The Dark Mirror - Lust


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Scene Title The Dark Mirror - Lust
Synopsis Rupert gets his revenge on Maia…

The Dark Hour

As the band of heroes arrives in Time Square, the landscape shifts into the familiar dark terrain of the Terra Incognita. The black, jagged spires cast deep, impenetrable shadows, and the forboding castle looms over it all in plain view.

"I think this is the Castle Anthrax," Gene jokes rather dryly as he walks along with the others into the dark shadows of the Incognita, looking up to the shadowy castle, "See any Grail Beacons?"

"Don't even mention the Grail. I hate fighting those damn rabbits," grumbles Haldor. The Viking keeps his hands in the pockets of his hoody, which he put on along the way to Times Square. Apparently it's getting cooler since he was playing basketball.

Maia awwws a little as she wraps her arms around the Viking's giving it a gentle squeeze as she starts to look around, scanning the area for any threats. "Too bad Scott had to go home for school…still, we need to get any and all writing we have.."

Ripper just follows them silently, having already gotten a taste of what's in store. As they approach the castle, the front doors swing open liking a gaping maw ready to swallow the intrepid band.

"It looks like we're being invited in, today…" Gene's hand slides into his jacket, fingers curling about the comforting metal of his gun's grip. It's pulled forth, the hammer drawn back with a dull click of finality, and he eyes the shadows for a moment. "Well. Haldor, you first."

Haldor leans over to kiss Maia on the cheek before he slips his arms free of hers. The Viking looks over his shoulder at Gene and shrugs, pulling his drumsticks out of his pockets. Calmly, Haldor starts making his way into the shadows of the threshhold.

"Once more into the breach?"

"We need light!"

Maia chirps as she starts to follow, closing her eyes for a few moments as she wrinkles her nose and mutters a soft incantation. "Mother bring light to darkness to reveal that which cannot be seen.." and there she is..all human flash light again.

Ripper glances irritatbly at Maia and adjusts his sunglasses. "Wish you wouldn't do that. Gonna ruin my night vision."

The group enters the foyer of the castle, with Maia's light revealing a large room. Numerous marble statues of athletic, nude men rest in obscene poses. Each wall of the room holds one door, and there is a stairway leading up at the far end.

"You're not the only one… hm, those weren't here before." Gene's head turns towards the marble statues, brows raising over the edge of his shades, "At least not that I remember seeing."

"You'd think we'd remember seeing art like that. Maybe they have a speedy redecorator," intones Haldor as the Viking looks around. He's clearly a bit uneasy being in here, but he's dealing with it to the best of his ability.

Maia looks around, blinking blankly at the new decoration. She wrinkles her nose as she heads over and wraps her arms around Haldor's and gives it a gentle squeeze. "Their decorator has to be gay.." she mutters softly.

Ripper merely rolls his eyes and stays alert for threats.

Other than the voices of the scions, the castle is completely silent. However, it gradually becomes clear that every statue upon which Maia's light falls begins to move. They don't attack, but instead use the motion to compliment their obscene poses, stroking and posing and staring straight at the only female in the room.

"How pleasant," Gene drawls, "They like you. Let's go up the stairs, shall we?"

Haldor facepalms as the statues start… Propositioning Maia. The Viking looks at Gene for a moment and shrugs, "We could try one of the doors for once," he remarks.

"I…well..uh.." she's speechless really and she facepalms, burying her face at Haldor's arm, wrinkling her nose as she makes a dismissive wave. "You guys just lead..I'm going to hide against Haldor.." she whispers softly.

"Just pick a door," Ripper remarks, studiously ignoring the statues.

Some of the statues begin to step off of their pedestals, never stopping their lewd motions as they begin to walk toward Maia.

"We'd better get her out of here quick."

"Oh what the Hel?"

Haldor, if he were a smarter and pithier Scion, would probably make a terrible pun about the situation. As he's not, you are all spared that terrible knowledge. The Viking tugs Maia along with him as he starts moving toward one of the doors, doing his damnedest to dodge the statues without letting them force them into a corner or door.

"…right." Gene regards the statues with a wary eye, moving after Haldor and the others as they head for the door, keeping them covered with the gun in his hand in case they decide to 'try' something.

Maia looks up for a few moments. The statues are masturbating. She looks at them with a -_- expression before she squeezes on Haldor's arm once more before they open one of the doors. "Lock it!" she screams, scrambling to the shut the doors behind them…

Ripper follows the group into the side room and glances around as Maia slams the door behind them. He waits a few seconds, but there appears to be nothing trying to follow them. "See? Told you that light was a bad idea."

