The Dark Mirror Gluttony


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Scene Title Gluttony and Pride
Synopsis Thinks dont go as planned

The Dark Hour

It's Jolie's shift at the castle. She's toting her baseball bat, and her gris-gris hangs openly from around her neck. She's preparing to take care of business. Work has to have a little fun in it, though, so she's singing softly and occassionally doing a little dance step.

Jason is simply wandering near then. Following up the many rumors about Times Square and it's contents with a scouting expedition of his own. He's being rather cautious of course, senses looking over that castle while still trying to keep a somewhat wary eye upon the surroundings.

It's Jolie's shift at the castle, and so David's not far away, perched on part of one of the collapsed billboards. There's a book nearby, but it's been forgotten in favor of watching Jolie. He sits with his knees up, arms draped over them, leaning forward with his chin against forearms.

Leandra has only recently been told about said castle, and turns up to peer at it, a gold bag slung over her shoulder serving for rifle transportation and her expression generally a touch wary. Then she spots Rain and raises a hand in a wave before changing direction slightly.

Rupert, having taken to spending his free time near the Square just in case, is likewise nearby, lounging beneath a spire and appearing to be taking a nap.

The rest of the band would know that Haldor and Maia have jetted off to Japan for some reason or another, so their shifts need to be covered and all, but hey, it's divine calls, so gotta go, right? The moans and groans of the various Titanspawn inside the spires can still be heard by those waiting outside, and for now..all is calm.

Jolie smiles broadly as she spots David. "For once, you didn't jump outta nowhere at me. Howya doin?" She leans on her bat, then notices that she and David aren't alone. Rain gets a wave. "Hey there. Oh, David, this is rain, she's with my brother Dre. Rain, this is my man, David."

"We've met. Rain is the daughter of Annie the Dog-Faced Boy, until she spruces up her introduction some." Cocking his head to one side, David peers down at the two. "Cheating on one death-god with the spawn of another? Tsk-tsk. Death gods are jealous types."

Already? Rain blushes madly. Ehehe. She just puts a hand on the side of her face. She smiles, and waves to Jolie. She sighs at David, "Hey! My dad is not a Dog-Faced Boy, he is the Guardian of the Veil, who ensures that those who deserve it are let to the proper underworld," She points out. Then another blush. "He's kind…" She just kind of rubs the back of her head. "I'm glad to see you both though."

Jason spots some familiar faces and moves in their direction, giving nods around while he looks up for a long moment and then back down. "Interesting view. I see why everyone said that I would have to actually see things with my own eyes.

Leandra moves toward the group then as they start to talk, a nod to Jason as she spots hims closing in as well. Then she looks back to the castle again before observing. "It sounds like there are rather a lot of… Something in there."

"The last time people started getting all lovey-dovey around here," Rupert mutters, sitting up and stretchin. "Fucked-up stuff happened." He stands and heads over to the gathering group of Scions. He makes a big show of counting heads, then pulls his bagh-nakh claws and tengu mask out of a pocket before looking at the rest of them. "Class, your lesson for the day is why not to gather in large numbers in a mysic realm full of titanspawn. There will be a test."

"Oh come on, David. If our folks can handle you an me gettin cozy, or Maia an Haldor," says Jolie, "Surely they can handle Dre an Rain." She snorts at Rupert. "Real funny. But you keep showin up. Maybe it's just you?" A grin is fixed on her face.

Rupert must have some prophecy purview as two people run out of the castle. No, it's not the little boy and girl, but it's a scandalously dressed leather bound Jolie with david standing strong and proud. They start groping at each other as the faux Jolie waves towards the others.

"We're having a party! Everyone needs to come on in!" she squeals with delight, letting out a happy little giggles as she gropes faux David's butt before running in once more.

Meanwhile faux David is dressed not in yellow but in gold. He just grins towards the others as he starts running back into the castle as well..

"Well," David remarks, as the socialization is interrupted by dopplegangers of himself and Jolie, "That was interesting. Jo, I think they're inviting us in for a foursome. Of course we'll rush inside, because even though it's obviously a trap, well, everyone always rushes into traps around here and everything seems to miraculously turn out okay anyway."

