comment lurking at the tip of Haldor's tongue. A moment later, he's turned around to take note of the surroundings of the ruined landscape.

The old, tarnished pistol is drawn from Gene's jacket as he steps along up beside the others, quiet as he looks over the area.

There is a whoosh through the air, and a shifting of stone as a figure dressed all in skin-tight black, wearing a slick balaclava and an ornate, ebony and gold-traced mask with stylized raven's features drops out of the sky, landing on one of the alrger pieces of rubble hard enough to dislodge it slightly, shift it out of place. The figure - probably male, from its height, build, and lack of boobies - grasps onto the stone with one hand as it rides the slide downward, toward the Spire.

Once everyone is inside, the Terra Incognita is in shambles. There's been an uproar lately with the spilt blood on the ground. It looks fresh. Maia hrmms for a few moments as she looks up towards the masked figure. Not knowing who it would be..cause he's wearing a mask and all, she steps in front of Andre protectively.

"Um..everyone get ready.." she says, pulling out a few sheets of paper from her pockets.

"Mah' mah', this looks like somethin' straigh' out of a video game.." Andre comments, as he takes a look around. Now that he's past the barrier? He actually begins to wield the the guitar, like the axe it so looks like. The figure lands, and begins to ride the rubble down the spire - and Andre points. "Ya'll Got Batman, too?" To Maia, he nods. "Ready as Ah'll be I suppose. Let's get this party started."

Ripper tenses and readies his bagh-nakh. He glides forward to meet the group.

"Well, someone's been havin' fun in here…" The hammer on the pistol's pulled back with a hollow creak, clicking into place with a disturbing note of finality. The descent of the dark figure brings Gene's gaze up, pausing on it, "Now, who's this…"

Maia hardly needs to warn Haldor. The Viking has both of his drumsticks out and in his hands long before she's finished speaking. He flexes just a smidgeon, peering at the sliding figure. Anyone trying to pay attention to his drumsticks may notice that between one moment and the next they have been replaced with Viking long swords.

Straightening up, the figure in black hops nimbly down from the chunk of rubble, bounding from rock to rock until it comes to a rest a few yards from the other, and walks with a swagger toward them, wordlessly. Behind the mask, dark eyes glitter with unknown purpose.

As the figure continues to bounce up and down and all over the place, Maia eases on up, putting her ofuda back into her back pocket. "Relax..I recognize that mask. David showed it to me last night after he slayed a tengu.." she explains, shaking her head a little as she runs her fingers through her hair.

"DAAAAAAAAAVID…next time you do that and scare people I'm letting them pummel you."

"Now all ya'll need is tha X-Men, make this a big 'ole party." Andre chuckles softly, as he continues to watch the masked figure approach. "So.. Wha' we goin' after here? Wha' kind of titan spawn we after? One o' them.. Eni-Enihir - One of them things tha' can't get into Valhalla? Is tha' one?" He points a finger at the figure. And then? Maia speaks up. "He on our side then?"

Ripper snorts in disgust, then looks around. "Right, everyone have your combat boots on? Too many of us here not to be running into trouble."

At the call from Maia, Gene relaxes — a little, anyway. "No," he says dryly, glancing back to Andre, "That's just an asshole."^t

Haldor sighs and facepalms, though his swords notably don't go away. The Viking just shakes his head a bit, stomping one booted foot against the ruined ground.

"Yeah. I got my shit-kickers on, Ripper. Seen any familiar Latina chicks die in the area?"

The figure in black stalks forward a few more steps, toward Maia. With her relaxed, it's quite simply for it to flow a few steps forward, to seize her forearm in one hand, and drag her bodily toward him. Black-gloved hands grip like steel manacles. The figure leans in, bringing its face close to Maia's…and then rockets away into the air, streaking into the sky.

The screech of birds fills the air from all directions.

Haldor pauses a moment, looking toward Andre. "Einherjar. No, we are not fighting the warriors chosen by the Valkyries to dwell in the great meadhall of Valhalla until the time of Ragnarok. We're looking for aptrgangers, the most corrupt of corrupt souls of Man, empowered by the blood of the frost giants to be a match for the Einherjar and hjadningar, Odin's personal war party."

And as she's grabbed there's a look on Maia's features. She chews on her bottom lip, letting out a soft and nervous chuckle.