The room that the band has entered is a richly decorated sitting room, with a black and red color scheme. A large painting takes up an entire wall, with what appears to be intricate calligraphy in a strange script.

Haldor looks around the room slowly, still uneasy about being inside of the Spire. The Viking rubs Maia's arm gently with one hand, the other holding a drumstick at the ready.

"Gettin' that calligraphy, Gene?"

The gun's tucked away - though the safety's off - and Gene produces the pad from its hiding place, stepping slowly over to the painting and beginning to transcribe it on his notes. Perfectly. There's not a line out of place.

Hey, not all the tricks of the Gods' children involve kicking ass.

"Got it. Hold the door for me for a bit, I don't want to see a marble-cocked gang rape tonight."

Pause. "Maybe tomorrow, we'll see what mood I'm in."

"It's not funny.."

There's Maia grumping a little as she wrinkles her nose and looks towards the door, taking a deep breath as she chews on her bottom lip, sighing softly as she runs her fingers through her hair. She continues to press back against the door, sighing a little as she peers around, hrmming for a few moments.

"Maybe it was a bad idea to go here.." she says softly.

"Christ on a crutch, I hate this place," Ripper mutters, tightening his grip on the bagh-nakh in his hand.

Within seconds of Gene finishing his transcription, the script on the painting begins to swirl. Everything inside the frame blurs out, and then sharply resumes focus. Now, however, it shows a modern scene in New York, with photographic clarity. Those watching can see what appears to be Eric Donner crushing the head of a strange-looking creature, while Maia lays winded on the ground. The picture blurs out, and refocuses on what can be recognized as Maia's bedroom. She's tending a nasty cut on his arm. There's no audio, but they are speaking quietly. After a minute, they kiss passionately and fall back on her bed. Erotica ensues.

"… So that's what you were thinking when you first met Eric," remarks Haldor. The Viking casts a sly look at Maia before letting his gaze sweep around the room again. If it's showing weird images, then he's pretty sure something strange is about to happen.

"…oh my." Gene's brows both arch upwards, and he turns a bit to look back at Maia speculatively.

Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red as her eyes widen at the images of what's going on. She squirms a little and flails her arms as she tries to stand in frnt of it.

"Nuh not true.." she grumps.

Ripper tilts his head as he studies the graphically hardcore scene playing out on the obviously magical painting. "….wow. You're flexible. Didn't even known you could do that while he's doing -that-." He turns and smirks at Maia, then pulls a cellphone out and points it at the painting. "If you'd be kind enough to scream 'Oh Eric!' a few times, I can fake audio on this."

After Maia's denial, a new voice interjects, "Oh, it is, my dear." It's a familiar voice. Maia's voice. Standing in a previously unseen doorway across the room, stands a mirror image of Maia. She's wearing black lace and latext, and smirking in a very Ripper-esque manner. "Don't deny your urges." The fake-Maia slinks into the room and twirls. "It's so much more fun once you remove the stick from your ass, and put something else in there."

Haldor opens his mouth to say something, but is cut off by lace & latex Maia. The Viking peers at her for a few moments before looking back at real-Maia. Quietly the Viking sighs, rubbing his forehead a little bit.

"This place is going to be terribly ridiculous, isn't it?"

At the appearance of Dark Maia, Gene's gaze sweeps to her… and he whistles under his breath. "Well, there's a nice outfit," he murmurs, reaching over to nudge his elbow into Haldor's side, "You should pick that up for her."

Maia sticks her tongue out towards Rupert, letting out a harumph as she jumps down from the painting and blinks for a few moments looking at her much sluttier doppelganger. She sighs a little and rests her head on Haldor's arm and groans a bit before she lets out a harumph at Gene.

"Not a word about this to David or Jolie.." she says matter of factly before looking towards her slutty doppelganger. "Look, you are a slut ho..I am not. You are not me."

"Such harsh words," the fake-Maia says, smiling. "There's no shame in me, dear." She drapes herself over a couch and slides her hands up her sides. "With a body like this, why wouldn't I enjoy it? Be honest. How did it feel the first time you had those strong, Viking arms wrapped around you? Still want to go back to the Temple?" She shakes her head and flutters her ashes at Gene. "With all these scrumptious men around, I'm surprised you get anything done. All those emotions running through you. All that lust and desire pent up and tightly controlled." She claps her hands and paintings appear on the other three walls. One features Maia and Gene performing an explicit act. One features Maia and Jason. The last features Maia and Haldor. Suddenly, the room is filled with moans and panting breaths and husky exclamations as the audio manifests to match the videos. "There's no lying to me, darling. After all, I'm you."