"It does seem that -something- horrible happens nearly every time I meet any of your guys." Agrees Leandra to that, before blinking at the sight presented, peering intently while she moves to unzip her golf bag and ready her rifle. "Do you want me to just shoot them in the face?" She seems to rather like the idea she is suggesting.

Jason gives Leandra a sidelong look and offers, "You really do delight in shooting things in the head, don't you?" Considering just a moment he allows, "Although they have always seemed to have it coming so there are surely worse habits."

"Probably are a lot of somethings," Rain replies. She blinks at Rupert. "You're here too," She points out. She blushes madly again at the mention of Dre. "I actually … was going to see what his measurements were. I had some Nemean stuff and um, armor and uh…" Cough cough flail. She just kind of looks sheepish. Although, the two groping provoke a jawdrop and a few blinks. "That's not very modest."

"That's not me," Jolie says, with sudden coolness. "That bitch is wearin a weave." She looks over at David. "Of course we gotta go in. I don't want her ruinin my reputation for nice dos." With that, she grips her bat and marches in.

Rupert rolls his eyes. "Once more unto the breach." He places his tengu mask over his face, and slides his claws over his hands before heading for the castle doors. "C'mon, children. It's rude to refuse an invitation, you know."

Of cooourse. And so David hops down from his perch, digs his tengu mask out and slips it on, and jogs a few steps to catch up to Jolie. "She also does a lot more grabass than you do," he comments. "Of course, her taste in men is horrible. -Gold-? Really? Gold? Gold is so -tacky-."

Leandra pulls a face at Jason there, then starts to jog forward, leaving the gold bag behind as she tugs a bandolier belt and drapes it over her shoulder. "Some people, or things, need shooting." Then she fires as she advances, a sharp crack echoing out before the bullet blats past the gold glad David clone. "Shit."

There's the shot. Faux David simply turns around and catches the bullet between his fingers and lets out a hearty laugh. "As if bullets can stop me…please, you're talking to the slayer of dragons, woo-er of women and lots of other verbose titles.." he says as he and faux Jolie finally end up in the castle along with everyone else.

If David thinks gold is tacky, then the castle is most definitely tacky. The foyer is now filled with various pictures of David in various cheesy poses and grins. The statues from before all naked and nude have been replaced with David's bust on the statue instead along with some enhancements to the lower bits of the statues…

"And some things need to pluck your bullets out of thin air" Jason quips while taking a step sideways away from Leandra before resuming his general progress forward. The decorations result in a wince and he adds, "Maybe you should have aimed lower? Bigger target that way."

"He totally fucked up my introduction," David mutters as he goes. As the group steps inside, he frowns slightly, looks around, and announces, "They really shorted me in the man-bits department, seriously. What the fuck. This is not cool."

Rupert walks in, then immediately stops. He stares for a long moment, then collapses to his knees and begins to paw at his eyes as if in horrible pain. "AHH! Make it stop!!"

"Um. I don't think women that are already loose really count as being wooed," Rain considers. TECHNICALLY, on a scale of ho-lality and whoreometrics - wait. She just furrows her brows. She sighs. "Oh … err …" The statues make Rain turn red. She puts her hands over her eyes. She giggles at Rupert. "His weakness is dongs," She snickers. "S-sorry… they are kind of bad, but wait - didn't your culture come up with," She doesn't finish that sentence.

Leandra snap snicks, spitting the empty cartridge case out onto the ground as she continues forward. "Gods, why this obsession with the size of the things anyway? Over so much it just cuts down on your chance of being given oral sex anyway." She keeps her rifle shouldred however, aimpoint tracking the focus of her vision as she checks for ambush rather than dwelling on the aforementioned man bits.

Jolie winces at the bullet shot. Turning around to look behind her, she says, "Please don't start shootin, cause you might hit the wrong person, okay?" Then she sees the Hall of David. She blinks a few times, then bursts out laughing. And laughing. And laughing. Tears are streaming from her eyes. She wipes her eyes, then saunters over to one of the nudes, boldly. "Yeah, a little short, but who's measuring?"