" can bring me down now…really David..this isnt cool. David..I will hate you forever. Let me back with the others. Someone was killed.."

Why must Titanspawn pick on her? Does she look that easy a target? And please..don't answer. It's a rhetorical question.

"Oh, well.. We got plenty o' those back home. Assholes Ah' mean. Though' I gotta say, At least he's an ass in style, no?" Andre chuckles, watching the masked figure take off with Maia. "They coming back?" Haldor explains again, what they're after. And again, Andre gives that.. blank, almost glazed stare. "Ranger.. things all by themselves?"

"Bollocks," Ripper comments as he attempts to dash after the duo, who have to land somewhere.

As the masked figure reaches out to seize Maia's arms, Gene tenses… and then they're up in the air, and he swears under his breath, his gun swept up in both hands. "I don't think that's Monkey Boy," he hisses out from between clenched teeth, "And if he is, well, too fuckin' bad. Boys, bring 'im down here if you can…"

"… Motherfucker."

Haldor draws back his left sleeve, revealing the Futhark-engraved bracer underneath to the free air as he channels his 'legend'. It takes but a moment or so before Haldor sprints forward… And upward. The Viking rushes skyward, swords held behind him as he runs after the tengu trying to kidnap Maia. He doesn't look happy.

The early-century pistol's brought upwards, the butt braced against Gene's palm as he brings it upwards; eyes narrowing behind the darkness of his shades as he starts trying to get a bead on the flying figure that's just swept away with the luminous scion. "Stupid, stupid, stupid," he mutters under his breath.

There is a thump as the masked figure lands on the roof, silhouetted against the purple-grey cloudcover over the never-dark New York night. The others can see the mask come up and off, can see the figure drag Maia in, shoving what looks like a forced kiss against her.

"Oh shit!" Andre grunts, as Haldor takes off towards Maia, and the masked figure. as he slings his guitar onto his shoulder and does a.. run-jump towards the side of the building, and begins to scale it as if he where born.. scaling.. buildings? "Hold on Chere! I guess this one's more then' your average asshole, eh?"

Mrrgle mrrgle. Maia for once doesnt want to be made out with by a hunky Corrupted Scion. She has a hunky Scion of good on her side for a beau so she blinks blankly as she tries to push him away with her hand. She looks up towards the sky and presses her hand with her magatama ring towards his face, trying to angle the moonlight just right to intensely focus it into his eyes.

"John are so not my type.." she grumps, struggling in his grasp as she quickly mutters a soft prayer under her breath. "Mother! Get this bastard off my grill!" and the light in her ring starts to flash towards his eyes..

While everyone's attention is on the building, on Maia and on the sky, birds streak out of the sky - hordes of them, huge black ravens. The flock of them splits, half streaming toward Gene, half toward Rupert, and coalesce into men - black-garbed figures in ebony and gold masks, holding katanas at the ready. Two of them move toward Rupert, katana blades flashing, and the other two toward Gene. The flickering of blades in the street lights is the only warning before the attacks come.

Honestly Haldor kind of wishes that actually was David. The Viking has this awesome joke rattling around in his head for if it were David. You can just imagine what it is. Instead, it's some unknown person that is forcefully smooching Haldor's date.

As it stands, Haldor is running full tilt upward into the sky and after the faux-tengu and Maia. There is a distinct howl of winds that Haldor almost seems to be running on top of, as if climbing steps, as he chases them. Somewhere along the moderate length chase, Haldor's blades have changed to hammers.

"Hey. Shnoz. You just kidnapped the beach bully's beautiful babe."

And, a moment or so after Maia fires her light beam at his eyes, Haldor swoops in with his hammers swinging. One he aims to club the Man in Black in the side of the head while the other aims for the Man's opposite kidney with all of his terrible strength.

The katana flash in the air—the steel glint of metal appearing from the fluttering shadows of ravens becoming tengu-men the only warning before they strike. The Scion of Discord doesn't even look away from his target, his mind still figuring out the perfect trajectory as he ducks beneath one blade that was aimed to take his head, twisting out of the way with a twirling leap to land over the other that sought his hamstrings.

"Eight ball in the corner pocket, off the bumper," Gene states flatly as he takes the shot in mid-twist around the tengu's strikes; a nearly impossible one into the melee upon the rooftop, the gun that started one of the most bloody wars in history firing off a single round of lead hungry for divine flesh. It sings its battle-song through the air, the sharp hiss of wind torn by metal, arrowing towards the corrupted Scion that's taken such liberties upon the daughter of Amaterasu's lips.