Ripper laughs as he continues recording. "This is what you get."

Haldor rolls his eyes. This is getting to be silly, but at least it's not a fight. Quietly, Haldor slips his drumsticks back into his hoody's pockets while he waits for Maia to deal with her doppelganger and complete this 'challenge'.

"You know," observes Gene casually, as the paintings writhe and animate in low moans throughout the chamber, "Can't help but notice you aren't in there, Ripper."

Maia facepalms a little as she looks towards her doppelganger and takes a deep breath, starting to get frustrated as she wrinkles her nose a bit as she runs her fingers through her hair before she approaches. "Look…I was a Shrine Maiden of Ise the past ten years of my life. Yes, I like boys. Yes, I like really cute boys, but you know what? Yes, a girl can fantasize about strong handsome men taking her. all women do it, that's why we have Anita Blake novels and romance smut for. But…"

She points towards her doppelganger straight in the face. "I have something called self-control. Yes, I think Gene is cute. Yes, I think Eric is cute. But you know what? I found a man who cares for me, and so I don't need all this. It's nice to dream about at times, but when I wake up.." and she looks back towards Haldor giving him a cheesy grin.

"I have him. And he has me. And in the end, that's all that matters to me. Yes, I'm boy crazy, but I'm not a slut ho like you. I found someone I love, and love will always trump lust.."

"Oh, poo," the fake-Maia says, pursing her lips in a cute pout. "You're no fun at all." She stands and slinks over to Maia. "Say hi to my boys on your way out." That said, she quickly grabs Maia and brings her in for a deep kiss, before releasing her and smirking. She throws a wink at the other guys, and claps her hands, disappearing suddenly along with the painting and room furnishings. All that remains are bare stone walls covered in the same arcane script as the original painting.

Ripper stares. "That was hot."

"… Motion seconded and carried…"

Haldor manages to parrot that line from gods know where before falling silent. The Viking just stares at Maia, due to her positioning this involves a lot of staring at her backside. Damn place is so weird.

"Third." A slow shake of Gene's head, and he looks up at the now-bare walls for a few moments. Then, he sighs, and begins to write, muttering under his breath, "So apparently this is the Tower of Everyone's Sexual Fantasies…"

Ripper grins. "And apparently, Maia is a -freak-." He closes his cell phone and returns it to his pocket. "Hey, Maia. You're gonna be famous on the internet."

Maia acks a little, flailing as she's kissed by her oversexual doppelganger and she turns around to find all the men staring at her. Thank goodness she's just in a blouse and a pair of snug fitting jeans. She groans a little and facepalms, "I still have your doppelganger having sex with those two women, so don't even dare.." she grumps before heading towards Haldor, hooking her arms around his…

Haldor works his jaw a few times before slowly snapping out of what we shall call 'a daze'. The Viking glances around a few times before wrapping his arms around Maia. Gently he squeezes the ex-Shrine Maiden and kisses her on the top of the head.

Quietly, Gene continues transcribing the writing on the walls. No taunting, nor gestures of affection from him!

It's not long, and certainly before Gene gets too much of the writing, that the room begins to shake, and the blackness of the castle abruptly snuffs the light Maia's putting out. When the utter blackness passes, all of the Scions are back outside the castle, and the doors are closed.

"Well, that was interesting," Ripper muses.

"Sloth. Lust…" Maia is starting to put things together as she wrinkles her nose before she hrmms for a few moments as she looks towards the others. "Can we say Seven Deadly Sins for Seven Power Rangers?" she asks curiously, letting out a soft chuckle of amusement.

"Hel of a coincidence," remarks Haldor at Maia's observation. The Viking glances up at the top of the spire for a few long moments before looking at the others. One red eyebrow arches as he takes a step toward Gene to see how much the journalist has finished transcribing.

"I doubt it's a coincidence at all…" A glance back to the others, and Gene quirks a faint smile, "So. Push on, or head back for the nonce…?"

"I'm done," Ripper replies, starting to head for the Times Square barrier. "Only so much freakishness a man can handle in one night, yeah?"

"And I'm kinda feeling a little frisky.." she says, waggling her brows as she peers up at Haldor.

Wait for it..wait for it. She then laughs heartily as she looks towards the other two men as she shakes her head. "No..I'm really not.."

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