"Really, though…" David looks around, slowly, crosses his arms over his chest. "This place isn't bad. I mean, it's giving me ideas. My people know this trick that sorta makes a heaven-on-earth sort of place, and y'know, one day…"

Jolie glances over at Rain. "Any woman can be wooed, by the way."

"They ran out of marble for the rest of it.." and that's faux David heading over towards Jolie smacking her on the rear as he waggles his brows. He snickers softly as everyone is surrounded by the glory of all things that is David. "But the Dark Hour finally did something right making this for me.." and he peers towards the real David. "Or rather don't like it?" he grumps a bit.

And finally there's faux Jolie coming out with party decorations, and a rolling tray of food. "Everyone eat up! There's enough food for everyone!" she beams brightly..

Rupert stands up, his overwrought acting promptly abandoned as he eyes the clones and shakes his head.

"Don't ask me.. I don't have giant statues commemorating my features" Jason says over towards Leandra, "If I want to look at myself that is what mirrors are for." Looking towards the rolling tray he says, "Ohh. Party snacks. Probably evil party snacks, I'm quite certain those have to be the best kind."

"Oh, you are so fucking going down." As New David approaches, David Classic demonstrates why nine out of ten consumers agree that changing the formula is a recipe for disaster. It's easy to miss when someone is carrying the Qiang of Ao Guang in their hand until it's growing dangerously and shoved into their crotch, blade-first, and that's just what happens: New David steps forward, David Classic intercepts, shoves a hand out as if to get -really- friendly, and the spear grows out of his hand, three feet of wood and steel slamming into the other man's crotch.

There's a quick movement as the wood and steel tries to slam into his crotch. The faux David grins wryly as he jumps up a bit as he looks down towards Classic David. "Be glad that didnt connect, boy. Castrating yourself is never fun.." he says, letting out a wry and predatory grin as he looks towards the others. "Besides..can't we not fight and just bask in the glory that is…us?"

And it's epic fight of the dicks! Or something ilke that….meanwhile, faux Jolie just stares and shakes her head sighing a little as she grumbles under her breath. "They never have any fun.." and she takes a piece of cake starting to dig into it with great gusto.

And as David and David fight each other it seems their wounds are the same. It's a stalemate thus far as the two are huffing and puffing. Anyone who takes a look would notice their wounds appear on..opposite sides. Slashes to the left on one David have slashes on the right to the other David…

Leandra blinks as the two scene turns immediately to violence, but she was entirely prepared for said violence even if she did not expect it to happen quite so quickly. She spins, bracing one foot back against an over endowed statue behind her as she brings the muzzle of her rifle to rest pointing at the cake munching face of Faux Jolie and grins. The grin transforms her, sheer happiness at the violence glowing magnetically as she prepares to fire then.. Ohh. She snarls before jerking the muzzle upward and firing at the corner of a marble slab with the aim of sending it dropping down on Faux Jolie's head.

And the marble falls onto the completely nonthreatening faux Jolie. Her eyes roll back and she falls onto the ground with a kerthunk. Of course, the real Jolie would get an amazing headache before starting to black out as well…

Jolie hears the gunshot and looks up just as the marble falls on her doppelganger. "Why the hell did you…" Her eyes roll up in her head and she falls to the ground with another kerthunk.

Jason looks between one Jolie and then the other and he clears his throat, "Right. We will not be partaking of the snacks then. Nor will she, anytime soon." He looks over towards the duelling Davids, "Least they appear to be having fun. Can't be often they get to do so much leaping about."

Rupert shrugs. "I dunno. Let 'em go back to beatin' each other. Soon as one goes down, the other will, so this is about the single most pointless battle I've ever seen. I'll have no part of it."