There is a sudden collapse - PervyZeke is down, crumpled like a Jenga stack mishandled by a club-fingered giant. And like Jenga, he's lost - tumbling downward, off the edge of the building. Down, down, falling for an interminable amount of time…until…splat. Well. If he wasn't gone, he is now.

Haldor watches PervyZeke topple over the side of the building, Maia lost to his touch. The Viking finishes his hammer-dragged spin and looks at Maia. It's just a cursory 'Are you visibly alright?' kind of look, but it seems to be enough for Haldor.

A moment later, Haldor has disappeared over the edge of the building with a tremendous zweihander in his grip. Its tip is pointed down, the Viking all but riding the blade as he descends from upon high to impale Zeke's body to the ground. Dead or not, Zeke violated at least three Man Laws just now and, as such, must pay the price.

Rupert smirks as the two raven-creatures come at him with swinging swords. "Bad form!" he calls out, easily ducking under one swing and swaying out of the path of the other. His hand tightens around his bagh-nakh. "Now, watch carefully, chaps." He rolls toward one of them and springs up off the ground, bringing his clawed fist straight toward it's stomach.

He gets there just in time to see the masked figure flop off the side of the building - and Haldor jump off the roof after him. A quick grunt, and Andre offers the now unmolested Maia a mock Salute - as he turns to look off the side of the roof. Are those two bird - things, going after that guy down there?

"Raaaaaagh!" The man yells, as he jumps off the side of the roof - perhaps heard the entire way down. The guitar is held over his head like.. well, an axe. It's death from above! That is, if it works. Else, Andre might be in a whole /world/ of hurt.

Apparently, Andre didn't yell loud enough - or the bird creature was truly occupied by the clawed individual below. Ether way, Andre comes screaming out of the sky, hitting the ground with an /obvious/ bone grinding THUD. Though, the thud is masked by the crunch of a guitar, cutting through the creature from the head, down.
David pages: Sure. It's Times Square and no one's coming in to clean.

There's the easy way of coming down the fifteen yard drop. And there's the cool way of going down. Before Haldor makes his drop to chop up a certain corrupted, she nods and looks around the flying papers in the distance. She takes a deep breath and raises her hand up in the air, the icy blue magatama on her ring flashing in the moonlight. If this were an anime, she'd be having her themesong play now..

Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby

Maia starts to twirl a little, letting out an impish giggle as the paper near her starts to form together, glueing itself due to her will alone. She continues putting it together until there's a giant paper airplane on the top of the building. She starts pushing it towards the ledge beore she jumps in. "Yomiko your heart out!" And down she swoops towards the various tengu wannabes.

As she continues her flight down, she reaches into her back pockets and pulls out a razor sharp ofuda throwing it towards the nearest one. It's a hit n run, baby..or rather a hit n fly..

Haldor rides his zweihander down as it impales the downed PervZeke. By the time his downward velocity is stalled by the friction of the Earth, Zeke's body has been split in twain and myriad organs not already burst by the combination of hammer smashing and horrible, death knell impact with the ground, have exploded, spraying glop and ichor all over the ruined landscape nearby.

The Viking backflips, zweihander impossibly clenched by the pommel between his feet as he backflips. The backflip, giving momentum to his foot-based grip, gives him sufficient force to wrench the zweihander free of Zeke's mangled, pulped body. As he sails backward, flipping, Haldor bends down to grab the enormous sword with his hands again. By the time he lands, he is once more holding a pair of Viking long swords, just beside Zeke.

Although he slips a little, divine power keeps him on his feet. Haldor reaches down to wrench the tengu mask free of Zeke's corrupted, pervy face and weighs it for a moment before hurling it with tremendous Scion strength at one of the tengu beleaguering his dear friend and Perv Shooter, Gene.

It's a feint of course, but if it hits, well… That's just icing on the cake. Half a moment after the mask/dart goes sailing through the air, Haldor starts dashing after it, his Viking long swords held back behind him. They trail him and scrape their blades along the ruined pavement such that they send up a spray of sparks. Haldor leaps into the air, swinging both swords in a symphony of destruction as it were, trying to hack the offending crow-demon into its constituent bits.