A little boy soon steps out of the shadows holding the hand of a little blonde girl. She's crying a little and the boy looks towards the others. "In all my years, I have never seen anyone fail their tests.." he says and with a dismissive wave they're all wooshed out of the castle..and the realm itself. They're all in Times Square. Jolie and David..nowhere to be seen…

Leandra blinks as she is suddenly in times square, mid step as she started to move toward David after the snick-snack of the bolt of her rifle. She double takes before looking carefully around to the others. "What, the, hell?"

"So much for having to worry about how to get out of there" Jason says brightly and then adds, "And they are probably fine, their hosts can't much seem to hurt them without it going both ways after all. When they wake up I am sure they will have much to discuss."

Rupert shrugs. "Still in the castle, like. Doubt we're invited for the rest of it. My bloody guess is we aren't supposed to interfere with these things when it's not your turn." He pauses. "Oh, and David's a bloody little wanker who can't keep his spear in his pants for five bloody minutes and apparently has a hair trigger. Er, for fighting, that is. Yeah."

"I only knocked her out." Points out Leandra with a frown. "My thought was that way they would not murder each other, then we could tie up the evil versions or something, if nothing else give us time to work out what to do with their dopplegangers." A shrug to Rupert. "If they did not want interruptions they should not have invited us in for cake and sexual exhibitionism." She strides over to be abandoned gold bag before stuffing her rifle back into it, pausing to load another round in.

"Yeah, but um… that marble thing was kind of heavy I guess?" Rain seems at a loss and shrugs. "I don't know, I'm just worried now." She frowns and looks around. A sigh. She's disappointed and worried. She seems to care. "I wonder what other rules exist for these 'tests'."

And there's a voice. How the hell did the little boy get out of the realm? He's dressed in short khaki pants and looks towards the others. "The last person who failed had their doppelganger kill her." He looks to be about ten years old with dark black hair and eyes..
"If they did not offer us cake and sexual exhibitionism they would hardly have been polite hosts"
Jason points out, "They were being rather friendly and welcoming all things considered. Had us into their home. It was quite civilized." Then the little boy is back and he's looked over at, "That sounds messy. Some people just can't get along with themselves."

"Well, we're not going to let that happen, mate," Rupert offers genially. "And if it does, we're gonna tear your big fucking castle stone from bloody stone, scatter it, and salt the earth. Don't rightly know who you are, but I'm the son of Kali, and that means a lot if you know what's what."

"I remember you," Rain nods at the little boy. "Hello there," She greets him politely. "I am sorry things were a bit rougher last time… and do you mean the person who failed or the person whose test it is? Are they one and the same?" She is really worried now.

Leandra peers intently at said little boy now, remaining with her rifle containing golf back in her hands as she seems inclined toward opening it again, a half step forward. "So what, if their friends are invited along and interrupt the mutual slaughter fun it ruins your sadistic little game and you call time out?"

The little boy snerks a little letting out a soft and happy little chuckle as branches start to sprout out of Leandra's gold bag. He peers towards her with a canting of his head. "What, you going to try to shoot me? You're going to be put in time out for a bit.." he says matter of factly.

"Listen, mate," Rupert says, stalking forward. "I'm getting tired of the games. Just keep in mind that if that Monkey Boy and Deadgirl don't come strolling out of that castle soon, I'm gonna have to do something about it, and I'm not gonna be polite this time."

Jason looks between the boy and Leandra silently. Eyeing her bag with a certain degree of curiosity. Clearing his throat he inquires, "So.. call me out of the loop. But what sort of test?"
Leandra does.. Not in fact explode into rage, she smiles in manner that is more baring teeth than mirthful. "Then I will have to think of something else to do another time. Thank you for the petty display ensuring I do not mistake you for anything but an increadable little bastard."

"Your friends will be fine, assuming they pass the tests before them. You faced one already.." he says looking towards Rupert. "It was easy. And your other friend faced hers. They will face their own, and eventually all of you will. It's to determine whether you're ready for an apotheosis.." The little boy just chuckles softly, amused at the others. "Continue to threaten me..I don't mind. Be glad I am patient..if I wasnt, you'd be squished like a bug already.."

"Lot of things can squish me like a bug, boy," Rupert replies. "Not many gonna be be able to do it when I ascend to godhood and start revisiting my old grudges, eh?"

"How interesting" Jason says peering curiously at the boy, "Well then. I shall with the two that remain inside luck. It seems the outcome most likely to result in less squishing all around."
"So you are testing and toying with us, wonderful." Leandra sounds less than happy, peering intently at the 'little boy'. "Is there any purpose to your appearing here apart from gloating smuggly?"

"Destroy me and people will go insane.." the boy chirps merrily, not seemingly afraid for his own existence as he chuckles once more. He then looks towards Leandra and shakes his head. "No..I guess not. I should check in on your friends.." and with that, he blinks out of existence.

And as the boy disappears, the plants on the golf bag disappear as well..huh..

"Something to look forward to, I suppose." Jason offers while looking towards the castle, "Just think. You too can one day have your time in a castle where they erect giant statues of your sex organs and where you wear tight fitting leather." Brief frown and he says to Rupert, "Well. I guess that is probably old hat to you but it sounds novel for the rest of us."

Leandra, creepy little boy vanished and plants disappearing from her golf bag, scowls then takes a moment to check inside and see if her rifle is still okay. She smirks to Jason as she straightens back up. "I am not inviting you along on my turn, it sounds too much like your fantasies."

Rupert shrugs and lights a cigarette. "Don't worry, mate. Do this long enough, and live, and it'll seem old hat to you, too. Frankly, I'm not really looking forward to the new shite."

Jason makes a dismissive wave of one hand, "I rarely fantasize about statues. While I can appreciate a hard body, that has some limits." Looking to Rupert he inquires, "So he said you had been tested, anything you're willing to share about the experience?"

"Wasn't much," Rupert says, shrugging. "It takes whatever stereotype you seem to fit most easily, then flaunts it in your face as the representative of your faults. It's all pretty superficial, so I'm guessing it can't read too deep. Exaggerates your flaws into cartoonish caricatures. You gotta defeat it by overcoming it. I just pointed out how silly it was and that it wasn't actually anything like me. I mean, really. I'm a rock star. Of course I have an image that's not the real me."

And Jolie pops back into existence as well..

"Ouch, well parried." Leandra grins to Jason at that, then listens to Rupert, nodding slightly. "Hmm… So if I head in there my doppleganger is going to shoot me in the face? Wonderful. I guess I will need to keep dodging around until it runs out of bullets and try to make myself a pacifist or something."

"Shooting in the head does seem to be your approach to problem solving" Jason says in agreement with Leandra, "I'm not sure just how it could be exaggerated, of course. Perhaps your double would use a machine gun instead of a rifle?" Then Jolie is poofing back in and he says, "Well. One back, one to go."

Jolie seems to be miming hugging someone. "Thank you," she says, a few tears rolling down her cheeks. She looks up and sees she is in the middle of Times Square. She blinks. "Oh. That's…" And she tilts her head back and laughs. And laughs.

"Oh, fan-bloody-tastic," Rupert mutters. "Girl's gone off her bean."

"That would be handy, I am not strong enough to fire a machine gun standing up really." Muses Leandra to that, then she studies Jolie, peering at her intently. "Well, maybe. Do we know this is the real Jolie though?"

"Your alternate could have a mount for it?" Jason continues to muse while staring at Jolie. He asks Rupert, "Isn't that actually kind of normal for her?"

Rupert shrugs. "If I was trapped in a castle with a bunch of naked monkey boys, I'd probably die laughing, too."

Jolie finally calms down. "Whoooo. That feels so much better." She walks over to the group and starts passing out hugs, if she isn't stopped. Not cute little society club hugs either. Big crushing hugs. Be happy she's not Haldor.

Leandra is.. Hugged, outside of actively running away there is not much she can do about it and after seeing the first hug fail to turn into a deadly squeeze she does not try. Once released she chuckles and quirks her head slightly. "So no hard feelings for the knocking you out thing? I was thinking we could tie up Evil You and sort things out and it would stop either of you being killed in a fight, but that did not work out."