The final icing on the cake, of course, comes as Haldor launches himself off of that first tengu and hurtles toward the other tengu harrying Gene. In mid-air, Haldor's swords turn into a single massive hammer. With a roar of fury, Haldor swings it around, attempting to smash the final tengu out of the sky and into the ground itself, perhaps even trapping it there by its beak.

Haldor launches himself at the tengu just after the tengu-mask-cum-dart slams its enormous nose spike into the base of the tengu's skull, voiding the crow-demon the ability to control any sort of bodily functions it might have. It never actually has a chance to hit the ground, dead, before there is a murderous Viking drummer hacking it into all five pieces of humanoid anatomy as illustrated by Voltron.

In the half second it takes Haldor to scale its body and leap toward the next tengu, Haldor also beheads the damned thing. Its head roll away as Haldor sails through the air, hammer at the ready. Haldor's mighty and meaty masher thunders into the tengu's head, flipping it face-down and dragging it, beak-first, into the ground as Haldor descends to the ruined, mangled earth of the Terra Incognita. Haldor's hammer plants the tengu in the ground by the beak, the back half of its skull utterly caved in and ichor splattered in several directions, including across Haldor's hoody, as a result of the tremendous, murderous impact.

The Viking brings up one long sword, the hammer already gone, and neatly cleaves the head of the tengu off with a single slice. He turns slowly and looks at Gene, one red eyebrow arched in silent query… If not unspoken thanks.

"Thank you, sister," Gene murmurs, brushing a kiss to the still-warm barrel of the old, tarnished pistol before holstering it beneath one arm — a roguish, easy smile crooking to his lips as he looks over to the bloodied viking, chin lifting up in a nod towards Haldor, "Glowbug a'ight?"

And soon, Maia has the ginormous paper airplane land on the ground safely. No damage for her. She lets out a soft sigh under her breath and soon it just collapses into the mixture of newspapers, various flyers, promotions and other sorts of things on the ground. She landed not too far from Haldor and Gene and she grins wryly towards them, waggling her brows.

"I'm good!" she chirps merrily, rushing towards Haldor to jump up to steal a quick kiss on the lips to show her appreciation, hanging around his neck before letting go. She looks towards all those present and bows deeply, a good 90 degrees towards each of them.

"You guys want those masks.." she says, picking one up herself. "Allows you to channel the spirit of the tengu…it means you'll be better at hand to hand and melee combat. It's pretty neat actually.." beaming the entire time.

"Whoo wee!" Andre chuckles, staggering backwards a few steps. "Ah shoulda' eyeballed tha' jump a little betta. That smarts!" The man winces - yet grins at the same time if possible, as he slings his guitar over his shoulder once more, as he begins to 'walk off' crackly knee caps. "I thought you said that guy was' just an asshole, not some kinda.. monster pigeon. Ya'll grow'em big out here, don'tcha?" The masks are mentioned, and Andre looks down. Oh! Good! It's still intact. "Ah bet Ah' could spice it up, draw a skull or somethin' on there for dear ole' dad, no?"

Rupert tucks his bagh-nakh back into his trench and reaches for a mask. "Not sure I'd trust it, mate. Didn't seem to do these blokes any good."

At the mention of the masks, Gene crooks a brow up over the edge of his shades. "Really?" A step over, and he crouches beside one of the fallen tengu, fingers curling about the mask to remove it. Turning it to one side, then the other, nodding thoughtfully to himself, "Could be useful."

Aside from Zeke, who was not a true tengu, all of the opponents dissolve into mist. The black mists swirl and ultimately disappear into the aether, leaving behind their masks… And the one Zeke was wearing. Haldor looks at the masks for a few moments before being tackled by Maia. Although he doesn't fall, he does stagger back a few steps… And his face goes beet red as he's kissed.

"They were out-matched and out-numbered… And lead by a shithead."

Haldor sheathes his drumsticks, which are inexplicably clean of blood, brains, or ichor, in his hoody's pockets once more. Quietly the Viking tries to pick up one of the masks again, looking Maia seriously in the eye.

"You take this one. You probably need the edge more than I do."

"I don't need two masks.."

Maia looks towards Haldor for a bit, raising her brows, wrinkling her nose as she makes him keep the one he has. She looks around and shakes her head at Rupert.

"It helps you fight. It doesnt turn you into Haldor or David..but it helps. I've already worn David's and I knew stuff I didnt before.." she explains, running her fingers through her hair as she looks back at the brand new shinies.

Andre holds his own mask up, his fingers stuck through the eye-holes as he inspects it. "So was that them.. Apartments you where lookin' for? If so - I don' see how tha' girl got herself killed by'em. Though, Ah suppose she /was/ outnumbered, which mean's somethin'. Or was it that.. Enini-zer-jeig, t'ing we where after?" The man questions, drawing on the mask with his free index finger, already plotting out the design on it's face.

"Or was they jus' a distraction? I jus' met ya, but Ah'm assumin' Maia didn' mean to get taken for tha' flight, and be makin' out on tha roof." Andre continues, his smile growing into something more cheshire as he looks at the others in the group.

Oh you Scions of Samedi and your ribald, sometimes inappropriate senses of humor.

Haldor sighs a bit and rubs his forehead a few times. The Viking flips his mask around a few times, mostly by the nose, before he looks at Andre.

"These weren't aptrgangers. These aren't Norse demons, much less demon corpses. We were never after the Einherjar, they're the good guys… Or, at least, they fight for our side at Ragnarok. We were after their evil twins, the aptrgangers." Haldor pauses a moment, sighs quietly, and then continues. "I think they were just a distraction. They seemed to be reinforcing that Scion that snagged Maia, who was in turn possibly impersonating one of us."

"What he said.." she says softly with a bright smile, sighing softly as she wraps her arms around one of Haldor's, giving it a gentle squeeze before sticking her tongue out towards Andre. She purses her lips, mulling a few things over as she hrmms for a few moments, idly running her fingers through her hair.

"That bastard saved from from the Corrupted Scions..I didnt think he was one of them. But I guess Helena must've gotten to him.." she muses under her breath as she continues to look around for any signs of the aptrganger. "And if the corpse-demons werent here..then.." and she lets out a gasp. "It's back in the real world.." She groans and facepalms a bit more.

"Wonderful," Gene mutters under his breath, turning, "We should spread out, start trying to find it…"

"And once again, the intrepid band of heroes departs the field of battle, triumphant in victory, but without lasting achievement," Ripper narrates in his most posh voice. "Reacting with brutal force to the obstacles placed before them by the fickle whims of Fate, but failing always to find what they were bloody looking for."

"Ri-ri-ri.. Ragnarok" Andre holds up both hands, after slinging his guitar over his shoulder once more. Well, a hand, and a mask. "Ah don' mean no disrespect to your paren's or nothin'. This is all jus'.. New tah me. You understand, right?" Still, that smile doesn't shrink any.

"How bou' you tell me where I can' find this sister o' mine? Ah'll try 'round there." To the 'Ripper?' Andre chuckles. "Cept when one don' know what they lookin' for. Seems tah me, I got ah party favor, jus' for showing up. Tha' makes today ah good day."

"Yeah. I'm pretty familiar with the feeling, man. Outside of the Norse mythology stuff, I'm not very well-versed in all this crap… Or particularly aware of all the shit that's been going down."

Haldor shrugs a little bit at Andre, smiling cheerily. The Viking casts a glance to the Shrine Maiden squeezing his arm curiously, perhaps expecting her to know where Andre can find Jolie… Or perhaps just wondering what she's up to at his side.

"I don't think giving you her address is kosher. I mean, I know it, but we don't know you and you could easily be playing us. However, if you give me a way to contact you, I can probably give you her number and we can all meet you somewhere nice and public."

Maia is nobody's fool. At least, she isnt anymore. She squeezes Haldor's arm cause he's nice and muscley and provides her with a bit of comfort. She studies Andre a bit waiting for his reaction before canting her head to the side.

"That sound fair?"

"Ah' don' blame you for bein' so paranoid - with pigeons like tha' in Time Square." Andre smiles at Maia, before slinging his guitar again, so that it rests across his shoulders, with both arms hanging over it. He nods a little, before offering a shrug. "It's a nice nigh' to sleep outside though. A lil' fresh.. err.. City air, no? Ah' got a cell phone with a few minutes left on it, Ah think. Found it at one hell of a party, b'fore I left for Tha' Big Apple. You got Ah number? Ah'll call you, then you'll have mine. Then you call me, and Ah'll answer, so Ah know what the ringtone sounds like, yeah?"

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