"Take it things went well then" Jason says in response to Jolie's enthusiasm, "You passed whatever odd little test that they were putting you through? You're all set for further power and enlightenment?"

Rupert, of course, does not simply accept a hug and actively dodges Jolie. "Calm down, Deadgirl, and dish. You're not actin' right, so I'm getting all suspicious."

Jolie slows up as Rupert demonstrates his paranoia, but she's still grinning. "Don't worry man, it's me. It's all me. I passed the test, but I still got the final." She laughs a little, but not as crazily as before. "What happened? Ever see Spider-Man 3? I'm a big Raimi fan, so I had to watch all three of them, but anyways…there's the part where Peter gets all emo an stuff, and he's dancin down the street to James Brown, lookin like a fool. See, even when he's tryin to be all dark and angsty an wearin black, he looks like an idiot, when he should be all red an blue and crackin jokes. Get it?"

"That makes no sense at all?" Notes Leandra as she eyes Jolie, rather sceptical, then shrugs. She rolls her weight back onto her heels and just watches now.

"A bit, perhaps" Jason says to Jolie, "If not totally, but congratulations then for having whatever happiness inducing Epiphany you might have had. Since the world is not swarming with things intent on eating us that just makes matters all the better."

"Do I look like I watch fucking Spiderman?" Rupert demands, shaking his head. "Anyway, keep going because you might start making sense and I don't want to miss it."

Jolie blinks as her rambling fails to make its mark. She peers at Leandra. "I'll make an offering to Erzulie Dantor for you. She'll help you find love." She giggles at Rupert. "Okay, the point I'm tryin to make is, slow your roll and know your role. I mean, you're the serious one who makes the dry quips and then goes home to his groupies. Me, I'm not that. I'm the child of Baron Samedi, and I'm here to enjoy life and help everybody else to do the same. It's not always a party. But sometimes it is."

"It's good to know who you are" Jason agrees, seeming to get that much at least out of the conversation. Peering quizzically at Leandra he asks, "And I had no idea that you were looking for love. I mean not a bad search, and I can see where the dating life might be tough with all the shootings in the face. That sort of thing can put guys off."

Leandra raises one eyebrow at that, arching it. "Finding love is not exactly my number one priority." She smirks a little there as she watches Jason a moment. "I am not sure I want to get tangled up in the entendre of face shootings given your own activities and poor Rain's fate."

"The type of blokes who like getting shot in the face probably aren't that interested in her," Rupert snarks. "But there's a club over on the West Side if you want to try."

"That West Side club is horrible. My cousin told me all about it," says Jolie. "He knows a much nicer one, if you're interested, Rupert." Then she looks back to Leandra. "Okay, maybe not love, but you're all wound up. You're total Lara Croft with that gun. You need to loosen up a little.
Maybe get one a those manipedis. Just a little time in a salon can make you feel like a new woman."
"I fear one of your fan clubs would have little interest in me" Jason deadpans, "It's your latest release that they anxiously await." Leandra then earns a chuckle, "A situation I do not think is likely to soon repeat itself. However, in the event that we ever again bump into a giant elephant I will quite understand if you don't want to stand beneath it."

Leandra pulls a face now. "Look, seriously. If there is a sudden attack of nightmarish monsters intent on killing people? Which seems to be every other day? I really do not see any reason to avoid the shooting them in the face thing, I would rather the horrible monster be dead than snacking on random passers by. I am perfectly capable of having fun but I would rather be grouchy than dead."

"So, Jolie's all care-bearish now," Rupert muses. "If monkey boy is like this when he comes out, I'm running for the hills."

Jolie pouts at Rupert. "You know, there /was/ a grumpy Care Bear." She shrugs. "I'm not gonna preach anymore. Which way did Rain go?"

Jason flashes Leandra a wry grin and he says, "Joking aside. Really. I've seen that. You tend to shoot the things that need shooting, and usually I've been right there along with you. It's more ribbing than criticism, you do good work."

"I am really not convinced that going in there for this bullshit 'test' is a good idea." Muses Leandra now, shaking her head a little as she watches Jolie before pointing to indicate in the relevant direction. "She headed off that way." Then she rests the same hand on her hip as she looks back to the other two, a chuckle. "I am still not sure I look forward to getting that nemean hide turned into armour, the number of comments I am going to open myself up to parading around in leather."

"Don't worry, luv," Rupert says. "I'll be sure to leer and make so many comments you'll get used to it real quick." He mock pouts at Jolie. "No one ever tells me I do a good job. Except, you know, groupies." He smirks.

Jolie looks thoughtful, then she says with complete honesty, "You're right. We don't. So, thank you, Rupert, for all the stuff you've done. You're an important part of the team, and we wouldn't have been able to win without you. Like, you stunning'm at the castle? Opened up the attack. Cuttin the wires? Took care of business. Thank you." And unless he stops her again, she gives him, not a hug, but a kiss on the cheek.

"Guess you'll make that call when it comes time for it" Jason says to Leandra, "And you'll cope with it. I'm sure. Looking good and being able to show it off is never something you should be ashamed of."

"I appreciate this great sacrifice." Answers Leandra to Rupert, not entirely seriously. "And yes, thanks, I might not know about that stuff mentioned then but you certainly were good to have around with that goat man and the giant evil elephant." Jason is eyed, before she taps her bared stomach with a finger. "You might have noticed that I am not exactly ashamed of myself and hiding under dowdy coverings."

Rupert raises his hand. "I noticed," he offers, smirking again before rolling his eyes at Jolie. "Right, I was joking. I'm not holding hands and singing We Are The World, so don't go getting ideas. My ego's quite large enough that I don't need to feed it constantly."

Jolie grins at Rupert. "You were joking. I wasn't." She steps back. "Well, I'm gonna go back to the apartment and put on somethin slinky for David when he gets outta there. Ya'll take care." She waves, then saunters down the street away from the dark tower.

Jason looks Leandra up and down speculatively and admits, "Well ok. You flaunt it a little. In that case you've nothing at all to worry about from adding a little leather to the mix. I mean you don't have to go with any sort of fetishwear look."

Leandra raises her hand to wave to the departing Jolie, then back to her hip, she smirks. "Ohh course you noticed 'Ripper'." More to Jason. "Jolie's comment there really has gotten your imagination running wild. Are you about to suggest I start wearing a dog collar and wrist cuffs? Or strut around in a corset? I do not see either as very likely."

Rupert pauses, tilts his head, and stares at Leandra for a long moment. Then he shakes his head and starts walking off deeper into the shadows of the spires. "I'm gonna take my shift now, since everyone else is buggering off. Have fun, kids."

"I'm not sure Jolie's comment that you should get a manicure translated into advice that you should dress in cuffs and a dog collar" Jason rejoinders giving a considering look, "Although really you could do worse. You seem big on hunting prey and taking things down. Looking like a predator isn't always the best way to do that, they see you coming. Look like something else and then you can really get in close to see what is what." Rupert is given a wave at his departure.

Leandra shrugs to Rupert at that. "I figured I might as well shoot down his fantasies right away, for added fun it might give him ideas, which are simultaneously shot down." Gesturing to Jason with a smirk. "See?" She gives a small shake of her head. "Honestly."

"How delightful to be your plaything" Jason says to Leandra, "See. You're even getting in the proper mindset for your wardrobe change. It will be interesting to see you actually dressing the part. However, for the moment I really should be on my way. It was nice to see you without something trying to kill us, for once."

"You will be disappointed if you -actually- expect me to have that kind of wardrobe change." Notes Leandra there, quirking her head slightly. "And likewise, outside of your fetishes anyway. I suppose the provocation earlier can be used as an excuse though."

"You were the one who brought up the idea" Jason says with a tilt of his head, "If any secret innermost desires are being expressed here, I think you had best turn your gaze inwards." And with that he is turning and making his way away. Off into the less strange portions of the city.

"Guessing at another's perversions does not mean I share them." Leandra grins. "Well take care, try to avoid being eaten by voracious flesh eating sheep or something"

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